May 30, 2008

Too Little, Too Late...

We have a popular saying in Iraq and it goes this way "Ba'ad Kharaab Al-Basra"??!!

How to translate that? Literally it means "After the destruction of Basra" ?!

Kharaab comes from the verb kharraba, which means to destroy something that worked before, to irreparably damage it...

Kharban-the adjective, means damaged, rotten, not functional, not working, failed...

Simply put, kharraba means to screw up something so badly, rendering it useless...

So this proverb is used when someone comes along with either an admission, an apology, or to rectify some wrong after colossal damage has been inflicted...
So you tell the person in Iraqi "What's the use, after the destruction of Basra?!"

In the same vein, the latest admissions from Mc Lellan ex-press spokesman for the White House and from other media voices like this CNN reporter, who both finally admitted that their reporting on Iraq, was "less than candid". In other words they fucking lied...The CNN reporter added that they were "forced" to report in a particular fashion that was not detrimental to your government's image.

Excuse me, but am I supposed to feel better now or what ?

For 5 fucking years, no for 18 years, you've been buying the lies and suddenly you admit that it was "less than candid" and am supposed to feel OK with it ?

Like what do you expect me to do? Rush and embrace you for your "honesty"? Or maybe you expect me to forget our ruined lives and our filled to the brim graves ?

Or maybe being the fucking hypocrites that you are, you expect me to say "well after all, there are some good people left in America. It's not their fault really, they were forced..."

Oh, the bullshit! Oh, your bullshit that knows no limits. Oh, you compulsive liars, bad faith, deceitful, dishonest lot !

You did the same thing in Vietnam. After over 10 years of murder and mayhem, you took to the streets with your flowers and peace signs and cried about "poor" Vietnam.

It took you 10 fucking years. And you only moved your big fat asses after your brave boys came back in body bags and you could not stop the counting.

All throughout the 10 years, the pictures of the napalm burned kids did not move you, oh no they did were too busy singing in Woodstock thinking you're so fucking cool...when you were and are nothing but a screwed up bunch of mental retards and morons...

And do you think you learned anything ? Nothing. You learned nothing and you will never learn. You only learn the hard way, when you get your asses kicked big time and people start talking your language. This is when you open those rotten ears of yours and listen.

The problem with you people and I've experienced over and over, you mistake the words and demeanor of basic human civility for weakness. You know nothing about civility or civilization, you understand only one language - violence. Because that is the only language you are proficient at.

And I being a "good Muslim", I follow the saying of our Prophet who said "talk to people in the language they understand".

So you come now and tell us that the whole thing was dishonest? "After Kharaab Al-Basra"? Ya awlad al Kalb - sons of dogs. But dogs are too noble to be compared to you. You are less than dogs. Less than animals. Less...much less. You are scum and vermin. God, I fucking hate your hypocrisy ya awlad al sharmoota - you sons of whores.

You sons of a thousand whores, will your fucking Mc Lellan or your CNN marry the 3 million widows ? Or feed the 5 million orphans ? Or bring back the 5 million refugees home ? Or heal our cancer patients from your criminal weapons of mass destruction? Or grow a limb and an eye back to the 1000's lost, from your bombs ?
Or maybe your admission will revive the 1 million plus, dead ? Or restore our 7'000 years old archaeological sites, homes, buildings, fields, infrastructure, electricity and water ? Or maybe you short lived fake, phony meaculpa will disarm the sectarian pathological turbaned shits who are ruling us now-thanks to you ?

I am too angry to finish this post...and there is nothing left to bastards. I hate your fucking guts all of you.


Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohamed Ali Shaker.

May 29, 2008

An Iranian - American Photo Album...

This is a GOOD reply to Nasrallah's speech of a few days ago regarding his statement on the IRAQI Resistance.

It was posted on by the pen of Abdel Jabbar Saad.

It is in Arabic and unfortunately, I really don't have the time to translate it for you.... BUT, BUT, BUT.

Do click on the link and watch the photos here.

For those of you who know sweet fuck all about Iran, Iraq and their respective players, I will walk you through one picture at a time.

So if you click on the link I've provided, we'll work our way from top to bottom , you will get to enjoy a lovely, cosy, photo album ...

Picture 1 : Nassrallah kissing Khameini's hands.

Picture 2 : Nassrallah kissing Khameini's sleeves

If you don't know who Khameini is, I suggest you stop reading about Middle Eastern politics altogether and NOW. Take up knitting or gardening instead. Enough of your fucking ignorance permeating everything.

Picture 3: Nassrallah jovially sitting with Khameini - taking orders

Picture 4: Ohhhhhh! the big hug. Nassrallah hugging Ahmedinejad.

Picture 5: Nassrallah sitting with Ahmadinejad - taking orders

Picture 6: Now that one is really hot - Papa Al-Hakeem, founder of SCII aka the Badr Brigades, kissing the American chief gangster/embezzler Bremer. It looks like a nice, long French kiss to me.

Picture 7: Al-Jaafari (another sectarian Iranian stooge) presenting a sword to Rumsfeld, the war criminal. Not the same sword that Jaafari used in his ethnic cleansing campaign though. For the ethnic cleansing campaign, it was Muqtada Al-Sadr's drills that worked most effectively...

Picture 8: A nice lunch party with the American chief gangster and embezzler - Bremer, Muwafak Al-Rubaie (whose real Iranian name is Karim Shahpour)and now national security advisor/pimp to Maliki, and some Hawza Supreme cleric/Ayatollah, (looks like Papa Mohamed Baqir Al-Hakeem of the SCII, but a chubbier version of him - with all this food, understandably so.)

Picture 9: Ahhh, that's a nice one. Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, the brother of Papa Mohamed Baqir Al-Hakeem of SCII, now head of the Badr Brigades (also known for their sectarian ethnic cleansing, like Muqtada Al-Sadr, the Driller -- two asses in one pants) with guess who ? Ahhhhhhhhh!

Picture 10 : -------------------

For picture 10, you can add another of your favorite thug, mullah, sayyed, ayatollah, complete this wonderful album.

For those of you are Bilingual- ARABIC-ENGLISH and wish to translate bits of the accompanying article - Please feel free to post your translations on the comment section.

For those who would like to compile a more comprehensive album on the Shia Hawza of Iraq and its IRANIAN links, read the latest post from Roads to Iraq and in particular the list of the "Supreme Clerics" from the last century until this day.

May 28, 2008

"Surreal Coincidences"

I find it quite "interesting" that the price of crude has gone down from 133$ from 3 days ago to 127$ today --when all analysts were speculating that it would reach the 200$ ceiling.

133 $ was just before the Doha agreements, 127$ right after...and more predictions on its price decline.

I suppose the new American-Iranian deal on Lebanon does pay off, specially bearing in mind that not too long ago, Ahmadijenad stated that the price of oil was not high enough for his taste.

Bush being totally lost, ran to the Saudis urging them to bring it down, they shook their heads with a polite NO. Bush was not pleased with that....But Doha arranged it all with its new American-Iranian deal on Lebanon and Syria.

If you want to find out more on how "surreal coincidences" occur, you need to read this article - "Lebanon's deals hint at new regional accord".

By the way I don't agree with the theory that affirms blindly that the deal between Syria and Israel is to isolate Iran. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, Syria will never forfeit its privileged strategic relation with Iran in exchange for the Golan Heights. This thing has been cooking since the Israeli war of aggression on Lebanon in 2006 (and some argue way before) and this latter was only the paving of the way...the beginning of a new road map...

It is also quite "interesting" that the Israeli war of aggression in 06 and the Hezb show of "divine resistance" took place at the height when the other proxy Iranian militias conducted their ethnic cleansing in Iraq, enhancing Iran's political grip in Baghdad - the center, in the South (rich in oil) and today in the North of Iraq -(Mosul and Kirkuk, again rich in oil) and this time with the direct help of the Kurdish warlords. All done under an American occupation.

I guess it was/is another "surreal coincidence." Or maybe just the old political ploy/adage - wage a war to make a peace.
Wage a war to justify a peace now that Iraq has been "neutralized." from its Arab, anti-zionist, anti-Imperialist role.

And, on a side note, until this very day, the Iraqi Sunnis cannot get themselves to form an accord with this sectarian Iranian government. Today, the Sunnis have walked out again.

All of this makes you also wonder, that with an Israel- Syria breakthrough, a return of the Lebanese prisoners back to the Hezb (which was really the starting point of the war in 06), and possibly a deal on the Shab'aa farms in Lebanon (since they are tied in with Syria), and add a possible accord between the PA and Hamas (in the making after this breakthrough)--with all of that, what will the Iranian Nasrallah new rhetoric be about?

Want to know ? Are you sure ? He/they will have IRAQ left. Iraq where the clear cut Iranian-American deal is on the table. All Iraqis know it and see it, except you. Another little show of force and a few barks here and there, and they will both rush to another Doha table.

I guess you can call that another "surreal coincidence" in the making...

And further down the line, expect more of the Iraqi "experiment" to take place where there are Shia minorities --in particular Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan. Bahrain and Kuwait have already sold it to both -- the U.S and Iran.

In any case, the latest events in Lebanon and what really took place was Iran's show of bargaining power over Lebanon through its proxy militia - the Hezb. And it was not so much directed against the U.S but very much against Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, and to make it real simple for you - expect to see more deals along the same lines - with the first preliminary secret "affair" between America and Iran in Iraq taking on more of a public, cajoling ouverture...

And as the popular saying goes "Birds of feather, flock together" or to use more political terms - One fundamentalism calls onto the other. And what better racist fundamentalists are they around in the Middle East, but US/Israel and Iran ?

"Surreal Coincidences"- indeed.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mowafak Abdel Hadi Al Rassam

A "Fanatic" Iraqi...

The other day, someone said to me "You know something - you really are a fanatic Iraqi"...hoping that he would hurt my feelings.

Tell you what, I walked away feeling 10 inches taller.

Of course I am a fanatical Iraqi. My country has been agonizing for 18 years to the total indifference of the world. My country is totally defaced, turned into a hideous monster. My country is totally destroyed, totally destroyed...

From the sanction years and its utter misery and struggles to the present occupation by a so-called "great democracy". An occupation by the mightiest military power on earth, and again to the total indifference of the world.

Millions dead, millions exiled, millions orphaned, millions widowed, millions maimed for life and you don't want me to become a "fanatic" Iraqi ? Ha!

If need be, I will invent fanaticism all over again. I will re-define it for you - my Iraqi version. I will reconstruct the concept and give you a whole new perspective on what fanaticism is. Sure I am a "fanatic" about Iraq.

Some of you people brush off this occupation and remind yourself and me of Vietnam. Crap, pure crap. Vietnam is nothing compared to this. Vietnam took place in a bi-polar world.

Others liken it to the Israeli occupation. Again, we witnessed in 5 years what the Palestinians witnessed in 60. We are actually competing with the Palestinians as to the amount of dead and refugees this occupation manages to produce. And we are competing with the walls too. Who's got more walls and more ghettos.
But at least the EU and a few NGO's visit occupied Palestine and conduct enquiries into human rights violations...or try to. In Iraq no one visits us.

A "fanatic" - Yes I am. A terrible, horrible "fanatic."

When one is abandoned the way we have been. When one has been forgotten the way we have been. When we have been shelved on the side, so as not to ruffle your sensitivities and your political correctness, yes we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When for 18 years, we've done nothing but pick up pieces and hang in there, when for 18 years your bombs and your silence has overpowered our cries, yes we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When our libraries, universities, schools, books...have been burnt to ashes and our kids have forgotten how to read and write, we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When our brains are murdered one by one - from our academics, to our scientists, to our artists and singers and we learn that you keep our brains in jars as war trophies, we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When our riches are plundered, our homes in ruins, our museums looted, our ancient tablets trampled on and smashed, our history erased and falsified, we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When our hospitals are in total shambles, when we knock on doors and can't find work, when we have to beg for an entry visa or a residence permit, when we are shunned, ridiculed, considered a burden, pushed away, humiliated, we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When we see our elders begging in streets, our women with no food, our men tortured, our daughters turned to prostitutes and our children trafficked and sold, we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When we can't even visit our loved ones either in cemeteries or in prisons, cemeteries and prisons - so packed, so filled, so anonymous, we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When our fields have been deserted, a barren land or turned into poppy fields into poppy fields with Iranian seeds. When our rivers are drying up and our trees chopped off, dead. When our sky is reeking with radiation and the air we breath is riddled with uranium, we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

When we see you cheering every single "resistance" in the world, but ours, ours - made of resisting bodies and souls, forged by the fire of your weapons.
When we hear your heated debates and revolutionary hot zeal and feel your ice, cold winds blowing our way, we become "fanatic" Iraqis.

And when you finally hand us, on a golden platter, to the most backward, racist, chauvinist, whore around - remaining a "fanatic" Iraqi, becomes an obligation, a duty, a must.

A "fanatic" Iraq is what I am. You can consider my being a "fanatic" Iraqi -- as my flag, my book, my song and my seal.

A "fanatic" Iraqi is what we've got left when everything else has been forcefully ripped away from us, when everything else has gone and vanished...and no one, absolutely no one, will be able to take that away...from us, from me.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi, 2007.

May 27, 2008

A Toast to the Charlatans!

If you've been celebrating and partying, with us, you may want to toast as well...

It's all part of the current festivities and it's free of charge, since blood money has already been paid in advance...

We have a nice sardonic proverb in Arabic and it goes this way "Ilhak al Kazab, lil Bab" - which means "Follow the Liar to the Door." - the EXIT door. And this is exactly what am planning to do with my "Toast to the Charlatans."

Let's start with one charlatan at a time.

On "Resistance Day" - the "Lebanese Resistance" aka the Sayyed and his thugs, Al-Jazeera (English) published an article and titled it "Hezbollah to back the Iraqi Resistance"

Of course all the media outlets including so-called alternative ones, took Al-Jazeera's wordings as total and absolute truth.

However if you read the chief charlatan's speech on his own website Al-Manar, you will find that he mentioned the Iraqi Resistance with 3 lines only out of a speech of over 200 lines! I know, I counted them.

The "Sayyed" in the Al-Manar article, his official voice, said:

- "This is our message today to Lebanon and the Arab and Islamic worlds; it's a joint message by the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq to the whole nation..."

then when talking about the concept of resistance in general he said

- "I tell anyone whose country is under occupation: Don't wait for consensus…take up your arms and head to liberation."

then talking about his own group - the hezb, he said

- "The Arab and Islamic worlds should have helped them, but many of these governments lagged behind, however Syria and Iran spearheaded the countries that assisted the resistance and consequently the historic victory in 2000.."

- then finally mentioning the "Iraqi" resistance he said

"In occupied Iraq, there are those who believe in resistance and others in politics…Today, you must take the decisive position. The resistance has been dealing severe blows to the US occupation army. Iraq is called to follow the strategy of the resistance."

You can read the full speech here.

Now compare the Al-Jazeera heading "Hezbollah backs Iraqi resistance" to that of the Manar article. The Manar article/speech is entitled "Qintar brothers to return very soon".

The Qintar brothers are Lebanese prisoners from the South, detained in Israeli jails.

Of course you know why Qatari backed Al-Jazeera has opted for this title, right ?

Because if you've read my previous posts you would understand that Qatar is clearly backing Syria and Iran and trying to surpass the Saudi role. Hence I can bet you anything that at the upcoming conference on Iraq, the US probes to Sunni Arabs would be to Qatar and not Saudi. Qatar will play a greater role on the Iraqi scene soon. Mark my words.

But let's leave Qatar aside for now, and let's see how the chief charlatan Nasrallah has backed the Iraqi Resistance in the past.

First let's ask him which Iraqi Resistance is he referring to here?

The reason I am posing this question is because I need you to be VERY AWARE of the following:

- Since the US occupation and for over 5 years now, the only Resistance in Iraq that has not WAVERED in its fight against the dual occupiers IRAN and the US is the IRAQI Resistance. Read - "Notes from the Iraqi Resistance" post to refresh your memories. Furthermore the Iraqi Resistance has NEVER BEEN INVOLVED IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS.

- Only a few months ago, Muqtada Al-Sadr with his fall out with Maliki referred to himself as the "resistance". When in fact for the past 5 years he has not only upheld the Jaafari and Maliki governments in Iraq and was HIMSELF INVOLVED IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS but has also helped the US occupier in ethnically cleansing Baghdad. And I have no less than 50 articles and no less than 100's testimonies all incriminating Muqtada al-Sadr and his militia the Jaysh Al-Mahdi. So clearly, Muqtada Al-Sadr is NO RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER. The proof is that troops entered Sadr city only a couple of days ago and his militias looked on.

- And furthermore, I've already mentioned in my previous post that I have information that his militia is involved in the current ethnic cleansing of Mosul alongside the Iraqi puppet troops and the US occupying troops - another mini pogrom of Sunnis.

So who is Nasrallah exactly fooling with his words ? He is not fooling the IRAQI Resistance for sure and he is not fooling the Iraqis and the Palestinians in Iraq either. And he is definitely not fooling me.

So when this charlatan says this is a "joint message by the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq to the whole nation.." He is not referring to the IRAQI Resistance but to Muqtada Al-Sadr, the chief driller of Baghdad who is currently in QUM-IRAN "studying".

Furthermore, in several of my previous posts, I have shown over and over again how Hezbollah Lebanon and the IRANIAN Quds Brigades also known as the Pasdaran have helped the Jaysh Al-Mahdi (JAM) by training and funding them - way before JAM's so called resistance to the U.S occupation, as per the last events in Sadr City.

I have over 45 articles from various sources to prove to you that Hezbollah -Iraq branch, JAM and the Pasdaran not only ethnically cleansed the Palestinians in Iraq but have also been very involved alongside the Mossad in murdering - Iraqi scientists, academics, army officers, Baath party members and innocent Iraqis who had nothing to do with politics and most importantly IRAQI RESISTANCE FIGHTERS.

These shiite militias, plus Badr of the SCII and the DAWA and the Chalabi's militia were full partners with the Americans in the ethnic-sectarian division and murder of Iraqis and were trained by the Pasdaran. Do remember that Hezbollah Lebanon was formed in 1983 by the Pasdaran and trained by them and do remember that the guy who reconciled Maliki and Muqtada Sadr during their last fall out was nothing but an Iranian Pasdaran by the name of Soleimani - " The peace broker" of Basra.


It does not stop there.

Al-Manar a few weeks ago wrote

"... But shortly after the invasion, anti-US groups were formed, mostly among Sunnis and among various sectarian groups. Unfortunately, some of these groups didn't distinguish between the occupation and Iraqi civilians. As a result, the "Anbar Awakening" rose up against al-Qaeda in Iraq.
At the time Mahdi Army launched two uprisings against the US occupation; several Shiite resistance groups came into being and carried out successful anti-occupation attacks. But at the same time, prisoners and abuses were starting to pile up at a notorious prison west of Baghdad called Abu Ghraib. The start of 2004 was marked by a relative lull in violence in which millions of Iraqis were forced to immigrate.

Nevertheless, Iraqi people were able to overcome difficulties and establish political groups and factions. The country's first free elections were held and several competing parliamentary blocs emerged..."

Notice the language here - The sectarians are the Sunnis who finally rose against AQ. Mahdi is a patriotic resistance not a mass murderer, the Shiite resistance is kept vague because the Lebanese Hezb has very good relations with all the Shiites parties in Iraq. Hence Al Manar - The Hezb's voice, concluded by congratulating the "country's first FREE ELECTIONS" but it FORGOT to add - Free elections under a DUAL OCCUPATION -US/IRAN !

Moreover the Hezb's prominent Sheikh Qabalan extended his warm congratulations to Maliki and to Al-Hakeem of the SCII not too long ago, the two sectarian US-Iranian puppets who currently form the "Iraqi government".

And then you have the Iraqi sectarian from the Badr Militia congratulating N.Berri of the Shiite Amal party in Lebanon (Amal and Hezbollah are partners by the way.) I need to remind you that Amal is known for its cleansing of the Palestinian camps during the Lebanese civil war. And that the Hezb watched on during the cleansing of Nahr Al-Bared Palestinian camp in Lebanon not too long ago. Nahr Al-Bared's fault is that it was enough pro-Iran for the Hezb's taste.

And I can give you more and more examples...but suffice for the moment to tell you :

- that this charlatan by the name of Nasrallah, during those past 5 years of American/Iranian occupation of Iraq, did not support the IRAQI resistance (to absolutely differentiate from the so-called "resistance" from Qum led by Sadr and Co) - NOT EVEN ONCE.

- that during these past 5 years of occupation, the charlatan Nasrallah did not condemn not even ONCE the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in Iraq by the Shiite militias like JAM, Badr, DAWA, and the Pasdaran.

- that during these past 5 years of occupation, the IRAQI resistance has been fighting totally ALONE, thwarting the Zionist, American, Iranian plan in Iraq. Now, that is a true Divine Victory for me, an ongoing Divine Victory against a ruthless TRIPLE Occupier.

- that the charlatan Nasrallah and his hezb distributed candies in the streets of his Dahiah and in the south of Lebanon when President Saddam Hussein was lynched on the eve of the Islamic Eid. So much for his "Islamic" turban !

So is this charlatan trying to convince us today that he has a joint statement from the Iraqi Resistance that his sectarian militias in Iraq have been murdering ?

No, ya Sayyed. This no joint statement. This is a statement from you to Muqtada Al-Sadr in Qum .

This is a statement on "resistance" day and you had to drop a couple of lines here and there...

This is a statement to cover up for your sectarianism and your silence of 5 years vis à vis Iraq and its Resistance fighters who have been fighting the Zionist Iranian- American occupations alone.

This is a statement to cover up for your blatant sectarianism in Beirut's last blood spilling where you used the guns of your famous resistance against your own people.

This is a statement to cover up for inviting the Syrians who are in full talks with the Israelis back to Lebanon under the U.S and Iranian guidance of your Ayatollah Khameini.

and much more since your ploys are many...

But there is one thing in which you have not lied ya Sayyed - The Qintar brothers are returning soon. Yes they are, because you too, like the Syrians, are involved with the Zionists in negotiations... And here is the proof

What a cheap ploy from beginning to end. But then that is expected from charlatans like yourself.

Let's toast that, shall we ? But before we do so why don't you just check out the following logos.

This is the logo of the IRANIAN QUDS FORCE in Iraq

and this is the logo/flag of Hezbollah -Lebanon.

Any similarities, you think ?

OK, now we can say CHEERS!

Painting: Iraqi artist, Kathem Al-Dakheel

May 26, 2008

A sordid Realization...

After everything has been said and done...We find ourselves here, alone...picking up the pieces.
I really believe the "average" Iraqi, frankly no longer gives a damn as to what is whom and who is what...In other words, we've paid our dues in advance...

Truth be told, issues like Lebanon, Palestine or Syria and its honeymoon with Iran is the least of our problems...We are survivors, hanging on...

Hanging on by threads, by thin ropes, to the utter indifference of the world...

We are not sexy enough of a cause...Not romantic enough for the "revolutionaries", not a "turn on" for your average shit headed "combatant" of my ass...This we understood from the very first day. This we knew...

Look at the pictures that depict us - a miserable bunch, a forgotten bunch, amidst ruins and dead corpses...

Everyone else is celebrating "divine victories", and we, we are still in the background, dusting off pictures of our dead...keeping the memories alive in all of this obscurity...

How come ? Am I the abnormal one here ? Am I the only one who can't sleep ?

Am I the only one lamenting like Nimrod ?

Am I the only one counting the stolen bricks from Babylon ?

I look at other Iraqi bloggers and I feel red with shame. They are such an insult to our memory, our collective history.

I see idiotic females going ahhhhh! and ohhhhh! over abysmal trivialities and males still trying to impress in spite of their teenage zits...I see some who have never set foot in my beloved's land and some easily co opted with false promises...

I see nothing, I see everything...I see the new god called a pair of blue jeans...I see the new god of Dunkin Donuts and Mac Donald's...and I cringe.

I cringe at the horror of what I am witnessing.

Let alone the deaths and the black wardrobe...let alone the exile and the nothingness of exile, let alone the lives and time wasted in vain...let alone...

I see and I cringe.

So few voices left. So dim, so stifled, so quelled, so choked, so far away...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mowafak Abdel Hadi.

Party Time!

Yalla, it's "Party" time. Come and join in the celebrations.
If you really want to get into the "party" mood, you really need to read my post "Celebrate", only then can you truly appreciate the "party".

The Lebanese Army guy - Michel Sleiman (a Maronite Christian - like Aoun from the so-called "opposition") was voted in today as the new President.

Three items on his agenda. a) The arms of the "Resistance" (the Hezb party) b) The enquiry Tribunal for R.Hariri's murder and c)"Restoring diplomatic ties" with Syria.

I can already tell you that item (b) will be left on the back burner. Clearly Syria had something to do with it. And since the restoring of diplomatic ties is on the agenda, who will tread in murky waters ? No one.

Huge celebrations in Beirut today. All the Arab foreign ministers were present under the guidance of Qatar. Present were FM's from Syria - Al-Muallam, Mottaki from Iran, Amr Mousa, and a representative for Saudi Arabia amongst others...

There is one thing I don't really understand, or maybe I do now.

For 18 months, the Hariri camp has accepted that M.Sleiman becomes president. It was the Shiite parties of N.Berri (Amal) and the Hezb who kept delaying the elections for over a year. I even heard one of S.Hariri's speeches during the last bout of violence, where he fully accepted M.Sleiman as president. So what has changed ?

Obviously what changed were the two items on the agenda. Normalisation with Syria and the Arms of the Hezb to be kept intact.

M.Sleiman has an "interesting" C.V. He first joined the Lebanese secret services in 1973, then the army where he was promoted in the 1990's when Syria was in full control of Lebanon.

In any event, the Lebanese people, thirsty for some "stability" have approved of him and according to the media, are totally ecstatic at the prospects.

In parallel....

Two important piece of news from Syria.

- A high ranking Syrian army officer by the name of Turkomani is in Iran, reassuring the Iranians - who FEIGNED great "shock" at the news of the Syrian-Israeli peace negotiations - reassuring them that the strategic relation between Syria and Iran which has been going on for 3 decades will "NEVER be compromised."
Furthermore, Syria is in the process of signing a new elaborate defense treaty with Iran.

From the Iranian side, the head of the Iranian Quds Brigades, by the name of Jaafari assured his Syrian counterpart, that their mutual cooperation will be sustained, maintained and further developed, "NO MATTER WHAT."

- Syria on the other hand "warned" Israel today that it will "never compromise its relationship with Iran." and was willing to continue in the "bilateral peace talks."

From the Israeli side...

- Olmert is acquiescent to the Syrian terms, and even some Israelis in the Defense department, stated that "even though we are attached to the Golan heights - we can live without them." Olmert added that he "preferred these talks with Syria to remain secret" i.e bilateral talks in Turkey away from too much publicity.

- The other piece of news from Israel, is that the main negotiator in these secret talks is an Israeli of Iranian origins living in Turkey. I actually heard that on the radio. Then realizing the political blunder of such a piece of news, the news presenter cut the information very promptly. I wonder why ?!

Of course you can already guess what these Israeli-Syrian-Iranian statements mean, don't you ?

Iran is basically saying to Syria - OK go ahead, we trust you darling.
Israel is saying - OK, we go ahead - the game is nearly over.

Meanwhile in Iraq...

The American army says that "Al-Qaeda" is nearly finished BUT that it, nonetheless remains a real threat.

In Mosul, thousands have been detained, in what Pepe Escobar, in a moment of rare lucidity even though he is still praising the Drillers of Muqtada Al-Sadr, calls it and rightly so "a mini pogrom against the Sunnis" of Mosul conducted by the Kurds and the Iranian-Shia government of al-Maliki. And from my own sources, I heard that the Mahdi drillers have joined the Maliki bandwagon in Mosul.

Now for the ironic news...

Sarkozy has congratulated the new Lebanese government and Bush is very happy with the outcome... Hey, I thought Syria and Iran were part of the axis of Evil, no ?

Again, I reiterate firmly and loudly what I said in my post "Celebrate."

This "party" would have not been possible, if Iraq was not destroyed and handed over to Iran by America.

As it turns out, the only "evil" on this axis was Iraq.

And it was considered "evil" by Israel, the U.S and Iran because and I repeat -- Saddam Hussein was the only true anti-Imperialist, anti-Zionist, Arab leader around.

What more proof do you need ?

Yalla, tell me now, would you like to join the "Party" and "celebrate" with us ?

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Wasma'a Al-Agha.

May 24, 2008

A quick thought on Saddam Hussein.

You know something, the more I think about it, the more it is confirmed to me - Saddam Hussein was indeed not only a visionary but also a GREAT ARAB LEADER.

Let alone all what he's done for Iraq and the Iraqis, but the fact that the fascist, retrograde, chauvinist, assassins iranians and their sectarian proxies (both shia and non shia - yes ALL of them) hate him so much, the fact that the backward, bigoted, racist, criminal americans hate him so much and the fact that the terrorist, nazi, zionist jews hate him so much -- just confirm how GREAT he actually was.

Yalla, catch you later with more...

Dual Occupations - The Palestinian flavor.

Khaled Mash'al from Hamas, based in Syria, was visiting Iran.

I looked at his picture and could not help but laugh at how the puppets always mimic their masters.

Mash'al looked like an Iranian official. His sober dark suit, his white shirt - no tie of course, Iranian way and his finger pointing in total demagoguery. The only thing missing were a few silver rings from Qum on his hands. He probably took them off - too obvious otherwise.

I guess Mash'al is not too bothered by the fact that Iran has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinians in Iraq - nor that they found themselves in tents on borders....nor is he too bothered that Nasrallah and his hezb contributed through their participation in the Lebanese army to clean away the Nahr Al-Bared camp in Lebanon. Nor that Amal, the shia party in Lebanon of which the hezb is a pure Iranian offshoot, was busy cleaning the Palestinians camps during the Lebanese "civil war".

I suppose these Palestinians are disposable material for Mash'al and his Hamastani cause.

The Palestinian people (or what is left of them) just like the Iraqis (or what is left of them) are also caught between dual occupations.

Let me qualify that - a dual occupation discourse. The Abbas-Olmert-Rice discourse and the Hamas-Assad-Ahmadinejad discourse.

The Palestinian cause has been HIJACKED by both sets of ZIONISTS.

Some "Palestinians" truly believe that Iran will free them from Israeli occupation.
This must the best line for a comedy - circus show in the unravelling Arab saga.

Yalla, what a pity.

May you rest in Peace ya Arafat. Both managed to kill you.

Conversations with Myself...

I've spent over 4 months researching, reading, listening to videos, cutting news articles, saving links with the aim of getting around to writing a post on the connivance between the Zionists - the Americans and the sectarian Shias of Iraq whose loyalties can be traced to their original mother country - religiously, politically and ideologically - IRAN.

I have over a hundred articles I need to sieve through before I produce that post...Articles dating from the days of Khomeini, his relation with the Western secret services in particular the French and the CIA, the Iranian-Israeli ties during his reign made most evident during the Iran-Iraq from the days of Khomeini until today. You must agree - that is a tall order.

Then I have another hundred articles by Western "academics" and "analysts" (both from the right and the left) articulating the need for the restoration/resititution of "Shia Rights". Of course none bothered explain what these "rights" are. As if the Shias are not Muslims. As if the Shias are something apart/outside of Islam. But I suppose the occupation of IRAQ is a good indicator what these "rights" were/are all about.

In Iraq, the Shias had full rights just like any other sect or ethnicity. I still defy anyone to show me otherwise. And none have been able to, until this very day.

But tonight, this is not going to be the central subject of this post. Tonight, are my very personal thoughts on the subject.

I don't know if you have this habit too, but I keep talking to myself. No, am not crazy, not yet anyways...

And tonight, I will share with you my private thoughts, my conversations with myself...

This is what I talk to myself, about, daily - and don't think am not objective. I even argue with myself - trying to see both sides of the argument. But in the end, I am always back to square one. And the all prevailing thought remains...and will not change however much I argue with me.

So what follows next is the kind of inner conversations I have.

I will never return to Iraq as long as it is ruled by these turbaned shitheads.
I don't want to be ruled by sectarian Shias. I don't want to be ruled by any "Islamic" authority. I don't want to live in a theocracy Iranian style. I could not care less for the smelly Ayatollahs. They represent NOTHING to me. I don't believe in sects to start with. I only found out about my own sect only late in life. And I am not even from one sect nor from one religion nor from one ethnicity. I don't belong to this place anymore.

I have no penchants for cladding myself in thick black curtains. I don't want to have a "muhram" to travel or move about (a religiously accepted male companion),
I hate beards. I can't stand theologians and am allergic to organized religion even though am religious myself in my own way.

I detest Al-Maliki, Al-Hakeem, Muqtada Al-Sadr, Sistani and all those lice ridden, smelly feet from Qum. I could not care less what happened 1'500 years ago with the Imams Al-Hussein and Al-Hassan. I find it totally stupid for people to keep lamenting for centuries - it reminds me of the constant whining of the Jews and their Shoa.

I find head slicing, chest beating, and self-flagellating to be a mental sickness for which there must be some form of treatment and cure. I hate all the hypocrisy and superstition that accompany it. I find no glory in self-inflicted pain unless one is a pathological masochist.

I am also not turned on by the sadism of the sectarian Shias of Baghdad. I don't find their drills exciting, nor do their rape of women, nor their burning them alive. Nor do I find the fact that my cousins can't return because their names are Omar and Aisha -- to be an enticing trait in the "New Iraq."

I find it tiresome to keep hiding one's sect or to be forced to change it to please your local militias so you won't get harassed, beaten, tortured, detained, or insulted...

I don't find Basra an interesting place to be in either. Having my genitals mutilated, or my breasts chopped off or a couple of bullets in my head are not exactly my idea of a tourist attraction. And besides I don't want to speak Farsee nor fill application forms in this language. I am an ARAB and will remain an ARAB. To hell with Iran and its mullahs. I am not going to have anything to do with this repugnant lot.

Are you sure you're talking about Basra? Yes am sure.

God, I can't believe Basra has become that way. I keep wondering what happened to all the people I knew from there. I wonder about Basra and Baghdad. Don't remind me what Baghdad is like now.

OK let's assume I do return, who will give me a job ? All the governmental institutions are run by sectarian Shias. If you're a Shia you get a job, if you're not a Shia don't even consider it. Same applies to educational bodies.

All the females in my family have stopped working. They were either fired or got so harassed, they resigned. All the females in my family are today veiled, forced to veil. They stopped going out, stopped practicing sports, stopped going to the pool, stopped shopping, stopped driving, stopped visiting, stopped partying, stopped playing music, stopped painting...Their lives stopped. They only manage to go to the grocers. Otherwise they are cooped up at home, vegetating in front of the TV if they have electricity that is...I will never be able to live like that. Hell, here I have some freedoms and I consider this lot so backward compared to what Iraq was and to what women in Iraq had...

No, this is not my idea of living my life to the full. This is not my idea of a meaningful contribution to Life and others. Let them have it for themselves. Let them plunder and pillage more. They are all corrupt and I don't want to be polluted by their corruption. I simply can't.

No, I will never return as long as these sons of bitches are ruling Iraq. Just entertaining the idea fills me with both - extreme fear and disgust. I will retun to Iraq when they all fuck off back to Iran or Israel... Yes that's it.

I will only return to Iraq, when the green zone is truly Green again and is no longer a zone. When the whores and the pimps are out, back to England, America or whatever shit hole they came from.

But you love Iraq, you miss home, you miss being there don't you ?

Hell I do, but maybe I need to accept the fact that I don't belong there anymore, not for now. I still belong there but not really belong there anymore. These people I don't recognize anymore. They are not part of me and I am not part of them. Something happened...It's like a cup of porcelain, once it breaks, it's very difficult to glue the pieces again.

So you're no longer an Iraqi ?

Of course I am an Iraqi. But I am not today's Iraq. There is no Iraq anymore. There is an Iraq in my mind, in my memories, in my heart, but today's Iraq is not Iraq. It's the Iranian-American Shiastan of Iraq and the American-Israeli state of Kurdistan.

I don't care for the Kurds anymore either. I stopped speaking to them, even my old friends and some members of the extended family. I have just stopped addressing them. Their true colors showed with this lethal occupation. I never knew they were so chauvinistic, so vindictive. They no longer exist for me. Am coldly polite with them as if I was greeting a total stranger. I actually feel more warmth towards a total stranger than towards them.

My, you are really bitter aren't you?

No, I am not bitter. I am very aggrieved. I am very disillusioned. I am very raw, still. You know the feeling when there is a corpse lying on the ground and wild animals come and tear it apart, rip at its flesh...and the corpse is not dead, it looks dead but it's not, it's still alive...This is not bitterness. I don't know what you call it, but not bitterness. It is beyond any word I can find...

So you want Sunnis to rule ?

Not at all. I want true Iraqis who love this country to rule. And I guess deep down I don't believe there are any true Iraqis left.
They are either dead, in prison or in exile having the same thoughts as I and those who are still there, want to leave and they are too frigthened and too tired from surviving. They have become mute with having experienced so many horrors in such a short span of time. Who wants to return to this agonizing corpse anymore.

You made up your mind ?

Yes I've made up my mind. This is too sad for me. Can we continue this conversation some other time- I need to stop thinking about it.

You keep saying that but you never stop...

Yes you're right, I never stop. But one day I will. I will not need to have such conversations with myself anymore. Let's change subjects. Let's talk about something else - away from Iraq. This subject drains me.

OK. What do you feel like talking about?

I don't know...let me think...

You’re silent again - you have no more subjects to talk about ?

I was just wondering...Who is going to look after all these orphans...

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.

May 21, 2008

Celebrate !?

How wonderful, am ecstatic.

Beirut is covered with white balloons, hugs and tears of hope and joy for having finally overcome the deadlock, the 18 months impasse it has found itself in.

Am happy, really. I did not want to see more Lebanese blood being shed because of Iran and its proxies. But everything has a price. And the price is another victory for Iran and Israel...

I suppose Arabs having been through the grinder of a dozen wars are out of breath. I understand.

I know some of you will lash out at me for stating that Iran scored another victory. What do I care what you think. I see things in their regional context, not from some narrow prism made of slogans, rhetoric and brouhahas. To hell with your slogans, we've been eating and drinking your slogans for years until...until we have become skeletons.

Several outcomes from the Doha meeting.

One sure outcome is that the international enquiry into Hariri's assassination will be halted.

Another outcome is Qatar coming out as a regional player competing and surpassing Saudi Arabia.

The current simplistic argument is that Saudi Arabia is a sectarian country, a client in the US-Israeli Zionist camp, hence has to be fought or at least neutralized.

Simplistic arguments come from ignorant simplistic minds. I need to remind the reader that Saudi Arabia despite all of its faults and it has MANY starting with Gulf War 1 till this very day, not mentioning its domestic and social policies...BUT
Qatar is not exactly an anti-Zionist state either.

Qatar has the biggest American military base in the ARAB Gulf (I don't use the "Persian" Gulf qualification). The largest AMERICAN military base from which all military operations were conducted for the invasion and occupation of Iraq - my country or what is left of my country.

Not only that, but it also has open diplomatic relations with Israel - the Zionist Entity. Tzipi Livni was in Doha just a few weeks ago. And moreover the Al-Thani ruling family purchased a nice summer resort not too far from Tel-Aviv. Ha!

In parallel and very much in line with what I "predicted" in one of my previous posts
"A fox trot in the Dark" - Syria has finally come out in the open today and admitted it is engaged in "indirect talks" with the Zionist Entity.

For those of you who know nothing about Middle Eastern politics, and you are indeed a majority - yet pronounce yourselves with so much cockiness - let me tell you something about Syria.

Syria is a fox in politics. Syria will never come out and admit something in the open, publicly, unless it has guarantees of some sort. I know Syria and I know the Syrian "façon de faire."

Syria will not come out in the open unless it is sure that ;

- Iran will be involved directly or indirectly in the peace talks not just with Israel.

- that the Golan heights are nothing but a small bargaining chip that Syria overlooked and some say sold to Israel for years, so the question is not the Golan Heights but a regional "breakthrough" which will include Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians under all of their factions - both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

- The so-called indirect talks between Syria and Israel have been going on for ages. But several hefty business deals have already been signed in a European capital, between official Israeli and Syrian businessmen. This is a fact that you will not read or hear in your media.

- The current deals between Syria and Israel involve IRAN. Syria is not stupid and will not forfeit its privileged position with Iran for peanuts. Moreover, Syria is more interested in a policy of appeasement with the US than in regaining a few mounts in the Golan. So the peace talks include just that - an appeasement with the U.S and that in turn means the opening of doors for further "indirect" talks between Iran and Israel.
I need to remind you that Iran and Israel had at least officially- military and logistic relations up to 1995. I personally believe that these dealings have not stopped since, but I have no way of "empirically" proving it to you.

- There are no sheer coincidences in international politics. Today's Lebanese agreement in Doha surprisingly comes about with the official admission by Syria of its preparedness for peace with Israel. This means that all will be "cool" on the Lebanese front, to assist Syria in its peace talks. This means that the Sayyed and his Hezb will stop barking until further notice from Iran, if need be.

Why am I telling all of this ?

Because I've said it before and will repeat it to you. Especially to you the idiots who danced and celebrated "divine victories".
Especially to you the hypocrites who stood by Iran when it was ethnically cleansing my country under the watchful and encouraging eye of the Americans.
Especially to you leftists who are worst than the Zionists and worst than any sectarians that ever walked the face of this earth.
Especially to you criminals, accomplices of murder and silence.
I am repeating it to you, for the sake of Truth and for the sake of History, so I can have my conscience clear.

All of this big political orgy was only made possible by destroying my beloved - Iraq.

All of this was made possible by murdering the only true anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, anti-Zionist in this whole fucked up region called the Arab World - Saddam Hussein.

Yes Saddam Hussein, the sacrificial lamb on the eve of the Eid, the one you vilified, demonized, slandered, defamed, called a CIA agent, a Zionist, an imperialist puppet, a traitor...

You, sons of whores, who are the traitors and the agents today ?

Iraq was the buffer zone. Iraq was the safety valve against both fanatical Iranian sectarianism and backwardness and against Zionist-US Imperialism. Iraq was the aspiring model of trying to combine both modernity, development, and gender rights whilst at the same time preserving its indigenous Mosaic and its Arab - Muslim and Christian identity and heritage. Iraq was the cornerstone, the pillar, the backbone of the Arab World.

And all conspired against it.

Today you can celebrate in your orgies of "peace". Today you can whistle, sing and dance in your orgy of blood, corpses and graves. Our blood, our corpses and our graves.

Today the US, Israel and Iran (and its lapdogs and that includes Syria) have won again.


And tomorrow ? Prepare yourselves for another orgy being cooked for Saudi Arabia.

How so ? Remember the recipe for ethno-sectarianism. Remember how to concoct it.

Why Saudi Arabia ? Its eastern flank is majority Shiite and Vali Nasr, Chomsky and the rest have been singing and applauding "Shia revivalism." against "Arab oppression." Let me remind you that Vali Nasr, the Persian par excellence, was advisor to George Bush on "sectarian violence".

Well the West, Iran and Israel with its REPUGNANT left, with its FILTHY Zionist Chomsky and its equally FILTHY set of "alternative media", and do include the DESPICABLE, HIDEOUS, Arab left (who are still orgasmic from the last orgy) and which pollutes the blogosphere and the web - did. They were/are experts in concocting sectarianism under the guise of slogans. The slogans that have become your bread and butter, your cheques at the end of the month...

And now the pots, pans and ovens are ready for another grill.

Another "celebration"...soon.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Talal Ghanem.

Your Hypocrisy keeps me awake...

Every day I promise myself "Thou shall not blog today" and then I read a piece of news that just makes me enraged.

Look at this one for instance -Iranian shelling of Iraqi/Kurdish villages - a member of the "Iraqi parliament" (hahahahahaha) is astonished over the government's position regarding these Iranian shelling.

This is not the first time that Iran shells Iraqi villages. Definitely not the first time since the occupation and definitely not the first time prior to the occupation. The whole Iran-Iraq war started with the daily shelling of Iraqi villages - a fact that your media refuses to acknowledge and mention.

The Imperial West and its pillar, the anti-war/left (another hahahahaha) never tire, till this very day of repeating "Saddam shelled Kurdish villages, Saddam displaced Iraqis, Saddam gassed his own people, Saddam tortured, Saddam eliminated all opposition ..." Bla-bla-bla...

I need not continue since you know the old fabricated refrain much better than I. You are were/are very proficient at it.

Of course all of the above, later transpired to be FALSE ACCUSATIONS, SLANDERS and DEMONIZATION part of a massive disinformation/propaganda campaign to JUSTIFY, RATIONALIZE and LEGITIMIZE the Zionist Anglo-American and Iranian occupations of Iraq.

But let's forget the past for one minute. Let me ask you this, did you read ONE condemnation of the current, ongoing Iranian shelling of Iraqi villages ? Of course not.

Why is that ? Did you ever ask yourself why is that ? Of course you wouldn't.

Are you a bunch of disgusting hypocrites ? An absolute YES.

OK now I can peacefully go to sleep.

May 20, 2008

Your's Forgetfully,

What the fuck is going on here ? Why do I have this impression that Iraq has been forgotten ? Why do I perceive that the discourse has taken a turn, for over 4 years now, away from Iraq, away from THE occupation of the 21st century ?

Who are these motherfuckers putting Iraq on the "back burner"?

Who are these deceptive sons of bitches obliterating the millions of deaths, the millions of those left behind, languishing in grief and ruins ?

I'll tell you who they are.

They are divided into two categories. The Zionist/American Camp and the Iranian Camp.

These are the ones who are currently pulling all the strings. They belong to the "right" and to the so-called "left". But when it comes to Iraq they are in total agreement, in total harmony.

The Right camp with its propaganda tries to make you believe that Iran is the real danger and that it has to be fought.

The Left wants you to believe that Iran is the anti-Zionist, anti-Imperialist victim and that it needs to be defended.

But - IN IRAQ, both camps are present, dancing away over our bodies, over our corpses... And you the idiots that you are, bark away on either side of the fence, over our dead bodies...

IRAQ, IRAQ, IRAQ --- Iran is nothing, Israel is nothing - both are nothing for me right now.

Fuck them both, fuck all other causes. My country is occupied by both Zionist America and Iran . What have you got to say to that ?

How does your "deep political analysis" explain that one ?

How do you explain the Great Satan fucking with the Axis of Evil ?

I shall explain it to you. The Great Satan needs the Axis of Evil. Evil is Evil.

For me, today Iran and Israel are ONE and the SAME.

No, no, I don't want to see you raising your eyebrows, and I don't want to hear any of your shitty accusations . You, the ones in bad faith are -- the Zionists, the racists, the chauvinists, the sectarians, the imperialists, the reactionaries....

Yes you are.

Israel is a racist, chauvinist state based on so-called Judaism. It tortures, imprisons, steals lands, ethnically cleanses, erases history, destroy homes, displaces, exiles...

Iran is a racist, chauvinist state based on so-called Shi'ism. It tortures, imprisons, steals lands, ethnically cleanses, erases history, destroys homes, displaces and exiles...

So explain to me what fucking difference is there between the two ?

You argue that Iran does not ? To hell with your arguments, this is my country, I know what is happening in my country. I know who are Iran's proxies in Iraq. I know how it ethnically cleanses. I know how it pays peanuts for lands and displaces thousands, how it demolishes homes, erases history...I know how it tortures, I know its methods, I know its ploys and games.

Just like Israel. No different.

So where are you "brave" voices about the occupation of my land by Iran and by Zionist America?

Where are you voices when MY history is being erased ?

I expect that from the Americans. I expect that from the Zionists, but you, you dirty bastards from the "left" including the shit "Arab left" where are you voices ?

So you think Iran is going to "liberate" you the way it liberated us ? Well I hope it does liberate you the same way.

I hope for you fuckers, to find yourselves without homes, ethnically cleansed, displaced, exiled, with your homes demolished, with your loved ones tortured, with your Omar, Bakr and Othman murdered because of their sects...

I hope for every single "Arab" piece of shit, that defends Iran and ALL OF ITS PROXIES to live through what we lived and are living through...

I hope for every single "Arab" to live in dual occupations - A Zionist American and an Iranian one.

Let me see your slogans and let me hear your barks then. Bunch of sell out, unprincipled, political prostitutes that you are.

I pray that the Great Satan fucks with the Axis of Evil in your own backyard.

I pray that America and Iran and its proxies liberate you through torture and death.

I pray that you rot in forgetfulness, just the way you have forgotten us.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarey.

May 19, 2008

A short Homage to a Palestinian Woman...

I've been watching one of my favorite programs called "Ziyara Khassa" - A Private/Special Visit, by Sami Klayb on Al-Jazeera.

Today's guest was a Palestinian woman, born in 1951, an ex-PLO member. Her name is Aida Saad. She now lives in Dubai, originally from Gaza.

Aida Saad though in her late 50's, has this amazing young spirit that shines through...

I could still see the 17 year old girl in her, who protested the Israelis and threw a grenade on a soldiers convoy, wounding four. She said she could no longer tolerate seeing their homes being demolished by Israeli bulldozers. She wanted to do something.

She was sentenced to 20 years of prison. She describes her years in Israeli jails.

She was subjected to what she called "very brutal interrogation techniques", she was also was badly tortured, physically/sexually abused and insulted...

The Israeli criminals did not content themselves with that, they also brought in her brother and tortured him in front of her. She said she could take it, but the day they brought her own mother in, to witness the torture of her children - that day Aida broke down. She could not see her mother suffer that way.

She describes the Jail. She describes the long corridors, with small rooms, each room specifically designated for a torture method. She says"one was for water, the other for electricity, the other with a small bench, one with hooks..."

One day she was called from her prison cell to identify a member of the PLO, her elder, by the name of Abu Nabil. She said she could not recognize him, "his face had lost all expression due to torture" and confirms "I frankly did not recognize him."

So they tortured Abu Nabil even more and in front of her. They stripped him naked, and had a thick stick, already covered with blood and another soldier was holding a piece of bread. So they asked her again,"Do you recognize this man?" and she replied "I swear, I don't."

So they asked Abu Nabil to go on all four, shoved the stick in his rectum and made him crawl like a dog and fetch the piece of bread held by the soldier. She still could not recognize him. So they tore her shirt revealing her nudity in front of him, but she still could not recognize him. He was "totally changed" she said.

She then recalls her years in prison, the complicity and the courage she derived from being with her female inmates. She said that the prison years developed in her a sense of fortitude, of defiance, she would have never acquired otherwise.

After 10 years and with outside help she was released along with a dozen others.

They were kept blindfolded for several days before their release and were taken to a special plane and were told they will never return back to Palestine.

Before boarding the plane, the Israeli criminals gave each some "water to drink" and forced each detainee to drink it. Aida took a sip and felt something gluey stick to her tongue. She pretended she was drinking this "water". Her other mates drank it all.

She later recalls that when they landed, all of them had "white lips" because they all drank the "water." She also adds that all of them later died of cancer except her. She did develop a brain tumor but received prompt medical treatment for it.
She is sure it was due to this "water" they forced them to drink.

She ended up in Libya and from Libya went to Syria where she was granted the Syrian nationality. Then from there she headed to Lebanon. But inter-rivalry inside the PLO earned her a few enemies. She decided to leave everything behind when one PLO leader told her " All your struggles and we can finish you off with two bullets only..." This is when she left and finally landed in Dubai.

She married, bore a girl which she called Palestine, and shortly after divorced, raising her only daughter alone. Her daughter is now married with one girl called Aida and lives in Canada.

Aida Saad was given "money and gold" by Sheikh Zayed of Abu-Dhabi and by other associations who would run events for Palestine, but she always refused the money and the gold and gave it all back to the cause - the Palestinian cause and its people.

Today, Aida Saad lives in a tiny appartment. She says that no one can get over the nightmares of torture, that she has no means to visit her only daughter, that her best friend, the Palestinian-Therese Halzon, who was also with her in prison and who also resisted the occupation, now lives in exactly the same circumstances - no money and forgotten...

Three years ago, Aida Saad remarried. She met an Iraqi artist who said he "fell in love with her strength and devotion to the Palestinian cause."He too, is in exile...

She concludes this Special Visit by saying : "I regret nothing, everything I did, I did out of Love for my people and for Palestine".

Painting: Iraqi artist, R.Al-Khafaji

Beirut Jokes - not really.

In Doha, the Lebanese politicians/mafiosi are still "debating."

The Hariri camp, has agreed to 90% of the "opposition's" demands, yet this latter wants more. Crucial to the talks is the question of the Hezb's "arms". The Hezb will never relinquinsh its arms.

The average Lebanese rightly asks himself/herself, what are the guarantees that these arms will not be used against him/her again. Just like any Iraqi will ask the same question concerning the sectarian militias's arms in Baghdad. Nothing strange here.

What is strange though, in a dumb sort of way, is that the luminary that represents the American people, and who goes by the name of G.Bush said in the Knesset
"Hezbollah's arms are to fight Israel, why have they turned them against the Lebanese people ?" --- This is how bright your president is.

But your president reflects your own dumbness - the American dumbness and by God, Americans are so fucking dumb. No wonder you guys have been hijacked in your politics, both domestic and foreign, in your economy and in your media by the Jews.

Not that the Zionist Jews are a terribly bright people themselves, contrary to their self aggrandizing claims. No, they are not particularly bright, they are simply more intelligent than you. The Zionists Jews have been able to control America because you people are simply dumb.

Besides, no one in Sharm El-Sheikh today, where your president has been delivering his usual drivel, is impressed. A show, a big show and everyone went home empty handed, just like the Lebanese will return home empty handed.

But --

What interests me are the Lebanese people not their politicians/mafiosi.

A group of Lebanese stood in the Airport with banners that read "If you can't agree, don't come back." Others were hoping that the Airport shuts down completely so all parties can stay in Doha for ever...

Ordinary people in the streets were interviewed, they kind of said the same thing.

"If you can't agree, don't come back" An elderly man playing backgammon with his friend, on the pavement, added " Since 1948 we've had wars. We have not known one day of peace. Enough. Let them all stay in Doha." I agree.

The Lebanese people seemed to manage their lives quite well without their politicians. The streets opened up again, the cafés too, and the Corniche was full of walkers all hoping that their "representatives" will not return.

The "Sayyed" is not in Doha. He stayed in Lebanon or maybe Tehran, we don't know, but I guess he's hoping that the airport closes down again, so he can be the sole player and turn Lebanon into a full fledged Iranian colony. But I guess that is no joke.

May 18, 2008

Malignant Political Shi'ism...

I like words. Take for instance Shi'ism as in political and shism.
One defition of shism is - " To cut off; to abrogate; to annul..."

Guess what ? This is exactly what's happened to some members of my family in Baghdad.

My cousin R calls me out of the blue. I have not spoken to her in ages since am in regular contact with my aunt and she usually gives me all the latest news.

So R calls me and she is always careful on the phone, she says they are tapped.
She starts off her conversation in a casual manner and then says
" I don't understand anymore, all those big turbans ruling us. What do they know about politics ?"

Then she casually adds " By the way we went for a "ziyara" (a religious visit), to Nejaf and Kerbala. It's changed a lot. Now they have a special corner for women and of course a more spacious one for men. "

I've visited Nejaf and Kerbala on more than one occasion during Saddam's reign, there were no divisions there for males and females - a side point. Let me continue...

I paused for a while. She was clearly trying to tell me something here.

Why would a Sunni family chose to go visit Nejaf and Kerbala now, during these times when people are still arrested, detained and killed because of their sects ?

Why Nejaf and Kerbala now ? When everyone knows that both these cities are literally swamped with the most fanatical, blind, insane sectarians, both from Iraq and from Iran.

We ended the conversation, and then it hit me.

A few months ago, another cousin of ours, who lives next to R in the same neighborhood, a neighborhood who has become "predominantly shia" when it was very mixed before and where we didn't know who is what, is now totally controlled by the Shiite militias from Iran. So this other cousin M, was arrested a few months ago, on false charges.

During his stay in prison which was no ordinary prison since it was tied to the Ministry of the Interior, we fervently prayed that M would have the intelligence not to reveal his sect. His name is not a giveaway. So the only cue that could reveal his sect is his way of praying. We earnestly prayed that he shows cleverness by praying the Shia way as opposed to the Sunni way. A minor detail but one that could save a life - his.

Thankfully M was smart and was finally released, after much angst.

M and R live next door to one another in the same neighborhood. I believe that both converted to Shi'ism to spare their lives and that of their families. Hence the visit to Nejaf and Kerbala at these dangerous times.

I have heard other stories of people changing sects to avoid death, now it has happened in my own family.

I did say I liked words. Shism = to cut off, abrogate, annul, vacate, void...

This is your new democracy Iranian-American style.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ali Al-Najjar.

May 17, 2008

60 Years of Solitude...

I remember when I was first initiated to the Palestinian cause. I must have been 10 or 11. I vividly remember the setting. It was our living room. I recall seeing sun rays penetrating across onto the Persian carpet. I remember the colors coming alive. I guess it must have been spring or summer.

My parents were seated opposite one another. Each was holding a newspaper. They would read, pause, comment, debate and resume their reading...

I remember standing at the doorway of the living room and watching them reciprocate...

I don't exactly know how it all came about, but I was suddenly included in the conversation...

It's been a long time, so I can't recall all the minute details, except maybe for my mother's printed summer dress. I remember the little flowers adorning it and the sunlight stroking the hem and her legs...She looked so beautiful in it.

And I do recall what my father was wearing. Grey pants and a white, short sleeve shirt. I guess it stayed in my memory because someone had told me that in Paradise, people wear white and grey...He too, looked handsome.

I remember watching and thinking to myself, what a perfect couple today.

I was taken away from my idyllic reverie of a few minutes when father said
"Layla, what do you know about Palestine?"

Of course I had heard of Palestine at age 10, but am not sure I knew all the details. All I knew is that something bad happened and it had to do with war and occupation.

Sensing that I was hesitant to come forward with the little knowledge I had for a 10 year old, he completed my thoughts..." Palestine has been taken away from us by force...Layla, what happened to Palestine will happen to every Arab country unless..."

My mother intervened as she usually does and added "Always remember that Palestine is Arab and that you are an Arab whatever happens..."

My first formal initiation to the Palestinian cause was also an initiation to the Arab cause...In my mind they remained and are till this very day, intertwined and inseparable.

That day I felt I was given a big task, an obligation. I am not sure what it was, I just knew that I was handed something precious. Something that started with Palestine and went beyond...

And it went beyond the borders of Palestine. It reached Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and today Iraq...and tomorrow ? My father's prophecy came true.

You need to understand one crucial thing, the crux of the matter, the essence of the matter, once you grasp it you will grasp everything else around it in the Middle East. The occupation of Palestine is at the CORE of all the other occupations.

Once the core is liberated, the rest will fall back in place. And please do me a favor, don't mention this oil business again as being the sole determinant of things past and present. There was no oil in Palestine, unless you consider Olive oil something worth appropriating and killing for.

It is all about "promised lands" and it all started with Palestine.

Whether God, the early Zionists or the British promised it, does not matter anymore...It was "promised" and illegally delivered.

Sixty years have elapsed since the first delivery by the British and in consortium with the other colonial powers. Sixty years of occupation on a land that is, on the one hand, narrowing and shrinking and on the other, expanding even more...

Sixty years and millions in Exodus. Moving from tent to tent, slum to slum, camp to camp, sometimes for a second and third time. Carrying the old rusty key to what used to be a home, carrying yellowed papers to what once was a piece of land, carrying an ID card to what once was a citizenship and a sense of belonging.

Israel and the safeguarding and expansion of Israel is the root cause of all occupations past and present. You need to understand that once and for all.

Sixty years of wars, sixty years of continuous exile, sixty years of death and the tumor is still lodged and metastasizing.

1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1975, 1980, 1982, 1991, 2003, 2006, and it goes on...
And in between - incursions, Intifadas, bombs, civil strife and silencing by prison chains and death.

Israel, the "democracy" of sham and shame, the Jewish racist entity established on stolen land, on usurped land, built on tears, blood and corpses of Palestinians, of Arabs.

Sixty years of wars, sixty years of expansion, sixty years of silence - the silence of mass graves, the solitude of mass graves...the solitude of exile.

They still carry the key, the yellowed papers and the ID card...they will keep on carrying them. So will I.

I am also holding onto the key, the papers that are turning yellow and the ID card that I am keeping as a memory...I am too, today. So will you, tomorrow...

And my father's voice returns in full force " What happened to Palestine will happen to every Arab country unless..."

Painting: Iraqi artist, Serwan Baran.

May 16, 2008

Pathetic "Taqiyya".

"Taqiyya" the art of Dissimulation. An art in which Iran and its proxies in the Arab World are experts. An art tool of sectarianism that is infesting us and positing itself as "resistance" or "Muqawama" like the "Sayyed" of the Hezb militia or like Muqtada Al-Driller from the Mahdi militia, call it.

But nothing beats that piece of Taqiyya by Iran's Ahmadinejad when in a press conference yesterday, he affirmed "Iran has never been involved in Lebanese affairs".

You must agree this is really a pathetic affirmation. An affirmation that even the "Sayyed" and his militia will be insulted by.

Now what you are about to read is no Taqiyya. It is actually what a Shiite friend who is Lebanese, told me. He said that his sister lives in the Dahyia - Southern part of Beirut, controlled by the Hezb's militia. He was caught in Beirut and could not leave. It took him over 24 hours to get out, by road.

His sister calls him and tells him that when the Hezb took control of the Airport, 4 Iranian planes landed carrying ammunition and Hezb fighters who have just finished their training in Iran. This piece of news was common knowledge in the Dahiyah and was proudly circulating among the residents there.

Today at a press conference following the Arab meeting in Beirut - to resolve the crisis, Amr Moussa from the Arab League declared in a TV interview that "Washington and Iran have reached some informal agreement to solve the Lebanese crisis."

Ahmadinejad's pathetic affirmation that Iran is not involved in Lebanon is the art of dissimulation at its worst, in poor taste and very badly done as well. One would expect a slightly more intelligent approach from this chauvinistic, sectarian anti-Arab, criminal con man. But I guess these are the limits imposed by ethno-sectarian chauvinism, itself - Iran style. It can't go very far without being exposed.

And nothing exposed it for what it truly is, like Iraq's occupation did.

May 14, 2008

Exchanging Organic Recipes...

It's dinner time.

Yesterday before going to bed, I soaked some kidney beans, you know kidney beans? They kind of look like kidneys, are dark red and sometimes you find them in chili con carne.

I am not much of a meat eater myself, so chili con carne was not on the menu. Just a simple Tuna salad with kidney beans, tomatoes, maybe a couple of boiled potatoes and a few olives. I suppose you can call it a variation of a "salade Niçoise." So that will be my dinner tonight - a tuna with kidney beans salad topped with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing and a piece of bread.

I can't guarantee organic food here, but this is as close as one can get. Sounds healthy doesn't it ?

So I poured the kidney beans into a pot, added some fresh salted water and left them to boil till tender. Meanwhile, I thought I ought to read a few articles as am behind in all the stuff I've bookmarked for later...

And here I am browsing through, article after article...and I come across that.

"Kidney for bread in oil rich Iraq"

" I couldn’t see my children crying for food and I can not get them even bread, Ali Hassnawi, a 34-year-old Baghdad resident, told
One day a friend of mine told me he had sold his kidney and I decided to do the same, he recalled. I got $1,500 dollars for it, two months later my wife got a better payment for hers. She got $3,000 because the man who bought it was nearly dying. Abject poverty in oil-rich Iraq has driven many like Hassnawi and his wife to a growing organs black market, where kidney is the most sought-after.
Prices vary between $500 to $5,000 dollars depending on and urgent the kidney is needed...
Sellers can easily be spotted by relatives of patient at the main gates of hospitals or nearby coffee shops. Usually a person who works inside the hospital brokers the deal and gets a 10 percent commission. More than 90 percent of donors since 2003 are from the suburbs of Baghdad and other main cities of Iraq..."

A doctor adds

" We have reached a catastrophic situation in Iraq where poor Iraqis sell their organs to survive, says a renal surgeon at Karama Hospital, requesting anonymity for security reasons. In one side we are happy to know that we are saving lives, however, it is hard to know that it is for money and not for love of fellow humans, he added. I was once forced to refuse to operate on a kid after I found out that the donor, a 12-years-old child, was being forced by his father who had sold his son’s kidney for $4,000 dollars. Local police have reported discovering many dead bodies lacking kidney or corneas. Investigations have shown that a mafia is working with help from some doctors who take out such organs from recently killed civilians...

Such organs are taken out from Iraq for neighboring countries where they are sold for huge sums of money. A World Health Organization (WHO) official in Iraq pressed for punishing those marketing organs. But he admitted that a country like Iraq, which suffers a so serious security situation, can not possibly control such an issue."

Abu Ahmed a recent buyer explains

" They wanted to sell and I wanted to save my life. It was a good bargain and both of us left hospital with something to survive, a new kidney for me and money to feed his children."

During the sanction years it used to be oil for food, now it's organic kidney for food in oil rich Iraq.

I suddenly feel terribly queasy. Forget about my dinner of kidney beans, olive oil dressing and bread...

Let's talk about yours. What healthy organic dinner are you having tonight, in your thriving and wonderful democracies ?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Qutaiba Sheikh Nouri.

Mosul under Attack.

From 8 months ago, I've been saying it over and over, watch out for Mosul, something is being planned there. Not only that, when I listened to some of the testimonies of American war vets, one of them said that his platoon was charged of "forcibly removing and displacing Sunnis from the Nineveh province and bring in Shia families instead." You can still hear these testimonies, they are available on the Web. And if you insist, I will have to dig out the link for you. But I much rather you do your own research as I really have no time to keep giving you proof after proof, to no avail...

And here come the latest news from Mosul, stuff you will not read in your mainstream media, nor in the Iraqi government media concerning operation "Lion's roars."

A prominent tribal Sheikh from Mosul by the name of Fayez Munif Al-Faysal, talking to Arabic Al-Jazeera, qualified the current attack on Mosul as the "Iranian attack."

He said the following and am quoting word for word.

- The attack on Mosul has been planned for many months in advance.

- Mosul is the second biggest city after Baghdad.

- It is being conducted by the Americans and the sectarian government forces.

- The sectarian government brought whole trucks of Shias from Baghdad over and above the American and Iraqi forces, to conduct the operations.

- 200 have been arrested so far. They were not Al-Qaeda, some of them are; ex-army officers who fought in the Iran-Iraq war, Baathists, tribal heads and academics...

- The sectarian Iraqi government wanted at first to have the ex-army officers work for them. They refused. They refused because they understand the sectarian Iranian plot/move against Mosul. We are Arabs through and through and we know what the Iranian agenda is all about. It's all about revenge. But maybe Iran does not know the people of Mosul well...but they will find out soon. We will not submit to the sectarian Iraqi government nor to Iran.

-This attack on Mosul will last several months as per Al-Maliki declarations.

- The ones who are fighting back are the Islamic Army of Iraq and the Jihad Front and others from the tribes...

(IAI and the Jihad Front are members of the IRAQI RESISTANCE not to be confused with Al-Qaeda)

Now compare the above from the mouth of someone who is a pure Muslawee, i.e from Mosul, to the repugnant and grotesque article by Cockburn in the Independent, which he titled "Ghost city' Mosul braces for assault on last bastion of al-Qa'ida in Iraq." I am sure this so-called journalist is working for the Americans and the Iranians simultaneously. Nothing to be surprised about, he has already given us many flavors of his allegiances in the past.

In parallel but still very related.

Today, the "regional government of Iqlim Kurdistan" announced that it discovered 3 oil fields in Northern Iraq, with a production capacity of 100'000 barrels a day and with an estimated reserve of 2 Billion barrels.

It has therefore decided to offer tenders for the construction of two oil refineries. Twenty contracts have been awarded so far to the following companies from : America, South Korea, Australia, India and Turkey.

And you tell me there is no American-Israeli-Iranian conspiracy. Ha!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Saad Al-Taee.

May 13, 2008

Notes from Beirut...UPDATED

This is a mail I received from a good friend of mine who lives in Beirut.

UPDATED BELOW (will try and regularly update this post)

"...we had one hell of a night as we live in a hot neighborhood. Things seems to be relatively calmer today but tomorrow, tomorrow is another story nobody knows about -except US, Israel and Iran, of course.
Recent incidents are frightening. My relative in West Beirut cursed Nasrallah, the following day he was kidnapped and tortured, reminding me of the way of the Mahdi thugs, the way he was brought and thrown from the SUV's in the middle of the much like the Mahdi practices. They threw him in the middle of the street as a bag of garbage. Thank God he is still alive but this will not go without lifetime consequences.I hope things will not deteriorate further but all scenarios -including the Iraqi one- are possible..."

Another note from Lebanon from Siestke in Beiroet Blogspot.

"Incident #1
I’m hanging over my balcony, watching two armed men walking down the opposite street. They pass a parked car with a poster of Hariri behind the window.
They look at it.And then they break the window with their rifle butts.
They walk on. They don't even look around to see whether someone has seen them.
Why should they? They rule the streets.
Here’s your democracy, Hezbollah style; Thug rule..."

You can read the rest here ...

The Hezb did promise after its "divine victory" against Israel, that it will not turn its arms against the Lebanese people...But the Hezb failed to keep its promise. That is expected from a sectarian shia political movement. You need not think too far, just have a good look at Baghdad and the thousands exiled, that should you give a foretaste of things to come. I really hope they will not degenerate to the same level as the Iraqi sectarian militias, but I can't promise....

Yalla enjoy your dual occupations - America/Iran and your "resistance."


This is another mail I received from my friend in Beirut and she/he says the following :

" Concerning what happened to my relative, I heard about many incidents similar to what happened to my relative but during such situation as we are witnessing one has to be very careful because the rumor is a basic weapon used by all parties involved (especially if the agenda of Iran/U.S is sectarian war.)

As for my relative, he was hit severly on his head-eyes, ears nose- using sticks and rifle bottoms. All this with a hood on his head and finally they ordered him to pull his tongue out and kicked him on the bottom of his chin so that he will not curse the "sayyed" anymore. The only other incident am quite sure of is related to a 16 years guy (I happen to know his father.) The 16 year old was killed after the fight stopped in a close neighborhood-- just because he had a symbol of mustaakbal party on his motorcycle.

The Pasdaran (Iranian Quds Brigades) have been in Lebanon since 1983, so I wouldn't be surprised if they participated in the recent incidents although I believe their hezb students already have all the experience.

We have to wait a little bit to see how things will unfold in this country. The agenda might still be different from Iraq specifically due to the common borders with Israel. In any events we the Arabs have no right to wish positive outcomes because we are mere objects of the fight and not players...I have been telling my friends that our only hope is in the brave Iraqi Resistance."