Reminders of a Travesty

Someone wrote to me and asked me some clarifications regarding my stand vis à vis the sectarian Iranian puppet and tool, the "Sayyed" of the Hezb.

I went through my older posts and re-read one dated 28.January.08 called "A TRAVESTY".

You may also want to check my posts on the Arab Woman Newsbytes -- "Zionism, Khomeinism and the smell of Death" and "Dirty Links" - both written in February 08, to get a full picture of what am talking about.

In the post, " A travesty", the "Sayyed" in one of his speeches to the "sons and daughters of Kerbala" ( a link is provided - so am not making up the speech) assures his faithful followers about the protection of Iran, read between the lines...

In that column I summed up my position vis à vis the "Sayyed" and his Hezb.

What I said then holds true today and is unlikely to change in the future...

For those who are still wondering, you may wish to re-read that post and check the "cool pictures" of the other posts referred to from the Arab Woman Newsbytes blog, CAREFULLY.

I have nothing more to add and I rest my case.


G.Gar said…
Photos of the martyred president were raised in Beirut.
Anonymous said…
My brothers, join us in attacking the shithead pervert "Iraqi" Mojo at this link. It turns out that the 3ijmi faggot is stalking a 13 year old Iraqi female blogger.

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