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Saddam Hussein 1937 -

I am on Twitter. And this past week, Twitter has known a hyperactivity of tweets, tweeting for Gaza. The Israeli Zionist war on Gaza took place on the 27th of December. A frenzy of anti-Zionist tweets and I think that is a very good thing. Palestine should be, must be FREE. There are no two ways about it. A man on the 30th of December 2006, on the day of the Eid and on the eve of the New Year, stood at the gallows, meeting his "fate", and said those same exact words -- in his last minutes, he said those exact same words, facing death in the eye - He said: "Long live Iraq, Free - Long live Palestine, Free..." He was no ordinary man. Sure, he was no God and he was no prophet, but he was no ordinary man. How many of your world leaders, Arab leaders, any leader would exhibit so much courage, heroism, bravery, nobility, fortitude, deep faith, dignity and surrender like Saddam Hussein did in his last minutes? How many ? Name me one in history. Just one. To my

To Hell With Democracy...

To Hell with you and with your Democracy. To Hell with you and with your "Human Rights". We have experienced nothing from your "democracy" and "freedom" but pain and loss. We have experienced nothing from your democracy but bombs, radiation, diseases,  imprisonment, torture, rapes, killings, ruins, exiile and death.... Fuck you and fuck your freedoms. And fuck your left, all of your left that barks about freedom and human rights. You are a fucking circus and a sham all of you. And take your theories, your books , your alternative readings, your sources, your gurus, your academics and shove them up your collective asses. Am done with you shitty lot, am done with your pussy footings, am done with your reverence to mediocrity, am done with your fucking leftists gurus, am done with your theories of imperialism, capitalism, zionism, communism.... Seven years on and you still bark the same shit our way....the shit you read and regurgitate like fuckin

Climaxing Collective Psychosis

A few weeks back I was watching one of my favorite TV channels, National Geo Adventures. I like this channel because it combines travel, anthropology, geography, history and psychology all in just one program. That day, there was a program on commemorating religious days by inflicting self inflicting pain on the self. The program started with my least favorite country on the globe, the Philippines. Ordinary men who were preparing themselves to be crucified for a couple of hours, in the center of the village, and thus reenacting the crucifixion of Christ. One of the guys said that while he was being crucified, literally, and was standing on that cross, he felt his sins being washed away and saw Jesus talk to him... His subjective experience may very well be true, I just hope that in his after life he will not discover that there was no crucifixion to start with, and realize that Spirit cannot be crucified. You agree, it would amount to undergoing much self inflicted pa

Ya Tayr - O' Bird...

Yalla, no more " frontiers" and "borders" between my tearing down the walls of Separation. Great song by a really talented Iraqi artist, singer, composer, Bashar Hussam Azzawi. An interpretation of an old Iraqi folk song...with Iraqi Art to accompany, by various artists. Imperfect translation. O' Bird, I am lost in my Fate I neither belong to my family nor to my love. O' Bird, I am lost in my Fate torn between forgetting and finding you I yearn sometimes for them and sometimes for you... And I fly with the wind if I know it passes by you keeping you a quenching cup, I drink from when thirsty... O'Bird I am lost in my Fate Visit my soul as a fleeting dream without you, I am a flower with no water, I made you into my guiding moon when my life is cloudy.. visit me, the sight of you is pure joy in my soul... O' Bird, I am lost in my fate, torn between forgetting and finding you.... Youtube : qwqfaris, Oc

Keeping it in the Family ?

Something is really bothering me about this piece of news here. Iran has finally admitted that it has been keeping Osama's Bin Laden family, in a highly secret compound a few kilometers from the capital, Tehran. And the story goes on to say that one of Bin Laden's daughters, Iman, escaped to the Saudi Embassy in Teheran. Why did she have to escape in the first place ? The Iranian officials say they did not know the real identity of these people who crossed from Afghanistan, so why did they keep them in a highly secret compound then? And Osama Bin Laden son's says that they (the Iranian authorities) knew exactly who this large family was and they have been in Iran for the past 8 years, since 2001, to be more precise... Something is very fishy here...very, very fishy... Don't you think ?

Joking Apart,

I love comedy and one of the best stand up comedians around is Russell Peters. An Indian/Canadian, very politically incorrect and I have watched all of his videos on youtube. He is funny in his impersonations of accents, I even remember uploading a video of his about the English, which has since been removed from youtube. I don't know if Russell Peters is actually his real name, or if he is trying to be smart and have his name resonate the same as Peter Sellers who was a genius. OK, Russell is funny but he is no genius. His jokes are hilarious but he is no fucking genius... As I said I watched all of his youtube shit, and I noticed something quite peculiar, well maybe it's not peculiar after all... His jokes about Indians, Chinese, Italians, Sri Lankans are not offensive, sure they are politically incorrect but not offensive. But the few youtube videos on the Arabs are offensive...You really ought to watch them over and over again...I sure did. I personally

" Christmas " in Iraq.

The Christians of Iraq have had it REAL BAD since 2003. They have had it as bad as the Arab Sunnis, this group that has seen its population dwindle in Baghdad alone from 45% to around 15 % due to  ethnic cleansing, torture, arbitrary arrests, exile and targeted killings. The number of Christians in Iraq has also dwindled to a mere 400'000 left. Many were killed, and a whole lot exiled... They have head their clergy assassinated, their churches bombed and have been excluded from important posts in the sectarian Shiite government put in place by none other than a so-called Christian superpower - the swamp of criminality and filth called America and not so great Britain. There are virtually no Christians left in Iraq. They were the first inhabitants of this land and the first community of people to receive the message of Christ and embrace Christianity. The Chaldeans followed by the Assyrians are one of the most ancient Christians of the Middle East. There are only a very few Ch

From Southern Iraq...

You've probably noticed that I have not said much about Iran's grabbing of the Faqa Iraqi oil well in the Mayssan province, in Southern Iraq. I did not say much because not only was I expecting it but do you remember the dream/nightmare I shared with you and I recounted it in my post the Long American-Iranian film -- whereby I saw Ahmadinejad roaming the Southern city of Basra, as if he owned the place ? So it really came as no surprise that the Faqa oil well of Imarra/Maysssan was taken over by the Iranian army. Now, contrary to what you have been reading, if at all -- there has been NO withdrawal of the Iranian army from Mayssan province, neither partial nor total. As a matter of fact, the Iranians drew a U shape delineating the new borders and these borders include oil well no.4 of the Mayssan province. And not only did they re-draw the borders that swallowed up an important oil field, but they also raised not one but two Iranian flags there. Of course, Al Jaze


I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me these days. I am having difficulty getting a grip on my emotions, I feel volatile, ready to fly off the handle any moment... Believe it or not, this is not my usual self. I know I give off the impression that I am hot headed, but am not -- actually am quite cool headed, and know very well when to explode and when to hold back... If I direct my anger at someone, a people, a place or a country, it is never gratuitous...I have an objective in mind. I like to think of myself as an ass kicker into Awareness, into Truth. Political, personal, collective Truths. This of course has earned me the wrath of many, and naturally I paid the price and continue to do so in many ways I care not go into right now... But I am faithful to my " mission."  I did not chose it, it chose me. And I do what I am urged to do... You're probably wondering why this introduction. I don't know why, I presume it is because the ass kicking sessi

A Reunion. 2

I have finally come round to finishing this post. Finishing is a big word, there is no end here...nothing but a vicious circle that no one seems to be able to escape from... I don't quite understand why I have been willfully procrastinating about this post. I mean, I've already written about "hard" issues before. All of my posts are "hard" issues, yet I feel such reticence when it comes to writing about this particular relative and our meeting.... After all, this is not the first relative who has been through the grinder, the meat mincer of the Occupation... R. went through it too, and I even posted the pictures of his black, red and green body on this blog, I called it the map of Iraq. So why am I having such difficulties with this one ? Of course, I can still write a brief summary of the information I learned. But I do not wish to do so -- R, K, O and A are not numbers, are not headless robots, are not some anonymous faceless person to me...

Political Colors.

I keep receiving  -- questions, claims, "accusations", and sometimes insults like "hey you Baathist bitch " either asking me if I am Baathist or "accusing" me of being one, as if that is an accusation of some crime or hoping that I will feel insulted by being called one, as if being a Baathist is some kind of a political abomination... I've said it before and will repeat it again . I am NOT a Baathist. I have NEVER belonged to ANY political party. But wait a minute here, even if I were a Baathist, what's the big deal and where is the problem ? I see no problem at all. At least the Baathists did something for Iraq. At least the Baathists developed Iraq into an advanced modern nation state,  nationalized its oil and used its resources wisely, constructed its infrastructure, roads, bridges, industry, agriculture, built excellent hospitals, schools and top notch universities, provided free health care and education,  trained and developed more ac


Since the pro-occupation, sectarian Shiite, Iranian  puppet government came to power, over and above illegal detention and torture, executions (with no trial) are common practice to the extent that even the dead wood, sleeping, snoring  UN has voiced its "concern". A friend - thanks A.H - sent me this right now. Resumption of death penalty in Iraq sparks UN concern       14 December 2009 – The resumption of the death penalty in Iraq earlier this year is a source of great concern to the United Nations, according to the world body’s latest report covering the human rights situation in the country. Iraqi officials have cited security conditions as a reason for the resumption of the executions, which had not been carried out since August 2007, this May, the new publication said. “The secrecy surrounding the executions remained an additional issue of concern,” it noted. Finding flaws in the administration of justice and violations of due process in criminal trials, the UN As

Sexual Harassment.

I usually reserve such posts for my other blog, the Uncensored Arabwomanblues (which incidentally I update regularly even though I do not advertise it) as I consider this latter my private "niche". I am not too sure what is so private about it, except my own illusion of privacy. I really ought to continue my post about the reunion with my relative who arrived from Baghdad. The idea itself depresses me, because what he told me was so depressing and I was left with a very strong feeling that Baghdad and Iraq are a goner... I wish not to talk about that right now...I am unable to do so, to be perfectly honest with you. Hence a different subject matter - sexual harassment. I have already touched upon this subject in my first posts - one of them was called " Decisions in a Closet " and the other "Some Thoughts on the Hijab" . In the former I expressed my utter frustrations in having to carefully choose what clothes to wear so as not to give off the wron

A Reunion.

I feel so overwhelmed with sadness, I am unable to write much...I am actually forcing myself to write this post, hoping the act will help ease the pain... I have met a relative who was jailed for many years by the American occupier. He has been finally released after 4 years of lingering and rotting away in prison with no charges. He was transferred from one prison to another and was handed over to the puppet Iraqi forces where he spent his last two years of detention. The puppets held him in a detention camp next to the ministry of Interior. He said it looked like an exact replica of Guantanamo. It consisted of metal cages covered with a white sheet. It is solely ruled by Shiites and 80% of all prisoners are Sunnis. The only Shiites inmates there are held for theft/kidnapping or forgery but no Shiite is held for political reasons. I cannot go into all the details right now. I met my relative after so many years. He is here for prolonged medical treatment. Words are stuck i

Suffocating Suffixes...

Was reading the latest from the West Bank where Jewish settlers attacked a mosque in the village of Yasuf, torching the mosque's library and spraying death threats with " get ready to pay the price, we will burn you all." (source) Now the article, and that is not the only one nor the first time, calls these culprits  hardline Jews. Fair enough. Christians who aggress Muslims are also called hardline Christians. Adjectives like hardline, extremist, ultra-orthodox, fundamentalist, occasionally fanatical...almost always precede; qualifying those particular groups, designating them apart from the rest of mainstream Jews and Christians. Again, fair enough. But did you notice something when it comes to Muslims ? I sure did. I have observed time and time again, the specific use of language to designate hardline and extremist Muslims. They are not called hardline Muslims they are called IslamIST . Hardline Jews and Christians are not called JewishIST or ChristianIS

Obama W.Bush.

This is Obama's real name. Forget the Barack, the Hussein... This name was coined by a smart writer for the New Statesman called Mehdi Hassan and a very appropriate one too. When receiving the Nobel "Peace" Prize, this "peacemaker" of the West, offered a striking defense for more American warmongering, murder and theft... He said that "Evil should be vigorously opposed" , a shadow standing in the footsteps of his spiritual father Bush : "I face the world as it is, and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people," he told his audience in Oslo. "For make no mistake: Evil does exist in the world." A passionate clamor for more, more and more, American "self-defense" and "moral" necessity. With a surge of over 30'000 additional American "brave boys" read torturers, killers and rapists to Afghanistan, it is clear who this charlatan praised by the American "left" m

Baghdad Interview

An outspoken Iraqi woman followed by reporter, interviewed by the BBC Radio after the latest spat of explosions that rocked Baghdad. You hear for yourselves what the climate in Baghdad is like. Thanks A.H for this.

Another Carnage in Baghdad...

The world did not stop with my silence/absence. Isn't that good to know ?! Another confirmation that am not God. And am sure some of you sighed with relief too. The bitch is gone for good, so you thought... Guess what ? The Bitch is back with more news of your criminal, evil acts... Another carnage in Baghdad...oh but you got used to that, or you think to yourselves -- damn those Iraqis or Eyeraqis, (very much doubt you learned how to spell in my absence) they just can't seem to get along...after all, we American (assholes) have pulled out. Right ? Wrong. First you have not pulled out, you have redeployed differently... Secondly, those 5 huge explosions that killed 127 Iraqis and wounded 500, in Baghdad - Mansur, Shorja, Bab Al Mu'adatham, Cairo Street, Karrada have been blacked out by the puppet government news and Maliki and his Dawa group as well as the Hakeem Mafia of the Badr brigades from Iran control all media outlets in Iraq. Spent the whole evening fish

Thanksgiving or the Politics of Genocide

Thanksgiving and the Muslim Eid Al-Adha have coincided around the same dates. In Eid Al Adha we give thanks to Allah, through a ritual of animal sacrifice, the Americans give thanks to their maker, through a ritual of human sacrifice from the first day the white man landed on native American land, until the present when that same white man, (who unfortunately now includes blacks and native Americans too) landed in Iraq, continuing that exact same 200 years old methodology of arrogance, theft, rape, torture, killing crowned with lies and deception - in short genocide. It has not changed since...not one bit. The first people to suffer the greed, arrogance, racism and criminality of the new world order, 200 years or so ago, were the native Americans. Today they are reduced to poverty, gang crime, alcoholism -- symptoms of total uprootedness and dispossession. So much for your culture of thanksgiving. And to mark the occasion, I'll let you hear what America is all about, from t

Flash News from Occupied Iraq

- Puppet President Talabani and Adel Abdel Mahdi and Suleimani arrived in Tehran today. - 15 unidentified bodies found across Diyala, and were buried today in mass grave. Reports say that the terrorism of sectarian violence has not stopped. - Demonstrations in Diwaniya, organised by the Dawa party and Nouri al-Maliki, with slogans accusing Saleh Al-Mutlaq and Allawi of "Baathism", and condemning "return of Baathism in Iraq." Another preparation for the upcoming elections. - Several Iraqi TV stations agree that the mute tape aired by Nouri Al-Maliki government showing 3 alleged "saddamist and baathist" culprits in red jump suits, confessing their role in the October explosions in Baghdad to be a theatrical farce and a bad film, in preparation for the up coming elections. - Kurds are threatening to boycott election laws if they are not allocated more seats. Go figure what they mean by that. - Several wounded and killed across Iraq through explosio

1000 Sacrificial Lambs for the Eid.

This is a very rushed post. An article appeared in the Syrian daily Al-Watan, according to Ahmed Al Dulaimi, an Iraqi political researcher for the Babel institute, news have leaked that 1000 Iraqis related to the previous regime will be executed on the Eid Al Adha, to "commemorate" President Saddam Hussein lynching, among them will be 126 Iraqi women. The reader needs to be aware, that the date of the Eid changes yearly according to the Islamic calendar. The Eid is next Thursday, 26th November 2009. Article in Arabic can be found here Furthermore, AP related today that following interrogation by Iraqi security forces, the captured individuals involved in the last deadly explosions of October admitted to being "Saddamists and Baathists". While news circulating in Baghdad point the finger to the ultra sectarian Shiite party of Al-Sagheer. Also on the same subject, the psychopath from the Sadr movement and Jaysh al Mahdi -- Al Deraa, the mastermind of much o

Don't like the Heat ?

You don't like the Heat ? Get out of the Kitchen. Yes, it's that simple. I am firm believer in Simplicity. But am no simpleton. Been reading about the deteriorating mental health of your brave boys. Follow the simple piece of advice above... No need to cry wolf and no need for all those PTSDs. Get the fuck out now. That would be a long lasting, proven solution for your mental ills. No need, no more, to worry about suicide and burning your girlfriend alive once you're back home.... Get the fuck out. Out, as in OUT. And we will deal with the rest...Promise. You don't have resilience, you don't have what it takes... I don't want to rub it in, but face don't. We are armed to our teeth.... CIA and others just panicked now with -- armed to our teeth. No need to panic. You are armed, we are armed...different kinds of arms...not found in your war manuals... Besides, you are on our territory... You don't like the heat ? Ge

Friday's Dream or Short Notes on Sovereignty

Frankly I did not know what to exactly name this post. It all started with me waking up this Friday morning with another dream. More like a nightmare... I dreamt, I landed in Baghdad airport. As I walked out of the main gate, I saw children street vendors, but they did not look very Iraqi to me. All of them had blond hair and blue eyes, then I saw ultra orthodox rabbis scurrying I asked  " Are you sure I landed in Baghdad ? " And a voice replied "Yes this is the new Baghdad. Iraq's face has changed for ever..." I understood from the dream that all these "foreign" looking kids were nothing but products of rape, in other words illegitimate children.  As for the rabbis, this is self explanatory... Of course, this got me thinking about notions of Sovereignty and the pathetic, ludicrous, debates that are currently taking place before the up coming Iraqi elections. These so-called politicians hold discourses as if they are actually running