June 29, 2009

Lies & Illusions: UPDATE on The Iraqi Charade.

This is an update on my previous post " An Iraqi Charade". I may be in a bulimic writing mood, so be it.

This is a detailed update on the Iraqi charade or you may also call it - HOW THE PROPAGANDA DISCOURSE IS CONSTRUCTED.

In that other post I argued the following :

- the puppet government will market 30th of June - day of "withdrawal" of American troops as a victory day for national sovereignty. When there is NO Sovereignty in Iraq.

- I also said the Al-Qaeda/insurgents argument will pop up over and over again

- And I asked the reader to pay notice to the usage of words in this propaganda set up

I now want to illustrate my points in bold red ink and/or in capital letters by cutting and pasting extracts from an article that just appeared and that will confirm the points I tried making.

Title : Baghdad to party as US forces pull out.

Look at the title. Baghdad to PARTY as US forces PULL OUT.

Any lay person reading this will believe - wow fantastic, the Iraqis have regained their country - and they are going to celebrate too.

Iraqis are preparing for a massive party in Baghdad to celebrate the imminent withdrawal of US troops from cities, towns and villages, as the conflict-torn nation takes sole charge of its security.


No mention whatsoever of the troops pulling back to their over 15 American military bases spread over the whole of IRAQ. No mention that US troops will be redeployed around the cities, and that some cities will not see any US pull back of troops. They try giving the impression that there is total withdrawal from every city, village and town..

Now look at the other sentence - takes SOLE charge of its security. With over 150'000 armed americans roaming around, being on call. Yeah right !

Festivities to mark "a day of national sovereignty" will start at 6pm (1500 GMT) in Zawra Park, the biggest in the capital, with singers and poets kicking off proceedings before music groups take to the stage.

MARK A DAY OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY. How can one have national sovereignty when there are over 150'000 american soldiers around and when the Iraqi army cannot even defend its own territory against any external aggression ?

And look at that psychological bit - the word FESTIVITIES/Celebration with poets, singers all gathered in a park. Again the making of an illusion of Joy and Happiness in Iraq, carefully constructed by the Americans and the puppet government to make believe that the Occupation has ended on the 30th of June.

"Baghdad to party" - when not more than 2 days ago, over 350 Iraqis died in a series of blasts blamed on the sectarian parties themselves and on their ministries and their security forces and on Iran exporting its internal conflict to Baghdad.

What an insult to the Iraqis and how cheap their blood has become !

The US pullout, under a bilateral security accord signed last year, will be completed on Tuesday, which has been declared a national holiday.


In the wake of several massive bombings that have killed more than 200 people this month, however, security forces are out in force in the capital and motorcycles, favoured by some bombers, have been banned from the streets.


In a measure of the seriousness of the threat, all police and army leave has been cancelled.

THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE THREAT. So who doesn't want a national sovereignty day in Iraq ?

"Our expectation is that maybe some criminals will try to continue their attacks," said Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, the interior ministry's operations director and spokesman.


"That is why orders came from the highest level of the prime minister that our forces should be 100 percent on the ground until further notice."

100% on the ground until further notice ? Why don't they declare MARTIAL LAW. THAT SHOULD DO THE TRICK TO CELEBRATE NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY DAY

Iraqi Premier Nuri al-Maliki warned earlier this month that insurgent groups and militias were likely to step up attacks in the run-up to the June 30 deadline in a bid to undermine confidence in Iraq's own security forces...

insurgents groups and militias - OK. NOW WE KNOW WHO THE REAL CRIMINALS ARE. INSURGENT GROUPS. THAT FAMOUS WORD - INSURGENT GROUPS. Let's see what transpires later in the text...

...Maliki and senior government officials have since insisted that Iraq's 750,000 soldiers and police can defend the nation against attacks attributed to Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents and forces loyal to ousted dictator Saddam Hussein.

OK, now it is clear who the criminals are - AL QAEDA AND SADDAMISTS. (They just happen to be Arab Sunnis , AS PER the U.S admin and Iran's definitions - but that's only a coincidence right ?)

"We assure you of Iraqi forces' readiness for the mission, despite some security violations, and we assure you that we are now more stable and steady," Maliki said after last week's attack in Sadr City...

NO MENTION OF THE MILITIAS REFERRED TO EARLIER ON, BECAUSE SADR CITY IS FULLY MADE OF MILITIAS. But militias are Shiites, hence even though they are mentioned, it stops there. No elaboration on the "criminal" militias. Only the AQ and Saddamists - i.e Arab Sunnis are singled out as the criminals.

This is ONE way of how Sectarianism previously sold " as the oppression of the Shiites under Sunni rule " works -- a lie still bought by the anti -war craps , and by their spokesmen, this what the likes of Cockburn, the Arab leftist shits, the Chomskys disciples ingest daily and this is what they still try to feed you daily...
This is only ONE aspect of how the lie of "liberation" operates...

The recent attacks were part of "a plan that aims to awaken sectarianism, create chaos, abort the political process and prevent Iraqi people from standing on their own feet," he said.


Only a small number of US forces in training and advisory roles will remain in urban areas, with the bulk of American troops in Iraq...quartered elsewhere.

"Will remain in urban areas and the bulk of troops in Iraq quartered elsewhere..."

Which urban areas ? quartered elsewhere ? where exactly`? they are still in Iraq.

Again this is trying to induce the belief that american troops will no longer be physically present in Iraq but only in a very limited number. This is a perfect case of how the term WITHDRAWAL has been used for propaganda purposes - to sell the idea of national sovereignty.

The June 30 withdrawal from cities, towns and villages is the prelude to a complete American pullout by the end of 2011.

Pay attention to the above paragraph because it tries to conferr the belief that the Americans are actually leaving Iraq by the end of 2011, and that they have accomplished the set goals. Which they have partly. The removal of Saddam Hussein's regime and the handing it over to parties loyal to Iran. But what will happen to the tens of American bases and the hugest American embassy in the middle east made of more than 5'000 staff ? I suppose these will not withdraw. So "Liberation" meant 3 things then - 1) regime change so 2) a huge American foot is set in Iraq and 3) its partition and handing it over in parts to Iran.

Although the Iraqi police and army remain fledgling forces, they have in recent months steadily taken control of military bases, checkpoints and patrols that used to be manned by Americans.

Oh I see. So, where will the american troops retreat to ? will they vanish into thin air ? Oh no, they will be" quartered elsewhere"...where elsewhere ? in their military bases in Iraq. So how many military bases are they in reality ? Quite a lot if they can be shared with the 750'000 Iraqi police and army. And how many checkpoints and patrols ? Hundreds presumably...

This is how the "security" illusion has been marketed to the public. It takes thousands of checkpoints, military bases and patrols to guarantee security in Iraq. What does that tell you ? It tells me that someone, somewhere has been resisting hard and long... re-read that last sentence, will you ?

Iraq has also set up a joint operations centre -- the Joint Military Operations Coordination Committee, based at Baghdad airport -- which must give its approval before a US unit can intervene.

This paragraph is referring to the Iraqi dirty brigade I mentioned in one my previous posts. The Americans like to call it "elite guards".
This "dirty brigade" as Iraqis like to call it is under direct control of the Americans and operates from Baghdad airport which used to be the HQ for what was called the "dirty gang" - The dirty gang was made of -- American intelligence, Israeli intelligence, high security contractors, mercenaries, Iraqi-Iranian agents... ask Chalabi, he will tell you who the dirty gang is.

Now it is replaced by the dirty brigade which is under direct American control and which is apart from the police and the Iraqi army. It is a cell of "elite guards". Notice how they used the SAME term of the previous regime's special forces - used to be called " elite republican guards".

It this spin, it is referred to not as the dirty brigade or elite guards but as JOINT MILITARY OPERATIONS COORDINATION COMMITTEE.

The Status of Forces Agreement, which set the June 30 deadline for a US pullback, says US commanders must gain permission from Iraqi authorities to conduct operations, but American troops retain a unilateral right to "legitimate self-defence".

Oh I love this last bit. The SOFA security agreement has to be voted upon through a national referendum before it takes effect. This has not been done. In other words the SOFA agreement has been IMPOSED upon the Iraqi people by the sectarian Iranian government and by the Americans. .
And now look at this twist -" U.S commanders must gain permission from Iraqi authorities to conduct operations."

MUST GAIN PERMISSION - Again marketing the sovereingty ILLUSION

Now look at the second sentence that immediately follows - TO CONDUCT OPERATIONS.



"Legitimate self-defence" against whom ? --- against Al-Qaeda and Saddamists is the official version. The truth is they retain the right to "...self-defence" against attacks from the Legitimate Iraqi Resistance. This is the only legitimate thing in Iraq today. The Iraqi Resistance.


So what happened to their "WITHDRAWAL" ? There is no withdrawal. They are not going anywhere.

Also look for the psychological feed/twist/ message. It is most important.

The Americans will ask for permission from the Iraqi government to conduct operations in legitimate self defense.

My, they are such a humble nice bunch. You are left with the impression that they really have come to liberate Iraq. In their minds, they did. They "liberated" Iraq from "Saddam Hussein and his regime". Something that the DIRTY, DIRTY LEFT - Western and ARAB, tacitly agreed with.

They are really such a kind, generous people. They liberated Iraq (no mention of millions dead and exiled) and now they have handed the country to the "Iraqi government". Over 150'000 of them nice guys will still hang around for a couple of years as advisors, to train and reconstruct...because they really care for the Iraqis so much.

And being such nice guys - they also need to protect themselves in "legitimate self defence" in Iraq. A country they have occupied by bombing it with the size of 5 Hiroshimas and murdering millions and unleashing the most sectarian racist chauvinistic elements be it Kurdish or of Iranian origins or Iraqis with utmost loyalty to Iran.


This really is a VERY,VERY, DIRTY Occupation, one of the DIRTIEST IN HISTORY.Vietnam and others are NOTHING in comparison. And it has not stopped stinking to high heavens, since...


An Iraqi Charade...

It's well past midnight here and I am very tired...but I feel this urgency to write this post as I think it is very important.

At first I was torn between writing this post on the Iraqi charade that is due to take place on the 30th of June 09, torn between that and that of writing an equally important post on the current Iranian charade...

But I have learned to get my priorities right and since both are very much interlinked, I will start with the most important one - Iraq.

There are HUGE misconceptions surrounding U.S troop withdrawal on the 30th of June.

Both Iraqi and American/Western media are using the term withdrawal.
This is a propaganda spin and I need the reader to become very aware of the usage of words. There is NO American withdrawal from Iraqi cities.

What there is, is a pull back to the 15 or so American bases AND in parallel a redeployment of American troops on the edges of the cities.

The official Iraqi version wants us to believe that this is victory.

Suddenly the official language of PM Al-Maliki, is full of patriotism with statements like "This is the end of violence and sectarianism in Iraq".

This is BULLSHIT, because only today there has been a massive campaign of arbitrary arrests in two neighborhoods - Adhamyia (sunni) and Shula'a. (I dont know what Shula'a is anymore. It used to be mixed.)

The Iraqi puppet government went as far as declaring 30th of June a national public holiday - the day of victory.

Victory over whom exactly ?

The Americans are not leaving Iraq, they are just pulling back to their bases and redeploying on the outskirts. In the Nineveh province they are staying put. This means there is no pull back. So please stop believing this term withdrawal because it does NOT exist and it is very misleading. This is a ploy to confuse the layperson and make believe that Iraq is now a success case - an American success.

There are other aspects that you need to consider too, and frankly I cannot do all the thinking for the reader. He/she must really use common sense.

Even if the American troops definitely pull out of Iraq, out of the country, in the year 2011 or 2012, I can no longer remember the exact date. Do you really believe they will pack their bases and Embassy and just go ?

There are over 15 American, fully equipped, military bases in Iraq. These are not going to be dismantled, not on the 30th of June nor in 2011/12. As I said, common sense is needed here.

The other thing the reader must be acutely aware of when reading mainstream propaganda about the Iraqi police and army taking over the cities.

There is something very basic that is eluding everyone here - the Iraqi army does NOT have one naval ship, not one fighter jet...

What does that tell you ?

It tells you that this Army will never be able to defend Iraq against ANY future EXTERNAL aggression from any country - in particular Iran.

That means in effect that Iraq will remain a U.S / Iranian colony...until...until God knows what, until the nuclear dossier is settled, until the peace talks with Israel are fully underway between Iraq/Iran and Israel, until the Resistance gets a move, until...This is open to much speculation and depends on the developments within Iran and between Iran, the US, Europe and Israel...

What it means in effect, for the Iraqis, is that Iraq has LOST all claims to Sovereignty. And will become a partitioned version of some Hong Kong. A trade route that happens to have the biggest oil reserve in the world.

The other thing the reader needs to be very aware of is that -- according to the "Iraqi constitution", the American-Iraqi security agreement cannot be put into effect until a national referendum takes place i.e until the Iraqi people vote on it.

However, what we have been witnessing so far is the application of the security agreement, which is not even ratified and agreed upon, and the selling of the first phase of this security agreement i.e the pulling back to bases of the U.S troops as some Iraqi victory.

The coming week(s) will be crucial for Iraq. If the current puppet government fails in its reconciliation and national consensus, then the paving of the way for militias to take over again is highly probable and we will be witnessing another round of sectarian violence that will finish off any resisting elements...

Seeing the sectarian nature of the puppet government and seeing the high level of internal conflicts and interests within the sectarian groups and parties themselves, and seeing the monumental level of corruption, it is highly unlikely that the government of Nouri Al-Maliki will achieve much beyond the marketing of its current victory rhetoric.

Another important factor is to take into account what developments are taking and will take place in Iran. Iran is very good at exporting its internal conflicts to Iraq. We already witnessed such a conflict when the sectarian government of Nouri Al-Maliki had a "victory" on the equally deadly sectarian movement of Muqtada Al-Sadr and its Jaysh Al-Mahdi militia. It was thanks to direct Iranian intervention that things calmed down on that front.

I expect a similar move from Iran in the coming days/weeks, in exporting its own internal conflicts to Iraq -- by reactivating the sleeping militias - which really never slept. And I expect the Americans and their intelligence services to do exactly the same.

So do not be surprised if you hear that they caught and killed Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi of Al-Qaeda for the 100th time or any of the Al-Qaeda terrorists, that seem to spring up whenever sorely needed...

In other words, don't fall for it because it's a fucking joke. Except it was never funny. But for jokes to work in a charade, it requires credulous people.

And I sure hope you have learned better by now...

OK, enough. I need to go and sleep. Nite, Nite.

P.S : Forgot to mention, one brave boy and his humvee bid their farewells today, in Iraq.

June 28, 2009

A Street in Baghdad...

Being someone who is interested in landscapes, architecture and streets, I combine this with my love for walking...There is much you can discover when you walk as opposed to drive...
Use those legs, they are your best vehicle.

Walking also gives you a glimpse, a feel into the atmosphere of any given place. I use observation and all of my senses. The smells, the noise, the conversations, the expression on the faces, the pace, the state of the buildings, the street itself, its pavement, its ramps, its corners, its alleys, its walls...every single detail is important to complete the experience...of walking and to give it a new dimension...using it as another lesson, another insight...

Those of you out there who are familiar with Baghdad's streets and neighborhoods, and who are of my generation, this is not quite applicable to those born during the sanction years or just a little before, because they would have no recollection whatsoever...and of course this is not applicable to those who never visited Baghdad, or only landed there in 2003 or later...

Those who knew Baghdad of before, will attest to the excellent urban planning, the mapping of the city, the architecture of the houses, the buildings...actually Baghdad was known to have one the best school of Architecture and Urban Planning in the Middle East. Some even called this city, the Paris of the Middle East.

I recall my daily walks by the river's bank...usually in the late afternoon. Stretches of walking paths along the river, adorned with red flowers, trees...am talking of the 80's here. The streets were clean, well kept, but most importantly safe...

During the sanction years, the "dictatorship" exerted much effort to keep things as they were, in terms of maintaining the same levels of order, cleanliness and safety...but with most things being unauthorized by the U.N sanctions committee, keeping that same level was invariably difficult...

But, it was still safe and relatively clean...compared to...compared to today.

As I mentioned before, one of my pass times is watching youtube videos, on Iraq.
Every time I get very homesick, I search for a video, that I hope will bring me some comfort...

I stumbled upon this one, below. But before you rush to watch it, I recommend that you walk with me first...the way I do...
As I mentioned right at the beginning of my post...there is more than one way to walk...

You can just quickly and impatiently listen to the main voice, swiftly go through the whole scene and rush to move on onto something else ..

Or, you let me lead you through the experience, the insight , and you take your time to observe just like I do...

So I suggest that you focus on the whole thing -- observe the street, its curves, its ramps, its walls...listen to the conversations, examine the faces, watch out for the details...feel the place.

So, I invite you to walk with me, through some of the streets of Baghdad...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Nadhim Hamed.

Youtube : Hoda Abdel Hamid /Al Jazeera - Residents of a Baghdad afraid to return.
26 June 09.

June 27, 2009

From America with Love...

The video below is a small tasty sample of American candies generously given to the Children of Iraq.

The video below should be made into compulsory watching for ALL Americans - parents and kids...

This video's short footage will show you the extent of American love for Freedom, Liberty, Democracy and the all American values of the Founding Fathers - the pursuit of happiness...

This video sums it all up. And for generations to come...

On my other blog, I wrote a light post in the form of a short list of things, I liked about America -- which basically consisted of ; my interest for Native American history and culture, a few actors, a few writers and several singers - for the most part Black Americans. I will remove this post now.

Congratulations on a job well done.

Synopsis on youtube : There is widespread contamination with cancer-causing depleted uranium munitions in Afghanistan and Iraq causing dramatically rising birth deformities. This video was censored on you tube...Lets see how long it will stay up this time

Posted by Conflicting Truth, 26 June 2009.

A Deadly Thriller in Baghdad...

While the whole world mourns the pop icon M.Jackson, whose Thriller was the turning point in his career, there is another series of thrillers taking place in Baghdad and which will mark another turning point in the recent bloody history of this doomed country.

Over the past 4 days alone, over 350 Iraqis were killed. And scores of others injured.

These are the locations all over Baghdad.

Today, yesterday and the day before :

- Bab El Sheikh, central Baghdad. Over 19 dead.
- Al Thawra or "Sadr City" . Over 250 killed and injured.
- Karrada . 2 bombs went off . no official number of injured or dead.
- Hurriya . Another bomb 5 injured /dead
- Orfali/East of Baghdad. Another bomb. no official numbers given.
- Jihad neighborhood - 10 civilians injured/dead.
- Al Baya'a neighborhood - 5 dead, 2 injured.
- Al Sayddiya - 4 injured/dead.
- Baladiyat - no official number of dead/wounded.
- Abu Nawas street - 3 mortars fell on a residential area, some say they were meant to be for the Green Zone. No official number of dead or injured.

These strings of attacks/blasts/bombs are taking place 4 days before the pulling back, not withdrawal, but pulling back of the American troops to their bases inside Iraq and handing over security matters to the Iraqi "police and army."

However it must be noted that the Americans will NOT be pulling back to their bases in the Nineveh province i.e Mosul. Mosul is a stronghold of the Iraqi Resistance, where a lot of Iraqi ex army officers are. Of course, they call it Al-Qaeda. The Americans will not be pulling back there since Mosul is not completely under Kurdish control yet. And Mosul after Kirkuk is needed to complete the full " Independent" Kurdistan Map.

It is funny how this Al-Qaeda serves a multi purpose function. Resistance fighters are called Al-Qaeda. Iranian special forces are called Al-Qaeda. Elements within the Iraqi army and police are called Al-Qaeda. Ordinary people protesting and resisting are called Al-Qaeda. And if Al-Qaeda name fails to provoke enough, then you can substitute for insurgents, or Saddamists.

Oddly enough, the last string of blasts that have rocked Baghdad, NONE in the official government has blamed Al-Qaeda or Saddamists yet.

According to highly confidential reports leaked by Iraqi security experts who wished to remain anonymous, since they are not allowed to divulge any information to the press, and this according to Al-Sharqiya Iraqi TV and to a Reuters report- something most Baghdadis will confirm to you - this string of blasts is due to two factors.

1) settling of accounts between the various political parties, in preparation for who will take over the power apparatus once the pull back is complete and in preparation for the coming "elections."

2) Regional Iranian orders to ignite - "explode" a permanent state of sectarian tension that will serve two objectives : a) exert pressure on the Americans and the Iraqi government and political parties, winning greater spheres of control by keeping a state of anarchic chaos for as long as possible until all is accomplished which in my opinion is and here comes the very bad news --- another round of sectarian cleansing and b) detract attention from current Iranian affairs.

This has left an overwhelming of Iraqis wondering if the Iraqi security forces, police and army are actually capable of keeping any form of stability and prevent Baghdad from falling into another round of sectarian violence - which, clearly, is being deliberately provoked.

Some in Baghdad are blaming this last deadly episode of carnage on the IRANIAN Ministries of Interior and Defense.
Others are pointing the finger to the actual Iraqi Security forces, police and army for being behind these killings.

Interestingly enough, a fresh piece of information has just surfaced, pointing to the existence of a highly secretive armed force - an "elite force" trained by the Americans and which is called the "Dirty Brigade."

The "Dirty Brigade", possibly a makeover of the Dirty Gang (made of mercenaries) that used to operate its deadly missions from Baghdad Airport premises.

No one is quite sure who this "dirty brigade" takes orders from and reports to. Is it the Americans only or to leaders of some political parties or to the PM Maliki... This is yet another episode of the Iraqi Thriller which will soon unfold.

Their official logo is fighting terrorists. We already know what this word embraces in current Iraq - just about anyone who stands against the dual occupation -- American/Iran.

On another note, another interesting observation. The US deployed over 650'000 men and women since 2003 - made of soldiers, "logistic coordinators", mercenaries, snipers, dirty gangs, security contractors, project reconstruction staff, embassy staff and the rest...

Today according to official figures there are about 133'000 soldiers left in Iraq. But of course no mention is made of the rest... I believe there are more than 133'000 U.S. military personnel in Iraq today.
But they have assured us they will pull back to base and "will be on call" if needed by the Iraqi puppet government. Meanwhile they will be playing Scrabble and another round of Monopoly...

But what is most interesting is that the official number of Iraqi police and army is 654,362 members, as per the last count.

So for the 650'000 Americans and Co. there are over 650'000 Iraqis trained to do the same dirty job of the Occupation.

I must also mention that the only "jobs" available to Iraqis since this damned Occupation is that of joining the police and or army. There are no other jobs available except to work for the Occupation. Belonging to a sectarian party in power will also help you get a job, specially if you are related to some government official. But am leaving this for another chapter...

Not counting, the Dirty Brigade which is around 5'000 men. PLUS all the sleeping shiite militias armed to their teeth by IRAN like: Jaysh Al-Mahdi, Maghawer of the Ministry of Interior, the militia of the ministry of Defense, the militia of the Dawa party, the militia of the Fadhila party, the militias of Badr belonging to the Hakeem SCII, the militia of Chalabi, the militia of the Kurds/ the Peshmergas which alone is over 150'000 men, the militia...plus the private security contractors operating and of course not counting the Iranian special forces...
Oh God this is harrowing !

I already see zombies and ghosts rising from the graves just like in the M. Jackson Thriller video, except this Iraqi thriller is no pop video and no one is there to pay their homages and mourn us.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ziad Bakury.

June 25, 2009

A Thousand Nedas...

Neda Agha Soltani is the name of the young woman assassinated with a bullet in her heart by the Iranian government Basij Militias. No family funeral was allowed for Neda.
Her family and fiancé were interviewed and the video of her ruthless murder has not ceased circulating across the globe...

All the media outlets have been talking about Neda. That is fine with me. But how come no media outlet has spoken of the thousands of Nedas in Iraq that have been brutally murdered by the Iraqi Shiite Militias trained, armed and funded by Iran ?

Hundreds of Iraqi women have suffered a worst fate than that of Neda, and only in total 3 articles and a couple of videos were circulated in their names. Not even.

Why ?

Are we the black sheep of the international community ? Or maybe we are just the children of Hagar, who Sarah, Abraham's first wife, banished away from the tribe...and Hagar was left wandering in a merciless desert for Water...searching for anything to quench her thirst...

Excuse me, but why is Neda more important ?

Is it because Iraq is a "fait accompli", a done deal that no one cares to talk about anymore ?

Not so. Not in my book. Never in my book.

The charade in Iran will calm down. Musavi has retreated. The protesters will eventually shut up. And everything will return to normal. Everything will return to the status quo.

Why is that ? Because America has every interest to keep the status quo intact in Iran despite the rhetoric to the contrary.

How come ? Because as I previously mentioned in one my latest posts, Obama has been having direct talks with Khameini - the "supreme guide".

Why is that so ? Because Iran is still needed in Iraq and sorely needed in Afghanistan.

What is it needed for ?

In Iraq : to finish off any form of resistance to the occupation as it has done in the past, to ensure the continuity of the American occupation, to root out "saddamists", to keep the lid on its militias until further notice, to activate them when needed, to ensure that the puppet government tows the American line and delivers the oil deals, to keep supporting the Kurds in their separatist/secessionist ambitions, to ensure that the partition plan will keep unfolding despite and in spite of the official claims to the contrary...

And lately, Iran has been calling Great Britain "the Great Satan" -- no longer America. All analysis confirm that Obama's criticisms of the Iranian clamp down is mitigated, weighed with caution...and with " balance"

Great Britain will play for a while the role of that "Great Satan", and while all eyes are turned to Iran, the real stuff will be happening in Iraq...

What real stuff ?

More ethnic/sectarian cleansing. The grounds are being prepared by the so called "Al-Qaeda" which has been allegedly targeting Shiites strongholds . Every other day, a few dozen die in some blast and in "predominantly Shiite" areas...

Everyone knows in Baghdad, forget the Green Zone - am talking of the Red Zone here, and everyone knows in the Red Zone, that Iran and America are behind Al-Qaeda in Iraq. And some would even say, it is Iran funding Al-Qaeda elements in Iraq. A permanent state of insecurity/instability. The carrot and the stick for the Americans - forcing them to reckon with Iran's actual sphere of influence and maneuvering in Iraq.

But Iran hardly needs to do that. The above is just a constant reminder...

It hardly needs to do that because ALL of the major players in the Iraqi puppet government of the American occupation are DUAL Iraqi Iranian nationals. And to give you just a few examples.

- Maliki himself is one and has 60 Iranian advisers in his cabinet.

- The ministry of Interior is run by Iranians and sectarian Shiites Iraqis whose main loyalties lie with Qum.

- The Ministries of Health and Education are run by pro Iranians.

- The Ministry of Finance is run by an Iranian - Solagh Jabr. He is the ex minister of Interior and he kept his men in place there. The ministry of Interior is STILL a torture dungeon in its basements.

- The Ministry of oil is run by an Iranian - Al-Sharistani.

- Each province has an Iranian consular section.

- Iranians have bought for a nominal fee, over 75% of all properties in the South, in particular in Nejaf, Kerbala and Basra.

- There are over 30'000 Iranians who visit Iraq daily for "religious rites" and "business."

- There are million of dollars invested in bilateral "construction" and trade agreements between the Iraqi puppet government and Iran.

- The militias that are the armed wing of the official parties like Dawa, Sadr and his Jaysh Al-Mahdi, SCII, Chalabi's men, Maghawer or Interior Ministry militias, are all trained, funded, and armed by Iran.

- The Iranian backed militias did the dirty work for the Americans and the Zionists by ethnically cleansing large parts of Iraq and by torturing Arab Sunnis whom the previous Bush administration called " the Sunni Terror Triangle", segregating neighborhoods and exiling thousands across the Iraqi borders.

- It is the Iranian backed Shiite militias who liquidated hundreds of Palestinians and drove them out of Iraq...

- Hundreds of cases of tortured prisoners, attest that their torturers were Iranians. And I cannot give names here.

- "High Net Worth" Iraqis prisoners in Iraqi prisons are interrogated and supervised by Iranians.

- Iranians have murdered Iraqi academics, scientists, doctors, and ex-army officers...

- Iranian prisons are full of Iraqis who have been sent there by the puppet government for interrogation and torture.

- Every other day in the Iraqi news, you hear of special Iranian forces caught with tons of ammunition engaging in "subversive" activities - their way of putting pressure on the puppet government to make sure that it does not deviate from the agreed upon line...

And I have so many more examples...

Hell, the writing was on the wall, when the Iranian Ambassador and the Shiite death squads, militias and parties were present at the lynching of President Saddam Hussein. What more fucking proof do you need ?

And you think America will forsake all of that great Iranian collaboration, for an Iranian Neda ? You must be joking.

The Iranians did for the Americans in Iraq, what the Americans could not do for themselves.

And the Iranians are needed to help the Americans in finishing off the Afghan Resistance, just as the Iranians helped them the first time round when the U.S invaded and occupied Afghanistan. And the Iranians are needed in Pakistan in the "war against terror". Exactly like it has helped the Americans in eliminating the Iraqi resistance either directly or through its proxies i.e its Shiite militias.

So what Neda are you talking about ?

The whole of Iraq has become a Neda with a bullet in her heart.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Dawood Salman.

June 24, 2009

A Rare Perspicacity...

It is rare that I receive intelligent mails from America...even less so, from Arab-Americans.

Am afraid I don't view this latter group with much empathy, for various reasons...and that includes the "left" amongst them too.

The mainstream Arab-Americans are really just a bunch of sell outs. Nothing to add here.

Those on the "left" are worse. This bunch is another mouthpiece for their administration and its overall "cultural" and political ethos. They speak the same language but try to infuse it with some colorings...but they make sure to keep the core, the kernel intact.

The best way to describe them is to think of the "anti-war" clowns but speaking or trying to speak Arabic.

Never mind their palaver about Palestine, Zionism, and the rest, this bunch is the worst...

They have adopted a few gurus on the left in the form of writers, academics...or been adopted by them, and they really believe they have got it all figured out.

Their stand on Arab issues is totally misinformed, since their "knowledge" (too big of a word for this arab american bunch)stems from the same one source. Their capacity for analysis and discernment is shallow to say the least and they have Zero strategic vision in Arab politics.

They can be writers, "thinkers", poets, journalists, activists, "academics", bloggers, whatever...they just seem to share that common denominator - that of an acute myopia.

That was most felt in the case of Iraq and has stubbornly persisted until this very day.
Iraq, where the positions taken and still adhered to, are not only shameful in themselves, but are reminiscent of that same Zionism this bunch purports to be fighting.

They have latched on to a few clichés, handy slogans, which 9 times out of 10 they don't understand themselves, and they use it abracadabra, in utter stupidity...

However and thankfully so, there are exceptions to the rule. They are rare and I have encountered a couple, not more.

One of these exceptions comes from an email I received from an Arab-American, who prefers to remain anonymous. I am publishing his/her mail with his/her consent.

I think this person is one of the very few who understood...I hope you will read that mail slowly and let it sink in, because it holds many important insights and truths.

Dear Layla,

I happened upon your website by accident and ever since, I have been hooked...
Thank you for the depth of your analysis and the clarity of your vision. I live in the United States...I can tell you that what thrills me the most about your prose is the fact that you have no illusion about the “Good Cop” in that tired and despicable vicious cycle we are pitted in, namely, having to listen to the “Good Cop” apologizing for the actions of the “Bad Cop” while at the same time, both take a break and drink coffee together. The false dichotomy of bleeding heart “Liberals” and security minded “Conservatives” is the favorite currency of political dialogue in the United States. They play the game like husbands and wives have done for thousands of years. One punishes and the other tells you to please moderate your naughty behavior and stop being stubborn, while accusing the other of being too harsh. The game is so crude that I wonder whether they really care if we believe what they claim or not. Crude as it has been all along, it has lost any effect it ever had, thanks to the war on Iraq.

Ever since the Soviet Union collapsed, the USA felt no more the need to play a smart game or don a pretty disguise in pursuit of its ugly policy. Propaganda and its actors are no more the pretty faces, the pleasant cartoons, the creative ads selling exotic goods, the claimed lush lifestyle, the claimed beacon of democracy, or in the case of the Media, the clever cover of diversity. The old propaganda has died and in its place has risen and taken shape a ghost-like apparition : Instead of striving to appear diverse, now their only hope is that listeners believe them to be “appearing diverse"; instead of striving to convince you that they are spreading democracy, they are now desperately hoping that you at least believe that they are appearing to be on the side of democracy; Instead of making a case to you that they are on the side of human rights around the world, now their best hope is that you do not laugh when they try to appear to be on the side of human rights around the world; instead of claiming to be fighting drugs, they now strive to confirm the “appearance” of fighting drugs. This is Neo-propaganda, a propaganda that wears a sign that says, ” I am propaganda, do not believe me.” This is how clownish the situation is: the same old tired stale joke told by a clown who expects you to smile at his joke, not because you like them, but because you feel pity for him. It is as weird as seeing an old man playing “Hide and Seek” and loving it.

The “beauty” of propaganda in what was a bi-polar World has completely been discarded and replaced with one-liners and clichés told by the incredulous. If you appear to appear honest, you are a bad faker leaves an effect no better than that of movies played by bad actors who do not believe what they are playing and it shows on their faces. At no time did this situation become so porn-like clear than in the selling of the invasion of Iraq and …of course… the war on terrorism.

I have been in the United States for more than 20 years and have seen how “funny” their salesmanship was, how crude their pitch was, and how delusional these people were, no matter what creed they adhere to or what walk of life they belong to. Smart replaced intelligent and clichés replaced analysis and smirks replaced apparent seriousness. You should see how they are now trying to sell us “Iran the Normal Country” and force feed us the “need to talk to Iran”.

The crudeness and “laughability” of their claims on Iraq are matched only by the crudeness of their claims that Iran is a “great nation that must be talked to, not fight against” and in between the two, one can but feel dizzy at the whopping 180-degree reversal of politics. These people are no longer trying to impress you or brainwash you. They do not even aspire to fool some people sometime; they just want to convince some people that they appear convincing…sometime.

Remember, more than any other politics around the World, American politics live through a heavy dose of propaganda about who Americans are and what their mission in life is. The Intravenous serum of propaganda has been severed for good with the war on Iraq. Nothing will replace it neither now, nor in the future. This is the direct result of the belief of “Winner Takes All.” A little modesty could have saved the day; millions of lives and the image of decency, shredded or intact, wrong or right, the Americans have of themselves. Out are the days of “we are basically good people;” in are the days of crude and frightful awakening.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarey.

June 22, 2009

An Open Letter to Iran...

This is from an Iraqi woman.

I will not mess around with words...I know that this is your speciality...it is not mine.

I have learned that life is too short lived...and I have no time for words.

I will tell you, give it to you the way it is...and the way it is supposed to be.

There is a sense of urgency looming over my head. And am getting quite impatient...

I have swallowed words, paraphrases, sentences, dictionaries...whole and undigested.

Now, excuse me, I have one hell of an indigestion and I need to vomit it all out...in your faces.

Listen to me, and listen well...

I am no beggar of an Arab,

I am no Palestinian either...

These are your pawns, and they love being played around with...to the applause.

I am neither.

I am no pawn and no beggar.

And I also have no time for delicacies,

I have no time for niceties.

I have invented Language, I own it.

I play with it, pull it like a string dangling from a

from a puppet...

There is nothing you can teach me,
nothing you can invent...

I have mastered the Art

The art of deception,
the art of hypocrisy
the art of language...

I have mastered the art,

of sitting on edges
like a humpty dumpty
and I see you now

I know,
you know,
we know...

Leave aside the wordings
kick away the propaganda...
like in a football

I match,
you match ?
No you don't.

I know, I know.

I know and you hate me for knowing.

I know your torturers by names.
I know your hidden agents by their codes.
I know your identities even if you are hiding...

Cover up,
like you cover us up.
Ali, Hassan, Hussein
watch them over
wearing Arabic labels
glued on their chests,
stamped from Al-Hijaz.

I see Darius galloping
in your minds,
minds covered with turbans
of pretence
bowing to yourselves....
to a saint
the saint of your imagination...

I hear echoes...
blasting through cement walls
as thick as your brains
thicker than your brains.

I see colors pouring down hallways,

I see the green
I see the black
I see the red
I see the white
of Death
hovering over...
fluff, fluff
cotton fluff
cloud fluff
word fluff
hovering above
open arms
receiving truths
from dungeons
where Aryans
dark skinned
in the name of
of Zarathustra
in the name...

Whose name was it
do you remember the name?

I have forgotten names
I have erased them,
with chalk
with paint
with black covers...
a thick cloth

A thick cloth
through which you are now
I hear you
I hear you,

But did you hear me
in that dungeon
where you engraved
my name
with the sword
of some Ali
where you chained me
with the rods of
some Hassan and Hussein...

My eyeballs just rolled on
the floor
like some dice of fate
like some dice from a poker
being played
in a sand castle
a castle of turbans
a castle of turbans
and lamenting women
for another prince...

I feel metal drills
drilling secrets in my limbs
touching nerves
with which
I will awaken you....

I push aside thick curtains
black thick curtains
hanging behind bars
hanging behind subterranean
I push them aside
and watch your faces
for freedom...

I cry out to you,
I am Josef in the well
give me your hand.

You do not hear me,
you buried me

Now you are screaming
I hear you screaming

June 20, 2009

From a Bloodied Street in Tehran...

I have just been watching a series of videos posted on Uruknet, regarding today's protests in Tehran...The last two videos, which are the shortest, right at the bottom of that Uruknet article, gave me the shivers...

In the first video, from the bottom up, lies a young man's body in the street, murdered during the protests...

In the second video from the bottom up, lies a young woman's body soaked in her own blood...she was also murdered by the government's militias also called the Basijis. She was also lying in the street...

It reminded me of how Iraqi bodies would be left lying in the streets of Baghdad after having been murdered by the Shiite Militias funded, armed and trained by Iran -the exported Iraqi version of the Basijis. Some were so mutilated, it was impossible to recognize who the body belonged to...

Sad...very, very sad.

May Allah receive their souls in his Mercy and Grace.

Jolie's Refugees...

I am listening to the local radio station...

The voice of Angelina Jolie, the U.S "Ambassadrice" for the U.N breaks through...

" Refugees are waiting for the day to return to their homes...support the UNHCR..." says Madame Jolie.

Oh, jolly, jolly, good...

Excuse me Jolie, you did not tell us how long we should be waiting exactly....

And if we support the UNHCR of which you are a "good will" ambassadrice, will that shorten our waiting period ?

Will the UNHCR solve the refugee problem if we support you and your cause ?

Nay, no, nope, non, niet, nein...

Madame jolly Jolie, as long as you don't adress the REAL issue, the REAL cause for hordes of refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, am afraid your pouting siliconized mouth and that of the politically correct, potted mouth of the UNHCR will not change or advance "your cause" one iota.

Madame jolly Jolie, it is not the UNHCR we need to support...It is the one behind the massive exodus of refugees that we need to fight.

Get your priorities right will you ?

But then, Hollywood never produced anything right.

I rest my case.

The Conquest of Iraq - Appropriating the Body.

I honestly don't know where this post will be lead you or me, to...I am hoping it will lead us both to the Truth.

This has been "brewing" in my mind for some time already...actually it's been brewing in my mind for a very long time...I was not quite sure how to approach it though...It is as if I needed some more convincing, some more proofs, some more evidence...my own way of knowing something "intellectually" and have it distilled and reach the gut level -- some like to call that an "insight".

A sexualized Occupation. A "hot", "beefed up", "sexed up", Occupation.

How can an occupation be sexualized ? you may wonder...

I ask you how can this occupation not be sexualized ?

An occupation is NOT an abstract phenomena. To occupy something or someone involves matter, the physical realm first...the physical realm is a delineated space, with boundaries. It can be - land, cities, villages, neighborhoods, buildings and homes right down to the body, the physical body.

There can be no occupation without occupying the physical body. The body becomes the first and last frontier...

From thereafter that point, one can talk of more abstract ideas pertaining to the Occupation.

I actually find the word occupation too weak. In the case of Iraq it is not an occupation only - it is an appropriation/possession. The act of possessing by force.

All acts of forceful appropriation/possession/conquest, necessitate the use of force. Use of force means violence. And I believe, I have already mentioned that before in one of my previous posts, can't remember which one. Violence is derived from the verb to violate. Violate in French is Violer. Violer means Rape.

Rape means taking something by force against someone's consent. All rapes are sexual in nature. Sexual is NOT limited to the physical sphere. You need to broaden your understanding of sexuality away from the genital level.

Sexuality as in the life force. Raping in this context means sucking out the life force. It means drawing out the life force. It means drawing the living breath out of someone else...

I see it like a huge mouth - a "ventouse" "aspirer", pumping out the life force.

Life force is what ? Anything that contributes to your survival is a life force. Food, shelter/home, sense of security, sense of belonging, sense of identity, personal ties, family ties, community ties, work, land, country...

All the above involves the Body. The individual body. The integral body. You may think, this is so evident, so obvious. Well it is not. For most it is not.
The obvious always eludes...hence, the Truth cannot be seized.

The occupation of Iraq has been theorized upon, analysed, debated, argued over...all sorts of explanations, justifications, conceptualizations, rationalizations have been put forward...Everyone is involved with the bigger political picture, the why's and how's...and that is fine.

But the basic, most basic, most tangible, most poignant aspect of the occupation has not been addressed, in my opinion. That of thë invasion, occupation, appropriation, conquest of the Body. Of the Iraqi Body.

People talk of body politics and body counts, but no one talks of the living Iraqi Body. Because it is too obvious, it is disregarded. Yet all the truths lie there...in that body.

Displacement, killing, detainment, imprisonment, abduction, kidnapping, torture, mutilation is done on what ? On the body of course, where else ?

So let's go back to essentials. Let's go back to the Iraqi body.

Physically eliminating, physically erasing, physically displacing, physically imprisoning, physically maiming, physically amputating, physically mutilating the Iraqi body in thousands...

What does that tell you ? What does that tell you of the INTENTION behind the rhetoric ?

Does it say oil ? Does it say "regime change" ? Does it say " freedom and democracy " ? What does it say ? Come on use your brains.

It says the obvious dears. It says eliminating the Iraqi Body. Both on an individual, collective and symbolic level.

Once you get that simple truth in your heads, all else falls into place. And then you will understand all the political machinations that are to serve that primary INTENTION.

Then you will understand why it is so important to destroy everything that is physical in Iraq - from the land, to the historical monuments, to the buildings, to the homes, to the neighborhoods, to the individual body...

Do you see it now ? Not yet ? Okay I will give you some concrete examples of a highly sexualized appropriation of the Iraqi body.

So we will start with basics again. I love basic stuff. It is simple, my mind understands it, and it is revelatory of that primary Intention I mentioned above.

I have been watching some videos and reading on Torture in Iraq - yes again.

Beyond or aside from the gory details, what interests me is the perpetrator...he/she interests me because in them I found the primary intention all manifested, in its full "splendor."

The sexual element is all too present. Over and above the torture, the physical infliction of bodily harm - in its extreme form, the highly sexualized aspect of torture inflicted on the Iraqi body merits closer scrutiny.

So I took my time and watched videos, read articles, and watched and read them well, over and over again...I had to do that because I knew that my first reactions of horror will blind me to some truths...I needed to keep a "cold mind", so to speak.

And what am about to write are just samples. They are not the full picture. But they are good enough to illustrate and back my point.

In one of the videos, on Abu Ghraib - and I refer to Abu Ghraib again because that is the focal point...even though I am very aware, that Abu Ghraib is repeated in Iraqi prisons daily, but maybe not so graphically...

So, some of the junior supervisors of the torture in Abu Ghraib were interviewed and what struck me most beyond the actual acts - which necessitate each a post by themselves - is the smile. Yes the smile. All those junior supervisors were smiling while recounting their experience of Abu Ghraib. I played that video several times and they kept smiling...I was not imagining. They were smiling.

You see, I look for micro details...these are what interest me. It's a bit like having one of those hand made knitted covers, and you pull one tiny bit of thread, that is sticking out, and you undo the whole thing...

Some of those interviewed were recounting very horrific scenes and they had that Colgate white smile plastered on their faces...A smile that belied their alleged sense of "guilt". Take it from me - they felt no guilt. None whatsoever.

For them, it was a sexual game. Okay, maybe it was pushed a little too far, but it was a game nonetheless...Like an admission that you got your kicks from watching some heavy sadistic porn and there it stops.

The other thing I noticed from that highly sexualized nature of the torture, are some details that only someone not only very sadistic but also very impotent will derive pleasure from. Note the word impotent, because it is quite important for later on... Impotent here is used not only in a physical context but also symbolically...

One of those smiley faces interviewed, said " We asked the prisoners to crawl on their bodies, flat on the floor, from one end of the corridor to the other...we made sure that they did not crawl on their sides. We gave them orders to crawl straight on their bellies, flat on their bellies, so as to have their sexual organs rub the floor..." And he said it with a smile...

Another said :" I did not know it was torture. I took pictures, because every since I was kid, I always took pictures and smiled..."

Another said : " We had to wait until one inmate raped another and we could hear him scream..." That prisoner was forced by the "supervisors" to rape/sodomize his cell mate...and he said it with a smile...

In another recount of forced masturbation by the prisoners and forced fellatio, one complained that it took 45 mn. Too long, it seems...The control did not work as expected, the control of the body was not well timed to please the "master"... They could not appropriate it to the minutest detail. In other instances, they just hacked the organ, chopped the organ off, did away with it, did away with anything they could not control.

These are just a few examples...I can tell you more. But then I am not inventing anything new, I am just wishing to focus my lenses on a different angle...and I hope you do the same and look for those micro signals that belie the whole veneer...

Since Abu Ghraib, more was revealed, but not enough in my opinion, because I know for a fact that much more took place and is still taking place...

The Iraqi prisons are a replica of Abu Ghraib. Another form of highly sexualized torture of the Iraqi body.

Rape is no longer an adequate word for it has been over used in the case of Iraq. It has actually lost its meaning and potency...

I will use a different word, maybe less innocuous, to describe what took place and is taking place in the Iraqi body - individually, collectivelly and symbolically.

The forced penetration into one's bowels, into one's intestines, into one's mind and soul....

This is what what torture and rape with broken bottles amounts to in Iraqi prisons, this is what torture and rape of Iraqi women and men in American prisons amounted to...

Reach the deepest of the deep. And where else can you find the deepest of the deep but in the body ?

This is what drilling by the Mahdi Army amounted to as well. Go deep, as deep as you can...

All these "details" point to the same thing - go for the deepest point of no return - where the Body is broken, for ever...

If we don't physically eliminate you, we will break you, damage you for ever, so that you surrender to our intention.

Do you understand now, how a detail unveils a whole story, an intention ?

If you take THAT as your starting point, then you will understand what forces were unleashed in Iraq and with what purpose...

But this is only one side to the story, to the intention...

I also know that another truth, another Truth that others dismiss, but which I chose to hang onto, because I know it to be True.

No one, absolutely no one, will try to invade, occupy, appropriate, conquer you unless -- unless you have something they are dying to possess....unless you have something they run the risk of dying for...

And in Iraq we had and still have that something...

As long as there is that something left, that body, that one body that will not surrender, that will not submit, that is resisting...as long as one fiber of our bodies, our Body, is still resisting, then for me, there is something that others still consider worth dying for...

And what you cannot ultimately appropriate/conquer can lead to your own non existence, to your own death.

History is full of examples of those who died after the realization that they did not make it...that they did not succeed in their intention...

And for me that is Victory.

"Iraq will be your graveyard" was not said out of nothing.

A generous, rich, graveyard of a land, where all bodies will finally lie...the bodies of the Iraqi victims who finally found true peace and those of the perpetrators who lustfully tried appropriating it...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ismail Fattah Al-Turk.

June 18, 2009

Fruits from a Jungle...

While everyone is very busy with Iran's elections, some pretty sick stuff is going on in Baghdad...

Actually, I don't care much for the Iranian elections personally, but only in so far as how the final outcome will affect Iraq. And the final outcome will affect Iraq since one of its proxies - the sectarian Shiite puppet government was put in place by both Iran and the USA, plus of course all, the all-shiite parties with their all- shiite militias...and the mere utterance of their names still brings on immeasurable fear in people's minds...

Iraq has become a very sick society. Very, very, sick. Corrupt and diseased to the core. And it pains me a great deal to have become a "historical witness", to this rapid degeneration of a whole society...

Three related factors played an essential role in this hellish downward spiral...

a) The example set by the Americans Occupation with their applied "culture of no limit."

b) the continuous presence of Iranian backed parties and militias who literally terrorize people with their presence.

c) the destruction/disintegration of the Iraq State with all of its attached civic/civil society/institutions.

End result is the Jungle. You actually have 20 million (or less) Iraqis trying to survive in a Jungle...

What is the law of the Jungle ? " La loi du plus fort" - the law of the strongest.

When there is no State of Law, Might becomes the only "law".

This law of the jungle is best reflected in :

1) the status of women. I am not sure one can talk of status of women anymore...
There is no status of women in today's Iraq. I repeat - there is no status of women in today's Iraq. Unless you consider female refugees and widows to belong to a certain status.
Iraqi women are now collectively viewed as a commodity. A COMMODITY. Because there are no longer laws to protect them as in the past - as in the past during the times of "dictatorship".

This lawlessness is most felt by the staggering increase and I mean in the thousands, of rape cases that go unreported...for obvious reasons.

During the "dictatorship", there were clear applicable laws for rape - hanging was one of them and it was non negotiable. A good deterrent in my opinion - because one does not mess with an Iraqi woman's honor and integrity. But this is no longer the case.

A fairly recent article states :

" Before the war began in Iraq, rape was not a frequently reported crime and when it did occur the legal recourse was clear. Today, though the exact figures are unknown, estimates of rape are in the thousands. On the question of who takes responsibility to prevent and punish rape in Iraq, the short answer seems to be no one.
The rapes are committed by warring religious factions, they are committed by Iraqi security forces, they are committed by foreign soldiers sent there to serve, they are committed by contractors sent there for hire, they are committed by former friends and neighbors, they are committed by strangers. Even knowing who to report a rape to is difficult and dangerous"

Now you can understand why almost all the Baghdadi women outside the Green Zone veil themselves. Not only it is now required by the militias that rule neighborhoods but also these women hope, the veil will afford them some form of protection from the same men that order them to veil...

Need I say more ? I don't think so.

2) Another aspect where this law of the jungle is seen operating is in the prisons.

Thousands of men (and women) are arrested, detained, tortured, raped and some have been there for years with no trial. Several reports came out (finally) urging the puppet government to seriously look into the grotesque torture and rape that is taking place in Iraqi prisons. I have already covered some of that in my post "Iraq's underworld". For an added confirmation, you can read this article.

3) One more aspect where this jungle's lawlessness is most felt is - when you look at the Iraqi children - not that you terribly care about Iraqi children, but I thought I'd mention it.

The number of orphaned children with no support is in the millions. Street children in Baghdad alone are around half a million. These children are kidnapped, bought and sold, trafficked and used as sex slaves. This is a very serious problem that no one is addressing. This is a catastrophe that everyone is silent about.

There are hardly any properly organized and funded institutions to look after those kids. Hardly any. What will become of them, what is becoming of them ? They are the immediate/direct fruits of the occupation.

4) Yet another aspect from the Jungle of the New Iraq - is abduction and kidnapping by armed groups for ransom. No one really knows who these armed groups are. They may be gangs, criminals, political parties, militias, the police itself, no one really knows...Abduction and kidnapping of ordinary citizens is another very serious problem, another fruit of the Occupation.

5) One more aspect, the increase in drug dealing, selling, buying and using. The number of drug addicts has increased exponentially since the Occupation, and since the Iraqi agricultural fields in particular in the South, have been turned to growing opium instead...

Thanks to Iran and its serious meddling in Iraq, what used to be literally unheard of during the "dictatorship" - drug addicts and drugs trafficking - are now an increasingly common fact.

6) Still more fruits of the Occupation - beggars and prostitutes. I suppose I need not explain why this is so. It is self explanatory no ?

7) And before I forget, one more. 2 million Iraqis still displaced, most living in tents...and form a good deal of the beggars. Another fruit from the Jungle. Not to mention the exiled refugees.

Of course, I have not mentioned all the other types of "juicy" fruits. You may add corruption, non functioning public services, embezzlement of public funds, non existent health services, severe shortages of educated, experienced, intelligentsia, doctors, teachers and technocrats, totally run down educational system, the continuous theft of Iraq's riches and history - the lamentable state of archaeological sites, etc...etc...

And before closing, I want to share with you one story that will illustrate all the above main points. I read it today, a small caption, at the bottom of a newspaper...

It said :

"A small Iraqi boy finally finds Freedom.

An 3 year old Iraqi boy, kidnapped and tortured for 70 days, in the region of Abu Ghraib, has been finally released. His four kidnappers were arrested. The child's father tried reaching an agreement with the kidnappers. He accepted paying a ransom of 50'000 dollars. The leader of the gang had already been condemned in the past for 18 years of prison for another kidnapping."

Obviously, the criminal leader of that gang never served that initial sentence of 18 years.

This is the New Iraq - the innocents one are in prison or murdered and the criminals and the corrupt rule and lead...

This is really the main, lush, fruit bearing tree of the American Occupation - the tree of no-limit "culture" - in the Jungle that has become Iraq - the New Iraq.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Saad Najm.

June 15, 2009

The Latest from Mullahstan and its proxies...

After watching the despicable racist jew netanyahu delivering his racist nazi speech, I held on despite my intense indigestion and watched another program on Al-Arabiya regarding the elections in Mullahstan - Iran.

It seems that a few media outlets have been banned in Iran and one of them is Al-Arabiya's bureau that has been ordered to close down a week ago until further notice...Of course the ban is not applicable to pro-Iran, Al-Jazeera.

The program was called Panorama and thankfully this time, the guest speakers were Iranians and one Arab who were critical of Ahmadinejad but not critical of Musavi. Yalla it's okay, can't have it both ways right now...

One Iranian analyst said the following, something I did not read in the Western or Arabic press, like for example in Al-Quds Al-Arabi of Abdel Baree Atwan whose editorial "du jour" was nothing but praise for the "democratic process in Iran", nor did I read this piece of news from "leftists" "arab" bloggers...

This analyst by the name of Dr.Noorzadeh, said that on the day of the elections, before the final results went public, Musavi received a call a 1.30 am from a high official in charge of supervising the counting of the ballot votes, who informed him that he won the elections by 65%. This is when Musavi made his public declaration that he actually won the elections.
At 2.30 am, Musavi received another call telling him that there was a "mistake" and that Ahmadinejad won the elections.

It seems that Khameini was informed of the results and that his son in law or brother in law, am not quite sure which, who is also related to Ahamdinejad through some family connection, advised Khameini to overrule the results and declare Ahmadinejad the victorious one.

Later on, Ahamdinejad was heard saying in a public speech to his supporters that a regional power (referring to Saudi Arabia) was hoping to change the elections results like it did in Lebanon. Of course this was an insult to the Lebanese who clearly showed they favored non shiite sectarianism...And I doubt very much Saudi Arabia had anything to do with buying votes in Lebanon like some "leftists" "arabs" like to propagandize, even less so in Iran.

Ahmadinejad was also quoted as saying that the riots are "nothing. They are like temper tantrums after a soccer match."

Musavi on the other hand urged the rioters to go about it "peacefully"...

It is clear that the Iranian themselves ARE FED UP with the rule of the Mullahs. Not that Musavi is a revolutionary, but from the little options available to them, they took what they perceived as the lesser evil...

So clearly Ahamdinejad has the full backing of Khameini, he is the man for the job in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and wherever shit revivalism is sorely needed as a sectarian card of divide and rule, a card that serves none but the jews and the Americans.

And oddly enough, the reaction from the West and America has been, hmm, what shall I call it ? In TACIT AGREEMENT.

Wait till you hear the best bits yet...

When asked why the American reaction was so "docile" - and this is what is most interesting in this story. It seems that the American administration has decided to deal with the "supreme guide" Khameini directly and NOT through Ahamdinejad anymore.

From the E.U, the reactions have been even more baffling because Javier Solana - the E.U rep. personally congratulated Ahmadinejad before engaging in official talks with Hezbollah in Ze Lebanon.

All this was taking place when the U.S envoy was in Syria discussing "security matters" in IRAQ with the Syrian President...

As I predicted the "anti-zionists" were quick to send congratulatory letters as well, One is from Israel Shamir entitled "Notre Victoire" and it seems that even the shady right wing Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek "recently wrote a quite gushing article about Iran and its leader" (Thank you D.M for the info.)

Meanwhile in Iraq, Talabani (and he is not the only one) warmly congratulated Ahmadinejad, and looked forward to more "fruitful cooperation" between the two countries. By the way the puppet Karzai from Afghanistan did the same...

Nouri Al-Maliki on the other hand was touring some shiite shrine, Najaf, and giving a speech on the "great strides that the Iraqi government has undertaken in terms of security and development" and he expressed concerns over the possible increase of "terror attacks" due to "Baathists and other elements..." once the Americans withdraw (as if the Americans will withdraw). He also expressed "regret" over the assassination of H. Al-Ubaidi, a Sunni leader who coincidentally was involved in the human rights dossier in Iraq - read the dossier of Arab Sunni detainment, torture and liquidation...

I need to remind the reader that not too long ago another Sunni MP was arrested by the Iraqi forces upon orders from Maliki and he has disappeared since, after his body guards were gruesomely tortured. His name is Al-Dainy.

But Al-Maliki had a "slip of the tongue" and a very important one. Instead of expressing "regrets" over the death of Harith Al-Ubaidi from the Anbar, he said Harith Al-Dhari (the agreed upon representative of the Iraqi Resistance). He was quickly corrected by one of his aides as to the exact name of the assassinated victim.
To which Al-Maliki replied "Yes you are right, it is al-Ubaidi not Al-Dhari. Had it been Al-Dhari, it would have been a cause for rejoice..."

That "slip of the tongue" from Al-Maliki is a foretaste of things to come...

A Road Map.

I had the misfortune of watching the speech by the jewish benyamin netanyahu, addressing some right wing, jewish crowd, in some right wing jewish university, set up on Arab stolen land. I swear to God, my stomach was queazy while watching this despicable ugly face and the ugly crowd that applauded him.

I am now convinced that the jews are not interested in any form of peace. They were never interested historically in any form of peaceful entente with other people and today even more so...

Has anyone heard the speech ? A disgrace, but then everything the jews undertake is a disgrace.

Why am I calling them jews and not zionists ? Simple.

a) over 95% of the jews voted for this israeli government.

b) this jewish society as represented by its government wants the whole world, in particular the Arabs and the Palestinians to, not only recognize the right of the state of israel to exist, but to also recognize that the state of israel is the all jewish state for the all jewish people. "Israel is the jewish state for the jewish people." These are not my words - these are the words of netanyahu.

So in effect what the jews are asking is not only the recognition of their illegal state, an illegal racist, criminal, entity built on stolen land, built by terrorism, built on Arab bodies and blood, but also the acceptance and recognition of the jewish zionist project in its entirety, past, present and future...

So from today onwards, this group will be not be referred to as zionists, but simply as jews since this is how they want to be recognized.

You want the word jew as a race to figure - it will.

The jewish government has not given us anything new and frankly I was not expecting anything new from this lot.

First, netanyahu said that his jewish nation was interested in unconditional peace with Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, to develop economic ties, tourism, water treaties...that is the only thing that jews love - money. This is their golden calf. This is their god.

And he added that it is incumbent on the Arabs and the Palestinians to recognize not only israel's right to exist but to also recognize it as the jewish nation for the jewish people.

He argued that historically, all the prophets (Ibrahim, Yacoob, Mussa, Ishaac, Soleiman...) came from this land, and all were jews like him. Hence the jewish people being so faithul to their prophets, and to the message of their prophets are automatically entitled to this land from a zillion years ago.

I, as a muslim, argue that those same prophets are mentioned in the Koran as muslims, and therefore this land belongs to us. So how does it look now ? It looks good to me.

So following, this line of logic, these are the points to retain from this despicable jewish character speech.

- Jerusalem shall remain the eternal capital of the jews.

- the Palestinian refugees should settle permanently in the countries they are in. In other words there is no right of return for the Palestinians.

- the Palestinian will have their own state but unarmed, with its own flag and "culture" - of course the jews stole a lot from the Palestinian culture, along with their lands. They stole food, music, even the traditional Palestinian dress..

- there was no mention of the ever expanding jewish settlements.

- and any future Palestinian state should be monitored by the jews so they can ensure that it will not cause an existential threat to them...

netanyahu then went to talk of all the great sacrifices the jews did for peace, what brilliant contributors they are to culture, civilization and science, how much they were persecuted in Europe and the Arab world, and he endlessly quoted ben gurion and t.herzl...and added that if the jewish state was born before 1948, maybe the millions of jews would have not perished in europe.

So basically netanyahu in his typical jewish way was arguing for the jewish zionist existential necessity, regardless...

Frankly, the nazi are like choir boys compared to the jews.

This group called the jews are the most arrogant, paranoid, psychopathic, neurotic, dishonest, racist, lot that I have ever seen..They always play the victim, the persecuted ones and they do nothing but victimize, terrorize and persecute others...

But I have a road map for the jewish/israeli - Arab /Palestinian conflict. A very simple one.

I recognize the right of the jews to exist, but in their own countries, right where they came from...

In other words, this means that every single European jew will have to fuck off back to Eastern Europe or whatever dump he/she emerged from. Ditto for the American jew, ditto for the African jew, ditto for the Arab jew (from Yemen, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon) - fuck off back to your original countries and only then can you talk of your right to exist as a jew. But as long as you are living on stolen land, terrorizing, displacing, demolishing, appropriating and murdering Arabs, then there is not right for you to exist in my book.

I told you it was simple.

June 14, 2009

UPDATE: Elections in Mullahstan - A Brief Analysis.

So the midget won the elections...

According to the latest news from Al-Jazeera - who by the way with its wimpy Ghassan Ben Jedu - is really turning not only pro-iran but pro-ahmadimidget too...

What is this fascination ? I wonder...

After all, mir hossein musavi is not exactly from the white house, it is still the iran of the mullahs...but it seems that for certain arabs (and notice am no longer using capital letters for nouns like iran and arabs), the harder the come. the better the slogans and the more they love it...sounds like hard core sex to me...but some arabs like to be fucked over that way...yalla, enjoy it !

According to the latest news from TV and the net, there are massive riots taking place in the capital tehran, riots by iranian youth...the anti-riots governmental security forces have arrested dozens and beaten up a few more, during the clashes...some reports claim about 100 dead. Buses and other government properties have been set on fire. All phone lines including cells phones have been cut off by the government, the net is down...extreme measures have been taken by the security apparatus to ensure that no further coordination of protest takes place amongst the rioters...

Furthermore, according to some reporters in tehran, this popular anger is not so much due to support for the opposition as some like to believe, but as a general popular "fed up" reaction with both the government's domestic and foreign policies...
These reporters also said that : " the situation is not only very violent but also very dangerous..."

It is clear that the election results have been tampered with, as ahmadinejad had clearly the full backing of ayatoilet khameini. Even in musavi's constituency, the results showed a 57 % vote in favor of ahmadinejad, which according to some iranian observers is an impossibility. Some articles also report that musavi is under house arrest - something that has not been officially confirmed and that rafsandjani submitted his resignation...

On the other hand, the reactions from israel -a supposedly arch enemy of the islamic republic - have been rather interesting.

netanyahu is said to be "quite pleased with the results". And some commenters from Israel argue that ahmadinejad "represents the Shiites best"...

I do NOT believe for one second that israel's "pleasure" (pleasure as in cornering or having an alibi/leverage) in seeing ahmadinejad re-elected has anything to do with the two "burning" issues of a) the nuclear dossier and b)the holocaust's denial statements by iran's president.
This is just verbiage, something to keep people busy with...with shallow analysis.

Furthermore, the reaction from the u.s. is also mitigated. obama seems to think that the elections were fair, despite the blah blah blah rhetoric that is dished out about the iran nuclear dossier...

The real reason why both israel and the u.s are not too displeased with the results, will be found in this "small" detail. It is a detail but a very important one in my opinion.

There are between 20'000- 30'000 iranians crossing into Iraq, daily. Some for religious purposes (visit to the shrines - like in kerbala and nejaf) and some for business and some for both. And when I say business - am talking of millions of dollars projects with the puppet shiite and "autonomous" kurdish governments.

During the iranian elections, and this is just to give you ONE example, out of hundreds, several "centers" were specifically set up for those iranians and iraqis with dual nationalities (iranian-iraqis) to vote for their preferred iranian president.

Now I want to ask you this and maybe you can enlighten me.

During the last american elections, were the u.s. citizens, let's say "en passage" in canada, able to vote in centers specially designed for them ? I suppose not. They probably went to their embassy to do so.

But not in Iraq, even though there are iranian consular sections and "bureaus" in nearly each of the IRAQI provinces.

What does that tell you ? Come on, use your brains !

It tells me that khameini's/ahmadinejad win was/is crucial for the perpetuation of the american/iranian occupation and status quo in Iraq. It also tells me that israel is also betting on it via the kurds...

Why so ?

Because the partition of IRAQ is inevitable now. And the only people who can deliver it through from the iranian side is ahmadinejad and what he stands for. And the only people who will benefit from such an eventual partition besides iran, is the u.s and israel.

You could always argue that had musavi won the elections, the same would have happened. Yes it is a possibility. However musavi and co. are more interested in "détente" with the u.s and israel. ahmadinejad on the other hand is needed to keep the heat up, so the "new world order" as promised by the zionists, can unfold according to plan.

Furthermore, who needs "détente" when you still have other Arab and Islamic countries where shiite minorities are needed to play the sectarian card of divide and rule. And who can deliver exactly that, better than ahmadinejad and his clan ? Clearly, no one else.

You can now look forward to more of the same in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan...and the rest...

And by the way, it would not surprise me one bit if the western and arab "leftists" anti-war shits claim another "divine victory." Just know that I told you so.

June 13, 2009

Elections in Mullahstan...

This is a fucking joke right ?

11 mn ago, AP reports " Rivals in Iran both claim victory in election "

Ahmadinejad claims he got 68.8% of the votes, while Mir Hossein Mossavi got a mere 28.8% - out of 10 million ballots counted so far...Huge turn out, it seems.

In a previous article, Mir Hossein Mossavi claims he received 65% of the votes so far...


Next step is to earnestly pray that both candidates get 99.9% of the votes and end up at each other's throat...

But seriously, if this is the state of the elections in a relatively well established Shiite theocracy like Iran, can you imagine what the elections must have been like in sectarian Shiite ruled Baghdad and its provinces ?

I leave you to "sleep" on it...

June 12, 2009

I have a very strong feeling that blogger.com and its mamma google.com are adamant about NOT "liberating" my user stats - still frozen at 34'000, for the past 6 weeks.
Why, oh why ??? Am such a nice girl.

June 11, 2009

The Culture of " No Limit " - 3

Here I am again, trying to continue this series of posts on American No Limits and am finding difficulty again starting the 3rd. part.

This is kind of strange - and when that usually happens, I know am blocking something important, a something that is hesitant to come up and out.

But since I do believe in not forcing things out, I will follow one of the pieces of Wisdom, a Sufi teacher once gave me - He said, " when you are stuck, start with the Present."

So, right now, right here -- am listening to Umm Kulthum, that magical, enchanting, Eastern voice from Egypt, singing "Alf layla wa layla" - A thousand nights and one night...

Umm Kulthum sings about Love - always, with a few patriotic songs dedicated to Egypt, Iraq and Palestine. But then, that must be Love too.

In this song "Alf layla..." she sings one couplet in which she says --
"what is one's life but one night, like tonight."

This is what I enjoy the most about nights - one has the illusion that they will go on for ever...and if you are a night bird like I am, you think to yourself, I will be able to stretch it for as long as I want. Of course this is nothing but an illusion, because dawns knocks on your window and you say to yourself - damn it, it's already morning, what was I thinking ?

So America,

In the Night of your souls, I am asking you the same question -- what the hell were you thinking ?

Were you thinking that your all permissiveness will go unnoticed, or unexposed ?
Were you thinking that the Light of Dawn will not be knocking on your windows ?
Or did you actually believe that those "stupid rag heads" of Iraqis will just sit and take it, take it with no limits...

I suppose you miscalculated again. Because I am sitting right here, right now, in the middle of the Night and am about to give it to you again...the way you secretly like it...give it to a people with no limits, who secretly yearn for some...since they are incapable of imposing any on themselves...

On good days, I sometimes think to myself, if you did not exist, we would have to invent you...otherwise who would I be able to lash at ?

So I suppose I need to thank you for being present in my life -- thanks to you I learned and achieved many things. And now the sky is my limit.

You taught me the real meaning of hypocrisy and double standards. You taught me how denial, deceit and lack of self introspection can lead to hell. You taught me how greed numbs conscience. You taught me how power corrupts and blinds the hearts. You taught me all about the shadows/the darkness of the human soul that years of philosophical learning and contemplation will not accomplish...You also taught me how to articulate and talk to my "enemy", fearlessly...because we have nothing more to lose.

Thanks to you, I also realized my deep, unlimited love for Iraq. For the land of my ancestors, the land of my forefathers, my grandparents, my mother and father, my land...And by losing my country, I found it and found myself. And I also found you. You, the agents of Darkness.

And even though I have spent the first paragraphs of this blog indulging in some form of spiritual gratitude, for the "lessons", don't think you will be let off the hook so easily...I learned my lesson, but you did not learn yours, yet...

And this is the "nice" thing about Experience --- the one who "teaches" gets to be taught...

Of course, one may argue that all of that was really unnecessary, but since am not God, I say -- it happened for a purpose, a purpose with a very high price - the sky is the limit, kind of price.

WE paid the price. You have not paid the price, not quite, not yet...

And trust me, I am assuming you have grown to trust me along the months and years, the price you will pay is priceless - the sky is the limit, kind of price. But I leave that to "Destiny", "Fate" or whatever your gurus like to call it...

Because you see, your no limit permissiveness on another people will not be spared...

I know you are very business oriented, and you like to export everything overseas --including your psychosis and soul sicknesse....and you do it in an unlimited manner.

You do it even more than you do it on your own turf. Because coupled to your diseased minds and souls, your permissive diseased minds and souls that know no limits - coupled with those is your deeply ingrained belief, regardless of your actual color or race - your belief that "others" are less. By the way this is applicable to the filthy Brits too. They were your Masters, your first Gurus, remember ?

And this is the contradiction/paradox that I find fascinating in your case --
If your culture is one of no limit, then theoretically it must be able to embrace others with no limits...

But remember what I told you in my previous post -- everything has its flip side, its own negation if you like. That same culture of no limit that embraces all -- all diversity, all religions, all creeds, all aspirations (the American Dream), is exactly the same culture that tortures, rapes and kills all, with no limits...

One reality negates the other. And one is left with ZERO.

What does that mean ? It means ZERO. It means that your American Dream is nothing but that -- a DREAM. It means YOUR TRUTH, YOUR REALITY is NOT your dream. It means your dream has nothing to do with YOUR REALITY...

Do you understand now why I call you a sick. demented, schizophrenic people ?

But fuck what you are. What matters to me is what how your culture of no limit with all what it encompasses of soul projections was acted out in Iraq. Bottom line, this is what matter to me most. For me you proved time and time again that you are ZERO.
By all arithmetic equations, by all parameters, by all yardsticks, values and barometers -- you are ZERO.

It must be very annoying for you to read that. Here is some Iraqi female whom we considered belonging to the family of Zero, telling us that we are actually Zero.

Being Zero in -- the Sky is the limit -- must be a real downer...

I did not use the word humbling, because you still need to get your noses rubbed in the grounds, in the soil, in the land, in the earth...you are not there yet...but you will be...

Remember the graveyards...how many before you thought like you did and they ended up 10 feet below in an earth with no limits...

to be continued...

P.S : This fucking post has become like ground hog day. It is endless and has no limits...