Screw It !

Some of you may remember the story of Hala, the 65 plus year old Iraqi friend and distant relative who emigrated to Amerikkka.

I remember telling you that she ended up in some godforsaken dump in Missouri, working 12 hours a day, carrying goods in a supermarket, in the Freezer section...
I also remember telling you that I spoke to her a few times and each time she was crying her eyes out on the phone. Here is a woman with a university degree in business administration, and many years of experience in industrial planning now working in a supermarket.

I also said that she was living on 1'500 dollars a month before tax. With this money she had to pay her rent, her basic medical insurance, transport, electricity, and reimburse the fees for her emigration such as plane ticket, temporary accommodation, administrative fees etc...

Well am glad to report that Hala is back ! She could not take it anymore. She returned. I met her the other day. So I asked her -- what about the American nationality, you could not even wait to obtain it ?

By now, Hala's English had improved and she just said - I don't want it. Screw it.

I also learned about another Iraqi family of 5. They sold everything they had, used all their savings and were re-located in Germany. They lasted 3 months and came running back. When I asked the person who told me their story, the reason for their prompt comeback - she told me that they told her but this time in German - Screw It!

I have more stories of others in Sweden, Denmark, England...and they are all saying the same - Screw it !

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