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The Baghdad - Arab League Circus...

You know, all the media presstitutes posted hundreds of tweets on that masquerade called the Arab League in Baghdad. We were left with the impression that Iraq has been taken under the benevolent Arab folded wing again... What Arab, what benevolence, what wing and what Iraq ?! People are delusional and the presstitutes get paid good money for your delusions. For starters, reality is there was an under representation of high ranking Arab leaders. Most sent delegates. Even though Nouri Al-Maliki and his sectarian puppet government tried very hard, the message was clear - we are here to discuss Syria whom you - Nouri Al-Maliki and your sectarian Shiite Iranian puppet government support. Syria was not only on the agenda, Syria was the agenda. The Iraqi puppet government made it clear that they are against "any foreign intervention in Syria as it will have a destabilizing effect." Furthermore, any foreign intervention will "lead to sectarian violence". Anyone with

Eyes Wide Open...

Damn it, it's very late's actually morning but Insomnia beat me to it. Actually it's not really Insomnia...this is just a's actually words that have been waiting to be birthed at Sunrise... My eyes are wide open...I happen to sweat the not so small stuff...that kind of keeps me awake, poor body is probably paying the price...but then it would pay the price anyway... You see, my female body is a nothing... Texts and discourses wrote themselves on its well guarded virgin pages...everyone out there told me what my body is, or should be...size, height, weight, contours, circumference, concave, convex...hidden or covered, clothed or naked...spread out or tightly's all been an injunction, the famous word...that word, that verb, and God was the word and maybe God is in my body...and maybe that God does not want to go to sleep...maybe that God in that form, has something to tell you...maybe.... It may not sound

# Dirt & Accountability

I believe in clean fights. Fighting and cleaning, both - require honesty and courage ( I hate cleaning so I know what am talking about). Honesty to admit it's dirt and courage to fight it....That's called a clean fight in my book. Has the fight been clean ? Of course not. Is the dirt over ? Surely not. I often wondered, so what are we fighting then and who are we fighting ?  It's not as clear cut as it may seem. You know, the best imagery I have in mind right now, is that of an arranged marriage, where the bride really deep down, can't stand the sight of the groom and for the sake of "peace" says I accept. That kind of sums up our reality ... a forced marriage. You know what happens in forced marriages don't you ? On that proverbial night, the bride pretends and pretends some more...everyone expects her to be happy for being married off...and she acts along...she says to herself - it shall pass, he's my husband after all, I will grow to lov