Celebrate !?

How wonderful, am ecstatic.

Beirut is covered with white balloons, hugs and tears of hope and joy for having finally overcome the deadlock, the 18 months impasse it has found itself in.

Am happy, really. I did not want to see more Lebanese blood being shed because of Iran and its proxies. But everything has a price. And the price is another victory for Iran and Israel...

I suppose Arabs having been through the grinder of a dozen wars are out of breath. I understand.

I know some of you will lash out at me for stating that Iran scored another victory. What do I care what you think. I see things in their regional context, not from some narrow prism made of slogans, rhetoric and brouhahas. To hell with your slogans, we've been eating and drinking your slogans for years until...until we have become skeletons.

Several outcomes from the Doha meeting.

One sure outcome is that the international enquiry into Hariri's assassination will be halted.

Another outcome is Qatar coming out as a regional player competing and surpassing Saudi Arabia.

The current simplistic argument is that Saudi Arabia is a sectarian country, a client in the US-Israeli Zionist camp, hence has to be fought or at least neutralized.

Simplistic arguments come from ignorant simplistic minds. I need to remind the reader that Saudi Arabia despite all of its faults and it has MANY starting with Gulf War 1 till this very day, not mentioning its domestic and social policies...BUT
Qatar is not exactly an anti-Zionist state either.

Qatar has the biggest American military base in the ARAB Gulf (I don't use the "Persian" Gulf qualification). The largest AMERICAN military base from which all military operations were conducted for the invasion and occupation of Iraq - my country or what is left of my country.

Not only that, but it also has open diplomatic relations with Israel - the Zionist Entity. Tzipi Livni was in Doha just a few weeks ago. And moreover the Al-Thani ruling family purchased a nice summer resort not too far from Tel-Aviv. Ha!

In parallel and very much in line with what I "predicted" in one of my previous posts
"A fox trot in the Dark" - Syria has finally come out in the open today and admitted it is engaged in "indirect talks" with the Zionist Entity.

For those of you who know nothing about Middle Eastern politics, and you are indeed a majority - yet pronounce yourselves with so much cockiness - let me tell you something about Syria.

Syria is a fox in politics. Syria will never come out and admit something in the open, publicly, unless it has guarantees of some sort. I know Syria and I know the Syrian "fa├žon de faire."

Syria will not come out in the open unless it is sure that ;

- Iran will be involved directly or indirectly in the peace talks not just with Israel.

- that the Golan heights are nothing but a small bargaining chip that Syria overlooked and some say sold to Israel for years, so the question is not the Golan Heights but a regional "breakthrough" which will include Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians under all of their factions - both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

- The so-called indirect talks between Syria and Israel have been going on for ages. But several hefty business deals have already been signed in a European capital, between official Israeli and Syrian businessmen. This is a fact that you will not read or hear in your media.

- The current deals between Syria and Israel involve IRAN. Syria is not stupid and will not forfeit its privileged position with Iran for peanuts. Moreover, Syria is more interested in a policy of appeasement with the US than in regaining a few mounts in the Golan. So the peace talks include just that - an appeasement with the U.S and that in turn means the opening of doors for further "indirect" talks between Iran and Israel.
I need to remind you that Iran and Israel had at least officially- military and logistic relations up to 1995. I personally believe that these dealings have not stopped since, but I have no way of "empirically" proving it to you.

- There are no sheer coincidences in international politics. Today's Lebanese agreement in Doha surprisingly comes about with the official admission by Syria of its preparedness for peace with Israel. This means that all will be "cool" on the Lebanese front, to assist Syria in its peace talks. This means that the Sayyed and his Hezb will stop barking until further notice from Iran, if need be.

Why am I telling all of this ?

Because I've said it before and will repeat it to you. Especially to you the idiots who danced and celebrated "divine victories".
Especially to you the hypocrites who stood by Iran when it was ethnically cleansing my country under the watchful and encouraging eye of the Americans.
Especially to you leftists who are worst than the Zionists and worst than any sectarians that ever walked the face of this earth.
Especially to you criminals, accomplices of murder and silence.
I am repeating it to you, for the sake of Truth and for the sake of History, so I can have my conscience clear.

All of this big political orgy was only made possible by destroying my beloved - Iraq.

All of this was made possible by murdering the only true anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, anti-Zionist in this whole fucked up region called the Arab World - Saddam Hussein.

Yes Saddam Hussein, the sacrificial lamb on the eve of the Eid, the one you vilified, demonized, slandered, defamed, called a CIA agent, a Zionist, an imperialist puppet, a traitor...

You, sons of whores, who are the traitors and the agents today ?

Iraq was the buffer zone. Iraq was the safety valve against both fanatical Iranian sectarianism and backwardness and against Zionist-US Imperialism. Iraq was the aspiring model of trying to combine both modernity, development, and gender rights whilst at the same time preserving its indigenous Mosaic and its Arab - Muslim and Christian identity and heritage. Iraq was the cornerstone, the pillar, the backbone of the Arab World.

And all conspired against it.

Today you can celebrate in your orgies of "peace". Today you can whistle, sing and dance in your orgy of blood, corpses and graves. Our blood, our corpses and our graves.

Today the US, Israel and Iran (and its lapdogs and that includes Syria) have won again.


And tomorrow ? Prepare yourselves for another orgy being cooked for Saudi Arabia.

How so ? Remember the recipe for ethno-sectarianism. Remember how to concoct it.

Why Saudi Arabia ? Its eastern flank is majority Shiite and Vali Nasr, Chomsky and the rest have been singing and applauding "Shia revivalism." against "Arab oppression." Let me remind you that Vali Nasr, the Persian par excellence, was advisor to George Bush on "sectarian violence".

Well the West, Iran and Israel with its REPUGNANT left, with its FILTHY Zionist Chomsky and its equally FILTHY set of "alternative media", and do include the DESPICABLE, HIDEOUS, Arab left (who are still orgasmic from the last orgy) and which pollutes the blogosphere and the web - did. They were/are experts in concocting sectarianism under the guise of slogans. The slogans that have become your bread and butter, your cheques at the end of the month...

And now the pots, pans and ovens are ready for another grill.

Another "celebration"...soon.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Talal Ghanem.


KM said…
Syria is involved in torturing whoever the US sends them.

A Syrian / Canadian was released some time ago. He was flown to Syria though for torture.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi KM,

Excellent point! that I have forgotten. The US used Syrian shadow prisons for conducting torture. They can't be all enemies can they now ?
KM said…
Yeah. I think some went to Egypt too( amongst others including Jordan )...and we see that Egypt & Jordan are naturally called a " US ALLIES".
Layla Anwar said…

There are "US allies" in the open and there are " US allies" in the dark -- I prefer the open ones.
The devil you know is better than the devil in hiding.
Got my drift ?
AC said…
"...but I have no way of 'empirically' proving it to you"
can you prove any of the things you said?! provide a source or something that is not your personal opinion?!
I can provide even more fantastic scenarios of how Syria conducts its regional policy...but will need -ike you do here- to sprinkle some supporting verifiable facts on top for easy digestion. (business deal between Israel/Syria?...Iran/Israel cooperation?...Syria cares less about the Golan that its appeasement to the US?) any of these points can't stand rational analysis. But since you appear to be a vehement supporter of Saddam's "anti-imperialist" stance you ought to explain why he was an American puppet until Gulf War I.
Layla Anwar said…
hey you AC,

Are you some fucking moron or what?
Since gulf 1 till this day Iraq has been bleeding and you dare come and say that Saddam was an American puppet? What kind of ignoramus are you.
You don't read the news. Go and research you bloody idiot, of course there is a peace deal with Syria. Can't help it if you have your head up your ass.
And do you expect me to provide to you the name of the banker who is signing the contracts between the israelis and the syrian businessmen or what ? How old are you, 10 ?

And can you deny that Iran is up to its eyeballs in Iraq, you deceitful ignorant sod ?

Of course you can't...

You can't disprove any of the above. And if you research well you will find that Iran had deals ties with Israel throughout the Shah's period (you probably don't even know what a shah means) and throughout the Khomeini regime right up to 1994/95 officially that is.
AC said…
u crazy bitch...be civil! (or are you used to kill people with opposing views u Saddam-lover?!)
i knew u won't read my comments well...since you're a dumb bitch, I'll break it down for you!
-I said UNTIL GULF WAR I (meaning prior u retard).
-"And can you deny that Iran is up to its eyeballs in Iraq" u pulled this shit outta your ass?! (I never said it)
-"You can't disprove any of the above"...of course not...just like I can't disprove that you were one of Kousay's whores! (think hard about this cause there's a point!)
-As for the other shit...I refer you to my previous comment of which you probably read few words.

but DAMN girl...I never knew you had this anger in you u CRAZY BITCH! y can't u present an argument like a human being?!!!!
KM said…
I know what you mean Layla.
KM said…
Here's a 1986 piece for you.
KM said…
Another thing too Layla ( and you may know this already ) is that Damascus & Washington have been in very heavy talks regarding the oil pipeline that will run thru Syria.

Syria apparently is very much in need of this. Looks like the boys stretching from Turkey, southward thru Syria and Lebanon and down into Israel are all talkin and ofcourse Iraq and Iran are in the mix...if not THE subject.

Maybe they are all making these sweet-heart deals with one another for safe transport of oil.
Anonymous said…
The Iraqi national resistance is kindly requested to get a move on.

Anonymous said…
Your accurate post today fills me with much sadness, Layla.

Iraq was/is the playground for all this variety of 'actors', and yes, the destruction of Iraq has facilitated everything that's going on regionally now.

May the soul of President Saddam Hussein rest in peace.

Long live Iraqi Resistance.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
It seems you are the moronic bitch, AC. You are full of contradictions. First you make a point that nothing can be proven, and then you claim Saddam was a US puppet until Gulf War I? What an idiot you are. First of all, calling Saddam a US puppet is like branding Muammar Ghaddafi as a puppet just because he struck a deal with the americans. Saddam bought weapons and dealt with the american, but he was no puppet. The Shah of Iran on the other hand, was put in power by the USA. And you have to keep in mind that filthy Iran must also be named american puppets since they too enjoyed weapons made in the USA. Same logic goes here. So get your facts straight before you shit.

Long live the true resistance (those who fought from the beginning and for their land, not those who fight for Iran)
Anonymous said…
Do you see any potential heir to Saddam Hussein around, or any particularly fertile milieu where such a figure has a chance of emerging from ?
AC said…
Omar, READ dickhead!
I said DISPROVE...if you had Bush's single digit intelligence you'd realize what I was trying to say.
You wrongly assume that I think highly of Iran or the goddam shah or whatever da fuck they're trying to do in Mesopotamia. Listen, kiddo, if you ain't seen rummy shaken hands with your favorite dick-tator in 1983 then u gotta long way to go....so how about you get your facts straight b4 u shit?!
KM said…

I read today that part of the 'deal' between Syria & Israel are to turn the GH area into somewhat of a buffer zone that Syrians & Israelis can access. Yes, it seems Israel is getting the better of the bargain there.

That other issue ( which you mentioned before ) is that pipeline that is going to be revived that runs from Northern Iraq and going to Syria. It's the one I believe you had mentioned where Russia got the contract to rebuild it.

I TRY to keep my eye on Russia..not that I fear Russia...but see how they are playing the MidEast situation.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

You've reframed it very well. EXACTLY!
Layla Anwar said…

You have a few facts wrong here.
Te majority of the arms purchased by Iraq under Saddam Hussein were from FRANCE, RUSSIA, and CHINA and not from the US as everyone tries to propagate. Check your sources.
Layla Anwar said…

The Iraqi resistance is moving on in Mosul, despite the media obscurity and disinformation that Cockburn helps to feed as well...
Layla Anwar said…

The truth - I see no emergence at all and no fertile milieu. Quite the contrary, I see a fertile milieu being irrigated by Iran and the US for more sectarian divisions.
Layla Anwar said…

you fucked retard, what are you barking about?

I know you're a moron but you surpass all limits of stupidity.

A picture, a few lines you parrot like the fucked idiot that you are.

And who are you calling a whore you dickhead ?

One whore I know of is that filthy mother that gave birth to a bastard like you.

Talk like a human being ? Because you consider yourself a human being you piece of shit! Over 18 years of carnage because of the exact same propaganda you spew and you consider yourself a human !?

The stray dogs in the streets are more human than you.

Now get lost!
Layla Anwar said…

You're probably right about the Russia thing, and that may partly explain Russia's favored stand towards Iran.
But where do the Chinese figure in all of this ? I have the impression that they are totally squeezed out of the equation...
AC said…
bitch pleazzz...
see your problem is that you don't read b4 you spew out your shit...now grab a cock and suck will ya...reading your non-sense is a major waste of retinal!

peace 2 Iraq...BIAaATCH
Anonymous said…
Layla, nothing in human history has lasted for ever.

There SHALL be a point where the sectarian demagogues lose their fascination over the Arab street and the average Arab re-discovers a passion, or perhaps a NECESSITY, for his/her natural and legitimate unitarian cause.

Meanwhile, God speed the Imperial defeat in struggling Iraq.

Bless you.
KM said…
It seems China is taking another approach, for now anyway. China of course wil do what's best for China.
They are actively ( and carrying it out ) taking the road where they see down the road in 5, 20, 50 years and beyond, while capitalizing on the 'now'.

They SEEM to be letting the US weaken itself within and letting the US continue to create 'enemies'. I believe China is playing the US precisely they way they intended.

Look at the ENORMOUS of money that the US budgets towards defense. It dwarfs all other countries. The Chinese know this. They also know that their country is VERY attractive to US companies. They have this to their advantage too.
The Chinese know too that with US companies outsourcing jobs to Indian & China, this will cost the US jobs. No jobs in the US...no taxes for the goverenment. Citizens in America then can become an expense on the government very quickly, especially since major tax breaks have been given to the corporations in America.

Destroy jobs while at the same time putting corporations on goverenment welfare checks..well yer burning the candle at both ends there in America and the Chinese must be aware of this.

So poor people in America need inexpensive products. Those inexpensive products are coming to America by the shiploads and Americans are gobbling them up.

China has been buying up US treasuries of course..basically funding the US but China is getting a yield ( a return ) on that too. AND at the same time, China is buying up stock in major US financial institutions. Buying stock then provides one with not just ownership, but you also have a voice in that company.

I have a hunch that this mortgage crash that has been going on in the US may be a bit more than just greedy, irresponsible banks. China may be about ready to reverse course on buying anymore treasuries and funding US enterprizes. It will be a balancing act that China will need to perform BUT...who else can the US turn to to finance their debt? Know what I mean?

Some American may think that the US will get in the MidEast by any means necessary and once they control the oil...well the US will control it all. Hm, maybe / maybe not. The US will need to keep the reserve currency in US dollars. Can that be maintained? Me not think so. Especially when countries are droppin the dollar and this fall in the value of the dollar is a prime player in the rise of oil prices.

Military adventures are expensive, so to me, it looks like the US find itself between a very large rock and a very hard place. The US will be forced to appease China.
US governemnts have already (and have been ) selling off assets such as roads and bridges to foreign companies. The claim by the US govt is is that they dont have the funds for maintaining these items.
KM said…
Ever see a dog chasing it's own tail? The dog has caught the tail and it has began eating.

Here's a winner of a tale coming from the US government. They want to sue OPEC for high oil prices.

Isn't this just like a bunch of candy-assed, spoiled rich kids running a government? Blame everybody but themselves.
Anonymous said…
Layla dumped her ex-husband because he was a Shiite manyak who preferred young boys.

Well done, Layla.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

I am a Shia woman who left a post here about a month or so ago, but it seems you deleted it.

Would you like to have some honest dialog with a Shia rather than resort to dishonest postings about Shias?

If you don't delete my post here, I will consider it as a yes and have much respect for you. If you do delete my post here I will consider that you are not at all a sincere person but more like a hate-filled, cowardice person who deserves no respect.
Layla Anwar said…

Yes China is not stupid. It has also figured it since it is being excluded from the colonial game, it has its own colonies in Africa now. China has literally taken over Africa.
I agree with you about chinese exports flooding the market, not just in America but even here in the ME, everything is chinese, I mean everything except for some food stuff that comes mainly from Turkey and the EU as literally nothing is produced here.

The price of oil risin is due to the war expense I don't understand why people can't see that. It's not normal that a barrel of oil used to cost less than a year ago 64$ and now it tops 135$. I think it will hit the ceiling of 200$ then the US will have to act again - one way or another if it does not do so before.

Somehow the rise in oil prices is not tied in with production, but with something else. I am not an expert in oil economics, but surely the occupation of iraq has something to do with it. Some economists blame it on the burning of the refineries in Nigeria, I don't buy that personally.

In any event it's not looking good because inflation has hit EVERYONE. But maybe this is exactly what we need.
Layla Anwar said…
then fuck off and don't waste your "retina"....duh what morons on blogosphere!
AC said…
retinal bitch...retinAL!
Layla Anwar said…

You said nothing lasts for ever, oh am sure of that...otherwise I would not be here writing.
For the Arab street to lose its fascination with demagoguery, they may need to get imbued with it to their necks first. It's the way of not so smart people, who refuse to learn from history. So be it.

Thank you for your good wishes.
Layla Anwar said…
truth teller,

I don't understand your obssession with my ex husband. I can always give you his address and maybe you can check out his sexual preferences yourself.
Layla Anwar said…

First I have not seen any of your comments before and therefore have not deleted comments. Blogger.com does act up sometimes.

Secondly assuming I did delete your comment which is not the case since I have not seen your comment, then I believe it is my right since this is my blog and since I don't consider myself anyone's secretary then I reserve the right to publish or not to publish what I deem fit.

Having said that I reiterate I have not deleted your comment.

Furthermore, I am not sure I like your approach, what does that mean if you keep the comment then and if you don't keep the comment then....I don't operate that way.

You want to discuss something with me - be my guest but I don't accept intimidation not from you nor from anyone else. I think Iraqis have suffered enough from sectarian intimidation and slurs , I surely don't need yours here too.
Anonymous said…
Sorry if I came across badly Layla.

Now once again I am a Shia woman, who by the way never supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq and I still don't support it. And at the same time I knew exactly what kind of man Saddam Hussein was, a brutal dictator, and I did not like him or respect him at all. But I would have preferred to see the Iraqi people overthrow him and not the U.S. who had no business doing so.

What is happening in Iraq is a Civil war that was started and fueled by the occupation. Civil wars are ugly and brutal. Just ask the Lebanese people.

And I really don't understand your hangup about Shias that you would lump them all together like you appear to be doing. They have been killed and slaughtered just like Sunnis and every other group in Iraq.

If you are going to get rid of the occupation you need to find a way to be united rather than divided, with Iraqis of all sects who are opposed to the occupation.

The occupation is there to divide and conquer and from what I can see thus far they have been succeeding in the dividing part.


A Shia woman
annie said…

somehow i missed this post until tonight..a bit of traveling on my part. amazing (i don't mean to sound repetitious but really it is so right on...one of your best). also the oud pieces..
domestic work? sheesh. i am still unloading boxes from months ago. maybe once a year everything is cleaned at once. i'm terrible.

Any suggestions to chase away the cleaning blues ?

yes! water the garden! go outside and put it off to another day. next season.

i learned something new in your celebrate post but i can't tell you what it is because it will reveal my stupidity. what a fool i am sometimes.

re china. they are playing their cards very well. we are playing into their hands as we owe them the kitchen sink and more. all they have to do is adjust the Yuan (however that works) and we are in deeper shit than we are already in. we are in a race w/them to control africa and they are perhaps ahead.

China has literally taken over Africa.

not quite yet. but they are giving it a stab.

AFRICOM is a vital centralization of that military expansion into the 21st century scramble for Africa. The U.S. naval buildup along Africa's coasts is part of a new "force projection" that not only serves to monitor and protect strategic waterways, but also to intimidate and deter Empire's enemies. Pentagon and think-tank strategists, responding to perceptions of China's buildup of their own naval powers, are moving their game pieces around the world accordingly, "making sure that strategic waterways are under their control from the Straits of Hormuz to the Malacca Straits."

(nderstanding AFRICOM - Part III

one theory floating around is how imperative it is we control iraqi oil before the chips start falling between us(US) and china. it is iraqi oil that will give us leverage. we're tapped out otherwise. we've leveraged too much and are deep in a a quagmire we cannot afford to divest until we get the goods.

more than any country, china is the biggest global threat to US hegemony. they could squish us in a heartbeat. why don't they? because the more we spend and fight , the more we play into there pocket.

km Isn't this just like a bunch of candy-assed, spoiled rich kids running a government? Blame everybody but themselves.

well sort of, you forgot a few components. it is a bunch of sadistic, greedy, evil, candy-assed, spoiled rich kids running a few governments. US/IS and now iraq. i wish someone would take them out to the back alley and put them down like the rabid dogs they are.

no no no i didn't mean that, it isn't nice. and we all know how nice i am.

pleasant dreams all.. and thanks again for the excellent posts layla.
Anonymous said…
Good post layla,

Saddam Hussein was indeed the only true anti-Zionist, anti-Imperialist, progressive independent leader we had. If the Arab world was not full of liars and traitors, they could have supported his liberation of Kuwait city and its reunification with Iraq. This would have altered the entire regional balance of power in favor of the Arabs. This would have created a true Arab power and kept the Persians in their own country. Instead today we told to choose between being puppets of theh US and Israel or puppets of Iran.

Al-Rais Al-shaheed wanted neither. Saddam Hussein was a leader that the Arab nation did not deserve.

Allh yirhamak ya abu uday ya shaheed al ummah, ya batal, ya assad ya taj ala ras kul arabi shareef. ba3dak ma thal 3arab.

God Bless the memory of Saddam Hussein and god bless Iraq and the nation that gave rise to the last honorable Arab.
Anonymous said…
What SQUALOR that any modern age individual citizen is still fossilized at the PRIMITIVE mindset of identifying/signing herself by her sect "a Shia woman" instead of "an Iraqi woman" or "a woman" or simply by her name or nickname.

Methinks the "brutal dictator" just happened to have too sophisticated a vision for her "proud" Neanderthal's brain...
Anonymous said…
"I don't understand your obsession with my ex-husband"

It's simple, you made quite a mystery of him and am curious :-)
lasiaf said…
if you choose to speak of saddam hussein as you have! how do you explain the iran/iraq war.
Anonymous said…
Where is the end in this?

Where are we heading?

Why are the Arabs so selfish and each cares about him self only?

Why aren't the Arabs fighting the same enemy?....

If they keep this up... Pretty soon all the Arabs (250-300 million of them, including me) will just die..

Can't they see? are they blind?

Are they HUMANS?

Remember Salah el din was a Kurd...

Sucks to be an Arab but at the same time its great.....

Maybe some Arab leader will come up and kill all the others and unit all the Arabic countries under one Ummah..... At least thats what many tried to do....

Only then we can defeat Israel, Iran, America... And at the end maybe we will sink the Americs continent and save the world!...

How extreme but nope, whats going to happen to all of us is for sure like this:
20-100 years from now all the bad guys will invade all the countries kill all the Arabs destroy mecca and finish off this race ones and for all.

Shame on the Arabs... Shame.
Anonymous said…
"One sure outcome is that the international enquiry into Hariri's assassination will be halted."--Layla

Would it have been fair and objective in the first place? Wasn't it all about pinning the tail of the donkey on Syria who is of course, according to so-called Democratic Western dictates that many so-called Arab seculars and so-called Arab moderates aligned with the West have adopted as their principles, guilty until it proves itself innocent?
Anonymous said…
Fuck your Saddam Hussain. He was everything but a true leader. I can't believe you did not mention all the crimes against humanity he committed. Oops sorry, I forgot that you are only ONE SIDED and not OBJECTIVE.


Anonymous said…

When you choose to view the world from a skewed Saddam Hussein perspective, it is no wonder you are so paranoid that you cannot see who are is resisting and who is collaborating with the imperialistic designs for the region. If Iran is coming out on top it is only because the Arab leaders of the region are weak and divided and have given up resisting the imperialistic designs for the region. My husband and children happen to be Arabs not Persians.
Although someone like you would probably refer to them as Persians just because they are Shia.

The problem for the Arabs is the weak, so-called by the West, moderate Arab leaders Layla who have sold themselves out along time ago and who, even though they have so much oil, can't dictate anything to the West but can only dictate to their people through force of arms that is subsidized by the west.
Anonymous said…
When the war on Iraq broke out I was living in Saudi Arabia where they allowed U.S. jets to fly over Saudi airspace to get to Iraq.

Saddam, because he was a paranoid brutal dictator, made himself an enemy to most if not all of his neighbors and to many of his own people, which was not very smart for a so-called leader of what you refer to as the cornerstone, the pillar, the backbone of the Arab World.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla! In regard to your question re China – Leaving aside China keeping the US dollar afloat for the benefit of some other countries at the moment

' .......when the run on the dollar begins, it will be as if the rest of the world declared war on the United States of America by launching a missile, dropping a bomb, or landing an army at Bethany Beach. Delaware. .. the rest of the world is merely defending itself with non-violent means – for the moment. But it will be portrayed as an attack upon the US.........

'The World Draws a Line in the Sand Around Iran – There will be No Invasion.'
“The rest of the world has realised that military confrontation with the US is not practical. Yes, it is true that the US military cannot wage a global war on may fronts. It is having a hard enough time holding its own in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be no invasion of Iran. China has just signed a $200 billion investment agreement with its government (Asia Times, Nov 6th 2004). India, Germany and Russia are signing oil and gas deals with Iran hand over fist. This is global insurance for Iran, which plans to open an oil futures trading bourse priced in Euros in 2005.

“The US (Britain and Israel) cannot afford to attack hundreds of billions of dollars in Chinese, Russian, Indian, German and other foreign investments. It will not. ......

'Iran, Venezuela discuss oil price in Tehran'
London Nov 29 (IranMania) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Tehran Sunday for two days of high level talks, with discussions including the oil price ahead of next month's OPEC meeting according to AFP.

"The bubble of protection surrounding Iran just gets bigger and stronger. It is obvious that the entire world is drawing a line in the sand over Iran beyond which the (US) Empire knows it faces a fight to the death. Yet in public posturing the Cheney-Bush dynasty has made it clear that this fight is exactly what it wants, is seeking and is prepared for.” Extracts from “As The World Burns” Michael C. Ruppert fromthewilderness.com 12th Nov 2004. Author of “Crossing The Rubicon” I have found that many of Michael C. Ruppert's predictions from his indepth research re price of oil, decline of US dollar etc. have been spot on,

From the aforementioned, surely, the pre-Iraq sanction years were the obvious time for the Arab world to close ranks, but to the detriment of their own interests, the Arab leaders and many left Arabs very unwisely failed to heed President Saddam Hussein's call for Arab Unity/Nationalism. Nor did they heed his wise words in regard to oil, power and the Middle East. Instead they foolishly chose to support a dangerous, desperate unstable empire US/Israel together with Iran, in devastating a fellow Arab nation - Iraq.

To date it appears for now, the Arabs have handed Iraq on a plate to Iran, and Iran is now in a position to politically play with,and please 'everyone' when it comes to dishing out not only their own,but also Iraq's oil, notwithstanding Iran's major contribution to the destruction of the lives of 2 million Iraqi Arabs. Perhaps those Arab leaders and those Left Arabs who enthusiastically gave this support, like US/Zionist Madeleine Albright think 'it was well worth it'.

Ironically, it is the Islamic fundamentalist driven Iranians that are astute in seeing that it is to their political advantage to have the Arabs line up behind them in this opportune time. Hence their brave actions in Lebanon, and assistance in Palestine. But sadly, there will be a use-by date attached. And what then? Bearing in mind history shows in the wash-up, fundamentalists always stick together.

As a non-Arab I say “Full Support to the Iraqi peoples' Resistance!”
Anonymous said…
Come on Layla, you are a smart woman, let's get our minds together here. I understand your anger and frustration but don't let it cloud your vision. That is what imperialistic designs want to do is divide and conquer. For the sake of my husband and children, I want to see the Arab people rise up, ALL of the Arab people together. Please stop buying into Saddam's paranoid vision which lead him to his self destruction. Yes Iraq has a proud and ancient history, but don't confuse it with the likes of someone paranoid like Saddam who didn't fully appreciate that history, but who used it instead for his own selfish dictatorial purposes just like he used the Palestinian cause and Islam when he thought it would promote his credibility in the eyes of the Arab people.
Anonymous said…
As a non-Arab I say “Full Support to the Iraqi peoples' Resistance!”--bluegum said...

As a non-Arab, I am curious who exactly do you think they should be resisting bluegum?

Iran was smart enough to get themselves in a position through U.S. mistakes in the region to dictate to the U.S. their influence in the region, rather than the other way around. You cannot say the same for the Arab leaders of the region who have the power through oil money, but not the vision.
Anonymous said…
"Bush: US Occupation Needed to Thwart Iranian “Ambitions to Dominate” Mideast

Meanwhile, President Bush spoke Thursday before servicemembers at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Bush continued to promote his most recent rationale for staying in Iraq, that the US occupation is needed to challenge what he called “Iran’s ambitions to dominate the region.”

President Bush: “Success in Iraq would deal a devastating blow to Iran’s ambitions to dominate the region. Success in Iraq would show the people of the Middle East that democracy and freedom can flourish in their midst. And success in Iraq will send a signal to the world that America does not withdraw, does not retreat, does not back down in the face of terror, and that will make us safer here in the United States of America.”
"--Democracy Now


"Iran: US conning Iraqis into slavery
Fri, 23 May 2008 18:33:23
Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami
A senior Iranian cleric says signing a security accord to prolong the presence of American troops in Iraq would be an act of treachery.

"Iraqi tribunals will not be able to judge American military personnel and employees working for the US military," said Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, Tehran's interim Friday prayers leader.

Washington has drawn out a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and is currently negotiating with Baghdad on the accord. It will give legal basis to the presence of American troops in Iraq after December 31 when the UN resolution defining their current status expires.

"It would mean open-ended slavery. It would be the worst kind of humiliation. Anyone who signs such an agreement would be betraying Islam and the Iraqi nation," he added.

Khatami said that once such a deal is closed, the key Iraqi ministries of defense, interior and intelligence would be under US supervision for a decade.

"Americans will be able to have private jails in Iraq," he continued.

Pointing to the Doha agreement between the Hezbollah-led opposition and Beirut's Western-backed majority, Ayatollah Khatami said the accord signals that security and stability is returning to Lebanon.

He hailed the Hezbollah Movement's 'political victory' as greater than the victory over Israel in the 33-day war."--PRESS TV
Anonymous said…
Western Shia woman, go get "muta'a-ed" by some self-flagellating, baby head-slashing, body-drilling grand macho and live happily ever after well cuddled up and cozy in the darkness of your underdeveloped sectarian cocoon.

Leave the civilized Homo Sapiens Arabs alone.
KM said…
Hey Layla....bluegum

Just 1 more thing on China. China (amongst others), made off like a bandit because of the events of 9/11. The returns on the US treasury notes paid off very lucratively.

Regarding Ruppert bluegum, if you go to this link, scroll a bit more than 1/2 way to 'The SEC INVESTIGATION'.
Anonymous said…
"Western Shia woman, go get "muta'a-ed" by some self-flagellating, baby head-slashing, body-drilling grand macho and live happily ever after well cuddled up and cozy in the darkness of your underdeveloped sectarian cocoon.

Leave the civilized Homo Sapiens Arabs alone."--anti-sectarians said...

WOW! That sounded really anti-sectarian to me so-called anti-sectarians, LOL!

Now I may call myself a Western Shia woman here on this blog considering that Layla talks sectarian here, but it doesn't mean I am sectarian by any means.

Yet, you sure do sound sectarian and sexist with your sectarian sounding recommendations you so-called "civilized Homo Sapiens Arab"!
Anonymous said…
For your information, ARAB is not a sect but a CULTURE, and one meant to include EVERY citizen of the ONE Arab Nation, REGARDLESS of their fucking religious affiliation, Shia, Sunni, Christian or whatever.

Layla's discourse is NOT sectarian, it is ARAB NATIONALIST and anti-every invading and collaborating force, which DOES include the EXPANSIONIST Iran of the ayatollahs and the KHOMEINISTS IN AMONGST the Iraqi Shiites.

There are also non-Khomeinist, pro-Arab Shia around, and we regard them as HONORABLE people, just like there are anti-Arab, pro-US Sunnis (like all Arab rulers are), and we regard those as DESPICABLE TRAITORS.

But again, revolutionary concepts such as Citizenship above religion, race, class etc. are TOO SOPHISTICATED for a fanatical boor such as you.
Anonymous said…
"But again, revolutionary concepts such as Citizenship above religion, race, class etc. are TOO SOPHISTICATED for a fanatical boor such as you."--Anonymous anti-sectarians said...

I am an American by birth whose family has been in America for generations, so please don't lecture me about citizenship above religion. America is multi-religious and multi-cultural, is Iraq?

The main problems I have with my country America is its foreign policy and its out of control capitalism that serves the interests of the rich.

When you chose to talk about Shias the way that Layla has done, you do not help to promote Arab nationalism or Arab interests, you denigrate yourselves.
KM said…
In America, there are many religions, evan religionists that go by the name of Satanists and there are sects within Witch Craft.

We also have(had) in America groups such as the Klu Klux Klan, the Black Panthers, Nazis / Aryans, Skin Heads, etc.

On a daily basis there are many acts of racism, acts of violence uon others because of relgion or ethnicity. Some are reported but many more go unreported or do not grab the headlines.

In cases such as where Whites dragged a 'Black' American behind a truck or kidnap 'Blacks' and lynch them from a tree, still and can take place.

Layla has never called for the bombing of Iran and she has said as such. Acts of murder do take place within Iraq becasue of religion.

I just read a report a few days ago of how acts of Violence upon Jews is rising in the US and in Europe.

To me, its not religions that are 'bad'.. that gives a basis to commit acts of violence, it's the individual.

Layla has said that before the illegal invasion that Sunni / Christian and Shia had live peacefully... inter-marrying.

I believe she would like to see that return and not see women being killed and throw in garbage dumpsters. I would hope to believe we would all agree with that and stand behind her on the acts of violence being committed, aside from the war crimes that are committed.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your clarification KM and yes I know that there are many acts of violence that take place here in the U.S. based on personal prejudices. And I personally deplore and condemn these acts.

"Layla has said that before the illegal invasion that Sunni / Christian and Shia had live peacefully... inter-marrying.
I believe she would like to see that return and not see women being killed and throw in garbage dumpsters. I would hope to believe we would all agree with that and stand behind her on the acts of violence being committed, aside from the war crimes that are committed."--KM said..."

I understand and I am with her on this. I really hate to see the people of Iraq divided as they are. It is the illegal invasion by the U.S. that was the main factor that brought the present internal conflicts on, and to blame Iran for it is not being honest We can also see that U.S. interference in the region such as Lebanon and the Palestinian territories has created internal divisions and conflict as well. Before the U.S. Neocon invasion and interference in the region started from the Iraqi war, who other than Saddam(who had a hatred for anything Persian) was complaining about Iran?

Iran has been in the region for thousands of years, the U.S. has not. The U.S. is the foreigner in the region, not Iran. Since the U.S. interest friendly Shah of Iran was overthrown by his own people, the U.S. has had antagonistic relations with Iran, while it built close "U.S. interest" friendly relations with many of the Gulf Arab and Arab leaders largely at the expense of the Arab peoples interests, most especially the Palestinian's interests. According to the Neocons PNAC plans Iran was on the list of regime changes in the region along with Iraq, though none of the U.S. interest friendly Arab states were.
Therefore, whether we like it or not, it is only natural that Iran looks after its interests in the region in order to protect itself from what happened to Iraq.

The effects of this are that now Iraq, Lebanon, and the Palestinian territories are being caught between a battle of pro-Western Zionist interests in the region lead by the U.S. and Saudi, and anti-Western Zionist interests in the region lead by Iran and Syria.
Anonymous said…
Western shiite woman is actually Iranian . Most of the Arab shiites despise Iran ad are always ken on dissociating themselves from anything to do with this medieval countr

..........Iraq has always been a secular Arab country........

It is actually the medieval Iranians who came along with the occupationthat started to spread all this sectarian rehtoric which is only serving the enemies of the Arabs- IRAN Iran IRAN and Israel and America

Iran has been in the region for thousands of years, the U.S. has not. The U.S. is the foreigner in the region,

Iran is only 2000 years old or so, with a culture that is a mere cut and paste from Arab whether in ancient babylonian or SArab uccessor.

There will never be piece in the region without cutting the evil hands of Iran off Iraq and the region. Iran has to realize that it has got no place in this region........ Iran's natural place is in the Indian sub-continent, though I am sure that Indians and Pkaistanis will never accept it.......

No one wants Iran, yet it is always keen on sticking itself.......

It is called he Arab world- we are all Arabs..........

What has Iran got to do with it??

pffffff the Iranians are infesting in the region....

Saddam was the best to spray them off.........

May god bless the soul of the martyred president
Layla Anwar said…
How quaint - we have a TAQIYYA party tonight.

Western Shia Woman,

Truth be told, I have NOT BOTHERED to read any of your comments.

When someone introduces themselves as a SHIA it reminds me when JEWS do the same - You ask them what is your nationality and they will tell you AM A JEW .

Sectarian SHIAS are following in the racist, chauvinistic footsteps of the JEWS.

Hence I have decided not to address you at all.

Next !
KM said…
I agree that US is foreign in the region anf tha PNAC has much to do with an overall agenda with an ultimate goal.

The US controllers know that the World is watching. It is very important to send out a message to others that the US will do whatever it takes to show that it is supposed to be supreme leader. Russia and China are keenly observing. I;m sure by now they have ficured out most of the US's weak links; militarily & economically and are capitalizing on the events.

I believe too that the US controllers know very well what a military strike will do. It is not a pretty picture for the World. Iran has had years to dig in and prepare. The illegal invasion into Iraq, not only played out to an advantage to China but I believe also for Iran. It opened up a whole new theater of events.

Iran could not hold any dealings over Iraq with the sanctions enacted on Iraq. When the US, the Brits, with Spain tagging along, decided to invade, that opened the door to a whole new panaromic view and opportunities.

The US has shown that there is no honor among thieves. To accomplish a goal ( or try to ) loyalties and ethics are tossed out the window. Iran, like many others, Will Be Used...even it is for a short term gain, that will then have to be dealt with at a later date.

I believe there are Iranian elements that are doing likewise; that will take advantage of a situation to promote it's interests.

Its a high stakes game that the big boyz are playing. Us citizens are nothing. We are expendable. In their eyes, we can always repopulate. The life blood of governemnts aren't actually the citizens they oversee. It is economics and ensuring that they are continually fed.

This is what motivated Arab nations to cozy up to 'the West'. This is what the Soviet Union in allignment and why China opened it's doors. There is more opportunities for goverenments to become wealthy in a democracy that in their old style of governing.

As you know, Saudi Arabia has not embraced 'democracy'. Those in high-places have become very wealthy but they are not close to being a country where government is operated by the People.

What the US controllers would like to see is to bring Iran into alignment; along the way of PNAC, as you mentioned. Doing it militarily would be a disaster. I believe they realize that it is easier to cooerate with Iran than to meet Iran in a military confrontation.

Iran has state of the art Chinese made submarines. I believe Iran purchased high speed torpedos from Russia. Iranian jets would be on US ships in the Persian gulf in a heartbeat. Iran has a vast supply of missiles ready for launch into the Green Zone and would also hit the Iragi oil stations. They can hit Saudi Arabia and Israel both.

Like I said, Iran has had decades to build and dig in. And as you said, the US is foreign to the region. I believe the US is bying time and Iran may very well know that. That may be the reason Iran is building economic bridges to it's East. The recent sanctions on Iran are designed to twists Iran's arm in the banking sector but they do not control Iran's natural resources.

In the meantime, deaths in Iraqi neighborhoods are continuing. The Iraqi farmers are expereincing water shortages and pruduction has dropped dramatically, etc.

There's a word that seems to be seldom used. It's just a small word. A little word hat is so often overlooked. Even though so many like to think that it is attached to themselves..ourselves..it's rarely put into practice or even discussed. That word is 'mercy'. Where is that mercy?
Layla Anwar said…
A SHIA woman,

Ok so you hate Saddam and you think he is a brutal dictator. I suppose you find the sectarian mullahs ruling IRAQ today human rights supporters and democratic.

Secondly your approach is too obvious SHIA WOMAN.

First you accuse me of dishonesty,
then you threaten me
then you want to have a debate

On what grounds ? You have already stated your position and you have made your views known, what do you want to debate about? - there is nothing to debate.

I am preparing a post on the sectarian shias of Iraq - you and your western american shia friend may want to stay tuned....

Respectfully yours,
KM said…
Hi Layla. :-)


I'm still in a part of the Great American Rat Race today.

god I love this place :-(
Layla Anwar said…

I wish everyone could READ Your words because these are the SHIAS I KNOW and I GREW UP with. Not the ones who are ruling Iraq today.

Bless you and yours.
Layla Anwar said…

Hi. My a long comment.
First thank you.
Second - regarding China and Africa , as I said am not well versed in Chinese affairs but as I said to KM, I have a feeling the chinese know they are being squeezed out from the American game hence they developed their own- that of flooding American and world markets.

I don't know what the long term repercussions are on America - like you said I don't think they are too bright. The dollar is dwindling at a vertiginous rate, inflation is rising and the price of oil does not stop at any ceiling - That still does not clarify to me why the price of oil has shot up that way. If it does not stabilize, we are really heading towards even darker days...

At the thought of all of this, all I want is to crawl and cocoon myself until....
KM said…

A piece from the Asian Times regarding oil prices.

Yer right Layla, there is no shortage of oil. It's Greed.
Layla Anwar said…
Hu Bluegum,

Very good observations and information as usual.
Of course no one will attack Iran, this has been a psyop from the start of the occupation of IRAQ.

Can you imagine, here is Iraq being daily raped and everyone was crying over a possible attack on Iran...If that is not a cover up I don't know what is.

And of course you are right, all sorts of economic and cooperation deals are being signed with Tehran hence it seems that several parallel developments are happening at the same time
a)on the one hand the media psy op that has not stopped
and b) the pragmatic side of politics and deals being signed.

and c - and I think you mentioned it (am not sure) but BASRAH- A DEAL has been cut for BASRAH of that am 100% sure.

Only then can one explain this whole Mahdi/Maliki corrida.

And now all is quiet on the southern front and the real battle is taking place in Mosul in the north...the future "independent" Kurdish nation-hahahahahaha
That never fails to crack me up.
Layla Anwar said…
its HI bluegum not hu---talking about china made me do it ...lol
Layla Anwar said…
Hey KM - have a good day in the rat race or try to and let me know when you head out :-)
Layla Anwar said…
Arab Advocate,

Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
Do you get the same feeling that I do -- Mediocrity rules the world and in particular the Arab world.
I do believe Saddam's only fault is that he was ahead of his times.
Layla Anwar said…
And to all the others,

This is democracy remember. I can praise Saddam as much as I want or need. Just as you allowed/allow yourselves to demonize and slander him.
Bad faith lot. To hell with you.
Anonymous said…
"This is democracy remember. I can praise Saddam as much as I want or need."--layla anwar

Yes you can Layal but was Saddam a democratic leader?

Did he allow for his people to openly criticize him? If they ,what would usually happen to them? How can you be secular, yet be oppressive to your people at the same time?


"Western shiite woman is actually Iranian . Most of the Arab shiites despise Iran ad are always ken on dissociating themselves from anything to do with this medieval countr"--ARAB SHIITE said...

I like to refer to myself as Shia not Shiite thank you. And I am not Iranian, I have never been to Iran, but I have been to the Arab world. I am American, and my husband is a South Lebanese Shia Arab.

And what you claim about Arab Shias is not so, at least not here in the U.S. or in Lebanon amongst the Shia people I know. I lived in Lebanon for three years and most of my husband's family still lives in Lebanon. Both of my husband's brothers studied Deen in Iraq and in Iran. They left Iraq to Iran when Saddam took over. And my husband has nephews studying Deen in Iran at this time.
It was only natural for the Arab Shias to look to Iran as an example and a supporter considering that they have had a history of being shunned or persecuted in most of the Arab countries in which they come from.

I suspect that you are a Baathist ARAB SHIITE and it is the Arab Shia Baathists who tend to hate Iranians. But apparently Syrian Baathists don't....

Some people call Baathists secular but I would disagree since they tend to be very racist against non-Baathists...
Anonymous said…
saddam was more democratic than nasrallah and khameneie, sure.
Anonymous said…

Save your breath.
You combine the worst of both worlds. An American and a sectarian Shia. Go to your south lebanon and lament with the Syrians, Iranians, and Israelis. I don't need your shit here. Have enough fucked yankees around me.

Good riddance.
Anonymous said…
response to western shia woman's question' Who do you think they should be resisting?

Read on and find out -
As a woman you ask why I support the Iraqi Peoples' Resistance to who? Firstly,because it appears unlike yourself, my human moral and ethically principles have me believe that no other foreign country has the right to invade and occupy another sovereign nation. and murder its people and destroy its culture. And the Iraqi people have every moral, ethical, and just human right in this world to resist, resist, resist. Also you do not appear to understand, who the Arab world is – it is those millions of Arab People silly!

You are certainly not the woman you first made out yourself to be are you? As a woman you call Iranians 'smart' whilst we witnessed Iran along with their supposed enemies US/Israel together illegally invade and occupy Iraq As a woman you call Iranians 'smart' when their militias in Iraq murder, torture and rape women, and murder, torture and imprison men women and children. If this be the case, then as a woman you are just as morally responsible for this criminality as the Iranian 'driller and killers' you so admire as being 'smart'.

As a woman you also lie by omission of facts when it comes to fundamentalist Iran's relationship with fundamentalist Zionists. And as a women you sneakily hide behind, and parrot the false mantra of the US/Israel when they say Iran was part of the axis-of-evil, whilst we witnessed these three reactionary fundamentalist regimes in the form of a 'triad-of-evil' - invade and occupy Iraq together.

From these deceits, you then dare call yourself a women ! – when in fact you really are "THE BAG OF INHUMANITY".
Anonymous said…
shia ideology is SECTARIAN by nature. It thrives on division, lies, omissions and fabrication. Western Shia woman is obviously another product of this forgery.

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