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Debunking Muqtada Al-Sadr

For those of you who are "passionate" about Muqtada Al-Sadr, you may want to consult my other blog -- Arab Woman Newsbytes -- for the latest from your "idol".

Back in Time...or the making of a Hero.

Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, as I was applying my kohl... I looked and saw that I have aged 10 years. No, 100 years. No, 1000 years... I pushed the years forth....another 7'000 years I said to myself. Now push them back another 7'000 years... And I saw Gilgamesh appear in the mirror's reflection. Maybe that had to do with a program I was watching on the history of the "Visual"... The first, the very first city in human civilization that wrote a story on a clay tablet, was Sumer. It was the Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh had to fight savage beasts and Gods, before he could return "home" as a the land of URUK from which "Iraq" is etymologically derived. Ashurbanipal had heard of this story, he wanted to be a hero as well. He collected all the cuneiforms and produced the first library known to mankind in Nineveh. But he could not read the cuneiforms. He just relied on the oral tradition, passed from generation t

Clips of Liberation

This is your fucking Freedom and your fucking Liberation. You think am vulgar ? Good. But --nothing matches your vulgarity, hypocrisy, racism, hatred and sheer evilness... Watch this and see what a despicable, depraved, repugnant lot you are. To hell with you America -- to the farthest pits of Hell. Thank you M for the video link. youtube video : By Iraqstar. 16th March 2008

Out of the Arab Equation - Part I

Paving the Way There is one word that has been bothering a lot these past weeks, ever since Ahmadinejad landed in the American occupied Green Zone in Baghdad. That word that keeps recurring in many articles and "analysis" is "unwittingly". Other variations are "blunders, mistakes, errors, miscalculations..." You're problably wondering what I'm on about. Ok, I'll tell you the cause of my malaise... Most of the articles, comments, etc..coming from the U.S and the West and some Arab milieux in particular from the Arab Revolutionary Left (a misnomer) argue the following. America in its stupidity and arrogance "unwittingly" handed Iraq on a silver platter to Iran. They further argue that America because of poor planning and lack of knowledge and information, committed several strategic errors, blunders, mistakes in Occupied Iraq. And one of those glaring errors is the very prevalent Iranian influence in Southern Iraq, in Baghdad and I woul

Saddam definitely lives on...

Americans are a funny idiotic bunch who keep sabotaging themselves with their obvious, desperate -- very desperate attempts at more propaganda. They crown their propaganda with lies, fallacies, myths and made up figures that they sell as facts. Do not be fooled by them. Take for instance my last post on the former "Dictatorship" Not once have I mentioned the great martyr and hero Saddam Hussein, the legitimate President of sovereign Iraq, without those filthy propaganda rats and supporters of murder and genocide, without these American nazis, crawling on my blog like some roaches out from their stenchy American sewers... These rodents are all working for the CIA, the Pentagon, the Army, and the State Dept. Some of them served in Iraq, others are working for the White house. Their names are Rhuslancia Jeffrey Shuster CHMAR = Hmar means Donkey in Arabic MisterGhost (even though this one seems the least bad of the whole lot) The above "core group" are from Iraqi Blog

Under the former "Dictatorship."

I will let you in on a secret that other Iraqi bloggers consumed with false pride and desperately attempting to save face will not dare admit to you publicly... Namely, that they all secretly long for the Iraq under the former “Dictatorship”... Five years on, and you can read it in between their lines...a slip of the tongue here, an allusion there, a sigh stiffled and quickly hid somewhere... But as you have grown accustomed to by now, I shall not make you read between the lines, I will give it to you out loud, and you need not go searching for hidden meanings with me... But before I do so, I need to tell you something else but still very related. For the past 24 hours, I have been doing nothing but perusing websites, news articles, videos, blogs...reading on the “5th Anniversary” of the Invasion and Occupation of my country. I have to admit that almost all of the pieces I read, ranged from very bad to despicably grotesque... The Independent with its Cockburn’s gross failures, with it


There are days when I wake up in the morning, I feel a lump stuck in my throat. I know from intimate observation, that it tends to form during the night and bloom in the morning like a budding flower that needs light to open up...Except in my case, it is not a flower or anything resembling a is just a lump. I try to swallow, but I feel my swallowing as if obstructed. The lump feels like a bloc of cement, a wall of concrete... I reach out for the glass of water that I keep by my bedside, I take small sips and feel the water zigzaging through the cement wall, like a gentle leak trying to seep through whatever cracks it finds... I clear my throat, I cough a little, and take more sips of water, hoping to dissolve that stone... As the day proceeeds, I feel the stone move into my plexus, and lodge there until evening... I eat something, hoping my stomach enzymes will disintegrate it, only to have it move further down in my belly, by evening time... By night, I consciously try to

"Rotting Away"

Spoke to Auntie Sameera today. She said "We are rotting away at times I feel my heart is going to burst... Can you imagine our only outing is to the vegetable store, 3 minutes away. We consider that an important event. Your cousins dress up for that occasion...But then we don't even know if we will make it back in one piece...Layla, my heart is going to burst..." Met with Fatima, she arrived from Baghdad a few days ago. She said They kept me at the airport for 4 hours, they saw am here for medical purposes and have a sponsor, but still they kept me like a dog. Could they not see am an elderly woman, hardly able to breathe ? Yalla it's better than the bombs...Do you know who puts these car bombs ya Layla? The Americans and the Iranians, of that we are 100% sure. They leave us to rot that way... Spoke to Zakaria Are you managing to cope with no water and no electricity? What water and what electricity ? I have forgotten what they look like. Yabbah, we are all

Comments are (not so) free...

Due to popular demand -- the comment section on this blog is now re-activated. So behave or at least try to.

A brief Hate statement...

I really hate America, Americans, their culture, their ways, their accent, their politics, their arrogance, their stupidity, their ignorance... I really can't stand Americans. I can't stand their men, their women, their country, everything they represent... I truly, deeply, sincerly hate them. I will elevate this hatred to an Art form. What colors do you think I should use ? I love colors and I find them to be a colorless people... So what colors should I use ? Gray, Black or Red ? Or maybe just White ? I have this idea of taking an old sheet, a dirty sheet...burn the edges, stab it with knifes and make holes in it, over a million holes, then throw in some bright red, like rain drops... At other times, I fantasize about using the Abu Ghraib excrements and smudging the sheet with it, then collectively wipe your faces with it. Wipe your faces with the shit of the detainees you tortured. Sometimes, my fantasy takes on a perverted twist, you must be a contagious lot with your perve

Invisible Faces...

I had to go again to have some "paperwork" done, authenticated, officialized, approved, signed... Again the fucking queue. One would have thought that I'd be used to it by now... Again, all of them were Iraqis. One was limping, the other holding an infant, an elderly woman so frail, I felt she was going to collapse any minute, a man perspiring carrying around 10 passports, he was trembling so much, all his papers fell dispersing themselves like white flakes on the grey, dirty, floor... He apologized to the "official" a thousand times for wasting 3 minutes of his precious time, he needed to get approval, he needed that signature... Your name? Your father's name ? Your mother's name ? ... Go and get your security check ! I've had my security check. Not enough, more ... The basement with thick metal doors. It actually looks like a prison. I could have sworn I saw cells there... Went into a bare room. A desk and a machine made in the USA. Again the same

From the "Weaker Sex"

I've stopped celebrating the 8th of March a few years ago...already. A few years ago, my so called "feminist male" friends, would drop by and offer a bouquet of flowers or send a few words of solidarity and undying devotion to the female cause... Most of these guys were what you can consider on the left of the political spectrum. And oh they were so good with words...We'd discuss till the early morning hours about dialectics, materialism, patriarchy and the permanent revolution...I was very touched by this overt demonstration of friendship and trust, until... Until I heard that a good number of these guys supposedly on the left to the very left, some considered themselves hardcore marxists, others trotskyists, others oh so progressive...until some of these leftists voted for Muqtada Al-Sadr, Allawi, Al-Hakeem, supporting the occupation... Have you ever heard of a die hard communist become a sadrist, a folllower of a would be mullah whose men are renowned for raping, d

Absent Ones...

Some of my regular readers, wrote to me, enquiring about my seeming absence, my silence... I am not absent, am just screaming silently... After all, is that not what you had hoped for in the first place - Stifled Screams? After all, is that not what you had wished for - a Silent Voice ? Maybe you devised how to choke an Iraqi woman online, or maybe some new technique on how to mutilate with no scars, or maybe how to rape through your words...or maybe how to murder with no sound...another of your favorites... What you wished for me, you are wishing for all Iraqi women...And it is happening. Are you orgasmic at it? Does it turn you on? Does it tintillate your hidden fantasies -- a strangulated woman, choking on blood and words? It must be some great climax, where you are suddenly reminded you have balls. After all, you just murdered another one. Examine your balls and see them all heavy now. Now, now, I don't want to see those droopy eyes of yours, nor that baby pouting face, you too