1000 Sacrificial Lambs for the Eid.

This is a very rushed post.

An article appeared in the Syrian daily Al-Watan, according to Ahmed Al Dulaimi, an Iraqi political researcher for the Babel institute, news have leaked that 1000 Iraqis related to the previous regime will be executed on the Eid Al Adha, to "commemorate" President Saddam Hussein lynching, among them will be 126 Iraqi women.

The reader needs to be aware, that the date of the Eid changes yearly according to the Islamic calendar. The Eid is next Thursday, 26th November 2009.

Article in Arabic can be found here

Furthermore, AP related today that following interrogation by Iraqi security forces, the captured individuals involved in the last deadly explosions of October admitted to being "Saddamists and Baathists". While news circulating in Baghdad point the finger to the ultra sectarian Shiite party of Al-Sagheer.

Also on the same subject, the psychopath from the Sadr movement and Jaysh al Mahdi -- Al Deraa, the mastermind of much of the terror campaign against Sunnis at the height of the ethnic cleansing, is back in Baghdad from Iran.

The executions about to take place is a move by Al-Maliki to gain the "trust" of the Iraqi street before the up coming elections, according to Ahmed Al-Dulaimi.

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