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Narrated by an Invisible Thread.

I am stuck with words, a horrible feeling that feeling of being stuck...with words.  Yet at the same time that gut feeling, like some stone, a rock lodged in my plexus needs to be dealt with, needs to be narrated, a short story maybe...that won't give it justice.  I do what I can. I am not a passive observer, a detached spectator engaged in some scientific study...even though I try to use "reason", like some safety pad, that will absorb the other's pain....and mine. I like to consider myself a good listener. I am also curious, not because I want to invade the other's person territory, but because I need a complete picture...this need for a complete picture is crucial for me. I am not sure how, or why, but I find it necessary...maybe by forming this complete picture in my mind, the narrative speaks by itself, a river, like the Tigris, like the Euphrates...maybe also because I need to take that trip myself, with the narrator, down his and he

Pissing Contests...

I've been reading quite a bit about the politics of "Urination", a series of articles expressing "indignation" at the video that proudly circulated, about some of your brave boys "urinating" on dead corpses of Afghans after being murdered by you. All of you prime and proper people of "conscience" showed indignation, including your Hilarious Clinton, she's always in the habit of hilariously laughing when dead corpses appear on her phone screen. We are told that this "urination" business on dead corpses is not part of your morality nor of your ethics. OK I know you are still trying to figure out what these two words mean - morality and ethics, but then by now, we already know you use words you hardly understand the meaning of. Frankly speaking, I don't understand why all this indignation, that has suddenly gripped you ?! And what is this "urination" thing ? Can't you use the real words - after all your boy