Too Little, Too Late...

We have a popular saying in Iraq and it goes this way "Ba'ad Kharaab Al-Basra"??!!

How to translate that? Literally it means "After the destruction of Basra" ?!

Kharaab comes from the verb kharraba, which means to destroy something that worked before, to irreparably damage it...

Kharban-the adjective, means damaged, rotten, not functional, not working, failed...

Simply put, kharraba means to screw up something so badly, rendering it useless...

So this proverb is used when someone comes along with either an admission, an apology, or to rectify some wrong after colossal damage has been inflicted...
So you tell the person in Iraqi "What's the use, after the destruction of Basra?!"

In the same vein, the latest admissions from Mc Lellan ex-press spokesman for the White House and from other media voices like this CNN reporter, who both finally admitted that their reporting on Iraq, was "less than candid". In other words they fucking lied...The CNN reporter added that they were "forced" to report in a particular fashion that was not detrimental to your government's image.

Excuse me, but am I supposed to feel better now or what ?

For 5 fucking years, no for 18 years, you've been buying the lies and suddenly you admit that it was "less than candid" and am supposed to feel OK with it ?

Like what do you expect me to do? Rush and embrace you for your "honesty"? Or maybe you expect me to forget our ruined lives and our filled to the brim graves ?

Or maybe being the fucking hypocrites that you are, you expect me to say "well after all, there are some good people left in America. It's not their fault really, they were forced..."

Oh, the bullshit! Oh, your bullshit that knows no limits. Oh, you compulsive liars, bad faith, deceitful, dishonest lot !

You did the same thing in Vietnam. After over 10 years of murder and mayhem, you took to the streets with your flowers and peace signs and cried about "poor" Vietnam.

It took you 10 fucking years. And you only moved your big fat asses after your brave boys came back in body bags and you could not stop the counting.

All throughout the 10 years, the pictures of the napalm burned kids did not move you, oh no they did were too busy singing in Woodstock thinking you're so fucking cool...when you were and are nothing but a screwed up bunch of mental retards and morons...

And do you think you learned anything ? Nothing. You learned nothing and you will never learn. You only learn the hard way, when you get your asses kicked big time and people start talking your language. This is when you open those rotten ears of yours and listen.

The problem with you people and I've experienced over and over, you mistake the words and demeanor of basic human civility for weakness. You know nothing about civility or civilization, you understand only one language - violence. Because that is the only language you are proficient at.

And I being a "good Muslim", I follow the saying of our Prophet who said "talk to people in the language they understand".

So you come now and tell us that the whole thing was dishonest? "After Kharaab Al-Basra"? Ya awlad al Kalb - sons of dogs. But dogs are too noble to be compared to you. You are less than dogs. Less than animals. Less...much less. You are scum and vermin. God, I fucking hate your hypocrisy ya awlad al sharmoota - you sons of whores.

You sons of a thousand whores, will your fucking Mc Lellan or your CNN marry the 3 million widows ? Or feed the 5 million orphans ? Or bring back the 5 million refugees home ? Or heal our cancer patients from your criminal weapons of mass destruction? Or grow a limb and an eye back to the 1000's lost, from your bombs ?
Or maybe your admission will revive the 1 million plus, dead ? Or restore our 7'000 years old archaeological sites, homes, buildings, fields, infrastructure, electricity and water ? Or maybe you short lived fake, phony meaculpa will disarm the sectarian pathological turbaned shits who are ruling us now-thanks to you ?

I am too angry to finish this post...and there is nothing left to bastards. I hate your fucking guts all of you.


Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohamed Ali Shaker.


Anonymous said…
I'm sorry. I live here, in the belly of the beast you so aptly describe and all I can offer is a worthless but very sincere apology.
I hate the violent nature of my society, the indifference of its people, and I feel every single day like I am surrounded by animals who have no sense of community, solidarity, or, well, humanity.
I have left before, only to become a stranger in strange lands, which is not much of an alternative. Be accepted and understood by a people you identify with but for the most part, despise. Or live amongst strangers who will always see you as an outsider and a 'nasty American'.
It makes me sick what we have done to your country. I am trying to work with Iraqi refugees here in my city, but really, even to help one family, does it even begin to rectify the torture, abuse and total destruction of a society that was once the cradle of civilization?
You are often in my thoughts and in my heart. I understand you hate me and your hatred is justified. I hope you always continue to blog, I love reading your posts.
I heard about Scott McClellan yesterday and just shrugged. Of course it was a lie. We all knew it was a fucking lie. And we took to the streets. I did, plenty of us did. We protested and wrote letters and made phone calls but we have no real control. The media has the control. The morons who are the masses ironically have control, their lack of action lets the Bush-ites get away with literal murder.
I'm not making excuses, I'm just trying to make my apology not seem so comical in its uselessness. I do wish the very best for your country. And I am complicit in these crimes if only by the nature of my birth. And that is enough to make me feel guilty for the rest of my days.
Anonymous said…
Take the dive, from the mortal dimension of feeling to the eternal one. Think that your dead are now in Paradise and smile at you, knowing in advance what glorious triumph and happiness are in store for you all unaware sufferers. Keep fighting the murderous invaders and collaborators tooth and nail as a pure duty and for the love of Iraq alone, without letting hatred "soil" the sublime justness of your fight. Hatred is for the small people, your martyred leader died free from it. Fight them, destroy them, wash them away from your land and history, always keeping your mind and soul serene, confident in God's favor and in the gratitude of posterity. Feel the epic of this momentous historical confrontation, and be proud of having been chosen amongst the nations to be the defeaters of the imperial Beast and the torch-bearers of a new era of freedom and dignity for the Arabs and for all the oppressed peoples.
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears"...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

Thank you.

Very beautiful comment, Encourager.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous #1. You write: "I am trying to work with Iraqi refugees here in my city,...."
Are these refugees former Iraqi interpreters or of similar disposition? If so, you are certainly a well meaning American akin to the sincere to Scott McClellan.
Anonymous said…

"you were too busy singing in Woodstock thinking you're so fucking cool"

You got that right.

That post and your "fanatic" post were the most beautiful turds you have written so far.

You are so blind with rage that you invite more sorrow upon your people.

Have you ever fixed anything in your life? A leaky pipe perhaps? Or do you just complain and scream as the leak gets worse and worse. In your anger to you take a sledgehammer to it just to have it burst open and ruin your apartment?

Did you nag your husband until he left?

Try fixing the pipes before you rip them out. Basra is run down and lacks repair. The US did not destroy it. The militias in charge did nothing to improve the port and let it continue to rot. Finally the Iraqi army took control. Now a Japanese company is proposing to put $300m forward to begin upgrades. Additionally, the Iraqi government has $70 billion from oil sales and could refurbish it themselves.

Instead of doing the usual, saying "What's the use?" and giving up, demand that your government invest in the port. The civil war is over. Al Qaeda's effectiveness is blunted. Once the gears of commerce are greased, I guarantee things in Iraq will improve at an exponential rate.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
"I understand you hate me and your hatred is justified."

You can't justify hatred. You can't justify the root of evil.

"And I am complicit in these crimes if only by the nature of my birth. And that is enough to make me feel guilty for the rest of my days."

You are a nitwit., "L"

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

"...duty and for the love of Iraq alone, without letting hatred "soil" the sublime justness of your fight. Hatred is for the small people..."

Very good, you are halfway there. Now you need to listen to your conscience that will tell you who your real enemies are.

"the torch-bearers of a new era of freedom and dignity for the Arabs and for all the oppressed peoples."

Great! Sounds just like George Bush:

"Sixty years of Western nations excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East did nothing to make us safe, because in the long run stability cannot be purchased at the expense of liberty. As long as the Middle East remains a place where freedom does not flourish, it will remain a place of stagnation, resentment and violence ready for export. And with the spread of weapons that can bring catastrophic harm to our country and to our friends, it would be reckless to accept the status quo.

Therefore the United States has adopted a new policy, a forward strategy of freedom in the Middle East. This strategy requires the same persistence and energy and idealism we have shown before, and it will yield the same results. As in Europe, as in Asia, as in every region of the world, the advance of freedom leads to peace."

Greg from USA
KM said…
Personally I dont agree with you Greg that 'hate' is the root of 'evil'.

Hate is a part of it..just as 'pride' can be part of the formula on evil. Not a 'pride' where one is rightfully proud of a child thatlearns to tie their shoes... but the kind of pride where one does not respect where their 'self' ends and the other person begins. It is a trespass upon the other.

Of course, Scott Pech diagnosed evil a psychiatric disorder and not a disease for a text book 'disease' suggets that the individual that has a disease, must be suffering.

Peck pointed out that those are 'evil' seem to not suffer. He did say though, that what the 'evil' do suffer is from their constant need to continually construct their facade and when the facade breaks down, this is when the 'evil' suffer.

Malignant narcissism and psychopatholgy are similar in that both do not recognize the suffering that others experience caused by the actions of the narc and the psycho. There is a detachment.

Psychopaths are considered to be moral embeciles. Narcs are intelligent and usually obey social norms outwardly.

If Chritianty's Satan or Islam's Shaetan are to be considered actual manifestation of 'evil', it survives from it's subtleties that are within it's lies.
Anonymous said…
I was an employee at CNN and participated in a number of meetings which occurred every morning during the months preceding the war. The conference room was named the "War Room" and calls to various producers, anchors, and executives from around the world would center on building the infrastructure to cover the war [it was LARGE and EXPENSIVE!] and the process of providing extensive coverage of the invasion. Whenever there was a development that might hint at the possibility of a peaceful resolution to the war or a delay in the incessant march to war, there would be a palpable sense of disappointment and anxiety - CNN was "chomping at the bit" at the opportunity to cover the war - ratings, profits, personal ambition and the chance of "making a name" for yourself were driving this thirst for war. This was “exciting stuff.”

In May of 2003, all executives, anchors, producers, etc. met in Atlanta at CNN Center to hold a large party celebrating the "end of the war" and the wonderful coverage that CNN provided. The anchors were practically falling over each other as they heaped praise upon themselves for the remarkable job they did despite the horrible and deprived conditions they encountered. Yeah, spend a couple of months in a war zone and then back to your luxury apartments, glittering parties, expensive lattes, etc. It was all so disgusting. CNN is a fucking joke – don’t waste your time on that crap!
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla
I read your blog very often. I wont say that I enjoy it because I dont get a kick out of witnessing the pain that you feel. Can I say that the person from the USA L who apologised to you is reflective of how the vast majority of people in the "west" feel about Iraq. The two wars and sanctions against your country were as bad as the precious zionists holocaust. That other guy Gregg is an emblem of all of the bastards who hold the strings of power in the "west". Layla we dont live in democracies like the scumbag western media like to portray. The only ones with any power in the "west" are the rich and they shit on us all. Dont be too cynical about all of us lucky enough not to live in the middle east right now. Maybe someday the tide will turn and you can torture us instead. I suspect you would be too civilised to do that. Take care of yourself as best you can and for what it is worth I love you and admire you and your courage
Anonymous said…
Fuck you and fuck your peace and liberty greg. God please save us from the fucking American "Peace, Freedom, Liberty, Equality.

Where is all the promises you made? where is the Freedom? where is the right to live? where is the sovereignty ? where is the Weapons of mass destruction? where Is all the things you've promised.

Go quote a fucking goat for all i care. Thats how i feel when you quote Goerge Bush. And to even Say thats this is all good to the world makes me want to fucking puke and do a Fedayeh strike on the U.S.

You people don't deserve shit. As a matter of fact you have so much shit that you now started shitting on others...

No Generation has ever been born to like the U.S A they start watching your stupid mentally retarded Television (God even egypt tv looks better) and like you. Then you come rape the women kill the children disgrace the tribes rape the old men destroy everything destroy agriculture destroy archeology destroy humans Nothing is left behind you.

Layla is absolutely right, you start crying for the ones life you already destroyed only after 10 years.... THEN YOU FUCKING SAY WE "APOLOGIZE" to justify everything never do you lynch or change your ways. God, just leave us the fuck alone we want to live on our own.

We can live on our own as we have lived for the past 3000 years!.

Your president is a fucking retard, the Federal reserve enslaves you and your fucking happy. You have no dignity and your not even Human.

But DONT YOU FUCKING WORRY BITCHES! We follow the Prophet ways, and we will not do the same to you fucking idiots..

Kos em abo aboko o sed sed sed sed sed sed sed sedf sed sedko ya ahwat el manyoke.

Bas Halyan Benshof el DOllar sar bedo eyroh oesa bedna eneko.
Anonymous said…
Always excellent.
Stop by on PP, we miss you.
Anonymous said…
Little Greg,

I believe that you have enough fooled around playing at being a political commentator.

Now be a good boy, forget about these adult matters that are just beyond your limited understanding, and go back to reading "My Pet Goat".

Quick quick.
Anonymous said…
What you are seeing is the birth pangs of a new America. "Freedom of the Press" is finally comeing to America, inshaAllah.

Bush's propaganda master exposes all the lies and liers in the American news media, the big shots - the news anchors, and they can not defend themselves at all - and they have to explian in on their own popular shows, their credibilty shot.

Now it is officialy over for the MSM, the internet has proved that just by letting America, for the first time, see the truth of what it is doing to the world, and who is doing it, and who is behind it, and why they do it - everything - suddenly. The MSM can not stop this, the internet is much bigger than they are now, either they tell the truth or people change the chanel, exculding the Foxnews crowd - poor things are too far gone :(

I think of Vietnam now, can you imagen how many millions of lives the internet could have saved back then? Nixon and Kisinger could play war and destroy cities in Vietnam just to get some D.C. paper delayed - the American media helped them get away with it, spread all their lies and prettied up their daily slaughter - even the pictures of napalmed children were used to kill more children.

Sorry for the rant - I have been waiting for decades for the American media to finally exposed and they may soon stop killing million of people for fun, profit and entertainment. The American media was controled for a reason - and it now has to explain what that reason was - it'll take a long time to explain - for me it'll start with Palestine returning and Palestianians being accepted by Americans as humans once again.

This is just small start, but I think the next few weeks will see much more - American reporters will have to learn from the Brits and others how to actually be reporters - and the blogs will watch as they learn and have lots of fun pointing out their mistakes and lies.

Americans have a choice, either they stop the media BS - or they become like billions of others like me, unable to blog, unable to talk, unable to say anything without wondering if I'll be arrested - just becuase I have an American trained puppet government installed over me - I have to accept the lies, I have to accept the propaganda - and if I refuse the Americans will tell their puppets to do what they want to do the blogers in America if they could.

The American voices silenced since the 70s - the government whistle blowers, they have blogs - and now the MSM has no more excuses to ignore them - a bit late, but I hope they make up for lost time.
Anonymous said…
I would go away if someone would kindly take my place counter balancing the idiotic and hateful johnny jihad posters on this blog.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
snoozer: "...Bush's propaganda master exposes all the lies..."

Charles KRAUTHAMMER: "So you've got to ask yourself what kind of man collaborates on what he now says was deceptive propaganda to drag America into what he now calls an unnecessary war, and does it without ever privately or publicly saying anything, and without doing the obvious, which is to resign.

And the answer is one of two things — either he is the most dishonorable man in Washington, staying in a position and collaborating in what are essentially high crimes that he now asserts, or this is a guy, a young man, who sort of left under a cloud, who had one of the most undistinguished careers as a Press Secretary ever, who was legendary for his incoherence, and who doesn't have a lot of big future on the side, is going to cash in..."

Snoozer: "...and they may soon stop killing million of people for fun, profit and entertainment..."

The Islamists enjoy killing people for no reason at all.

Take another decade nap, snoozer.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
you can go away now, you never had a place, and noone wishes to replace that shithole! you, and the very adaptable natives, who would move to another haven, after they have totally ruined the one they have already been in, are finished, finished with their sacrificing, should promise to the whole planet never to open their filthy gobs and never to talk about religion or holly people and such, cause it is your filthy propaganda, and what conspires between the ONE and the ONE is none of your fucking business!! So, shut the fuck up!!!!
KM said…

You or nobody really needs to 'counter balance '.

Racism, sexism, religious ideologies, destructions of habitats & environments, poisonous foods and drugs. No country is immune to these things.

Murders, theft, jealousies, envies, national pride, etc...they can be found all over. Good people, bad people, patient people.etc.

Don't you think it's time that we TRY to put away the tactics the Us govt has used for so long? We ( as people living in America ) can not control what others think, what others do or what others say. We can listen though. It doesn't mean you have to agree or try to negate what they say.

I think you believe that America is THE LEADER in the World. But look around Greg. Look at the World we live in. It's a boiling hell for so many people and all of us are stuck on it.

Going to 'war', especially for what the US govt claimed were reasons were false, is nor progress. This is what you and I should be concerned about. Not be 'hurt' or feeling insulted because of how others are feeling because their country is detroyed and hundreds of thousands are dead.

Greg, if people broke into yer home and stole yer posessions, would you not expect to pick up yer phone and call the police?
You would do that because for reason number 1, you were trespassed against, 2) because there are laws and you want the perpetrators caught and 3), you would expect justice.

You would want the laws to kick in for your protection wouldn't you?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
The international scientific community should dedicate the next years/centuries to the research of treatments for all the illnesses and damages caused by the US weapons on the Iraqi people and environment throughout this vile occupation.
Anonymous said…
The US is a hopeless case, I gave up a long time ago.
In fact I'm even planning to move to another country like France or Spain. Got tired of the b/s here.
PS: if there is something all the nations can do, please dump the dollar.
Anonymous said…
First, let me address (if one can "address" a donkey that is) greg (you don't deserve a capital G you swine), go AWAY like you keep threatening, you CERTAINLY won't be missed amongst the humans who comment here.

Second, to the "americans" who are apologizing, it's a damn shame you guys are in the minority in that racist murdering thieving ignorant stupid moronic DUMB country otherwise known as USrael.

As to the people who think the dollar will bring the yanks down, i am sorry to say but keep dreaming.
What foundation do you think the world monetary system is based on?
The yanks and as an extension, the jews.
Anonymous said…
USrael? hahah just be glad USrael doesn't decide to destroy all you worthless inbreds. Feeling sorry for yourself is not going to make your life better and that is why your life sucks now. I'm sitting here enjoying my beer.
World leader? Fuck the world! USrael is all that matters. Our Comfort! Our Security! Our Freedom! The rest of you can die a horrible death and go straight to hell. Oh wait! We have already made a hell for you here on earth. Enjoy! Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue! Once you boy lovers accept the fact that we govern America FOR Americans you will stop wondering why we are not doing more to help you. We do enough to keep Americans, like the ones who say sorry on this web page, an illusion that we actually give a damn about people who are not American. I won't speak badly about those people, because they are Americans and God gave every American the right to speak his or her mind. I do hope they leave for these foreign countries that they think so higly of.

KM! you pansy. If a person were to break into my home, the last thing I would reach for is a worthless phone. I would choose between my Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun, or my Springfield .45 1911. I sure as hell would not be waiting for someone to come save me. After I've killed the trespasser, then I would call the police. Just so they can pick up the corpse before it starts to smell like Iraq.
Anonymous said…
*tags Greg* I'll take over from here brother.
Anonymous said…
Greg...what is your freedom, choose the color of the car u want buy? Think deeply...democracy in the US not necessarily means that you are very well in what consist your freedom...i have the answer conditions!
KM said…
If you were home and they are in yer home, I believe you still have that legal right to shoot them.

With yer last post, I see you are openly displaying yourself. It's what we all knew anyway 'cowboy'. And all this time you tried yer best to contain yer true self.

It was just a matter of time before you cracked open. :-)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Thanks, cowboy


I hear you, there is hope for you since you still use your brain.

The US has put away the tactic of maintaining order at the expense of liberty. The Palestinians elected Hamas - doh! The Iraqis elected sectarian stooges - doh!. This could take awhile.

The US IS the LEADER. Over the past 30 years, we have presided over the greatest increase in free nations ever The only region lagging behind is the Mideast, which coincidentally is under the spell of same Islamic fundamentalists who took down our WTC. "Some say this country's just out looking for a fight
Well after 9-11 man I'd have to say that's right "

km, war sucks, and a 'false' war is surely a crime. But war was brought to us on 911. PLANES FLYING INTO BUILDINGS!!!! That was not a movie. It happened, and one of the consequences is the Iraq War. Cause and effect. No 911, no Iraq war. No Saddam invasion of Kuwait, no Iraq war. I agree with the president who believes that next time it will be an attack with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. So his plan to save us is to bring democracy to the ME, and to bring the middle east - kicking and screaming - into the 21st century. If he fails, we are all screwed.

This was no 'false' war. 911 and Iraq are connected, just not in the way that you are thinking. Someone who calls you the enemy REALLY IS THE ENEMY. Saddam didn't have to take part in 911, he just had to exist as an enemy, who supported terrorists (in Palestine) after 911.

I agree with cowboy, if people broke into my home you need to do what you can to fight back right there because the phone is worthless.

UBL kicked in our door on 911. He follows no laws. Saddam was down the street kicking someone else's door in, for $25k a pop. He follows no laws. Zarqawi kicked in the doors, stole property, raped women, drilled men and burned the house down. He follows no laws. The police, in the form of the UN have no guns. So these men are the enemy, to be shot on sight. 2 down, 1 to go. I hope my neighbor would protect me as well.

Greg from USA
KM said…
greg, you can save yer preaching to me.
Anonymous said…
And Ben Laden was in Saddam Hussein's palace...
Keep taking prozac Greg.
The only fundamentalist I've seen so far was the WH.
When you go attack a country, and if you can't backup anything with proof, it doesn't look good man.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla! – something tells me you have at least partly accepted your dust and paper-clips because your brilliant writings just keep pouring out.. It is like watching “the unpolluted fountain of truth”. And you are rightly justified in hating the US/Israel/Iran
And any decent human being would share your hate. I healthily do!

Perhaps all those US people who want to leave the US should stay and resist. Because not too far away along with the people of other western countries, your country too, is going to face social upheaval. For starters more people pressure on exposing the lies of your corporatist/militarist cabal who disguises itself as the US democratic peoples' government could get things stirring.

The Iraqi peoples' resistance is not running away, they have stood up to the US now for 18 years and still giving them hell. And the IRAQI PAIN is a 'pain' the majority of US socially disfunctional people are just not capable of imagining. The US people should throw off their illusionary 'individualism', namely corporate materialistic induced social human disfunction and start shouldering your responsibility, your human collective social responsibilities to each other, so you are all prepared for what is to come when your Empire collapses. Because the biggest enemy of corporate fascism is human social values.

Of course we will be going down the gurgler with you here in Austerica because we are tied to your US $ Since having the US corporate/fascist system introduced into Australia in 1983 the Australian people too have become socially-disfunctional.

Listening to the news I hear about the PAIN AT THE PETROL BOWSER because their bloody petrol has gone up to $1.50 a litre – LESS THAN A LITRE OF MILK.

My response to this is 'let these selfish multiple cars and plasma screens per household bastards walk until their feet get sore.' For years now, the greed and instant self-gratification of the majority of US and Australian people of this world has resulted in selfishly taking more of their share of the worlds's oil (per population) without any thought for any other human being in the world. By just rights they have already used up their share. So, by just rights, at this time in history, they should not be entitled to one drop more. Anyway, as the situation stands, they will now have to share what is left in the worlds' oil barrel. For them I hope their petrol goes up to $10 a litre and let them experience SOME SLIGHT TWINGES.

I urge all Americans who HATE their country for just and rightful reasons, and HATE themselves,stop mourning and start resisting!
In soldidarity
KM said…
How's those beers Greg?

Here's a link for ya to read thru one of these days. Its some info on Turkey / Israel / ISI / US, the CIA and nuclear secrets before and after 9/11.
Anonymous said…
Give it time Greg, give it time, it is just starting - and try watching something other than foxnews now and then.

The world media has been haveing fun the last 7 years exposing the American media - every lie that the gullable Americans accepted was talked about as a news item, the Europeans media has has a lot of fun with it.

As for your thoughts on Islam - please repeat them as often as you like, Parsely, Hagee and Pat Robertson are spreading Islam in America with their constant lies and inabilty to say truth, and you can help them "holy" men with each lie you spread yourself about Islam - the more idiotic your lies the more new Muslims in America inshaAllah - so go to work.

Harry Shearer's "935 Lies"
Samer Dallasheh said…
God damn it you retard Americans.

I'll explain it to you why you are retards:

1-You have no democracy, you've lost it, no freedom. Proof? Bolton (Ex-Us Ambassador) said on Al-Jazeera interview:"I don't think world opinion would effect the united states, we don't care about the public opinion inside the united States" so you have no public opinion and here goes the Foundation of your so called "democracy". (since a high rank person said this, it means something).

2-You support Dictators, never Democracy. Remember Iran 1953? you've destroyed their democracy and put the Sha'h (dictator) in charge. You still support Dictators like:Egypt,KHADAFI!, Saudi Arabia, African countries etc...

3-You've never spread a democracy in the world in your history ever. You spread violence then leave and cry and move on do violence again.

4-You've spread "Pornography" and ruined the lives of many people, and never tried to help those lives you've ruined (porn addiction is increasing MASSIVELY in the world)
Not to mention you removed the sens of morality of people (You've spread porn in Afghanistan lots of it and in Iraq as well).

5-You watch History and look how news media always lied to the people and you laugh at them then you go watch Fox and believe every word they say. (Hypocrisy).

6-Your education system is a terrible mess and one of the worst on the planet, and yet you want health care and more money but forget whats important (YOUR CHILDREN'S LIVES MAYBE?!?!? )

7-You destroy every country in the world that doesn't trade in your Zero currency dollar (COUNTRIES WANT TO LIVE! and dollar doesn't help them it makes them more poor!)

8-You destroy culture and not by accident you destroy culture as an objective (need i to say more!!??)

9-You Rape old men in Afghanistan and destroy lives of an entire trip (take away the dignity of an elderly respected tribes leader, destroy all of it worthless to live).

10-You are compulsive liars.

11-You quote George bush and worship him.

12- You do nothing but just whine and never do anything.

13- you are stupid and ignorant.

14-you are truly enslaved and yet you want to sit others free?

15-You never ever care about the Indian holocaust and place no memorial for it, yet you worship the Jewish fake holocaust (because less than a million jews died).

16-You are the most hypocritical people on the planet.

17-you are people of no faith and never read your own bible yet you criticize true religions like Islam And Judaism.

18-You are Meat Suits for the Zionist Regime and you don't even know it.

19-You believe every thing in the movies.

20-you never search anything on your own and your obsessed.

Good things about America:

1-You...............? i don't know? destroy each others life in the war for money?

2-You.................? Build Rockets and manufacture lots of guns???

3-You.................? Are not leading anymore in space explaration?

4-You..................? Destroyed and killed the planet?

5-Nothing...............? You are worthless.

6-I got it! you some times help others! you some times do good!.

7-You are very proud of things you never achieved personally and hate blacks and any other ethnicity than white.

But all the bad just covers the good and its hard to see the good in you.

Oh please do read this:
Anonymous said…
Some truly brilliant comments here today! Keep it up, Iraqis and Iraq's true friends!

Of course, there's the usual garbage churning out of (some!) USans! This garbage is insignificant because it helps to portray the utter and pathetic ignorance and stupidity of those concerned.

Hi Bluegum!

In solidarity, Layla.

Anonymous said…
The real "nitwit" is you Greg and that creature who doesn't have a real identity but "cow-boy". You show your butts so exquisitly girls. Your ignorance blares onto this screen OBSCENELY. Intelligence nil. Both pretenders you are to some insanity that is the true credo of your pride red white & blue RAG. INSANE is what covers your pretenses to pride in LIES first of all - then murders & massacres that is really your NAME and WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You would claim the gun for the protection of your own (hell-holes) homes, yet LABEL ANY OTHERS WHO DEFEND AGAINST YOUR GARGANTUAN VIOLENCES AS "jihad johnnies". WHAT FAKES YOU ARE. GRAND HYPOCRITES. Just as the monstors you elected as your so called leaders, YOU could be nothing better than them. You get it?! It is a fact. YOU are exactly who you choose to lead yourselves. Those ungodly men & women who would think nothing of disposing of you if you were in the way of ANY of their slobbering, vile, covert and viscious ambitions. YOU are the real NITWITS HERE and you haven't the brains to figure that out. How dispicable your stinking words defile this screen and smell up the entire world of THE REAL PEOPLE of this world. OH stupid stupid stupid american. Your white-ness is foul upon foul. Your baseless beliefs dust & ashes. You are the real SWINE standing in front of pearls - STILL you don't have a clue. NOT ONE FUCKING CLUE as to as to only ONE supremacy you can claim: THE SUPREMACY OF TOTAL AND BLIND I G N O R A N C E!

You two especially "greg from usa & "caow-boah" : you have the balls of a gnat. Thats about the best that can be said of your GRAND STUPIDITY. You will NEVER have the balls of Layla Anwar!! NEVER!!
But hey. If you continue to barge your unwelcome selves in here then you deserve to be castigated, denigrated, informed of WHAT you really really and bone truly are: pretenders, phonies, ball-less wonders who only think you are thinking. YOU have NO CLUES. NONE. ZILCH. ZIP. Z E R O. You are an insult to ANY of those humans among you who actually know how to use those God-given trillions of brain cells. Its crystal clear you DON'T! You are the typical american whitey, honkey, incest-loving, murder-in-your-psychopathic-hearts, stinking, lousy, mother-fucking, deadbeat boys dreaming of six-shooters on your hips waiting for the high-noon train to kill kill kill kill. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseum. You came from mental illness and only degenerated further into stark raving madness.

And by the way "greg from stupid usa", I repeat, AGAIN, your idea of research is pathetic. You get a big fat F for your regurgitations of pretense to intelligent fact finding. I already caught your big sham before. Why oh why do you defend the indefensible? Hmmm??? Only a fool would put forth the words you think are saying something worthwhile. You really don't show an ounce of intelligence really. TRULY. It is apparent you don't know who the hell you really are. It is so apparent. Its so typically white boyish. So typical of you who have the total and I mean fucking TOTAL IGNORANCE to have an OUNCE of pride in defense of a country that stands for NOThING HUMANE! FUCKING NOTHING~!

WAKE THE FUCK UP. You frigging white european anglo saxon beasts were in the DARK AGES while the Arab peoples were leading the world in invention and everything else YOU WERE NOT. Oh, now don't piss and moan in agony over that one boys. Your earliest ancestry were burning witches. Tromping on the pristine lands of MY PEOPLES! To use your own special sweet phrase-eology - fucking your nasty-assed selves into hordes and hordes upon retarded hordes of your man-eating selves while tromping, thrashing, defiling, raging, polluting and vilifying THE REAL HUMANS who stood in the way of your forever unceasing, MINDLESS-ENDLESS GREED under the blood dripping "manifest destiny" (for your nasty lying dirty companions in crime - the grandest LIARS of all time - zion-ist CREATURES FROM HELL - the twin of your empty selves - the same base, false, grasping credo of "chosen people") having the unbelievable audacity to THINK you owned what you NEVER OWNED - you creatures from the dark ness who NEVER knew your own dark hearts nor minds (you STILL do not know) YOU who NEVER knew WHAT and WHO you really really really are - will never SEE nor UNDERSTAND what you have wrought upon this planet because you simply do not have the HUMANITY that you THINK you have or are. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Get off your fucking little high horses of pretense here. You are exposed by your own paltry words.

A TRILLION TRILLION words nor actions could ever smarten you up. You would lay down and wallow in the slimy pig-pen sty of your own ignorance shouting the loudest that you were the best, the brightest, the most humane, ad INFINITUM. ad NAUSEM!!


I have traveled your hard pavements and seen beneath the whites of your lies. YOU have the highest number of PSYCHOPATH's - white, 20-30 year old mostly males - IN THE ENTIRE WORLD OF HUMAN BEINGS. Your children are killing their peers, their teachers, their parents, grandparents, strangers at a rate that should not exist anywhere CIVILIZED human beings are. Your country founded upon a religion and made up credos based upon PURE PURE PURE RACISM that committed the GENOCIDE - yes, FUCKING GENOCIDE OF MY PEOPLES! You fucking IDIOTS! RACISM AND VIOLENCE IS YOUR FIRST, middle and LAST NAME. Every highway, byway, forest, stream, river, desert, mountain and concrete 'jungles' YOU call cities - EVERY and ALL scope of this land you call - with your dried up english language - "america" - this land you purged, raped, tromped, trashed and violated by your very filthy, nasty murderous selves, has the bones of my peoples underneath your stinking, rotting feet. You haven't the sense to understand anything nor to know what senseless creatures you are. YOU were the inventors of mental institutions and by your own made-up out of the blue beliefs - CREATORS of the madness that put your own and any others you insanely believed to be "insane" INTO THOSE SAME INSTITUTIONS. You suffer the mental sicknesses of your own making. Your prisons! americans have incarcerated the most human beings on planet earth. Its your way. Abu Ghraib is no surprise you fuckers pretending to be so shocked by the inhumanity of that CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. YOU were ALWAYS TORTURERS! I AM SHOUTING AT YOU MANIACS. Oh yeah. I forgot momentarily. You don't know how to suffer the ANGER OR RAGE OF THOSE YOU PERPETRATE YOUR OWN INSANITY OF VIOLENCES AND IMMATURE EMOTIONALITY UPON. YEAH OH YEAH THAT IS YOU! You are cold, calculating, cunning, viscious killers in your neat little ticky tacky boxes you call homes - ALL OVER OUR STOLEN LANDS - IDIOTS. SLOBBERING, YAMMERING, SCREAMING LITTLE VILE IMMATURE CREATURES. You prey upon your own like the cannibals you truly are. You molesters of children - murderers of innocence and beauty. YOU I INDICT! YOU! You who know NOTHING yet blabber away pretending you do. I INDICT YOU! Charles Manson is your alter-ego. Fools from hell whose children grow up with unknown fathers and mothers who abandon their own for the Jerry Springer 15 minutes of fame. What a bunch of mental pigmies you are. I speak of you collectively. You cannot speak of "individuality" as your paen to your nasty little selves because those who are truly "individuals" are such a small minority among the mobs and masses of you, that it cannot be taken into account.

I've walked OUR STOLEN LAND here you STILL audaciously call "yours" and I have seen what you have made of it. I see clearly you do not, did not, will not EVER feel at home in "nature" and the purity and beauty of that nature. You do not feel at home in it because you throw your crassities on the sides of all roads and streets and highways here! Dirty DIRTY DIRTY are you: beer bottles thrown, dirty diapers of your spawn, condoms, left-over foods, wrapping papers of all manner, cigarette butts - all the garbage from your over consuming, greedy physical lives - thrown down like you throw away human life you deem so cold bloodedly as not worthy. YOU creatures are the spawn of mental insanity. Unable to decipher any meaning of ANY universe. Without spirituality - you are a black hole - THE REAL BLACK HOLE IN SPACE - sucking the living life of life of beauty grand and divine out of the footstool of GOD HIMSELF: OUR EARTH. Oh you are indicted to hell. INDICTED !!

So you who are so little in mind and spirit to the point of non-entity - no good name to call your own - you "greg from usa and cowboy" what ugly representation you are. No mistaking it. YOU ARE REPRESENTATIVE of your "kind" - creatures without soul or heart - all that makes a human human. I fucking DEFY YOU! for you are the worst of the worst. PRETENDERS TO HUMANBEINGS. You only THINK you are humans. You are sadly mistaken. The "cow boy" creature can't even throw up any pretenses to what he really is (or maybe its a "she") as his words betray any sign of intelligence or understanding. You are worse so called "greg". You pretend to be intelligent spewing out false and oh so so so LIMITED research (only the paltry, shoddy, lying kind anyway) attempting to come across like you know a thing or two - trying to come across as some kind of intelligent person when in fact you come across as being actually immature, brainwashed (I know. You think you aren't blah blah blah) without ANY understanding of suffering and tragedy - having an "appearance" of authoritive information, but in truth, showing you are a lazy intellect covered all over with racism, sexism and the vile white man eyes of dross blindness to TRUTHS. You've never suffered anything boy. You couldn't take what Layla Anwar suffers - not in a million years. It shows. It shows CRYSTAL CLEAR.

You need a reality check. You need to go live in Iraq, Palestine, Africa of the starving, mutilated, and burning villages instigated by power mad and mentally ill men. You need to suffer like all the human beings your fucking country's leaderships of sham that YOU and the likes of you ELECTED, PERPETRATED VIOLENCES UP VIOLENCES AGAINST - those violences and murders you WILL NOT ADMIT your fucking empty vain, psychopathic and I mean the truly psychopathic in all sense of the meaning - so called leaders have created in OUR world. Talking to you like this is a futility and I know it. Its more a need I have to vent my own righteous rage and anger than to ENLIGHTEN you. I KNOW you and the likes of you have no ability to understand nor to even grasp the idea of CHANGING YOUR SELVES INTO HUMAN BEINGS IN the image of GOD ALMIGHTY. Its just an impossibility for the likes of you.

FIVE HUNDRED YEARS and going and still, STILL not even an apology for your GREAT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and WAR CRIMES AGAINST OUR PEOPLE - the INDIANS OF STOLEN, THIEVED, ROBBED "america". YES! and for this massive and grave grave crime against hundreds of millions of MY PEOPLE, I, in 21st CENTURY north america, INDICT THE FUCK OUT OF THE LIKES YOU!

To use your own dirty vernacular: YOU FUCKING NITWIT. YOU and the cowboy fool.

This litany is only the tiniest of micro-tiny words and feelings I can express. I can best your research so much your little head would swim. It wouldn't matter. You can not smarten up STUPID. YOu haven't a frigging clue. NOT ONE.
Anonymous said…
"porn addiction"

What the hell is that?

My only apology is that I am out of time to read your polished turd posts this morning

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
hahaha khese rants show what a bunch of psycopaths you all are...hahahaha

In Solidarity Greg
Anonymous said…
khese = these
Anonymous said…
to greg and american woman:
Yes, the american gov't and awesome military did such a good job of protecting we american people that 19 men with box cutters foiled a multi-trillion dollar military machine and flew 45minutes without being intercepted before flying into the WTC and pentagon - that is one piece of impressive defense on our part and an awesome display of amercan superiority, don't you agree?
Anonymous said…
response to wideeyedfedup

As a journalist, perhaps you could fill us in as to why not one US journalist or group of committed journalists, even outside of the mainstream media ,worth their investigative salt,have to date spelt out the most obvious LIE Bush has deceived the worlds' public with.( I exclude here the principled handful who endeavour to get the truth out on the web)

George Bush informed the US public - that the US peoples' public enemy number one were the racist and sectarian Islamic Fundamentalists. And this is a whopping big lie, because George Bush and his Cabal have installed the Iranian sectarian Fundamentalist into Iraq. As you would be aware,the Iranian militias make up the biggest proportion of the US's Iraqi puppet government.

And also Bush is lying to the world when he pretends to be putting the heavies on Iran with UN sanctions. These sanctions represent a slight pat on the back when one closely peruses the details. Even Russia is happy to add their name to them, because they lack substance.

Also any journalist worth their salt would have worked out by now that the US/Israel will not take on Iran, because their investigations would show China, Russia, India, and German have signed huge lucrative contracts for gas and oil with Iran. And they are not going to see their millions of dollars of investments upset. So why are not journalists reporting Bush's double-face political posturing when it comes to Iran in Iraq and Iran Sanctions.

And why is it that not one journalist has informed the US public that Bush's US ruling government and opposition are pro-communist. Many journalists must know that the Iraqi Communist Party is strongly represented in the US Iraqi Puppet Government, due to the support of a US group namely, the National Democratic Institute for International affairs, a private taxpayer-funded group led by Madeleine Albright. (US led Sanctions 750,000 dead Iraq children was well worth it – Madeleine Albright)?

Any investigative journalist would also also be aware that the ICP's general secretary Hamid Majid Musa sat on the preparatory committee of a national conference convened in July 2004 which selected advisers to the US Iraqi Iranian spawned puppet government. Has any US Journalist commented on this?

And has any journalist investigated the historical links between the Iraqi Workers Communist Party who comes under the banner now of the ICP and the Iranian Communist Party. And the ICP's support for the Islamic Fundamentalist government of Iran against Iraq in the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq. War. Evidently Iran owes them due to their supply of intelligence to Iran during this war. Also one would assume they are aware that the ICP, Kurdish and Iranian militias'' alliance under the umbrella of the Iranian Islamic Fundamentalist government, were supported by the US in the pre-sanctions' years to undermine the President Saddam Hussein's Iraqi government.

According to Joseph Farah “Red Flags over Baghdad - Iraqi Communists get US support in Interim government” G2 Bulletin 6 July 2004 US Madeleine Albright's National Democratic Institute for International Affairs group when issuing an on-site assessment report on Iraq in July 2003 asked the CPI if the US Coalition Provisional Authority should withdraw from Iraq, the former secretary general of the ICP said “If the CPA were to withdraw from Iraq, there would be a civil war and democrats would have no chance.” Interestingly this is the same view the Iranian spawned Maliki's Dawa militia who supports racist Islamic Fundamentalism, holds.

And according to Joseph Farah the ICP Central Committee wrote a letter to its members in October 2003, saying it would use its position on the Iraqi governing council to wage war from within. Evidently the CPI convinced US Madeleine Albright's committee that they,the CPI represented the secular Iraqis. Well if this were the case, and they are so popular with the secular Iraqis why would they want the US to stay in Iraq? Especially when it is the secular Iraqis whom US and Iranian sectarian fundamentalist are bombing,murdering, torturing and imprisoning together in Iraq ?

Just think what a media scoop the aforementioned would be. And it seems not one left centre or right slanting US Journalist/s has what it takes to be a real journalist/s and expose the whole picture of the sordid whopping lies and dirty underhand alliances, that have contributed to and are still are contributing to the daily body count of already near 2 million Iraqis and 5 thousand American soldiers, notwithstanding the thousands of permanently injured, maimed, orphaned and imprisoned, starving and homeless. I would very much appreciate your comments on this.
In solidarity

PS: And a return warm hello to Little Deer!
Anonymous said…
oops! important omission should read NOT spelt out 4th line.
Anonymous said…
Man this blog is funny. Greg, don't bother with intelligent rhetoric. These people are blind and deaf with rage.

Samer Dallas you silly silly man I have answers to your 20 points here.

1. No Freedom? I suppose you would have us live in a country with no laws and boundaries? Live like Iraqi militias and Al Qaida terrorists?

2. Damn right we will support people like Musharaf if it serves our interests. We supported Sadam Hussein too. Just don't step out of line.

3. Never spread Democracy? Germany, Japan, South Korea... these countries are democratic. Some of the richest too. Stop filtering the good Dallas. Take it all in.

4.Porn. Fuck yeah porn is awesome! but in your argument, it really is wrong. Most of the porn I've seen over there were made in Lebanon. So why don't you go bitch at the Lebanese.

5. I need to hurry this up O'Reily is coming on.

6. Education worst in planet? Ever been to Africa, Afghanistan the bad parts of your own city? hell have you ever been outside your home?

7. Destroy other countries who don't trade? Well someone has to make an example of them. Give us our oil! Its Ours!

8. Destroy Culture? yeah we do. anything not American should be assimilated. Sounds like those Islamic militants doesn't it?

9. Rape Old men? I get the explanation, and well I got nothing. We are wrong for that. Elders should be respected.

10. Think I'm telling lies now?

11. "Worship and quote bush" well atleast you are admiting that atleast nearly half of Americans are exempt from your argument. Not everyone voted for him. I voted for him twice myself. He did lie to us about the war though. He promised NO NATION BUILDING!

12. You call destroying 2 countries "do nothing but whine?" What do we have to do to be pro-active? Start a world war?

13."Stupid-ignorant" yeah and God bless us for our ignorance. It means we are sheltered from the suffering of the more base nations.

14.we are enslaved? No Dallas. Eastern European women are enslaved. South East Asian women are enslaved. American prostitutes are ENTREPENEURS.

15. We did to American Indians what conquerors have done to other civilizations for all of human history. No Apologies are needed. As for the holocaust... ok I'm gonna stop here. Your an idiot Dallas.

United States of Space Bitches!
Anonymous said…
What is the point of all your whining, after the destruction of Basra?
KM said…

That red,white, blue flag speaks truths to me.

Red for the blood that was shed to take, by all means necessary, while committing genocide under the false belief of doing what a 'god' instructs; white purity.

Fifty stars representing 50 ways in which land, homes and ways of Life were taken ( by any means necessary ) and carved up by those that appointed themselves the law.

A destruction AND theft that has lasted over 500 years and is STILL taking place in the 'land of the free'.

The 'civilized / cultured' ones fly their flag high and are 'proud'...choosing to be ignorant because their pockets and bellies are full. They have twisted crimes against Human Beings into a belief of progress.

They came..the invaders came and saw THEIR home, THEIR blank tablets to write THEIR ways of progress and civilization. From the very beginning of this occupation, it was written upon motivations of disrespect, murder, theft and destruction....and they are proud.

They fly it high still. Proud of those red & white stripes and 50 stars that proclaim genocide, lies, murder, racism, THEIR religion. "OH say can you see..." ?

It is a proclamation of what they believe is freedom, liberty and justice
Anonymous said…

you need to go buy a case of beer and smoke some peyote. Chill out a bit. Your people have been destroyed hundreds of years ago. It's time to move on. Use the Germans as an example of progressive thinking.
As for Leyla's "suffering" She is a wealthy Baathist who benefited from Sadam's regime. She knows nothing of the suffering of common Iraqi people. She lost so much because she had too much.
Anonymous said…
I also wrote the 15 points to Dallas
KM said…
Do not change Greg. You can hurt nobody and this is why I want you to stay that in which you are.

You have said you believe in a creator...a god that you envision in the eye of yer mind. Stay that way.

A day awaits us all and it will be "a good day to die". You, like all of us will be Forced to recall yer actions and yer words. There will be no lawyer for yer defense. There will be no intermediator to step between you and the Creator. You will have no gun to reach for to try to protect yerself or a gun to shoot That which which you betray.

In your last breaths, you will recall
Anonymous said…
"We did to American Indians what conquerors have done to other civilizations for all of human history. No Apologies are needed."

Agreed. This quote could just as easily read, "We did to Iraq what Arab conquerors have done to other civilizations." Today's Arabs choose to ignore their own transgressions (as if they don't matter any more) and would rather focus on being victims. Blind to the pain, death and suffering that their culture has caused so many people.

I love seeing the kiss-ass Americans on here get shot down in flames by those whose asses they are trying to kiss. Wideeyedfedup is the worst now that Somebodywholoveslayla has left. When they say, "Everyone hates Americans" that includes you silly kiss-asses as well. Accept it and most of all cease your ridiculous and unnecessary lamentations. You owe them nothing.
Anonymous said…

Sorry to disappoint you, I was not a journalist but a technician who developed the satellite communications system used by CNN. When I first started at CNN I was surprised to find out that the "journalists" in the newsroom consisted of kids fresh out of college rewriting AP, UPI and Reuters news stories and adding video footage. It was all about filling up air-time with content, content, content - quantity matters, not quality - had to get that "rundown" completed before air, who gives a shit about relevance, accuracy, etc. Now of course, it is much worst!

Now, both you and Layla are much better journalists than the hacks I ran into while at CNN, keep up the good work!

best regards!
Anonymous said…
@cowboy from dallas, and greg, from the Ewing's Ranch in Dallas, or was it the Flamingo Road. Enjoy your beers, you piss artists, being the scum of the earth, like JR, just suits you fine! And as for jihad, when will your Pope and your church give up on little boys, hey?! I guess having your asses kicked when you tried with the crusades wasn't enough! We dare you to try again! It won't be just your asses, but your beer and bacon stuffed disgusting front ends this time! No weapons, let's see how much of a men under those robes, you are!!!!?????
Anonymous said…
JR was a funny little Jinni, Layla was fond of his one-liners, so please Nur refrain from lumping him with the veritable scumbags of this thread.
Anonymous said…
The JR I was referring to is from Dallas, Flamingo Road. If you are sharing the same address,the Ewing's Ranch, I suggest you move as soon as poss.And put your bluejeans back on, remember, Hollywood is not America!
KM said…
JT was a charactor on a weekly TV series. The TV show was called Dallas.

US has already been defeated. Korea stopped them. Vietnam war sent then runing for choppers to get away safe & sound.

China is now defeating the US. Iran ahs aleady stopped the US in it's tracks.

Millions of Americans lost jobs and have no job - defeat.

Thousands lost money in Wall Street And STILL ARE -defeat

Millions with no health care whatsoeever - defeat

9/11 , well that too can be called a defeat.

Habeus Corpus - defeat

Military Commisssion Act - defeat

Losing homes - a defeat

Bankruptcies UP - defeat

Education is way down in the list when compared to the quality of education in other countries - defeat

Healthcare way down on the list as compared to other countries - a defeat

America murder capital of the entire World - DEFEAT


god I'll be glad to feel that door hit me in the ass on my way out.
Anonymous said…
I couldn't see what you were referring to about Turkey in the link you provided, can you specify please, I'd like to read.
KM said…
Compare what the Chinese did after a surprize earthquakes hit, to how the US corporate - government responded to Hurrican Katrina. Ha, there is no comparison.

The US govt had DAYS to prepare for the hurricane to hit and STILL F'd up.

Not only has China responded well because of the earthquake, they are STILL working hard because of the flood threats.

Hey Us and Learn
Anonymous said…
bARABie said…
Typical yankee moron @ 6:27 PM, you are the PERFECT example of why yanks need to be put down like the rabid dogs they are.
Anonymous said…
Death Squads Plead Discrimination
Anonymous said…

man... you realy are a retard. Defeated huh? Everyone I know has a job. They own their own homes, and are gonna be drinking beers tonight because it's the weekend and we are Americans. Its party time!
As for China. You call 80,000 plus dead a good thing? How many actually died in Hurricane Katrina?
Samer Dallasheh said…
From what i understand these people have no Moral value thus they have no worth of existence.

Deserve no Obedience sens there is no Obedience to the ones who step out of the will of god (La TaA leman La yote Ellah).

Fine be like that. You want to be Bad boys? Gangster's?

Be so Tough guy. But be sure to regret it, hence am already working to track your location and right it down.

Be a man? What do you know about Manhood? do you think its sitting around farting all day in front of tv and laughing?. What a disgrace.

You are happy with your ways?

You are pleased with your unjust behavior?.

I see, sens evil is so common among you no one has ever came to help you.... And you really need help.

But sens you kept attacking every one who's going to help you now?

You are few years away from civil war and you are still sitting infront of t.v singing Oh Say Can you shit something like that i don't know the rest.

Sure Your country men would have no problem nuking you then say Iran did it but who cares? you a retard and can't think few steps forward.

You can quote George bush as much as you want, but he doesn't give a damn about you nor any one.

Bow to him worship him, he'll leave you outside in a nuke war and won't even think about you again.

So what did that help you?. Absolutely nothing.

Yet probably when China will come and fuck this worthless country you still will be sitting and farting and playing your video games till a bomb drops on your house you die and no one gives a shit and no one would even come to your Funeral sens no one ever liked you because your to evil and selfish.

Maybe some cat will piss on your grave nothing more than that.

What did you get?Nothing just a lot of farts and a hole lot of nothingness.

Again and again you want to be a Man? yet you refuse to accept it and then say your a Man.

Men don't weight 500 kilo's or one tun. Men grow up. Men have dignity, you have none.

Your not a man your not even a Women sens you lack the emotional value of women.

You are simply credulous. I proof it. George bush said the U.S never used torture!.

You probably believe that. But its not true sorry i lied to you.

You can drink beer as much as you want and sing your anthem as much as you want and fuck as much as you want and become more porn addicts as much as you want and play video games and eat shit sleep all day but at then end you don't fool us you only fool your self.

Why? you tell me dumbly.

Go ahead sing laugh CHEER America, we'll just keep laughing ad you.

And that makes us better than you.

Laugh as much as you can! Support evil deeds do nothing to stop it!

You support us even more. Hence our reward will be greater and yours will be a major catastrophic event which the world hopes your Continent will sink.

We just like the Natives.

"Land of the Free and Brave"

Your neither Brave neither Free.

None are really more hopelessly enslaved rather than the ones who truly believe they are free.

What can you do? worship a picture of man? maybe he'll help.

I don't think so.

Your not sorry? we are sorry then for being weaker, we vow to become stronger and destroy you.

Keep going this and you will be very sorry.

Call me silly call me whatever you want, i accepted reality and hate the police and hate the Snake. I am A Visionary, sens i though what your government is trying to achieve and now i am 50 steps further in thinking from it, and combine all your "Think Tanks" i out smart them together without even trying.

Know this you will pay.
Anonymous said…
He wrote his book to make money. I doubt Mclellan cares about your stupid Sunni opinion. Sunni!!
KM said…
Yes building collapses killed many in China. The government was not involved in creating earthquakes nor could they do anything at all to prevent an earthquake.

They have been responding pretty efficiently though.

Greg, you know everything so what ever happened to that mysterious anthrax killer that was on the loose. Seems he went the way of Osama.
KM said…

Yes, in the link go down to where it says " Late 1990's - Early 2001 FBI Discovers Turkish Nationals Attempting to Bribe Members of Congress '.
From that point onward.

Sibel Edmonds was a translator that began working for the FBI after September 11th, 2001.

During that time she listened in on wiretaps becasue she can speak Turkish, Farsi and of course English.

She has much to say but since, the US government has put a gag-order on her to keep her silenced.

Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent that was also closely involved but never worked with Sibel Edmonds. Plame was working in front company ( a fake company used only for spying / gathering information ).

US vice president Dick Cheney became so furious about his lies about yellow cake from Niger being exposed by Valeris Plame's husband, Cheney snitched on Plame that was working undercover and blew the entire operation.
KM said…
Greg will be getting high and drinkin beers while his daughter gettin poked by some high school drop-out grease monkey.
BravoTango said…
Thank you, Layla.

Precisely the same thing goes through my mind but too numb to express them. You have put to words what most of us could only mutter to ourselves.

May God gives victory to the Iraqis as He did to the Vietnamese.
Layla Anwar said…
Goodness gracious, many comments, I am not sure I can reply to all of them...

But first let me thank some of you for the absolutely great comments and now I shall try and tackle one at a time...
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous L,

Thank you. I understand that you are indeed a minority. I am sorry I don't fully buy this media thing anymore - the media this, the media that, the govt this, the govt that...not good enough.
Writing letters, sending emails and making phone calls is not enough to stop a holocaust - you do agree with that, I hope.

The truth is and that is the saddest part, is that Americans overall are a complacent, intellectually lazy, stupidly gullible, idiotically naive, dangerous complicit people...

Am afraid this is the conclusion I have come up after 18 years. It may not sound too "nice" but then 18 years of slow and fast murder were not "nice" either...
Layla Anwar said…

Nice prose, but let me tell you something a wise man told me once.
He said to me " the opposite of love is not hate - it's indifference..." Kindly ponder on this one.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Hiya and thanks for stopping by.
Layla Anwar said…
Hey re.Kofi,

Nice to have you "on board" again. Long time no see...
Layla Anwar said…

You said :" Malignant narcissism and psychopatholgy are similar in that both do not recognize the suffering that others experience caused by the actions of the narc and the psycho..."

Layla Anwar said…

As usual-- say hello to Juno and Jupiter for me.
Layla Anwar said…

My point was not so much to give an appraisal of CNN, but to point out the complicity between the Black house and the american media.
After all, a lot of people consider CNN as gospel truth.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear John,

I can assure you we will not torture you even if the tide turns our way and against you.
I have difficulty buying the WHOLE of your arguments about the rich pissing on the poor in the West.
Sure, there is some of that, but please explain to me two western examples

How come the people of Spain brought down their Aznar government and withdrew their troops from Iraq

in the US you voted for that bastard twice in a row ?

Thank you for your love...
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous who had a go at grrrrreg,

Good one !
Layla Anwar said…
Guess who,

You miss me at PP? how sweet!
Say hello to the all sectarians there, the racist persians and the hysterical females for me. And don't forget the Mullah either.
Layla Anwar said…

Good luck with your "optimism". I would not bet on it myself.
Layla Anwar said…

I totally agree with your suggestion. I think that the effects of the chemical/biological weapons used on Iraq have been grossly underestimated. And do you think the "scientific" community gives two hoots about the forever deformed Iraqi genetic make up ? Hell no. It's part of the whole racism- trust me on this one.
Layla Anwar said…

Hi and thanks for stopping by. Great comment - as usual.
Layla Anwar said…
Samer Dallasheh,

Nice one - you should print that out and turn it into a handbook, called America for Dummies. LOL
Layla Anwar said…
no sympathy to no sympathy.

fuck off !
Layla Anwar said…
I agree with Barabie who said that this anonymous one liner@6.27 and @ 6.29 should be put down like rabid dogs.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymouse idiot@ 2.43 AM

So you think calling me a SUNNI!! is an insult now ?
hahahahahahaha- what a fucked up moron you are.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for visting and your great comment of solidarity.
Layla Anwar said…
jr's defense attorney,

Do you miss him too ? I do for sure. He was a funny little man, sometimes a real jerk but he never failed to make me laugh. He grows on you...
Layla Anwar said…

I have reserved the last reply to on this comment section to you.

I read your lovely comment/nearly an essay. Beautifully said and from the heart. I will need to read it again, several times, for you described so aptly the white man syndrome. Hats off to you !
Anonymous said…

"Not only has China responded well because of the earthquake..."

Don't be so sure. When you have control of the media, bad news is easy to squash.

First of all, the 2 disasters are an order of magnitude different - ten times more killed in China - is that because of a poor government response? Or is it just because thats what happens in a natural disaster, people get killed.

Second, internet reports shed more light on the actual goings on: China quake critics make voices heard online

"Some are compiling lists of schools that collapsed in the horror quake, amid concerns that corrupt local government officials colluded with businesspeople to take fatal shortcuts in constructing the buildings."

" One of the most common themes of dissent rippling through the Internet has been why China's seismologists failed to predict the earthquake, which measured 8.0 on the Richter scale and has left more than 66,000 people dead or missing.

Some netizens suggested that China's Earthquake Administration had information that indicated a major tremor was imminent, but did not act on it."

"In China, critical blogs and news postings are often pulled off websites or blocked by censors."

"And while there are pockets of dissent on the Internet, the vast majority of postings have generally focused on the positives of the rescue efforts, as well as the sense of the nation pulling together at a time of crisis."

That last comment makes the most sense. After the quake, China pulled together (like the US after 911). After the Hurricane, the leftists in the USA pounced on an opportunity to blame the president, instead of putting the people first and focusing efforts on rescue and rebuilding.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Thanks to everyone for responding to the load of crap being dished out by "The Resistance" on this blog.

km, Nice try with the "defeat" post. Many of your points have some truth. Nevertheless, you know the "defeat post" is not intellectually honest because it fails to tell the whole story. For example, thousands lose their jobs, and thousands get new jobs. What is the unemployment rate in the USA? 5%? The only way our economy will be defeated is if Americans themselves give up. Even with 50% of the country "giving up", the other 50% carries us, and then some.

Our system would work quite well if oil producers were not trying to mess with it in order to boost their profits and weaken the US at the same time. What these half-brained producers fail to see is that by cutting production and artificially quadrupling the Oil price, they have given us the push we need to develop alternative energy and drill for our own oil. These efforts in turn produce more and more jobs. The flow of wealth again flows our way.

Take a good look at what happened to Arab economies after previous oil price shocks.

Greg from USA
KM said…
Greg, do some research into the gov-corp workings as it relates to Katrina. Compare that to China's efforts.

You do know that censorship can take place everywhere. Recall Google first and censorship.

The 'US' will be extremely slow in developing alternative energy sources. In a piece from the Wall Street Journal I read last week, Exxon-Mobil,the largest, promises to actively fight diverting resources into alternative energy.

But with China...the reality of Life is that not everyone will be 'happy' about the Chinese government's response. Just taking into consideration the reality of the population is problem for the government.

They've been hit by some pretty major cyclones as well as have responded far better that the US corporate/government.

The people after Katrina hit were neglected for days upon days and were victims of US bueracracy and fumblings.

The US popultaion is roughly what?....5% of the Earth's population yet look at the consumption levels. China too is fast becoming a ravenous consumer nation with India not far behind.
Can the Earth support 3 nations of such consumption levels? I don't believe it can.

Speculators seem to be the culprit behind rising oil prices. I don't believe there is a shortage of oil. Ways in which to better manage this planet and to develop ways of a quality of Life would creat an entirely new sector of jobs not only in the US but Worldwide. As a species that hi-jacks natural systems..we have collectively failed to get a handle on these responsibilities.

Instead, it has been to develop profits from a feeding frenzy. That is what motivates so much of the World structures.

There will be many social upheavals abroad and here in the US. Many have lost jobs Greg. Some probablyhave found another job to replace it. Whether it is as good as the previous one, only they know that. But for others, they are living in trying times. If they had found another adequate job, the fact still remains that thousands upon thousands have lost their houses and more are sure to follow.

Yes, I feel bad for them but at the same time....Americans have been asleep, so my sympathies are extremely limited when I hear sob stories....

Basically, Americans get what they LET happen to them. I stopped giving to American charities a long time ago because I mostly believe that they/we let this happen to us and really don't give a damm until it's too late.
KM said…

Here's yer crash scene of Flight 93 on September 11th, 2001.
KM said…
"SHOT DOWN THE PLANE OVER PENNSYLVANIA" - Secretary of War, Donald Rumsfeld
Anonymous said…
Now you have specified, I don't even need to read it! Sibel Edmonds is a fake, an Iranian Armenian Zionist, who wants even more trouble in the Middle East! She is a liar and all her comments have already been removed from the INTELLIGENT websites.
If Turkey had any intentions of going nuclear, like the turban-headed shitheads, we would have done it decades ago! Turkey is the only country who has had no intentions of having any nuclear stations or any nuclear weapons of mass destruction, in the region! Thanks to Atatürk, we know the value of peace at home and in the world!!!!!!!!!!
So, don't believe a scumbag like Sibel Edmonds, who is an agent of George W. Bush!
Anonymous said…
You had struck me as an intelligent person, but obviously not! I would have thought you had the capacity to figure out what a 'gag order' means and figure out whose whistle a 'gag ordered' scumbag is blowing!!!!?????
KM said…
I think she has some things she would like to say to the public Nur. As of yet, she has not been able to do so completely and had instigated legal proceedings.

Yer entitled to yer opinions but I cant lay a blanket of pure righteousenss over any government..yers, mine..nobody's.
And I won't apply a emblem of sainthood on anybody.

I know yer upset because the link mentions Turkey and you are in Turkey.

Yes, Sibel Edmonds worked for the FBI. Yes, Valerie Plame worked for the CIA. Both are government institutions. In my opinion, both of these govt institutions have carried out insane, diabolic actions in the past and will probably continue to do so.
You should know by now Nur that I am no fan of the government.
BUT, I will say that she APPARENTLY had access, thru the wiretaps. of something that MAY be of high interest in relating to 9/11 and which MAY be of interest into the false wars in Afghanistan & Iraq.

Most 'sophisticated' governments have agents, double-agents, moles, name it. The personel we see or hear about are probably the tip of the ice-berg. Most others I would GUESS, are undercover doing what they were trained to do.

Many CIA and FBI agents over the years have come forward and told the public some of their missions...atleast some aspects of them that they can and have likewise not had a gag order imposed on them.

I would like to know what she has to say to hear the whole story especially since she has said that major US politicians would be behind bars if the public could only be made aware.
Im not rady to count her out yet.
Anonymous said…
Most world politicians should be behind bars anyway, km.
My objection is, Sibel has another agenda. Her so-called whistle blowing has been discussed all over the net for a long long time now. People are not paying any attention to her anymore. Must be because, maybe you have heard of her story quite recently.
I have posted in this blog before, an article about Turkish leaders facing court case. We are trying to get rid of our puppet government. So, me being upset is only because Sibel is a liar. She has lied about Turkish nationals selling nuclear secrets and about a few more outrageous accusations concerning Turkey. But what can you expect??!! She is an Iranian-Armenian Zionist, in the service of Bushites and NWO, drawing the map for the New Middle East!!!! Who she is will be revealed to you in due time, I hope!!
Real, honest people, who really spoke truth, have disappeared from the face of the earth, without having the chance of a 'gag order' imposed on them. Sibel has been talking for years, with 'one'. Personally, I am sick and tired of her lies.
KM said…
She was "in the service of Bushites". I agree.

Apparently she thought that she would waltz right into a cushy government job and life is wonderful while selling her soul to 'empire'.

I dont feel bad for either Valerie Plame nor Sibel Edmonds in their current predicaments.

Im not interested in Turkey. You are and thats fine. Im interested in the crooks in DC.
Anonymous said…
Well you shouldn't feel bad at all about Sibel's predicament. She has been trying to blow a whistle under a 'gag order', getting richer by the minute, but it sounds more like a fart to the intelligent folk.
Lucky you, being interested ONLY in the crooks in DC., I cannot help but be astonished by the crooks worldwide!

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