August 31, 2007

Now, where did I put those WMD's?

I keep misplacing and losing things... Keys, sunglasses, agendas, purses and my poor little brains.

I even had a few vials of WMD's. Nice strong chemical stuff. Wait, I think they are in my fridge. Let me go and check...

Nope, they are not there...I scratch my poor little head and wonder where the hell did I misplace them. In my little pocket maybe? Or in my drawer with my underwear ?

I get consolation that am not the only who is absent minded.
The U.N. forgets things too.

Take for instance this piece of news.

" August 30, 2007 12:01 PM - Brian Ross/ABC

United Nations weapons inspectors discovered six to eight vials of a dangerous chemical warfare agent, phosgene, as they were cleaning out offices at a U.N. building in New York, federal authorities tell the Blotter on

The federal authorities said the office, in a U.N. building near headquarters, was being evacuated and the White House had been notified at 10 a.m.

The vials were discovered at the headquarters of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), which led the inspections of possible chemical and biological weapons in Iraq. The items were recovered from a former Iraqi chemical weapons facility, Al Muthanna, back in 1996, but just noticed on an inventory list yesterday, according to UNMOVIC.

A WMD investigative team and hazmat units are responding to the incident, according to a law enforcement source.

The FBI New York Field Office will be disposing of these vials.

New York police and fire officials reported to the scene around 12:15 this afternoon.

The Department of Homeland Security notified the New York City police commissioner later this morning.

The United Nations said today that following the discovery of the items, "UNMOVIC chemical weapons experts sealed the packages and placed them in a safe, which was then isolated in a secured room."

Former U.N. weapons inspectors told that vials of phosgene had also been used by inspectors in Iraq to help calibrate air sampling instruments.

The former inspectors said the remaining vials were supposed to have been destroyed.

"If it is properly sealed, it should not pose much of a threat unless it is dropped," said former New York City emergency services director Jerry Hauer, an ABC News consultant.

"They need to get it out of there and put it in a safe canister," Hauer said. "It shows immense stupidity to have that kind of thing sitting around as a souvenir."

UNMOVIC said today that normally such items would have been transported directly to a laboratory, not sent to headquarters in New York, but that now they believe the items "are properly secured and pose no immediate risk or danger to the immediate public."

According to the Web site of the Centers for Disease Control, phosgene at room temperature is a poisonous, colorless gas with a suffocating odor like newly mown hay.

According to an article in Foreign Affairs, the chemical was allegedly used by Iran in the Iran-Iraq war in 1987.

Phosgene was used extensively during World War I as a "choking agent" and, according to the CDC Web site, among the chemicals used in the war, it was responsible for the large majority of deaths.

The chemical also has numerous commercial applications in the manufacture of plastics and pesticides. "

Oh, here they are! At the United Nations HQ.

Eleven years down the line and these little vials are sitting there. Eleven years down the line, a country is destroyed and these little vials are found by chance at the U.N HQ.

Eleven years down the line, and since 2003, over 1 million dead, 1 million disappeared and reported missing, and the vials are here. Oh goody good !

Eleven years down the line, mass graves, cholera, disease, unemployement, poverty, destruction, a ravaged society, 4.5 million in exile and these little vials are finally found. Hurray!

And guess what? They contain a chemical called phosgene and was used by IRAN.

I am so happy they finally found the WMD's.
But a little bird at the U.N HQ, told me they renamed them WMDF. Weapons of Mass Deception Farts.

You can fart along if you wish...

Good night and don't forget to open the windows. You never know, if their force and density are strong enough, they may cause a MFAE. A Mass Fart Atomic Explosion.
Or if we are very lucky, a MRF. A Mass Revolution of Farts.

So keep farting...

Painting : Egyptian artist, George Bahgoury.

August 29, 2007

More Sacrificial Lambs !

I had promised myself, I will stop writing for a few days at least. We all deserve a break, including me.

But how can I? Iraqis are not given a break. No respite whatsoever.
So, it seems this is a luxury I cannot afford myself.

By Friday, all the British troops will have pulled out of Basrah. The Brits have effectively handed over the whole of Southern Iraq to shiite militias. Need I remind you that these militias are Iran's proxies in Iraq or do you get it by now?.

So :

1) the whole of Southern Iraq is loyal to Iran. Include Najaf, Kerbala etc...
(see my previous posts. I can't keep on repeating myself)

The fact that there are shiite factions fighting one another is irrelevant to the rest of the story. It's a power fight for control not a political ideological fight.

2) the Iraqi government in Baghdad is another of Iran's proxies in Iraq. Its parties, its militias, its armed forces i.e police and military guards.

Today Ahmadinajad stated the following :

"Iran is happy to fill the political vacuum in Iraq."

Iran has already filled the political vacuum in Iraq. Iran has done everything possible for it to be a political vacuum in Iraq and so it can nicely fill it up.
Ahmadinajad furthermore accuses the USA of interfering in Iraqi affairs!!!
And adds that: "any effort to topple Iraq's PM Al-Maliki will fail."
(full article here)

3) Today, Bush wagged his finger against Iran again, and Iran responded with more pavlovian drooling. Two dogs, a pitbull and a doberman barking at each other. Not more not less. Hear what Ahmadinajad has to say to that:

"He dismissed the possibility of any U.S. military action against Tehran, saying Washington had no plan and was not in a position to take such action."

Repeat after me: The U.S is in no position to take such action.

Do you know why ?

Look up points (1) and (2). Or do you need me to draw you a picture?

4)In the eventuality of a limited attack on Iran's nuclear plants, a highly unlikely eventuality, (1) and (2) will go like rabid dogs against your brave boys and that will take place guess where? No, NOT in Iran but in IRAQ.

Which brings me to

5) The IRAQIS will again pay the price. More genocide, more killings, more suffering, more exile.

Today the UNHCR stated that Iraqis are "THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE" of today's world. (article here)

So before you join your barks to the two vicious dogs, U.S.A and Iran, taking either a pro or against stand, remember "The forgotten people" that are guaranteed more genocide because of your stands.

Proclaim it and say it out loud. " No to America, No to Iran ! For the Independence and Sovereignty of Iraq ".

Proclaim it loud enough and shout "NO MORE SACRIFICIAL LAMBS!"

Just a hope...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Jaafar. * Explosion *

August 28, 2007

Just a thought...

Some american "lady" wrote to me, saying that she is "distressed" and getting quite "depressed" reading my blog.

And she asked me if I could write about more "positive" things instead. Because, she assured me, she liked my writings...

Dear "american lady" (does that exist, a lady in the U.S?)

My writings and my reality depress you? Oh! Am so sorry...

Maybe you can tell your fucked brave boys to get the fuck out of my country for starters.

Then you can start paying full compensation from your tax money, preferably on an compulsory basis. After all you have paid for the "war, surge" effort.

Then you are to personally look after at least 3 Iraqi families that your government and your sleeping, obese, ignorant, stupid, people have contributed to make destitute.

Wait, am not done "lady".

You are also to personally come to Baghdad, and help us bury our dead ones, those we find on the streets daily, and not only that...

You are to put your big fat ass on some chair and work out logistics. How many years, people, how much money, material,and time are needed to reconstruct what you have destroyed.

And am still not done.

You are to stand up in public in the middle of Firdaus square, where the Statue of Saddam Hussein stood tall and you are to officially apologize to all of Iraq for murdering their president, for all the mayhem you wrecked, and ask for, no, BEG for forgiveness from every single Iraqi you meet. If you are fit to represent the USA that is.

But then no one is fit to represent the U.S.A because you are nation that is not fit to be part of the international scene to begin with. You are a nation of criminals, mafias, thugs, drug addicts, idiots, ignorant, backward, barbarian, base subhumans...

Wait, "lady", more to come...

You are also to participate in hiring top notch international lawyers, because you will be actively involved in assisting us in taking your president and all of his clan and his opposition party the "democrats" to court for war crimes.

Once you agree to these terms, maybe then we can discuss, what further reparations are required, demanded, requested, needed...Get it lady?

We are not materialistic people but you will pay. I assure you, you will pay.

Until then, you are to read my "depressing, distressing" blog.

Yours sincerly,

Layla Anwar.

August 27, 2007

Occupation 101

Compared to this occupation, even colonialism looks like a nice ride.

At least, colonialism still managed to build a road or two, a couple of schools and maybe a health dispensary.

But tell me, what has this occupation done apart from destroy ?
Do you understand the word DESTRUCTION ? Do you know what it means?

Ok, let me refresh your memories since you do not know what destruction is.

Remember when you had two towers crumbling to the ground, in a mass of rubbles, with fire shooting all over the place ?
Yes, that is destruction.

Ok, let me refresh some more since you happen to have a few amnesic lapses.
Do you remember your 3'000 dead and their families still seeking therapy 6 years down the line?
Yes, that is destruction.

Do you remember how that tiny spot looked so desolate, empty, ravaged, afterwards ?
Yes, that is destruction.

Do you remember the people crying, shocked, lost ?
Yes, that is destruction.

But that was no occupation.

Occupation is multiplying that one episode of destruction by 1000. Nay, by 1'000.000.000 and you get the full picture today.


Your tanks rolling on pavements where people are meant to be walking, destroying the pavements and the lamp posts on their way and running over a couple of civilians. That is OCCUPATION.

Your guns shooting innocent civilians at checkpoints just because one of your shits is having a bad day. That is OCCUPATION.

Your jets roaming the skies day and night and bombarding neighborhoods and villages and killing children, women and men. That is OCCUPATION.

Your especially designed prisons filled with innocent "local" detainees, for years without trial. That is OCCUPATION.

Every single street, building, school, office, in rubbles and ruins. That is OCCUPATION.

No water, no electricity, no food, no functional hospitals...That is OCCUPATION.

Arbitrary arrests, arbitrary killings, daily house searches, ransacking, pillaging from the "locals". That is OCCUPATION.

Raping women, girls, boys, men. Torturing them, spitting on them, humiliating them, insulting them, castrating them, sodomizing them, burning them, pissing on them.

Destroying houses of worship, burning Holy Books, and drawing crucifixes on the walls, pissing and shitting inside, and shooting the elders. That is OCCUPATION.

Having 1 million widows dressed in black, orphaned children eating from garbage dumps, 70% unemployed, villages where famine is rampant, 4 million "locals" with their homes and belongings destroyed and now living in squalor, begging the streets.

Seeing young women and mothers sell their bodies in exchange for bread and older women sleeping on sidewalks. That is OCCUPATION.

Having your children, boys and girls, either sold to strangers, kidnapped as sex slaves, or caught in pedophile rings. That is OCCUPATION

Having your schools, universities, libraries burned down and emptied. That is OCCUPATION.

Witnessing the fleeing and/or the slaughter of your academics, researchers, scholars, doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists...That is OCCUPATION.

Seeing your palm trees, your fields, your parcs, your rivers, your soil either burned down, or razed to the grounds or filled with garbage and dead bodies, or contaminated with toxic waste, radiation and Depleted Uranium. That is OCCUPATION.

Turning your agricultural land that used to sustain you into poppy fields, open for drugs traffickers and mafias. That is OCCUPATION.

Walking out of your doorstep and stumbling on rotting cadavers, immersed in pools of sewage and have your neighborhood turned into a junk yard. That is OCCUPATION.

Having your loved ones kidnapped, abducted, tortured, mutilated, raped and dumped in some street. That is OCCUPATION.

Seeing the "locals" riddled with disease, cancer, allergies, asthma, swellings, inflammations of all sorts, skin lesions due to your "smart" bombs, plus the fact that they can't get treatment for already existing ailments. That is OCCUPATION.

Looking at your cultural, historical heritage in ruins. Seeing your museums, art galleries, musical conservatory...emptied. Seeing your archelogical sites turned into military bases and the walls of your ancient towers either destroyed or filled with yankee graffitis. That is OCCUPATION.

Having neighborhoods sealed and turned into ghettoes, building huge walls that suffocates you in. That is OCCUPATION.

Seeing your family ripped apart, either because you are christian, sunni, shia, yezidi, sabaean and having your friends disappearing or be driven out in hordes. That is OCCUPATION.

Not being able to walk the streets, go out at night, curfews, bombs, snipers, explosions, mortars, militias, armies, mercenaries, contractors...That is OCCUPATION.

Having your life reduced to survival and catching your breath. That is OCCUPATION.

Running from morgue to morgue, cemetery to cemetery, counting the 1 Million massacred. That is OCCUPATION.

Becoming an undertaker, coffin maker or a professional mourner because that is the only lucrative affair today. That is OCCUPATION.

Dismantling the State apparatus, the "local" army, sacking civil servants or killing them, taking over ministries and government offices. That is OCCUPATION.

Installing a puppet government made of corrupt thugs, criminals, spies, bandits, psychopaths, sectarian, chauvinistic fundamentalists, and embezzlers...That is OCCUPATION.

Dividing your country, enabling its cleansing, partitioning it along sectarian and ethnic lines when these lines were non existent before, even forcing couples to divorce as a result of these new maps. That is OCCUPATION.

Emptying your country's treasury of its wealth in billion of Dollars, making fraudulent contracts and stealing by every mean possible. That is OCCUPATION.

And last but not least, witnessing your smelly shits, squatting the palaces of the legitimate President that you slaughtered. That is OCCUPATION.

And I can write a thousand more lines on occupation...So forgive me, Iraq, if I have missed out on something.

So tell me, what part of OCCUPATION don't you understand?

Painting: Iraqi artist, Sabeeh Kalash.

August 26, 2007

Not Amused...

Today, I was reminded of my cousin Ahlam. I really don't like Ahlam all that much.
She irritates me. She is conceited, narcissistic to the core, vain and a snob.
Ok, she is good looking, but so what? And mind you she is not stupid, well at least I thought so, until we had this conversation not long ago.

Here was Ahlam sitting, one leg over another, sipping her tea, with perfectly manicured nails, and a head that just came out from under a hundred rollers and intensive blow dry.
You can trust Ahlam, that even if there is a nuclear bomb outside her window, she will not seek shelter before she dabs lipstick on.

So here we are, and Ahlam flicks her cigarette and says :

- ...They liberated us, enough now. They can leave.
- Excuse me? Why would they leave ?
- They did their job, did they not. So now they can leave.
- Ahlam, are you trying to tell me that over a quarter million Americans in Iraq, just crossed the seas, so they can liberate you and leave, just like that ?
- Yes of course. And she meticulously re-arranges her hair.
- And why on earth would they do that for ?
- I don't know, they said they came here for that. Now they can go.
- Oh, so you're telling me that they came from miles away for the sake of your brown eyes ?
- No, of course not, Layla...and she re-arranges her hair again, what I mean is that yalla it's enough...they can go.
- Does the word occupation exist in your dictionary ? Have you ever heard that word before ?
- Of course I have. What do you think I am stupid or something ?
- Laa' salamtech, how can you be stupid. Masha'allah, you are intelligence itself.

But to be fair to Ahlam, she is not the only one who holds this kind of discourse...
Quite a few Iraqis babble along similar lines. And yes, they are stupid too.

And some of them are now saying: "We need a very strong man, even stringent if necessary - someone who can restore order. Enough of this chaos."
Ya Salam, what gems of wisdom!

Now THAT makes me very angry.
But you voted you sons of bitches, did you not?
Those of you who voted for Allawi the CIA guy, or for the sectarian stooges from Iran and those of you who sighed relief that the "tyrant" is gone. Now you come and you want a strong stringent man who can restore order???
Ya Allah, this makes me so furious.
You are indeed a hopeless case!

But mind you,they are not the only ones. Take for instance Maliki, look at what the sectarian, Iranian, idiot had to say today.

He said: " There are Americans (referring to Levin and Clinton) who consider Iraq as one of their villages. " (article here)
The gutless, coward adds : "This is severe interference in our affairs."

Ya Puppet, ya Gawad, of course they will consider Iraq as one of their villages.
It is thanks to them that you came to power. You and Iraq are under occupation ya traitor. This is what occupation is all about. This is what 4 million Iraqis in exile and 1 million Iraqis dead are all about. Of course, they will interfere in your affairs.

Maliki is "annoyed" that the American Army is killing civilians. La Balah?
This is what occupation armies do ya Gawad. They kill civilians.
And what about your own militias and that of the big fat bastard al Sadr ? Are you not killing civilians as well ?

Kharraya a3lekom Kolkom.

Translation : Shit on all of you.

You make me sick!!!

Painting: Iraqi artist, Hayan Abdul Jabr.

Moving Sands...

One of my dreams is to visit Cuba. Havanah, Trinidad and Santiago, in particular.
I love Cuba and like the Cubans.

And I like Fidel Castro. I don't care what you think of him.
You probably have demonized him as much as you have demonized Saddam Hussein.
But then, come to think of it, no Leader has been wilfully demonized as much as Saddam Hussein. And we all know what the end result was/is. The end result is today's Iraq.

I love Cuba for many reasons. One of them is Salsa and then, there is Cuban music, and Cuban cigars. But these are not the only reasons...Am not that frivolous!

I had learned a few Salsa steps, which I have unfortunately no way of practicing.
Saturday night would have been a perfect opportunity to studiously put what I have learned into full swing.
And what better way to dance salsa but to the wonderful, exhilarating voices of Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portundo and Compay Segundo.

Do you know why the word Salsa was coined to certain Cuban melodies ?
Salsa music is a mixture of many ethnic backgrounds, with an African predominance. Hence the word Salsa in Spanish, meaning a Sauce.

You know what Sauce is, dont' you?
It's like when you order a salad or a hamburger and they ask you what kind of dressing/sauce you would like it with.

I remember vaguely one had the choice between blue cheese, swiss cheese, a thousand islands, mushroom sauce, barbeque or red hot chilli...

In Iraq, we have different kinds of Salsas/Sauces, as well.

We have the a thousand islands salsa. It presents itself like that.
You are walking in the street and a bullet hits you and you don't know where from exactly. It can be from a thousand and one places. Each place, each district, has become an island onto itself.

Then we also have blue cheese salsa. It is when you leave your front house door and see a couple of blue faced decomposing bodies, rotting away in the sun and the stray dogs are nibbling at them.

Radhee (from Adhamiya - the soooneeee stronghold) told me that, only yesterday he saw two corpses lying in front of his house and the dogs were feeding on its owners.

"Who murdered them ?" I asked.
"How the hell should I know. This place is sealed, even a fly cannot enter."
Makes you wonder...

And we also have red hot chilli salsa. Don't you dare think you are the only ones who can taste these wonderful sauces.
In Iraq, red hot chilli is when a thug, usually a sectarian son of a bitch, throws acid in your face, or on your body, or when you are burned alive because your name is Omar or Aisha.

We also have Swiss cheese. You know that cheese with holes in it ?
That is when you find corpses with drill holes in them. Drill holes by the turbaned black crows.

And of course we have the barbeque salsa. No, not barbed, we have barbed too but this is barbeque.
Barbeque salsa comes in different flavors.
You can be carbonised by an explosion, that is usually a car bomb. Or die of thirst, and that is barbequed by heat and lack of water. Or you can end up like Raouf, with broken ribs, swelling, pus-ridden wounds, and ankles that look like baked potatoes due to being chained.

Then, you have the mushroom salsa. Mushroom sauce comes in two basic styles.
One is when you discover you have depleted uranium in your piss and you develop a thousand tumors that no medicine in the world can cure.
And the other is the less offensive one, but offensive nonetheless.
It is when you go and search for a job because you have been unemployed for over 2 years and you present 3 university diplomas and 5 languages.
And some American motherfucker who can't spell and who is in charge of "reconstruction" of your country - a country which he has managed to destroy - tells you in his twisted, ugly, nasal accent:
" Why don't you grow a mushroom farm." And who happens to be an ex-salsa teacher.

And, no, I did not learn the steps from him.

In Iraq, we move to salsa tunes too. We just don't know who exactly is playing the music though.

To be or not to be and with which salsa does one end is the Question.
But more importantly, Who is who and who is exactly cooking all these wonderful sauces? Remains to be seen in further gory episodes.

And as the French say and I like the French for their very pertinent proverbs:
" On ne sait plus à quelle sauce on va être manger."
A rough translation : We don't know with which sauce we will be devoured, eaten.

So tell me, can you Salsa?
It is Saturday night after all and I miss dancing.
Dancing away from moving sands...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan.

August 24, 2007

That "Oriental thang" ...

Why do Americans say "thang" instead of "thing" ?
Thang or thing, it's all the same... An objectification. A turn him/her into a thing.

I bet you anything if my blog was about "oriental" sex, I would make it to the highest traffic...
I am not judging. Far from it. After all, sex is more pleasant than death...

It tintillates, entices, excites, raptures...But Iraq does not. I understand.

Iraq is hardly a turn on. As a matter of fact, you can bet it will make you limp or frigid...
Provided that you are neither already.

I have noticed something quite peculiar being around in the cyber world. There is this all pervading voyeurism forever lurking...

I mean, even one's pain is an object of careful scrutiny. But not only one's pain. This voyeurism of others, goes to the most insane extents...

Did you know I get emails asking me the size of my bra? Or for the foot fetish, the size of my shoe!?

Not that I have anything against breasts or feet, but you must admit, this is not a generation for an uprising, let alone a revolution... ha!

Then you get the heavy stuff.

I had one GI write to me, and being so kind, as I am, am witholding his name...

He said in his mail: " You can't possibly be a real Arab woman. Arab women are not like you.
I met them in Iraq. They are eager to please a man (him.) But of course, I could not never tell that to my American wife, she would get most upset. Besides, am surprised at your language, you are supposed to be a muslim."

Another Ha!

So Mr.G.I, did it ever occur to you that these "nice" women were eager to please you because you were armed to your teeth ? Demanding submissive pleasure in exchange for safety?

My, you people are such a bunch of royal shits.

I remember reading a story, unfortunately I can't find the link. But you have to trust me, I don't lie, unless absolutely necessary. Unless, I need to save my ass. But then, I think that is ok even in a court of law. It's called under duress...

There was this American G.I who escaped and this is what he said.
I remember it word for word, because I made it a point to remember it...

He said to the effect : " We would go around searching for insurgents. We arrive at a house. The men are usually not there. It takes about half an hour to bring the whole thing down. I was asked time and time again to wait outside the house. After we stormed in and ransacked the place, the seniors would go in. And we were left outside to guard the place. They would spend from 1 to 2. hours and we would hear screams inside. We could hear the women screaming. We asked no questions..."

Hmm...Oriental sex maybe? American style? Like the Abeer style?

And, what about those little Iraqi boys? The ones you picked out on the streets and boulevards? The hungry, desperate ones ? Do you remember them ?

What about the young little girls, 14 not more, and you would tell them..
"Fucking an Arab is the best"...And she would smile not understanding. And you would hand out a 5 Dollars note for a "pussy"? Do you remember her?

You don't do you ? But she does.

Ah! this oriental "thang". All those "tight" spots...

Iraq was a "tight" spot too, was she not?

Until you forced yourselves in like you did in Abu Ghraib. But Abu Ghraib is only the tip of the iceberg.
You forced yourselves into her ...
Ahh that oriental virgin thang!

And they shoot hajjis don't they ? These old "bastards", who can't speak your language.
With the look of despair in their eyes. With the look of "lost" .
So did they beg in Arabic? Did they tell you, with a broken accent "please Sir"?

And you felt so tall and so high did you not? The same way you felt with the small boy or the 14 year old girl...

Ah! tight Iraq... Saving themselves for your invasion or so you think.

People of America, I have news for you.

This is hell let loose. There is no tight here. All is flowing.

Blood is flowing, lives are flowing...
Tight bodies are flowing.
All is one huge flood, in one huge hurricane,
that will embrace you,
embrace your "tight" hearts and equally "tight" minds...

This is no Katrina, no Dean...This is the Iraqi hurricane...
The hurricane of the little boy on the boulevard, the hurricane of the 14 years old girl that was "Awww so tight"... the hurricane of the desperate, lost, " hajji"...

And this is the Arab woman you can't identify with.
She is here. Typing away...
And reminding you of the flood that will soon engulf you.

Yeah, am that "oriental thang." So pay heed.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Said Shnin.

August 23, 2007

Lucidly Insane...

Sometimes, when I hear news about the current "political" scene in Iraq, I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. Sometimes, I do both, simultaneously. Cry and laugh.

Someone remarked on some blog, that Layla Anwar is starting to have a crazy twist to her, crazy notes...
Starting, only starting ? Oh no, am not starting, I'm already crazy.
A lucid insanity. Horrible thing, this lucid insanity.

A few articles have appeared as of late, in both the Western and Middle eastern press, discussing who can be a possible "alternative" to Al- Maliki, since this latter is being described by most Iraqis as a Dictator.

Someone, who is after his own interests, the interests of his sect, and his party. Well, one wing of his party, the Dawah party. Because the other wing of the party belongs to Al Jaafari, and yet another wing belongs to Muqtada al Sadr...Many wings to one party.
May they all fly away soon. Amen.

So we have a Dictator now, Al-Maliki. Am I missing something here?
Four years of genocide and destruction so we can have a Dictator ruling a "Democracy"?

Wait, it gets better...

And now most Iraqis not only prefer a secular government but would like to see a "Strong Man" capable of holding the country together and restore some basic services, like water, electricity, security, infrastructure...the whole bloody thing.

But I thought we did have a strong man keeping the country together did we not?
And he was deposed and murdered by America and Iran.

Wait, wait, it gets even better...

A potential alternative to the weakling dictator, Al- Maliki, is guess whom?

Muqtada al Sadr! The psychopath. The boy who never made it through high school, the guy in jeans who was hooked on billiard, and harassed girls in the street.

This guy is now made to look as the "patriotic", "strong", "Iraqi", "man" who will save Iraq !

The argument runs along the lines, that he has massive grass root popularity and that all the sectarian drilling and torture that are taking place, can be blamed not on him and his Jaysh al Mahdi but on some rogue elements who infiltrated his party, rogue elements from the SCII Badr brigades and from the Maliki militias...

But, basically, we are told Muqtada al Sadr is a good guy. If only, we could start to understand that his drill boys are not really his drill boys... They are just infiltrators. He is our potential man. The Iranian sword in one hand and the drill in the other.
But apart from that, he really is a good guy. Ah! Heaven. Am now in Heaven.

This ironical argument was presented in several papers, from Time online (check below for further readings) to Al Basrah net which is supposedly an Iraqi Baathist news site.

Lucidly insane ? You bet.

Every single person I know who has run away, leaving their homes and carrying nothing but a plastic bag and their travel documents say that one of the main reasons for their exile was the terror they felt from Jaysh Al Mahdi. Every single family I know of.

Not only that but Muqtada al Sadr and his men were clearly present at the murder of Saddam Hussein! How can a so called Baathist website print such treacherous rubbish???

Are you guys trying to tell me that Muqtada al Sadr is going to represent the New Iraq? Are you telling me he is the patriotic strong leader that is standing up to the occupation when he and his men along with the Dawah party and the SCII party (all Iran's proxies in Iraq) and the Americans murdered the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein?

Not only that but some dude called Al Kubayssi - the so called new pro Resistance voice, states that Muqtada al Sadr is only an immature, uneducated boy with no experience. Not that he is a murderous psychopath, no, just immature.

Am I supposed to feel better and safer now?

If, this is what you are telling me and preparing us for, am seeking political asylum in Siberia.

Saddam Hussein said in his final letter:
" I offer my soul as a sacrifice to you..."
And this is what you do to the sacrifice? You have no shame. Wallah, you have no shame.

What a waste! What a bloody waste!

I said it before and will repeat it again, I was never a member of anything nor do I wish to be a member of anything. I am no Baathist, no Communist, no Islamist, no nothing.

And now in retrospect, I realize that was one of the wisest things I have done in my life. Not join anyone or anything.

Crazy ? Yes likely. But at least my lucid insanity is not colored with high Treason.

For further readings:

1) Time : "The next war in Iraq."

2) Time : "After Maliki, few good alternatives."

3) Huffington Post: "Maliki on last legs, Sadr in the wings."

4) Dar Al Hayat English Edition: "Ayoon wa Azan" by J. al Khazen.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki,

August 22, 2007


I am so disgusted with everything, I don't even feel like writing.

I am disgusted with the Americans, the Brits, the French, the Germans, the Scandinavians, the Australians, the Iranians, the Arabs, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews....( am not mentioning the Israelis because they have disgusted me long ago. It's a given)

Everything and everyone disgusts me.

I have run out of words. I don't even know which words to use anymore.
Have you ever felt that way? Not even knowing which words to use?
I can write tons of posts, would not make one single fucking difference.
But I promised someone that I will not stop writing, so here I am...

Nir Rosen, not that I terribly like Nir Rosen, but finally someone who is not an Iraqi came out and said it " Iraq is no more "
Well, hello, I have been saying it over and over and over , the sectarian shia Iranian militias and parties control everything. Along with the equally chauvinistic Israeli backed Kurdish pimps.

Imagine, one day, you come to the realization that your country, in the space of 4 years, simply does not exist anymore? Can you even envisage that?
It simply is not there anymore.

I have been way too polite. My upbringing taught me to respect guests, visitors, but you people don't know what polite is. You need to hear your own language spoken back at you.

Some American wanker, mental masturbator, produced a study not long ago. And the study shows that :

"The majority of Iraqis want a secular government today."

What the fuck is all that about? We had a secular government you bunch of assholes.
We had a country with a secular government that your academics "entre autre" managed to destroy.

Remember the son of a bitch Chomsky with his poor shia being oppressed ?
Remember your equally fucked up anti-war movement ?
Remember all those other wankers on blogosphere and the web, posting article after article after article on poor Iran being bombed back to the stone age?
Remember these, oh so well meaning "orientalists" who visited Iraq once and suddenly know it all and use Iraqi plight and suffering to defend Iran ?
Even Palestinian bloggers were not exempt of that mental masturbation, the masturbation of the politically correct.

Well guess what, you fuckers, I don't have a country anymore!

Are you pleased with yourselves now ? What a great job you have done! Bunch of criminals.

YOU are as responsible as the american army and the american government in the slaughter of innocent Iraqis and the total destruction of their country in the space of 4 fucking years. Just 4 years, you bastards.

You, the academics, the writers, the journalists, the anti- war shit, the political scientists of my ass, the anal-ysts...
All of you are responsible today. All of you.
All of you have the blood of 1 million Iraqis on your hands and all of you have a country in ruins on your conscience.

But you have no fucking conscience, you bunch of paid, sell out bastards. Those of you who sold it to Iran and those who sold it to Israel, and who sold it to America and England.

You are the "intellectual" whores of this world. You are the PROSTITUTES.
I spit on you and on your academic achievements and on your publications and on your press, on your prints and on your books...

I swear even hookers have more integrity than you.

So the "totalitarian " regime is gone. So the "dictatorship" is gone but you motherfuckers, tell me what happened to tyranny?

How come every single Iraqi I know, shia, sunni, martian, felt much freer under the "dictatorship" than under your fucking democracy? How come?

How come every single Iraqi I know, was free to go to work, earn a living, teach, read, dance, eat, drink, get married, walk in the streets, go to the movies, go to a restaurant, go for a drive, go shopping, paint, sing, listen to music, dress the way s/he likes, go to a hairdresser...the banal stuff that you do daily.

How come under the "totalitarian" regime every single Iraqi was free to do that and today...
And today crossing the street means a possible silencing.
Silence through death in your fucking democracy Iranian - American style.

To hell with you and your democracy and democracies.
To hell with your internet, web, blogs, media, books, newspapers, magazines...
To hell with every single thing I learnt in your universities, in your schools, in your institutions...

To hell with all of you . You sickening, despicable lot.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sabeeh Kalash.

August 19, 2007

Dutiful Daughters...

Most Daughters are very dutiful, are they not ?
And those who no longer are, must have been at some point in the past, very dutiful...

Dutiful daughters are ageless, they can be 1 or 100, or anywhere in between. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors...

Even if they have no more reason to stay dutiful, they remain so...
To the memory, keeping it burning like a vigil. To the legacy, keeping it alive, for future generations. To the heart keeping it ticking, so it will not stop beating.
They are the story tellers dutifully giving it away...
A loyalty that is almost genetically transmitted, a form of Love, maybe at times not a very “useful” one, but a Love nonetheless.

I am sure there are dutiful sons too, but am not a son...I would not really know.

Of course, the more “ primitive”, “backward”, “underdeveloped”, the family is, the greater the loyalty, the greater the Love...

It cannot be all that bad, being primitive, backward...can it now?
But as with all great loyalties and great loves, a price tag is always attached, sometimes a heavy one.

Take me for instance. I am a dutiful daughter. Sometimes breaking at the seams but dutiful nonetheless. Keeping it on, holding it together...
It is a must, or so I believe.

When I return home after some absence, it can be two hours or two days, I am always greeted with the latest news. An avalanche of news that comes tumbling down over my head.
To the extent, that I made a pact at home. We agreed that from the minute I walk in and counting 30mn, I am not to hear any story whatsoever.
If you only know how difficult it is to keep this pact of silence, however short.
So the pact gets re-negotiated, every time I see a look of despair or angst in the eyes of someone close.
So I say : “Ok, let’s have it. What happened? Who died again?”
Then it is spurted out and the avalanche comes tumbling down, again, along with the tears...

These moments are almost always concluded with my saying: “Ok let’s go and give our condolences. This is the least we can do.”

Sometimes I get very irate when the pact is not respected and I re-renegotiate.
I say : “You are to break the 30mn pact only if someone is in the process of dying. The dead, I can do nothing about, now.”

And inevitably the 30mn are hardly over when someone blurts out : “ X has severe chest pains, clogged arteries and needs a catheter immediately - no hospital would take him” or “Y’s diabetes and hypertension are getting totally out of control and there is no medication” or “Z can’t find a doctor in the vicinity” (they all flew away or the ones present only consult from home - they closed down their clinics) or “ A. needs an injection now and she can no longer afford it”...

I sigh and say: “I’ll see what can be done” and I look at my empty hands and pray for miracles, for Divine intervention, for anything... just anything.

Sometimes I lose it totally and scream at the top of my lungs: “ Who the hell do you think I am ? Joan of Arc or Florence Nightingale ? Give me stuff I can do something about!”

Or I explode and shout: “ Yes that’s it. Death, dying, illness... For once give me a piece of news that is different. A marriage, a birth or even a divorce. What’s happening, no one is getting married or divorced anymore?”

My family looks at me and it is usually my mother who shakes her head in disbelief and says: “ Jnoon, wallah, jnoon” (Madness, by Allah, this is madness.) And this is usually followed by a sullen silence that falls on us like a brick. The brick of powerlessness. Theirs and mine.

And every single time, I go through the whole ritual, feeling guilty and thinking of ways of metamorphosing into a Florence Nightingale or a Heart surgeon...

But am not the only one in this predicament. There are thousands of other dutiful daughters around me, in much worse conditions with more tragic stories...

Take for example the daughter sold into prostitution because her father can no longer afford feeding her and he says “ At least she will have something to eat.” (read FULL article here and you MUST – ENOUGH of your blinkers !)

Or the daughters forced into the oldest trade, servicing your brave boys or the rich clients abroad – one way of feeding their family. And these dutiful daughters with no choice, acquiesce.
(another article for you here)

And there are also, dutiful daughters lingering in overcrowded prisons with no trials, waiting for their names to be called to the gallows. And of course there are dutiful daughters being hunted down.

One of them is Raghad Saddam Hussein Al Majid. The daughter of the legitimate President of Iraq.
A woman, who lost her father in a state organized murder, her brothers, her husband, her country. She is also a mother, a sister, an aunt...

A warrant has been issued for her arrest. So called “insurgency” charges.
One article states that her mother Sajida is also wanted, as well as 41 other names on the “hit” list. Another article says that Raghad Saddam Hussein will meet the same fate as her father.
Not only her, but anyone who praises the martyr and hero Saddam Hussein is considered a threat.
And if you happen to be someone who wants to keep the memory alive, then you also qualify.
And even if you happen to dislike Saddam Hussein but you happen to be a patriotic Iraqi or a nationalist Arab, then you also qualify.
All these above categories are fit for execution according to our new democratic sectarian shia government.

My female instincts tell me, and I really hope am very wrong this time, that the sectarian, shia, Iranian government - put in power by the free and democratic government of the U.S.A, to silence the Iraqi people – are preparing another “gift” for the Eid. Just like the one they "offered" us on the 30th of December 2006.

Another way to deal a psychological and political blow to the Resistance. And another way to remind us what will await us should we resist as well.

Come to think of it, I am very “surprised” that this kind of dictatorship does not make you feel uneasy. I am equally “surprised” that you all barked at the “totalitarian”, “oppressive”, “dictatorial” regime of Saddam Hussein, when what is happening on a daily basis does not really move you. “He killed his own people” you kept barking and barking...and you managed to produce so many reports, that you, oh so wonderfully created. Did you not ? And you barked so more...

But when a million Iraqis are killed in 4 years, by the so called democratic government's militias and thugs and by your own brave boys issued from a so called democratically elected government, you always manage to come up with that same lame, ugly sentence of yours, when cornered : “Well you see, he killed his own people.”

For those of you out there, who are “bothered” by my “constant” reference to Saddam Hussein, not only as an inspiration, not only as a symbol but as the personification of the UNITY of Iraq, a country soon to be divided into pieces, and as an emblem of a true anti- imperialist, patriotic, secular, lover of this land, this is my final reply to you :

As a dutiful daughter of this Land. As my Father’s and Mother’s daughter. As a daughter of Iraq, I openly and publicly declare the following :

If Raghad Saddam Hussein, the woman, the mother, the sister, the wife, the daughter, is left to be lynched like her father...
If any of you allow it to happen again and any of you can mean - Iraqis, Arabs, Americans, Europeans, Asians, Indians, Africans, South Americans...
You, the U.N and its agencies. You the NGO’s and governmental institutions.
You, "anti-war", rightist, leftist, centrist. You, academics, students...
You, layperson, citizen, whatever your religion, race or gender...

If you let that happen, any of you, I will publicly renounce my Iraqi origins.
I will burn my birth certificate, my passport and my identity card. I will change the color of my hair, will change the color of my skin, will change my name...
I will declare myself a persona non grata, an outcast, with no identity, no name, no land, no origins and no roots.
I will dutifully bear the void of nothingness and the feeling of erring, rather than bear witness to one more Iraqi being hanged and then sit and listen to the deafening silence that will follow...
And I will tell you, take it , have it, it will no longer be a loss for me.
I can no longer be associated with this sinking ship called not only Iraq, but the “human race”. Yours.

So dutiful Daughters of Iraq and elsewhere...
Instead of shopping for “cloths” and “clothes” with which you hide yourselves or adorn and expose your dead bodies, use them for making voodoo dolls.
And instead of sewing and knitting, use your pins and needles to jab truths.
And instead of carrying your brooms to sweep, use them to fly...across barriers and frontiers.
And instead of your salads and soups, make magic potions...
And instead of your whining and nagging, recite mystical incantations...
And find IT.

The witch hunt has begun. And you are to become witches again.
Dutiful daughters that you are.
It is already there, it is already in you.

As, for you the sons...? I don't know, am not a son. You tell me.

P.S: Thank you Souad Massi - the wonderful Algerian singer- for accompanying me tonight.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki

August 17, 2007

Puppets on a String...

Goodness, I have so much to tell you tonight.

I had already prepared a piece about women, yes again ! I will leave it for next time.

I don't believe in coincidences...I believe in synchronicity. I guess you can call me "superstitious" and that is fine with me...

Battling with an excruciating pain in my arm, I tried again, to put some order on my desk...

You should see my desk, it looks like Mount Everest, with piles and piles of articles, papers, bits and pieces and of course the "pending tray" looks like the Himalayas. Everything goes to the pending tray and it has been going on for years you can imagine.

I have become increasingly obsessed with "order". A reaction to chaos, I suppose.
But then, my developing compulsiveness was suddenly made to look "OK".

As I was sorting out for the enth time the same pile, I came across a print out of some study conducted in England about sex and order...

According to this fairly recent study, over 1/3 of English women derive more satisfaction from tidying up their surroundings than from sex.
Am sure the figure is higher, seeing the state of Englishmen, but hey, that is not for me to say... After all, I never considered the English royalties as a turn on and, no, lying down and dreaming of Mother England, were never a pass time of mine...

Anyways, this study concludes that English women derive a great sense of empowerment from controlling their own environment. One way is housework – which I detest, and tidying up which I equally detest.

I guess you can say am very much of a man when it comes to these two... And that is fine with me too, as long as you don’t shove a broom in my hands.

But this desk of mine was getting really out of everything else.
So here I am sorting it out, or trying to... And I fall on a tiny piece of paper, and on it was one of my lousy drawings.
And it was called “Puppet on a string”. Meanwhile, the TV was blasting. And on,came the news :
“Maliki is forming a new alliance to save the government."
A new alliance ? Save it ? From whom? I smiled...I knew it all along...

Maliki declared today that a new alliance is formed. An alliance of 4 parties.
- The Dawa party of which he is a member. Other members of the Dawa party are: Al Jaafari and Muqtada al Sadr and his drill boys.
- The other party is the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran - sorry meant Iraq. The SIRCI headed by his “eminence” (hahaha) Adbel Aziz Al Hakeem.
- The third party is the Jalal Talabani party, our buffoon /mossad agent/ president, of the Kurdish Patriotic Front and
- The fourth is none other than the other mossad agent/crook, M.Barazani of the Kurdish Democratic Party.

So our new government is made of Shias loyal to Iran and Kurds loyal to Iran and Israel...and both are loyal to America. Oh wow...what a novelty!

Absent are: the Sunni Alliance and the butcher of Falluja, Allawi.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Israel and Iran in Baghdad. And who said that enemies can’t be lovers ?

I told you so. Am starting to sound like my own mother. She keeps repeating it: "I told you so."

- I did say that there is an increase of Peshmergas mobilization in Baghdad. Peshemargas are the armed wing of the Kurdish parties (trained and armed by Israel).
- I also said that Kirkuk is on the agenda. Preceded by a massive ethnic cleansing. Both Talabani and Barazani are pushing for a referendum on Kirkuk before the end of this year.
- I also mentioned time and time again of the ethnic cleansing of Sunnis as a political and demographic weapon. The Shia parties like Al Dawa and the SIRCI of Iran, and their armed wings have been conducting a genocide within a genocide against the Sunnis in Iraq. It started in Basrah where most Sunnis and Christians have fled and the government then worked its way to Baghdad.

The Americans and the Brits have aided these two parties in power, by building walls, arbitrary arrests,(prisons in Baghdad are full of Sunnis), and massive shootings and bombings of civilian targets...killing so called “insurgents”.
Who happen to be for the most part Sunnis unarmed civilians.

That is one of the reasons the Sunni Alliance and Allawi,the butcher, walked out of this government two weeks ago.
The sectarian nature of the government backed by the Americans was becoming way too obvious. And even a paycheck of 30’000++ dollars a month would not obliterate that truth.

So let us see what these killings have led to and let us assess if they are in line with the initial American plan of ethnic division and partition of Iraq, or not.

Remember the Americans came with a precise agenda: 1) Regime Change 2) The Division of Iraq along ethnic lines. Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. Kurds are majority Sunnis by the way.
And I have said it before and it is getting boring repeating myself. You cannot divide a country along sectarian and ethnic lines. It is either /or...But the Americans did as they did so many other things...

So far, four years down the line this is what we have.

1) The South of Iraq is an all Shia Iranian enclave. Sunnis and Christians have fled. Basrah, Najaf and Kerbala have been literally bought by the Iranians. Persian is the language there.

2) The North, so called Kurdistan has full autonomy. The Kurds have been cleansing Dohuk, Erbil, Kirkuk and soon Mosul of all non Kurdish inhabitants. Turkomans, Arabs, both Christians and Muslims, have been fleeing en masse. Any non Kurdish Iraqi who wants to go to the north of his-her own country needs a visa. They have their own passports, their own flag and their own secret service trained by the mossad.

3)What is left is Baghdad and its surroundings. Ramadi, Falluja, etc...
The majority Sunni areas like Diyala, Falluja, Ramadi...are under total siege and the fighting has not stopped there.
Baghdad, on the other hand, has witnessed some massive ethnic cleansing. Sunnis have been forced to go and artificially form an all Sunni area like Ameriya and Adhamiya for instance...and these two areas are sealed with huge walls...contained.
What were once mixed neighborhoods, have been virtually cleansed and there still remains little pockets of resistance from the inhabitants but they too will be driven out...Examples: Fadil, Amil, Bayaa, Dora, Mansur...

What am basically driving at, is what has preceded this “new” governmental alliance, was the logical thing to do. Cleanse first then partition.
They managed to drive the Sunnis out, both in terms of population and government members. Al Dulaimi, one of the Sunni reps, pleaded for the hundredth time, saying there is a genocide against the Sunnis and asked for assistance from Sunni countries but to no avail. Jordan and Saudi Arabia will never come to the rescue and forget about Egypt.
The government also managed to drive out the so called seculars as represented by Allawi.
So what you are basically left with is a chauvinistic, sectarian government, exactly like the Americans had planned it. A government loyal to them, to Iran and to Israel.
Great Britain being the coward lapdog is slowly retreating. But am reserving a special one for those ugly brits.

A blogger called Karl Marx was right, keeps referring to the “soft partition” of Iraq.
Karl Marx was right, sorry, but you are wrong on this one, however much I agree with the rest of her-his posts.
There is no soft partition in Iraq. There is hard partition drawn in blood.

The plan is in full effect. What the Zionists in Washington D.C wanted, they got.
The lousy Americans and the lousy Brits, have been willingly hijacked by the Zionist Jews and their agenda.
My country is gone. YOU gave it to the Zionists and the Iranians. It is in pieces now. I will never forgive you for that. Ever.

Am still at my desk…I have not managed to gain more control over my surroundings but I can understand why these English and American women prefer housework to sex.
With men like the ones you have, who wants sex?!

They are puppets on a string. Very much like the so called “Iraqi “ government.

But puppets on strings eventually break…and fall…of this am sure.

With this delightful thought in mind, let me go back and put some order in my life…

I have no art work tonight, but am dedicated this song to the puppets of Iraq and… elsewhere. Do listen well to the lyrics. It is one of my favorite songs. Good night.

Video youtube : Peter Tosh “ Equals rights and Justice”. Posted by Brutal561E

August 16, 2007

Hide & Seek...again !

You know something, this business with figures is starting to really aggravate me.
I understand that you can count very well, when it comes to dollars...This we all know.
But why is it when it comes to killings, you conveniently misplace numbers ?

In previous posts, "An Add'h'olic" and "Let's call...", I alluded both directly and indirectly as to the number of deaths in Iraq. I even asked you to check the series of correspondence between Gabriele Zamparini, the Guardian and Znet.

I maintain that the Iraq Body Count figure of 70'000 is shameful to say the least.

I have also said on numerous occasions, that even the Lancet figure of 655'000 Iraqis dead is obsolete by now. I was slightly relieved to see that some websites did publish the more accurate figure of 1 million +.
I reiterate yet again, the figure is greater than 1 million+.

I have also said that prior to the invasion the total population of Iraq was approximately 24 million in 2003.

German figures for 1997, placed the population number at 22.5 million. Remember that 1990-2003 were sanctions years and we lost 1.5+ million people during those 13 years.

I have also mentioned the famous Bremer question time and time again, when he asked one of the persons in his bureau in Baghdad what the population was and when the answer given was 24million, he said let us bring it down to 5 or 6 million, that should be enough.

The same hide and seek game is being played out when it comes to Iraqi detainees.
I mentioned in more than one of my posts as far back as 9 months ago, that the number of detainees in Iraq was well around 67'000.

The UN Human rights report which bases itself on official government figures quoted the number of detainees for 2006 alone at 34'000.

I need not go into the maths again to show you that the official number of detainees given by the U.S army of 40'000 is fallacious.

Back to the population figures.

Now, about three weeks ago, an american from the democratic party, by the name of J.Moran was interviewed on al Jazeerah TV. He said to the effect.

- The population of Iraq is 26 million, and these 26 million are incapable of getting along. They are infantile and are not fit for self governance. We have spent millions of dollars from the taxpayer's money and it is about time Iraqis learn the art of managing their own affairs.

- In an article by Oxfam, two weeks ago, this latter reports that the Population of Iraq is 26.5 million.

- The CIA fact book, for July 2007, reports that the current population of Iraq is 27.5 million.

- And now the "grande finale", UNICEF which has not set foot in Iraq since the sanction years (and do remember its wonderful lousy role when 500'000 Iraqi babies died during that period), now claims it has the accurate figure for natality rates.
It says in the past 12 months, the birth rate was 1 million Iraq infants.

Now how on earth did UNICEF or Oxfam get their figures? These two have not set foot in Iraq since 2003. Or have they been relying on the CIA fact book or on the Iraqi Ministry of Health figures ?

And you know what the Ministry of Health is all about. It is ruled by the Sadrists gangs of Muqtada the driller, who kill with one hand and inflate numbers with another so as to cover up their crimes.

So in the space of 6 weeks, the population rose from 26 Million to 27.5 million.
And not only that, UNICEF assures us that fertility and reproduction are booming in Iraq with a birth rate of 1 million every 12 months.

I am no statistician, and I will not sit and debate with you the how's ...

All I can tell you with certainty is that this playing around with figures fulfills an important objective.

Remember, I told you that Arabs are perceived as "breeding like rabbits..."
This is a common inherently racist belief about most "third world countries" but in particular about the Arabs and the Muslims.

I used to hear that sentence so often from the brits, the americans and the israelis are keen on repeating it too...for obvious reasons.

I also said to you that population control is a weapon to change geography and its boundaries...

These seeming discrepancies in figures are not the fruit of haphazardness. They do serve a purpose and not a noble one for that matter.

The message is clear and loud if you care to listen to it. And it goes along these lines :

However much of them die, they will keep reproducing. They will not be exterminated. And even if the real figures of the carnage finally show up, we always have an abundant, generous birth rate to make up for it...

Another perfect crime from the "respectable" West, where Iraqis are not even given the chance to bury their dead in their real numbers, but are also perceived as a baby machine that will keep on producing more feed for the beast.

And I tell you, the mass graves are here alright and no, they were not Saddam's doings but yours...

What a shameful lot this "respectable" West is.

So do you get it now or are you still playing hide and seek, yourself ?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Abdel Rahman Al Saadi

August 14, 2007

Only If I could...

This is personal. A medley of wishful thoughts, desires...and a stark reality from which there is no real escape.

I would much rather be writing about Love than Death...
About dreams coming true, as opposed to nightmares realizing themselves, rolling in front of my very some welcoming carpet.

I would much rather invite friends over for a candlelight dinner instead of sitting in funeral gatherings giving my condolences...
And another one has gone, and I repeat the same words, they have become meaningless.
At times, when I am told of the news of yet another passing away, I just raise an eyebrow...That is all I can manage, sometimes. Then, I continue doing what am doing.
I hate it when am in that kind of state. Absolutely hate it.

I hear on a daily basis, so many stories of Death...The saturation has dehumanized me... And I don't like what I see.
I look into the mirror, and say to myself, this is not who you really are...

Maybe this is my pathetic attempt to shield myself from too much pain.
Because, at other times, I feel the grief so overwhelming, a tsunami of grief...
So I build dams and barriers, hoping to contain the gigantic waves, before they engulf me and everything else around me...trying hard to keep my little patch as "dry" as possible.
I guess one could call it survival.

The greatest challenge is to keep sane, avoiding at all costs, slipping into insanity. There is something about violence that can make one insane. I know so and have seen it around me...

The violence of a reality you can hardly do anything about, the violence of emotions, that accompany what you see, hear, and feel, the violence of witnessing those around either withering away, in resignation or cornered into neat little square boxes of indifference...

Violence violates...They belong to the same root.
So everything is constructed on a daily basis, as to how avoid being violated even further...Violation is really all about rape. Again language is a powerful tool.
The French call rape "viol"...

The rape of daily living. Mental rape, moral rape, spiritual rape, physical rape, social rape, economic rape, political many levels of rape, of violations.

It is so hard to explain to an outsider...especially someone who does not feel any of the emotional "stuff", any of the affinities...especially to someone who shields himself, herself, behind theories, analysis and ready made slots, boxes, pigeon holes of handy concepts.

Futile attempts to rationalize away or explain a real devastation of personal and collectives lives.
Not numbers, not nameless faces, but real lives...breathing, kicking, moving lives ...or what was once a life.

At times, I try to gather, collect, amass all of that, that bundle of sensations, feelings, thoughts, longings, yearnings...and deposit it on paper, for the record, for history, for them, for you, for me...

At other times, I wish for a magical invisible hand to reach inside, across my chest, into my heart, and grab that bundle and find the words, the best fitting words, and present them as an offering, a gift, for the record, for history, for them, for you and maybe for me too.

I think women will understand what am saying, with more ease, than men.

Most " men " still need to learn about the unsaid language...get familiar with it, master it, and possibly replace "facts", "figures", "theories", "concepts", "analysis" ...with the half spoken word...with utterings, mutterings, murmurs, those "senseless" tears, and other "emotional hysterical outbursts"...

Maybe then, we will find a common language, a "primitive" language that unites, beyond words...

And maybe then, I won't need to go and look for them...
And maybe by then, the language of arms will be replaced with the unspoken word, and silence will fall, like white cotton fluff, like a peaceful cloak, like a gentle dove, covering them, you and me...

And maybe by then, I can start writing about Love instead of Death...

Painting : Iraqi artist, AbdelAmeer, Alwan.

August 13, 2007

Let's call the whole thing off.

I understand that some of you may not like Jazz, but how on earth can anyone not like Billie Holiday?

Do you remember that song of hers, "Let's call the whole thing off"?

"you say neether, I say neither
you say eeether, I say either
you like potayto, I like potaato,
you like tomayto, I like tomaato,
potayto, potaato, tomayto, tomaato
let's call the whole thing off..."

I just read in the Observer, the Guardian's sister, that the US army in Iraq is crippled by fatigue.
The famous Guardian that still uses the Iraqi Body Count figure of 70'000 Iraqis dead as opposed to 1 million+ Iraqis dead since 2003. For more on that shameful reporting from the Guardian read Gabriele Zamparini's blog.

The article says that those poor soldiers are suffering from sleep disorders, the proverbial PTSD, conjugal problems, exhaustion, lassitude and bouts of acute superstition... They also live on "Red Bull" and "Rip it".

Now Red Bull, I have heard of, but what the fuck is Rip it?
Is it a drink that enables you to rip Iraq and Iraqis apart? Like turns you into Jack the Ripper?
Whatever it is they are drinking, it seems to be working - well sort of...

So your boys are tired, exhausted? Oh la la, I really empathize. I know all about being tired. I and countless others suffer from the occupation chronic fatigue syndrome.

They are having marital problems? What a crime separating families that way. Am sure thousands of Iraqis can relate to that too. Widows, orphaned kids and families of arbitrary detainees who amount to over 100'000 in shadow prisons all over Iraq.

They suffer from PTSD ? Wow, tell me about it - I wonder why. Must be hard having one's finger on the trigger 24/7. So does the sight and stories of tortured bodies, overflowing morgues, corpses littering the streets, and symphonies of bombs and explosions...

They suffer from sleeping disorders? Hey, join the club. Want a sleeping pill?

They miss back home ? I sure can relate. I miss family life too. So are millions of Iraqis who have seen their families being torn apart - sorry meant ripped apart. Remember the "Rip it".

They have become acutely superstitious ? Us too. We keep hugging personal papers, ready to flee at any moment and some of us even changed our names and started hanging pictures of mullahs and other saints on our walls...

They doze with their clothes on, on dusty floors ? So are 4.4 million Iraqi refugees.
And some sleep on pavements and in tents as an "alternative life style"...
Any Californian in the house ? Maybe she/he would like to try this public communal form of living arrangement. So 60's!

They are frequently deserting and absent ? Yes, so are the 1 million Iraqis dead.

They witness their buddies being shot and bombed away ? I know the feeling. Every single family in Iraq endures it daily. I even have a special section in my wardrobe just for black clothes... Black is in fashion these days.

They can't communicate properly anymore ? Boy does that ring a bell.
We communicate very badly too. We send a one word text message with " OK?" and if there is no "OK" reply, we know we're in for another PTSD. Or we give coded missed calls implicitly saying "we are still alive" and if the phone does not ring back immediately with another missed call - we spell it as "trouble".

They have no way of decompressing? Yep sure thing, we have not decompressed either since 2003. Decomposed maybe, but definitely not decompressed.

The only thing I can't relate to, though, is the "Red Bull" and the "Rip it".
We have neither. Just small bottled water if one is lucky to afford it, that we sip all so gently and slowly... But, am curious about tasting this "Rip it" thing...if you see what I mean.

you say Ayrab, I say Arab
you say EyeRaq, I say Iraq
you say tiiyred, I say tired...

So, let's do it. Let's call the whole thing off.

P.S: I just read that the U.S army in a desperate attempt, has opened its doors to more dropouts . OK, Iraqis, brace yourselves for another surge of morons!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Muhammad Muhradin.

August 12, 2007

" Visible Secrets"

I don’t know about you, but I miss watching one of those "tintillating" murder films...

You know what I mean, don’t you? One of these suspense stories that keeps you glued to your seat and on your toes...

Am sure you know what I mean.

Of course, the more brilliant the producer is, the better the suspense...
Only a lousy producer lets you know in advance...And lousy producers abound.

I don’t know about you, but I like it best, when the detective (preferably an Arsene Lupin type) gathers the whole family, friends and starts questioning.

Everyone is a possible culprit and yet everyone keeps this look of placid innocence plastered on.

And I like it best, when the producer in his brilliance, makes you guess. Like, when you have everyone gathered, and they don’t say a word, but the look in their eyes reveals it all... And you immediately know, on some intuitive level, who the real murderer is.

At first they all exchange greetings and are so civil... Then, something gives way. Something snaps...

It might be a sigh, a head turn, an innocuous gesture, a small detail or just the eyes...And then you just know.
You know who the murderer(s) is /are.

And you can’t keep still, till the end of the film, because you want to see the resolution, the real criminal and check if your intuition was correct or not.
Only to realize, in the end, that you knew it all along...

I love those instances, when your intuition is proved right once more ...and you think to yourself, you outwitted the producer...

Towards the end of the film when the real culprit is about to be unmasked, all those who participated in the murder start throwing blame a desperate attempt to get off the hook. But by then, it's too late. A whistle blower appears disguised in a detail...

Have you noticed that too? Am glad.

So, I can now safely deduce that you also know who murdered Saddam Hussein. The perfect crime of the 21st century. The tip top lynching of modern times...

Now, if you want to know the whole story, you need to be seated and very tuned, otherwise you will miss the plot.

I am a firm believer in the following preposition : “Everything you need to know is already there...”

And all that is there, point to what is and what will be...
These moments will never be forgotten...ever.
These moments encapsulate everything you need to learn today.

Everytime you feel lost, go back to these moments and you will infallibly be put on track once more.

These moments are crucial in understanding what is happening today in Iraq. These moments not only marked the turning point, no - it was not the bombing of the Samarra Shrines - with all due respect to western "analysts" - but the 30th of December that was the turning point in the bloody chapter that you are witnessing today in Iraq. The Samarra shrine bombing was only a short prelude.

You know what I mean don't you? Like a trailer...

The murder of Saddam Hussein, however much you hate it or hate him, was the turning point...
Everything you witness or hear about today in Iraq is nothing but a delayed response to that day.
Do not dismiss so easily things and people. Specially not Saddam Hussein and what he represented...

I do not need to praise Saddam Hussein. His own death and the circumstances surrounding it, are his best eulogy. All in his honor and again...however much you hate it.

I am interested, just like in a murder film, in those present on that infamous day, the day of assassination. That grim day that will never be forgotten.

Let me review who was present that day and you figure out the plot...

The Americans supposedly “handed” Saddam Hussein to the following :
- Al- Hakeem of SCIRI. Al Hakeem is an Iranian national, born and bred in Iran.
- Al– Maliki of the Dawa party. Al Maliki is a dual Iranian – Iraqi national.
- Muwafak Al Rubaie – aka K.Shahpour, an Iranian national.

Others present at the murder scene were :

- The Iranian Ambassador to Iraq !
- A few Western journalists – the Pentagon press amongst others...
- And none other than Muqtada Al-Sadr. The born again shiite mullah who never studied theology. Muqtada Al –Sadr is known to be a school drop out, a boy in jeans...who did nothing but roam the streets, play pool and harass girls...We call him in Arabic, “Ibn al shaware’e”...Meaning the son of the streets. By the way, that psychopath has gone in hiding again in Iran!

In your slang, it means a street kid...In our slang it's a polite word for son of a bitch.

And no one praises street kids thugs or sons of bitches, specially when they are reknown to be drillers and rapists...under a mullah cloak.
I mean no one in their right mind...unless they too, are psychopaths and sons of bitches.

Amidst shouts of “long live Muqtada“, the legitimate president of Iraq and a great leader was murdered.

Now, I assume you are intelligent enough (mind you I may be very wrong on that one) to deduce who the assassins were...

I also assume you are intelligent enough to realize that the Americans and Iranians were complicit in the murder of the one who kept Iraq together - the Iraq of all sects and creeds.

And, again, I assume, that you have enough intelligence to deduce the rest...
But then again, I may be wrong.

So how did that “great“ murder story end? Ah right! I remember and I am reminded as it repeats itself daily....

Iran and the USA keep accusing one another of "foreign interference" in Iraq. Iran says the US is responsible and the Americans say the Iranians are responsible.

But this is Iraq - and both are "foreign interferences"...
We are not an extension of Iran and we will never be. We are not an American playground and we will never be.
We are not an English park and we will never be. We are not an Israeli wailing wall and we will never be...

And amidsts the blame, just like amidsts the shouts on the 30th of December, Rafsandjani of Iran stated today that the USA needs Iran to...just like it needed Iran on the 30th of December...(read it here)

So you can ask Arsene Lupin, Inspector Clouseau, Agatha Christie, Detective hand in their resignations. No need. Call it dual occupation and save your suspense for better productions...and as the French say it so aptly: "Arrêtez moi ce cinema !"

Painting : Iraqi artist, Khaled Thamer.

August 7, 2007

Those Summertime Blues...

Suffocating heat, scorching sun, dryness, pallor, dehydrated limp bodies trudging along, searching for a tiny corner of coolness, a bit of air...
Searching desperately for a whiff of freshness, a caress of a breeze...nothing.

Nothing but heat and sitting in pools of sweat. Water, search for water. Maybe we should drink our own sweat instead.
A drop here, a drop there, counting them like precious little diamonds. The river is next door, eaten up by the Green zone...

Evenings are long, tediously long. A light bulb here and a candle there, generators pumping, then stopping then pumping again...sometimes there are none.

Fridges, freezers, air coolers, AC, fans, ventilators, forget it...only in the Green zone. Only in the comfort zone of the Brothel.

Thirst, infants dying of thirst and the river still eaten up by the brothel holders...

Quenching with the morning dew. Hoping it will change, maybe today, tomorrow, a little here and a little there, a piecemeal of hope, a tiny ray of light. But no, nothing.

And the genocide goes on...and on and on...

Have a look at the river, look at it - dirty, foul, still, water heavied with corpses, and yet, some take their cans, pots and pans and fill up. Water, water, water...

Water in the Brothel only.
For the whores to shower after each client. The clients of petro dollars, the clients of political religious sectarianism, the clients of Death...

So they shower and they drink and they sit naked, with bellies bulging, pregnant with blue infants, dead of thirst...And they quench theirs, mixing blood with whiskey, mixing blood with water and signing their dollar notes in red...Red from the red zone, red as the sunset, red as...


And I, in the background, have been humming it all day. That old Billie Holiday tune -
"Summertime and the living is easy..."

Yes easy, and my mind wanders to those easy days, easy simple days where I belonged to something, where I felt I connected to someone, a group, a place, a city...

Red zone and the dryness of life. The repetitiveness to the point of banality. The banality of death, the banality of existence…

Time has stopped. It turns around itself, in some robotic motion and delivers the same each day.

And in between the numbness, despair and grief creep out, like worms from a cracked wall. Slowly twisting their way, crawling back into my skin, underneath, tickling me and lodging there, nesting there...

I smoke away the night...inhaling the temporary silence and puffing it away, blowing a breeze of smoke, in the stillness, in the inertia, in the black, in the gaping wound that lays bare open, red open, very red, like the red zone, like our lives...

“Le rouge et le noir” from a Stendhal novel, forever mixing in the colorless palette of our days and our nights...

I throw myself back and fall on a cushion of memories...
I try hard to dig them up and out, excavate them, then I brush them one by one like some ancient archeological relic, and place them in front of me.
One by little statues. Then I name them, give them dates, faces and colors...I revive them one by one, by recalling their sound, their texture, their shapes, their forms...

Summertime and the living was easy...

Sometimes lounging by an acqua blue pool, sipping chilled fruit cocktails. At other times, maybe a fancy dinner or a simple take away. Sometimes a stroll by the flowing river, under a luminous starry night, smelling the cooling palm trees. And sometimes, a drive around the city of Lights, listening to my favorite tunes...

Summertime and the living was good...

Reclining in a shady garden, bathing in the scent of jasmine, feeling the earth rock solid under my bare feet, solidly immutable, as if nothing will ever touch it...shake it.
Slowly tasting cold bright red grenadine juice or maybe an icy lemon sherbet with hues of fresh green mint leaves floating on the surface...listening to the ice cubes clicking in the glass as in a dance…

Summertime and Dance Festivals. All kinds of dances from all over the world.
Bodies in motion, in movement, expanding, contracting, breathing on stage, drawing life and giving it back to us...Pushing forth the possible.

Summertime and Art. Exhibtions, galleries, artists, paintings...
Splashing living colors on an asleep canvas, animating it, infusing it with outbursts of passion, with a primal scream, the scream of life.
And awakening it to a beauty made of different shades...etching them, engraving them in us like a pristine melody...Pushing forth the potential.

Summertime and Music Festivals. All sorts of music...
A medley of singers, musicians, instruments from the four corners of the world. Vibrations lulling us, rocking us, transporting us with their rhythms, sounds,lyrics and tunes to unknown places...Pushing forth a reality in the making.

Summertime and reality unfolding, growing, shaping its way, designing us and us designing her.
We were that reality and she was us. And we communicated with her and she responded and she grew and took form, pulsating with energy, with the possible, the potential, the unexplored...The blue sky was the limit.

Yes, summertime and those little moments of leisure, those moments of pleasure, awakening the senses, teasing them, ushering them in a new direction and reminding them that life could be good, was good, as good as it can be.

You may think this is all very "bourgeois". What you think is no longer relevant. You are no longer relevant.

Or maybe you think pleasure and leisure are only reserved for you. Or maybe you think that we are due to suffer so you can remain in your comfort zone judging...
Or maybe you think, we are not even entitled to the daily things that you take for granted... My, what a despicable lot you are.

What a despicable lot of thieves. Thieves of the potential, thieves of the possible, thieves of a reality that was in the making.

Just the thought of you has snatched me away from my rêverie. And I am reminded again, of yesterday, today and tomorrow...
Dots on a straight line...the same over and over again.

Summertime and the pools of crimson red blood. Summertime and the sounds of explosions, bombs, guns and tanks. Summertime and the dreary colors of green and grey army uniforms. Summertime and drinking molotov cocktails. Summertime and the stench of sewage and piled garbage. Summertime and inert lifeless cold bodies. Summertime and a river that stood still, murky with Death.

And you tiptoe back into my mind, writhing your way back and I know you want to steal these memories too... dissecting them one by one, smashing my little statues just like you have smashed all that reminds me of us...of me.

Thieves of the night, thieves of Life.

Summertime and the living was easy. Am still humming it till the bitter end...

“ of these mornings, you're going to rise up singing
then you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take the sky
but till that morning...hush...don’t you cry.”

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ali Al-Tajer.

August 3, 2007

From Sadr city with "Love"...

I did not feel like blogging tonight but was somehow compelled.

As usual, I can't sleep. How I wish I can run away from it all...

Some of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, know of Kamel's story.
I mentioned in my post "Fresh from the Iraqi oven", that Kamel is held in an American prison supervised and guarded by sectarian shia militias, on charges of "insurgency".

I also mentioned that they demanded extortion money in exchange for his release and their signing a piece of paper saying he is not an insurgent- which is the truth.

We finally managed to collect the requested sum of 2 Million Dinars. The money was paid and we got double crossed. They took the money and did not release Kamel. Only God knows what is happening to him right now.

Money is not the only thing they extort from us. Sex read rape is another.

I read a story today on IRIN and am reprinting in its entirety.

Such kind of story is not uncommon at all. You hear them free Baghdad.
So here it is.

BAGHDAD, Mother of three Um Muhammad al-Daraj, 35, recently went through a traumatic ordeal to try to save her husband’s life.

She told IRIN her husband was kidnapped by militants who had accused him of supporting the insurgents. After two days without news of her husband, Ahmed, two people came to her home and ordered her to follow them to meet her husband, who was reportedly being interrogated.

“I didn’t think twice and left my children with my neighbour. I was desperate for any news of Ahmed and they drove me to a distant neighbourhood where my husband was supposedly being held.

“After half an hour’s drive we reached [predominantly Shia] Sadr City and my legs were trembling because I know how dangerous the area is and the guys with me didn’t speak a word.

“They asked me to enter a disgusting-looking house and told me to wait. A rude man came into the room and bluntly told me that I had two choices: have sex with him and get my husband released or return to my home and never see Ahmed again.

“I was shocked and started to cry. I fell to the ground trying to kiss his feet and begged him to release my husband and not to treat me badly.

“The man told me that he would be back in 15 minutes and by that time would want to know my decision. In those minutes I hated my beauty and myself. I know that if I had been an ugly woman this wouldn’t have happened to me, but the life of my husband was in my hands.

“After 15 minutes - I was crying the whole time - the man came back and repeated the question and I didn’t have any option than to accept, in order to save Ahmed’s life, even knowing that after that they might kill us both.

“I had to forget my honour to save my husband’s life. It was the most terrible 20 minutes of my life. I just felt pain and wanted to vomit all the time. In the beginning I tried to refuse but was hit in the face and had to cry in silence, while asking God’s forgiveness.

“After that he told me to put my clothes on and the same two men drove me home, with tears streaming down my cheeks. I couldn’t look at my children because I felt dirty. I didn’t even know if my husband was going to return.

“Later that evening Ahmed appeared on the doorstep with signs of having been hit in the face, and when I went to kiss him he told me that I was dirty and that he was going to divorce me as he had been forced to watch the whole scene and preferred to be killed than see his wife sleeping with another man, even if it was to save his life.

“Two days later he left home and went to his parents’ house and said that soon I would get the divorce papers. Even now I cannot believe that losing my honour to save his life was taken by him as a betrayal.

“Now I’m alone, without a job or husband, with three children to look after. Sometimes death is the best way to end suffering.”

I have covered several instances where sunni women are raped, mutilated in their genitalia, then murdered and dumped in some street.

The culprits are always the same. The sectarian militias and the sadrists in particular - renowned for their sadism and their sexual perversions.

So the above story does not surprise me. As I said, you hear stories like that daily. I am glad it made it to your screens.

I am glad it made it to your screens because whatever we say is taken with so much doubt, I wonder what is it exactly you need to see or have to believe?

Well to hell with what you believe or do not believe.

It is torturous enough to learn about what your brave boys did in Abu Ghraib and Mahmoudiah amongst other places...From sodomy, to rape, to burning, to pissing...and whatever other perversions your brave boys are bred on...

It is humiliating and painful to learn that Iraqi women are forced into prostitution to feed their families...

It is ugly enough to learn that Iraqi women are increasingly suffering from poverty, disease, violence, grief and sexism...

But to keep hearing stories about your "own kind" doing that to you is too much for anyone to stomach.

Sunni women have become easy targets for both the occupation forces and the sectarian shia militias.

The formers vent their sadism, spite, racism and hatred of Arabs and Muslims on their female victims with the aim of debasing, humiliating them...till their ultimate death.

And the latter vent their rancor, hatred, sectarianism, violence, sadism, spite, vengeance, vindictiveness, envy and their inferiority complex...on their victims till their total destruction.

The sectarian shia militias are the enemy number.1 along with the American occupying forces. Their brutality emanates from a sick mind and a sick soul. These psychopaths are a public danger.
But guess what ? Your equally psychopathic government has put them in place to rule what once was a great nation.

They are put in place to debase, humiliate, rape, torture, murder the essence of Iraq i.e her Women.

The West's hatred and the East's hatred for women have been combined and poured over and into Iraqi women and in particular sunni Iraqi women.

Mind you shia women who are considered too Arab Iraqi for the militias taste are also the target for scorn and exclusion.

I sent this story to my lifelong friend Zaynab ,a shia.
Zaynab is a Phd holder and a brilliant woman. She is one of those thousands who benefited from the former educational system and was given a grant to undertake her postgraduate studies abroad.
Zaynab was laid off her job not long ago. Her boss who is also a member of a sectarian militia told her she was too Arab for his taste. The fact that she is more educated than him thanks to the former government, did not go well with him either.
Zaynab was constantly harassed until she was made to hand in her resignation. Now, Zaynab feels like a pariah within her own circle.

Her reply to this story was : " ...By Allah, Layla, if the Imams Ali, Hassan and Al Hussein were alive today, they will burn this Sadr city and raze it to the ground...These people have nothing to do with Islam or shi'ism. They are "huthala'a."

Now, "huthala'a" is difficult to translate. It means lowest of the low. Synonyms would be vermin, scum, filth, garbage, trash...words along these lines.

I agree with Zaynab. And I add that anyone who supports or backs them ideologically or otherwise is even worse than them.

Having these "people?" called the "new" Iraq is an insult. An insult to every single decent Iraqi men and women - whatever their creed.

Sometimes I am so disgusted with it all, I feel like throwing up non stop...

I secretly wish that someone would invent me a new nationality, a nationality that does not exist and is specially tailored for people like myself who no longer recognize, accept, or stomach what has become of this country.

Sometimes my disgust is so great that I have this persistent fantasy assailing my mind, the fantasy of vomiting it all...

Vomiting it all over the government, the ministries, the militias, the Green Zone, the peshmergas, the politicians, the prisons, the torture centers, the American camps and their soldiers...then the fantasy transports me to the Pentagon, the White House...and all the way up to the Statue of Liberty.

Oh yes, vomit my way from Sadr city to New York City. One humongous pool of vomit.
And even then, my disgust will not abate...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan.