May 21, 2008

Celebrate !?

How wonderful, am ecstatic.

Beirut is covered with white balloons, hugs and tears of hope and joy for having finally overcome the deadlock, the 18 months impasse it has found itself in.

Am happy, really. I did not want to see more Lebanese blood being shed because of Iran and its proxies. But everything has a price. And the price is another victory for Iran and Israel...

I suppose Arabs having been through the grinder of a dozen wars are out of breath. I understand.

I know some of you will lash out at me for stating that Iran scored another victory. What do I care what you think. I see things in their regional context, not from some narrow prism made of slogans, rhetoric and brouhahas. To hell with your slogans, we've been eating and drinking your slogans for years until...until we have become skeletons.

Several outcomes from the Doha meeting.

One sure outcome is that the international enquiry into Hariri's assassination will be halted.

Another outcome is Qatar coming out as a regional player competing and surpassing Saudi Arabia.

The current simplistic argument is that Saudi Arabia is a sectarian country, a client in the US-Israeli Zionist camp, hence has to be fought or at least neutralized.

Simplistic arguments come from ignorant simplistic minds. I need to remind the reader that Saudi Arabia despite all of its faults and it has MANY starting with Gulf War 1 till this very day, not mentioning its domestic and social policies...BUT
Qatar is not exactly an anti-Zionist state either.

Qatar has the biggest American military base in the ARAB Gulf (I don't use the "Persian" Gulf qualification). The largest AMERICAN military base from which all military operations were conducted for the invasion and occupation of Iraq - my country or what is left of my country.

Not only that, but it also has open diplomatic relations with Israel - the Zionist Entity. Tzipi Livni was in Doha just a few weeks ago. And moreover the Al-Thani ruling family purchased a nice summer resort not too far from Tel-Aviv. Ha!

In parallel and very much in line with what I "predicted" in one of my previous posts
"A fox trot in the Dark" - Syria has finally come out in the open today and admitted it is engaged in "indirect talks" with the Zionist Entity.

For those of you who know nothing about Middle Eastern politics, and you are indeed a majority - yet pronounce yourselves with so much cockiness - let me tell you something about Syria.

Syria is a fox in politics. Syria will never come out and admit something in the open, publicly, unless it has guarantees of some sort. I know Syria and I know the Syrian "fa├žon de faire."

Syria will not come out in the open unless it is sure that ;

- Iran will be involved directly or indirectly in the peace talks not just with Israel.

- that the Golan heights are nothing but a small bargaining chip that Syria overlooked and some say sold to Israel for years, so the question is not the Golan Heights but a regional "breakthrough" which will include Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians under all of their factions - both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

- The so-called indirect talks between Syria and Israel have been going on for ages. But several hefty business deals have already been signed in a European capital, between official Israeli and Syrian businessmen. This is a fact that you will not read or hear in your media.

- The current deals between Syria and Israel involve IRAN. Syria is not stupid and will not forfeit its privileged position with Iran for peanuts. Moreover, Syria is more interested in a policy of appeasement with the US than in regaining a few mounts in the Golan. So the peace talks include just that - an appeasement with the U.S and that in turn means the opening of doors for further "indirect" talks between Iran and Israel.
I need to remind you that Iran and Israel had at least officially- military and logistic relations up to 1995. I personally believe that these dealings have not stopped since, but I have no way of "empirically" proving it to you.

- There are no sheer coincidences in international politics. Today's Lebanese agreement in Doha surprisingly comes about with the official admission by Syria of its preparedness for peace with Israel. This means that all will be "cool" on the Lebanese front, to assist Syria in its peace talks. This means that the Sayyed and his Hezb will stop barking until further notice from Iran, if need be.

Why am I telling all of this ?

Because I've said it before and will repeat it to you. Especially to you the idiots who danced and celebrated "divine victories".
Especially to you the hypocrites who stood by Iran when it was ethnically cleansing my country under the watchful and encouraging eye of the Americans.
Especially to you leftists who are worst than the Zionists and worst than any sectarians that ever walked the face of this earth.
Especially to you criminals, accomplices of murder and silence.
I am repeating it to you, for the sake of Truth and for the sake of History, so I can have my conscience clear.

All of this big political orgy was only made possible by destroying my beloved - Iraq.

All of this was made possible by murdering the only true anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, anti-Zionist in this whole fucked up region called the Arab World - Saddam Hussein.

Yes Saddam Hussein, the sacrificial lamb on the eve of the Eid, the one you vilified, demonized, slandered, defamed, called a CIA agent, a Zionist, an imperialist puppet, a traitor...

You, sons of whores, who are the traitors and the agents today ?

Iraq was the buffer zone. Iraq was the safety valve against both fanatical Iranian sectarianism and backwardness and against Zionist-US Imperialism. Iraq was the aspiring model of trying to combine both modernity, development, and gender rights whilst at the same time preserving its indigenous Mosaic and its Arab - Muslim and Christian identity and heritage. Iraq was the cornerstone, the pillar, the backbone of the Arab World.

And all conspired against it.

Today you can celebrate in your orgies of "peace". Today you can whistle, sing and dance in your orgy of blood, corpses and graves. Our blood, our corpses and our graves.

Today the US, Israel and Iran (and its lapdogs and that includes Syria) have won again.


And tomorrow ? Prepare yourselves for another orgy being cooked for Saudi Arabia.

How so ? Remember the recipe for ethno-sectarianism. Remember how to concoct it.

Why Saudi Arabia ? Its eastern flank is majority Shiite and Vali Nasr, Chomsky and the rest have been singing and applauding "Shia revivalism." against "Arab oppression." Let me remind you that Vali Nasr, the Persian par excellence, was advisor to George Bush on "sectarian violence".

Well the West, Iran and Israel with its REPUGNANT left, with its FILTHY Zionist Chomsky and its equally FILTHY set of "alternative media", and do include the DESPICABLE, HIDEOUS, Arab left (who are still orgasmic from the last orgy) and which pollutes the blogosphere and the web - did. They were/are experts in concocting sectarianism under the guise of slogans. The slogans that have become your bread and butter, your cheques at the end of the month...

And now the pots, pans and ovens are ready for another grill.

Another "celebration"...soon.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Talal Ghanem.