December 31, 2011


Not a very nice title to start the new year. But an Impasse it is. And it shall remain so.
The deadlock of the Iraqi political process is not a coincidence, nor a mishap, nor wrong strategy, nor miscalculations, the Iraqi impasse is a natural outcome, a planned outcome, a wished outcome.

Failure to understand that, will always lead to a skewed view.

When the Americans invaded Iraq with a sectarian ethnic agenda, they knew in advance that the Shiite parties will have the upper hand, and will always control the political process. When the Americans came forward with bogus figures like Iraq is 60% Shiite, 20% Sunni, 20% Kurd, this ethnic sectarian division was the crux of the agenda. When the Americans encouraged, and extra funded the so-called Iraqi opposition, back during Clinton's era, knowing full well that most of this opposition was exiled in Iran, they knew exactly what the outcome would be. When both Right and Left, when both the Neo-cons like Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush as well as the disgraceful left of Chomsky spoke of some alleged oppression of Shias and Kurds in Iraq, they knew exactly what they were doing...

The Impasse is totally expected, a natural, normal outcome.

What is not normal though, is Iraqi stupidity. A stupidity that still baffles me.

When I heard some Iraqis say back in 2003 : - OK now they got rid of him (Saddam Hussein) let them leave, I used to jump from my chair possessed by the need to slap into sanity.

Why would Americans cross oceans with the largest movement of artillery and men since World War II, just for the love of your Freedom ? How could you have been so stupid and so shortsighted! Did you not read history ?! Did you not read your OWN history ?!

Well your History is being written now, but not by you. And that's a fact you will never be able to escape. Political process, reconciliation all that jargon is useless. You are not the writers of your own History anymore.

Yesterday, in Adhamiya part of the "Soooneee Triangle" (hope you managed to pronounce right by now), there were celebrations to mark the "day of Evacuation", the day we evacuated the American barbarians. Yes we did evacuate them, it did not look this way in your headlines and news captions, but 8 years of Resistance by a small group, a grass root group taught your brave little boys a lesson they will never recover from.
It is normal that we defend our land and our homes against barbarity. If you have any dignity or honor you would have done the same. We are not the slaves of America.

So yesterday in that Sunni neighborhood, which was a stronghold of the Iraqi Resistance, people celebrated, this day of Evacuation. They invited Shias to participate. No one turned up.
The Shias on the other hand celebrated today calling it a "day of Fulfillment".

One calls it EVACUATION, the other calls it FULFILLMENT.

Re-read what I said earlier, the promise by America to the Shiite parties and their supporters has been fulfilled. The promise to Iran has been fulfilled. That is another inescapable fact. But just as we are not slaves of America, we are not slaves of Iran either.

Truth of the matter is that the Silent Majority of Iraqis do NOT want Shiite party rule, nor do they accept Kurdish independence.

Truth of the matter is that the Silent Majority of Iraqis do not care what the sect of the Ruler is Sunni, Shiite or Martian, but they do care not to be ruled by Shiite parties.

This "democratic" theocracy is a stranger to us. We are essentially a secular people, we have intermarried for generations, and you will not be able to reverse that part of our story so easily.

You see, there's something you missed here, you came with an agenda for an Impasse and our refusal for your agenda has become our Resistance.

What looks like our Impasse, is in fact yours.

December 29, 2011


There is no such thing as Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a handy word you you can get away with it. There is first Justice be done, followed by Forgiveness.

I am aware of all the proponents for Forgiveness...they are usually Predators. For, who will ask for Forgiveness but one ?!

Had it been a one time off, an independent case, a singled out case , a something out of the ordinary...I would have forgiven.

After all, humans are known to err...imperfect beings that they are.


But, this is not a one off, nor an exception, this is a repetitive pattern, a repetitive pattern I have learned by heart (by the way that says much about your creativity or lack thereof...)

How can you forgive a repetitive pattern ?

Repetition means a deliberate repetitive Intention.

When someone intends --- you have to equal that power of intention...

Politics is all about interests, but it is also about intentions.

You Americans did not harbor the best of intentions towards us. You were in fact ILL intentioned (maybe that word does not exist, so there you have it now) ILL-intentioned.

When they wish you ill...if your body is will become ill...the Iraq body was weakened...over 13 years of sanctions debilitated the sick man till his death...

This was Your intention.

There is nothing to debate here, nothing to argue.

I spit on your condolences cards, your funeral attendance. I look at your attention, your intentions...

And I see it today.

December 25, 2011

Lost....Lost Homes.

Women are peculiar beings...whoever, whatever they are...they are always attached to home.

Our home is our shell, our protection...the men may come and they may go, but our homes are our take away our homes, you strip us naked...

Many of us Iraqi women have been stripped naked that way, some of us even more, a full striptease...until we ended up in brothels...

Most people don't understand...most people are stupid, make no mistake about the human race...very few of these fuckers are worthy of respect or consideration...they will only understand when they lose a home...until then, don't count on neither - nor their empathy, nor their understanding.

Specially don't count on empathy from those in the "first world", they are too polluted, these are people cut off from the most basics...they are far gone - down. Forget them.

Truth is -- don't count on anyone...take stock of your losses, all of them..all of them...if need be, ruthlessly strip yourself from the grief...and count...keep counting...

Turn that grief into the real thing...into an accounting exercise. Your language does not count no more...the language of grief, of feelings, of emotions, of sentiments, mean need to learn a new language...the language of accounting, of adding up figures...of even out...

This is the language they understand...speak to them in the language they understand.

You may never recover your home, your protective shell, but at least you would have learned a new language. You have been taught a new language for well over 9 years now... Speak it. And speak it well.

December 17, 2011

A New Iraq.

The New Iraq is a pathetic non entity of a nothing...a mediocre product of a new world order...a country that can't tell what is what, who is who, which is which...a country where every moron becomes a spokesman for something he understands nothing about...and behind all this facade of verbal diarrhea, the diarrhea of Freedom and Democracy, lies an autocratic rule, run by Shiite parties and Shiite militias where black chadors and black flags adorn every street, every neighborhood, where not one poster, but thousands of posters are plastered on every corner, the same faces, the same turbans, the same titles....titles, all forged titles, forged diplomas,
forged ministries, forged identities, forged history, forged...

The new Iraq is a forgery...a fraud...a FRAUD, a fraudulent experiment, a fraud of conscience, a fraud of morality...a make believe, a lie...

Not the BBC, nor the CBS, nor the ABC will tell you any of that...they are there to sell you the final product, the experiment...the drug of Democracy...the FDA approved for consumption.

Iraq is a ravaged country, right down to its very fiber...all the rest is make up...the make up over scars of a savage makeover...the dabbing of eye shadows, creamy foundations and rosy blushers over a deformed face...a last minute dab in front of world projectors...

A Savagery, a barbarity that is now embedded in one of your embedded one of your experts, like one of your specialists... I carry that savagery everywhere I go...a flag, a symbol, a second skin...a new me...a new Iraq.

December 11, 2011

Persistence behind Shadows...

I am constantly confronted with people's is usually a mix of light and obscurity, and at times, most of the time - just pure obscurity. Seeing through the obscurity is not takes much focus, much senses, much intuition -- to feel your way through...

Painstakingly so.

If anything or anyone has been shrouded in much obscurity, it is Iraq. Not Palestine, not Syria, not Libya, not Egypt, not Yemen, not Tunisia, not Bahrain...not anywhere, but Iraq.

At least with the others, if it is any consolation, even though it is not, the faces have names, some story one can write about, a location one can refer our case, we remain anonymous, faceless, nameless, history-less.

Iraq is the Haggar, the slave woman that no one pays attention to. Let her run and fend for herself...let her seek and beseech...she is nothing but a slave woman.

The cover up is still thick, a dense veil, a black Chador...hiding the Truth, the Reality.

It does not matter anymore how many posts I write denouncing, exposing, nor does it matter anymore what I say or don't say ---there's a consensus out there, a final verdict - Iraq is a done deal, let's move on...

And what if I don't want to move on ? And what if I wish to remain stuck because not all is said, because not all is exposed ? What then ?

Am told it is no longer told there are Springs awaiting us.

The reader is always on the lookout for a new story, another piece of meat, to consume...I have no more stories, my stories are repetitive and in their repetitiveness they have a message, that you never digested...that you never really swallowed...that you have never bitten into...

I want to bring back Iraq to the very forefront, yes, to the very forefront of the battlefield.
For me there are no troops withdrawing, for me there is no pull out...the imprints are there. The soldiers boots are there, the debris are there. You will not efface that, just like that, simply put, in between deadlines.

I will not move on. I refuse to move on. I am adamant in staying put, picketing deadlines and checkpoints...I am adamant in the face of Shadows. I am adamant in the face of Silence. I am adamant in the face of willful Forgetfulness.

I am stubborn, I stick to it, I stick to what I love, even if what I love has become a Shadow of itself.

You will not get away with it. Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow, not after the famous deadline for a "withdrawal"...your good conscience Coitus Interruptus, when we are to swallow the morning after pill...abort monsters before they are due...outside delivery rooms of labour pangs ...the new birth pangs of your New World Order...of your new Middle East...that you are for ever trying to invent and re-invent...

A bit of democracy here and there, toilet paper publications and congresses for the good abiding Arab/Muslim.

Lulling us with religion, handpicked scholars and "open minded" preachers, shoving band aids on our some comedian being ushered on a stage, at gun point - make them smile and laugh - he is ordered.

No, and a thousand No's. Iraq is not a clown.

I have seen way too many lives broken, I have seen way too much grief to become the good Arab, to become the acceptable audience that you hope for.

I am the dirty agent, that belongs to no one...I just do it for Truth, for Fun...yes Fun...I love it when an irrelevant voice like mine, an inconsequential one, goes at it again and again, in the monotonous repetitiveness of a story too often told...

I don't care, if it falls on deaf ears, I don't care if it is just a whisper, a murmur...all I know is that it is a voice from behind the is real, it is here and it will not let go.

December 1, 2011


I've had a Facebook account for several years now, which I hardly ever use. I totally dislike Facebook, their privacy and security levels are ZERO, and they effect many changes without notifying their users - it is a perfect place for a nest of spies. Hence my total dislike for it.

However, Uruknet on its FB page, had some pretty nonsensical comments on one of my posts on Syria bearing all types of stupid accusations, and I decided I wanted to reply to set the record straight.

By the same token I thought I'd make some changes to my Facebook profile.

One of the changes I wanted to effect was add a secondary email to my Facebook account. To my surprise when I tried doing so, I was told that this secondary email of mine let's call it X is already in use by someone on Facebook.

I found that most strange because I have never used that email X on Facebook before. So I researched a little and found out that my email X is indeed associated to someone impersonating me and using my name - even though I HAVE NEVER CONFIRMED THAT EMAIL NOTIFICATION FROM FACEBOOK SINCE I NEVER RECEIVED IT FROM THEM.

Not only do I find out that my email address X is being used but that there are several other impersonators with ghost accounts using my name Layla Anwar.

I was then told that this impersonator who used my email account X has disabled his profile. YET MY EMAIL X is still associated with this user.

I tried opening a new FACEBOOK account with my email address X, and was told it is not possible because this email address X (which is MY ADDRESS) has been disabled as well.

I then proceeded to write a report to Facebook asking for explanations as to how they could let someone use my email address X when I never received a notification from them to ACTIVATE it.

The formula on their website requires my name, my date of birth, my telephone number, a copy of my ID if I want to get answers to my query.

Another dirty ploy by FACEBOOK to get more information on their users.

So what that means in effect: if in the future I want to register for an FB account using MY email address X I simply can't do so. Which also means that my email address X has been hacked into several times.

After posting my replies to these stupid comments on URUK FB page, I decided that this was no longer worth it. I DEACTIVATED my Facebook account. Hence all comments, info, profile I have past or present are no longer there.

If you wish to contact me, my email is on my blog profile or you can follow me on TWITTER @ laylaanwar. No more FACEBOOK "friends" requests please.


Oh and by the way from november 25 to november 28 I've had well over 1000 hacking attempts into my blog.

I will take that as a compliment.

November 30, 2011

# Notes to Self regarding "Arab Spring" Developments.

Developments to follow up on :

- Yemen : on the edge of a civil war (Foreign Policy)

- Bahrain : opposition asking for the government's resignation

- Egypt : 80 wounded in clashes in post election, also seems that US had sent anti riot material to transitional govt and last but not least heavy arguments regarding some breach of trust and hurling of stones between some members of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists

- Syria : the massacres continue and ditto as in Yemen.

- Lebanon : rocket "skirmishes" on the Southern border with Israeli retaliation. Lebanese government implicating "Al-Qaeda"- Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an ant- Assad, anti-Hezbollah group (yeah sure - old stale tactic)

- Iraq : violence on the rise again, several bombs in different locations of Baghdad including the Green Zone, Mosul and Anbar. Several dead and wounded. Biden on visit there, also Iraq now rated as worst country to live in with worst standard and quality of life. Also more crackdown on Baathists in Najaf and 9 arrests of so-called terrorists in Mosul. Plus about 700 US trainers to train Iraqi army while US trained Iraqi army has signed several defense pacts with Iran Revolutionary Guards this month. Business as usual.

- Saudi Arabia : 4 killed in Eastern province, demonstration calling for the fall of Al-Saud

- Libya : still no security throughout, conflict over power grabs, in fighting, lots of arms on the black market.

- Iran : not part of the Arab Spring, unfortunately, but note: take over of UK embassy by pro-government hardliners students, diversion tactic and message regarding Syria. UK to partially withdraw its embassy staff.

- Turkey : not part of Arab spring but related - anteing up pressure on Syria, said will divert trade route through Iraq to Jordan and elsewhere. How will it manage it with Iraqi government /Kurdish regional government ?

- Israel ex Mossad chief dismisses any strike on Iran arguing that rockets will fall from Hamas and Hezbollah - to the dismay and anger of Ehud Barak who accused him of sidestepping the political chain of command (Hareetz)

- Russia : angry for being cheated out of some NATO agreement on joint Defense strategy, will send fleet to Syria in December 2011 and will send its NATO envoy to visit China and Iran over missile defense

To be continued...naturally.

November 28, 2011

#Notes To Self regarding Syria

I am jotting these observations and thoughts down for the record and for the future. I hope I can cover all the points I jotted down in my head first - been doing nothing but reading article after article on Syria, talking to Syrian friends, both inside and outside the country, and engaging some Syrians online to get their version of events.

I am also subjected to more vile emails and over 1000 hacking attempts. Hence I feel there must be a good amount of truth in my previous post on Syria. In any event, this post is going to consist of thoughts/remarks/questions and maybe an analysis would deduct itself by itself.

This post is for me first and foremost, not for any reader. So am not too concerned here if I make sense to you or not.

1. Spoke to Syrian family who is Christian, they told me that over 150 Christians were massacred in Homs. They believe it is "armed men" who are not tied to the regime, they were told they are bearded - the family did not say it but they implied they were Islamist/Terrorist.

2. By the same token, read several reports from Christian observers who traveled to Syria during the period September - November 11, they seem to confirm that "armed groups" are killing citizens and mutilating them, according to them they visited the government hospital in Homs and can testify to that - these reporters were invited by the Syrian government, so it is very likely that they only had access to the official version.

3. On the other hand, several videos and testimonies from residents living in Homs and elsewhere attest a) the capture of Iranian Quds Brigades, Hezbollah fighters and of course the confirmation of what I stated in my previous post - namely Muqtada Al-Sadr sending his militia in.

4. According to some reports of the FSA (Free Syrian Army), the number of soldiers defecting is around 50'000, of course this can't be verified, but most of the videos I took the pain to watch of FSA all the soldiers confirm no.3 and say they have defected because they refuse orders to shoot on their own unarmed people.

5. According to other reports, those who maintain the nucleus of the armed forces and the security apparatus are directly related to the Assad family, the name of Maher Al-Assad the brother comes up frequently.

6. Also watched a video in Arabic where Rifaat Al-Assad was giving a lecture in Paris, he by the way met with Bernard Henri Levy in October/November (one of the masterminds for Libya), in that video he was talking about Hama - he of course denied his role in the massacres of Hama, but more interestingly he blamed Hama on Iraq, saying that Saddam Hussein sent Takfiris, to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Hama, and this group were anti shia, anti alawite anti ismaili. Watching this video of Rifaat Al-Assad confirmed to me the inherent sectarianism of the hardcore Alawite - of course these allegations are baloney since Saddam Hussein and his Baath were allergic to anything called Muslim Brothers or Salafists/Takfiris, furthermore in the 80's for the record, there was no such trend as takfiri/salafi, there were only the Muslim Brotherhood. The Salafist ideology came later onto the political scene. (also read an article which stated that there was a secret meeting between Sharon, Rifaat Al-Assad and US in 1982 organized by Kissinger -note Iran/Iraq war and Syria's stand)

7. So who are these armed groups currently at work in Syria - a) the Shabiha for sure b) Iranian , Hezbollah and Sadr militias c) BBC ran a video in which it also showed fighters/arms coming in from Lebanon and alluded to porous borders with Turkey.

8. On the regional level several developments I need to note :

a) the almost take over by Qatar of the Arab League
b) Libya's NTC offering help to the FAS also just read on Turkish newspaper that France training Syrian "rebels"- Got to be careful with such allegations/psyops as 1)compulsory military service in Syria and 2)FSA hardly needs training.
c) Belhadj of Libya arrested by Zintan brigades on a "special mission" to Turkey for carrying a fake passport
d) Iran stating that it has missiles that can reach Turkey, which is really a threat.
e) Turkey increasing its condemnation regarding Syria along with Qatar (more so than any Arab country I must say)
f) Russia sending a military ship to Syrian coastal waters - read the same for Iran.
g) Americans keeping a low profile on the matter
h) a rejection of any military NATO intervention and no fly zone by AL and EU
i) the Juppe France proposal for "Humanitarian Corridors" has also been rejected so far.
l) Iraq adamant about preserving the Assad regime from fear of an "Islamist" take over that will ruin its "democracy" (as per the statements of Talabani, Maliki and Zebari)And of course Lebanon.
m) Jordan also had its objections to economic sanctions vis a vis Syria - I think Jordan is trying to keep out of it as much as possible as some commentators alluded to fears of some sort of Hezbollah retaliation from inside Syrian territory.
n) Israel broke the silence only once on Syria which is kind of strange for Israel -stating that Assad's end is like that of Saddam and Gaddafi and since I have not read anything else from the Jewish state.

9. on the ground these are the observations I made again and again. The protests seem to be concentrated or should I say the armed conflict (which is not really a good term because there is no equality in balance of power here) in the periphery of Damascus - like Homs, Deir Ezzor, Idlib, Hama etc (maybe to the exception of Aleppo). From the Syrians I have spoken to, they confirm to me that there are sporadic unarmed demonstrations in Damascus but mainly in the "poor areas" and that overall the security situation there is good.

10. another observation I can't sidestep, is that Assad regime does still have support mainly in Damascus and maybe Aleppo (urban elites)and those supporters that include ordinary Syrians who are neither Alawites nor Baathists, seem to believe that there is a conspiracy against Syria by US/Qatar/Israel/Turkey/Saudi Arabia/ Europe. What I find objectionable is their denial of the hideous repression taking place outside of the capital. Either they don't have access to the information or they are absolutely convinced by the official version that all the killings, torture etc are done by infiltrators.
Another observation is that these protests which started off unarmed and peaceful, seem to be concentrated in the poor provincial areas so there is definitely a class element to them - looking at several videos from Syria the statement - they live well and we are poor - comes up again and again.

11. Another thing that still leaves me quite perplexed - two years ago in November 2009, I wrote a post and mentioned at length Syria - namely a) the great rapprochement between Syria and Turkey b) Sarkozy praising a new era of trust with Syria c) the relative normalization of diplomatic contacts with the USA - an ambassador was dispatched d) the piece of news of back door diplomacy with Israel in Turkey - the latter playing the mediator and very important e) the fall out with Maliki of Iraq in which the latter accused Syria of sending in terrorists/insurgents which Syria denied and last note not to forget the bombing of alleged Syrian nuclear site.

So what went wrong since 2009 ? Of course one may argue at face value the terrible repression /crackdown against unarmed civilians which is one aspect but there is more. Definitely there is more. I believe that Syria's ouverture to Turkey and France as well as Syria's rapprochement to Saudi Arabia during the period was not well viewed by Iran, hence that (partially) explains Maliki's (Iraq's) fall out with Syria for well over 6 months. I think that Assad was quickly called back to the Iranian fold sensing Turkey's ambitions in the "New" Middle East.
(Turkey-Gaza,Syria, possibly new Egypt, Libya) (cross out Syria now)

12. Also been reading statements from the Syrian opposition - some maintain insistence on a civil non armed disobedience movement, others inside and outside are clamoring for no fly zones, and some even go so far as to call for a NATO military strike arguing that sanctions are not enough.

13. the worrisome aspect for me is the regional political recuperation of an initially peaceful, unarmed, spontaneous, valid mass protest against social injustice. One can argue that this is expected, just as other protests in the Arab world have been politically recuperated by various outside forces (an argument that is quite valid for Egypt today for example). This regional interference coupled with the brutal repression on the inside is leading to what some may call a low insurrection or low civil war that will not flare up the way it did in Iraq. I suspect that the regime will try to keep whatever "civil war" or more like a sectarian war - because it is really taking up the colors of a sectarian cleansing on the outskirts of the capital, i.e outside of Damascus and possibly Aleppo.

14. I maintain that it is in both Iran's and Israel's interest to have this kind of longish low level insurrection in Syria, I also believe that Iran is betting it will come out victorious like it did in Iraq. Insofar as Israel is concerned and also Iran by the way, and this is something that both left and right seem to miss - in the long run any dismantling of any Arab state is beneficial. Could it be that the Assad regime has resorted to such a sectarian outlook that it can't see that or could it be that events have gone so far and so much out of control that it simply can't backtrack anymore ?

15) my final note to myself - last but not least - what is the political stand to take vis à vis Syria now ? Of course condemnation of the crackdown, no doubt about it, all these videos streaming in can't all be possibly lying. And surely all these people including women and children are not terrorists or insurgents, like the regime claims. Also some of the torture is so hideous, eyes gouged out, horrible mutilation, such a reminder of the sectarian cleansing that took place in Iraq by the Shiite militias.

Also the fact that Iraq US installed puppets backed by Iran are so adamant about their "own democracy" yet support the brutal repression in Syria and call for no foreign intervention when they themselves were installed by one of the most brutal foreign interventions in contemporary history, raises all kinds of red flags for me.

But also by the same token Qatari/AL EU US interference does not go down well with me.
Insofar as the Arab League is concerned - my question is - how come they suddenly woke up after decades of sleep when it came to Syria - why did we not see the same efforts vis à vis Gaza, or Iraq (with their silence) and as for Libya -where we clearly saw AL backing a NATO intervention.

I do note the different tone vis à vis Syria, the long process of sanctions as opposed to a direct military intervention - I believe this is due to the fact that Syria contrary to Iraq is backed by Russia and more importantly by Iran and its proxies in Iraq and Lebanon. Which was not definitely not the case for Iraq (weakened after a decade of sanctions and with no backing whatsoever), and the same parallel goes for Libya (also Libya was quickly isolated even though the Russian paid lip service to Gaddafi when in effect they went ahead and recognized the NTC) They did not put up a similar fight as they are doing for Syria. That is for sure.

The other thing that gnaws at me - another parallel with Iraq - in 2003, many antiwar, left, liberal progressive (which for me don't mean anything anymore by the way) went ahead with the slogan - not to the US no to Saddam. Is it possible to use the same slogan for Syria today - and say no to NATO no to Assad seeing what happened to Iraq ? By saying no to US no to Assad are we not saying yes to Iran or yes to Israel or yes to Turkey ? This is a valid question.

But also what are the families of these poor people on the inside to do ? Just go on being massacred like sheep ? Who will stop the carnage if there is no backing ? The only hope would be an independent patriotic Syrian Resistance that is visionary enough not to fall in either camp.
Quite a few Syrians are banking on that. I for my part will refrain for the moment from more notes on Syria - I shall be a quiet observer and jot down more notes for the record, bearing in mind all the above. And before finishing off - I must also note that pro Assad supporters online give their 100% support to the Bahrain protesters (who are funded/backed by A.Chalabi Iraq, Sadr Iraq, Hezbollah Lebanon, Qatar and Iran) and wish for the downfall of "Sunni" Saudi Arabia, and the genocide of all Sunnis - if that is not sectarianism I don't know what is.

November 20, 2011

The Complexity of Syria.

A dangerous and complex situation in Syria, very dangerous indeed. But then so are all situations when it comes to the Arab world.

This is an attempt to make sense, and to infuse some light into what will prove to be a dark chapter of Syrian history. I am not sure I will succeed but I will try. I shall base my analysis on my various readings plus testimonies from the Syrians I have encountered.

Nearly a 40 year rule by the Alawite clan of the Assad family. Alawites are a branch of Shi'ism, and very difficult to penetrate i.e to access full knowledge of their belief system. A strange combination of Shiism and Druze ideology. Alawites are a minority in Syria, originally from the lower echelons of society. Their rise to power under the Assad rule and their grip on key sectors of government was ensured by placing their own people in key positions, as one Syrian acquaintance said - they have infiltrated Syrian society like an octopus. This is how the Alawites of Syria were able to maintain power for so long seeing that they are a indeed a small minority.

True, secularism was the order of the day and Syrian society was a secular one. Denying that would be a blatant lie. However, when the regime felt that the noose is tightening around its neck, due to genuine popular protests against repression plus a dire economic situation where roughly 3 Million Syrians live in abject poverty and privileges are only accorded to the elite related to the Assad clan, the regime resorted to its inherent sectarianism, emboldened by its special ties to Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon.

A regime cannot continue such a brutal crackdown on its own citizens unless it follows one of two options either : a) a nihilistic approach which basically says - on me and my enemies - a popular Arabic saying, translated as " we will burn it all down" or b) it pertinently knows that it will eventually get away with it.

The other scenario is a little more complicated and I think this is the one, one needs to reflect on. By persevering in its destructive course of action - the current Syrian regime which has been reduced to a small clique directing events - is actually inviting foreign intervention.

I personally believe that Bashar Al-Assad has lost control of his inner government. I say "inner" government because this is how things are in Syria. The key sectors in particular the armed forces and the security apparatus have an operating system of their own and are directed by the inner clique that is hardly ever public - back corridor operations.

It is said that the old partisans of Assad the father, are the ones who are controlling Syria today, that includes Maher Al-Assad, Bashar's brother.

I think that Bashar Al-Assad as a figure has become cannon meat. As we say in Arabic - he is placed in the mouth of the cannon and when that cannon fires, he will be the first to go. This does not mean that the whole regime will go with him, regimes when backed as in the case of Syria have amazing powers to shed skins and acquire new ones as we shall see later on.

But this is not sufficient of an analysis, because it does not take into account the other regional players - namely Iran, Turkey and Israel plus the other Arab countries in particular Qatar.

Since the fall of Iraq and now Libya thanks to Western intervention and occupation, it is clear that the Western Zionist agenda for the Arab region (Iran is not Arab) is first and foremost the doing away of secular, progressive regimes or what started off as progressive regimes. Regime change also means ERADICATING any ideological roots that are essentially anti-imperialistic (even if flawed) and born out of the colonial experience. That was the case for Iraq's brand of Baathism and Libya's popular Jamahiriyah.

These regime changes were followed by two distinctive traits 1) a replacement by parties that claim to be Islamic (i.e deriving their political ideology from Islam) and 2. a period of intense sectarian, ethnic, civil strife that completed the initial destruction triggered by these Western interventions.

In this Western agenda for these regimes (Iraq and Libya), there are other regional players that are also prominently competing for influence and power. In the case of Iraq it was - Iran and Israel, and in the case of Libya it was Turkey and Qatar. The preceding is an important point to bear in mind because you simply can't divorce the developments in any particular Arab country without placing them in a geopolitical context.

Getting back to Syria which is the initial subject matter. Drawing observations like the ones above from Iraq and Libya, one can also conclude that the West has an agenda for regime change in Syria. One can also add that regional players, notably Iran, Turkey and Qatar (again) are vying to either maintain, enhance or change the current regime.

This does not mean that the popular protests in Syria are all externally induced by foreign powers, nor does it mean that they are not justified, nor does that diminish the brutality of the regime crackdown, but it does mean that Syria is not an island and that regional attempts at power grabs are reflected internally.

Iran needs to keep its grip on Syria for several reasons, one of which is power continuity in Lebanon Iran will not give up Syria easily, hence the amazingly lax ultimatums that are given to the Assad regime by the Arab league and the International community. It is clear that meddling with Syria by flexing too much muscle will trigger Iran's (and Hezbollah's) wrath. Hence the "diplomatic" approach was favored which was clearly not the case for Iraq nor Libya where brute power was employed to achieve regime change.

Turkey and Qatar on the other hand are coaxing regime change in Syria. Not because they particularly care for the Syrian people, but since Iraq was generously given to Iran, by the U.S, Turkey in particular feels it's being thwarted in its plan for regional supremacy. The conflict or the competition for regional influence between Turkey and Iran is reflected in Syria.

Qatar on the other hand has also plans to become the major Arab player - superseding the role traditionally allocated to Saudi Arabia - and that too is part of the new American agenda for the region - the gradual isolation of Saudi Arabia.

One can see Qatar's rise to power through its machinations overt and covert in Lebanon (with its ties to Hezbollah) as the mediator of peace, with Israel as the first Gulf country who openly invited Tzipi Livni in 2006, with Bahrain where it's meddling in favor of regime change in collusion with Iran and the Bahraini opposition, in Libya where it openly supported and participated in NATO's operations, in Tunisia where it has extended a lifeline to the Ennhada Islamic party which is now in power after the fall of Ben Ali. Moreover, Qatar has excellent bilateral ties with Iran and nearly 40% of its economy is jointly owned with Iranian investors from the Islamic republic. And last but not least, Qatar is now the US Arab prodigal child to be nursed into full fledged political adulthood.
Qatar if you want is like a parasite trying to grow two legs. And the US will ensure it does.

So where does that leave Syria ?

All what I have mentioned above is reflected in Syria, be it within the regime or in the Syrian opposition to the regime.

Let's start with the Syrian opposition. The Syrian opposition has different voices and not one. Some want Turkish interference, some want Western intervention, some refuse categorically either. And one cannot deny the "Islamic" coloring to certain parties of the opposition. A reminder of the "Islamic" Shiite parties in Iraq and its Libyan variant.

Inside Syria, the same is true. Army soldiers are defecting including a few Alawites and Druze (as per the latest news) and are joining the protesters. Some of the protesters HAVE BECOME armed, allegations that they are armed by Turkey may have some truth in it, but the reality is that defectors from the Army are taking their weapons with them. That explains how a few protesters are armed today which was not initially the case when the protests/uprising started. However the majority of the protesters remain unarmed and are civilians.

What's happening on the regime front? Important developments to be well noted.

- First there is the local militia - the shabiha. Remember what I said earlier on, the Alawites are a small minority in Syria. The Shabiha receive reinforcement in men from the following a) Hezbollah of Lebanon 2) Iranian Quds Brigades 3)and this is the latest piece of news given by someone from Damascus - the militia of Jaysh Al Mahdi of Muqtada al Sadr arriving by bus loads into Syria. I need to remind the reader that Jaysh Al-Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr is one of the biggest Shiite militias in Iraq and was responsible for massive sectarian cleansing of non Shias during the so-called "civil war" in Iraq that reached its apogee in 2006-2008.

- Secondly this reinforcement from Iran and its proxies make sense because of: a)army defection b)the need to keep Damascus in the hands of the regime - notice most of the killing is being done on the periphery of the capital and not in the capital. One reason for this is that (again according to my Syrian sources) the bulk of the Shabiha are spread throughout the capital and are quick to nip any protests with a swift crackdown without having to move tanks and men. c)it is a known strategy in warfare that if you lose the capital you lose the battle, hence the necessity to keep a tight control over Damascus.

- Thirdly the reinforcement by Iran means a preparation for a sectarian war. Is it in the interest of Iran to have a civil war in Syria ? My answer is yes it is. Just like it was in the interest of Iran to have a civil war in Iraq in which it guaranteed the outcome through its 33 armed Shiite militias plus its own revolutionary guards. It's called power leverage. Hezbollah a few days ago was on high alert and asked for mobilization of its men. Today we hear that Jaysh Al-Mahdi is arriving in Syria. These are two sure signs that something is about to be prepared on a full scale.
Is it in the interest of Israel to have a civil war in Syria ? Naturally it is. Ehud Barak for the first time today after a relatively long silence on Syria stated - "Bashar Al-Assad has only a few more months, his fate is that of Hussein and Gaddafi."

- Fourthly, the question to pose is what about Turkey ? Will it find itself relatively excluded again like it was in Iraq or will it be able to also have a piece of the pie but this time without NATO intervention like in Libya ?

As I said, am trying to shed some light and I don't have all the answers. I am also aware I did not cover everything like for instance the repercussions of a highly possible sectarian war in Syria on Lebanon and Iraq and I also have left out Russia.

However, despite the limits of this post, something rings true - and I must give credit where credit is due - someone on Twitter said to me, in reference to Syria - Iran will not be happy until the word Arab is erased from every Arab country's dictionary. He is right on that count. What he forgot to mention is that the same goes for Israel.

N.B: What is also interesting to note and keep in mind - from U.S occupied Iraq, through one of its puppet spokesman H.Zebari, Foreign Minister, pledging unconditional support for the Assad regime. Bear in mind that U.S/Iran installed Iraqi puppets are vehemently anti Baathists, yet U.S/Iran installed Iraqi puppets have no qualms supporting the Syrian Baath regime.

November 15, 2011

Cut & Silence

Am surrounded by a strange kind of Silence...

From my experience, I can recognize two kinds of Silence. One is because one chooses to be silent, either you don't have anything to say, or you're just enjoying the Quietness in a peaceful sort of way. The other kind of Silence is very difficult to describe in words. The only words I can find to describe it -- a murdered Silence.

It's like when you have been badly beaten up, thrashed, shaken in the fibers of your soul, and you are left in that room alone after the event --and everything goes dead silent. It's like the aftermath of a battle in a war zone, when the cannons have stopped, you've survived and you look around and there's nothing but debris, rubble and that strange silence -- a silence that is in between life and death. Not quite the silence of the cemeteries - of Death, neither the silence of Peace.

A strange kind of Silence, because the horror cannot be described in words. What to do with all this horror that keeps seeping in bits and pieces, adding itself to the reservoir of horrors that you have already stored inside of you ? Where do you put it, where do you file it, how do you classify it ? but more importantly how do you accept it, incorporate it, digest it ?

I have no answers, so I fall into that strange kind of Silence.

In the old days when people could not read and write, they went to the market place and there was always a literate man who would be sitting behind a low small table, with a pot of ink and some paper. You dictated your letter and he would faithfully write it down for you. They called him the "kateb" - the one who writes...

Sometimes if the text was a standard one,or if the client did not really know what to say in a letter - he would use carbon copy papers - the modern equivalent of cut and paste.

It would go like this :

Dear X,
Hope you are well, we have missed you, everyone is fine and asking about you. Your absence weighs on us, so does your Silence. Give us a sign, send us a picture.

Tonight, with that strange kind of Silence surrounding me - I will do like the "kateb" - use carbon copies - use cut and paste...cut and paste...cut and paste...

I shall cut words and paste them...glue them to the page like a school kid preparing some decorative card for the coming holidays...

And by doing so I am elbowing that strange kind of Silence, pushing it sideways, to make room for my cut and paste...cut and plastered, cut and glued, cut and kept, cut and dangling, cut and hanging...cut and silenced.

And like the "kateb" in the market place I shall faithfully replicate what am told...

Dear X,
In March of 2007, I witnessed SSG Platt shoot and wound an Iraqi national without cause of provocation. The Staff Sergeant said that he suspected the Iraqi be a “trigger” man. We had not been attacked and we found no evidence on the man to support the suspicion. As the Iraqi lay bleeding on the ground, PVT Smith requested to administer first aid to the Iraqi. SSgt Platt said no and “let him bleed out".

Dear X,
In June of 2007 1SG Spry caused an Iraqi male to be stopped, questioned, detained, and killed. We had no evidence that the Iraqi was an insurgent or terrorist. In any event when we stopped he did not pose a threat. Although I did not personally witness the killing, I did observe 1sg Spry dismembering the body and parading of it while it was tied to the hood of a Humvee around the Muhalla neighborhood...I have a photo that shows 1SG Spry removing the victim’s brains.

Dear X,
On another occasion an Iraqi male was stopped by a team led by Sgt Rogers as he walked down an alleyway. The Iraqi was detained and questioned then with his hands tied behind his back, SGT Rogers skinned his face.

Dear X,
1ST Spry shot a young Iraqi teenager who was about 16 years old. The shooting was unprovoked and the Iraqi posed no threat to the unit. He was merely riding his bicycle past an ambush site. When I arrived on the scene I observed 1SGT Spry along with SSG Platt dismember the boy’s body.

Dear X,
In August of 2007, I responded to radio call from SGT Rogers reporting that he had just shot an Iraqi who was trying to enter through a hole that the platoon had blown in a wall to allow them observation of the area during a security patrol. When I arrived, I saw a one armed man who was still alive lying on a barricade. The man was about 30 years old. He had an old Ruger pistol hanging from his thumb. It was obvious to me that the pistol was placed there because of the way it hung from his thumb. The Iraqi was still alive when I arrived. The Iraqi was still moving. I was asking why they shot him again when I heard Sgt Hoskins say “he’s moving, he’s still alive.” SPEC Hoskins then moved to the Iraqi and shot him in the back of the head. SSG Platt and SGT Rogers were visibly excited about the kill. I saw them pull the Iraqi’s brains out as they placed him in the body bag.

Dear X,
On many occasions I observed SGT Temples, SSG Platt and SGT Rogers beat and abuse Iraqi teenagers, some as young as 14, without cause. They would walk into a house near areas where they suspected we had received sniper fire, then detain and beat the kids.

Dear X,
I am enclosing these pictures for the memory, the remembrance, the souvenir...

November 9, 2011

The Shabiha - A Sample of a Syrian Regime Thug.

The other day on Twitter, I tweeted some fresh info I had just received - namely that 9 people were massacred in Homs, Syria - on the day of the Eid, among them 2 girls and one woman. These were no protesters, they were unarmed and they were targeted by Shabiha snipers while crossing the streets.

I will not go into the tens of videos that are streamed daily on of the brutality of a regime who despite its tanks, air power, and weapons is still powerless in the face of a brave people who are daily risking their lives and exposing the utterly vile nature of the beast.

So in response to that particular tweet, I had someone calling himself a "Syrian Knight" a supposedly "patriotic" Syrian on Twitter, obviously on government payroll and most likely part of the Allawite clique respond to me in the following :

I must also add that a few other Syrians and Lebanese are openly calling for THE GENOCIDE of SUNNIS in Lebanon and Syria and also for the assassination of Saad Al-Hariri while claiming that all these Sunnis are nothing but "Islamists." (i.e Wahabis, Salafists i.e pro-Saudi). And like typical criminal psychopathic Fascists, they end their tweets calling for murder -- with smiles and winks.

Needless to add that these people claim to be pro-Palestinian, and anti-Zionists. If you really need to know their true affiliation - they are pro-Allawite, pro-Hezbollah and pro-Iran.

In the past I have received many rape and death threats - some of a very ugly nature. Whenever possible I have pursued these people (in my own way). So if anyone has any information on this "Syrian Knight" please contact me. Also this particular post is to show the reader a small sample of the kind of murderous psychopathic Fascists the brave people of Syria are up against.

October 29, 2011

Democracy ? What Democracy ?!

No system is perfect - that is a given.

Even your democracy is far from perfect - instead of a one man rule (which does not exist by the way) you have one clique rule. I don't see how that is any different.

In the case of Iraq, depending on which geographical area you are looking at - you have one sect or one ethnicity rule.

Baghdad, the center and the South are ruled by Shias and the North is ruled by Kurds. How democratic is that bearing in mind that Iraq is (was) a multi ethnic, multi sect, pluralistic society ?!

What have the Shias or Kurds done for Iraq during those 8 years of American "liberation"?

What does Iraq look like today? What has it produced, what has it achieved, what model has it shown to other nations ?

NOTHING is the answer.

Both rules - be it the Shia rule in South, and center of Iraq or be it the Kurdish rule in the North have done nothing but rape the country in a worse way than the Americans have.

Prove me wrong and prove the opposite --- I defy you.

October 23, 2011

Fate, Parallels and the Deity of Hell.

I have just spent over 2 hours watching in details almost every video available on the lynching of the Libyan leader and martyr Muammar Gaddafi.

Not that I have a particular perverted penchant for sadism or masochism, nor do I particularly enjoy gory scenes, but it is something I felt I had to do, several times in a row. A bit compulsively, I must admit. I was looking for that one detail, that one image that would make sense of it all...

And I found it.

The images were somehow not unfamiliar to me, it was as if I saw them before, like a déjà vu. Yes they were happening in Libya but they had this eerie resemblance to what happened in Iraq.

It's as if the whole film is being played again, with an uncanny tactical precision, almost scary to see the striking parallels.

Even the words used - rat hole, sewage, drain, pipe, spider hole...the superimposition of the same pictures - the naked bodies of Saddam Hussein's sons, those of Muammar Gaddafi's son for public viewing, for scrutiny.

Then the bodies of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, tortured before and after their death, bearing marks of bruises, scratches, blows, kicks, blood...also made available for public scrutiny, the last souvenir photo shot for the family album.

There is also the way of capture - the Americans bombed and caught Saddam in a "spider hole", NATO bombed Sirte and Gaddafi's ended up in a "rat hole".

Another version transpired - NATO troops captured Gaddafi for two days and interrogated/ tortured him then handed him to the tribal rebels. US troops captured Saddam Hussein, interrogated, tortured him and handed him to the Shiite militias.

It seems that Hillary Clinton in her éclair visit to Libya had given orders that Gaddafi be killed. Two days later he was lynched. Granted he did not have the "luxury" of a kangaroo court like Saddam did. There was more expediency, urgency to Gaddafi's murder. Maybe the secrets were heavier and had to be buried fast.

Images of naked bodies, stripped of their clothing, of their dignity is also another common theme betwen Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Bodies investigated, mouths, eyes, chests, lower parts...

Another common thread are the insults and the "Islamic" flavor to it. Shiite militias chanting Allah Akbar and to Hell in Saddam's case. Rebel militias chanting Allah Akbar and to Hell in Gaddafi's.

The reaction of both leaders was the same. One said "do you know what chivalry and manhood are ?!" and the other said - "do you know what right and wrong are ?!"

Then of course - the dancing, feasting around the corpse both in Saddam and Gaddafi's case, the posing for photos and the withholding of the corpse as a trophy, delaying its lawful burial.

But there is more to it.

On the surface of things, you may argue - these are normal reactions of jubilation from a people who have been "oppressed for so long under the most abject of Tyrannies". And there may be some truth in that. However this is far from the true and complete picture.

This is the meat for your own personal consumption, to give you a good clean conscience, that you've done your job of a Humanitarian Imperialist Savior for the sake of Liberty, Dignity and Freedom.

The picture is way larger than those slogans and clichés that you hold so dear to your heart and which has cost us the destruction of sovereign countries and the loss of thousands of lives.

The picture is not only about Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi as such. The picture is found those little details that you keep missing or overlooking, in those little details that you refuse to acknowledge...

Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi for all their ills, shared the same fate - not because they were tyrants but because they said NO to you. Yes, yes, I know they said YES occasionally, but their long term plan was a NO and you knew it. So they had to go.

These were not ailing Mubaraks of Egypt or Alis of Tunisia. Easily replaced by another clique whom you would guarantee power.

Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi had to die violently because they knew all about YOUR violence and they knew how to contain it, and fight it back at you.

In their own ways, they were Resisters to you. They knew it, you knew it. Hence they had to not only be lynched but had to be denigrated, humiliated, found hiding in rat and spider holes. You did the same with Che Guevara by the way. Go consult your annals.

But the story does not end here either...because the plan is way more diabolical than just demonizing and vilifying two sovereign leaders.

The symbolism and the message are all too glaring and can't be ignored.

Beside the rat holes and the spider holes, where sovereign leader supposedly take shelter to escape your deadly air power, the fire from the sky, the wrath of the white god, of the Bush of the Obama, of the Sarkozy, of the Berlusconi, of the Cameron...the wrath of the white god from the pure heavens sending his angel of death Hillary Clinton with the order to kill - "we came, we saw, he died " she shrieked with laughter...but since you are a white god and you don't dirty your do it pave the way for it.

You pave the way not just for the killing of sovereign leaders who did not abide by your bible, but you also pave the way for the destruction of the many Sodom and Gomorahs, the Babylons of your have to see them torn to pieces, otherwise how could you justify your existence as a powerful almighty white god on earth - you the divinely inspired slayer of Goliath incarnate.

So like a god, you fawn the fire from above, thunder and lightening....the superiority of your jets against small nations...then in the final picture before the curtain closes, you give it the tour de force, the o' so necessary tour de force -- you throw a mutilated piece of meat to the barking rabid dogs, to the vultures and hyenas who will feast on it until its final breath -- to the chants of Allah Akbar and recitations from the Koran.

You are hoping to strike several birds with one ball of fire.

First, eliminate those who resist you. Second, hand them over denigrated, humiliated, stripped of power to their militias and rebels who happen to love chanting the name of Allah. And third, you prepare the grounds for more bloodshed through sectarian strife like you did when you handed over Saddam Hussein to be lynched by Shiite militias and like when you handed Gaddafi to be lynched by the tribes of Misrata.

Condi Rice, another angel of death of yours, called it - the concept of Creative Chaos.

And just like in Iraq, Libya will go through that same hell...

But the picture does not stop here either.

In order not to dirty your pure white hands, you leave the dirty job to the brown man while you watch the porn film on your smart phone and make sure clips of it go viral watched by millions. That too serves a purpose.

Look at these bearded men, look at these Muslims, look at this savagery, look at this barbarity, this is their God, this is their religion, this is their Allah.

And this is the message you are after, this is the ultimate message you want to deliver, because you as the only true white god cannot accept having associates and cannot accept any partners ascribed to you.

You are indeed the Deity of Hell.

Painting : Iraqi artist Maath Al Alousi - Heads.

October 21, 2011

An Observer at the Banquet...

I never liked gatherings nor banquets...I am allergic to hordes of people rushing to a buffet, gorging themselves with food, quickly stuffing down "all you can eat from 8 pm to 11 pm"

I've always found these buffets grotesque. They have always conjured up surreal images of apparently civilized beings in suits and latest fashion dresses, turning into a "modern evolved" Gargantua...

There is something crass, like morally and philosophically crass about this approach to eating.

Something reminiscent of cannibalism, where you carnivorously appropriate human flesh so as to take on whatever attributes you have ascribed to it.

This cannibalism - the eating of living human flesh is closely associated to necrophilia. In case you missed it when he was alive, you can always make up for it when he is dead.

There is no better way to describe today's event - the "capture" and lynching of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

I am beyond politics right now...I am into your banquet...your buffet.

I can't but notice that you rejoice whenever Arab flesh is served...I can't but notice how you cheer, gloat and lick your fingers in preparation...

I can't but notice when you immediately rush to get a piece of the meat and if you happen to be a politically correct vegetarian, you will find some other non meaty thing -- maybe hair from the vegetal/mineral kingdom, or maybe you're just a vegetarian pornographic voyeur from afar...watching a sovereign leader's body being stripped naked, or maybe you are a repressed closet homosexual, or a female who no man touched...salivating at carnal images of body parts ....

And just like in a banquet, it got you all excited...

Is it real vegetarianism this hair or maybe a just an acrylic wig ? your media asks.
Is this patch really bald so where is the toupee ?
What about the rest...not that you will eat it, God forbid, because you are true vegetarians, but show us, show us the rest...

So they showed you the rest...inert bodies, placid faces riddled with kicking boots made in America.

For some, that was not enough...they needed it UP CLOSE...a question of getting those gastric juices flowing....from the gut to the groin.

Wohaaa...and the erection happened, finally. No Viagra, no youporn, no blue film DVD or magazine - it's all hot - you exclaimed - check it out. You did manage to save a few dollars.

So you checked it out, like the little impotent voyeur that you are.

I saw others at the Banquet.

Bearded ones with long rosaries, hijabi women dying for a man, and your standard leftist - they said - God forgive us and had a peek or two...the bolder ones had more than just a few peeks, they licked their lips...and called it a Victory.

Did you notice a thing about banquets and buffets ?

There are always curtains, thick curtains somewhere...draped curtains, like in a show, like in a theater, like in a play.

And I don't know why, but this image of gargantuan eaters hiding behind curtains to masturbate, keeps assailing me...

There must be something very primitively archaic about these wars of Freedom. There must be something very hot about "brown" men being lynched.

October 12, 2011

A Downhill Crash...

Of course, you are going to crash, you may stall it for a while but ultimately it's inevitable...

Nearly 3 TRILLION spent on the "war on Terror" and you don't expect to crash ? You terrorize the whole world, and you don't expect to crash ?

Of course you will crash, and you will crash bad. Very bad.

Honestly what did you expect ? Killing thousands of innocent people, families, women, children, elderly and getting away with it ?

Absolving, redeeming, atoning with a bit of protest here and there, 10 years on, 20 years on...with a bit of hip hop, a rap song, a forum, a conference ?

Why, are other's people's lives so cheap to be redeemed with a hip hop, a song, a forum, a conference, a petition ?

Don't rap your shit...I know your shit by heart...

You are collectively guilty for the murder of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans...and today 100's of Libyans and no amount of preaching, no amount of sermons, no amount of protest songs will obliterate that fact.

You need to own up, call things by their names, get outside and over yourselves...and realize that the drug you inject daily...has taken many downhill, has crashed many...and you are standing right there at the end of the queue, at the end of the line...another Troy Davis, another sheep taken to his execution.

Your crash is not my crash...but my crashing is yours.

October 9, 2011

Bahrain, Hezbollah and Iran's Common link.

Darwin had this theory of the Missing link, I have a theory of the Common Link. That's just the way it is in the Middle East, to understand what's missing, you need to understand what's linking.

As you may well know (I doubt it but let's give you the benefit), Bahrain has been going through a bit of turmoil lately. Turmoil instigated by Iran and Qatar through its Fox News channel Al-Jazeera.

Bahrain has a Shiite minority (no they are not the majority as the Western press claims) and Iran since the advent of the disaster Khomeini has always laid claims to Bahrain as one of its provinces, the 14th to be more precise.

With the fall of Baghdad, and the empowering of Iran by the USA, I had predicted, rightly so, that wherever there's a Shiite minority present, expect Iran to play the imperial sectarian card of divide and rule.

Of course I was mocked then but am here to remind you again...

Al Wefaq, the name of the Bahraini "opposition" is funded by Iran. Of course they happen to be Shiites.

And since political Shiism of the Iranian "Islamic" Republic is sectarian by nature and sectarians love to support each other like the Zionist Jews, I must say, it then comes as no surprise that Hezbollah is hosting this Bahraini "revolutionary" opposition.

Of course one can see the clear link between Iran, Hezbollah and the Wefaq of Bahrain, so what's missing from the picture ?

Aha, this is where it gets very, very nice - what's missing is Iraq. But not really, because Ahamad Chalabi ex head of the Iraqi National Congress, the then Iraqi opposition, who was funded and hosted by  Clinton in the 90's (during the sanction years where over 1 Million Iraqis perished due to the embargo) and later on embraced by the Bush administration -  was present at this Hezbollah conference on Bahrain's Human Rights.

A.Chalabi, as you may well know,  was the man who sold the idea of Iraqi WMD's to the US, and was one of the masterminds along with his Zionist buddies in the White House, for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Chalabi in 2003, entered Baghdad on American tanks (literally), formed his own militia and a few years later fell out of favor with Rumsfeld when it transpired that he was in fact a double agent for both America and Iran. Yet, Chalabi still managed to head the Debaathification committee starting under Bremer and beyond and is part of the current Iraqi INA - Iraqi National Alliance, an Alliance of sectarian Shias all loyal to Iran.

Ahmed Chalabi, besides being one of the instigators of the War on Iraq where another 1.5 Million Iraqis were killed, and besides being a double agent, he is also a known unscrupulous crook and a wanted black listed  embezzler. Just google his name on my blog. I have made ample reference to this dog.

The other piece of the common link is non other than the Supreme Leader of Bahrain's Al-Wefaq, who happens to be Muqtada Al-SADR's Spiritual Uncle and this is what Muqtada Al-Sadr has to say about him : "if a hair on the head of our uncle AyotoAllah Sheikh Issa Ahmad Qassim is touched, then we will enter Saudi Arabia and burn everything and everybody."(source : English & Arabic)

Another piece of the common link now makes sense : Muqtada Al-Sadr visit to Qatar a few months back, where he and the Emir formed a "committee to find solutions for Bahrain and follow up on the situation " So far, the Qatari  solution has been to ante up anti Bahrain Rulers propaganda through its mouthpiece Al-Jazeera Fox   (thanks P.Pisi Editor of Uruknet for links)

A reminder : Muqtada Al-Sadr (renamed by the disgusting Alternative press as the firebrand anti imperialist Gandhi alike cleric) was/is responsible (his JAYSH AL MAHDI all Shiite militia) for one of the most hideous rampage of sectarian cleansing of Sunnis, Christians, other minorities and Palestinians in Baghdad and its provinces in collaboration with ;  the US occupying forces, plus other ALL Shiite Militias such as the Badr of Iraq Islamic Council, the Maghawir or the Wolf Brigades of the Ministry of Interior, the Chalabi militia, the Jaafari and DAWA militias.

So now that I have given you some of the common links, the threads that tie the whole jigsaw together,  I have the utmost pleasure of uploading this video, where Chalabi is giving a speech at the Hezbollah conference, filmed by Hezbollah TV, and gets a shoe on his head.

And next time you have some angry Arab piece of shit talking to you of the "revolutionary anti zionist" nature of Hezbollah, Iran and political Shiism, please shove this video in his face. Thank you.

Text of video below courtesy of Uruknet

On 5-6 October 2011 Hezbollah, together with Bahraini opposers and human rights activists, held in Beirut a conference on human rights violation in Bahrain ( Bahrain Forum for Human Rights) . The event was being carried live by Hezbollah-run Al-Manar TV.

The Lebanese newspapers As-Safir reports that the forum was presided by Youssef Rabie and sponsored by former Lebanese Prime Minister Salim Hoss (just returned from Syria, where he met Bashar Assad and expressed to him his support ) , and was attended by Arab delegations and representatives of human rights organizations from Europe and America. In the opening session of the conference, the speeches were delivered by the Bahraini lawyer Dr. Abdul Hamid Dashti(Secretary-General of the conference for support of Bahraini people,- who is suing the Bahraini regime at the International Criminal Court), Nabeel Rajab (President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights -BCHR); Sheikh Hassan Sultan (a senior member of the Bahraini Al Wefaq Party), and the Iraqi MP Ahmad Chalabi (President of "The General Conference for Supporting the People of Bahrain").

But it seems not everybody knew that Chalabi - whose lies and manipulations provided the pretext for the war and destruction of Iraq - was one of the top lecturers at the Hezbollah's conference and the main adviser and collaborator of Bahraini opposers and activists. So, when Chalabi started talking an egyptian reasercher, Ashraf Bayyumi, interrupted his speech and told him "You entered Baghdad on US tanks!" and then another man got up and said "I refuse to be part of this and we have an American stooge ('Amil) in here" and got out. Finally, someone from the audience threw a shoe and it hit Chalabi on the head. Chalabi started chanting from the podium "Down with ignorance! You are all agents of Saddam!"

As-Safir (Lebanese newspaper) described the conference as "a success by all standards".

October 4, 2011

The "Negro" of the New World Order.

As of late, I have had a renewed interest in African American speeches, discourses, articles on Race and Racism.

I believe that Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the logical continuation - Libya (as the gate to Africa) have been the trigger.

I am unhappy with the current Arab/Muslim discourse on invasion and occupation. I am searching for a more comprehensive framework in which to make sense of this string of "liberations" that has befallen us since 9/11 (official date).

I can't, in the space of a blog, get too much into the history of colonialism. I am assuming you have at least heard about it, and it happened not too long, by the way.
Instead, I want to use the discursive framework of African American thinkers and juxtapose it to us. By us I mean - us, Arabs and Muslims.

This by no means, lessens whatever discrimination African Americans still face today in White American society, but it does however, provide me - me, the discontented Arab Muslim Woman - the necessary "tools" to make sense of my own reality, and to include it in the overall "struggle", that the first slaves of contemporary history (contemporary in history means: since the formation of the modern nation state) started in the West.

In so doing, I am also attempting to bridge a gap, more like an abyss, between the West and myself. For in so doing, I am able to identify and recognize elements within Western society, whose struggle for liberation I can include in my own. And "hopefully" vice versa.

Furthermore, I believe that African Americans and African Europeans(to a lesser extent) (African European ? - it just hit me!)are just about the only group to articulate consciously and eloquently what Racism (in its deepest sense) is all about. This is not to say that other ethnic minorities aren't - but it is to say that Blacks in the West, are the pioneers of and for the Liberation discourse.

But there is more...

The discourse of Liberation also provides me with the necessary concepts to call things by their names. For example in this absolutely brilliant speech by Malcolm X on Uncle Tom - which he called the "house negro" probably in a visionary insight, referring to Obama, I too have my own house negros - they are called in my lingo the puppets of the occupation. They are the Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan equivalent of the American Uncle Tom.

Having said that there are qualifications I need to make here :

At some point, me and Black Americans need to part ways. For, I argue, that their struggle for the end of discrimination stops where mine starts...meaning : they struggle for the end of discrimination, while We struggle for literal Survival. In some way, am arguing that they are BETTER OFF today than an Iraqi, Afghan or Libyan is in his own country . In some way, am arguing that they have gone past survival and are into recognition, while we are still stuck in Survival.

Yes Survival - bombs and the nature of bombs (think DU), occupation, loss of families, loss of friends, loss of livelihood, loss of homes, loss of basic services, exile, destitution, and the called SURVIVAL, surviving the New World Order, into which my fellow black Americans and Europeans (still a shock to say that!) are already part of.

For, make no mistake, not every Black is a conscious Black. Nor every Muslim is a conscious Muslim, nor every Pakistani, or Afghan or Arab is a conscious one either. They are still Uncle Toms. Well adapted ones, well integrated and more or less well accepted. And they are not a few, there are thousands of them out there. They have become part of the White System. As Cornel West rightly remarked to the effect - when the Immigrant arrives here, he is struck when he learns that the founding fathers (of Freedom and Liberty) were also slave owners. A whole post is needed on this White "duality" - a political, cultural, ideological, schizophrenia that is very much at work today.

Let me define here, for Justice and "Objectivity's" sake. When I say White -- I am not referring to skin color alone. That is way too reductionist, simplistic and also unjust. Even though, these people have Zero notion of Justice, it does not matter what they have or don't have, it does not matter what they can or cannot conceptualize, I as a Muslim (even though am a pariah in my own "Muslim Community") am bound to think and act with Justice (Fairness).

Hence, by White, I mean - a political, social, economic, ideological, cultural, historical construct that has to do INITIALLY with skin color but is NOT limited to it.

Hence the question is not whether there are good Whites or bad Whites out there, or good or bad Blacks out there, or good or bad Arabs out there, or good or bad Muslims out there, the question is - Who has the power, who pulls the strings and who is the puppet ?

Or to borrow some of the wordings from Malcolm X - who is the Negro on the plantation field today and who is his Uncle Tom ?

P.S : the title of this Blogpost can be understood either way...

October 1, 2011

Sorry To Disturb You ..

Am so sorry to disturb awake and you are asleep...

Am so sorry to disturb your snores and your slumber...I happen to be wide awake. Sorry to nudge you in your coma, sorry to prick you in your amnesia, sorry that am not just laying down watching you breathe...measuring every one of your royal inhalation exhalation, like the good slave that am supposed to be...Am really sorry about that.

Did I forget my "natural" place in those moments of insomnia, that gnaw inside of me like hot iron rods, like the sound of drills piercing my flesh, expecting me to hang on a wall like one of your "art" tableaux.

It's nearly dawn in the ghetto, I just thought "I'd run my mouth" a little before the forces of law and freedom start ordering me about...before a car explodes in my uncovered face, before I get my early morning silencer gun threat, with my Corn flakes and OJ.

OJ is the way they speak...they can't be bothered to say the whole word. They are too busy you know...they love save time. OJ is orange juice.

Am juiced before the early morning sun...I might become raw juice before the sun rises...

Am squeezed in the Freedom juicer. And as I see myself being whipped into, being desiccated into manageable particles, shredded into pieces...

I look into my Corn Flakes, and see my flakes floating in a sea of milk and honey...and a big mouth spooning, swallowing me...

September 23, 2011

Slogans and Appearances.

This post is particularly directed to the "Muslim" Ummah. I don't know anymore what "Muslim" means nor do I know what "Ummah" means, I am using these words because you parrot them I figured maybe you know what they mean...

There is NO Muslim Ummah and there is NO Muslim. There are appearances, shadows, of meanings and definitions...

If you believe growing a beard and veiling yourself make you a Muslim then good luck with that. I have known way too many of you to know the fallacy of appearances.

If you think quoting, repeating Hadiths and Quranic texts make you a Muslim, then good luck again, I have sat through a hundred of your sermons before...

The time is now or never !

The time is now to dig deep.

You are always on the defensive...justifying...the one who knows the Truth does not need to need the Truth it does not need you. You exchanged the Truth for slogans and appearances....and you got stuck there...

And that being stuck in the out there, has tainted everything you say and do...

From your politics, to your so called salvation...

But re-assure yourselves, you are not the only ones. All other religious groups suffer the same fate.

They have traded God's name for a cheap price, just like you have.

September 11, 2011

Ground Zero.

The Jews have their Holocaust industry, you have your 9/11 one.

I read a lot of your garbage - masculinity and 9/11, therapy and 9/11, unborn kids inheriting trauma and 9/11, love, forgiveness and peace and 9/11, Islamophobia and 9/11, conspiracy and 9/11, the new world order and 9/11, share your thoughts 10 years on from 9/11...

Oh it's 9/11, yeah 9 and 11 are part of calendar, they will keep repeating year in year out, so will you...9/11.

9/11 is the only thing that happened to numbed out America. Come to think of it, nothing else happened. Finally they are something important, they got a 9/11. I mean let's face it in two hundreds years of history if only one 9/11 happened, just shows a) how irrelevant you are and 2) very few actually give a fuck about you to carry some 9/11.

So I can really understand why you made it into such a big thing --you finally received some attention, you little ignorant narcissistic self seekers...

Besides, it was a good ploy to flex some of your muscles, the world had shelved you aside after Vietnam...but attention seekers you are.

You really like to believe that you are some big shit that rules the can rule nothing except through force. You remind me of the neighborhood kid who bullies till he gets his are pathetic bullies. All hot air, weapons, soldiers, muscles and nothing in your cabezas, in your scrape inside and there's nothing. ZERO.

A lot of brouhaha with machines guns, bombs and missiles ....Kill em' say, in that ugly fucked nasal accent of yours...

And so people die all over...hundreds, thousands of them...and some did not even know what 9/11 was and others had nothing to do with it and some could not care less. This is how inconsequential you are. People just didn't know, care, about you. I wonder why ?

So like the good bully, you need to remind them...all puffed up, arrogant and vain, and Zero in the Cabezas, in the heads...

And millions of people were slaughtered since 9/11. Iraq was one of them. She had nothing to do with your twin towers. Who gives a fuck about twin towers when you have the tower of Babel, preceding your existence by thousands of years!

But no, you are always a hungry people, you hunger for everything...nothing fills you up. No amount of God, religion, food, sex, money, things, fill you up.

You tell yourself stories every night, you sing to yourselves lullabies made of denial...made of lies, made of films that you replay in your invent jinns, ghosts, enemies to give yourself a raison d'être, a purpose...because you have no purpose, no aim and no goal...

You drift along, with the latest fad, with the latest self help book, with the latest celebrity, with the latest guru, with the latest seek prophets and prophetesses to bring you out once and for all from your eternal spiritual numbness...

And a 9/11 happens. Finally you are a somebody, a something, you find purpose, you find meaning, you finally find a real issue around which you can construct your petty pitiful lives - you are finally envied, so you tell yourselves...

"They" are jealous and envy us...and your whole academia and experts gather to concoct yet another worthless theory of why sheep are envied. You are relieved. Finally, someone, somewhere gave you some recognition. You are a somebody.

Narcissism in its most perverted form, is better than nothing. So you rehash, repeat, and print T shirts, flags and souvenirs from a ground zero, always forgetting the Zero that inhabits you, always forgetting the Ground Zero inside of you.

September 2, 2011

Iraq, Libya ....It's all the Same.

I was starting to feel guilty about my absence from this blog. Here I was supposed to continue on the Cleansing of Iraq, only to be faced with the Cleansing of Libya.

I hear myself say the same words - who would have thought that Libya would be suffer the same fate as Iraq.

Granted, there are some variations, differences, but is not the theme very much the same? Are not the discourses, be it from the media, the governments and that dreaded damned cursed "antiwar" the same ?

Did the Americans, and NATO (France, UK, and the coalition of the willing) not use the same excuses, the same wordings, the same sentences, identical to Iraq ?

Of course they did. And again, we are seeing it all over again, just like they did in Iraq, i.e use so called "Islamists" be it of the Shia (Iraq) or Sunni (Libya) type to invade and conquer another sovereign Arab state, destroy it and pillage its resources.

The "Islamists" have become the puppets of the Emperor.

It is an intelligent ploy, because after all, all those Arab and Muslim masses are so attached to Islam. Why not destroy it from the inside ?!

This is not a joke, this is a very serious and grave ideological manipulation, to not only occupy and plunder but also to kill any "fitra"- spirit of Resistance.

I will not say more - I urge the reader to think deeply. If that's at all possible.

July 16, 2011

The Cleansing of Iraq.2

I am dreading writing this post. Seriously. Even though I know the whole picture, I don't wish to complete it.
Not that it will make a difference to you, but it does make a difference to me. My secret pathetic attempt to hold on to a peg of an illusion.

Stark facts spoil the picture. That's why romance films have no stark facts- or let's say, the story has a happy ending.
This is what the Western press likes us to believe, in particular the American press. Reporters are all too happy to wire stories of a pink Baghdad - lo and behold, they exclaim - things have improved - weddings are taking place, people walk the streets, it can't be all that bad...we did do a good job after all - is the implicit message.

You see because in the American mind, a wedding taking place or someone walking the street is a favor bestowed upon another country. Like - hey what are you complaining about - you had a wedding in your neighborhood, or we filmed you going to the market, and we aired you live.

So Iraqi sheep and Western liberals can sigh with relief - normal life is back. After all, there are 2 new shopping malls and a MacDonald is about to open. It can't be all that bad.
After all, a couple of Marriott hotels are being built in Najaf and Kerbala, it must be good.
After all, the average Iraqi salary has gone up from 200$ to 500$ with a 150% rate of inflation...things are definitely looking up.

You see, that is the problem with the masses - spring, summer or fall - they can't see beyond their nose, beyond their immediate pocket. The masses can't see the bigger picture. Am here to give it to you - whole.

So let me pick up where I left off, in the ongoing cleansing of Iraq...

In no order - since all is interrelated, interdependent...(do use those grey cells)

- The financial/economic cleansing of Iraq, of its resources :

I can't begin to tell you the amount of information I receive daily of how Iraq is being pillaged by both those in power and by foreign companies.
For example ; since 2008, I have read not less than 10 investment reports claiming that tenders/bids have been won by X and Y foreign company for Electrical power plants. Until this very day, the average Iraqi gets 1 to 2 hours max of electricity per day. Anyone who can afford it, lives off a generator. Those who can't buy a generator, are cooked, literally. We are talking of extreme weather conditions here. Very cold winters and excessively 50C in the shade summers.
The question is where did those millions of $ worth of contracts for electrical power plants go?
Total silence...and another bid is won by another foreign firm, and still no electricity.
This alone is one example. (this has just come in and relates to latest figures in 107Billion $ lost supposedly fixing electrical power plants - a must read HERE)

Let's look at oil now. You know oil don't you ? the stuff you would love to drink. Again, report after report of the new pipelines, the modernization of drills (not to be confused with the Muqtada Al-Sadr electrical drills), of tenders won by big companies in the South, in the North, oil exploration, oil this, oil that...and what do you get in reality ?
I will tell you what you get.

Each political party/faction, individual, in power will only sign a contract with you if he gets a 200% commission on your project, it can be an unrelated project to oil, it can be in anything else. This is the deal - I get a commission, you get your own pipeline for a limited
time and you can trade in it as much as you like. I am serious, this is what is taking place.

This is how oil smuggling operates. The Iraqi puppets installed by the Americans smuggle the country's resources for their own benefit. Billion of $ worth of revenue disappear yearly. Be it in the North "Kurdistan" (lol) or the South (Iranistan) of the country.

A special paragraph devoted to Iran. Since the puppets are mainly sectarian shiites, the privileged client is of course Iran. Iran has been receiving FREE oil for years, and numerous bilateral deals privileging Iran in all aspects of trade is a fait accompli. Iranian gas, Iranian fruits, Iranian vegetables, Iranian manufactured goods not worth a nickel, and so on and so want Iran, you got Iran in Iraq.

Billions of dollars of bilateral deals are guaranteed with the Islamic republic of Iran. And since some parts of Iraq have become a province of Iran, whole areas in the South, in Nejaf and Kerbala for example, have been bought by Iranians through land acquisition at preferential rates, for peanuts. To the extent, that Arab shias in this area are slowly waking up to the fact that the rug has been pulled from under their feet in the name of Ahl al Bayt, in the name of Imams al Hassan and al Hussein, ie in the name of Shiite political ideology.

In the North of the country, in so-called Kurdistan, the Kurdish mafia has appropriated not only oil wells, but also land by forcefully driving out non kurds. In the "independent" region of "Kurdistan", separate oil deals are contracted, guaranteeing a non accountable revenue for the Kurdish mafia and its "region", in other words an ILLEGAL APPROPRIATION of both land and natural resources. Last time I read of something similar, it was happening in Israel.

It is difficult to cover every single deal going on...but am just giving you a foretaste of the economic pillaging of Iraq - not that you care. My head is spinning big time at the extent of the theft.

Let me continue by briefly tackling the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Prior to the invasion, and in the period preceding the sanction years, Iraq for a "third world country" that had only been freed of British colonialism not more than 30 years ago had a thriving industry. Not totally self sufficient, but sufficient enough to fly with its own wings.

Of course, the sanction years destroyed that developmental leap, and the Iraqi industry suffered a major backlash due to the draconian prohibitions imposed by the civilized world. The 2003 war of liberation put a final end to anything called an autonomous industrial development. With the bombing of major infrastructure, also came the bombing of major industrial sectors - from textiles, to pharmaceuticals, to food, to cement...not even soap or baby food factories were spared. We were bombed back to the stone age.

That was of course a necessary step by the "coalition of the willing" to ensure the total destruction of Iraqi infrastructure, after they had bombed the electrical power plants, the communication networks, the media TV, Radio, etc, the water sewage and treatment plants, the roads and bridges...

The message was - start anew, from a "clean" slate.

Hence it came as no surprise when big American firms the likes of Halliburton and Co, hosting Iraqi "reconstruction" conferences in the post 2003 period and chaired by Iraqi traitors whose names I am keeping for future reference - admonished an audience of Iraqi engineers, scientists, planners, industrialists, chemists - to start looking into small farming instead. The Texan cowboy said that day - Iraqi Industry is ours.

True to his words, Iraqi industry is no more. Again, hundreds of bids for that or the other are published daily...and won. What is being produced, who is producing it - remains unknown.

A natural repercussion of the above, is the human element. And since you are all so humanitarian let me tell you about the human element :

Thousands of Iraqi workers have been laid off with no compensation, unable to be re-employed, living on less than a 1$ a day. You know why ? Because all those who have bought the industries in Iraq are employing either their own blue collars workers or hiring non Iraqis.

A reminder here - We are talking about IRAQ, about our/my country up for grabs.

Let me continue...because you have only read 1% of what is happening...

And I must admit, in between each paragraph, I stop, pause and ask myself - what good ? you are addressing nothing but vile idiots.

Good Lord, there is so much to cover under economic cleansing, am not sure if this will end...

Agriculture :

Just like in the Industrial sector, Iraq prior to the sanction years was nearly self sufficient in its agricultural production. Not only that, it also used to export wheat, rice, dates and other food stuffs to neighboring countries. Naturally the war with Iran plus the sanction years brought Iraq to its knees food wise, which resulted in poor quality edibles, long queues for a can of tomato paste...but was offset by a rationing system that worked pretty well during those 13 years of "civilized" punishment.

In post 2003 Iraq, the agricultural picture looks a 100 times worse. The American policy of scorched earth - by which thousands of arable land were either razed or burnt, coupled with a drought provoked by the water cleansing of Iraq (see next chapter on Geography), coupled with bilateral deals for imports by which Iraq now relies heavily on foodstuff imports mainly from Iran, have led thousands of farmers to abandon the land and seek urban dwellings in hope of finding livelihood. This rural exodus into the city is not without consequences. But am not here to give you a sociological treatise.

Hundreds of hectares of arable land (arab-le meaning fertile) have either been sold for a small price because too dangerous to reach or not profitable enough to cultivate, and hundreds of others have been replaced with a more lucrative farming - poppy fields, with the seeds given/donated free of charge by neighboring Iran. It therefore comes as no surprise, that in the latest wave of protests, hundreds of Iraqis marched to the borders of Iran (from the South), forming a human barrier saying - STOP.

I feel this post is never ending. I have only given you little and there is so much more... And to be honest, had you really bothered, you would have found out all this by yourself...which again brings me to the pointlessness of this endeavor. But I started it, I have to finish it.

I still need to address :

- the Kuwait connection and the strangulation of Iraq.
- the US billion arm deals with US occupied Iraq
- the fraudulent billion dollars deal in obsolete technology and imports
- the missing billions since 2003.

I will update this later...all this is too much for me now.

July 13, 2011

The Cleansing of Iraq.1

When you destroy, when you ravage, when you pillage, when you annihilate, you are in fact cleansing...and Iraq is being cleansed of Itself.

Most people are very stupid. When one talks about the cleansing of Iraq, they immediately think - physical liquidation - as in killings.

Well you must be quite pleased to know that the above is ongoing, since 2003. The bulk of that form of cleansing has already been undertaken. Thousands have been killed, over 200 "fresh" mass graves have been unearthed, ethnic/sectarian cleansing of "minorities" has been achieved.

Another form of cleansing of Iraq is the massive exodus, with thousands of refugees that no one hears about anymore. Add to the above the thousands of maimed, handicapped by the occupation and what ensued. Add the missing in the hundreds and add the psychologically traumatized for life debilitated by memories of torture, rape and loss and also add...yet another form of cleansing -- the ever lasting effect of Depleted Uranium and other toxic waste, both of these have been addressed in this blog on numerous occasions. Long lasting Toxicity and its consequence as in premature birth, genetic deformities, cancer of soft tissues, and the rest -- ensure the cleansing of future generation...

This is the demographic arm of cleansing whose aim, after the tearing apart the Iraqi mosaic was to effect demographic changes that are irreversible. This is not even population control, this is beyond population control. This is erasure.

This is one level of cleansing, the physical as in the body, either eliminating it, or paralyzing i.e rendering it useless.

There are other forms of cleansing taking place in Iraq. Using a little grey cells won't hurt. Looking at things from a social/sociological perspective is not too much to ask is it ? Or maybe it is, in view of the disgraceful level of ignorance one encounters on this circus called the net.

The Intellectual Cleansing of Iraq is another aspect. I shall group under the heading "Intellectual" everything that is related to "Intellectual Property" meaning everything to do with Education, Learning and - the human cadre - also called the Brains of a Society.

Again I have tackled this issue in the past, namely that of the destruction of the Educational system in Iraq, the re-writing of the syllabus, of the history, the growing rates of illiteracy - a thing that was eradicated in the past, the dilapidated state of schools and universities with no proper sanitation or equipment, the no access to education by the newly pauperized class - the child of the occupation, the deliberate and organized assassination of academics, doctors, scientists, teachers, the brain drain of Iraqi society through exile or death.
The new Educational system, having liquidated the brains of Iraqi society, is now based on affiliation by sect/ethnicity regardless of academic competence, based on forged diplomas (this is another topic that touches every aspect of Iraqi society - this business of forged diplomas - from doctors, to lawyers, to teachers, to nurses, to government officials, to diplomats...)
The hiring of personnel with forged diplomas is also another way of maintaining the current level of intellectual mediocrity that characterizes occupied Iraq. The repercussions are enormous for the future.
Also under "Intellectual cleansing" I must add the burning and looting of archives and public libraries, where precious data, records and information are now for ever lost.

Another related aspect to this intellectual cleansing is the value of the printed word -the book. Iraqi society was known for its intellectual curiosity and historically so. During the sanction years when people were forced to sell their books to survive or burn them for fuel, there was still hope that the book' the written word can be redeemed. Today no such hope exists. It does not take a genius to figure out that when a society is too engrossed in daily survival, with matters related to water, electricity and security - it has no inclination to read anymore. Hence the intellectual degradation of Iraqi society. When a society stops reading, it stops thinking, questioning, contemplating...

Which brings me to the second form of cleansing - the historical cleansing of Iraq.
Iraq has been cleansed of its history, both literally and symbolically, not only through the re-writing of the educational syllabus, but directly through the destruction and looting of its ancient artifacts, its museums, the erasure of its past through illegal trading, smuggling, the theft of its heritage (again google my previous posts) where Iraqi history ended up in Tel Aviv, New York, Dubai, Holland, France, Germany...when even the in laws of the puppet PM were caught smuggling it.
The message sent- you no longer have a history. The message sent - is we have broken your ties to your past - the new Iraq has no sense of continuity anymore. You are a new invention. Our new invention. The bastards of History.

This is a monumental task trying to address all the aspects of the cleansing of Iraq, my head is spinning...

The cleansing of institutions, of civil society. Difficult to subdivide and group but am trying. Under this, I will include state institutions like hospitals, the medical field, civil society and its associations for instance gender based associations, journalists, trade unions and the rest.

Let's start with the medical because it is one of the most important ones. Again, I have written at length of the dilapidated state of government hospitals, where so called reconstruction money, which is Iraqi money by the way, ended up in the private bank accounts of the various parties and their militias that are currently ruling Iraq.

This of course has given rise to a huge black market that runs in parallel to the hospitals day to day workings. Medical equipment is stolen and sold on the black market, where that same hospital patient is forced to go to and purchase- be it band aids, syringes or medication. Added to that, a whole new medical mafia has entered the scene in the Iraqi medical services, where not only diplomas are forged, but where also your sect matters. It is a fact that non Shiites are too scared to go to government hospitals because the mafia that rules the polity also rules the medical services. This medical mafia also performs unnecessary surgeries to beef up their end of month revenues, surgeries undertaken in the most insalubrious of conditions, where the patient has literally no hope of recovery. This is no exaggeration. This is the truth.

The Iraqi medical brain drain coupled with the current corruption has effectively cleansed Iraq of any concept of public health prevention and cure. Hence the return of diseases that we thought had been long eradicated, hitting in particular the poorest of the Iraqi society, which for your info constitute the bulk of Iraq under occupation.

The cleansing of civil associations/bodies, such as gender based ones, for which I shall reserve a special paragraph, trade unions that have been infiltrated by party militias, press syndicates that are bribed by the government to report what it wants it to, coupled with the disappearance of journalists who struggled to report the truth making Iraq one of the most dangerous countries for reporters.

Of course I have failed to mention, en passant, the bizarre silencing by the silencer gun that takes place daily in Iraq and ABROAD, notably in Sweden, forcing many Iraqis to return to Iraq because they feel it is "safer".

I shall continue in the following post. I am overwhelmed with this eagle's view. Besides your attention span counts for shit. I need to break it down in small pieces.

To follow (Insh'Allah - if no silencer gun reaches me) :

- the cleansing of the economy - pillaging, missing billions, privatization, reliance on imports/bilateral deals, selling of Iraqi land/property, rise of a service economy, oil, gaz, smuggling, industry/agriculture...

- the Urban cleansing through geographical partition plus demarcation of areas through ideological/religious symbols.

- the Geographical cleansing - ecology, environment, delineation of areas, disparity North South of country, use of visas within country, water, drought, electricity, port in South thwarted by Kuwait, role of Iran, Turkey in the erasing of Iraq.

- the Social cleansing - drugs, trading in forbidden toxic goods, trafficking of children, orphans, widows, pauperization, disappearance of middle class, of technocrats, chronic unemployment, sectarianism - long term repercussions.

- the Gender cleansing - backlash for women, power of religious ideology, retraction of gender laws/rights, rape, domestic violence, prostitution.

- the Religious/Ideological cleansing - ethnic cleansing of non Shiites, non Kurds, imposition of new ideology, sectarianism, destruction of the arts, client/patron/tribal state.

- the Cleansing of dissent/protest/human rights, liberties, freedoms - sect based secret political prisons, no trials, infiltration of courts by sect parties, extensive use of torture, disappearance, kidnapping, abduction, bullying, harassment, silencer gun.

Am sure there are more "bullet" points I need to add in part 2.

- Last but not Least ... The Future of Iraq cleansed of Itself.