July 31, 2009

A Waiting Wretchedness..

Unfortunate in your circumstances ? Anguished ? Agonizing ? Victimized ? Forgotten ?

Wretched creature. A surplus on this earth. There is no place for you.


The forgotten people. Left in some corner of this world. Voices unheard. Talking in the dark. In the Nothingness. In the Void. Smiling at strangers, all alone, in recluse...awaiting miracles. The miracle of Death or the miracle of some Divine Intervention. It all becomes the same. It's the waiting in secret anticipation, in a secret hidden hope, somewhere lodged inside of you, that keeps you going...

Otherwise, life is the same. A waiting room in a doctor's office, waiting for the final prognosis. A cubicle in a court room, waiting for the final verdict.

You look around, and you see no one. No doctor, no judge and no jury. Yet it seems, feels like you are in line. You have taken your place in the queue...waiting.

Nothing forthcoming.

Waiting...waiting...and in the waiting, you forget what you have actually been waiting for...

Waiting becomes your state of being, your day to day life...

You hear new names, new parties, lists, you dip your finger in technicolor ink, you smile at the cameraman that comes to film you and you wait some more...

You've waited through it...

Every time you left your home, you saw Death staring you in the eye...enticing you to join Her, in an orgy of other corpses that lay at your doorstep. You pick yourself up, and hop over the bodies like a grasshopper in Spring.

You pretend this is grass, you pretend it is not happening, you pretend...and you wait some more...

The sight becomes familiar, so does the stench...

A deadly violence insinuates itself and occupies your daily language, it becomes your only vocabulary...
You try to tame it. You render it banal, inevitable, a part of your decor, a piece of furniture...and you hop like that Spring grasshopper every time you leave your home...

You say to your neighbor, so and so is bloated, I saw him, Cheba'a mawt - he is satiated with Death...Your neighbor shakes his head, and says - This is the Decree of Allah.

On good days, you color it, and infuse with new sentences, with new demands, exorbitant demands, exorbitant for a wretched forgotten soul like you. Your vocabulary stretches itself beyond the acceptable borders and expands to - security, food, water, electricity...

But the cameraman that comes to film you asks you to say cheese and show your purple ink finger to the world.

You dip your finger in more ink...You even buy it and dip your face in it. Water board yourself in ink...and you repeat the words that everyone wants to hear, you repeat the words from that wretched dried up throat of yours...and you wave your fingers, your hands, your clown face...hoping...

Only to find yourself in that waiting room, waiting...

You are in a waiting room and the pious surround you. Veiled, cloaked,with silver ringed fingers, with rosary in hand...

In the waiting room, they give you sermons. Your eyes swell up with tears, a thousand old tears, for a Hassan, a Hussein...a Karbala fight of a hundreds years old...

Then you remember Hani, Kassem, Ali, Mohammed, Georges, Fayrouz, Yayhia, Omar, Hend, Aicha, Noman, Othman, Mahdi, Bilal, Sarmed, Sawsan...

They are gone. They did not make it to the waiting room.

You feel even more wretched and wait some more...

In the wretched waiting room, you realize that even Allah, has forgotten your names and has forgotten you. And you wait some more...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami/ The Magician, 2008.

July 27, 2009

A One Minute Visit to the Purgatory...

I was just heading to bed, then said to myself, just check your mail. I wish I hadn't.

What I read and what you will also read in the next lines - was familiar to me. But seeing it in black and white, not only brought back all my rage but confirmed to me the hundreds of anonymous Iraqi stories I had heard...

Hundreds of anonymous harrowing stories which since I have started blogging, a good majority of you out there, kept denying, kept denigrating what I relayed to you, kept accusing me and accusing other Iraqis of lies, made it incumbent upon us to bring proof of your savagery, of your brutality when we had not even stopped mourning our dead...

These lines from your brave boys, talking about their deployment in 2005. 2005 was only the beginning.

"Toward the end, we were so mad and tired and frustrated," said Daniel Freeman. "You came too close, we lit you up. You didn't stop, we ran your car over with the Bradley," an armored fighting vehicle...With each roadside bombing, soldiers would fire in all directions "and just light the whole area up," said Anthony Marquez, a friend of Freeman in the 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment. "If anyone was around, that was their fault. We smoked 'em."
Taxi drivers got shot for no reason, and others were dropped off bridges after interrogations, said Marcus Mifflin...You didn't get blamed unless someone could be absolutely sure you did something wrong, he said...The Army pounds it into your head until it is instinct: Kill everybody, kill everybody," he said. And you do...
" (source here)

These brave boys for the most part were discharged with PTSD. Yeah that's right, blame it on PTSD.

Another article, first of its kind tells of how your brave boys tortured members of the previous regime. The case of Hussam Mohammed Amin - Former Iraqi weapon monitor.

If they did what they did to a Weapon monitor who fully collaborated in the course of the interrogations, and when it was clear to all that there were no WMD's in Iraq, can you imagine what they must have done to President Saddam Hussein ?! The President of a sovereign nation!

In Amin's words - "Inside the prison (named the Purgatory) I saw injured colleagues...who were barbarically tortured..."
"Purgatory was official policy, not the result of a few undisciplined soldiers, and in that regard it was most disturbing...said Rod Barton, an Australian bioweapons expert who was one of the senior advisors to the CIA..."
(source here)

Also per this article,which you MUST read, it mentions who the U.S employed:

The U.S.-led special operations task forces in Iraq included a mélange of military and non-military players including the 75th Ranger Regiment, the 2nd Ranger Battalion, Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Special Forces, British Special Air Service (SAS), Polish Special Air Service, CIA, DIA, FBI, Marine Corps recon troops and Blackwater contractors..."

Add, the Dirty gang made of mercenaries and snipers, "independent contractors" -some from South Africa and Latin America. Add the Iranian intelligence units. Add the Peshemergas. Add the Mossad. Add the armed militias and trust me there are more...more of whom whose identities will remain a mystery as well as who their exact employer was/is.

So imagine for a minute, an army like the above, walking into your cities, raping and torturing your men, women and children, "smoking you out" if you move in your own streets, run over your cars if you did not move when asked to, "lit you up if you got too close", shot your taxi drivers for no reason, and threw a few others of you, off the bridge after interrogation, raped your teenage girls and wives and set their families on fire, destroyed your homes, walked into your central banks and just robbed your money, stole your museums and destroyed your historical sites - not that you have any - burned your fields, build walls around your neighborhoods, bombed your churches, pissed and spat on your bibles, left your hospitals and schools in shambles, murdered your scientists, professors, doctors, invited Canada with its armed militias to torture and finish off the rest of you, exiled 5 million of you, turned millions of your wives into widows and children into orphans, and you into beggars, used DU and white phosphorus and more, and more...
And last but not least arrested and brutally tortured members of your government and lynched your president -- All on bogus charges.

In your case it will not be bogus charges because you do possess WMD's and you have links with Al-Qaeda - you invented the damn thing.

Then when you confront us with our acts - we tell you, it's for your own good. We want you to be free from "tyranny". We may admit that we made a few errors and had a "few bad apples" and after all our braves boys are worn out and suffer from PTSD. But we assure you we made all those "sacrifices" for your own good.

Not only that - we also tell you that you are lying, exaggerating, that all of this never happened quite that way, and if we do admit to any of it - and you get angry, we denigrate you, insult you, humiliate you, then we preach into your heads about the virtues of forgiveness, turning the other cheek and patronize you about not being so "hateful".

Just imagine the above scenario for one minute. Stay with it for one minute...

Just one minute - if you can.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami - Call of the Darkness, 2009.

July 26, 2009

"A Velvet Revolution "or Lesser Shades of Black ?

Some speak of a "Velvet Revolution" in Iran, while I see nothing but Red Blood.
Velvet, Silk or Satin, or maybe just Black polyester, it doesn't really matter what you call it - the fact remains that thousands of Iranians have had it with the rule of the Ayatollahs.

You may argue that they after all just reformists, following orders from "milder" Ayatollahs like the corrupt Rafsandjani and the warmonger advisor to Khomeini- Musavi. And you may also argue that they are also seeking legitimacy by turning to less belligerent Ayatollahs for guidance. And you are right in arguing this.

However, I maintain that the majority of the Iranians who have not stopped protesting, risking their lives and those of their families, some being executed, some tortured, some disappeared, are NOT backers for the Reformist camp of Musavi and Co. I believe that within the very limited choice given - they opted to what they perceive to be the lesser evil - maybe not a door for radical change, but just a window of fresh air.

I therefore agree to a great extent with both the analyses of Hamid Dabashi (1) and the Iranian blogger Reza Fiyouzat (2) when addressing the current Iranian unrest/revolt and the Left's stand on this matter.

I also think that the Left in general is committing another huge mistake by not supporting the Iranian protests for change and reform. The idiotic conspiracy theories put forward by the leftists that the U.S, Saudi Arabia and even Israel are behind this unrest are ludicrous. This does not mean that the U.S would not add intensity to Iranian winds. However to argue that what is taking place in Iran is solely the work of American and British intelligence is stupid to say the least - as it willfully ignores the clear unceasing demands of the Iranian protesters.

As for seeing a Saudi role in these unrests is even stupider. Saudi Arabia has not even laid a finger in occupied Iraq, would it lay a finger in Iran ? Of course not. The Saudis are too busy holding on tight.

As for Israeli meddling - I doubt it too. Not because the Israelis are angels, but because the Iran of Khomeini and that of Khameini did more for Israel in the weakening of Iraq, its regime change and its ultimate destruction - more than what the Jewish state could have hoped for.

But of course your blind ideological left is oblivious to these truths - because they need to carry "the banner" at any cost, denying facts on the ground.

And a friend remarked lately -- IRNA, the official propaganda mouthpiece of the exclusive Shiite theocratic entity no longer needs to compose new propaganda pieces -it is instead relying on translations into Farsee of propaganda pieces from the leftist websites.

Having said that, I must also agree with Malcolm Lagauche who argues, that supporting the reformists may boil down to supporting in the end - Musavi and Rafsandjani - both advisors to Khomeini and I quote from Lagauche's article entitled Another Grand Illusion (3) dated July 6-9, 2009 -- "Former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, who claims he is the rightful winner of the June 12 presidential election, was part of the group (along with his current allies former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and former House Speaker Mehdi Karoubi) that favored secret contacts with the United States and Israel to get the military supplies needed to fight the war with Iraq. Khomeini’s blessing allowed Rafsanjani, Karoubi and later Mousavi to proceed with secret contacts that involved emissaries from the Reagan camp and the Israeli government."

So where does that leave us ?

It leaves me with my eyes wide open, it leaves me with supporting the protesters but remaining very aware of the fact that Musavi and Co. are not some ardent revolutionaries. They were and still are part and parcel of this lunatic exclusive Shiite Jaafari political rule - called the "Islamic" republic of Iran.

And I will also tell you, and this is shared by MANY Iraqis - the unrest in Iran is in the long run good for Iraq. Another truth, I will not hide from you.

After all, Iraq is under a DUAL American-Iranian occupations and add an Israeli one in the North. Another aspect that the cowardly, sold out left refuses to see and admit. So anything that helps us Iraqis get rid of any of those occupations is most welcomed.

In the short run, though, we will witness a resurgence of the sectarian Iraqi Shiite Alliance, of the puppet government. We will also witness, Iran like a wild bull kicking hard through the Kurds. We will also witness and I have mentioned that elsewhere that Iran will use its sectarian Shiite-Sunni card with more ardor - it has already done so in Yemen when only yesterday 8 Yemenis soldiers perished in clashes with the converted Yemenis to the Shiite Jaafari creed. We might witness too, the sectarian card being pushed big time in Eastern Saudi Arabia. The "leftists" Chomsky style are already talking of the "horrible oppression of Shiites" in " Wahabi" Saudi Arabia. -- just like they did when preparing the ideological atmosphere for the American occupation of Iraq, faithfully echoing the same arguments put forward by the Zionists in the White House, like Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith -- several articles and conferences are being waved and organized to that effect, regarding Saudi Arabia - using the "Sunni Wahabi" discourse just like they did when addressing "the Sunni Wahabi" regime of Saddam Hussein.

Like in a Corrida, the bull always kicks harder before it falls.

But let us carry no illusions on the possible fall. I personally exclude it, since the Pasdarans and their Basijis militias have already taken over the full control of the state apparatus under Khameini's orders. And moreover a hardline Iran suits Jewish Zionist interests much better in the long run...

But let us assume for a moment that the hardline bull will fall, let us not lose sight and forget who the "reformist" leaders are - they are nothing but a lesser shade of Black.

My direct links are not working so am typing them here.

(1) Hamid Dabashi - Left is wrong on Iran - http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m56133&hd=&size=1&l=e

(2) Reza Fiyouzat - Iran's absolutist Dictatorship reloaded -

(3) Malcolm Lagauche - Another Grand Illusion.

July 25, 2009


The blogger Irish4palestine has published a VERY ,VERY, IMPORTANT piece of Information and I urge you ALL, to read it and circulate it around.

From this article, it seems that ANY criticism :

Of the Jewish state, of Judaism, of Jews, of Zionists, of Zionism, of Zionist thought, of Israel, of world Jewry, of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis, of questioning the holocaust, of questioning the eternal Jewish victim mentality, the paranoia, the neurosis, the eternal pain industry ...

Of Jewish : racism, immorality, political corruption, theft, pillaging, rape, usurpation, appropriation, lies, deceit, manipulations, criminality, terrorism, arrogance, nazi methods, nay worse than nazi methods...and the rest...is FORBIDDEN under the charges of the very handy label of "anti-semitism".

So this is the progression folks.

If you mention the word jew - you are an anti-semite.
if you mention the word judaism - you are an anti-semite
if you mention the word zionist- you are an anti-semite
if you mention the word jewish state- you are an anti-semite
if you mention the word israel - you are an anti-semite.

I love this "anti-semite" label. ALL of the JEWS use it. From the far right to the far left, including some self professed "anti-zionist" jews. They love in their extreme paranoia - to point the finger immediately at anyone with the label "you are an anti-semite."

When in fact, this tribal lot are the MOST ANTI-SEMITIC, RACIST, self-invented group, I have ever come across, who do nothing but project their own hatred of anyone not jewish onto others. The true anti-semites, the true anti-any "other" are none, but themselves.

Of course, any slurs, insults, criticisms, denigration, racist attacks, of none jews are secretly and not secretly welcomed by these people. In particular if you have a go at ARABS and MUSLIMS.

So, it ensues - a high level of "tolerance" and even encouragement for labels such as ARAB/MUSLIM or ISLAMIC : fanatic, radical, insurgent, terrorist, backward, rigid, oppressive, repressive...etc.

Peruse your regular media info, even your "alternative" media, and the "alternative" blogs, they are full of them. But that is OK. That's not "anti-semitic." Have a go at Muslims, Islam and Arabs -- and you will be one of them in no time. But not completely, since you are after all, nothing but a lesser being - a gentile, a goyim.

Do me and do yourself a favor -- read the ARTICLE HERE.

P.S : Don't be surprised if you can't find my blog in the following days - it is a high probability.

July 24, 2009

Google, Blogger, has not only frozen my users stats, again and again , but the list of fellow blogger "followers" does not show up either...
Is anyone else experiencing these "technical" problems ?
I did say in my previous post , on the same subject - to the effect - don't fuck with me, as you have been doing for the past months...
If you want me out - just say so.
I also said - tell your big boss I am not impressed.
You and I know who your big boss is.

July 23, 2009

A Few Bad Apples ?

Finally an ex-detainee from Abu Ghraib testifies. This one is a "mild" case.
The "heavy duty" ones, the "heavy duty" cases are still terrified and too traumatized to speak out - assuming of course that they are still alive.

"Photographs showing the abuse of inmates at Iraq's infamous Abu Ghraib prison by US prison guards have shocked the world.
The latest one to be outraged is Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff. Mullen has voiced his disgust after seeing some of the withheld photographs of the abuse that the administration of Barack Obama, the US president, is seeking to keep under the wraps and not let the world to see. In a leaked memo obtained by the Fox News network, Mullen said he was "appalled" that someone in an American uniform would behave in such a way.
"We haven't all absorbed or applied all the lessons of Abu Ghraib," Mullen said."

Appalled ? Oh really appalled ? Appalled that someone in an American uniform would behave in such a way ? Hahahahahaha.

Because you believe that Americans in or outside uniforms don't behave in such an "appalling" way ?

Because you believe Abu Ghraib is a thing of the past ? You don't think a hundred Abu Ghraibs have been set up instead, in occupied Iraq. And camp Cropper and Bucca -do they "appall" you too ? And what else are you withholding ? I know, but your sheep Americans don't. Oh wait, they do. But they pretend they don't. Because they would have to put on an "appalled" face too. Mind you they had the opportunity to put on an "appalled" face for the past 7 years or more. But they did not. Not in any meaningful, sincere, way.

And what about the ongoing Gitmo tortures, the shadow secret prisons in Eastern Europe - Poland, Romania, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan... What about the prisons in the Middle East - Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lybia, Morocco...What about the prisons in Africa - Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia....What about the Subcontinent - India, Pakistan ...And Afghanistan's prisons, specially Afghan prisons Do you find them "appalling" as well ?

I have news for you just in case you are not aware - they were and are still run by you - appalling lot.

Khalil, the ex-detainee said he "saw guards deliberately abusing and intimidating prisoners in full view of other inmates..."[One]detainee was tortured in front of my eyes, only three metres from my cell."[He] was tortured by dogs to confess to a crime he never committed." (source)

He did not say "a few bad apples". He insinuated that your ways are organized, methodical and deliberate...

A few bad apples in uniforms ? Hell no !

You are all a basket of rot and decay.

To Papa Blogger & Mamma Google.

Is this some kind of a joke ? Or do you think am flirting with you ?
Every month I have the same problem with you guys. You freeze my viewers stats on my profile until I kick up a fuss.
You've been at it for the past 4 months.
Listen, if this is your way to deter me, have the balls and say so, I will get my own website.
This joke is getting fucking stale.
Tell your big boss, am not impressed.
And release my stats and do it NOW !

July 22, 2009


Around the world it is estimated that 1 billion people are going hungry.

One quarter of those, around 265 million, are in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the horn of Africa being the worst affected.

Al Jazerra's Mohammed Adow reports from the Turkana district of Kenya where life is a daily struggle.

Nothing to comment.

July 21, 2009

Weapons for Sale...

A bunch of us - Iraqis, would like to donate our weapons for a modicum sum...We do not hide the fact that it is a lucrative business, and since Americans are so bent on finding WMD's in Iraq, we thought we'd ease their task...

We found the WMD's and we're willing to sell them too. They are potent, lethal and can cause mass destruction, irreparable damage.

OK, we agree not as much as your weapons, but trust us, they too have long term effects - they are even capable of making extra holes in the ozone layer. This is how powerful they are.

After all, since 2003, and since their "liberation" some Iraqis are selling their organs to make ends meet, surely selling our home made, home fabricated weapons can be considered more ethical, no ? A more legal, legitimate way, to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, and earn a decent living, don't you agree ?

And once in possession of our WMD's, you will find that peace can finally reign on earth. You would have cornered the culprits, brought them to justice, avenged the victims of 9/11 and finally found the ultimate rationale for your endless occupations....

We hold that key. We have that secret. We can justify your "extra curricular" activities...we will restore meaning and the lost sense of purpose...

We found them, we own them, we even produce them - those WMD's. And we are even willing to trade in them...

Are you game ?

Would you finally like to whitewash your faces in the international public arena ? Would you finally like to be given "gain de cause" ? Would you finally like to be proven right and righteous in your messianic quests and missions ?

We have the answers. We have what you need.

We found them. We found the weapons of Mass Destruction.

Last night, we were all gathered, after a copious meal of fasuliah - beans and rice.

Two of our comrades farted - the other two fainted. We then knew we were onto something big. Real big. The two fainted comrades turned blue and showed signs of asphyxiation by proxy. No amount of rose water or cologne woke them up. We knew we were onto something lethal that could change the course of history...

WMD's - we found them. They were hidden in the beans. And they are deadly.

Please call Mohamed Al Baradaei from the Nuclear Agency and re-send your UNSCOM men, Butler, Ritter and the rest...gas masks will be provided by the Jewish State, by Israel. They never took them off since Gulf War 1. Sharon is still wearing one.

We leave trading of organs for the desperate ones, we trade in the real thing. We are the new nuclear scientists, we are the geniuses, we are the champions. And we are trading our best secrets - for a humble sum. We will make you big, we will make you unforgettable, you will mark history, you will be the new Saladins of the 21st century.

Think about it. The war on terror will be a thing of the past. 9/11 a remote, bad souvenir. Osama bin Laden ? Afghanistan ? Pffft...who cares! You found them, you found the real thing.

Iraqi WMD's hidden in a plate of beans.

Oops, fart. Just let another one go...

Hurry now, before we become yet again, another rogue state, another axis of evil collaborating with North Korea.

Hurry now, before it all evaporates.

July 20, 2009

A Massacred Generation.

I am feeling excessively depressed tonight. Behind this feeling of "depression" lies the two familiar monsters - sadness and rage.

Was watching T.V. Two programs, to be precise.

One was aired on Al-Arabiya and originally produced by ARTE in 2008, called Oil for Food. It dealt with the sanction years and the billions of dollars of commissions that the civilized West made out of this program, a program institutionalized by the United Nations. Memories of the sanction years came back, filled with despair, horror and pain and I can tell you that they were golden years compared to today's "liberated" Iraq.

This program re-confirmed to me that the West and in particular England and the U.S. are nations of criminals - a people with no conscience, no ethics, no morality.

I felt the all too familiar "depression" creep in again, all too ready to take over, as it had done so many times before...

By the time this program was over, my morale was in the pits. The plundering, theft, pillaging of Iraq is something I will never get used to. The deliberate massacre of this country, is something I will never get used to...and something I will never accept. The injustice is so monumental that to accept it, is to accept the essence of Evil itself. And this is something I can never bring myself to.

Against this background and before the second program was aired. I saw a piece of news which was very symbolic. Zalman Khalil Zad, the ex. U.S Ambassador to Iraq, was in Erbil, inaugurated the first " independent Kurdish" oil refinery with Barazani, the zionist kurdish mafioso. This was followed by a Khalil Zad's speech, congratulating the kurdish regional authorities and urging them to open the Iraqi markets for more "investments" of the same kind, in order " to develop the Iraqi infrastructure, so all the Iraqi people can prosper..."

I need to remind the readers, that a whole bunch of despicable leftists, with particular reference to Arab leftists, so called anti-zionists, ardent supporters of the "Palestinian" cause were the first supporters for an "independent" kurdistan.
This I will never ever forget. Blogosphere is full of these political whores. And you will find them nesting on the "anti-zionist" blogs. But this is another chapter altogether...the darkest chapter in the history of the despicable Left and its mass of ignorant following sheep. A revolting, disgusting bunch. Worse than your average zionist, a hundred times worse.

The second program called "Rights" or Huquq, aired on Al-Sharqiya Iraqi sat.T.V, really did me in. The one presenting the program is a bit of an idiot. I really don't know why they brought this woman in. She is of North African origins, I could tell from her accent and she knows fuck all about the subject matter. The subject matter was - Iraqi children and their (violated) Rights.

The program invited three guests, only one of which made any sense. An Iraqi child psychologist based in Amman, Dr. Rakan Ibrahim. A UNICEF representative, an Iraqi female by the name of Bann Al Day'e - your typical UN bureaucrat, there to defend the incompetence of her agency. And a sectarian shiite, occupation, puppet government apologist MP, an Iraqi woman by the name of Samira Mussawi in charge of the "League for the protection of the Iraq Family, Child and Women."(hahahaha)

How do I know she's sectarian and a puppet apologist? Easy, she blamed all the problems of Iraq's childhood on the previous regime and only mentioned in the most brief of ways - that maybe things got a little worse since 2003...

There was also a short filmed reportage - the pictures, oh God the pictures...
Thousands, literally thousands of children begging in the streets aged between 5 and 15...

Hundreds in prisons aged between 10 and 17. Some were showing the signs of torture on their ever so frail bodies, confirming what I have been saying all along, that they were not only tortured but also regularly raped as well, in those prisons.

Thousands aged between the age of 5 and 15 engaged in hard labour.

Thousands with no shelter and no families, drinking water from the river...

One boy about 13, handicapped, his parents were killed by a bomb and his home destroyed to rubbles, was crawling in the garbage dumps - and he said he had 7 sisters to feed...

According to the UNICEF data which is incomplete because the most neglected childhood in the world and by the U.N. -- that same despicable, disgusting U.N who put the sanctions in place, has TOTALLY ignored till this very day - the very serious and grave plight of Iraqi children; their misery, their lack of primary health care, their lack of schooling, their total pauperization, their orphaned status, their severe mental/psychological trauma due to the continuous violence they are being made witness to since 2003 - since their "liberation".

According to this data, HALF of the Iraqi population is below the age of 18.
11% of Iraqi children have dropped out of school and are engaged in HARD CHILD LABOUR to support their mothers and siblings. Or just to fend for themselves, if totally orphaned.

One child not older than 7, said he worked for 10 hours a day, carrying heavy loads for 5'000 dinars -- less than 3 dollars, just enough to bring bread for his family. Heavy loads, too heavy for their small, weak bodies.

The Iraqi government in the 80's had signed the legal protocols for the protection of children as per the Geneva convention.

Today the plight of a massacred childhood, of a massacred generation is falling on deaf ears. The puppet government is not doing anything to remedy the situation. According to this MP Mussawi, she is proposing laws that already exist, but the conflicts of interests between the various ministries, each ruled by a shiite sectarian party - like the ministry of education and health, for example, make it impossible to have any coordinated effort at the governmental level to stop the Iraqi children's catastrophe from unfolding further...

This is truly harrowing.

A whole, gravely deformed -- physically, psychologically, morally, traumatized generation is springing up and NO ONE is doing anything. NO ONE. And no one is stopping the damage, no one is stopping this silent bleeding of the Iraqi children's soul...

And as I have repeated it over and over again, the program re-affirmed what I have always written - namely that; Iraqi children specially in the most hard hit areas - Baghdad, and the Anbar - are being trafficked, sold to pedophile sex rings, and also kidnapped for organs stealing. In other words they are kidnapped so their organs are sold - traffic of organs. Oh God, Oh God.

When the UNICEF rep was asked why is her agency not more pro-active. She simply said the "challenges are so overwhelming..."

The idiotic presenter asked the child psychologist what these kids can do for leisure - he nearly slapped her with his reply.

He said : "what toys and what leisure?. These children saw the dead corpses of their parents. These kids are witnessing an ongoing violence that has ripped them apart. Stop the violence first, stop the damage. Feed them. Give them shelter. Build trauma centers, let us try to heal them first, then ask me about leisure and toys..."

By the time the program was over, I felt paralyzed. So numbed out, as if I had been battered by a thousand rods...

I went to the bathroom and opened the water taps - I did not want anyone to hear me. I shouted - Why God, why do you let this happen to these innocent children. They are the first victims of this Occupation. Why ???

Then I remembered a line I had read in one of Farid Esack's books in which he was taken over by doubt and asked that same question - where are you God ? when witnessing the starving, street children of South Africa under apartheid.

And he said to the effect, God said to me - I am that child screaming and crying in your face - but you hear me not.

This is not Brazil, these Iraqi kids are not a product of some accumulated unadressed, poverty. These Iraqi kids, in the thousands, are a direct product of YOUR Occupation.

These kids did not work as child labourers before 2003, they did not beg in streets, they did not drop out of school, they had homes and they had a mother and a father...

You put them in this predicament.

You caused their anguish, you massacred their childhoods, you killed their families, you destroyed their homes, you made them drop out of school, you made them take the streets as beggars, you prevented them from basic health care, you forced them into hard labour, into trafficking, into sex slavery... you traumatized them for life, you destroyed their future, you gave birth to a generation of potential monsters... the new generation of "liberated" Iraq.

There are thousands of Iraqi kids silently screaming and crying in your faces and you hear them not.

And you could not care less.

You, you, you -- you are criminals.

P.S: You can voice your indignation, if you have any, by sending a mail to rights@alsharqiya.com.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.

July 17, 2009

Whose Crash is it ?

Something is not right and no longer jives here.

Just six months ago, everyone was talking about a huge crash - a reminder of 1929. Major American investment banks were about to be bailed out and a plan for some sort of state intervention/nationalization was en cours...

In the past 3 days, 4 major American banks are exuberant with joy, exhibiting billions of dollars of profit from stock investment revenues. How is that so ?

I am no economist and I don't know the exact workings of finance capital, but common sense tells me if the economy was on the brink of collapse and rates dwindled down and market indices tumbled, and the deficit is in trillion of dollars, and industries closed down, and unemployment rates shot up and heads of states gathered in urgency with a Marshall plan look-alike to save the economies of the West - then how does one make profits in such an atmosphere ?

Someone has been lying to you and I all along...

My guess is this crash has been fabricated with a specific purpose...

Those banks own the government of the U.S. Those banks own the American people.

And you dare and come talk to me about being independent ?

A Quickie...


Quick, quickly, quickie....

Do you realize how quick the Americans are when their fingers, if not busy masturbating to celebrities from Hollywood, are on the trigger ?

Quick trigger

Bang, bam, boom, wham...

I will bang you, bam you, boom you, wham you...

They love those triggers on machine guns.

They got quick fingers.

Boom, boom,

This is John Wayne.

Oh, yeah !

This is Lucky Luke, the lonesome cowboy,

Oh, yeah !

Gotta get them.

This is fast,

Fast food, fast cars, fast sex, fast fix, fast...

This is fast Death Industry.

How long does it take Doc ?

No worries, a couple of seconds.

Oh yeah !

Praise the Lord for being so fast...

A Santa Claus,

A Bell Boy,

Give it to me

Now !


Am the citizen of quickies

Got no time to waste

Bang, bang,

Boom, boom,

That kind of quickly sums me up,

That's all folks.

July 15, 2009

III Years..

Today am celebrating 3 years of blogging. I am not quite sure that the word "celebrate" is an adequate one. Actually, this blog - Arab Woman Blues, was and is a far cry from any celebration.

If I am to be perfectly honest - I will have to admit it out loud, that those 3 years of blogging - writing/composing more like it, have depleted and exhausted me.

I never envisioned that blogging would be such a tiring endeavour. Perhaps blogging in itself is not - but the material I deal with - is. The material being Iraq and her occupation and the thousands of tragedies and woes that this occupation gave and keeps giving birth to.

But there is more to it than just dealing with "controversial material" and occupations. And as I am writing this, I am digging in my being, to see where the exact cause of my fatigue lies.

It lies in the fact that I am very emotionally involved with the "subject matter". It lies in the fact that it has and still touches me so deeply to the extent that it has radically changed me in the process...

Radically changed me, transformed me, metamorphosed me...I don't know if it is for the better or the worse. I shall suspend all personal self-judgement. All I know is that I am changed.

Again, I dig deep into my being and ask myself the question - how where you changed ya Layla ? In what way ?

I am not sure I can find the exact words - all I feel right now is a lump of a stone stuck in my throat, and two silent streams flowing down my face...

I believe that anyone who has been very intimately involved with Her - with Iraq - will know exactly what am talking about it. They will not need words. They have experienced it. And they need not be Iraqis either...

When I meet with other Iraqis - the subject of the occupation and destruction of Iraq almost always resurfaces, but we keep the emotions at bay...We tuck them away in some corner of our selves, bolt them up behind iron doors, lock them up in sealed cages and safety vaults...

I often wondered why we do that, the way we do it. Partly it has to do with the "stoic" character of the Iraqis, which is sometimes mistaken for hardness...but there is more to it...

I think that if we let those dams open, we will flood ourselves and all those around us. I really think that we will flood ourselves and those around us with an infinite sadness...like the Tigris and Euphrates swelling up and inundating the whole land...

Curiously, I also feel that if WE did that - let it all flow and let it take its natural course...the two rivers of Iraq will not dry up the way they are now...

For me, these two rivers where civilization flourished by their banks are drying up precisely because WE have not let IT flow the way it must and the way it should have...

This is all a symbolic sign. Some will understand, others won't.

Have they managed to break us in the process ? This is a question I often ponder...

I don't believe so. Maybe in the immediate sense, but not in the long run...

I understand the pauses, the taking stock, the recuperating of energies and forces... after all, take me for an example -- just blogging about Iraq has exhausted me so much in 3 years, can you imagine what living under a 7 year violent, brutal occupation does, where there is not one day of respite ?!

For those of us in exile - we feel the tremors, shaking us, like a daily earthquake, forcing us to daily reconstruct/reinvent our sense of self - along new paradigms, new parameters...constantly ripping our illusions or what is left of them - away, forever shifting our references, questioning our values and our beliefs - a shock and awe that has indelibly marked us, like with a seal made of hot forged iron...

These are powerful daily philosophical questions that we are forced to, at least grapple with, whether we like it or not...whether we want it or not.

Again, those who know will understand...

Let me give you a concrete example. The other day, I was with an Iraqi friend of mine. We were chatting about this and the other and somehow the "subject matter" came up.

S. said matter of factly, in an almost benign tone - as if, this is something naturally expected, something of a truth that everyone will relate to...
She just said - I have changed so much in such a short time...

So I asked her in which way ? she replied - I just see things and people differently now. So again I probed - how so ? And she just shrugged and said - I am not sure how so, but I know it is so. So I asked her when did that happen ? She paused and said - since 2003...

I can safely say that many of us have had this shift of -- not sure what to call it. Shift of perception, references, parameters, values, beliefs...the shift of shock and awe -- and many of us have been changed in the process...

What has enhanced it and made it worse is -- the indifference, the lies, the deception, the neglect, the abandonment, the covering up, the rationalizations, the justifications, the callousness....over and above the violence that we have experienced. A multi-faceted violence, that has touched and affected every aspects of our lives.

And in this instance, I will allow myself to speak for the great majority of Iraqis because I know that they feel the same way I do.

And on a personal level, as if the above was not sufficient, more was added, insofar as this blog is concerned - more insults, more slanders, more threats, more hackers, more viruses...

More and more...

Iraq is an extreme case, and this blog has also attracted extremes...I have met online, some of the best people around - very few of them but they are there, and some of the worst vilest characters...and there are too many of them...

This also taught me greatly about human beings and has reinforced my "shock and awe" shift...

During those 3 years of blogging, I have also come to terms with my love/hate relationship with Iraqis themselves.

I have come to know them, some of them at least, under a different light. I have come to see their political hypocrisy, their tribal mind set, their sectarianism, their treachery, their envy and jealousies, their political opportunism and also their deceitfulness. Of those aspects - I am not proud at all.

I have also learned much about the dirty games of politics : the parasites, the users, the deniers, the enablers, the criminals, the psychopaths, the opportunists, the ego trippers, the leeches of causes, the hypocrites, the perfidious, the depraved...etc...

But I kept blogging...

Partly for personal reasons - my own way to "process" my new reality, to render things coherent in a background of chaos, to retain a sense of meaning, to fight off the nihilism that this occupation has engendered...and the only way for me to do so was by denoucing the brutality, the madness, the insanity, the evilness...exorcising it from my own being and seeing it for what it is...naming it, pointing at it, filtering through the lies...groping and grabing threads of truth wherever and whenever I could find them...

Has my blogging/writing achieved much ? I don't know. I can't answer this question.

Many a times I have really wanted to stop. The blog made me sick. At times I could not even bear look at it. Not even bear re-read anything I wrote. Many a times, I was taken by this urge to simply delete it. Erase my name and myself from here...

Many a times I wanted to close the door for good. Just shut it, switch it off, hit the cancel and escape buttons on my keyboard. Change names and write about something else...something totally unrelated...something normal, something ordinary, something less gut wrenching...less heart breaking...something less painful...

But She would not let me.

However much I tried to shut the door in Her face, she would knock again...sometimes as a morning visitor, sometimes as a beggar, sometimes as a wounded citizen, sometimes as prisoner crying for help, sometimes as an orphaned child, sometimes as a widow, sometimes as a prostitute, sometimes as an artist, sometimes as a lost woman with no compass...and sometimes as a dead body in a funeral procession...

However much I wanted to let go of Her, She would not let go of me...

I have come to accept our symbiotic relationship...I have come to accept this umbilical chord that I cannot sever...

I have also come to understand and accept that Iraqis as people, will come and go...we are here today, tomorrow, gone. Such is the fragile state of being human.

But Iraq will not go anywhere...It is here to stay. She is here to stay.

I have also come to deeply believe that there are no chosen people at all - there are however, chosen lands. And I firmly believe that Iraq is a chosen land. I need not provide any proof for that. It is self-evident.

I believe the land of Iraq is the womb that gave birth to the first civilization known to mankind and it will do so again and again...

For me, God's womb is Iraq.

And nothing will stop that womb...nothing will stop that river...

So my faith is there, in this womb, in this river...and in the Iraqi character that is made of this river's mud -- ancient, resilient, wise, strong, proud, dignified, creative, brilliant and generous in its giving...as it has done since time immemorial...

And therein lies my hope and my salvation.

Painting : Iraqi female artist Lina Al-Nasiri. Inspired from a Motherhood painting from ancient Ashur/Mesopotamia. Series - Iraqi fingertips, 2009.

July 14, 2009


A deluge of timed explosive car bombs have assailed Baghdad.

The deadliest was an organized orchestrated spate of bombs that targeted 8 churches (not 5 as reported in the media) - 8 houses of God, 7 in Baghdad and 1 in Mosul.

Christian neighborhoods in Mosul have been under curfew since yesterday.

A Zebari, a highly placed "army officer" - not to be confused with H.Zebari, the kurdish "minister" of Foreign Affairs, most likely one of his relatives though, said in a public statement that he was expecting violence to continue in Iraq for at least 3 to 4 years. Maliki affirmed the same thing, so did zionist Biden.

So who is behind this deluge of terror ?

The official version is the usual broken record ; Al-Qaeda and Saddamists.

S.Al-Mutlaq - and am no fan of S.Al-Mutlaq, but I will have to agree with him on this one. He said Al-Maliki and the other sectarian parties (from Iran) are behind this spate of violence. Elections are coming up soon, and these all shiite parties want to ensure victory in the coming electoral process, by playing the security card or lack thereof. And in his own words :

Saleh al-Mutlaq, head of the Iraqi Front For National Dialogue, told Al Jazeera that security issues remain a problem in Iraq.

"The security situation is still fragile and all what was said that there was serious improvement of security in Iraq was not correct and not accurate.
The second thing is that the election is coming. Those who were gathering before to form sectarian movements here and there, they are trying to do that again.
To do that, they want an atmosphere for sectarian election. And this can only be done when there is an introduction for that. This violence, I think, is an introduction to bring back sectarianism to the minds of people so that they can pull them to the election in a sectarian way. Unless there is a pressure from the world community, this government is not capable and not interested to achieve reconciliation in the country."

S.Al-Mutlaq has a very valid point here.

Other Iraqi analysts argue and they do reflect the prevalent sentiment in Baghdad - that those behind this spate of violence are those who have vested interests in keeping the status quo as is. Namely the shiite sectarian parties, the Kurds who oppose any US troop pull out until they achieve their "independent" state, Iran and the more its internal unrest continues the more Iran will provoke deadly strife in Iraq and last but not least the Americans themselves through joint Mossad/CIA intelligence operatives.

The Archbishop of Baghdad - S.Wardoonee, in charge of the Virgin Mary Church in Palestine Street was briefly interviewed on al-Jazeera. When he was asked who was behind the church attacks - he declined to point the finger at anyone. He could have easily repeated the official version of AQ and Saddamists. But he did NOT. Why so ?

Because he knows that 1) Saddamists (whatever that term means) will never attack Christians. In fact, the Christians of Iraq were the best and most protected minority. And NEVER in the living memory of Iraq - I repeat NEVER have the Christians of Iraq been a target before 2003. NEVER. And the archbishop did not mention AQ either - he could have done so, so easily. He did not. Because S.Wardoonee knows that AQ in Baghdad, is the same AQ in Mosul. It îs primarily made of Iran, Israeli and American intelligence operatives. And he also knows that the KURDS have also been very much behind the latest spate of violence in Mosul and in Baghdad.

The Archbishop S.Wardoonee just replied with ; We don't know who did it. We know that this is a highly organized terror campaign against the Christians of Iraq to create sectarian and religious strife. Within 2 hours - 8 churches were targeted in Baghdad and Mosul. We had requested special protection from the Iraqi security forces and had repeated our requests many times. It was not appropriately given to us.

It is really not all that complex to understand.

Iraq is being made unliveable for anyone who is not a shiite or kurd. It really is very simple.

And if in 6 years of "liberation" the "Iraqi government" has been unable to guarantee the security for its citizens, it will not do it in 10 years.

What we get instead from the mouths of kurdish Zebari, sectarian, shiite Maliki and zionist, american Biden is that terror will continue in Iraq for many years to come.

And yes, they are saying the truth here. Because it is the sectarian shiites and Iran, it is the kurds and Israel and it is the Americans who have ever vested interest to keep Iraq unliveable for anyone who opposes its partition.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Salem El-Dabbagh

July 13, 2009

To The Sons of Bitches...

"Baghdad is determined to force the Mongols of our age to commit suicide at its gates."

"I said I'm the president of Iraq... I did not say deposed."

"If you are Iraqi, you know who I am... and you know that I do not tire. I am the president of Iraq.

"Those who fight in God's cause will be victorious."

"We are not intimidated by the size of the armies, or the type of hardware the US has brought."

"We are ready to sacrifice our souls, our children and our families so as not to give up Iraq. We say this so no one will think that America is capable of breaking the will of the Iraqis with its weapons."

"Who are you and what are you?... I need to know."

The above are a few quotes from the Hero Martyred President of Iraq - Saddam Hussein.
These quotes reflect who he was and what he believed in.

Do you ever hear the puppet Maliki uttering such words ? Or do you hear any of the other Iranian stooges in Iraq capable of such sacrifice for this land ? Of course not. Nor will you ever.

It is in the nature of Americans to settle for mediocrity as partners. That is why they will go after the most vile, most corrupt elements in any society and bring them to the fore - like they did with the Iraqi traitors, fished them out and bailed them out like the crook Chalabi -- from London, the US and Iran and brought them in as "democratically elected" leaders of parties...

The Americans have also a few more on their payrolls, a few Iraqis then re-deployed to the Green Zone for short term contracts - enough to fill their pockets with blood money and return to America to continue the propaganda...

Americans are really politically dirty, good students of their equally dirty English nanny - not so Great Britain. They are what you call in plain english -- Sons of Bitches.

Sons of Bitches such as these bring on other sons of bitches on board. Like they did in Iraq. And more sons of bitches latch on, like the so-called alternative left, including the shady, dubious, conspicuous arab leftists...

You have my full permission and encouragement to refer from today onwards to all the above bunch - the americans and their ideological coalition, the alternative left, the arab left, the iraqi stooges, and the iranian pimps that trained them - as sons of bitches. Be blessed in doing so.

You think this is a vulgar word ? Oh really ?

So you must have elected and are ruled by vulgarity yourselves.

Take your zionist Biden, the one who clamors for the partition of Iraq.
He was visiting Baghdad last week and was in Saddam Hussein's "lavish building" - his palace.

Yes Saddam Hussein has a "lavish building" - a palace. He did not own it, it was the country's property. Just as the White House is not owned by the SOBs that rule it, nor was the Hermitage owned by the Tsars who build it...All government buildings remain the property of the country.

But in the case of Saddam Hussein, much was said about his palaces. Article after article " exposing" the "lavishness".

For your information, Saddam hardly lived in any of them. They were used for official visits most of the time. And, as if he is the only leader who lived in a palace. At least he did not own property outside of Iraq like hundreds of leaders do...But that is besides the point. The point is when it came to Saddam everything was blown out of proportion - from his lifestyle, to his alleged authoritarianism, to the false claims about his endless brutality...

So when a son a bitch like Biden standing in the heart of occupied Baghdad - in the Green Zone, in the occupied palace of President Saddam Hussein, giving out american passports to more sons of bitches who served in this rotten criminal army of yours while uttering the following from his filthy mouth " We did it in Saddam's palace, and I can think of nothing better. That S.O.B. is rolling over in his grave right now."

Actually Biden, if there is anyone rolling over in his LIVING grave right now, it is you - S.O.B.

You bastards have crossed miles with tons of weapons, after 13 years of sanctions, fought long and hard to control even one neighborhood in Baghdad, but you still found yourself barricaded behind high walls in Saddam's palace, surrounded with a thousand body guards, unable to set foot one meter outside the occupied palace...

Not only that, but you used every weapon, at the disposal of your son of a bitch of government to oust and finish off Saddam Hussein physically after having finished his off his sons - from kangaroo courts, to paid iranian agents, to fake judges, to physical liquidation of lawyers, to bribes with money, to false witnesses...everything was used to bring this great leader to the gallows. And he walked to them -- dignified and fearless...setting an example that NO other leader in the world, East or West can or will ever match - ever.

As if the reactionary Americans were not enough, the "enlightened" Western and Arab left of my butt, another set of sons of bitches used and still use the same vile discourse regarding the Hero of this Ummah, President Saddam Hussein - by publishing toilet paper articles, making themselves a name - about the alleged "brutality and sectarianism " of Saddam and the Baath party - when every other son of a bitch with an iota of conscience will tell you that the Baath party was majority Shiite and not Sunni.

But those same sons of bitches while purporting themselves as great humanists, have no fucking qualms in supporting the most deadly sectarian sons of bitches of militias like Jaysh Al Mahdi of the firebrand queer cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr and his drillers - still studying in Iran - in the name of populist anti-imperialism and have no qualms supporting Iran's death squads who have finished off the Arabs in Iraq. And for your info all those sons of bitches are paid by Iran either directly or indirectly...

Now can you get more sons of bitches than that ? Fuck no !

But let me tell you a piece of info that your alternative websites most of which are sons of bitches too - will not tell you.

You probably already read that the puppet Shiites, slaves of Iran, US and the Shiite Hawza banned any visits to Saddam's resting place. Seems that this Great Man still terrifies the puppets even in his death.

But there is one piece of info that no one told you about - so brace yourselves for this - you sons of bitches.

Maliki was visiting Adhamiya the other day - people gathered and shouted - DOWN WITH MALIKI - LONG LIVE SADDAH HUSSEIN. 24 hours later a bomb exploded in Kasra Market in Adhamiya. Everyone knew it was Maliki's punishment.

In fact the people of Adhamiya - who have suffered the most brutal ethnic cleansing by the shiites puppet slaves and in particular the Mahdi Army, those people who are not allowed jobs, whose families were liquidated, whose homes were destroyed, whose fathers, husbands, brothers...were drilled, tortured and still linger in dark jails in the most despicable conditions - the despicable conditions of Freedom and Democracy - braved all the security forces, the police, the army, the security contractors, the snipers, the US helicopters hovering above their heads and came out to tell you and tell the whole world - Down with the sons of bitches, long live the Great Heroes of Iraq.

Yes indeed, these are the true Iraqis.

So repeat after me :

Down with the vile sons of bitches - whoever they are and wherever they are.

Long Live Free Iraq
Long Live the True Iraqi people
Long Live the Spirit of the Martyred Hero, President Saddam Hussein.

July 4, 2009

Our Independence Day.

Today is the 4th of July. American day of so called Independence.

So you're independent are you ? Wallahee, tell me, what are you independent from ?

For me you're nothing but a bunch of slaves, a 200 years old slaves. A grouping of pathetic, miserable ex-convicts and criminals with no history, tradition or roots...

So you're independent huh ? How come I see you like sheep with no capacity for questioning then ? How come I see you totally subjugated in those minds of yours, incapable of asking the right questions. How come I see you a numbed out, divorced from reality, running after, pursuing stupidities from the day you are born to the day you are lowered down in your graves.

And you think that a bunch of illiterate, nasal, armed, cowboys who can't even spell or pronounce words correctly - like you - will deter us ? Well think again, assholes.

We are Iraqis. Do you know what Iraqis are -- you arrogant, ignorant, backward people.

Of course you would not know. You know nothing.

We've been around for thousands of years. Well before the Persians, Greeks, Romans... and well before you. We are the first people and will be the last people.

History started with us and will end with us. Of that I am absolutely certain. Because you will be history. Your fake, empty empire will be history.

We will reclaim our Independence again. And all of you and those perfidious collaborators of yours - from the persians and their shiites puppets to the zionist kurds will vanish in the dustbins of Ur. As they have done so in the past.

Happy 4th of July suckers and see you around in Ur !

Who are the Iraqis?
Every decade or so, we should remind ourselves of who the Iraqis are:

1. Twelve-thousand years ago, they invented irrigated farming. They got to be so good at it that, today, they can still produce all the food they need even when "sanctions" are imposed.

2. They invented writing.

3. They figured out how to tell time.

4. They founded modern mathematics.

5. In the Code of Hammurabi, they invented the first legal system that protects the weak, the widow and the orphan.

6. Five-thousand years ago, they had philosophers who attempted to list every known thing in the world.

7. They were using Pythagoras' theorem 1,700 years before Pythagoras.

8. They invented artificial building materials, some kind of pre-fab-crete stuff used to construct high-rise towers.

9. Ur, in southeast Iraq, is assumed to be the place we're all descended from.

10. They were the first people to build cities and live in them.

11. For thousands of years, they wrote the greatest poetry, history and "sagas" in the world.

12. Because they were great horse breeders, they invented the cavalry in war.

13. The Iraq Museum in Baghdad contains some of the most outstanding stone, metal and clay sculptures and inscriptions created in the history of the world. Some of them are more than 7,000 years old. If a bomb hits this place, art lovers around the world will go into mourning.
(done deal assholes!)

14. The first school for astronomers was established by Iraqis. This is how the "wise men" got to be so wise. They knew how to follow the star.

15. Beginning around 800 A.D., the Iraqis founded universities that imported teachers from throughout the civilized world to teach medicine, mathematics, philosophy, theology, literature and poetry.

16. For the first 1,200 years of its existence, Baghdad was regarded as one of the most refined, civilized and festive cities in the world.

17. Abraham, the father of Israel, was from Iraq.

18. Abraham, the father of Islam, was from Iraq.

19. Abraham, the father and "model" of Christian faith, was from Iraq.

Youtube : Posted by Namirkh - Who are the Iraqis ? Music - Iraqi national anthem.

July 3, 2009

A Brothel...

Have you ever loved ? Like seriously loved someone ?

If you have, do you remember what it felt like ? Do you remember when you were like a tiger/tigress when anyone approached your love and tried harming it ? Do you remember how you were so protective, jealous over the one you really loved ? Do you remember how you cherished it day after day, night after night...Do you remember how you embraced it, watched over it, guarded its best interests ?

It refers to the object of your love and not in a pejorative sense either.

Well, that's the way I feel about Her, about Iraq.

How I hate seeing her beautiful space, her land turned into pass rooms, where every syphilitic visitor enters her, for free...

How I hate seeing her being abused, tormented, pissed and spat upon...

How I hate seeing her submissive, surrendering....

How I hate seeing her powerlessness, her despair, her loss...

How I hate her silence, her silent tears, her silent cries, her silent begging...

How I hate see my Beloved turned into a Brothel.

July 2, 2009

This Shame is Yours.

So what's with this endless torture business in Iraq ?

Fawziya al-Jashami said she had seen "horrific traces" of torture during a visit to a prison in the southern Province of Babel of which Hilla is the capital.

"I saw types of torture which are so vicious and horrific that I cannot describe them as a woman.

"It is a kind of sexual torture which one is ashamed to talk about and occurs for the first time in Iraq," Jashami, who heads the Human Rights Committee in the province, said.

Following her fact-finding mission to one of the province’s jails, she said she was appalled by what she saw and heard."

Article HERE and HERE.

Hey, I thought the "Tyrant" and his regime were the ones who tortured...Did you not tell us about humans minced in meat machines then? Of course, all came out to be lies.

But now, today, this hour, this minute, is where real torture is taking place in "democratic and free Iraq."

I've written about Torture before, and I did mention Iraq's underworld. Out of sight, out of mind...

Well, thank you Fawzia Al-Jashami, for your courage. As an Iraqi woman, today, in "free Iraq" it must have been very difficult for you to even utter the lines you did...

But please Fawzia, don't be shy, timid, nor ashamed. Call things by their names. Leave aside your "pudeur - your "modesty", erase it from your dictionary of morals. In today's Iraq there are no morals left. So why are you so worried about words ?

Say it like it is. Swallow the indignation, the bitter horror and the tears and say it...like it is.

You are in a "democracy" are you not ?

Never before a word has been able to make me hysterically laugh like this one - democracy. It beats all the comics, all the clowns, all the comedy shows, all the jesters...of this world.

Yalla, ya Fawzia, in the name of "democracy" don't be ashamed...

But I know, I know...You are not ashamed, you are fearful. If you call things by their names, you will no longer have a tongue to name anything anymore...I know.
So am not holding it against you.

This shame is not yours.

This shame is the shame of those Iraqis - like the Jarrars and their mother, like the other Iraqi bloggers on CIA payroll, like the Iraqi idiots empty, stupid and hollow...like the Iraqis who refuse to name things by their names...

This shame is not yours.

This shame is that of those Iraqis who still have the gall to talk about sovereignty, who publish articles and get their pay checks at the end of each month -the pay check of "reconciliation"...

This shame is not yours.

It is that of all the Arabs. It is that of the Palestinians idiots whom we gave up our lives for...and now you see them kissing Iranian Mullahs ass. It is the shame of the silent, sleeping, amnesic Arabs, cowardly hiding behind their newspapers...or linking to newspapers...

This shame is not yours.

This shame is that of the Arab left. But they left, the Arab left. Where did they go to ? I wonder...

They are busy kissing Mullah's ass as well...Busy kissing political Shiitism, until their mouths are full...and not the best of mouthwashes will ever rinse it off, will never rinse off the stench...

Kissing those same sectarian Shiites who are sticking broken bottles up the rectums of the inmates you visited. Those shame Shiites who are nothing but vindictive, mean, sadistic, hysterical sectarian whores, begging to be fucked, by a whip or by a super power...worse than your average Zionist Jew...a 100% times worse.

But don't worry about either. Both your average Jew and your average Shiite will stick and stand up for one another...like Siamese twins.

It is the perversity of their minds and that of Truth that fuels them. And they are both perversely sick.

They are both deeply chauvinistic, deeply racist, deeply sectarian, deeply ignorant. And all different shades of darkness love gathering together.

Fawzia, you may be a Shiite yourself. It doesn't matter really. You know what am talking about... You saw it all.

There is no need to be ashamed, don't take the shame onto yourself. Throw it back in their faces...

And I wish you could provide me a sample of a list of torture "practices" and photos, and also a few names...

I want to print it and wipe the faces of these bastards who are either celebrating with posts or are silent...

Maybe this list will clean those ugly mouths and faces...maybe it will remove the shit, the excrement, the feces stuck on the corners of their lips and in between their teeth... one huge political fellatio.

And maybe, just maybe the faceless ones you visited, will be redeemed.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ziad Bakury.