# Dirt & Accountability

I believe in clean fights.

Fighting and cleaning, both - require honesty and courage ( I hate cleaning so I know what am talking about). Honesty to admit it's dirt and courage to fight it....That's called a clean fight in my book.

Has the fight been clean ? Of course not. Is the dirt over ? Surely not.

I often wondered, so what are we fighting then and who are we fighting ?  It's not as clear cut as it may seem.

You know, the best imagery I have in mind right now, is that of an arranged marriage, where the bride really deep down, can't stand the sight of the groom and for the sake of "peace" says I accept.

That kind of sums up our reality ... a forced marriage. You know what happens in forced marriages don't you ?

On that proverbial night, the bride pretends and pretends some more...everyone expects her to be happy for being married off...and she acts along...she says to herself - it shall pass, he's my husband after all, I will grow to love him, with time all things are possible, he's better than nothing, at least I have a man...etc...

Come on, surely all of you women out there can relate to this forced marriage, even if you're not married . How many of you compromised for the sake of approval and acceptance. OK you don't need to shout it out loud, but you and I know...deep down.

Deep down  -- the consent  was never there to start with.

So you continued engaging in make believe...you smiled, dressed up, produced kids and reared them...and you trudged along...hoping one day you will accept deep down...deep down.

Well it never happened...deep down.

It never happened because you were somehow forced...forced is the use of force...coercion...You were coerced for X reasons to accept...but you never did, deep down.

And no matter what the others told you, and how much counsel you later sought, deep down was your initial refusal.

You never wanted that marriage of convenience...you never really wanted that union just because he was available...and now you are paying the price...

Well I got news for you, it's exactly the same with politics...

You consent because you say to yourself, or you like to delude yourself into believing this is the best available...so you give in...

Anything is better than this - you tell yourself...until it gnaws at your soul, and you sit and say to yourself...this is not it...this was never it...

This is what usually happens with the easy way out...the band aid solution, the immediate relief...it leaves you gnawing in your soul...because like a forced marriage, you never really consented.

So where is the clean fight then ?

There is none, because you did not put up any. And you did not put up any, because you weren't honest  from the very beginning. Deep down even though you did not approve of it, you still compromised on that first nuptial night. You let it happen.

All the rest became history since...

This is for you - Iraq.

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