"Home Sweet Home"

Did you know that ...?

Of course you would not know. Because you don't want to know, or care to know.

No, you don't know.

So let's take baby steps through your Occupation, shall we ?

OK, this is how it started...

Iraq pre-2003.

Mixed Neighborhoods. Intermarriages. No sectarian strife... - How many times need I repeat myself !

Iraq post-2003

- Sectarian strife. Segregated neighborhoods. Walled Ghettos. Divorce...and...lost homes.

OK let me take you again through the baby steps, since you seem to be a bunch of infantile retards who have zero capacity for comprehension.

You have a home, house, apartment, studio, plot of land, tent, hut...call it what you like...You leave it for X reason but in our case - because you were FORCED to.

Whilst away, you run out of means to survive. You want to return. You return. You take out your key, you put it in the door, you can't unlock it. You think you are dreaming. You check the street, the numbers, yes you are in the right place. You knock on the door. Some strange face opens. You say, is this my home ? But this is my home! And the strange face tells you go to hell - you have no home here.

So you circle around the house, building, tent, hut, whatever it is, and you pinch yourself...and you say I swear that was my home and that was my neighborhood.
Then it hits you - you have no more home.

So being a citizen who believes in the rule of law - you go to the "Authorities." They mock you or they offer you 300$ as compensation. You shake your head in disbelief and say - this cannot be. So you decide to seek a lawyer.

You are told - be careful whom you chose as a lawyer, because all the honest ones are out of the country and you may fall on some charlatan, sectarian son of a bitch who will take all your money and deliver zilch. But you try anyway, knowing by now that your chances are nil. Because there is NO RULE OF LAW IN A LAWLESS OCCUPIED COUNTRY.

Do you get it now or should I draw a picture for you ?

What's the matter, you still don't get it - even though I gave you tiny baby steps ?

OK, let me put it to you differently through a question - since you are so thick.

What do you think those 5 million Iraqi refugees since 2003, are doing in neighboring countries ?

Do you think they are on a holiday, sightseeing ?

Oh ! I see you are still shaking that retarded dumb head of yours...You still don't get it do you ? Too difficult to comprehend ?

Maybe your new Messiah, the "chosen one" the booma Obama will explain it to you or maybe kundara Gordon Brown, the greasy - once a week bath - Brit will do the job.
Or maybe your Zionist lobby will explain it to you. Am sure they know all about it, but they will pretend they know nothing. See - this is how dumb you are !

I am sounding like a teacher for juvenile delinquents.

Damn, I must have missed my vocation as a teacher. Even though I was told I would be a really good one. To be honest I was never into juveniles...Mental teenagers bore the shit out of me. And I seem to be surrounded by them at age 40 ++. These MENTAL SOCIOPATHS teenagers are Americans and English for the most part. It is called -- ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

And since these two countries suffer from arrested development, they try to inflict the same on others. They ARREST THEIR DEVELOPMENT. Nay, they don't only do that. They also DESTROY WHATEVER NATURAL DEVELOPMENT THERE WAS.

Again, we will go through the baby steps my little "darlings."

In Baghdad, the city I know best, there was NO all predominantly Sunni, Shiite or Christian neighborhoods. This is a MYTH that your disgusting media tried to propagate. There is one exception though. Al-Thawra now baptized as Sadr City. This dump made of convicts, thieves and outlaws was "predominantly" Shiite. One day I will give you the history of Sadr City, but not today. Today I want to walk baby steps with you. Yalla, clever ones, there you go, have a lollipop whilst I walk through post-2003 Baghdad.

Let's us forget about the Green zone for a while...

I know, I know, you love your little amusement there. Uncle Sam, Auntie, Papa and Mama have some American goodies stored for you there but let me walk you through the Red Zone for a change.

Don't be afraid. Come on now, me who thought you were so brave and loved Rambo films.
Auntie Layla is holding your "sweet" little hands - fear not.

Look at this neighborhood for instance - it is called Arassat Al-Hindiya.

See the beautiful houses right by the river - pieds dans l'eau.

Let me tell you who inhabits them today. Since your papa and mama liberated us, these houses were taken over by the Supreme Council of Shits from Iran - the Hakeem/Badr group, the Dawa of Maliki and the rural/tribal shepherds from the Barazani/Talabani group.

This is what they did. They would take over a house. Then when the owner comes to claim it, depending on who the owner is - they either say: it is ours - or they will offer you some money to buy it. If you are short of money because you have been in exile for so long, you might concede. But if you don't concede and say this is my house -- they will give you their yellowish sectarian Shiite/chauvinistic Kurdish smile and say - you have no choice.

Or take for example another "cool" neighborhood. Yarmook and Jadriya. Same principle.

Or take Mansour or Karrada - same principle.

Now if you happen to live in a slightly more popular area, like Dora, Amil, Haifa, Falasteen, Sleikh... then, there you really have no choice at all. If those who took over your house are armed...you can kiss your house goodbye. They will not move. Unless they are willing to settle for big money. And if you don't have big money, you are screwed for good.

But there are more variations...

You leave your home, and you ask someone to look after it. That someone lost his home during your never ending "liberation", he moves in into yours. Then he is short of money or his relatives also lost their homes. So he rents out some rooms or brings in more people to live with him. So you return and you want your home back, what do you do with 3 to 4 families living there ? Where will they go ? Again you are screwed.

Or let's take another example. You have a land or some property and your father, sister, brother, mother, daughter, cousin, uncle, aunt...was kidnapped and tortured by the death squads that YOU had put in place, and they ask for a ransom. So you sell your house, land, property, hut, tent whatever it is - to pay your kidnappers for their release. If you don't have the money, you borrow. Then you have to reimburse. So you have to sell whatever it is you owned. And you want to return?
You can't. You are up to your neck in debts finishing off the payments and you have nothing to return to. Again you are screwed.

Let's take yet another example. You live on some plot of land, in a small house on the outskirts of Baghdad. You leave because they threatened to kill, rape or torture you. The minute you are gone, they come and set up their homes on your land. The area becomes all Shiite, you know you will never be able to go back to that land. So what do you do? You try to sell it hoping that those who took it will buy it. Since they took it by force why should they buy it?! So you let go, and you pack your suitcases and apply for emigration to some God forsaken brothel country in the West.

This is what happened and what is happening to our homes since you decided to "liberate" us.

Do you understand now ? Fat chance. You will never understand.

But hey, you understood when an earthquake or a hurricane blew it over for you...did you not ? But at least you could blame a natural disaster for that.

Guess what assholes - you are a disaster for me, albeit a man made disaster.
A disaster of a people and a disaster of a nation. (filthy Brits, you are not excluded here)

And I pray to the Almighty, every time you put that key in that hole, and turn it, the door will remain shut and locked in your face(s).

Only then, will you remember me/us and remember your "home sweet home."

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Alia Al-Azzawi.


Anonymous said…
KMWR--The reincarnated version of a Slovak film about systemic Nazi policies in Czechoslovakia during WWII, "Shop on Main Street."
What can I say?
Anything I say will not make it better and the dumb idiots of whom you speak will not become any less dumb. All I can offer is assuaging words. Only words. But, concretely...?
CMAR II said…
[Layla Anwar]Iraq pre-2003. Mixed Neighborhoods. Intermarriages. No sectarian strife...

No sectarian violence? Dropping chemical bombs on Shi'a Arabs is not sectarian violence?

Oh yes! There was sectarian violence after Saddam was gone...it was initially perpetrated by Saddam's Orphans: the deposed Ba'athists and the former members of the Fedayeen Saddam when they began putting bombs in front of mosques.

Saddam perfected sectarian violence and his adherents carried into post-Saddam Iraq in their suicide vests and car bombs.

Defrocked Ba'athists like yourself handed legitimacy to the Sadrists and to their tactics. The only problem with you guys killing each other is that that you tended to kill even more bystanders in the process.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla - no words ...

In solidarity.
Layla Anwar said…
C HMAR = Donkey in Arabic.

Listen to me you asshole and asshole is what you and your filthy, smelly, rotten friend Jeffrey from the fuck hole called NY is. You know nothing about Iraq you piece of dung, you slime piece of shit. You are on the pay roll of the CIA to spread more lies about Iraq before your murderous occupation. You are filth. Even the fucked up, sold out, ignorant Iraqis like Abbas Hawazin, and Neurotic Iraqi Wife, those who kissed your ass in the beginning, gave up on you.

In other words you have no support whatsoever. Except maybe the filthy American Iranian going by the name of Iraqi Mojo. Maybe he still willing to bend over for you, but even then I doubt you stand a chance. See asshole -- this is as far as you can go. And tell your rotten American faggot friend Jeffrey that.
Layla Anwar said…
C-HMAR, one more thing you piece of shit,

You can still count on EYERAKI, the relative of sissytany, the khoei family who made their fortune in GB, through stealing and dubious deals backed by 10 Downing street and "british intelligence" (no such thing exists by the way - a copy of you asshole). But even them, once EYE RAN, hope you will be able to spell it correctly one day, takes over, they too will kick you in the ass...And make sure not to forget to report to Jeffrrrrey, your soul mate.
Kali Manitou said…
Layla, your passion is warming across the continents. I feel more human with the humanity that emanates from you. Your anger towards the little cube of human waste 'cmar-whatever' is so human, so feminine that the contrast between his carbon-copy of pure bullshit and your aliveness amazed me. They say what makes someone an 'American' is believing in the principles of America, it's "not a race but creed".
Ohwow!, how cheap of a thing, watch some jew talk out of his ass on TV, believe it and voila! You're an American...I guess that's why the world is full of that banality. Actual and honorary Americans....
Hard to believe the world is so full of that shit but than again, the anglo-saxon mentality is pretty much like a disease that replicates itself in host bodies...surviving organisms that never get to meet the aliveness of life, sad little packages of regret.
Maybe it's not that bad to be blown into bits and pieces by some bastard of a uncivilized nation. Considering the possibility of becoming an unconcious slave, a carbon copy like C-HMAR....
Truly there are worse fates than instant death delivered by an F-16. To be an American is a good example. Red-white and blue, spreads like a flu. It might kill you, but will go away by itself.
Let's consider it a majot clearing of human conciousness, after the Yanks there will be much more to appreciate on this earth.
Anonymous said…
My house was in Karrada. My uncle's house in Arrassat AlHindiya. You brought back memories. I can identify with the Iraqis who have lost their homes.

God help them.

Iraqi Jew
Bruno said…
[cmar] "Dropping chemical bombs on Shi'a Arabs is not sectarian violence?"

You're a little confused, CMAR. Maybe you should check your facts, before embarrassing yourself.

[cmar] "Oh yes! There was sectarian violence after Saddam was gone"

... which isn't very surprising, since the U.S.A. imported SCIRI and BADR and the most sectarian people it could lay its hands on as its partners in Iraq. Bremer even asked Hakim if he wouldn't please, pretty please, make the Badr Brigade the core of the new Iraqi army.

I know that you're going to bleat on and on about the evil Saddam, in true CMAR fashion. Well, Saddam may not have been very pleasant, but he was equal opportunity unpleasant, the sole criterion of whether or not you qualified for elimination being whether or not you were against him or not. "Sunni" were killed just as easily by him as anybody else.

Of course, you don't believe this. You refuse to believe this. That's fine. I've noticed that you American warmongers (and some other sorts of warmongers) tend to make shit up and believe it no matter what evidence to the contrary. Maybe it stems from your malfunctioning Jesus gland. Whatever, its not my problem.
bARABie said…
This is to that LYING jewish maggot!

" write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors. I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called "cruel Zionism." I write about it because I was part of it."

"About 125,000 Jews left Iraq for Israel in the late 1940s and into 1952, most because they had been lied to and put into a panic by what I came to learn were Zionist bombs. But my mother and father were among the 6,000 who did not go to Israel. Although physically I never did return to Iraq-that bridge had been burned in any event-my heart has made the journey there many, many times. My father had it right."
bARABie said…

That is obviously the link to my previous comment.
bARABie said…
"Jews killed Jews"

Who killed jews?
bARABie said…
"kill even more bystanders in the process."

Isn't what you yankee retards call "collateral damage"!

And we see how much you "care" about "bystanders" when you LEVEL a whole TOWN like Fallujah, not to mention ALL those weddings you retards are fond of obliterating.

As for your barking about Saddam Hussein and the RESISTANCE, it doesn't even deserve a response.
Anonymous said…
Saddam Hussein made the different religious sects and ethnicities all "citoyens" in the Enlightenment meaning of the term.

Definitely too sophisticated for some...
Unknown said…
Please explain what a "malfunctioning Jesus gland" is. I can't seem to locate mine.
Anonymous said…
Layla, how was rape punished under Saddam ?
Anonymous said…
amy here Layla - the only thing i know for true and for sure when it comes to the COMPLETE and TOTAL WRONGNESS of what the United States has done in the name of "democracy" is that those that propagated this complete outrage will be STONE COLD DEAD one day and there is karma, there will be retribution - and for all their sitting in the christian church sunday after sunday praying to Jesus who does not give a shit about any of their lies, believing in their own lies - they will pay oh yes they will pay - i'm so horribly ashamed of what this country has done, but nobody will listen to me - i've typed it on this world wide web time and again THE AMERICANS ALL NEED TO GO HOME - mind our own fucking business - but nobody listens to me. well come what may - they're making their own beds and they will lay in it - and innocent people like me and my kids may get slaughtered in the recompense and that will be as it is, too. i may live out my life in relative peace, which is of course what I hope for - but the horrors this country's greedy evil leaders have wrought are surely going to bring all manner of even more evil to this world and i hope it is like a swarm of bees zooming straight into their pants and stinging their nutsacks into oblivion. yeah - and that's not even near wicked enough for what they deserve. my daughter was mad about something one day and usually i try to placate her and tell her everything is gona work out, not to be upset about stuff and she says "just let me be mad about this - can i just be mad?" and i tell you like i told my kid Layla, just be fucking mad hell yeah be mad - i'd be so fucking mad if i was from your country and had assholes from all the way on the other side of the world totally disrupt my life and ruin everything - i just wish i could help somehow - i try, but nobody is gona listen to me.
Unknown said…
"Layla, how was rape punished under Saddam ?"

Well, that depended on who was doing it. If it was Uday Hussein, nothing happened.
Anonymous said…
To Barbaria(n)

Here is a list of some of your 'maggots'


Unknown said…
Also, party loyalists were given something called a BGAP which was equivalent to a "get out of jail card". BGAP stood for 'Bathist Get a Pass'.
bARABie said…
"Here is a list of some of your 'maggots'"

Who the fxxx said ALL jews were maggots?

I called YOU a maggot and ALL jews who "think" like you ARE maggots.
Anonymous said…
Off-topic, but relevant:

- Reported on Syrian newspaper Al-Watan saying that the Syrian customs authority rejected a shipment came from "World Relief" as an aid for Iraqi refugees in Syria is contaminated with rat’s feces.

Laboratory analysis shows the presence of the following materials in the rice:

1- The presence of dead insects.
2- The presence of mice and rats feces.
3- The presence of rotting and decomposed rice in some bags.

Anonymous said…
Baghdad is saveing the whole world.

Israel is getting over extended, all the wars, genocides, death squads and civil it causes in Africa and Asia are getting much less of it's attention becuase of Iraq and Afghanistan resistance. South America especaily is fast getting rid of it's zionist infestations and building good resistance to the zionist poisons. Bolivia is one place that the Israeli drug lords will sonn lose God willing and hopefully they will help the rest of South America get rid of them next.

Israel's media is also getting hammered, even the dumb Americans are starting to notice the Israeli's forked tongues - not to mention Europe and Asia where the Israel media is being exposed rapidly, it's lies still work but it has become to see their lies as lies.

Pat Robertson, Rob Parsely and Hagee and the rest of the Israeli liars are getting to become jokes, they can now talk but their lies no longer fool as many people as before.

Even Israel's Iranian Tiqya masters are being exposed, their pretty black turbans no longer make as many Khomayne worshipers kiss their hairy Persian asses - they will have to make a green zione in Tehran if they want to keep their Iraqi palaces becuase the Israeli propaganda machine can no longer cover up their ass as much.

Obama is not important, he's just another Israeli puppet - but the imporatant part is how the internet bloggers got him to office - Israel can not handle being exposed, it needs the darkness to spreads it's poison, the internet is exposing it too fast - and Iraq is not getting off the media despite it's best attempts with all the blogs explaining it's every move - and the African nations are learning to from seeing what Israel is doing to Iraqi is also being done to Africa's weaker nations.

No more Koreas and Vietnams, Iraq will end it all God Willing. COngo was going to made into another Somalia and Rwanda but the Africans caught it fast and hopefully Israel will be defeated there.

"home sweet home" to me that means the whole World, for I am nomad - Peace on Earth will happen despite anything Israel can do to stop it.

Anonymous said…
cw, you idiot, i was asking layla a serious question on rape and the pre-invasion judicial system.

kindly keep your boring-to-tears slanderous tales to yourself.
Unknown said…
Well, maybe if you didn't have your head stuck so far up your ass you would know that what I said about Uday is a documented fact established long before the Americans went in.
Anonymous said…
uday uday uday...how boring can u get ?
he was a playboy. so what. are you all pure & chaste choir boys in the us ? don't make me laugh (cry).
the barking and slobbering curs you brought in from london, washington and teheran to reign-but-not-rule over your new disgregated vassal iraq, those are the real serial rapists and killers, those are the abortions of nature upon whom god's and the iraqi people's wrath will fall after your troops are gone.
Anonymous said…
You will never win my sympathy with insult nor convince me that subjective invective is rational vision or truth. There are many victims in this world - some much worse off than you. Start in Darfur and go from there, for instance. And take your thumb out of your mouth. It makes you look stupid and puerile. Your indignation is justified. Your conclusions are not.

American Conscience
Anonymous said…
You will never win my sympathy with insult nor convince me that subjective invective is rational vision or truth. There are many victims in this world - some much worse off than you. Start in Darfur and go from there, for instance. And take your thumb out of your mouth. It makes you look stupid and puerile. Your indignation is justified. Your conclusions are not.

American Conscience
bARABie said…
The yankee donkey @ 7:42 had to show it's TRUE colors.

Knew it about the donkey from the start.
Anonymous said…
The only problem, American 'Conscience' is that the victims in Iraq have been created by ...Americans (US), very different from those in Darfur, or anywhere else for that matter. It seems as if your 'conscience' is pretty selective. And I don't think the owner of this blog is seeking your 'sympathy'. She's just telling the world the facts, the way they really are (Truth), as opposed to the lies the world is being told by those who wish to continue raping Iraq.
Anonymous said…
And, by the way, Darfur - as with Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Palestine and other regions suffering from strife - has US fingerprints on it. A common denominator among all is either natural resources or US interest.

I think your comment makes you look stupid and puerile, and terribly ignorant, American 'Conscience'- your 'conscience' should have been pricked with the knowledge of the extent of suffering caused by the US and its allies in Iraq. You sit comfortably in your home, so you'd never know what it's like to lose everything you've ever cherished, would you?
Unknown said…
"uday uday uday...how boring can u get ?" @ 5:39

Correction Boyo, Uday was a sadistic rapist not a playboy. As for God's and the Iraqi peoples wrath, lets hope its more effective than the mindless vitriol spewing out of you. I doubt it. As for American troops, the sooner they leave the better. Then we'll see how well the Sunni, Shia, and Kurds all get along. Until then you reprobate, the jury is out!
Anonymous said…
I understand you anger at how West military presence has contributed to your situation, but I cannot understand how you do not acknowledge that many of these problems existed before 2003, etc. I cannot understand your anger at the American people either. Should we blame all people in Afganistan or even in the entire Middle East for the 3000 people who died on 9/11? I would say no, but the way you treat the Iraqui situation makes me think that if you were in the US, you would be one of the people who hates all Arabs.

The West has made mistakes, but so has the Middle East. But to insult the intelligence or concern of the people or even the government does nothing for the situation.
bARABie said…
"Should we blame all people in Afganistan or even in the entire Middle East for the 3000 people who died on 9/11?"

No ya MORON, you should blame the YANKS!
bARABie said…
"Uday was a sadistic rapist not a playboy."

Are you trying to say the yanks invaded Iraq because Uday was a "sadistic rapist"????

If so then the yanks should be invaded for those two sluts otherwise known as dumbya's daughters.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Try to follow the comments rather than mindlessly reponding. The comment was with repect to what Uday was, not why the Americans invaded. I suggest you cut down on your hashish comsumption as it is obviously affecting your thought process.
bARABie said…
"The comment was with repect to what Uday was, not why the Americans invaded."

Then if it's NOT about why the yanks invaded, why the fxxx does it concern YOU what Saddam's sons were like?????
bARABie said…
"what I said about Uday is a documented fact established long before the Americans went in."

Hmmm what are you trying to imply with the above?
Unknown said…
Wait a while before you take another hit on the hash pipe. The question posted was how rape was handled in pre-invasion Iraq and the answer was that it depended on who you were. In that context, who you were mattered. The discussion is not limited exclusively to why the yanks invaded.
bARABie said…
AGAIN, how the fxxx is it any of YOUR business what Uday was like?

And what is your point regarding "what I said about Uday is a documented fact established long before the Americans went in." unless you are trying to imply one of the reasons the yanks invaded was because Uday was a "rapist".

As for what limitations are placed on this discussion, i certainly never said it was limited to "why the yanks invaded".
bARABie said…
I would rather "take another hit on the hash pipe" than the crack you consume.
bARABie said…
"In that context, who you were mattered. "

And what, it doesn't matter who you are in the west????

WTF are you trying to get at?????
Unknown said…
Damn bARABie, you are smoking some very good shit over there in England. Try to be logical. And try not to twist everthing up although I recognize that is standard operating procedure on this blog.
bARABie said…
"you are smoking some very good shit over there in England."

Actually i am in Australia, "try not to twist everthing (sic) up". :)
bARABie said…
"Well, Saddam may not have been very pleasant, but he was equal opportunity unpleasant, the sole criterion of whether or not you qualified for elimination being whether or not you were against him or not."

No bruno, NOT against "him" but against traitors to the country of Iraq.

Another thing, how do you know Saddam was "unpleasant"?
Did you ever meet him?
Did you even live under his governance?
Did you even VISIT Iraq while Saddam was in power?
Then STFU!
Anonymous said…
Your last comment has made me laugh, Barabie!! I don't understand WHY what Uday did, or how rape was dealt with before 2003 should be an issue today ... The burning question should be: How do we seek justice for the rape and abuse of so many Iraqi women, including innocent little Abeer, AFTER 2003 ...
Anonymous said…
"not against him but traitors to the country of iraq"

Barabie, I adore you :-)

If only all Arabs were half as intellectually honest as you are !
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer, KMWR, Barabie, O, Amy...

thank you all for your comments Am unable to reply to each single one of them right now. Your support for Iraq will always be remembered.

As for the rest of cw, American Conscience, Iraqi jew, etc...

Let me put it to you in the most simple of terms. You don't like my style, my ideas, my opinions, my take on things --- that is perfectly fine with me. It does not bother me at all but seems to bother you much. Go find yourself another blog.
Unknown said…
Layla Anwar said...
"Go find yourself another blog."

Oh well, expelled from the garden. I guess I'll have to fall back on one of my favorite quotes for solace..."What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."
bARABie said…
Little Dear and "ilovebARABie", thank you both for your positive replies, makes a nice change from the replies one receives from the murderers.
bARABie said…
"Your support for Iraq will always be remembered."

Thanks Layla but it's my DUTY as a human being to speak out against injustice otherwise i am laying in bed with the rest of the murderers.

I do it for the victims as much as for my own soul.
Unknown said…
bARABie said...
"makes a nice change from the replies one receives from the murderers."

O.K. I'm out of here but for the record I myself am not a murderer. Generalizations are seldomly accurate but they do tend to smear shit all over the place.
bARABie said…
"Generalizations are seldomly accurate but they do tend to smear shit all over the place."

I guess that means you have been smeared "all over the place"!
Anonymous said…
I think you missed what cw was saying.His message was that generalizations are inaccurate and tend to mischaracterize people.
Anonymous said…
"kundara Gordon Brown, the greasy - once a week bath - Brit"????

No he's not. He's a greasy, once a month bath, Scot, who's now given up on his "Brits" thing cos nobody would buy it.
bARABie said…
No badmash, i didn't miss what it was saying.
bARABie said…
Badmash, no offense but it's you who missed what i said.

The retard accused me of generalizing, right?
And in my opinion he/it is shit, which would (according to it's statement) mean he/it was smeared "all over the place".
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
"No he's not. He's a greasy, once a month bath, Scot, who's now given up on his "Brits" thing cos nobody would buy it."

No, I am thinking he is probably an American. He has that cocksure attitude you find in some of them.
Anonymous said…
lay la lady lay,across my big brass bed

your sweet propaganda you spread

your words turn the sheets red

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