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Been following the leaks from Afghanistan...the untold covered up stories, parts of them...people are getting very excited about the whole thing, as if they've just discovered dynamite. This shit has been going on for 10 years now...suddenly Afghanistan is remembered again...which is good but it's a tad late...thousands of lives have been destroyed in an already poor ravaged country... The same happened to Iraq - it must take a big story for people to remember...again, meanwhile a whole nation and thousands of lives have been totally destroyed...and the same goes for occupied Palestine, it must take something monumental for the world, the Western world in particular to react... It's like you need to go and dig for that empathy, through torturous routes, and all that it takes is for some Western run agency or person to divulge parts of the Truth, (because trust me the whole truth is still buried down there), for any of it to become credible...for any of it to be listen

The Donkey Party.

This is serious stuff...not satire at all. While some have been converting to Paul the Octopus sect, in the wake of his World cup football predictions, am happy to announce that am converting or more aptly joining the Donkey party of Iraq - called in Arabic Jamiat Al Hameer Al Iraqiya . The Iraqi Donkey's Association also known as the Abu Saber Party. The headquarters of this party which has been approved by the Kurdish Regional Government - probably the only intelligent thing this latter has done - are in Suleimaniya. But this is no chauvinistic party and is not limited to "Kurdistan". The founder Omar Glul, secretary general of the Party is nicknamed Abu Saber. Abu Saber is also a name given to Donkeys in Iraq. Saber comes from Sabr and Sabr means Patience...Abu Saber means the Father of Patience and who better represents that than a Donkey ?! The HQ are located in a 5 stars hotel in Suleimaniya. And this party has found much support and mobilization amongst

More English Filth...

There was a program early evening on the new "debate" around the "legality or illegality" of the war ON Iraq, taking place in not-so Great Britain... Seven years on, only now is there a debate about - if the reasons leading up to the war ON Iraq and consequently their legality are justified or not... Oh my, the English are having a sudden coup de coeur for Iraq or what ?! Or are they just going through the usual motions of the "mea culpa" in an attempt to atone for the crimes ? You know trying to look good in public - stiff upper lip and plum in ass and what have you... You lot make me laugh...and when I see you pontificate, my contempt and disdain grow even kind of implants itself in my being, solid like rock, solid like roots from an old tree that refuses to bend... What are you debating you wankers ?! Debating what exactly ? After what ? You really have no shame whatsoever. You are a total disgrace. A total failure. A totally immo

What is there left to say ?

No seriously, what is there left to say about Iraq ? What is there left to write about ? When "covering" the Iraqi elections, I said - If Allawi ever tries to form an alliance with the driller Muqtada Al-Sadr, responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Iraq, alongside other Shiites militias - I will stop blogging on Iraq in any serious way... Allawi only made it thanks to the Arab Sunni and some Shia votes. And what do we get in return ? Not that I voted - I don't believe in the shit political process under dual American-Iranian occupation, established over 1.5 Million Iraqi corpses. I leave that to other Iraqi bloggers who are so eager to get the stamp of approval from their masters the Americans and Iranians and God knows who else...and maybe get an American green card or a permanent residence in Tehran in exchange for their loyalty... Well guess what ? Just as predicted, Allawi is forming an alliance with the chief driller, rapist, torturer of -- Arab Sunnis, Women,

Psychopaths seen from Beyond...from Above.

People have a very naive simplistic view of what a psychopath is. Watching too much TV and reading serial killers novels have something to do with it. But just as there are different levels of human vice and corruption, there are also different levels of psychopathy. As a matter of fact the two go together. The more contaminated a person, country is - the higher the level of psychopathy. Now there are two kinds of psychopaths, grossly put. One is dumb and one is more sophisticated. Both are terribly boring though, and truly there is absolutely nothing fascinating about them. Because apart from wanting to destroy, (and again there are many levels of destruction - from outright killing to morally eliminating "opponents", using others and the rest...) psychopaths are really pathetic people. And in turn they form pathetic nations... Whatever their level of "intelligence" - and I do not believe in the intelligence of the psychopath - he/she is very easy to u

Make a Tangible Difference.

I very much believe in THIS   recipe Feed others and you will be fed in return...Spread the message wide.. . Thank you! P.S:  My secret wish - if someone can start the same in Baghdad's slums.

An Open Wound...

Everything that is related to Iraq pains me deeply...everything I read, every Iraqi I see, everything I remember, every song I hear, every picture I come across... Iraq is an open wound that will never close, will never heal...Iraq is my raw open wound... I've tried several times to get to the bottom of the pain, I've always believed in getting to the bottom of things, fearlessly so...this does not mean that at times I did not shun away, avoiding it at all cost, sure I've done that too, but when the wave washes over, more often than not, I let it come... And tonight is one of those waves washing over...crushing itself on hard rock. The silence, indifference, abandonment...of Iraq is the hard rock...but who can stop the waves ? By God tell me who can ? It pains me so much to see Iraq so devastated. No, let me be courageous here -- it does not pain, it rips me tears my soul... my heart. Maybe I've become the timid voice of devastation --  the voice

A Ball of Fire in a Losing Game...

I suppose everyone is busy with the world cup...watching out for a ball... Who will score ? Octopus and donkey challenge each other...I prefer being an octopus to a least my tentacles can be of some use...mind you the donkey can kick too... Have you ever been kicked by a donkey ? I tell you it's a nasty piece... Take Allawi for instance...he's our in house donkey...but he can't kick shit. What is this idiot trying to achieve exactly ? I mean the sectarian Shiites shits are killing off his party members one by one and this dude hopes to form a coalition government... Each month, a bulletin comes out from the Iraqiya coffee club..."We hope to form a government next month - please stay tuned " it's been like 6 months... Allawi is an idiot who believes in the American Santa Claus...if you can't form a government when you have won majority seats then you can't form a government full stop -- not in 6 not in 12 months. I always thoug

Alternative Tweets.2

5 Tweets per post. 1- One blog follower, reader wrote that the Prophet Mohamed " is a pedophile ". (and more) This American thing, wrote it  because some Middle Eastern guy dumped her...she also said that her " pussy was worth money" and it's important for a guy to have what it takes for that "pussy"...Really not much more can be expected from American women...that about sums them up. The odd thing, she has a picture of Malcolm X on her blog, poor thing  he must be turning in his grave. Black Americans don't deserve a Malcolm X. But they do deserve the white clown, uncle Tom who is ruling them... 2- An American is an American is an or white, it's the same old dumb shit all over again... 3. Still can't get on Twitter, so am continuing here. Talking about Americans, another one wrote to me telling me that she does not understand  " why Muslims pray to God from their asses ". She thought that was a funny com

Alternative Tweets.1

Was tweeting "normally" and suddenly am not allowed to tweet anymore...I write and nothing happens...I tried the troubleshooting part, non applicable... So until this gets fixed, if ever ---I shall continue my tweets here on this's going to be 5 Tweets per page...and that's the way I want it. 1 - look at this nonsense. some Octopus psychic is predicting Spain's victory at the world cup. I predict otherwise...after all, these kinds of predictions are psychological manipulations, a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. Not that I want the Nederlands to win, I do prefer Al-Hambra to windmills and Paella to Gouda the Dutch don't have a good reputation in South Africa, mind you neither did the Spaniards during the Inquisition...Oh well, to hell with them all. 2 - the nice thing about tweeting on my blog is that I have more than 140 chars to express myself...and guess what else, I don't have to read anyone's else shit... 3 -maybe I

War of Words...

Language, words, baskets of sentences...individual perceptions, experiences, the subjective made objective, black on white...the subjective becomes my objective world, it becomes MY world. It becomes my Word... What is so difficult to understand about that ? No really, seriously, what is so difficult about this very simple equation ? July 2006 - July 2010, 4 years I've been spilling my guts, on paper...not just my guts, but also facts, proofs, historical tidbits, my own personal history meshing into a collective history, another window, a different window... I've wanted my blog to be a window...and eventually a door...first you look and if you like what you see, you enter...into the world of an Iraqi, into the voice of an Iraqi who refuses your lies...and who is holding onto that house, that home with a window and a door, made of words... Is that too complicated to comprehend ? And yet, for 4 fucking years, I've been getting nothing but self proclaimed interior

The Final Solution - Extermination

My last post on Falluja left me not depressed...depressed is the wrong left me...not sad left me...words left me... Yes words left me...they took an exit...because I have no words. This is no longer about Saddam Hussein and his non existent WMD's. This is no longer about Dictatorship, Tyranny, and all that garbage that you've been fed for over 7 years... The Truth has hit me - first it knocked on my door, but in my rationalizing mind, I thought to myself, that can't be it -- they can't possibly want to wipe us out completely, totally...OK they hate us deeply, for no reason or maybe for all the reasons of the world...since the dawn of civilization, but surely...but...but...but... Brainwashed, I used that same BUT you keep using... But Falluja this time around, gave me another jolt, another thrust into another level of Truth... The words of Paul Bremmer, the American psychopath - kept ringing in my ears - "let's bring them down

"Falluja Worse Than Hiroshima "

The information is too important not to jot down...this is a rushed post. I just finished watching a re-run of Ahmad Mansour's Al-Jazeera Arabic - interview with Prof. Chris Busby . Prof Busby is a Scientist and Director of Green Audit, and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks. To find out more on Prof Chris Busby and his work -- Google -- Chris Busby Uranium. Prof Busby has published many articles on radiation, uranium and contamination in countries such as Lebanon, Kosovo, Gaza and of course Iraq. His latest findings - which were the subject of the program aired on Al-Jazeera are what I will focus on here. As some of you know, Falluja is a forbidden city. It was subjected to intense bombardments in 2004, with DU bombs and White phosphorus, and since it has become a no go zone - meaning that both the Iraqi puppet authorities and the U.S invading/occupying forces do not allow anyone to conduct any real study in Falluja. Falluja is basically und