The World as a Mental Asylum

On rare occasions one is graced with a few seconds of insights. And in those rare seconds of insights one is shown the world. And what you see is Truth. The world is a mental asylum in a huge garden. Every single person in that garden believes they are sane when in fact he /she is in a mental asylum. And like any mental asylum it has sections - section A, section B, section C .etc... These sections are  what you call - continents. And within this sections just like in a mental asylum there are Units . Unit 1, unit 2, unit 3.. These are what you call in your language -- countries. And within these units you have the rooms and in the rooms are the patients. And just like in a mental asylum, they allowed out  depending on the severity of their cases. Some are encouraged to make friends meet other people marry , some are encouraged to study, some are told to seek occupational therapy what you call work others are told to engage in play therapy or art therapy or music therapy. and

USA Iran Iraq and the clowns of Left Leanings.

Nothing I say or write must be taken in absolute terms. Why ? Because I myself don't take myself absolutely seriously...and that for "philosophical" reasons. Cut the chase as the Yankees say -- so I will cut the chase and get to the meat. Am here again... Am here again because I been banned from the Social media platform I use. I haven't stop writing except in a lazy way -- not that am intellectually lazy myself -- people are lazy very lazy with short attention spans . 140 characters is all they can handle and even that proves too much -- because most of the time they too fucking engrossed in their own navel -- Narcissism of the most blatant  type is the ordre du Jour. So I don't take being excluded/ banned very well. I say what I have to say. Mind you it won't be something terribly new -- but it is a confirmation of what I have said before -- the liberals progressives left leanings are the most politically disgraceful hypocrites around. Of that am  n

ISIL agents of the Dajjal.

For those who have been following my writings, there are countries I have been warning about since the Fall of Baghdad in 2003. These countries were/are  Yemen, Turkey, PAKISTAN Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The ones who designed the fall of Iraq into Darkness in 2003, are the same ones who are designing the tearing apart  the dismantling of the above mentioned countries. Do I have to name them for you again and again and again ? THINK. ISIL is nothing but a weapon, a weapon of mass destruction, a mean to an end. Still no one knows who ISIL speculate, and you keep speculating, and in these speculations, arms are sold, countries are destroyed and lives are snatched. ISIL are land mappers, their caliphate is the caliphate of the Anti Christ. Who is the anti Christ ? Well you got to answer that one, if you can answer that one, you will know who ISIL is. The Anti Christ has many agents working for him by the way, not just ISIL, again you need to THINK. Myopia requires that


Trumposhti is a term of Arabic endearment that I HAVE COINED (don't go stealing it) to call the new President of the United States of America  - Trump. I actually like the guy, believe it or not. First of, he makes me laugh. And I can do with some humor. Bush was/is a moron and Obama a lousy charlatan snake charmer. So Trump is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, I wanted to make sure  I had not fallen into some ideological right wing snare, so I went around and asked people what they thought of Trumposhti. And to my great surprise, people were fine with him. Not that they really cared about the USA, they don't, understandably so, but they were fine with him. The overwhelming response I received was ---  " At least he is clear". And in an age of universal deceit, clarity is not such a bad thing.
A Deep Malaise... Here is this Insomniac, with yet another cup of bitter coffee, overtaken by a deep malaise. As I made sure, my mom was in her bed and not slouching on the sofa, I was reflecting on how difficult old age must be. Then one thought took me to another...first the elderly, a very neglected group worldwide, more than children, also a group who suffers much taunting and different forms of abuse, from psychological to physical either by caretakers, in hospices, in hospitals, in pensioners homes, in "mouroirs" ....and obviously in war zones, victims of violence, brutality, loss, displacement and endless grief. And another thought took me to another .. from how difficult it is to become old and fragile, vulnerable, to the difficulty of living in general. I see it on people's faces, in what they fail, omit to say, in their sighs, in the brave fronts they put up, in their escapism, in their outbursts, in their withheld rage, in their pleas, in their race t
Homecoming - Split in Two. Hello Blog, long time, been two years, did not miss you much, missed Iraq though, the Iraq of my memories, niched somewhere refusing to be forgotten. I do not miss the current Iraq, it's gone to the dogs, split in two, three and maybe even four. Talking about splits. Remember that thing I devoted a whole post in its "honor". if you click on the link, you will get to see its "beautiful face". Anyway I received this from it dated 8 July 2016 (here is its 2 minutes of online fame) "I hope someone sticks in sword in your rotten vagina and splits you in two.  Ive decided that its been a while since you have been degraded . I plan for you an online equivalent of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo all rolled in one ....stay tuned." What better way to write again, without this lovely invitation ? Not that I wish to beef up that t hing , beef up the inexistent part , that need beefing up and sexing up  to use Tony Blai

Iraq @ The Sound of Silence.

Hello Blogger my old friend... Hello darkness my old friend,I  came to talk with you again...because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping and the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains, within the sound of silence. I came to disturb the sound of silence. I love disturbing people...I was always told that I was a nuisance. I lived up to the expectations of me. Silence as a cancer grow... I can assure you, you have tumors growing in you, the size of grapefruits... Why you hate grapefruits ? I was told am a nuisance...I just love annoying between the soda and popcorn breaks... What ? am I to announce my own funeral -so you can rest in peace ? Would you like to see the last living one of us signing her own death warrant ? Am sure you would, in between breaks of soda and popcorn... I love the way my words pop don't you ? I love popping them like corn on a hot stove Just to remind you of the sound of silence.