Endless Beginnings...

For God's sake, tell me where to begin?

I was set out to write about Father's day and the thousands of fatherless Iraqi children.The thousands of killed fathers, the thousands of fathers trying desperately hard to feed their families, daily putting their lives at great risk, in a country gripped by demonic violence. The exiled fathers, selling scraps in Amman and Damascus, bearing the brunt of daily insults. Or the unemployed fathers, feeling torn inside watching their kids go hungry. Or maybe the head bent down father, slouched posture, hiding scars beneath a worn out shirt. The father that has been imprisoned, humiliated, tortured and sodomized, unable to look his children in the eyes...

Or maybe I should write about sexual torture and sodomy instead...

The further horrors emerging from Abu Ghraib and the Taguba report...
More reports of "abuse". And I am sure Abu Ghraib is not over. I am certain that more Abu Ghraibs are taking place in Iraq, in those shadowy detention centers...
Abu Ghraib.
An American brave boy caught with his pants down, sodomizing an Iraqi female detainee. I cannot stomach the scene and will prepare a longer post on that, to expurgate your filth... Torn rectums and feces come to mind.

Wait, I think I will write about feces instead...

An orphanage in Baghdad. 24 young boys founds laying naked in their own pool of excrements, starved, covered with feces and flies, hands tied to bare metal beds.
With the "liberation", the main orphanage of Baghdad was bombed. Of course no one spoke of that one. Hundreds of children took to the streets and were trafficked in, traded in.
UNICEF wrote a brief report on it but then it disappeared from their website.
Trading in dollars for each child's head, like in a slave market, exported to neighboring Gulf countries as...only Allah knows as what...

Heads and more heads...Perhaps I need to write about rolling heads...

A leaked autopsy report from the Iraqi ministry of Health (what an oxymoron that title is) states that Barzan Al-Tikriti's head was very slowly slit with a sharp instrument whilst his body showed bruises from kicks. They slowly severed his head, very slowly and kicked his jolting body at the same time, in another pool of blood...

Severed...Wait, maybe I should write about forced circumcision in Basrah. A public castration. Another bloody scene.

Mahdi Militiamen (remember Mahdi, your darling drill boy?)rounded up a group of Sabaeans. Sabaeans are one of the oldest "ethnic" groups in Iraq, converting them by force. At gun and drill point, they agreed to embrace the Mahdi creed.
An old Sabaean of 70 years, with a beard reaching his belly, was circumcised.
Bloody severed foreskin.

Did I say blood? Which reminds me of Othman's blood clot, stuck in his leg...

"Layla I need some blood thinner, I need aspirin - Help me for God's sake".
Othman cannot leave the house, cannot get to a pharmacy, cannot see a doctor. Snipers, checkpoints, fear..."They are burying me alive at home"...he says.

Buried alive at home...Yes this is what I will be writing about.

Alia was driving her car with Auntie Sameera to get some gasoline.
Suddenly, her car was riddled with bullets. They were lucky.
A man in black walks up to her.

- What have you done? You nearly killed all of us.
- Why did you not stop?
- I did not see you. There is no uniform, no checkpoint, no nothing.
- I waved.
- I did not see you. I am sorry.
- I do not want your apology. I want you to go home and stay there. I never want to see your face in this neighborhood again. You are to stay at home where you belong.

Home, a home...any home...I think I will write about that instead.

Marwan is a Palestinian Iraqi. This is how he defines himself.

"I do not know where my family is. They are stranded somewhere in the desert, between Syria and Iraq. Layla, I already lost 4 of them in Baladiyat. I regret Saddam so much..."

Ah regrets and nostalgia...Maybe I need to write about this instead.

Salman, an Iraqi shia. An staunch anti-Saddam says to me.

"There is no end to this dark tunnel, Layla. Give us back a strong government, with an iron fist. I would pay anything to have that back..."

Did I hear pay ? Pay, paychecks...

Now check this one out.
I mentioned in one of my posts that a junior member of parliament in the Green Zone brothel makes 30'000 dollars a month plus fringe benefits. Now do you want to know how much the matron makes? No joke here.

Jalal Talabani makes 1 million dollars A MONTH plus fringe benefits. This heavy hooker has pocketed in 2 years, 24 million dollars! Whilst the majority of the Iraqis don't have a piece of bread...

Bread...That reminds me of Nadia's husband. After being sacked from his job as an accountant, he took up the job of a baker. I just learned that he has typhoid.
Raging fevers in raging Iraq...

So kindly tell me, where would you like me to start? Pick and choose.

Fatherless day, orphans in feces, sodomy Americana, blood pools, home burials, severed heads, public castrations, erring homelessness, regrets and nostalgia or how to make a million bucks per month in Iraq? Or maybe I need to stop here and put out this fever?

So when you decide, let me know. But do remember there is no end in sight...

Now, If you don't mind, I would like to go and crawl into some corner, take up a foetal position and vanish...Vanish from these endless beginnings, vanish from my own powerlessness, vanish far away....


Painting: Iraqi artist, Dr.Talib Al-Allaq.


Anonymous said…
I don't support any of them, the Americans are dogs, the Sadrists are surely dogs, and Saddam's son is the doggest of the dogs.

Being a friend of an intelligence member of the Ba'ath party, he used to tell me a lot about Uday's sick personality. I know that you are hurt by the Americans+Iranians, but to correct a mistake by another mistake (Saddam loving) is not respectful, unless you were one of those rich folks who preyed on the poor people of Iraq under Saddam's Orwellian slogans. I lived in Iraq my whole life there, as a Sunni, and I have never knew anyone who loved him, and I would not start being a hypocrite like so many Sunnis who lost to Shites. A bad man is a bad man.
Layla Anwar said…
Brave anonymous,

From the way you write I can safely conclude two things.
1) you are a very dishonest person
and 2)You are a probably one of those Green Zone "hooker"...
If you have ever been to Iraq in the first place that is.
It is precisely because of people like yourself, that the Americans and the Iranians are occupying Iraq.You are a shameless hypocrite.
Anonymous said…
So quick with the baseless accusations, dear Layla. Look at your hostility to a fellow Iraqi and member of ahl al-Sunna. How sad!
Anonymous said…
1. Why? I only said the truth which the simple Iraqi people, long suffering under both the tyranny of Saddam and what followed it, know deep in their hearts.
2. I have lived in Iraq all my life, i have never set foot in the Green Zone nor do I wish to. I have lost a lot o friends and family members to arrogant American assholing, malignant Badr assassinations, and the fucking Baathists who want to burn the whole country because they have lost their position as our demi-gods. None of these represent us, as a matter of fact, you are the only hypocrite because I am sure if you have ever lived in Iraq you would have laughed at a joke in your family at Abu Uday, he was a man who thought we all should worship him and he got what he deserved, unless of course, you are one of those few people who took pride in reporting those poor people to the squads which cut off people's tongues.
Anonymous said…
its all so disgusting
Re Special Needs Children found by soldiers.

It's all very well the US/Collaborator soldiers feeling sorry for those boys now. But the boys' parents were most likely (as in 99% or more)killed by the same army that these soldiers belong to/and or support.
G.Gar said…
Dear Layla,

Don't vanish Layla, you and your likes are the voices and memroies of a great nation. It is you and your likes who will get things back to normal.

Take good care of yourself princess
LostHere said…

How so?

It's not that I begrudge you to have a better life, that your eyes have happier sights, that you hide somewhere to give your soul a chance to rest and heal... but I would miss your writing if you ware gone.

It's not only your writing I would miss, as much as I like your passion and word-smithing... but I have come to the realization that you are the only one, that I know of, that brings the true pain of this situation to us. I often read international papers, opinions and reporting of the situation are there to be seen, but you don't report, you bleed in your words for all the world to see... the true gore of war (war?) vividly and painfully layed there with your descriptive posts for all the world to feel...

Perhaps I am reading to much on this "THE END", maybe you are not really going anywhere, or maybe you are but you will continue to write, what ever it is, I sincerely wish you have the opportunity to find peace in your heart and soul. May you live long enough to find pleasure again in life and your love ones. May you find peaceful sleeping nights!
Anonymous said…
"Brave" Anonymous,

Are you male or female ?

If the former, then you must be a frustrated impotent husband whose vivacious wife had sought compensation in Uday's arms.

If the latter, then you must be an ugly lardy foul-mouthed Mossad "honey bait" who had failed to hook up the above-mentioned Uday.

In either case, you are a loser and an insignificant anonymous nobody, whereas the object of your grotesque obsession will be forever remembered and honored as a patriot and a martyr to the Arab cause.
Anonymous said…

My dear Sister, I must say anyone with any heart at all would find all these things a sad truth. I believe the real question here is how much more.

How much pain, how many more years, how can we take much more of this and still be able to hold up our own heads? No the question is not what to talk about Layla, but to speak from your heart to ours.

Yes it is all overwhelming. Yes it hits all of us right between the eyes. But, the most important is it is truth and without your eyes and heart most of us would know nothing about it. Yes Layla, you are the eyes to our hearts.

As smart as you are you could have been like the others that have sold out their own peoples, but your heart won't let you and your pride is much bigger then that.

No Layla, you are doing the only thing you can by feeding the truth and the value you add to mankind is unserpassable, and I for one am very greatful to you.

I love you my good sister and pray for you every day. You are always on my mind.

Your true american brother,
Anonymous said…
Anon, so because Saddam's son was a brutal arse, everything that is happening now is valid?

Because Saddam persecuted, jailed and killed those who today are in power (and you see what there power has done) everything that has happened now is valid?

You take Layla to task over fixing a mistake with another mistake.

Yet your entire premise is built on that. Layla loves/hates Saddam, pfffft so friggin what. No one died from her opinion.

But the entire invasion and occupation of Iraq, illegal and built on a foundation of lies, is a much more egregious mistake.

800,000 Iraqis have died in three years because of removing and replacing Saddam.

The entire country has been sold to the whores who rode in on US tanks.

The entire middle class, once the pride of the middle east, has been assassinated, hunted, haunted, displaced and forced to flee.

Nearly 5 million Iraqis have fled since 2003.

Mistake with mistake?

3eib 3aleik.

I would take Saddam's era over what is in Iraq now ANY DAY.

At least then, Saddam would have died and there would still be a country.

Now there is no country. There is no semblance of even a civil society.

Basra is Iranian. Najaf is on the verge of a civil war as Shia battle each other for control.

Baghdad is a battleground.

Anbar is full of Al-Qaida butchering the valiant Iraqi resistance.

Mosul is going to be torn between Kurds, Turks and Arabs.

No, I don't think so.

Layla longs for an Iraq that was Iraq. Yes, Saddam was brutal.

But look to the Iraqi people now - they long for that brutality because it kept order and stability.

Do you hear the voice of the Iraqi people or have you lined your pockets with some greenbacks.

You know, I have met many Shia who have been far more defending of Iraq and the Iraq under Saddam then Sunnis.

In fact, it was Sunnis who encouraged this war for the reasons you mentioned above.

Therefore, they, and you, have the blood of 800,000 on your hands.

Pontius Pilatus, O Pontius, no matter how much you wash you hands you cannot rid the guilt of killing the Christ.
YoUnicorn said…
Dear Layla

My solidarity and love always !
What to say? what to do?
Iraq will get there, I dream
and I hope... for a free Iraq
You all Iraqies will get there !!
Arabs and ME will get there.
We, the people of the world will get there.

What can I say that has not been said with all the adjectives for the occupiers ?

Thank you for not giving up !
Thank you for your blog

Anonymous said…
All the filth and all that is evil came into your lives, Layla, on the 19th of March, 2003, from across the oceans where it continually festers because that is the genetic disposition of the peoples who live there (mainly of Anglo-Saxon origin, together with the so-called 'Semites'). At various times in history, this filth has eventually been booted out by the peoples of the lands which they tried to rape and plunder - only Iraq has been the worst of the lot because they lust for what lies below the ground. It won't be any different with Iraq, Layla...that moment will come. They won't leave the way they came in - columns of tanks, 'embedded' journalists, arm-chair experts on TV and all the 'fanfare' - they were expecting chocolates and flowers, remember? Going by what is happening in Iraq, it will be worse that Vietnam.....with many, many body bags. Long live Iraqi Resistance and may they find the strength to get rid of this foul presence in your midst.

You DON'T need to vanish, Layla....hang in there, beautiful lady - my most sincere prayers are with you - and every Iraqi.
Layla Anwar said…
"brave" anonymous,

You have said no truth whatsoeve...You are truly despicable in the way you try to obliterate the only truth there is today. I think someone else in this comment section gave you a good expose. I have nothing more to say to you.
Zaidan said…
Oh damn it listed my comment as anonymous.

By the by, am the one who made the Pontius Pilatus comment. Telling anon to shove his happiness that Iraq is no more down his throat.

Oh, and Iraqis have not yet learned.

But they will. We have not even begun to see the atrocities committed by those who cheered the invasion and removal of the Iraqi government.

Iraqis have not yet learned but they will. And then they will regret.

And what will they say then.

Tfuh ahl al shiqaq wal nifaaq.
Anonymous said…
indeed they will......probably followed by "oh dear, what have i done, ive become a sellout kalb"......
Anonymous said…
hey layla, why have you switched off the comment moderation??
Anonymous said…


this is very troubling......please can you clarify what this means exactly...
Anonymous said…
"It's not only your writing I would miss, as much as I like your passion and word-smithing... but I have come to the realization that you are the only one, that I know of, that brings the true pain of this situation to us. I often read international papers, opinions and reporting of the situation are there to be seen, but you don't report, you bleed in your words for all the world to see... the true gore of war (war?) vividly and painfully layed there with your descriptive posts for all the world to feel..."


me too!
Anonymous said…
dont give up
all the people i know want this war ends.
the best wishes from latin america.
we cant help alot but anyways we support iraqi people.
Anonymous said…
my dear layla,

i am so very sorry for all your pain and the pain of all your people. it hurts so much to read your writings. but i keep reading and keep posting on my site. the people have to know the unbelievable pain and suffering US Empire has brought to Iraq.

just keep writing, layla. do not let anyone silence you. i am sure that millions are reading your words.

with love from your sister,

Anonymous said…
TAI - the Pontius Pilate quote is oh, so appropriate..and so fitting to those who are currently sitting on the TEMPORARY thrones of power in Iraq...
Anonymous said…
Jr.'s back!!
Anonymous said…
Okay, there is nothing wrong with a difference of opinions...I hate Saddam and you love Saddam, if you are indeed confident of your ideas, you don't need to stoop down to the level of insults, which only expose your weakness.

While i do understand the viewpoint of people who say 'hey, at least in Saddam's time it wasn't that bad.', I do not accept how some people, like Layla, would blow up this sypmathy and exploit it into a total love-fest for the man, of course, everything in the past, you tend to view it with vibrant colors, the man was a ruthless dictator who didn't care at all about our Arab problems, all he wanted was the personal pride and glory, which is evident if you read any of his novels, unfortunately, he was no Napoleon, and this led to shitty mistakes like Kuwait. In Saddam's time, nobody was happy ; there was no future in your life unless you kiss Saddam's ass, glorify his daily farts and go on living like sheep for his imaginary victories. You might think it was better, but there's a saying in iraqi: Khara is the brother of bol, and they're both bad. I don't like present-state Iraq, but I don't like Saddam's time too. We never had any pride to be proud of, always living under the constant watch of fear.
Anonymous said…
"Little Deer said...
Jr.'s back!! "


little deer how old are u??!...........GROW UP!
Anonymous said…
"there was no future in your life unless you kiss Saddam's ass, glorify his daily farts and go on living like sheep for his imaginary victories."


are you somehow implying layla used to glorify his daily farts?
Anonymous said…
"I cannot stomach the scene and will prepare a longer post on that, to expurgate your filth"


i think this particular passage would suggest we may see more of layla yet
Anonymous said…
"All the filth and all that is evil came into your lives, Layla, on the 19th of March, 2003, from across the oceans where it continually festers because that is the genetic disposition of the peoples who live there (mainly of Anglo-Saxon origin, together with the so-called 'Semites')."


lets not forget "little deer" that hispanics have also been quite prominent in the tortures that have been going on...........so if ure hispanic dont assume u r automatically absolved of any guilt
Anonymous said…
"Amre El-Abyad said...

Take good care of yourself princess "


amre el-muppet do u realise this is a nearly 50 yr old woman......she is NOT your princess
Anonymous said…
"lioness said...
"Brave" Anonymous,

Are you male or female ?

If the former, then you must be a frustrated impotent husband whose vivacious wife had sought compensation in Uday's arms.

If the latter, then you must be an ugly lardy foul-mouthed Mossad "honey bait" who had failed to hook up the above-mentioned Uday.

In either case, you are a loser and an insignificant anonymous nobody, whereas the object of your grotesque obsession will be forever remembered and honored as a patriot and a martyr to the Arab cause. "


im sorry "lioness" but your argument is completely devoid of any intellectual rigour and the only proper place for it would be in the trash
Anonymous said…
Wow, another refernce from Mike Whitney at ICH. Congrats and take care and thank you.

Anonymous said…
"Brave" Anon,

I have bad news for you: not only Layla and other like-minded bloggers love and revere the President Martyr; the Iraqi national Resistance (which is winning the war) also does !!

Something tells me that you had better swallow your elegant language and lofty patriotic feelings and prepare psychologically as from now to see the Ba'ath Party liberating Iraq and picking up on its revolutionary path to Arab unity and independence where it was interrupted.

That is, if you want to be an active participant in the making of your nation's history, and not only a passive watcher and a sterile, annoying whiner ..
Anonymous said…
layla please can you update your blog and let us know what is going on...thanks
Anonymous said…

I like to take a holiday from "intellectual rigour" every now and then.

Irony is a wonderful place where to refresh and regenerate the mind.

You should know that better than any one else ..
Anonymous said…
well ok "lioness" if u say so, but i hope we will see a more intellectual foundation in your posts though, and soon, otherwise people will think ure a retard with an iq of a peanut
Anonymous said…

Is there anyone in this vale of tears who is not a "retard" in your eyes ?

Apart from yourself and your Queen, I mean ..

By the way, how is your "therapy" going ?
Anonymous said…
Get lost, Jr. - I only meant that you were finally allowed by Layla to be back!! As for my being hispanic or martian, that's irrelevant - and I'm NOT looking to be absolved by anyone.

As for the Brave Anonymous posting here: I get the impression that you'd much rather 'kiss occupiers' ass and glorify their farts'? Considering you did not like the period of President Saddam's leadership, and you claim you don't like it now either, what exactly are you proposing for Iraq? Unless you have access to some other nationality, or are living outside Iraq, unfortunately, it's only Iraq you can belong to, and somehow, your comments seem to border on being quite unpatriotic towards your land. While, yes, Iraqis may view that time from different perspectives, and dictators exist almost everywhere (including the ones who authored the invasion of your land), generally, the ordinary citizens who get on with their lives are quite untouched by dictators. Again, when one sees what's going on in Iraq today, don't you see WHY it was necessary for President Saddam to have a firm grip on his land? If he didn't, possible the history of Iraq, as we know it, might have been far more different and you'd have been occupied a lot earlier.

I can say, with conviction, I think, (and I stand for other Iraqis to correct me), that any Iraqi today, whatever the political or ethnic leaning, would give ANYTHING to be back during those days of President Saddam's leadership.
Anonymous said…
very few "lioness"........and plz can you get it thru your thick skull im not english
Anonymous said…
"little deer" im not one for petty arguments so this shall be my last post on the matter, but did it not occur in your equally as thick skull as "lionesses" that everyone could see my posts and they could figure it out for themselves.....i dont need some moron announcing my posts everytime time i make one

Anonymous said…

Maybe you are not from England, but surely you are a UK subject .. or former subject who can't bring himself to cut off from motherland Britannia's umbilical cord ..
Dr.Mohammed said…
WOW , that was great , you just said what every Iraqi wants to say , it's absolutely great post .
be safe if you are in Iraq
3eeraqimedic said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Layla Anwar said…
So many comments...I had switched off comment moderation by mistake...
I am not able to reply to each one but this is what I have to say...
First hello to lioness and welcome back JR - try not to be much of a nuisance will you ?
As for brave (hahahaha) anon,
I am not in the habit of kissing anyone's ass..but seems you are proficient at it in the green zone area. You way of talking is TYPICAL of those who pretend they are against the occupation but justify it in devious means by saying well Saddam this and Saddam that...Your kind is the WORST ever...

Iraqimedic, hello...We do not have to agree on everything and that is fine with me. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for your comment.

Lost here, I am taking a break. I am tired and my computer problems are not solved... I need a breather as all of this is really depressing me. Writing about it is painful and I feel raw most of the time..I just need to back off a little. Will be back "inshallah"...
Hopefully would have grown a new skin by then... unlikely though.

Jr, one more thing, am not 50 yet...but am old enough to kick that butt of yours- but you know that already by now.

TIA - you deal with them the way it is needed. I trust you to deliver a great job.

The end...with a small e and three ...
Anonymous said…
hi layla its nice to see u back....i myself take a sabbatical or 2 thru the year just to freshen myself up a little and it works wonders.....but don't take too long as that can have a negative effect
Anonymous said…
who is TIA??? is it the person moderating the comments? plz can u turn off the comment moderation as its too cumbersome....i find it hard to build up any kind of momentum
Anonymous said…
" 3eeraqimedic said...
Dear Layla

As one of the countless silent visitors to your blog...."


i used to be one of these as well at one time.........but once i got going, ive not looked back
Layla Anwar said…
Jr, I will if you promise to behave...
Who on earth is little girl?
TIA is truth about iraqis. you ought to check out his blog. He writes very well...and does not mince his words. Just the way I like it.
Anonymous said…
thank u layla.....i promise....lets just hope the others can also contain themselves

ill have a look at yhis website.....there seems to be 2


the 2nd looks better on 1st impression, but ill take a closer look in a bit
Anonymous said…
yeah i don't like mincers either (incidentally, i suspect "lioness" is a man and a bit of mincer) but thats by the bye. not sure where u got the "little girl" reference from
Zaidan said…
Layla, you are allowed your break, but breaks end and then people must return to their duties.

Don't take too long. Your writings are needed, at the very least to highlight what is happening to Iraqi women.

I expect to read a post of yours in a few weeks.

Weeks, lady, that's all you got, y'hear?
Anonymous said…
"i suspect "lioness" is a man"

And I firmly believe that you are a little bit confused as to sexual differences ..

Not that it is any of your business, but I happen to be a girl and a very feminine one - unlike your wild dream Camilla who has a penis under her Victorian Age long drawers ..
Anonymous said…
i hope u don't mind my saying, but for a supposedly feminine girl u have a disgustingly filthy mouth
Anonymous said…

You may thank my Iraqi groom to-be for that ..

I was an extremely timid, shy and scared young lady of the polite society before he awakened the sleeping wild cat in me ..
LostHere said…
It's easy to understand that you be tired, depressed, raw... I often wondered how could you be so prolific on your posts, and all of them pure carnage...

Yes, Layla, do take a break. Do whatever it takes to heal. Another skin you will not grow, and the one you have won't get any thicker either... it's a curse for being a seer. You are destined to suffer much, but also to live fully, as those with inner sight always do.

Since I found your blog I feel privileged, in a bittersweet kind of way. Bitter because of the reason you write, the pain and horror you must report. Sweet because it is not often one encounters words that are fully alive, that they have the instant power of penetrating to one's soul and there open up and become visual... no longer words but live images, felt, if not seen.

I thank you for all you gave me, and hope to again cross your path soon.

Take care, and come back to us.
Anonymous said…
Shako mako from Australia.
Layla has a right to her anger. I wish her blog could be published throughout the Western media so that Western people could see the truth, and hear the sorrow and anguish of an Iraqi who is seeing her country die.

I wish you well Layla. Don't give up the writing!
Anonymous said…
From Rebecca in New York City, I found your blog by accident and I commend you Layla for your courgage to speak out against the terrible crimes of our country. The cowards who post ugly words on your site are the reason our world is in such hell. Speak Loud and Clear!!!!We are reading and listening.
Anonymous said…

We featured your blog yesterday at Iraqi Bloggers Central.

Valentines for Saddam

Stop by and have a chat, if you want. One suggestion: you need to change the background color of your template back to the original color. The dark-brown makes reading your entries almost impossible.

I spent a couple hours reading through your archives yesterday and did find a few interesting entries.

Hey, I thought you might like this photo of Saddam in his prime. You might want to print it and keep it your purse.

Anonymous said…
Hello Layla.

I have not posted in awhile, but have read daily.

Layla there are some truths I would like to ask you about.
Truths the American government is hiding from us.

1)Do you know the reality of the American casuality count?-The USDOD reports 3,500+ but alternative media and other sources report that between Iraq and Afghanistan both, the American death count surpasses 15,000.
This is something our government would most definately NOT want us to know. And there is currently a BIG scandal about to erupt concerning the classification of information in Washington.

2)Do you know of or forsee any large scale attack on the green zone?
Again, alternative media and other sources are saying there is a build up of several factions that have intentions of mounting an enormous attack on the green zone in order to bring it to a collapse.

Please reply on these questions.

God(?) bless...
Take care and stay safe.
You are meant to be here and to serve a purpose.

Your friend,
Anonymous said…

If you're thinking of marrying Layla, you should know that she's already past her child-bearing years. Can you, as a haram wienerschnitzel, be satisfied with only your mutual love of Saddam uniting you and not the production of little wieners? If so, give her a call. You guys can meet each other next weekend for your first date. Dubai and Beirut aren't very far apart. Let your hearts bring you closer together.

A word of warning, though. I know you like heavy-metal; Layla prefers jazz. Is your love for Layla strong enough to endure going to jazz concerts with her? And tossing away your old Iron Maiden and AC/DC albums?

Anonymous said…

You're beautiful, man. Due to the limits of your intelligence, most aspects of life will remain hidden from you.

Anonymous said…
ike plz can u update us on your life......is it as miserable now as it was before........or have things picked up??
Anonymous said…
"jeffery" u stupid sack of shit i am getting sick and tired of reading stupid comments from stupid americans ......plz do me a favour and go n shoot yourself in the face
Anonymous said…
I second you, Jr., but Jeffrey, the wannabe 'American' not only needs to shoot himself in the face but himself, period. He's even taken up a western name! Jr., I respect you today!

'Jeffrey', instead of parking your traitor butt in the occupier land, why don't you just go to Iraq and sort out the country? You only seem to be very good at gossiping about people and posting utter rubbish on your blog. Thank you for posting the link to it, because I never knew that dumb sell-out Iraqis existed. I can conclude that it's because of the likes of you that ordinary, peace abiding Iraqis are going through the current hell on earth in Iraq - and they are not in America posting rubbish but trying so hard to survive because the likes of you sold out their country..

As for TAI and Layla, you couldn't match up to their intelligence and patriotism however hard you tried...shame on you, IRAQI AMERICAN. You are a disgrace to your land.
Anonymous said…
Yes, just to answer your question, I still live a life $25,000 below the poverty line here in USA.
And so yes, in many ways, my life is stressful and somewhat miserable.

I do agree with you though, Jeff should shoot himself in the face.

My intelligence supercedes ANYTHING a pitiful idiot like yourself could ever achieve in this life Jeff. So question your own intelligence and try to repair it brfore mouthing off to others about things which you know nothing about.

Fucking people like you should be banned from LIFE.....let alone this board.
Anonymous said…
Ike, please don't bother with this scumbag, Jeffrey. If you visit the site he hosts, it will give you some indication of where he comes from. He's trying to find an excuse to occupy this earth - by posting gossip, trying to find out exactly WHO Layla is, and all the trash that goes with empty minds. He's certainly found the right place to roost - among empty minded people.

I think I now have some idea of what Layla has to put up with.
Anonymous said…
You can't be serious about ending the blog. I don't read many, but this is one of the few I do. Actually it's the only 'serious' blog I read. The others are more for laughs than news.
I could see in your writing a month ago that you needed time off. It isn't bad, just running out of your usual twisting story-lines that we have come to expect (and appreciate) from you.
The bottom line is that no one writes like you, it is your gift. So take a few months off, regroup and rest. I refuse to believe this is the end, not since I was here from the beginning.

kitchen sink
antiZionist said…
أختي ليلي أنور،،،شكرآ لك علي جهودك المستمرة في الدفاع عن العراق,أنت العز والكرامه والشجاعه والمقاومه والتصدي والعنفوان،أنت المقاومه في كل أشكله وأنواعها,ما تزراعينه اليوم سوف تحصده ألاجيال القادمه،الميزه التي تمتلكينها في الكتابه شئ رائع...وألف شكر من أخ عربي أردني
Anonymous said…
Forgive me, Layla, I haven't finished with American Jeffrey:

The (link to the) picture you sent to Layla, and which you suggested she put in her purse would be better off stuck on your forehead, 'Jeffrey' aka 'Iraqi American' aka 'American Iraqi', whichever.... That way, it would constantly remind you of the kind of 'Iraqi' you are, since you seem to show so much glee. How much else have you sold out to be 'accepted' in the 'greatest democracy in the world'? I guess you are not aware of the names they give to Iraqis, among them 'ragheads', or is that sniggered behind your back? There is nothing worse in the world than to sell your land or your people, and you are thoroughly despicable, traitor 'Jeffrey', utterly sickening. You'd do yourself a big favour by not visiting a respectable site like this, ever. Please stay on the junk you call a blog and stop believing that you are gaining any respect through it.

'What does it profit a man, if in gaining the whole world, he sells his soul?'
Robin said…
Dear Layla,
When I walk holding any of my three daughter's hands, we have a "code". I squeeze their hand gently which means "I'm here for you, I love you" etc. When I lived in the ME and walked with my sister-in-laws, we did the same, with slightly different connotation, but I'm sure you understand. So here's my "gentle squeeze" of your hand Layla, reaching over the abyss. Take care dear one, get some rest, and YOU will know what to do and when next. Blesings to you always Dear and Masalama. Missing you already.
Anonymous said…
If everything the Chalabi-expats say about Saddam is true, then one has to ask what kind of weaklings would endure such a monstor for 30 years and wait all that time to be "liberated" by Americans when they could and should have liberated themselves, just as Americans fought and liberated themselves from the British. When every Iraqi has a gun (and ask yourself why a dicator would allow 28 million of his people to be armed if he's so hated), why not get rid of him yourselves? After all, Romanians overthrew Ceacescu without guns, why not you? One can only conclude from all this complaining about Saddam that Iraqis are a pathetic lot of cowards and weaklings who need macho Americans to come in and do the dirty deed for them. Thus, you bring shame to your people.

So don't boast. You have nothing to be proud of.

On the other hand, those who are loyal to their leader, to their country, and their countrymen, who fight the occupier, are obviously brave and true.

It has never seemed credible to me that Iraqis would cooperate with a foreign government that bombed them into the stone age, not once but twice. I can only conclude that those Iraqis who collaborate with their occupiers are traitors to their country and their people, and there is nothing noble about that by anyone's measure.

And lastly, where are the flowers? eh?

I see no flowers thrown at the feet of the occupiers in gratitude, I see roadside bombs blowing them up on a daily basis. An insurgency cannot exist withou the support of the people.

Therein is the proof of what Iraqis really feel and believe, and Layla has the heart and the courage to speak for those who don't have a voice, while the Iraqi sellouts continue to kiss the occupier's ass.

You are pathetic!
Anonymous said…
I don't think this is the end of Laylas blog.
Layla is too strong to quit.
Take a break maybe, but I doubt it.

As they are saying Layla, there is no other but you, you are the best at what you are doing.
You are an artist and a free spirit.
This is your gift.
This is your resistance.

Continue it.
Anonymous said…
Layla cries out for her beloved country, and for all humanity. She speaks where others can only weep in silence, and takes the heat for it.

That's an extraordinary burden for one person to carry. If she never writes another words, we owe her a great dept of gratitude for having endured so long.

Beautiful Layla, rest and heal, and know that you are greatly loved.

I hold you in my heart and my prayers.
Anonymous said…
ok diana i think we get the point now......thanks
Anonymous said…
unlucky ike....maybe you should try asking for a promotion.....or a job that pays well...
Anonymous said…
Spring - time for HIT - LER and CHER -MANY!!

Sing it, everyone! C'mon, Little Deer, raise your voice! Isn't this fun! JR, who SHOT you man? Okay, that's an inside joke for Americans. Hey, I LIKE IKE! Crap, that's another inside joke for Americans.

Ah, all the Saddamites in ONE ROOM. Nice to see you all here. Next weekend there's going to be a big meet-up with the LOVERS of POL POT, STALIN, HITLER, AND MUSSOLINI! Mark that date down on your calendar.

Hey, guess what? I'm not Iraqi-American. I'm not even A-rab. My immediate family is made up of people from Africa, Europe, and Asia, but no one from the Middle East.

And Layla is beyond her child-bearing years. That's a FACT.

Anonymous said…
I share your feeling, Ike.

Layla is too strong, and too deeply conscious of her historical responsibility towards her Iraqi people, to abandon the battlefield.

She is the Internet age "Voice of the Arabs" - her cry of patriotic love resonates within every loyal heart as gentle as a cradlesong and pierces through the minds of the hypocrites as sharp as a bullet.

May God let her live to see a better world.
Anonymous said…
i dunno little deer........he sounds like your everyday garden variety stupid yank to me
Anonymous said…
"jeffery" u stupid little plonker plz keep your 3rd rate jokes and soap operas to yourself and stop spamming this board with your crappy blog
Anonymous said…
ike......heres a tip 4 u, if you have any money in your bank, take it all out and lump it all on roger federer to win wimbledon...... you'll get a 40% return in abt 2 weeks.....no bank pays as good as this.
Anonymous said…

Yes, just to answer your question, I still live a life $25,000 below the poverty line here in USA.

Now I understand why you're poor. You're a moron. $25,000 BELOW the poverty line?!

Here is the current chart for the poverty line:

People / Income
1 / $9,800
2 / $13,200
3 / $16,600
4 / $20,000
5 / $23,400

For each additional person, add $3,400 $4,250 $3,910

If you live by yourself, the poverty line is $9,800. How in God's name could you make $25,000 BELOW that?!!

And so yes, in many ways, my life is stressful and somewhat miserable.

No doubt. Being a cretin can't be pleasant.

My intelligence supercedes ANYTHING a pitiful idiot like yourself could ever achieve in this life Jeff. So question your own intelligence and try to repair it brfore mouthing off to others about things which you know nothing about.

We've seen a good example of your "intelligence" regarding the poverty line.

Fucking people like you should be banned from LIFE.....let alone this board.

As long as the SOUP KITCHEN doesn't ban you, you might live for a couple more years.

Anonymous said…
Jr., I think you're right about that scumbag who claims he has roots in Asia, Europe and Africa - doesn't seem to know exactly what/who he is, and, therefore, his posts on the President of Iraq are irrelevant. Reading his comments to Ike, I agree with you that he sounds like the garden variety of yank - with nothing between his ears!!!!

Best to ignore this scum, I would think! I'd suggest you do the same, Ike.
Anonymous said…
I have to reply to these questions.

Jr. first.
Jr. in the rual area where I live there are no jobs. Minimum wage only. No "good" jobs or well paying ones. That is why I recently graduated collage with an associates degree, to try and get a decent paying occupation.
Plus I am disabled from a work related injury, so that doesn't help much either.
Thank you sincerely for your concern...

Jeff, you fucking dumb idiot.
Is that what you have to do with your time? Research numbers that don't apply?
I don't know, don't care where you got those but they are inncorrect.
Do you even live in the USA you ignorant nigger? You said you had blood from Africa so where I come from that makes you a nigger.
You need to work on the embedded self pity of the fact that your ancestors were MY slaves and get the fuck out of here.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah,
You are right about "unlucky" Ike.

I played the Nationwide Powerball lottery the other night and I matched 4 out of 6 numbers!
I won $100 (which will be used for necessary things.) and I was glad for that.
I was only one number away from winning $200,000 and only two numbers away from the jackpot of $40,000,000.

Had I won the 40 million I could have arranged a nice vacation for you and I to go to Dubai and meet our dear Layla. And perhaps we could take little deer and SAW with us.
Dubai looks like a very nice place if you have the money to go there.

And just so you would know Layla, not that you need my charity, but HAD I won the 40 million....I would gladly share the love.

Money is the root of all evil (thus the occupation) but money also sets you free.
The more money a person has, the more things they can do and more places they can go.

Anyway, maybe next time huh...
Anonymous said…

My name ... well, just call me Adriana. I am a foreigner living in the US.

I am married to a young photographer who works for a local newspaper in Buffalo.

"Jeffrey" is not Arab.

But he is also is not American. At least, he is not measure up like to what Americans are.

He instructed me and other foreigners, refugees, visitors to this great America in English language.

But I have something dark to say about him.

He molested me. He took advantage that I had been only two months in America when he sexually molested me.

Because at the time my english was bad, I could not talk to police or anyone.

They would never have believed me.

But my wonderful husband and I are going to do something.

I found "Jeffrey" here on the Internet. And from way he describ himself I know him.

I am turkish, "Jeffrey". Remember me, with the green eyes.

Or do you forget face of the girls you do this to these terrible things?
Anonymous said…
Yer goin' to jail Jeff!

Anonymous said…

Do you even live in the USA you ignorant nigger? You said you had blood from Africa so where I come from that makes you a nigger.
You need to work on the embedded self pity of the fact that your ancestors were MY slaves and get the fuck out of here.

I said people in my IMMEDIATE FAMILY come from Africa, Asia, and Europe. One of my sisters is married to a man from Nigeria, an emergency-room doctor, and they have three children. Another sister is married to an African-American, an executive at American Express. My great-grandparents came mostly from Luxembourg in Europe.

So are you calling my nieces and nephew "niggers"? Are you calling my brothers-in-law "niggers"? What kind of racist scum are you?

This is perfect. A RACIST who hates people from Africa in love with Saddam Hussein.

Your disability is your racism and I'm glad you're dirt poor.


I live in New York City, not Buffalo, and I've never had you as a student. YOU can go to jail for making allegations that you know are not true.

Anonymous said…
'Jeffrey', your visit to this blog has invoked some really horrible comments. Please refrain from coming here and posting your trashy comments. Almost everyone who visits here does so because this is a respectable blog, owned by a very respectable lady.

You are welcome to copy and paste our comments on your blog, as you have already done, and we don't care, but do leave us alone. Your presence here does not contribute anything positive - on the contrary, you came here to hurl abuses at Layla and TAI. You are neither Iraqi nor do you have any knowledge about Iraq (apart from posting nasty comments about Iraq's legitimate President and about whom you only know from hearsay and from YOUR filthy war criminal of a leader). So do us a favour and get lost.

Nobody is interested in your family connections.
Anonymous said…
Little Deer,

Oh yeah, nice group of people. Lovers of a dictator with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on his hands and someone who calls African-Americans "niggers." Very nice group.

Do you guys love Chemical Ali too? He's going to hang just like Saddam and the Kurdish people will celebrate the death.

I care about my family. We come from Africa, Asia, and Europe, and we're all AMERICANS.

Where are YOU from, Little Deer?

Anonymous said…
"One of my sisters is married to a man from Niger-ia.
So are you calling my nieces and nephew "niggers"? Are you calling my brothers-in-law "niggers"?"
"We come from Africa, Asia, and Europe, and we're all NIGERS!"

Have fun in jail you fucking rapist NIGGER!
Anonymous said…
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And the NAACP
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The nigger's had there's such a long, long time
I'm white, and it's time that I had mine!

You know it...cause I show it!
Stick your black head out and I'll blow it!
And the NAACP
Can't win if the white man sticks with nigger-hatin' me
Anonymous said…
It's about respect Jeff.
I am not racist, but in your very first post to me you rudely said "Ike,You're beautiful, man. Due to the limits of your intelligence, most aspects of life will remain hidden from you."
And then you continued to be rude to me when I had done nothing to you...
Mocking my situation.

And YOUR RUDE slanderous DISRESPECTFUL comments about me have led me to have NO respect for you.

But being that you are a rapist you would not understand respect would you...

So be a good nigger and have fun in jail.
Anonymous said…
Yes, Jeffrey boy, have fun in jail, and please be kind enough to e-mail Layla a link to your ID photo, so we can "print it and put it in our purses" as a little trophy of our Media battle for justice.

You disgraceful (White) House Slave.
Anonymous said…
To change the subject from Jeffrey, who is not important, all Iraqis will be thinking about a great Iraqi artist who was murdered by a U.S. missile June 26, 1993. Americans dismiss her as "collateral damage," while Iraqis remember her as Layla al-Attar.

Anonymous said…
Will you also lament the loss of Ali Hassan al-Majid when that mass murderer is hung? The dust on the grave of one martyr of the 1991 uprising is worth more than any Saddam lover or any Ba'athist piece of trash. May all Saddam lovers and Ba'athists be sent straight to hell. So quick to criticize expats, what about Saddam's ugly daughters.
Anonymous said…
The 1991 Shiite uprising was instigated by the U.S., a foreign power that had just bombed Iraq into the stone age. They were martyrs to the U.S., not to Iraq. They did the bidding of an enemy, and that makes them traitors.

Had a faction risen up in the U.S., to overthrow the government at the instigation of lets say the Soviet Union during the Cold War, you better believe they would have been executed as traitors.

Every sovereign power has the right of self-defense.
Anonymous said…
I said "Chalabi-expats." There is a distinction between them and others, including those now fleeing the country.
Anonymous said…
Hey, I recently added a news widget from www.widgetmate.com to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.
Anonymous said…
"Had I won the 40 million I could have arranged a nice vacation for you and I to go to Dubai and meet our dear Layla."

im sure layla would have been delighted to recieve us.....she probably would have invited us round to her house for tea
Anonymous said…
"And perhaps we could take little deer and SAW with us."


perhaps, as long as it wasnt too much of a burden on us
Anonymous said…
100th post
Anonymous said…
"Do you even live in the USA you ignorant nigger? You said you had blood from Africa so where I come from that makes you a nigger.
You need to work on the embedded self pity of the fact that your ancestors were MY slaves and get the fuck out of here.


that's horrible ike!!! im afraid i would have to cancel all our plans on dubai IMMEDIATELY as that is just disgraceful behaviour
Anonymous said…
jeffery u piece of shit i thought i told u to piss off
Anonymous said…
testing.....(comments playing up)
Anonymous said…
"Diana said...
....[b]all[/b] Iraqis will be thinking about a great Iraqi artist who was murdered by a U.S. missile June 26, 1993...."

i think iraqis have enough on their plate without worrying about some obscure artiste
Anonymous said…
Jr., sometimes, I really have to admit that your comments are very welcome! You often make me smile! Thank you, silly man!!!
Anonymous said…
"1991 intifada said...
Will you also lament the loss of Ali Hassan al-Majid when that mass murderer is hung?"

no, never met him

"The dust on the grave of one martyr of the 1991 uprising is worth more than any Saddam lover or any Ba'athist piece of trash."

don't be stupid

"May all Saddam lovers and Ba'athists be sent straight to hell."

no such thing as hell u muppet

"So quick to criticize expats, what about Saddam's ugly daughters."

ive seen uglier
Anonymous said…
well i'd love to stay and chat "little deer" but wimbys just abt to start......if u wanna make some money, see my previous post....u cud make 40% on your stake in just 2 weeks....bye
Anonymous said…
The US authorities were not able to persuade a single one of his comrades to testify against President Saddam. To a man they preferred to sacrifice their freedom, and in some cases their very lives, rather than do that. Chaldean Catholic Tariq Aziz, who knew Saddam for 40 years, had been designated as a star prosecution witness. Instead he testified passionately in Saddam's defence. Aziz told lawyers that he loved Saddam like a brother and that when he was killed, Iraq died with him. What does that tell us about the true stature of this man?

Saddam had his faults, but he also had an inner core of courage, integrity and good-heartedness. When it came to the crunch, he willingly sacrificed everything for the sake of Iraq. Stripped of all the trappings of power and wealth, his inner qualities as a human being shone more brightly than ever before. I will never forget his soulful eyes and his captivating smile.

Let his detractors rant as much as they like - along with Layla and many others around the world I will continue to mourn Saddam and to honour his memory.
Anonymous said…
Alison .. Gundle ?

Your poem in death of the President Martyr made my heart bleed pearls ..

God bless you, beautiful creature.
Anonymous said…
Jeffrey boy, just in case you forgot it, you are as much a common mortal bound to die as they were.

The difference is that THEY will be eternally remembered and honored by their Iraqi people who loves them and does not give a fuck about the Zionist-influenced Western masses' judgement, whereas YOU will go without leaving a trace in mankind's history and end up down memory hole as if you had never existed.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy the 'wimbys', Jr. Hopefully, you can make that 40% as I have no clue about betting!
Anonymous said…

See how every one around is nice to you when you graciously daign to show the vulgar rabble outside your kingly self some of your intelligence and sense of humor ?

Why can't you just be like this all the time ?
Anonymous said…
I want to apologize to this board for my being so rudely intrusive.

I now admit, I am a nigger.
My wife is a nigger and my children are niggers.

I have no real occupation nor education and so I waste my time by being mean to people because I harbor vengence in my heart because my great gradmother (who was also a nigger) was a slave to the white man.

Just as I am now.

I ask your forgivness and beg you..
Please have mercy on dis po' ol' nigger.
Anonymous said…
Jr., you have a fan!!!! Now, don't go and ask me how old I am and tell me to grow up!!!

Actually, your 'fan's' very right, and it's something I had said some time ago, too!
Anonymous said…
Jeffrey boy, don't be such a hypocrite, you know perfectly well that these people have nothing against African-Americans per se but only against White House slaves, be they African-American like you, Rice and Powell, or of any other ethnic background.

If there is a society in this world which is imbued to the backbone with racial, religious and class prejudices, that is your precious AmeriKKKa, certainly not the historically variegated and tolerant Mesopotamia.
Anonymous said…
Dear Madam,

I, as an Iranian who suffered from the carnage of Iran-Iraq war, would like to empathize with your stand and mention that I did not favor the death penalty for Saddam or any of his family members. I think they should have been tried in an international court and even given a less severe sentence on the condition of their cooperation in gathering evidence against the European and American arms merchants and as a prelude to the detention and prosecution of the latter.
It is an irony that Americans are "defending" Shiite against Sunni and Sunni against Shiite. The whole setting in Iraq looks like a super bloody repetition of the invasion of the Indian Subcontinent by the Anglo-British but this time around; they will not succeed as they have been exposed even before the colonization starts.

I think we should make a promise that all those who collaborated with the murderous tugs of the occupational forces, will be prosecuted and will be brought to justice one day but we will not be as ruthless as they are as our real goal is to shame and name the man and women who are behind the orchestration of this genocide: The Neo-Conservascists, the likes of Perle, Wolfowitz, Reuel-Gerecht, Liebermann, Abrahmowitz, Horowitz, ...

Another important point is that the neo-Conservascists are trying hard to use liberal imperialism as an argument to subjugate us and one weapon in their arsenal is promotion of women's rights. Although the saga of Wolfowitz and his lover have defanged the beast, your contribution remains essential in further putting a wooden stick through the soulless heart of this beast.
Anonymous said…
anon above.
sorry to bust your bubble, but layla is gone. she found a nice jew boy and ran away to sunny california wine country. all the crocodile tears can stop now, along with the stupid comments by the jolly rodger idiot (JR).

Anonymous said…
sanandreas u stupid little runt plz keep your stupid comments to yourself
Anonymous said…
for fucks sakes......jefferey u twat...FUCK OFF
Anonymous said…
little deer i dont know really know whats he's talking abt......
Anonymous said…
san andreas u retarded pile of dogshit stop making multiple aliases, we all know who u r....and if u carry on with that attitude, 1 day someones fist is going to end up smashing to your gormless little mug in
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

If we are the "losers" .. then, pray, enlighten us .. who would the "winners" be ?
Anonymous said…
layla plz come back and make a new post....this thread is going nowhere
Anonymous said…
hello "iraqi resistance".....hows the old iraqi resistance these days??? still going strong?
Anonymous said…

The "old" and but evergreen Iraqi national Resistance is in perfect health, thank you.

As for the others players on the battlefield, occupiers, declared collaborators and agents provocateurs posing as insurgents, let's draw a veil, or should I say a "pall" over them all ..

Take care and be nice to comrade Layla.

My best regards.
Anonymous said…
I also suffer from an addiction to crack cocaine
Another burdon the white man used to keep me down.

I think my children my be smoking it too because they have seen me do it.

Lord forgive me.
Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Jeffrey,

"Lord" who ?

Please be more specific, otherwise we will not be able to forward your forgiveness request to the House in London.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…

My brother-in-law from Nigeria, a emergency-room doctor, just bought a house for 1.2 million. Another brother-in-law, an African-American executive, just bought a house with my sister, also an executive, for 1.3 million.

And you're standing in the line of a SOUP KITCHEN and living on "$25,000 below the poverty line."

Must really SUCK to be you.

Alan the Red said…
Oh do come on, you're a damn subbie of that god of yours; that god that likes you women chained to the sink or the bed. When are you going to wake up, stop your damned whining, and dump that infernal god? All powerful? The only thing that god has done is set Jews, Christians and Moslems at each other's throats, over some shithole in the desert called Jerusalem, since the time of Abraham. When will you stop whining and WAKE UP?
Anonymous said…
And we, if you don't IMMEDIATELY shut that ugly mouth of yours, shall put a 1.2 million + 1.3 million bounty on your head.

"Wanted Jeffrey the Coward - Dead or Dead"
Alan the Red said…
Come on, you shout about the dumb Yankee Christians, who really are the dumbest people on this planet, but what about George Bush's best mate, the King of Saudi Arabia, that good Muslim? The one who is doing so nicely selling oil to the American war machine? Oh, and let's not forget Her Satanic Majesty who has been lording it up over us since 1066, like the parasite that she is. Religion is the opiate of the masses, and it's about time the masses got over their fix and saw who the real enemy is.

You make me so mad, Layla Anwar. When will you wake up and do something constructive, instead of whining about only 1/3 of the problem.
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault: About Layla going: IN YOUR DREAMS... Layla's probably having a good laugh reading some of the stupid posts here, written by people with ZERO IQ.

Layla, if you're reading this, you know that regulars like Jr. and I just come here because we are missing you (right, Jr.??!). Enjoy the break, while some morons keep wishing you have given up!

Ignore the scumbags, Jr. Not worth the effort.
Angel said…
Little Deer is right, Layla. We are missing you, with your fight and passion that inspire us all.

Enjoy your break. We'll be right here waiting for you.
Anonymous said…
It’s on now. If you had any balls, you'd have a real name, not a ‘junior’. Let me know when get some hair on your chest. I don’t fight with little boys.
Anonymous said…

"Oh do come on, you're a damn subbie of that god of yours"

Layla is secular, you muppet (as JR would say).

"When are you going to .. dump that infernal god?"

We don't take orders from muppets.

".. but what about George Bush's best mate, the King of Saudi Arabia, that good Muslim ?"

He is another muppet and a bloodthirsty tyrant doomed to hang from a lamp post within the decade ensuing the liberation of Iraq.

One thing at a time.
Anonymous said…
The 'enlightened' one is three doors down on the left, next to the swami guy. If you need a prayer, ask him. My prayers go unanswered, so I don't consider myself to be enlightened. Maybe I need to stay off the drugs and do some charity.

pray for me, as I am hopeless, hapless and homeless to boot.
Anonymous said…
little deer...
go back to reading your romance novels. You don't know anything. I saw layla passed out on the side of the road 2 days ago with a bottle 151. I asked her what happened and she said..
"a Savage broke my heart. He said he loved me but is married to 5 other women. Now I'm knocked up and unemployed".

Everyone, layla needs your support. She is currently staying on cedar lane in the poconos and doesn't have access to a computer.
She would like to see the following chatters...
Jr. (if u r old enough to travel)
Iraqi resistance
Little Deer
the 2nd anonymous poster from blog # 27, comment 56, line 5.

The rest she said can kiss her fat ass!

ps...don't blame me, it's San Andreas Fault.
Anonymous said…

I'd rather be poor and white than be a nigger with a lot of money.

Which none of your family has anyway.
It is very easy to create your own reality on the internet.
And from what you wrote I am sure your crack habit consumes most of your money if not all of it.

I know it would be nice if your dream of having wealthy relatives were true.

But we know it is not.

And thats a shame because you will definately need good legal representation when you go before the judge on that rape charge.

By the way:What do you call a nigger with a new car?

(or rapist in your case).
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

"We" are afraid that it will be materially impossible for "us" to travel in the next future, as "we" will be terribly busy finishing drowning the "finest army in the world" (ha ha ha) into the Iraq War quagmire.

Please give Layla "our" apologies and reassure her that the day is not far off when she will be free to come back to her beloved homeland.

"Our" worst disregards to you.
Anonymous said…

You may have financial problems, but you have something that is infinitely more precious than all the treasures in this world: AWARENESS.

The real poor are the ones who will die without having got a clue on what life was all about.

Hold your head high and don't dignify that existential bankrupt with anything more than a pitying smile.

I wish you all the best.
Anonymous said…
Very, very well said (to San Andreas Fault), Iraqi Resistance! Nothing to add to your comment.

As for my reading 'romance novels', SAF, I just picked up one called 'Learn more about the thick people from the USA'! Should be entertaining because it will be a reflection of you.

And, in defence of Jr., his posts are far superior to your JUNK. Go fly a kite, San Andreas Fault (and what a name!!!!)Hope you do know your geography! (Quite unlikely, though!)
Anonymous said…

Thank you most sincerely for your comment and your own awareness of my abaility to know and understand.

To you and the POLITE people on this boad I ask you to please pay no attention to my politically incorrect ramblings...
It just upsets me when, for NO reason at all, someone chooses to attack either my opinions or me personally. There is NO EXCUSE, other than ignorance, for someone to behave this way.
And when they do I am apt to be vocal about their ignorance.
With words that can be quite sharp.

But as I have said before, it is simply about respect.

Thank you again...
Alan the Red said…
Hey Muppet Hater, you just have to be a dumb Yank. Tell me loser, did you ever read Thomas Paine's Common Sense? No! Of course you didn't. You Yanks have been dancing to the British drum since WW2. Tell me how you "saved us from the Germans"; that is always so good for a laugh, with Mrs Hanover on the throne. Of course, Kaiser Wilhelm was a cousin who had to be got rid of, as was the Russian Tsar. And good ole George Bush is another relative of the family.

Hey, go to Wikipedia and check out the flag of the East India company and tell me what it reminds you off. Oh the good old red white and blue......Loser!

Hey, at least Her Satanic Majesty doesn't need to press gang us English anymore. She has all you willing colonials to fight her battles for her now. We were always too much trouble for them; we made them speak English instead of French.

Hey, whose language are you using these days? Couldn't you colonials get one of your own?
Anonymous said…
With this post, which I saw at Information Clearinghouse .com you have gained me as a reader. I came over to the blog. I think it is wonderful. Thank you, and I'll return to read more.
Anonymous said…
In a time in which all seems hopeless, a new hope is born. All things work for good to those who love God. Who is this being God? I like the idea of Que. He has many names and they all refer to the same being. When nations have war about religious belief the main dispute is his name. The other
disputes are somewhat irrellevent after that; How we are supposed toworship, Who are his (chosen) people, What his/her plans for our future are. I propose this, if you really know your God/Supreme being invite him to reveal himself to the world! He/she could have their own t.v. show and do a Q/A to answer
everyones questions. I'm not an athiest(I consider athiesm to be its own religion), but I don't believe religion is the answer for our species. Let me emphasize, almost all religions have the same basic message. Do you know what it is? I'm not going to give you the answer, and yes I do know, instead I challenge you to discover it for yourself.
So please don't complain to me about the wars on this planet, they are not my wars. If it was up to me there would be no war. It really is a simple process, of compassion and understanding. If you understand the people you disagree with you have no need to fight them. Never limit youself to believing someone elses word for it. Search out your own answer, and be enlightened. I do feel bad for all of the anguish that has been caused by so called "leaders" convincing humans to fight each other for their personal
beliefs they impose upon the rest of us, it really is tragic. Maybe it is time to ask why.
Maybe I will explain what our existence is all about. That will be at another time though, not now. I would rather you didn't take my word for it and found out for yourself. The answer is available in most texts of
religious beliefs and philosophy.

I am from the United States, and i am not of Arabic descent. My descent is what they call Heinz 57 in my neck of the woods. If it was up to me, my country would not be in Iraq or any other country. I apologize for my country, but also insist I did not vote for the lunatic that is our president. If you were to research the elections(Both of them) you would find most people did not & would not. Our much loved Democracy is long gone and the only thing left are the empty words that it is fact what our government is. May your hearts be warmed by the idea that there is a large faction of "Americans" forming a revolt. At which time justice will be served and a certain family from Texas and many of their friends will face war crimes charges in front of the U.N.
Words change History, Keep writing Layla. and the supreme being will bless you:)
Anonymous said…
Ike, we (those of us who 'know' you) understand. You were provoked and the plague/vermin that has suddenly infested this site will soon disappear once Layla begins to control what is shown. Unfortunately for her, she will have to read it but I hope she marks some of these posters as spam so she can avoid the misery.

Layla, if you are reading this, I pray you are all well and I miss you.
Anonymous said…

I am afraid that the irony in my comment failed to penetrate the "corpus callosum" and reach whatever is left of your brain.

I am light years away from being a "Yank" or a "subbie" of Genocidal George's false deity.

Take a sedative and go to sleep, ranter.
Anonymous said…

My dear sister, I like Little Deer hope all is well for you. I also miss you and am praying for you.

To Saf: I didn't get Layla knocked up, and I am not the kind of person that parts legs to break hearts, so keep Savage out of your mouth unless you swallow.

Anonymous said…
Let's listen to Ike, Okay?

Ike wrote:

Do you even live in the USA you ignorant nigger? You said you had blood from Africa so where I come from that makes you a nigger.
You need to work on the embedded self pity of the fact that your ancestors were MY slaves and get the fuck out of here.

I'd rather be poor and white than be a nigger with a lot of money.

People in my family are from Africa as well as Asia and Europe. Ike thinks we're all "niggers." My nieces and nephews, because they're from mixed heritage, in Ike's eyes, are "niggers." But my family really is as successful as I talked about above. The danger to my nieces and nephews is exactly a racist like Ike.

Anonymous said…
Little Deer,

Ike is an abhorrent racist. You only need to read what he has written. If you want him on your "team," I guess it makes sense. Saddam Hussein wanted to exterminate the Kurds and Ike would like to exterminate people from Africa.

Anonymous said…
Iraqi resistance...
Point one: “materially impossible” doesn’t apply to travel and second. Maybe you are a reincarnated pile of monkey shit, but ‘travel in the next future’ also doesn’t apply. Congratulations, You’ve passed the ‘martyrdom 101’ application process. Remember, the wires are supposed to go under the clothes.

Point two: the greatest military in the world isn’t worried about killing Iraqi’s, we don't have to. It's being done at a decent rate by the Moslems themselves.
Anonymous said…
little deer...

Stop your whining about Layla. You sound so damn pathetic.
“waaahhhhhh, waaaahhh..I want Layla back or I’m not eating my lentils.”
You’re the reason she’s not here anymore. You’ve done nothing but convince her that she’s as depressed as she sounds! Besides, she might get suicidal if she finds out her blog is getting way more attention without her…LOL
Anonymous said…
"jefferey" how many times do i have to repeat myself before it finally sinks into that thick skull of yours..........FUCK OFF BACK TO YOUR OWN SHITTY BLOG
Anonymous said…
"san andreas fault" if we wanted to listen to sum stupid yank talking shit we cud all make our way to "jefferys" blog n read this crap there......so plz can u kindly piss off back to where u came from#
Anonymous said…
"My dear sister, I like Little Deer hope all is well for you. I also miss you and am praying for you."


chalk me up on that too
Anonymous said…
"maitreya" n "muppet hater" wot exactly r u arguing abt???!
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

Point one: "Materially impossible" was intented as EMPHASIS and "next future" was a CARELESS MISTAKE, I actually meant to say "NEAR future".

Point two: Those so-called "Moslems" (Al-Qa'ida) you are referring to are a bunch of CIA/Mossad/Iranian/Arab regimes financed, armed and trained COUNTER-INSURGENCY AGENTS PROVOCATEURS who have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the Iraqi Resistance national liberation movement.

Now take all of your White House Propaganda, stick it up that big fat ass of yours and get lost.
Anonymous said…
Poor ol' Nigger.
Key sentence in above rant:"But my family really is as successful as I talked about"


And as I tried to explain to your ignorant uneducated ass, the ONLY reason I attack you is FIGHTING BACK. YOU ATTACKED me first!
When I had done NOTHING to you.

So YES, that is the exact behavior pattern of a lying, cheating, back-stabbing, dirty, greasy no good NIGGER.

It's not my fault that thru unselective breeding both you and your family are the type of people that you are.

Why you chose to take it out on me is not understandable.

So head on down to your local fried chicken restaurant and get a neck to chew on.
If you havn't spent all your money on crack and the law hasn't picked you up yet.
Be sure to put on all your "Bling" and brush you gold teeth when you get back home.

Anonymous said…
And one more thing....

You damn right i'm a threat.

Bring your black rapist ass on down to Dixie and see if you don't get strapped to a cross and horse whipped nigger.

Are you one of them BLACK niggers thats looks all greasy or are you one of them that are so black they look blue?

Don't really matter I suppose, a nig is a nig.

Change your fucking name back to Kuntakentey nig.
Anonymous said…
what exactly are you resisting anyway. getting a job, a life, what? are you too scared to actually fight. maybe if you, Jr and little deer, band together, you can get one spine from the three of you. No wonder iraqi's are being killed in such large numbers! There's a 3 to 1 ratio.
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

"what exactly are you resisting ?"

Division - Servitude - Fascism (I don't expect you to understand this nor what I meant by saying it .. )

Have sweet dreams, darling.
Anonymous said…

Why not ?

After all, he has the same IQ as Dumbya, but at least is genuine and essentially good-hearted.
Anonymous said…
I am for it!

Jr. for President.

I think you could do at it Jr.
Hell, I never really thought about that one...

BTW:This is the 167th post on this thread.
It has certainly been a wild ride.

Miss you Layla.....hope things are well.
Come back soon.

Jr. for president!
Anonymous said…
San andreas fault: 'What exactly are you resisting?'

Given that you are already very dumb and puffed up with your own arrogance (insignificant), I suppose you haven't noticed that your sort hasn't gained an INCH of what is essentially GRAND THEFT in Iraq? But then, I guess, your sort does not possess the MORALITY to decipher what's right and wrong. Does that indicate someone 'who is too scared to fight'? Admit it, coward: your sort has been given such a fine licking, by the time this is over, cowards like you (who can only attack from behind heavily armed tanks or from the air, or from behind the safety of an armchair in your caves) will wish they were never born...You will be the laughing stock of the entire world!

Scram, San Andreas Fault, to your armchair computer games and to your fast food, the consumption of both of which are reflected in what you say here. Do try to get civilised before you decide to share your stupid thoughts with the rest of the world. You, and your people, are inconsequential on the world stage. Just TOO THICK.
Anonymous said…
little deer...
You are hilarious!

You are criticizing the way America fights while muslims brainwash uneducated boys to blow themselves up?! hahahahahahah...

It is obvious that you're a child too. 'scram' and 'fine licking' are not the usual grammatical choice of adults, but I digress. You and Iraqi would make a fine couple indeed. Between the two of you, maybe you could complete a paragraph without mistakes. Imagine all the perfect 'little resistance' fighters you'd have? You could breed like rats and take on the most powerful military in the world. Using tactics you deem 'morally superior'.

I think I deserve the distinct honor of naming your first offspring. No, the name Layla wouldn't be the first for a girl either.
Anonymous said…
'Most powerful army in the world' - holed up in barracks and TOO afraid to venture out....not to mention all the body bags that are flown out in the quiet of the night.... Killing unarmed civilians, elderly, women and children. Trash. The word 'most powerful' can only be accepted when cowards can fight the opposite, man to man, with equal weapons or bare hands, like REAL MEN. LILY-LIVERED COWARDS AND TRAILER TRASH.
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

"maybe you could complete a paragraph without mistakes."

I am not English.

"You and Iraqi would make a fine couple indeed."

I am not lesbian.

"Imagine all the little resistance fighters you'd have?"

I am not parthenogenetic.

And last ..

"You are criticizing the way America fights while Muslims brainwash uneducated boys to blow themselves up?!"

I did not know that Negroponte and his cronies in the "El Salvador Option for Iraq" team were Muslims ..

Now be a good little Bushite boy or girl, go to bed and count American sheep to sleep.

Nite nite.
Anonymous said…
"After all, he has the same IQ as Dumbya, but at least is genuine and essentially good-hearted. "


"jr's fan" u noodle head i have an iq of 130+, which is probably more than that of your entire family combined (based on a household of 4, all of which r retards)
Anonymous said…
Jr. for President.

I think you could do at it Jr.
Hell, I never really thought about that one...


heck, me neither.......definitely something to think abt
Anonymous said…
Are you one of them BLACK niggers thats looks all greasy or are you one of them that are so black they look blue?


i dont believe ive come across either of these ike.....plz could u provide any links so i can see what they look like
Anonymous said…


y r u cracking your whip ike?
Anonymous said…
"Little Deer said...
'Most powerful army in the world' - holed up in barracks and TOO afraid to venture out....not to mention all the body bags that are flown out in the quiet of the night.... Killing unarmed civilians, elderly, women and children. Trash. The word 'most powerful' can only be accepted when cowards can fight the opposite, man to man, with equal weapons or bare hands, like REAL MEN. LILY-LIVERED COWARDS AND TRAILER TRASH. "


good one little deer
Anonymous said…
san andreas fault said...
little deer...
You are hilarious!

yak yak yak, blah blah blah......

....the first for a girl either.


shut it u knobjockey
Anonymous said…
hi layla
Anonymous said…
little deer what other decent iraqi blogs r there so i can catch up with whats happening in iraq....thanks
Anonymous said…
y r there no iranians posting?? there used to be a few of them posting really long articles...where have they all disappeared to??
Anonymous said…
jr said...
hi layla


just to expand on that, i hope ure well and we'll see u soon
Iraqi Mojo said…
Layla, I see you've become quite popular. You still love Saddam? What's the likelihood that Saddam lovers murdered Rahim al-Maliki?

Have you seen Saddam's killing fields?
Iraqi Mojo said…
brave anonymous, you really are brave! I admire people like you! Keep up the good work:)
Anonymous said…
Hi Jr., it's good to see your posts. Unfortunately, I don't know any other sites....we'll just have to wait for Layla.

This site has attracted some rabble, hasn't it?

Stay here - won't be long before Layla's back with us, I'm sure.

Hello Layla - you are missed. Take care.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Everyone, keep at a safe distance from that barking and slobbering cur "Iraqi Mojo".

He has HEREDITARY anti-patriotic rabies and is to be put down along with all those of his treason pack as soon as the legitimate government of Iraq is restored.
Anonymous said…
What an interesting cycle of assumptions. I seem to have a habit of assuming people with strong opinions to be males. Yet, the few woman I’ve known to have strong political/social opinions have been lesbians. So I’m not sure what is worse, being mistaken for a man or a lesbian. In either case, you can decide ;-)

Little Deer,
Since you ‘seem’ to be young. Don’t get caught up in the falsity of the virtual world. As the saying goes “opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”. There is no shortage of either one on the net and it’s all faceless names on the screen.
I’ll end here and let Layla’s blog be what it is, a fine piece of literary art.

Ladies, keep your chin up and legs closed..(hehehe)
Anonymous said…

"y r there no Iranian posting??"

In keeping with your "Lazynglish", I guess it's 'coz they're 2 busy killin' n drillin' innocent Iraqis in Idol Fire's name ..
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

"the few women I've known to have strong political/social opinions have been lesbians."

Poor GENEROUS Western women .. they would efface themselves to invisibility not to put their bird-brained, vain and sluggish (if not closet gay) husbands in shade ..

Thank God, we in Iraq have REAL MEN by our sides and can allow ourselves the "luxury" of being thinkers and fighters without fear of coming across as any smarter or braver than they are.

As for myself running the risk of being mistaken for a lesbian, rest assured: face to face, this is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE ;-)
Iraqi Mojo said…
Everyone, keep at a safe distance from that barking and slobbering cur "Iraqi Mojo".

Yes, be very careful not to read my blog. It might teach you something!

Mish'an Jabouri, is that you??
Iraqi Mojo said…

That implies that Iraq was not worth fighting for before Saddam put himself in charge. It's gotta be one of the stupidest things I've heard in a while.

How the resistance 'fights' for Iraqis. What a fvcking joke!
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Mojo,

I need not to go smell its crap to tell a dog from a man.

Enjoy the anarchy "recess" .. till the Law rings its "bell" again ..

See you in Baghdad.
Anonymous said…
Iraqi resistance…
You are the one who started the ‘lesbian’ topic when I suggested you marry Little Deer (I thought you were a man). If you’re insulted because I thought you were a man, then why are you harping on the lesbian topic? If you like talking about lesbians, have at it, but I have no intention of having a ‘lesbian slugfest” with you.

I’m assuming your first paragraph applies only to married women, from around the 1940’s. (stay at home and shut up). You must “think” American women are still like that, oh well. If that’s your version of ‘luxury’ I can’t imagine what the opposite is.

Then you claim that Iraqi males are ‘real men’ because they don’t fear a woman who ‘comes across” as being smarter than them. I have no idea why you seem to think this only applies to married American men. There are men in corporations and universities all over the world who try to keep intelligent women out of ‘their’ profession. You are dreaming if you claim it doesn’t happen in Iraq. Remember, there’s a world of difference between women being ‘recognized’ as intelligent –vs- those same women trying to work in a “mans” world. Male bastion organizations are a scary thing, they don’t take lightly the intrusion a woman makes.

Why you seem to think your looks make it an ‘absolute impossibility’ to be mistaken for lesbian is another narrow minded comment. Butches are not the only ‘types’ of lesbians, they’re just the only recognizable ones.
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

"You must think American women are still like that"

No, they are MUCH WORSE OFF than that - and the (few) enlightened ones are aware of it.

"you claim that Iraqi males are real men because they don't fear a woman who comes across as being smarter than them."

No, they are real men because they have VALUES and IDEALS and FIGHT for them - hence we ladies need not to suppress our own revolutionary potential.

"You are dreaming if you claim it doesn't happen in Iraq."

I am not dreaming. I am REMINISCING ..

"I have no intention of having a lesbian slugfest"

Neither do I, since I am not one nor a feminist, but a VERY TRADITIONAL young woman who ONLY waxes "virile" and (verbally) violent when it comes to the DEFENSE of her dearly loved homeland.

Anonymous said…
Iraqi Resistance,
It would save you a lot of stress if you stopped engaging in discussions you can’t or won’t finish. It’s not my intention or my goal in visiting a blog to rub salt into a person wounds. With that said; I’m not an Iraqi male puppet that’ll fold because you say ‘the discussion is over’. You can pull your little temper tantrums’ until you’re blue in the face, you don’t rule or dictate to me. If you can’t determine when someone is joking or serious, then maybe you should refrain from online chatter. I can’t imagine why you would be online if that’s the case, but seeing how you consider it a “luxury” to think at all, it’s cause for reason.

Maybe you’re one of those wealthy Iraqi’s who no longer gets to do as she pleases in a world run by her family/friends. Is that the reason for all your hate? Are you pining for your old days as a princess? Awww, poor baby. You have to live in the world like the rest of us pions. No gated palaces, maids, chauffeurs and traveling hither and fro around the world. Oh my, what a shock for you. Your nails must be a mess, hair all wind blown, clothes looking raggedy. I’d be ashamed to be seen with a scruffy lady like you.

You have the nerve to hurl insults at someone else? Please lady, you have no clue.
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

It is YOU the one who will never have a clue - about the Arab sentiment of life ..

Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said…
'goodbye'. what do you mean?

Oh but you must return. This blog can't continue with you and I as the only source of entertainment.
You'll be bald if we keep this up! And I'll get fired from my job if I don't stay OFF the net!
My only happiness is knowing you are about 15 years my senior, so hope is not lost! I do respect my elders.

little deer, have I scared you into hiding too?

oh Jr..little boy. come out and play. I have a noose I'd like to test on you.
Anonymous said…
hey...I"m not done with you!
Anonymous said…
San Andreas Fault,

You mean you'll be expelled from school, since you declaredly are as young as 9.

"Badbye" then, little pest.

P.S. Any future provocations will be ignored ;-)
Anonymous said…
"Iraqi Mojo said...

How the resistance 'fights' for Iraqis. What a fvcking joke!"


iraqi mojo u plonker if u r going to link to such disgusting videos it wud be nice if u cud attach some kind of warning beforehand so we know what we're letting ourselves in for....

anyway, im sorry but linking 2 a random video just doesnt cut the mustard. who r the guys who got shot? why did they get killed? whats the song called? can u plz provide some info as to who they were and why they did it and some evidence to back up your claims.

Anonymous said…
actually just read your blog......how do we know they are "Al Qaeda-Saddamist allies murdering a group of Iraqis."????????
Anonymous said…
"In keeping with your "Lazynglish", I guess it's 'coz they're 2 busy killin' n drillin' innocent Iraqis in Idol Fire's name .."


who's idol fire?
Anonymous said…
I can tell you are a spoiled brat! You have got to be a washed up, has been princess. Better yet, I'm beginning to think you've turned into a witch! You ooooze with sassiness that stinks worse than an open wound.
I'm going to demand a refund. oh wait, I don't pay for this.
Maybe I've gone senile. I know you can relate to that, you've practically got one leg in the grave.

Since you're such a 'proud Iraqi', are you the one who planted the bomb in London?! It was in a mercedes too, I know you arab princess' love mercedes. Do you even read the auto magazines? Those cars suck. There are more problems with those cars than the pope has prayers and you still buy them!!! The entire mercedes company is being kept alive by the stupid arabs.

Americans don't have stupidity problems like that! We make cars and we make'em right..(sometimes)
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