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Too Little, Too Late...

We have a popular saying in Iraq and it goes this way " Ba'ad Kharaab Al-Basra "??!! How to translate that? Literally it means " After the destruction of Basra " ?! Kharaab comes from the verb kharraba , which means to destroy something that worked before, to irreparably damage it... Kharban -the adjective, means damaged, rotten, not functional, not working, failed... Simply put, kharraba means to screw up something so badly, rendering it useless... So this proverb is used when someone comes along with either an admission, an apology, or to rectify some wrong after colossal damage has been inflicted... So you tell the person in Iraqi " What's the use, after the destruction of Basra ?!" In the same vein, the latest admissions from Mc Lellan ex-press spokesman for the White House and from other media voices like this CNN reporter , who both finally admitted that their reporting on Iraq, was " less than candid ". In other words they fucki

An Iranian - American Photo Album...

This is a GOOD reply to Nasrallah's speech of a few days ago regarding his statement on the IRAQI Resistance. It was posted on by the pen of Abdel Jabbar Saad. It is in Arabic and unfortunately, I really don't have the time to translate it for you.... BUT, BUT, BUT. Do click on the link and watch the photos here . For those of you who know sweet fuck all about Iran, Iraq and their respective players, I will walk you through one picture at a time. So if you click on the link I've provided, we'll work our way from top to bottom , you will get to enjoy a lovely, cosy, photo album ... Picture 1 : Nassrallah kissing Khameini's hands. Picture 2 : Nassrallah kissing Khameini's sleeves If you don't know who Khameini is, I suggest you stop reading about Middle Eastern politics altogether and NOW. Take up knitting or gardening instead. Enough of your fucking ignorance permeating everything. Picture 3 : Nassrallah jovially sitting with Khameini - takin

"Surreal Coincidences"

I find it quite "interesting" that the price of crude has gone down from 133$ from 3 days ago to 127$ today --when all analysts were speculating that it would reach the 200$ ceiling. 133 $ was just before the Doha agreements, 127$ right after...and more predictions on its price decline. I suppose the new American-Iranian deal on Lebanon does pay off, specially bearing in mind that not too long ago, Ahmadijenad stated that the price of oil was not high enough for his taste. Bush being totally lost, ran to the Saudis urging them to bring it down, they shook their heads with a polite NO . Bush was not pleased with that....But Doha arranged it all with its new American-Iranian deal on Lebanon and Syria. If you want to find out more on how "surreal coincidences" occur, you need to read this article - " Lebanon's deals hint at new regional accord ". By the way I don't agree with the theory that affirms blindly that the deal between Syria and Israel is t

A "Fanatic" Iraqi...

The other day, someone said to me " You know something - you really are a fanatic Iraqi "...hoping that he would hurt my feelings. Tell you what, I walked away feeling 10 inches taller. Of course I am a fanatical Iraqi. My country has been agonizing for 18 years to the total indifference of the world. My country is totally defaced, turned into a hideous monster. My country is totally destroyed, totally destroyed... From the sanction years and its utter misery and struggles to the present occupation by a so-called "great democracy". An occupation by the mightiest military power on earth, and again to the total indifference of the world. Millions dead, millions exiled, millions orphaned, millions widowed, millions maimed for life and you don't want me to become a "fanatic" Iraqi ? Ha! If need be, I will invent fanaticism all over again. I will re-define it for you - my Iraqi version. I will reconstruct the concept and give you a whole new perspective on

A Toast to the Charlatans!

If you've been celebrating and partying , with us, you may want to toast as well... It's all part of the current festivities and it's free of charge, since blood money has already been paid in advance... We have a nice sardonic proverb in Arabic and it goes this way "Ilhak al Kazab, lil Bab" - which means "Follow the Liar to the Door." - the EXIT door. And this is exactly what am planning to do with my "Toast to the Charlatans." Let's start with one charlatan at a time. On "Resistance Day" - the "Lebanese Resistance" aka the Sayyed and his thugs, Al-Jazeera (English) published an article and titled it " Hezbollah to back the Iraqi Resistance" Of course all the media outlets including so-called alternative ones, took Al-Jazeera's wordings as total and absolute truth. However if you read the chief charlatan's speech on his own website Al-Manar, you will find that he mentioned the Iraqi Resistance with

A sordid Realization...

After everything has been said and done...We find ourselves here, alone...picking up the pieces. I really believe the "average" Iraqi, frankly no longer gives a damn as to what is whom and who is what...In other words, we've paid our dues in advance... Truth be told, issues like Lebanon, Palestine or Syria and its honeymoon with Iran is the least of our problems...We are survivors, hanging on... Hanging on by threads, by thin ropes, to the utter indifference of the world... We are not sexy enough of a cause...Not romantic enough for the "revolutionaries", not a "turn on" for your average shit headed "combatant" of my ass...This we understood from the very first day. This we knew... Look at the pictures that depict us - a miserable bunch, a forgotten bunch, amidst ruins and dead corpses... Everyone else is celebrating "divine victories", and we, we are still in the background, dusting off pictures of our dead...keeping the memories a

Party Time!

Yalla, it's "Party" time. Come and join in the celebrations. If you really want to get into the "party" mood, you really need to read my post " Celebrate ", only then can you truly appreciate the "party". The Lebanese Army guy - Michel Sleiman (a Maronite Christian - like Aoun from the so-called "opposition") was voted in today as the new President. Three items on his agenda. a) The arms of the "Resistance" (the Hezb party) b) The enquiry Tribunal for R.Hariri's murder and c)" Restoring diplomatic ties " with Syria. I can already tell you that item (b) will be left on the back burner. Clearly Syria had something to do with it. And since the restoring of diplomatic ties is on the agenda, who will tread in murky waters ? No one. Huge celebrations in Beirut today. All the Arab foreign ministers were present under the guidance of Qatar. Present were FM's from Syria - Al-Muallam, Mottaki from Iran, Amr Mous
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A quick thought on Saddam Hussein.

You know something, the more I think about it, the more it is confirmed to me - Saddam Hussein was indeed not only a visionary but also a GREAT ARAB LEADER. Let alone all what he's done for Iraq and the Iraqis, but the fact that the fascist, retrograde, chauvinist, assassins iranians and their sectarian proxies (both shia and non shia - yes ALL of them) hate him so much, the fact that the backward, bigoted, racist, criminal americans hate him so much and the fact that the terrorist, nazi, zionist jews hate him so much -- just confirm how GREAT he actually was. Yalla, catch you later with more...

Dual Occupations - The Palestinian flavor.

Khaled Mash'al from Hamas, based in Syria, was visiting Iran. I looked at his picture and could not help but laugh at how the puppets always mimic their masters. Mash'al looked like an Iranian official. His sober dark suit, his white shirt - no tie of course, Iranian way and his finger pointing in total demagoguery. The only thing missing were a few silver rings from Qum on his hands. He probably took them off - too obvious otherwise. I guess Mash'al is not too bothered by the fact that Iran has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinians in Iraq - nor that they found themselves in tents on borders....nor is he too bothered that Nasrallah and his hezb contributed through their participation in the Lebanese army to clean away the Nahr Al-Bared camp in Lebanon. Nor that Amal, the shia party in Lebanon of which the hezb is a pure Iranian offshoot, was busy cleaning the Palestinians camps during the Lebanese "civil war". I suppose these Palestinians are disposable mat

Conversations with Myself...

I've spent over 4 months researching, reading, listening to videos, cutting news articles, saving links with the aim of getting around to writing a post on the connivance between the Zionists - the Americans and the sectarian Shias of Iraq whose loyalties can be traced to their original mother country - religiously, politically and ideologically - IRAN. I have over a hundred articles I need to sieve through before I produce that post...Articles dating from the days of Khomeini, his relation with the Western secret services in particular the French and the CIA, the Iranian-Israeli ties during his reign made most evident during the Iran-Iraq from the days of Khomeini until today. You must agree - that is a tall order. Then I have another hundred articles by Western "academics" and "analysts" (both from the right and the left) articulating the need for the restoration/resititution of "Shia Rights". Of course none bothered explain what these "

Celebrate !?

How wonderful, am ecstatic. Beirut is covered with white balloons, hugs and tears of hope and joy for having finally overcome the deadlock, the 18 months impasse it has found itself in. Am happy, really. I did not want to see more Lebanese blood being shed because of Iran and its proxies. But everything has a price. And the price is another victory for Iran and Israel... I suppose Arabs having been through the grinder of a dozen wars are out of breath. I understand. I know some of you will lash out at me for stating that Iran scored another victory. What do I care what you think. I see things in their regional context, not from some narrow prism made of slogans, rhetoric and brouhahas. To hell with your slogans, we've been eating and drinking your slogans for years until...until we have become skeletons. Several outcomes from the Doha meeting. One sure outcome is that the international enquiry into Hariri's assassination will be halted. Another outcome is Qatar coming out as a

Your Hypocrisy keeps me awake...

Every day I promise myself "Thou shall not blog today" and then I read a piece of news that just makes me enraged. Look at this one for instance -Iranian shelling of Iraqi/Kurdish villages - a member of the "Iraqi parliament" (hahahahahaha) is astonished over the government's position regarding these Iranian shelling. This is not the first time that Iran shells Iraqi villages. Definitely not the first time since the occupation and definitely not the first time prior to the occupation. The whole Iran-Iraq war started with the daily shelling of Iraqi villages - a fact that your media refuses to acknowledge and mention. The Imperial West and its pillar, the anti-war/left (another hahahahaha) never tire, till this very day of repeating "Saddam shelled Kurdish villages, Saddam displaced Iraqis, Saddam gassed his own people, Saddam tortured, Saddam eliminated all opposition ..." Bla-bla-bla... I need not continue since you know the old fabricated refrain mu

Your's Forgetfully,

What the fuck is going on here ? Why do I have this impression that Iraq has been forgotten ? Why do I perceive that the discourse has taken a turn, for over 4 years now, away from Iraq, away from THE occupation of the 21st century ? Who are these motherfuckers putting Iraq on the "back burner"? Who are these deceptive sons of bitches obliterating the millions of deaths, the millions of those left behind, languishing in grief and ruins ? I'll tell you who they are. They are divided into two categories. The Zionist/American Camp and the Iranian Camp. These are the ones who are currently pulling all the strings. They belong to the "right" and to the so-called "left". But when it comes to Iraq they are in total agreement, in total harmony. The Right camp with its propaganda tries to make you believe that Iran is the real danger and that it has to be fought. The Left wants you to believe that Iran is the anti-Zionist, anti-Imperialist victim and that it ne

A short Homage to a Palestinian Woman...

I've been watching one of my favorite programs called "Ziyara Khassa" - A Private/Special Visit, by Sami Klayb on Al-Jazeera. Today's guest was a Palestinian woman, born in 1951, an ex-PLO member. Her name is Aida Saad. She now lives in Dubai, originally from Gaza. Aida Saad though in her late 50's, has this amazing young spirit that shines through... I could still see the 17 year old girl in her, who protested the Israelis and threw a grenade on a soldiers convoy, wounding four. She said she could no longer tolerate seeing their homes being demolished by Israeli bulldozers. She wanted to do something. She was sentenced to 20 years of prison. She describes her years in Israeli jails. She was subjected to what she called "very brutal interrogation techniques", she was also was badly tortured, physically/sexually abused and insulted... The Israeli criminals did not content themselves with that, they also brought in her brother and tortured him in front of

Beirut Jokes - not really.

In Doha, the Lebanese politicians/mafiosi are still "debating." The Hariri camp, has agreed to 90% of the "opposition's" demands, yet this latter wants more. Crucial to the talks is the question of the Hezb's "arms". The Hezb will never relinquinsh its arms. The average Lebanese rightly asks himself/herself, what are the guarantees that these arms will not be used against him/her again. Just like any Iraqi will ask the same question concerning the sectarian militias's arms in Baghdad. Nothing strange here. What is strange though, in a dumb sort of way, is that the luminary that represents the American people, and who goes by the name of G.Bush said in the Knesset " Hezbollah's arms are to fight Israel, why have they turned them against the Lebanese people ?" --- This is how bright your president is. But your president reflects your own dumbness - the American dumbness and by God, Americans are so fucking dumb. No wonder you guys

Malignant Political Shi'ism...

I like words. Take for instance Shi'ism as in political and shism. One defition of shism is - " To cut off; to abrogate; to annul..." Guess what ? This is exactly what's happened to some members of my family in Baghdad. My cousin R calls me out of the blue. I have not spoken to her in ages since am in regular contact with my aunt and she usually gives me all the latest news. So R calls me and she is always careful on the phone, she says they are tapped. She starts off her conversation in a casual manner and then says " I don't understand anymore, all those big turbans ruling us. What do they know about politics ?" Then she casually adds " By the way we went for a "ziyara" (a religious visit), to Nejaf and Kerbala. It's changed a lot. Now they have a special corner for women and of course a more spacious one for men. " I've visited Nejaf and Kerbala on more than one occasion during Saddam's reign, there were no divisions t

60 Years of Solitude...

I remember when I was first initiated to the Palestinian cause. I must have been 10 or 11. I vividly remember the setting. It was our living room. I recall seeing sun rays penetrating across onto the Persian carpet. I remember the colors coming alive. I guess it must have been spring or summer. My parents were seated opposite one another. Each was holding a newspaper. They would read, pause, comment, debate and resume their reading... I remember standing at the doorway of the living room and watching them reciprocate... I don't exactly know how it all came about, but I was suddenly included in the conversation... It's been a long time, so I can't recall all the minute details, except maybe for my mother's printed summer dress. I remember the little flowers adorning it and the sunlight stroking the hem and her legs...She looked so beautiful in it. And I do recall what my father was wearing. Grey pants and a white, short sleeve shirt. I guess it stayed in my memory becaus

Pathetic "Taqiyya".

"Taqiyya" the art of Dissimulation. An art in which Iran and its proxies in the Arab World are experts. An art tool of sectarianism that is infesting us and positing itself as "resistance" or "Muqawama" like the "Sayyed" of the Hezb militia or like Muqtada Al-Driller from the Mahdi militia, call it. But nothing beats that piece of Taqiyya by Iran's Ahmadinejad when in a press conference yesterday, he affirmed "Iran has never been involved in Lebanese affairs". You must agree this is really a pathetic affirmation. An affirmation that even the "Sayyed" and his militia will be insulted by. Now what you are about to read is no Taqiyya . It is actually what a Shiite friend who is Lebanese, told me. He said that his sister lives in the Dahyia - Southern part of Beirut, controlled by the Hezb's militia. He was caught in Beirut and could not leave. It took him over 24 hours to get out, by road. His sister calls him and tel
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Exchanging Organic Recipes...

It's dinner time. Yesterday before going to bed, I soaked some kidney beans, you know kidney beans? They kind of look like kidneys, are dark red and sometimes you find them in chili con carne. I am not much of a meat eater myself, so chili con carne was not on the menu. Just a simple Tuna salad with kidney beans, tomatoes, maybe a couple of boiled potatoes and a few olives. I suppose you can call it a variation of a "salade Ni├žoise." So that will be my dinner tonight - a tuna with kidney beans salad topped with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing and a piece of bread. I can't guarantee organic food here, but this is as close as one can get. Sounds healthy doesn't it ? So I poured the kidney beans into a pot, added some fresh salted water and left them to boil till tender. Meanwhile, I thought I ought to read a few articles as am behind in all the stuff I've bookmarked for later... And here I am browsing through, article after article...and I come across tha

Mosul under Attack.

From 8 months ago, I've been saying it over and over, watch out for Mosul, something is being planned there. Not only that, when I listened to some of the testimonies of American war vets, one of them said that his platoon was charged of "forcibly removing and displacing Sunnis from the Nineveh province and bring in Shia families instead." You can still hear these testimonies, they are available on the Web. And if you insist, I will have to dig out the link for you. But I much rather you do your own research as I really have no time to keep giving you proof after proof, to no avail... And here come the latest news from Mosul, stuff you will not read in your mainstream media, nor in the Iraqi government media concerning operation "Lion's roars." A prominent tribal Sheikh from Mosul by the name of Fayez Munif Al-Faysal , talking to Arabic Al-Jazeera, qualified the current attack on Mosul as the "Iranian attack." He said the following and am quoting