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Dumping Grounds ?

The Feminine is considered a "recipient", you know, that womb, uterus that will carry, bear it and endure...labor pangs and all....sacrifice, self effacement, selflessness for the "greater good". The Feminine, the land that is "toiled" like a field...the earth, the ground where you plant seeds that sprout... The Feminine - The dumping ground ? Seems it is so. I liken Iraq to the Feminine, in its rather simplistic and vulgar definition as in above...This is where all the syphilitic vultures dump their violence. Today, a female TV presenter was shot dead in Mosul, she was just reporting... Yesterday, the day before yesterday and the months before yesterday and the years before yesterday, Iraqi women have been the "recipient" of Violence, male violence. Whether this violence came in the form of a US missile, an AK47, a gun, a knife, a cane or an actual penis, it does not really matter, it is all Phallic violence. One Iraqi woman

Another one bites the dust...

Being a female blogger is a very "interesting" experience to say the do come across all sorts... Some sorts, you let go don't want to be flogging dead psychotic horses, some others, you wait and see and others deal with...hoping they are not already dead horses, waiting to be flogged. In my "career" as a blogger, I have come across it all...I do not share every single email I have received, nor every single intimidation, nor every single threat...I collect them...I amass souvenirs then comes a day when I decide I want to share my collection with the world...both as an experience I wish you to partake in , and as a warning..... Am kind that way...and patient that way...I warn before those who know can inform those who don't. Let's take one example that of an Indian guy, who goes by the name of Shishir Yerramilli, living in the UAE, and emailing from different accounts under the name of yshishir@hotmail

Objects of Male Desire.

Iraqi Artist Sattar Darwish 2005 I did say, I will take you down, by all necessary means and by all means necessary ... So hear it from me as a préambule : Let's start it objective, the way you like it, the way you are in the habit of approaching it, in your symposiums and conferences ...entrenched in the aura of "intellectual" inquiry and reflection, as you like to call it. This -- Draft lawfor a return to "Shariah" Law (of the Shiite Jaafari flavor) in matters regulating personal status which include marriage and divorce. I will not go through each article, take the time to read it yourself. Not that "Shariah" law has disappeared from Iraqi society after our "liberation", quite the opposite, Iraqi society has all the necessary allure of a "shariah" compliant society.  How so ? Very simple, just judging by the sheer amount of women who have been forced to veil since 2003, is a good indicator. Well at least in

"Fear Not The Path of Truth"

Take 60mn off and do watch this very intelligently done video by US vet Ross Caputi. It is a source of multi layered information on Iraq, past and present, the American Occupation, what Resistance is and is not...and more. Even though Ross Caputi centers his experience on Fallujah but the scope of the video does go beyond Fallujah. and touches on so many more aspects. I do urge you to watch it. A very well done piece of work. Hats off Ross C and Bless you from an Iraqi. Fear Not the Path of Truth from Ross Caputi on Vimeo .

Am back, sort of...

Wow, been a long time since I published anything on Iraq. Not that it matters much. It never mattered in the beginning, I don't see why it should matter in the end. Not that I stopped loving, I have my own beef to deal with with Iraqis, I don't forcibly see them with kind eyes. But that's another story. Also I was wondering what were the "invisible forces" that blocked me from writing ---apart from my most disappointing love, a few death and rape threats, that took their temporary toll...the likes of " you will get raped with knives"... I often imagined what is it like to be raped with knives, not that I particularly enjoy the imagery, but a sort of "desentization" if you may call it...I press my legs hard against my seat as the picture comes across ...not that it is a first. I had the utmost pleasure of seeing my "corpse pissed on in a morgue and fucked by dwarfs..." At the end of the day, I can tell you this --- men's im

Snapshots - Monsters in the Light.

Iraqi artist - Ali Najjar, 2011 I love the night, there is something of a black velvet in the night...I like the way obscurity covers up....I like not having to see....I like the darkness....I find it restful, appeasing, calm... Daylight exposes. You see the imperfections, the cracks, the rust, the deformities, the ugliness... Dark is Mercy, Light is Wrath... When a something, someone is born, you say --- it has seen the Light. It emerges from the canal of darkness, of security, comfort and mercy to a world of black and white first, then to colors...but at first, it cries when it open its eyes and sees the light.... Crying is a sign that you have seen the has differentiated you, it has separated you...and has   exposed the a world of mirrors and reflections... ******* Today, the o' so proper BBC, ran a piece,   en passant ...hoping no one would notice...Western media is good at running ran many in 2003, and made sure everyone

"Worse than the Zionists"....

Protests are raging throughout Iraq...thousands upon thousands are demanding the following : - End of Sectarian Shia rule - the re-writing of the Iraqi constitution (drafted by the Americans and Iranians) - the end to arbitrary killings and detention, rape and torture of all detainees on basis of sect alone and their release - the end of discriminatory policies in employment, education, etc based on sect - the provision of government services to all - the end of corruption - no division between Shias and Sunnis, a one Islam for all Iraqi Muslims and a one Iraq for all Iraqis. The protests in Anbar, Fallujah, Sammara, Baquba,  Tikrit, Kirkuk, Mosul...and in different parts of Baghdad stress over and over 1) the spontaneous nature of the "popular revolution against oppression and injustice" 2) its peaceful nature  i.e unarmed  3) the welcoming of ALL to join the protests regardless of sect or ethnicity as ONE Iraqi people and 4) and the March to Baghdad. Today, Frid

Kundara Therapy - Iraqi Yasser Al Sammarai & Cowboy Bremer

Listen, am feeling ecstatic today, and wanted to share some of my elation and moments of pure joy with you...see how generous I am ?! Also, because I know what you are about to read and see won't get much publicity...and am here to make sure it does . His name is Yasser Al-Sammarai.. and it is likely that Yasser Al-Sammarai will not get the publicity Muntadher al Zaidi got... Al Zaidi, you remember him don't you ? The guy who threw a couple of nice Kundaras / shoes at Bush....well Zaidi got much publicity... I, for one wrote a post in his honor, I don't regret it ..he was my hero then, but kind of fell from grace after I learned that he and his family are loving supporters of the sectarian drilling raping party of Muqtada Al-Sadr and that despite their anti sectarian and anti Iran rhetoric. Never mind Al Zaidi, today I am going to introduce to you my new hero, Yasser Al-Sammarai ... "Now these are men " a relative exclaimed jubilantly...while another dr

Your Model Democracy in the New Iraq.

Omar Ali Al-Ani. martyr unarmed protester killed among 9 others today in Fallujah by the sectarian Shia government of Nouri Al-Maliki So you crossed oceans, with thousands of men, the greatest movement of troops since the second world war to "liberate" from a "dictatorship"and what a liberation it was, is... I said to myself, I will not write anymore. What is the point - thousands still linger in secret dungeons, tortured, raped and your new democracy, your model for the rest of the Arab world. You did not blink an saw absolutely nothing fundamentally wrong with any of goes on for you, as it did in the past, as it will in the future...who cares...not you...certainly not the other Arabs, and definitely not the vile sectarian dogs you your model democracy. One should really command you with utmost praise for your noble endeavors...noble undertakings from a very noble people...we are really enjoying your