Your Model Democracy in the New Iraq.

Omar Ali Al-Ani. martyr unarmed protester killed among 9 others today in Fallujah by the sectarian Shia government of Nouri Al-Maliki

So you crossed oceans, with thousands of men, the greatest movement of troops since the second world war to "liberate" from a "dictatorship"and what a liberation it was, is...

I said to myself, I will not write anymore. What is the point - thousands still linger in secret dungeons, tortured, raped and your new democracy, your model for the rest of the Arab world. You did not blink an saw absolutely nothing fundamentally wrong with any of goes on for you, as it did in the past, as it will in the future...who cares...not you...certainly not the other Arabs, and definitely not the vile sectarian dogs you your model democracy.

One should really command you with utmost praise for your noble endeavors...noble undertakings from a very noble people...we are really enjoying your model democracy...the airs of freedom are still giving us shivery goosebumps of ecstasy ....who would have thought we can now breathe so carefree, not in our wildest dreams.

Today we tested and tasted your model democracy- as we have done since 2003 - thousands of unarmed civilians took the streets throughout Iraq - in Kirkuk, in Mosul, in Ramadi, in Fallujah, in was baptized the "No Retreat" protests.

They have been going on for quite some time with very poor media coverage...I understand it is not in your interest to show such protests in your new model democracy...last week 4 young men were killed in front of Abu Hanifa mosque in Adhamiya -Baghdad. No one said a word about them. Killed by the "freely elected government" of the new Iraq. Come on let us see you have a good belly laugh, or at least a smile ? No ? Well how about the following then...

In this video , the "Iraqi" armed forces are shooting at protesters who are shouting "this is a peaceful protest." Still nothing ? OK let us give it another try. How about the following...

Today in Fallujah, 10 unarmed civilians have been shot dead by your new model democracy, and 70 of them is Omar Ali Al-Ani from Fallujah. This is his Facebook page 

And below is the list of names of those killed and wounded 

Not that it will make any difference to you, not that it made in the past...still I feel the need to record it, to honor them like the ones who passed before them, and as a reminder to myself and maybe to you, that  our liberation is not over yet...

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