A Song for the Forgotten Ones.

I finally found it! A song I have been searching for, for over 2 years and finally someone uploaded it on youtube.

Badee Ghani - I want to sing, by Ahmad Kaboor.

Arab readers may be familiar with him, he sang the famous Palestinian song Unadikom - I call upon you.

I will try to translate Badee Ghanee for you. The Arabic lyrics are on the youtube page.

The one who is drowned in his night
wandering in the stars
hoping to wake up
knowing someone is thinking of him
and the one who has escaped war
and her fear ran before her,
when she asks what happened
her mother tells her - nothing

There is death
I scream, no voice comes out
there is death
how can I sing
when I have no voice

I want to sing for the people
who have no people
yet they are the real ones
but how can I sing ?

I want to sing for countries
whose people
are in other countries
and who have lost the taste
of happiness
but how can I sing ?

Who decides to wage wars
in the name of human rights
and declares them in the name God
when he has sold his God
a long time ago

Who has turned this Earth
to a hopeless wounded planet
stabbing it from all directions
and the stabs reach the soul

there are wounds
and the hardest wound
is that of the soul,
there are wounds
and I don't want to leave...

I want to sing for the people
who have no people
yet they are the real ones
but how can I sing ?

I want to sing for children
who never lived as children
but remained like children
in this world...
but how can I sing ?

And this is the FRENCH version by Laam, (the Tunisian singer) with some English stuck in somewhere between the lines...
And here the original version in French by Michel Berger

youtube video: by Samir Almaghribi. THANK YOU SAMIR !


ed said…
Thank-you Layla,a beautiful and powerful song.Well needed to be sung...Greetings,Ed
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, thank you very much for this ever-so-beautiful, sad song - I've only got to listen to the Arabic version ... and got stuck! It is simply beautiful, both the music and lyrics. Thank you very much for the English translation, too.

I guess it pulls at the heart strings because one can relate to the words...

I share your pain, Layla, and that of all Iraqis ...

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Layla what was your job before the war ?
Anonymous said…
Hi Laila,I just came to say keep the faith and here some disturbing information on the crimes of Iraqi academics since the invasion of the Anglo Saxon invasion,,,,
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Ed,

Thanks for passing by and for your comment. Am waiting for a new composition from you :-)
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest Lil'Deer,

Thank you. I personally prefer the Arabic version, but then you can call me biased ;-)
Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…

I was an Opera Singer.
Layla Anwar said…
El Mashkalgy.

Thanks for stopping by. The list has already been covered in my previous post - Brain Dead.
Anonymous said…
KMWR--Blues for Ali. Very evocative. Haunting. No place else to put this comment.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

I prefer the Arabic version, too! I've listened to it over and over again yesterday! I eventually got down to listening to the French version (Michel Berger), but it wasn't half as good as the Arabic! It's a combination of so many things: the music, the voice, the lyrics (which are very important, particularly the message) and the accompanying video.

Think I'm biased, too!! Although I feel that anyone who's objective enough would agree that the Arabic version is far better.

Thank you for bringing lots of beauty through music into our lives.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Yes, just seen the comment by KMWR about 'Blues for Ali' - that, too, is very beautiful.

Thank you, Layla.
Anonymous said…
"I was an Opera Singer"

Really ? I'd have never guessed. You come across more like a former "young lionesses league" instructor or something.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for noticing my "humble" post Blues for ALI. Toufic Farroukh is a very talented oriental jazz composer. I recommend his CD Drab Zeen amongst others.
Layla Anwar said…

So sweet of you, am glad I can bring some beauty despite it all.
Bless you always.
Layla Anwar said…

I want to tell you a joke about lion tamers.

2 black americans bumped into each other, and they had not seen one another for years.
So Joe says : Oh man, Leroy, where have ya been, ain't seen ya in a long time.
Leroy: Yeah, been busy...
Joe : Get out of here, busy doin' what ?
Leroy : I got a job as a lion tamer
Joe : You bum ! A lion tamer ???
Leroy : Sure am, a lion tamer.
Joe : You ain't a lion tamer, you're a lyin' mother fucker.
Anonymous said…
That's funny, Layla!! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I didn't mean a lion tamer, I meant a headmistress in a party-sponsored female youth league where Iraqi girls were offered education, artistic and sporting activities, and grooming for future domestic and working life within the nationalistic belief system.

You do seem one scaring tough cookie of that kind !!!
Anonymous said…
What was/is your opinion on the Kamel brothers issue ?
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous regarding scary tough cookie....

A headmistress ? Maybe, I have all the characteristics of one, I am plump, sturdy, have hairy armpits, wear spects, have my hair in a bun and carry a whip/cane ! LOL.
Layla Anwar said…

Kamel bros ? You mean my relative ?
Anonymous said…
No, Saddam's daughters' husbands. How do you justify what happened to them ?
Layla Anwar said…

Oh, the Kamel bros who escaped to Jordan and gave the CIA info.
And me who thought you were concerned about my relative Kamel who is 67 years old and has been arrested and tortured with no trial and no charges by the forces of democracy and freedom.
Very moving music and video. Let's hope there is a "happy" end to this long and very sad trail of the Palestinians. Hugs, M.
Anonymous said…
hey !!i have much reading to catch up on !!! im doing it now!! but i just have to comment this song...it truly gave me the shivers...beautiful, so sad and so true..hurts, but never so much as for the people-the real ones..
With all respect ,Veronica!
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla:
Write a movie.
Anonymous said…
Great Song...I relate

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