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Framing Pakistan.

I have mentioned it and/or alluded to it in most of my posts dealing with Iran, namely that Iran will be used by the US and its allies to stir sectarianism wherever a Shiite minority exists. I mentioned Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. I have come to this conclusion after close study of the Iraqi "experiment". Already a year ago, I have been saying that Pakistan is next on the list. I maintain what I said. The Mumbai attacks add an extra confirmation to my hypothesis. The first thing the Western Media and the Indian government did, while the fights were still raging, was to point an accusatory finger at Pakistan - including guess who ? Patrick Cockburn , the "firebrand" Mullah Sadr, lover. For those of you who have been following the news, Pakistan for the past 4 months or so has witnessed an escalation of US air force attacks on it, in particular in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, under the pretext of fighting terrorism. This foll

A Song for the Forgotten Ones.

I finally found it! A song I have been searching for, for over 2 years and finally someone uploaded it on youtube. Badee Ghani - I want to sing, by Ahmad Kaboor . Arab readers may be familiar with him, he sang the famous Palestinian song Unadikom - I call upon you. I will try to translate Badee Ghanee for you. The Arabic lyrics are on the youtube page . The one who is drowned in his night wandering in the stars hoping to wake up knowing someone is thinking of him and the one who has escaped war and her fear ran before her, when she asks what happened her mother tells her - nothing There is death I scream, no voice comes out there is death how can I sing when I have no voice I want to sing for the people who have no people yet they are the real ones but how can I sing ? I want to sing for countries whose people are in other countries and who have lost the taste of happiness but how can I sing ? Who decides to wage wars in the name of human rights and declares them in the name God wh


I am in some mood tonight. On my other blog , I just published a post accompanied by a piece of music from Last Tango in Paris. Anyone who has watched this film will know what the "big scene" is all about - backdoor I am not into back door, not my cup of tea. I just like to enter places through their front doors. No window jumping or back door breaking or back stabbing for me - Front doors only. It is called integrity in my dictionary. You go through the front door and if you are made welcomed and part of the "family", you can always exit through the back door, if you really need/want to. Get my drift ? OK, let me put it across more succintly. When I read an article with a title " Iran in about-turn towards security agreement "... Am sorry, but I can't think nothing of but -- about turn -- backdoor. Okay, I try again. Since straight politics is not doing the trick, will try backdoor, maybe that will awaken your senses... Simply put - it is like when yo

Brain Dead.

I told myself --I am too tired to blog tonight. But this I could not, not write about... They say there has been a Brain Drain in Iraq since its "liberation" - And I say there has been a DELIBERATE brain drain through MURDER. I said it in my early posts when talking about Academics in Iraq. A planned, voluntary, deliberate, program of targeted ASSASSINATIONS of Iraq's intelligentsia, intellectuals, thinkers, academics, artists, scientists, doctors, teachers... WHY do you think this is so ? And WHO undertook this organized crime ? And for WHAT purpose ? I did mention the culprits in the past. And I did state the long term objectives behind their heinous criminal acts. Do you remember ? Let's see if you can come up with the right answers-- 5 years of "liberation" down the line. And this is the list of names. I can already tell you it is incomplete. There are more names, many more names... SEND THIS LIST TO THE DISGUSTING, DISGRACEFUL, "ARAB AND IRAQI"


In the past, I have often wandered in fields and was always taken by the sight of scarecrows. Something about scarecrows is very symbolic. But I also noticed, that despite their presence, crows always managed to screw up the harvest. Have you ever seen a scarecrow ? The ones I saw, were usually male look alike, dressed up on a stick. From afar, they looked like puppets. But when you got close to them, they were inert black shadows, trying to scare the hell out of the crows...with no success. When I was watching the "debate" of the "Iraqi" parliament, on SOFA, a few days back, it reminded me of scarecrows with a much ado about nothing twist to them. CNN have a youtube video of the "debate" but they failed to show what al-Jazeera reported -- fist fights in Ze "Iraqi" parliament. The Sadrists (and me who thought they boycotted the political process - someone call Cockburn now !) and the Fadhila party, or Fazileh in Persian, supposedly boycotted

Imagine !

I read a piece of news today, you probably saw it too. The Vatican and Ze Pope - by the way, I want copyrights on the "Ze" since I was the first on blogosphere to use it, and I have noticed others making generous use of it, with no credit given . What else do people want to steal ??? Anyways I wast telling you about this piece of news - It is only now, 42 YEARS LATER, that the Vatican forgave John Lennon for stating 42 YEARS AGO, that the Beatles are greater than Jesus-Christ. I can understand that was bad taste from the Beatles, and I do think it is blasphemy, when the Beatles put themselves above Jesus or Issa in Arabic -the son of Mary, a thousand Peace and Blessings upon him...It is arrogant indeed. But 42 years is a tad too long in my opinion. After all, the Beatles, did sing for Hare Khrishna , and for My Sweet Lord and Mother Mary in Let it Be ...And it was just a stupid, unthoughtful phrase uttered by John Lennon. But let me ask you something here - How many years

A very short note to a Black American.

I will reply to your comments, for sure. Give me time. I do not possess time, Time possesses me, for now, and I bend with it, like a weeping willow... A weeping willow that no longer weeps. A black shadow, hiding behind a curtain, behind a wall... The rivers are dry, and their bed is brown, brown black. As brown and as black as the man, sitting opposite me. He says I am from Ohio. I trade in Oil. I say -- Our oil ? He smiles, his pearly white teeth shine in the darkness and my question is left hanging with no answer even though he replied with Silence... So -- what, who are you ? he asks... I stare into my cup and search for the signs... for a name an ID card a passport a nationality a country... I pause and the silence weighs like a heavy fog, a fog from Ohio. I swallow my name, clear my throat where that name is stuck like a fish bone dug out from a dried river. I say -- Iraq. He keeps his "cool" and swallows his beer. I see a ray of satisfaction on that dark face. And what

"Iraq out of Iraq" and other Mousetraps...

My Viking musician friend, Martin Kuchen from Sweden, sent me this and I am reproducing it here with his permission. He is probably the only Swede I know of, who is very aware of the intricacies of the Iraqi Occupation, in all of its dimensions. So hats off to Martin ! This is what he had to say : "Iraq out of Iraq - Yes this was one of today's headlines on the front page of the biggest "newspaper" in Sweden -- Dagens Nyheter; "Iraq should be out of Iraq within three years". Was that a mistake !? These hypocritical propagandists reveal the true nature of the reasons behind this occupation, just by "making a mistake"....hahaha." Then Martin follows up with another mail in which he says : "Since I haven't seen any correction of the false(?) headlines in today's paper - I decided to call them, the "journalist" at the other end says: "hallo, hallo, you don't think we did on that purpose, do you!?" Me: "w

No Title.

There is no Title to this post. I will let you make your own. I am in a very strange kind of mood. I am listening to Tracy Chapman. I like that singer a lot. There is something very genuine about her. I guess she represents 1% of the American population. A 1% hope. If I were a gambler, I would say that the odds are not in my favor. Not with a 1% for sure. I still can't shake that strange feeling off my shoulders...It must have been that interview with that young Afghani girl, who found her foot in tiny pieces whilst she was with other women in a garden, celebrating something. She said " I saw my foot lying next to me in pieces. My cousin was also laying dead right next to me...They (the Americans) saw that we were only a group of women, and they attacked us nonetheless. The Americans are animals. " Notice she did not say the American soldiers or the American Pentagon, or the American army or the American administration or the American government, or the American neocons -