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Objects of Male Desire.

Iraqi Artist Sattar Darwish 2005 I did say, I will take you down, by all necessary means and by all means necessary ... So hear it from me as a préambule : Let's start it objective, the way you like it, the way you are in the habit of approaching it, in your symposiums and conferences ...entrenched in the aura of "intellectual" inquiry and reflection, as you like to call it. This -- Draft lawfor a return to "Shariah" Law (of the Shiite Jaafari flavor) in matters regulating personal status which include marriage and divorce. I will not go through each article, take the time to read it yourself. Not that "Shariah" law has disappeared from Iraqi society after our "liberation", quite the opposite, Iraqi society has all the necessary allure of a "shariah" compliant society.  How so ? Very simple, just judging by the sheer amount of women who have been forced to veil since 2003, is a good indicator. Well at least in

"Fear Not The Path of Truth"

Take 60mn off and do watch this very intelligently done video by US vet Ross Caputi. It is a source of multi layered information on Iraq, past and present, the American Occupation, what Resistance is and is not...and more. Even though Ross Caputi centers his experience on Fallujah but the scope of the video does go beyond Fallujah. and touches on so many more aspects. I do urge you to watch it. A very well done piece of work. Hats off Ross C and Bless you from an Iraqi. Fear Not the Path of Truth from Ross Caputi on Vimeo .

Am back, sort of...

Wow, been a long time since I published anything on Iraq. Not that it matters much. It never mattered in the beginning, I don't see why it should matter in the end. Not that I stopped loving, I have my own beef to deal with with Iraqis, I don't forcibly see them with kind eyes. But that's another story. Also I was wondering what were the "invisible forces" that blocked me from writing ---apart from my most disappointing love, a few death and rape threats, that took their temporary toll...the likes of " you will get raped with knives"... I often imagined what is it like to be raped with knives, not that I particularly enjoy the imagery, but a sort of "desentization" if you may call it...I press my legs hard against my seat as the picture comes across ...not that it is a first. I had the utmost pleasure of seeing my "corpse pissed on in a morgue and fucked by dwarfs..." At the end of the day, I can tell you this --- men's im