A Toast to the Charlatans!

If you've been celebrating and partying, with us, you may want to toast as well...

It's all part of the current festivities and it's free of charge, since blood money has already been paid in advance...

We have a nice sardonic proverb in Arabic and it goes this way "Ilhak al Kazab, lil Bab" - which means "Follow the Liar to the Door." - the EXIT door. And this is exactly what am planning to do with my "Toast to the Charlatans."

Let's start with one charlatan at a time.

On "Resistance Day" - the "Lebanese Resistance" aka the Sayyed and his thugs, Al-Jazeera (English) published an article and titled it "Hezbollah to back the Iraqi Resistance"

Of course all the media outlets including so-called alternative ones, took Al-Jazeera's wordings as total and absolute truth.

However if you read the chief charlatan's speech on his own website Al-Manar, you will find that he mentioned the Iraqi Resistance with 3 lines only out of a speech of over 200 lines! I know, I counted them.

The "Sayyed" in the Al-Manar article, his official voice, said:

- "This is our message today to Lebanon and the Arab and Islamic worlds; it's a joint message by the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq to the whole nation..."

then when talking about the concept of resistance in general he said

- "I tell anyone whose country is under occupation: Don't wait for consensus…take up your arms and head to liberation."

then talking about his own group - the hezb, he said

- "The Arab and Islamic worlds should have helped them, but many of these governments lagged behind, however Syria and Iran spearheaded the countries that assisted the resistance and consequently the historic victory in 2000.."

- then finally mentioning the "Iraqi" resistance he said

"In occupied Iraq, there are those who believe in resistance and others in politics…Today, you must take the decisive position. The resistance has been dealing severe blows to the US occupation army. Iraq is called to follow the strategy of the resistance."

You can read the full speech here.

Now compare the Al-Jazeera heading "Hezbollah backs Iraqi resistance" to that of the Manar article. The Manar article/speech is entitled "Qintar brothers to return very soon".

The Qintar brothers are Lebanese prisoners from the South, detained in Israeli jails.

Of course you know why Qatari backed Al-Jazeera has opted for this title, right ?

Because if you've read my previous posts you would understand that Qatar is clearly backing Syria and Iran and trying to surpass the Saudi role. Hence I can bet you anything that at the upcoming conference on Iraq, the US probes to Sunni Arabs would be to Qatar and not Saudi. Qatar will play a greater role on the Iraqi scene soon. Mark my words.

But let's leave Qatar aside for now, and let's see how the chief charlatan Nasrallah has backed the Iraqi Resistance in the past.

First let's ask him which Iraqi Resistance is he referring to here?

The reason I am posing this question is because I need you to be VERY AWARE of the following:

- Since the US occupation and for over 5 years now, the only Resistance in Iraq that has not WAVERED in its fight against the dual occupiers IRAN and the US is the IRAQI Resistance. Read - "Notes from the Iraqi Resistance" post to refresh your memories. Furthermore the Iraqi Resistance has NEVER BEEN INVOLVED IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS.

- Only a few months ago, Muqtada Al-Sadr with his fall out with Maliki referred to himself as the "resistance". When in fact for the past 5 years he has not only upheld the Jaafari and Maliki governments in Iraq and was HIMSELF INVOLVED IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS but has also helped the US occupier in ethnically cleansing Baghdad. And I have no less than 50 articles and no less than 100's testimonies all incriminating Muqtada al-Sadr and his militia the Jaysh Al-Mahdi. So clearly, Muqtada Al-Sadr is NO RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER. The proof is that troops entered Sadr city only a couple of days ago and his militias looked on.

- And furthermore, I've already mentioned in my previous post that I have information that his militia is involved in the current ethnic cleansing of Mosul alongside the Iraqi puppet troops and the US occupying troops - another mini pogrom of Sunnis.

So who is Nasrallah exactly fooling with his words ? He is not fooling the IRAQI Resistance for sure and he is not fooling the Iraqis and the Palestinians in Iraq either. And he is definitely not fooling me.

So when this charlatan says this is a "joint message by the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq to the whole nation.." He is not referring to the IRAQI Resistance but to Muqtada Al-Sadr, the chief driller of Baghdad who is currently in QUM-IRAN "studying".

Furthermore, in several of my previous posts, I have shown over and over again how Hezbollah Lebanon and the IRANIAN Quds Brigades also known as the Pasdaran have helped the Jaysh Al-Mahdi (JAM) by training and funding them - way before JAM's so called resistance to the U.S occupation, as per the last events in Sadr City.

I have over 45 articles from various sources to prove to you that Hezbollah -Iraq branch, JAM and the Pasdaran not only ethnically cleansed the Palestinians in Iraq but have also been very involved alongside the Mossad in murdering - Iraqi scientists, academics, army officers, Baath party members and innocent Iraqis who had nothing to do with politics and most importantly IRAQI RESISTANCE FIGHTERS.

These shiite militias, plus Badr of the SCII and the DAWA and the Chalabi's militia were full partners with the Americans in the ethnic-sectarian division and murder of Iraqis and were trained by the Pasdaran. Do remember that Hezbollah Lebanon was formed in 1983 by the Pasdaran and trained by them and do remember that the guy who reconciled Maliki and Muqtada Sadr during their last fall out was nothing but an Iranian Pasdaran by the name of Soleimani - " The peace broker" of Basra.


It does not stop there.

Al-Manar a few weeks ago wrote

"... But shortly after the invasion, anti-US groups were formed, mostly among Sunnis and among various sectarian groups. Unfortunately, some of these groups didn't distinguish between the occupation and Iraqi civilians. As a result, the "Anbar Awakening" rose up against al-Qaeda in Iraq.
At the time Mahdi Army launched two uprisings against the US occupation; several Shiite resistance groups came into being and carried out successful anti-occupation attacks. But at the same time, prisoners and abuses were starting to pile up at a notorious prison west of Baghdad called Abu Ghraib. The start of 2004 was marked by a relative lull in violence in which millions of Iraqis were forced to immigrate.

Nevertheless, Iraqi people were able to overcome difficulties and establish political groups and factions. The country's first free elections were held and several competing parliamentary blocs emerged..."

Notice the language here - The sectarians are the Sunnis who finally rose against AQ. Mahdi is a patriotic resistance not a mass murderer, the Shiite resistance is kept vague because the Lebanese Hezb has very good relations with all the Shiites parties in Iraq. Hence Al Manar - The Hezb's voice, concluded by congratulating the "country's first FREE ELECTIONS" but it FORGOT to add - Free elections under a DUAL OCCUPATION -US/IRAN !

Moreover the Hezb's prominent Sheikh Qabalan extended his warm congratulations to Maliki and to Al-Hakeem of the SCII not too long ago, the two sectarian US-Iranian puppets who currently form the "Iraqi government".

And then you have the Iraqi sectarian from the Badr Militia congratulating N.Berri of the Shiite Amal party in Lebanon (Amal and Hezbollah are partners by the way.) I need to remind you that Amal is known for its cleansing of the Palestinian camps during the Lebanese civil war. And that the Hezb watched on during the cleansing of Nahr Al-Bared Palestinian camp in Lebanon not too long ago. Nahr Al-Bared's fault is that it was enough pro-Iran for the Hezb's taste.

And I can give you more and more examples...but suffice for the moment to tell you :

- that this charlatan by the name of Nasrallah, during those past 5 years of American/Iranian occupation of Iraq, did not support the IRAQI resistance (to absolutely differentiate from the so-called "resistance" from Qum led by Sadr and Co) - NOT EVEN ONCE.

- that during these past 5 years of occupation, the charlatan Nasrallah did not condemn not even ONCE the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in Iraq by the Shiite militias like JAM, Badr, DAWA, and the Pasdaran.

- that during these past 5 years of occupation, the IRAQI resistance has been fighting totally ALONE, thwarting the Zionist, American, Iranian plan in Iraq. Now, that is a true Divine Victory for me, an ongoing Divine Victory against a ruthless TRIPLE Occupier.

- that the charlatan Nasrallah and his hezb distributed candies in the streets of his Dahiah and in the south of Lebanon when President Saddam Hussein was lynched on the eve of the Islamic Eid. So much for his "Islamic" turban !

So is this charlatan trying to convince us today that he has a joint statement from the Iraqi Resistance that his sectarian militias in Iraq have been murdering ?

No, ya Sayyed. This no joint statement. This is a statement from you to Muqtada Al-Sadr in Qum .

This is a statement on "resistance" day and you had to drop a couple of lines here and there...

This is a statement to cover up for your sectarianism and your silence of 5 years vis à vis Iraq and its Resistance fighters who have been fighting the Zionist Iranian- American occupations alone.

This is a statement to cover up for your blatant sectarianism in Beirut's last blood spilling where you used the guns of your famous resistance against your own people.

This is a statement to cover up for inviting the Syrians who are in full talks with the Israelis back to Lebanon under the U.S and Iranian guidance of your Ayatollah Khameini.

and much more since your ploys are many...

But there is one thing in which you have not lied ya Sayyed - The Qintar brothers are returning soon. Yes they are, because you too, like the Syrians, are involved with the Zionists in negotiations... And here is the proof

What a cheap ploy from beginning to end. But then that is expected from charlatans like yourself.

Let's toast that, shall we ? But before we do so why don't you just check out the following logos.

This is the logo of the IRANIAN QUDS FORCE in Iraq

and this is the logo/flag of Hezbollah -Lebanon.

Any similarities, you think ?

OK, now we can say CHEERS!

Painting: Iraqi artist, Kathem Al-Dakheel


Anonymous said…

"the Mossad in murdering - Iraqi scientists, academics, army officers,"

The US is trying to rebuild Iraq, not tear it down. Killing skilled professionals means the US has to train more such professionals to make the country functional and bring it out of a hellish war zone. Israel is the US ally, so Mossad agents would not waste their time with a killing program against Iraqis, only to anger the Americans, which provide billions in military aid. Mossad has their hands full killing Hamas leaders.

"The Hezb's voice, concluded by congratulating the "country's first FREE ELECTIONS" but it FORGOT to add - Free elections under a DUAL OCCUPATION -US/IRAN !"

On the surface, this sounds so foolish. I see you are saying the Iraqis are voting under the heel of an occupation. However, if you look at what you say, in simple terms, you are saying that the US is helping to liberate the Iraqis by guaranteeing voting rights. The occupation we set up is transient but the democracy we set up, rule of the people is eternal - provided people like you don't succeed in convincing the testosterone laden Arab youth in destroying their future - yet again.

By the way, you succeeded in driving off "Western Shia Woman". Wasn't she sympathetic to your cause? Good one boneheads.

Finally, give it up with your "dual occupation" theory. It simply does not make sense. Iran and the US are enemies. Iran is trying to push world oil prices higher, to get at the US, right now. We are looking to kick Iran out, because we know if we don't, Iraq will never be free. We need a free Iraq because according to the President, "free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other."

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
you are a dirty slut
Anonymous said…
on another thread you questioned why the escalation of oil prices. fyi Germany in call for ban on oil speculation.

German leaders are to propose a worldwide ban on oil trading by speculators, blaming the latest spike in crude prices on manipulation by hedge funds.

It is the most drastic proposal to date amid escalating calls from Europe, the US and Asia for controls on market forces, underscoring the profound shift in the political climate since the credit crunch began. India has already suspended futures trading of five commodities.
Anonymous said…
Lol at the comments above me.

You actually quoted your President?, let me break it to you 'greg' your president is interested in an endless war just because he likes killing its that simple.

Look at it this way, on the day your soldiers die he make jokes and laughs he doesn't care.

And she is right you know, these are not resistance group and frankly am disgusted with Hamas for talking to Iran.

USA is not interested in Iraqi freedom this is reality, you watch Fox to much mate. Remember when they said the schools were rebuilding and every thing is okay and showed you videos of people with chairs above their heads? well in reality that was people stealing everything looting schools nothing was left nothing was rebuilt.

And beside if you really wanna know Iraq and afghanistan watch documentaries about them from Journalists only and not supported by military men. 'Yes there is videos like that.

And again i tell you, usa is not interested in rebuilding iraq or give it freedom, think, they want to make another 'state' hence they can lunch military operations from it.

By the way if you look at it this way, its not Iran's fault that oil is rising. Look into your history 20 years ago oil was 3-5$ now there is no shortage for some reason US and Saudi are rising the prices.

And to me it looks like they want to kill the entire world and provoke civil wars.

Every thing thats happening in Iraq is because of the us if there was no us there would be no iran. And saddam would still be alive.

Anonymous said…

"Remember when they said the schools were rebuilding...nothing was rebuilt." Oh yeah? What is this? US soldiers helping distribute OIC school supplies? http://www.operationiraqichildren.org/

"they want to make another 'state' hence they can lunch military operations from it. " We have 12 air bases in the region. We don't need to risk losing a war to gain another one. We simply trade aid for air bases and have all the bases we need.

"20 years ago oil was 3-5$" Our oil problem is an internal one. We have enough oil to last 100 years and coal to last 400 years. The leftists are blocking us from taking it out of the ground or developing nuclear power. So we are forced to buy it from your corrupt wahhabi princes.

You last line leaves no doubt that you are a hateful son of a bitch. What path will you walk?

From cnn: "Insurgents had threatened to kill the boys or their families if they refused to comply with the training, Deputy Interior Minister Kamal Ali Hussein told reporters.

"The Saudi insurgent threatened to rape our mothers and sisters, destroy our houses and kill our fathers if we did not cooperate with him," one of the youths told The Associated Press in Mosul.

I suppose this is your idea of a good time, samir

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Greg you have no idea aboutIraq. lets face it you suport the invasion there are many out there like you.I dont care what you think or write as you are not important to me.
How wrong you are about Iran, though off course you could be playing dirt games.
Anonymous said…
Response to the little US man up the front:

Seems the american stooley first off the mark here, and in the form of an incarnate of a US Nazi Goebells, as usual,is again repeating his usual US LIE about the US bringing 'free elections to Iraq' So here's a repeat response:

There are no democratic elections in corporate USA , because ONLY A 40% MINORITY OF 100% OF AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTE in the millionaire/billionaire US elections. And BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES OF MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRES, TOGETHER, REPRESENT A MINORITY GROUP OF THE USA's TOTAL POPULATION. No wonder 60% of american people have given up voting in american elections. Because there are no candidates who truly represent their social non-business interests. This is explains why the US has the worst social services per population in the western world. Therefore, in my reckoning this represents a dictatorship. And I think I may have substantial support in what I say here:


This clearly represents a CORPORATE- FASCIST USA DICTATORSHIP. In turn this is what Goebells here means when he peddles his 'free elections in Iraq' drivel.
Anonymous said…
In support of Samir,

You have my utmost respect Samir, And we all know Goebells here, is merely a stick twiddler for US/Israel and Iran, the three fundamentalist criminal triple treats, Bush, Old Mert and Nasrallah. who are responsible for murder, mayhem, slashing, burning, thieving,plundering, robbing, torturing raping, sodomising, killing and drilling, starving and imprisoning of Iraqi people.

YUK! can you imagine? These three DRRREADFUL excuses for human beings, all in bed together in the Green Zone? Imagine all the political hanky-panky they would cook up between them in between kissing each others bottoms OH! Yuk Again!

I suppose Goebells here, would be over the top if these triple treats hired him. Imagine, Nasrallah would have him maintain his special Iranian brand of de-luxe Moqtadar Sadr. electric human drilling and killing packs And probably Zionist Old Mert would have him dress up as an Arab and send him out to a busy market with a bomb-blaster press button mobile. And George would probably send him out into the streets of Baghdad with a stack of Yankee propaganda leaflets with all that phoney-baloney stuff on them about 'free elections in Iraq”. I know what I would do with him if he dared give me one of those.

On second thoughts, I do not think the triple-treats would hire him, because he is not the sharpest knife in the draw, and seems to bugger up a lot of what he thinks is intelligence work up on these posts. Oh Dear!

Anyway, aside from Goebells here, we all know that the US/Israel could not stay in Iraq for one minute longer without their much needed and loved criminal mate, Iran.

In solidarity
KM said…
...and as a fact, after Russia moved in on Hitler which then led to the end of the Nazis, the US showed IT's true colors by pardoning certain Nazis if they had a 'skill'.

They brought many Nazi war criminals to the US because of their expertise in knowing how to kill human beings. Nazi war criminals had alot to do with the US's NASA rocket/space program.

So much for the feeling 'true' remorse over the Jews. ha
KM said…
A read from Asian Times.

The US has found itself in a positionwhere it definitley has to 'work with' Iran.

It seems the Hez will try to work under a smoke-screen of ridding Iraq, Palestine & Lebanon of Western abuses and profiteering and ofcourse, warfare.

Naz IS full of shit-ollah. He's trying to get backing by pointing the finger and Israeli Zionists and the US, while claiming himself to have sterling attributes.

He's operating under this propaganda as a way to enlist more followers. True, Zionists & the West have only used the Mideast when it's to their advantage..the Hez leader is doing the same type of manuevers.

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