August 27, 2009

The Fig Leaf.

In 2003, someone said that the occupation of Iraq is the fig leaf that has undressed and uncovered all...and ever since I have not stopped seeing your ugly nakedness staring me in the face...

Through the existence of this blog, I saw more of your ugliness...

I wonder o' Beloved, why has all this human filth fallen into your lap ?

The filth of deceit, lies, hypocrisy, cruelty, brutality, indifference, sadism, insanity, treachery, greed, covetousness, jealousy, envy -- a bundle of all the most bestial aspects have occupied you.

Whether it is from individuals, group, or nations. From the left or the right. From the Arabs or the Westerners. From the Muslims, the Christians or the Jews. From your own and from the Beloved where do we go from here ?

Toxic poison, radiation, vermin, worms, germs, viruses, excrement, sewage, garbage, obscurity, disease, drugs, prostitution, exile, poverty, obscurity, pollution, hunger, thirst, walls, blood, limbs, morgues, bombs, mortars, mass graves, ruins...

Black hordes, barbarians mounting guns...mounting flags, black beards, prayer mats unfolding over dried blood...screams of rape in adjacent rooms...arms resting alongside the bodies in piety...while the Minaret sings Allahu Akbar...

Bells toll, Sunday morning, prime and proper ladies with courteous gents bowing in greetings...sermons uttered in calm voices...and your blood seeped under the church door...wetting their feet and their Bible..they continued mass and took the Eucharist and bowed to each other in civility on their way out...

The room is packed, Beloved, they are talking about you...listen to them. Listen, they look like important people...they carry red flags, red armbands, posters and banners...their fists in the air...Good news Beloved, good news...
They speak of Palestine, of fighting the enemy good news, Beloved, good news.
No wait, wait...wait...They don't want us in.

What about this congress room, it looks serious. I hear "human rights, Geneva convention," it looks promising. Did you see all those files they carry in shining plastic...and those headphones, and those cubicles. They are all translating for you Beloved...

Am sorry..I misheard. It was not about you. They even asked me for a badge to enter, and when they saw your name...they refused.

Let's not lose hope Beloved. Let's walk a little, we may find shelter...or someone to hear our plight.

There is a group of dancing women right there, do you see them ? They are celebrating the Goddess...they dance naked in nature and sing for Ishtar. They even have a bonfire where they burn all the symbols...

- Welcome Sisters, undress and join us...
- We don't want to undress, we need to be clothed...
- We are free, we don't need fig leaves
- Our fig leaf has been taken from us
- We don't believe in symbols
- They burnt ours
- We will liberate you
- We have already been liberated, we need a refuge...

Let's leave Beloved...this too, is no place for us.

Smog, desert winds, sand storms, shattered glass, dirty hospital wards, smoky corridors, looters carrying bags of precious goods, expired tins, expired medication, poison laced imported food, rats binging on garbage piles, torn books, truncated verses, summer itch, winter itch, scabies and pus behind metal bars, muddy rivers standing still, another dead corpse lying in the corner, heat, dryness, tired faces, lost eyes and broken souls...

Welcome back home Beloved...welcome back.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.

August 26, 2009

All Equal Before Death...

Sure thing, Death is the great equalizer...but some in the face of it - are more equal than others...

A.Hakeem head of the despicable SIIC, head of the Badr Brigade, the Shiite Iranian militia (by the way all the Shiites militias are Iranian militias), A.Hakeem who landed in Baghdad thanks to American tanks, A.Hakeem who had close ties with the neo cons. A.Hakeem head of the thugs who raped, tortured, murdered Iraqis, including Iraqi scientists, academics, doctors, ex-army officers and exiled thousands of Arab Sunnis...A.Hakeem who was tirelessly aiming for an "independent" southern Iraq, falling smack into the Zionist plan for the partition of Iraq. A.Hakeem whose son Ammar is known for his criminality, corruption and theft. A.Hakeem and his fucked up Shiite revivalism, hoping to turn Iraq into a full fledged Iranian colony so the long awaited Persian Mahdi can finally materialise in the Wilayat Al-Faqih...the Wilayat Al-Faqih Khameini style...A.Hakeem with close ties to Hassan Nasrallah of ze Lebanon...A.Hakeem died in IRAN today.

S.Hussein, the martyr hero Iraqi President, who was lynched by none others than the Iranian criminals, till his last breath proclaimed nothing but the UNITY of Iraq, died in IRAQ, and this criminal venerated by Shiites as one of their supreme leaders died in Iran.

And there lies all the Difference.

Yalla, insha'Allah, next to go is another sectarian Shiite fat bastard, the Chief Driller and head of the driller boys Muqtada Al-Sadr....or P. Cockburn's "fiery brand cleric" soon to be another Ayatoilet.
I think Cockburn would really like to call him "my peach" (or maybe it's the other way round...ah, the fascination of the Orient!) Not important really...

As Serge Gainsbourg once said, "ce n'est pas important qui baise qui, l'important c'est que ça baise..." Find a translator.

And Death will screw us all - eventually. Some more than others.

August 23, 2009

Another Stranded Forgotten People...

This is not getting much coverage - Displaced Somalis fleeing in thousands...

Somalis are our Muslim brothers and sisters too, and they should not be forgotten. They have no support from the international community and this innocent people need our help.

It is overwhelming. Where does one start ? Iraqi refugees, Palestinians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalis...?

And they tell me that the Islamic world is not exclusively targeted.

These wars of imperialism definitely have a "green" flavor to them.

La Hawla wa la' Quwata illa Bil'lah Al Ale'ee Al Atheem.

August 22, 2009

Objection !

Yuk, ewww, a woman in power. How gross !

Disgusting, disgraceful, she will pollute those pious turbans with her menses.

It's not that really, but can she really be up to it ?

After all they do bleed, get pregnant and are highly emotional. Chaotic creatures, women. Very chaotic.

"Conservative religious leaders in Iran have raised objections to the decision by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, to include three women in his new cabinet.

The Tehran Emrouz newspaper on Saturday quoted Mohammad Taghi Rahbar, a member of the parliament's judiciary committee, as saying there were "religious doubts" over how women would cope with the positions.

"Although it is a new idea to choose women as ministers, there are religious doubts over the abilities of women when it comes to management," said Rahbar, who heads the clerics' faction in the 290-member conservative-dominated Iranian parliament.

Rahbar said the clerics' faction, whose view has yet to be officially declared, would seek the opinion of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country's supreme leader, on the issue..."

How sweet of Ahmadinejad to nominate three women in an assembly of a 1000 turbans.

Before the progressives, liberals, leftists (including the Arab jerks and specially the Arab jerks), the anti-zionists... of the new world order, jump up and down like monkeys, and praise the " feminism" of Ahmadinejad, it is well worth mentioning that some "reformist" Ayatush (Ayatollah) said that them women are capable. So Ahamdinejad in an effort to quell the reformist voices, jumped and nominated three.

It is really very nice of Ahmadinejad. His homosexuality has not proved to be a misogynistic one.

Yes I know, that's not terribly PC of me. But a good deal of homosexual men simply hate women or try to emulate them. And I don't really care what you think. This is a fact. Which does not mean they are not allowed to be gay...they can be as gay as they want to be, as long as they don't get near my lover.

I suppose Ahmadinejad feels the same way too. As long as them women don't get near his lover(s). Or as he likes to call them " my peach "

You don't believe me that he calls his lover(s), sorry meant members of his cabinet"my peach" ?

Take for instance one example -- Ahmadinejad praised Kamran Lankarani as one of the most able administrators of his previous cabinet and said : "I have a special personal interest in him, a pious and faithful young man. Once I said he is like a peach [with a 'cute' intonation], one wants to eat him!".

I am told that in Iran you will either call little babies "peach", or your female lovers and only in private, do you tell them that you want to eat them.
Oh but am sure, Ahmadinejad only meant it as a term of "innocent" endearment, really.

I suppose the liberal feminist progressive women's movement of the new world order will hail that highly objectionable unconfirmed possibility of having three women in the all male turbaned assembly as a definite sign of female liberation.

Code Pink and Co. will probably issue another set of pink gadgets, like pink panties and pink nail varnish, as they did during their "immense" "anti-war effort" when the Americans and Iranians (and their deadly sectarian fascist militias) invaded Iraq and stripped IRAQI women (and men of course) and also IRAQI gays of all their liberties and freedoms. And pushed back IRAQI women to the stone age. When during the "dictatorship", they were the most emancipated women in the whole of the Middle East. When during the "terrible reign of terror", they held ministerial positions, when during the "tyrannical rule", they participated fully in public life, when during the "times of the deposed despot", they had laws that effectively safeguarded their rights...

Pink Code and the feminists of the new world order will issue more pinkie gadgets and engage in another tour of pistachio tasting in Qum.

Do not be surprised if you see pink pistachios for sale on their websites - a question of encouraging Ahmadinejad's feminism, or should I say, "love of women".

Yes of course.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Thamer Al-Nassiri.

August 21, 2009

Fed Up with Blogger.Com.

It's now been over 6 months that my users stats view under profile, have been frozen. They did unfreeze them 3 months ago but they reverted back to their policy of sabotage.
What are you trying to prove Blogger.Com ?
You are proving nothing except the obvious - BAD FAITH.
I don't care much about my user stats but it is my right on my blog just like other bloggers have theirs working with no apparent problems.
So unfreeze the goddamn thing now !

August 19, 2009

How to get inside a Fortress.

Green zone. Sounds like a nice word. Green lush, cool shades, paved streets, no garbage dumps, no pools of sewage, running water and 24/7 electricity...all complemented with bars serving alcohol, a couple of dancing nightclubs, Olympic size swimming pools with WATER, and good looking women and hookers alike, throwing away their dreary black robes for hot pants...

To get inside that fortress of corruption, theft, criminality, prostitution (political and otherwise) get inside the pimping circle of the puppets of the dual occupation, is no easy task. Several checkpoints and stringent security measures are in place well before you reach the main gate.

Today's explosions inside the fortress tell us otherwise...

Maliki was quick to blame "Sunni insurgents" and "Baathist Saddamists" as opposed to non Saddamist Baathists.

However this short video tells otherwise, or at least leaves the door open to other "culprits."

How to get inside the green fortress remains a mystery.

It is either a continuation of the same tactic used by Iran's Shi'ite political parties i.e the puppet government to mobilize Iraqis along sectarian lines (which is NOT in our nature nor in our history) as a preparation for a "final solution" to the Arab Sunnis - read another round of deadly sectarian violence which will finish us off one and for all. Or it may well be the work of adamant resisters who will not give up and who have managed to hit in the heart of the American/Iranian fortress...targeting the ministry of Foreign affairs led by the Kurdish puppet Zebari and the ministry of Finance led by the Iranian sectarian Shiite puppets.
For your info, the ministry of Finance is now led (if my memory serves me right) by Solaghr Jaber (ex-minister of Interior) who during his reign this ministry (and still is) was turned into a torture dungeon. Solaghr Jabr is an Iranian national, by the way.

I personally like to think it is the latter.

Which brings me to another very important point - how did they get through ?

I leave this to Sherlock Holmes, or to some Arsene Lupin, or maybe to Odierno himself...

I do feel very sad about the innocents who live in the fortress, "malgré eux." or those who happened to be there, visiting for official purposes.

I do extend to their families my deepest condolences, and welcome them to visit the rest of us in the Red Zone where we will be able to fulfill and extend our hospitality as per the tradition for the Dead.

The Bright Side of Death...

A reader sent me this with a short comment : " This should become the national anthem of the New Iraq..."

I found it absurdly hilarious but very telling in all of its symbolism.

Thanks I.

August 18, 2009

Tired from Iraqi News...Tired from Your Chaos.

or Bullet points news...

I have a lot of "fresh" news from Iraq, but am very tired tonight and very depressed from what I have heard.

The destruction and resulting political, social, economic. ecological, cultural chaos is so gigantic,so monumental, that I don't even know with which piece of news to start...

All I can tell you for tonight are two things :

1- Obama and Odierno, confirmed that much more violence is expected in Iraq. Odierno even stated that "areas of conflict" like Kirkuk and Nineveh province will require an indefinite American troop presence. The Americans want to see an Independent Kurdistan, I guarantee you that.

2 - the second piece of news I want to share with you, apart from over 7 explosions in Mosul, Kirkuk, Baghdad leaving at least 50 people dead -- is that again, Iranian special forces have been caught in Hilla, Babel and parts of Baghdad, armed with explosives, alongside some alleged Al-Qaeda members. All Baghdadis know for sure and agree that this latest wave of violence is also an attempt by the sectarian parties to mobilize their electorate along sectarian lines for the upcoming election - read U.S-Iran operative with the unceasing strategy of country partition.

I said I was going to share two pieces of news only but I can't stop now...

3- Talabani has summoned in an urgent meeting the Iranian ambassador and expressed his "grave concern" over the fact that Iran has closed off some common lake and river dams in the south and center of Iraq. Talabani assured us that Turkey will help us with some water.

4 - the effect of closing some of the dams, has made it that in some areas like in parts of Diyala along the Euphrates river, the water has flooded many rural houses forcing entire villagers to flee and loose their livelihood in the process.
Another ecological/environmental silent disaster is also taking place, next to desertification/flooding and D.U contamination, that of heavy lead pollution generated by 5 MILLION electrical generators operating on fuel on a daily basis in Baghdad alone - Since there is still no bloody electricity. End result, a dirty thick grey smog covering Baghdad's sky. Let your UN who is dead worried about global warming and the disastrous effects of climate change, come and produce a report on the climatic/environmental lethal hazards of American occupation(s).

5 - seems that AQ is back in Al-Anbar distributing CD's and leaflets. The tribal heads like Abu Risha's relatives confirm it is "regional interference".
Whenever you hear an Iraqi say regional interference assume he is meaning IRAN.

6 - 3 Sahwa members have been killed by "unknown" gunmen and AQ vows to finish the rest off - read the puppet government forces and Iranian special forces vow to finish the rest off.

7 - In October 2009, a demographic census /survey of the population was to take place under the orders of the ministry of planning. The UN has asked for it to be postponed since the general conditions for such a census cannot take place in today's Iraq.

The Turkmen and Arabs of Kirkuk and Nineveh are objecting to it since they state they are being forcibly moved, exiled from their houses by the Kurds. This latter wants to continue its ethnic cleansing of these areas. The Sunni Arabs are against it too, since the new demographic census wants to mention population division according to SECT and ETHNICITY in specific areas of Iraq. The Kurds and Shiite puppet government want it to go through as soon as possible. How can it be carried out when there are 5 million refugees displaced inside and outside the country ??? Think of the political implications of such a thing being carried out now.

8 - latest semi official figures for corruption and theft by the puppet government.
420 BILLION DOLLARS MISSING from the Iraqi treasury.

9 - well sourced figure for number of detainees - 300'000. Maliki even said a month ago, if we release one, he can be sure we will detain him again.

10 - well sourced figure for the number of people missing - 400'000.

11 - semi official figure for the number of forged Iraqi nationalities given to non Iraqis (i.e Iranians)- 2 MILLION since 2006. Bear in mind that an Iraqi citizen cannot even get a driving license these days but the puppets do give out Iraqi nationalities to their masters, ever so easily. Do you understand why the Kurds and the puppet Shiites want a demographic census as promptly as possible ?!
Iraq is now considered not only the number 1 country in corruption, but also no.1 in the forgery of documents, from university diplomas to nationalities.

This is making me so bloody tired and so bloody angry at you bastards.

12 - Iraqi journalists, thinkers, writers are complaining that they are being constantly censored and harassed by "democracy", that some of them don't even have a center like in the past where they were allowed to gather for discussion and intellectual exchanges, that the authorities including the Union of Iraqi Journalists refuse to issue a journalist ID if this latter is suspected of not towing the official line...and they are asking you and asking the puppet government - what are you so afraid of ?

13 - last but not least, a wave of ABDUCTION AND KIDNAPPING of young Iraqi women is being carried out in the Baghdad suburb of Arassat Al-Hindiya by a very well organized armed group - no one seems to know who they are. No ransom money is being asked and none of the young women has been seen again.


P.S : I am VERY disappointed in Al-Jazeera Arabic and in the Iraqi presenter Leila Al-Sheikhly whom I thought highly of in the past - for not giving fair and equal air time to anti-occupation, anti-puppet Iraqi intellectuals, in exile but giving ample air time to chauvinistic Kurdish members of parliament and sectarian puppet Shiites from the government.
I suppose Leila Al-Sheikhly is just following her boss's orders from the control room who is adamant about its pro-official Iran line. I find it sad that Al-Jazeera - Qatar, needs to stoop so low. Just thought I'd mention it.

Painting : iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi.

August 16, 2009

It's All In The Name...

You can consider yourself lucky not to carry a Muslim name. For those who can't understand my spelling -- spell it - Moooslem or Muzzies for short.

Because if your name is slightly Moooslem, you can be arrested, hassled and denied entry in any of the "civilized" western countries.

But if your name is Christian, Hindu, Shinto, Jain, Buddhist, Jewish, they will let you through - provided that the passport control officer is not some fucking ignorant moron (like the rest of the majority, may I add) who can't tell the difference between a Sikh and a Moooslem. They're all turbaned, after all. Aren't they ?

It doesn't matter if you are young or old, ordinary or famous. You will have to go through security checks - and trust me they will check you out, in the most minute of details...and they will probe, and question and interrogate and if need be strip and give you the finger. Maybe you are hiding WMD's or some secret Al-Qaeda codes for terror networks, up your butt hole. One never knows. And here, they are giving you the benefit of the doubt and I am assuming -- you will not disappear, be hijacked, part of some extraordinary rendition - put on another secret flight and headed towards a torture dungeon, where you can finally confess how envious and jealous you are of their Freedoms, Liberties and Rights.

After all, national security is primordial to protect the decent, law abiding, peaceful, citizens of the U.S from Terror, from all those terrorists that pathologically envy you. What a disgusting jealous, envious, backward bunch they all are - coveting your freedoms the way they do.

Even if you are one of the most popular figures in some third world dump of a country, like some famous actor, internationally known, you will still get arrested and denied entry because your name is Moooslem.

Take for example Shahrukh Khan - the Bollywood jack of all roles - he was not spared either.

"An Indian movie star has complained that he was singled out for interrogation at a US airport because of his Muslim name.
Shahrukh Khan was travelling to Chicago to attend a parade to mark India's independence day when he was detained for two hours at Newark airport in New Jersey.
"I was really hassled perhaps because of my name being Khan. These guys just wouldn't let me through..."

I wonder how many others would not let be through in the name of protecting your civil liberties, in the name of the war on terror, in the name of...

You fill in the blanks, you fill in the rest of the dots on the empty lines.... because am sure you will have another hundred excuses and reasons why this is so - except for the real one.

August 15, 2009

Iran, American Imperialism & "The Left."

Paola Pisi, editor of Uruknet, sent me this link on Ahmadinejad /Khamenei's Iran and the "left" with a short comment in which she said :

Lee Sustar's article is one of the best analysis I've read on Iran, but I will not publish it, because even he, still thinks that Saddam was a US puppet or something. And the worst is that surely Sustar thinks this in absolute good faith... But he does argue that Saddam Hussein waged a war at the behest of the U.S, implying that he was...but then he goes on to state the following :

"Iranian governments of all sorts have tried to achieve a kind of accommodation with the U.S., dating from the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s when the Iranian government used its influence to obtain the release of Western hostages in Lebanon. In exchange, the Iranians were able to purchase U.S. weapons via Israel to fight Iraq--and the money used to buy the hardware was sent to the right-wing Contra guerrillas fighting to overthrow the Nicaraguan Revolution.

Trita Parsi, author of a book on post-revolution Iran's dealings with the U.S. and Israel, wrote, "Throughout the 1980s, when Iran's strategic interest compelled it to cooperate with Israel in order to repel the invading Iraqi army, the [Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini government sought to cover up its Israeli dealings by taking Iran's rhetorical excesses against Israel to even higher levels.

Moreover, Iran effectively supported the 1991 Gulf War. A decade later, Iran provided invaluable support in securing Western Afghanistan for the occupying forces following the U.S. invasion; the Taliban had been seen in Tehran as a major threat. And even after being denounced by Bush as part of the axis of evil alongside North Korea and Iraq, Iran again collaborated with a U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq in order to help achieve the removal of Saddam.

Ahmadinejad's supporters at home and abroad claim that it was Ahmadinejad's reformist predecessors who surrendered too much to the West, whereas Ahmadinejad pushes back. In fact, Iran continues to collaborate with the U.S. in both Afghanistan and Iraq..."

P.Pisi ends her mail by saying :

"Aren't the leftist able to understand that if the US gave weapons to Iran during the Iraq-Iran war and if Israel backed the mullahs, it is rather unlikely that Saddam "launched the Iran-Iraq war at the behest of the U.S.?" as generally claimed ?!.."

End of quotation.

I could not agree more...

Since the 1990's and more so...since the American occupation of Iraq, thanks to the Iranian collaborative, we have not stopped hearing from the "alternative" media and its cohort of moronic parrots that " Saddam was a U.S puppet, a CIA agent"...etc..

Nine times out of ten those who slander the great Martyr Hero President Saddam Hussein with such debased accusations, who was lynched by none other than Iranian and American stooges, still have the gall to proclaim that Saddam Hussein was a U.S puppet. When it is all too clear to anyone with a fiber of some political integrity and morals, that Saddam Hussein was murdered by none other than the sectarian Shiite parties and militias from Iran - like Maliki (Iranian/Syrian/Iraqi national - Dawa party), M.Sadr (Iranian /Iraqi national -Jaysh Al Mahdi), Hakeem (Iranian/Iraqi national- SIIC party), Chalabi (American/Iranian/Iraqi national - triple agent), Jaafari (English/Iranian/Iraqi national - Dawa Party), Rubaie (English/Iranian/Iraqi national -Dawa Party) and I have more names...

These traitors on American/British/Iranian pay roll were ONLY able to return to Iraq thanks to the American Imperialist occupation, that those same leftists allegedly bark against - Arab and Iranian leftists included. (except maybe one or two)

Frankly speaking, this bunch is either a clearly paid sell outs who would not admit the plain truth even if it hits them between the eyes - they are beyond any political redemption, corrupt and rotten to the core. Or just a group of idiots who should really abdicate from politics and take up some other hobby instead -- for lack of a serious IQ.

And by the way, those same sell outs and/or retards ALWAYS conveniently FAIL to remember the famous quote from the Jewish Zionist murderer/war criminal - may he not rest in peace - Ariel Sharon, in the wake of Gulf War I who said - We will make sure that Iraq will pay the price...we will choose when and how...

August 12, 2009

Semitic Musings...

My previous post got me thinking about this Semitism business.

I will try and simplify my thoughts with basic examples.

There is a historical consensus that Arabs are Semites - a Semitic people. By Arabs, I mean the inhabitants of not only the Arabian peninsula, but also those who were referred to in contemporary history as "Levantins" - Iraqis, Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians and some included Egyptians too.

The Arabic, the Syriac/Chaldean, the Hebrew are all off shoots from the mother language which is Aramaic. Some historians argue that even during Babylonian times, the Arabic language existed apart or in parallel to Aramaic. One American archaeologist I met, said to me that his team excavated a Torah in Arabic that predates the Hebrew one. Anyway, this is a matter for historical debate which is not what this post is all about.

Interestingly, colloquial Iraqi Arabic - in particular the accent is terribly close to Hebrew and Syriac. For instance when I listen to Hebrew in particular Hebrew spoken by Arab Jews and when I listen to Syriac/Chaldean, I have a feeling that I understand everything that is being said, even though I don't master any of these branch languages. There are of course many common words, pronounced differently, but the core phonetics are identical.

However when I listen to Persian, Kurdish (which is really a mix of Turkish and Persian),or the Turkish language, the core phonetics are different. There are many common Arabic words there too, but somehow the structure of the language is different.

This difference in the language structure is most probably due to the fact that these languages are not Semitic languages. They do belong to what is called the Indo-Iranian/Indo-Aryan Language family.

Farsee is Indo-Aryan so is Kurdish. I am not sure if Turkish can also be considered as an Aryan language or just Turkic. I am no linguist.

This difference in language structure gave birth to the different race concept, in my opinion.

For example, an Iranian would tell you I am not an Arab,which is correct. He is not a Semite, nor is his language a Semitic language. He would also add - I am an Aryan. which is also generally historically correct. Even though, many current days Iranians have Arabic roots through past intermarriages.

An Iraqi Kurd would tell you the same thing . I am not an Arab, I am a Kurd. He is correct. He is not a Semite, he is an Aryan/Turkic, and so is his language. Even though, many Iraqi Kurds have Arabic roots through intermarriages.

You need to understand that not so many years ago, there were no borders between these Middle Eastern countries. Hence one cannot really speak of a purity of race, nor can one speak of a purity of language since for instance over 50% of Turkish, Farsee and Kurdish is made of Arabic i.e of Semitic words.

Notice well, that I have not mentioned religion so far, not even once.

So bearing the above in mind , how does one define for example a Kurdish Jew or a Persian Jew or even an Indian Jew

Would they be called Aryan Semites by virtue of them belonging to the Judaic religion ?

Extend that to an Eastern European Jew from Poland or Russia for example. Would they be considered a Caucasian Semite just because they are affiliated with the Jewish religion ?

If this is the case - and this is one of the basic kernels of Zionism and the idea of a Jewish nation - then by logical extrapolation since the Islamic message was revealed in the Arabic language - any Muslim in any corner of the world should be considered a Semite too.

So if I want to push the concept of Jewishness to its absurd limits and engage in some deductive reasoning, I would extrapolate and come with the conclusion that a Chinese or Indonesian Muslim is also a Semite since he is affiliated to a religion which is originally in Arabic.

Yet this hypothesis will sound ludicrous to you. A Chinese or Indonesian or Pakistani is not a Semite. Correct - he is not.

Yet in your minds, a Russian or American Caucasian Jew, is.

This is of course a theoretical, historical, scientific fallacy.

Hence, logically speaking - if you use deductive thinking, there is no such thing as a Jewish people. There are different races who adopted the Jewish faith - just like there are different races who adopted the Islamic or Christian faith. Would that make a Christian guy from Arkansas a Semite just because he choose to study the bible in Aramaic/Syriac instead of English ? Of course not.

So if Race and Religion do not form the basis of identity and affiliation what does?

We go back to square 1 - Language.

And since linguistically speaking both Hebrew and Syriac are considered "dead languages" and most linguists would agree that Arabic is the only true surviving language of the Semites - what does that tell you about who the real Semites are, and by correlation who the real Anti-Semites are ?

Think about it until we meet again.

Ali Baba & his Forty Thieves...

Who do you think is Ali Baba ?
Do you think he is America, Israel or Iran ?
There must be a chief thief no ?
Somehow the 40 is a give away - don't you think ?
One thief for each year of "desert wandering".

I wanted to write about the lousy article of L.Fadel from Mc Clatchy about her Baghdad memoirs. And use this article to show you how propaganda is subtly or not so subtly created even by what is considered an "Indy" media like Mc Clatchy.
I did say Indy media not Hindi media. Hindi media for me is Bollywood. Come to think of it, Western media beats Bollywood and Hollywood, combined.

There are actually quite a few things that irritate me on the net, apart from my lousy virtual keyboard that is driving me absolutely bonkers...

There are as I said the likes of - L.Fadel, add - P.Cockburn (big time), Fisk (even though I feel this latter to be less of a hypocrite - that's normal though, he still lives in the colonial era in his head - or maybe it's not in his head after all...)

There are a more names of course but these are the ones that come to mind now. Since they all like to portray themselves as "experts" when in reality, they only spin more propaganda, suiting their particular political agenda. But as I said, I will deal with one example - that of L.Fadel in some other post.

Other things that irritate me ...hmmm let me see - ah yes bloggers. I don't read other bloggers or try to avoid them altogether in particular Arab bloggers. Might come across as a little elitist, but let me assure this is not the case. It's just that am bombarded with so much crap daily in the likes of Cockburn and Fadel, so to further read Arab bloggers that quote them as authorities -- is simply too much for me to handle...

So I distract myself by watching youtube songs, instead of writing about the lousy Leila Fadel memoirs of Baghdad.

It is all too clear that many made their fortune and fame thanks to the Iraqi tragedy - from the US corporations, to individuals snipers and mercenaries, to other countries, to so called "objective" reporters...

So where was I ? Yes watching youtube as "divertissement". I basically collect songs.

And one song leads to another, a bit like the One Thousand and One Nights saga....

And where do I land ? I land on "Israeli" songs also called "Hebrew" songs.

So of course, being the music aficionado that I am, I listened to quite a few.

I was horrified to hear some ashkenazi sing Umm Kulthum. My hand went to my heart fearing that these "people" will soon claim biblical ownership of this Diva's soul as well as her songs.

I wish my horror was limited to this Israeli rendition of Umm Kulthum...being curious and maybe a bit of a masochist, I went searching for more "Israeli" music...

Since am not into "fiddler on the roof" type of music, I opted for more familiar tunes, all the while being sure that I will find some Iraqi voice there...

Of course my intuition is always right. I found a whole list of songs going under the name of Israeli music - the most famous one being some Iraqi Kurdish Jew, posing with the respective flags of Israel and that of its affiliated mini Zionist entity - now called Kurdistan.

I understood then why the likes of Cockburn, Fadel, Fisk and leftist Arab bloggers irritated me so much. They just all sing to the same tune as this Iraqi Kurdish Jew whose songs are marked under the label of Israeli music.

I listened to a few. They are all stolen from the Iraqi repertoire, some from Turkey and marketed as indigenous Israeli music.

The comments on these songs were most telling too - like :

- "Free Kurdistan, Free Israel, Free Assyria, Free Persia."

- or this one " yes always friend with my Kurdistan friends.GOD BLESS ISRAEL FOREVER.GOD BLESS KURDISTAN "

- and this one " Jews & Kurdish People = The Same Pain !"

(someone get the violins going and start the pain industry machinery)


- but this one beats them all "I am even more your brother because in addition to being an Israeli Jew, and that genetics has seen how Kurds and Jews share similar roots...I am also a Persian Jew, and we have the history of the Persians and the Medes, your ancestors."

All the above comments explain the "natural" sympathy between Jews and Kurds also extended to the Shiites who are "so much in pain " like their Jewish counterparts chronic lamenters

This also explains many other things - namely the "sensitive hearts" of the "left" and also the "right" for the "poor oppressed" Jews, Kurds and Shiites - preferably only Shiites loyal to Iran - anyone who is NOT an Arab by affiliation/identity.

But this is only one of the Ali Baba stories. Needless to say this Ali Baba and his forty thieves not only steal land, resources, culture...even Arabic Palestinian folk songs, food and dress are now labelled as Israeli. They also steal Iraqi music (next to Iraqi historical artifacts), Turkish music, Greek music, North African music...any thing that they can claim to be originally theirs, under the label of Jewish Israeli. Ya'anee a poor taste, tacky, patchwork made of old rags stolen from other cultures...

Of course that tells you that these people have no culture, they just steal...and fabricate, preferably with blood like vampires.

They have no indigenous culture because the Jewish entity/state as they like to call themselves, is nothing but a fabricated entity from Eastern and Central Europe, to which were added some Middle Easterners, a bit of Falasha to complete the so called Jewishness...basically (or basi - as the American Jew, Jerry Springer, says on his show) - a sour bitter rotten salad imposed on Arab land. In Arabic we call it salata m'afneh.

So watch out for the chief thief and his forty "haramees". One day they will even steal your ears and claim they were chosen to create them in the first place - like God Himself.

Why are you so surprised ? They stole kidneys did they not ?

If you want to watch the wonderful Israeli Jewish Iraqi Kurd with the two flags - click here. This is also where you will read some of the comments from some of the thieves.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Wasmaa Al-Agha.

August 9, 2009

@meric@ r@pes @nd pimps Ir@qi children in the n@me of Freedom.

Keybo@rd problems - refer to previous post. Will not expl@in myself @ 100 times.

Bet you, this will not r@ise too m@ny eyebrows, nor self righteous, condescending, p@tronizing, holier th@n thou, r@cist, p@tern@listic, indign@tion @s my frequent us@ge of the word fuck.

R@ping @nd pimping Ir@qi children in the n@me of Freedom @nd democr@tic hum@n rights will NOT "tickle" your "highly mor@l sensitivities" @s much @s the word Fuck.

This is how fucked up you @re.

@nd this is @meric@ folks. This is it.

@nd this is the acquiescence of the sect@ri@n shiite puppet government of Ir@ni@n militi@s in Ir@q who still @llows Bl@ckw@ter to oper@te. But of course you'd be he@ring none of th@t from the "liber@l" "progressive" prostitutes.

"The declarations describe Blackwater as "having young girls provide oral sex to Enterprise members in the 'Blackwater Man Camp’ in exchange for one American dollar. They add even though Prince frequently visited this camp, he "failed to stop the ongoing use of prostitutes, including child prostitutes, by his men." (@rticle here)

@nd the @meric@n oboom@ @dmin does wh@t in return - @midst the cheers of its @nti -w@r, western, "liber@l" "progressive" prostitutes ?

It p@ys crimin@ls even more money so they c@n perfect their @rt of spree killing, child r@pe @nd child pimping...on those "moh@mmed@ns"

Let me see your fucking indign@tion now.

There won't be much. I c@n @ssure you th@t.

De@d Keybo@rd.

Ok@y, the @ died on me. Been repl@ced by this @. That should temporarily solve the problem. Plus spell check which will sort out weird wordings, but not @ll.

However, this does not solve p@ssword problem which m@y cont@in th@t s@me letter.
@nd this is only the st@rt. c is following, x, @nd y.

Suppose you m@y not he@r from me regul@rly unless I m@n@ge to borrow someone else computer.

On @nother note, h@s still not rele@sed my users st@ts yet. It's been like 2 months now.

Is there @nything @t @ll th@t's working ?

August 8, 2009

Fuck the Hypocrites.

Fancy that ! The F. word in all its splendor right in the title of a post. I love the F. word, what's so wrong with it?

Face it folks, had your parents not fucked, you would not be here reading this blog and getting very offended in the process...Besides, I warned you a thousand times, you don't like my language - don't read me. In other words - Fuck off.

I love it. I absolutely love it. I love it when people get so ruffled up, with the word Fuck.

Take for instance, a couple of commentators on Uruknet, under my Uncensored Anger Manifesto part 6, which this website chose to publish.

Some were terribly offended by the word FUCK. Then they proceeded to preach by telling me that it is most unbecoming and uncivilized to use such obscenities. Civility and civilization or lack thereof, for them is confined to words, not acts.

The Iranian collaboration with the US in destroying Iraq is not an issue - which is what this post was all about. The word FUCK is.

The dirty opportunism and hypocrisy of the "alternative" left is not an issue, but the word FUCK is.

The millions of innocent Iraqis who were massacred, exiled, widowed, orphaned because of the Iranian/American occupation is not an issue, but the word FUCK is.


For starters, bet you anything those constipated assholes think of such "obscenities" all day long, in secret...

Bet you too, that their trying to shame me, is just another tactic to discredit me.

Bet you as well, that they must be some English educated fucked, messed up shits with plums and corks forever stuck up their asses - symbolically of course.

Bet you moreover, that if they do have any sense of morality, it is confined to their genitals only. Their morality does not extend beyond that....Mutilation and killings do not offend them as much as Fucking. They are nothing but closet killers. They can fart all day long about being civilized, for me they are just another category of animals hiding behind the mask of "civil morality."

And furthermore, I bet you anything they belong to the group of people I gave a royal FUCK YOU, to. For that you may need to read the post itself to know who these assholes are.

Am done, almost...for now.

Thanks for the good laughs. You're a piece of cake.

August 6, 2009

Sick & Tired of Your Dirt.

I am sick and tired of dirty politics, dirty politicians, dirty unprincipled political positions, dirty political opportunism, dirty political strategies, dirty political lies, dirty political opinions...

I woke up with a strong feeling of nausea, polluted by all this shit.

Had it been under "normal" circumstances - not that I recall any "normal" circumstances, I would say - differences of opinions.

But not now, not today, not yesterday, not since 2003, not since 1991, not since...

Not so, because we have paid with our lives, our families, our children, our homes, our country - the dirt of your politics. We have paid with our lives your dirt.

There is no longer any room for concessions or compromises here.

This is our red line. This is my red line.

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto - Part VI

So did you miss it ?

Did you miss the uncensored parts ? It's been a long time, has it not ?

Some of you may argue, it's all anger.

Wrong, dead wrong.

There is general anger, and there is specific anger. The uncensored Anger Manifestos, like your fucking Karl Marx, or Marxists, or leftists ( hahahahaha) , are very specific. They are directed straight at you.

Talking of "leftist" clowns, there is a circus visiting here, soon. Think about joining it. The pay is good, but I confess, maybe not better than what bloody Iran has been paying you in "pots de vin" - bloggers included, through paypal, direct cheques and website supports...not excluding "anti zionist" blogs, naturally.

It's all a question of money really. K.Marx was after all, correct, in his "Das Capital".

And it is also all a question of "Islam", one peculiar kind of Islam, Shii'te Islam.

Islam ? No. Wrong wording.

One peculiar kind of affiliation, that conveniently goes by the name of Islam.

Even the most ardent "believers", swear by it.

Fuck it, even atheist pieces of shits, pledge allegiance to it - in their angry arab state of mind - after all they met Nasrallah in person and he blessed them with an interview. They did manage to make a name after that...

The Baraka/Grace of Hassan and Hussein, the forever martyred Imams, commercial icons in Nejaf and Kerbala, peddled by Iranians, through tooman and dollar, ecstatic puppet Iraqi middle men, all vouch by their Obooma political prophecies...

So do the angry arabs , palestinians and anti-zionists fuckheads - composing pieces from retarded America. They vouch too - through paypal, or more discreet avenues of cash in hand - direct transactions, in the name of the "cause".

What am I telling you ?

Am telling you that you are sold. A bunch of sell out, cheap, easy to get, whores.

This is what am telling you.

Am telling you that you are the worst kind of prostitutes. That's what am telling you.

Am telling you that even street walkers opportunism is clear, while yours is perverted.

Am telling you that you are the worst of the worst.

Am telling you, that I don't hate you. Fuck no. Am beyond gracing you with my hate. I despise you. I have contempt for you. And those of you who "master" well the English language and wank to it, ya'nee, jerk off to it, to make an impression - like tenured professors - various ones, intellectuals of two cents worth, hip, savvy popular "sources" --- you will know the fucking difference between hate and contempt.

I hold you in contempt.

I hold you guilty, hands bloodied.

Bloodied hands with a 1.5 million Iraqi martyrs, ya awlad al sharmoota.

In the past I have covered the terminology, like awlad al gahba, awlad al sharmoota. I suggest you refer back to my "bibliography" or better still, ask your "alternative" websites, your "angry arabs" or your " palestinian" "anti-zionists" what these words mean. Am sure you will get a Persian translation for it.

Let me cool down a second...

Cool her down, cool her down. Her language is grotesque. Her wordings foul. She is a shame. We did promise ourselves to never publish her again...but....

Cool down. Or kewl down as the retarded American fucks say. Kewwwwl dowwwn.

Am kewl, ya awlad al sharmoota. Am cool and am on a fucking roll...or is it rowwwl ?

Am really kewl now.

Took a few deep, "tantric", "new age", California breaths, and am kewl.

Took a few deep foggy polluted East coast, sex in the city, smoggy breaths...and am not only kewl, am also very sophisticated now. Very sophisticated, in a politically correct, nasal kind of way. Very nasal. Nasal enough to make soap shit like Sex in the City make up for lack of nasally induced sex.

Took a few deep breaths, from executioner Iran "joon" (joon or jewnn = darling in Farsee), and now am a "sophisticated" , theologically revolutionary, shiite revivalist, mahdi marxist, , fresh, new blood breed...

Can I take a break ? I am laughing my ass off now.

I'm mostly laughing at you.

So what is this all about ?


Except the usual Fuck.

Fuck your Iran. Fuck your Iranian - part of the status quo opposition - a familiar handy cushion to fall back onto - to prevent real opposition from taking over.

Fuck your Ahmadinejad. Fuck your Khameini.

Fuck your Ayatollahs.

Fuck your propaganda websites and blogs.

Fuck your Hawza and Marjia in Nejaf and Kerbala. Fuck your Sistani. Fuck your Dawa, Hakeem/Badr, Driller Sadr and Jaysh Al-Mahdi.

Fuck your Hizbollah, your militias, your Vali Nasr, your politically wretched hidden Imam.

Fuck your Quds Al-Arabi and its pro-Iran editorials.

Fuck your Obooma anti-war clowns and the P.Bennis and Co. who offered bouquet of flowers to the american puppet shiite sectarian Maliki. Fuck Code pink and their fucking Mullah pistachios...

Oh, and fuck Cockburn and Co - the advocates for mass drilling in Iraq...

And it well past my bed time, if you like to add anyone to the list, please be my guest.

OK. I feel much better now. I feel really "kewl" in a politically correct kind of way.

Oh and I forgot to add - if you don't like my language - Fuck you, too.

Nite Nite.

August 4, 2009

18.54 Minutes of a Soul Wound.

Someone forwarded me this very moving and powerful video.

The four artists interviewed, summed up in 18.54 minutes, my three years of blogging.

I have mentioned, referred, inferred to, in all of my previous posts -- the Iraqi Soul. Yes I believe that there is a collective Soul of a People, in particular an ancient people like the Iraqis.

I don't want to say much. I invite you to watch closely this short documentary. Watch it closely with attention and listen to what is, and most importantly to what is not said.

For those of you - whose souls are not deadened out or numbed out with denial, justifications, rationalizations, apathy, indifference, spite, or greed...have some tissues handy.

18.54 minutes may sound too long for you, too long in your very busy schedules, but 18.54 minutes for us, is only a second of what we have witnessed and experienced.

A second of our errant Souls.

Errant Home : Director: Nada Doumani | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2008

Synopsis: Errant Home is a film about exile and longing for home. It is an impressionist portrait of Iraq through the eyes of four well-known Iraqi artists and intellectuals: an Iraq of culture, art, diversity, tolerance, daily pleasures, perfumes and food. An Iraq lost for the time being, but not forever. Forced into exile, the protagonists - the sculptor Mohamad Ghani Hekmat, the artist Balasem Mohamad, the journalist Maysoon Al-Mousawi and Amal Al-Khodairy patron of the arts - talk, remember and dream of return.

August 3, 2009

A Revelation : Find, Know - Yourself.

Truths I need to learn usually reveal themselves in my dreams...

I was actually debating whether this post should go on the Uncensored blog or not...

What the hell - after all, they are both my blogs. But it is as if this one is like some public persona and just one click down the page, the private persona is present right behind the public one.

Of course all of this is happening in my head but not quite - since readers have associated this blog with Iraq, maybe forgetting the one who writes about it. The Arab woman. Or maybe I have forgotten her in the process, too.

So the dream I woke up with, revealed to me some truths I have been hiding from myself or more aptly unwilling to face on some deeper level.

I am not quite sure what prompted it. I have been listening to that Greek song that I had just uploaded on my Uncensored blog. I listened to it not less than 25 times, searching desperately for some translation. I just felt it to be a most important song for me, for now...

So I fell asleep listening to it, awaiting meaning...

So this morning I received a part translation from a friend and messed around on web translators to get the remaining bits...

But in my dream - the "meaning" revealed itself and it was most propitious to me.

I dreamt I was in some Arab Company. A cultural entity if you wish. The "bosses" had their own private offices, separated from the rest of the staff. They had total privacy. The staff on the other hand - the staff being me and others, were all gathered in one huge open space office, separated from the "bosses" by a transparent glass door.

On the door, there was a sign that said - Be notified that all your conversations are taped and recorded.

Upon reading this sign, I panicked, thinking to myself - they must have heard everything I said about them - the bosses. I started looking with suspicion to all the others who were cooped up with me in this huge office of "productivity". All along, I felt this was not my real place...

Then one of the bosses - someone in authority - makes an announcement to the effect that half a dozen of American men will be coming "to study" Arab (Muslim) women.

The scenery changes. I am now in some other office that has beds, like some dorm.
There are a group of Arab women, some I knew, some I did not. Some were Muslim, others were Christian.

So, walks in a delegation of tall, blond, blue eyed Americans, that looked like ex-marines, recycling themselves in "Cultural Studies." They sounded friendly and "eager to learn" and they gave us "motivational" speeches and "exercises" to do.

But I sensed that, that was a trap. These guys already have preconceived ideas about us. I said to myself in my dream - these are just a bunch of "orientalists", deep down all they want is some "fascinating" "exotic" fun under the pretext of "cultural studies".

I knew this is not the place for me either. I had to get away. I said to the Western "team leaders" that I need to nip quickly to the local bookstore, to find "references" on Arab women and Islam to help them in their "studies and motivational courses" and shall be back very soon...I never returned.

Then I saw myself in this bookstore. In the dream, it was located in some Western capital. At the entrance, I was asked to disinfect my hands and wear gloves before touching their precious books and publications. I thought to myself, this is crazy, all am looking for is a book. (on Arab women). All am looking for, is something that makes sense. I did not even make it to the first floor of the bookstore where all their "references" were laid. I left the bookstore quickly. On my way out, I saw a metal swivel where the "best sellers" were exhibited.

On the swivel's shelves, I saw many pop books on the Muslim Sufi Mystic Rumi - Rumi made easy for the Westerner. The quick fix Rumi. Cheap t-shirts bearing some of the Rumi quotes...

I thought to myself, they even cheapened, perverted and commercialized this great mystic Master - to make him fit their own comprehension, their own shallow level of understanding...
I will not find my truth here, either. So I left again...

In the final stage of this dream, I found myself on some terrace. It was evening right after the sunset. It was early night. The sky was a shining silver, shining like a polished mirror, the new moon shone like some sun, all bathed in white gold...I sat and contemplated this stupendous evening/night...something I had never seen before in my life.

Then this English woman, who looked very anguished and full of complexes, approached me and said - you women are so oppressed, so subjugated, when will you find your freedom ?

I calmly replied - why are you so scared of us ? She broke down and said she envied something, am not quite sure what it was, then admitted that she was very depressed being a woman. I suggested she took some tranquilizers, and asked her to leave me alone so I can continue contemplating this very special evening...this very special evening where all bathed in a glorious white silvery golden light.

This dream/revelation, gave me a long translation of that Greek song, well before I received the "official" translation. This revelation was most humbling. I woke up with tears in my eyes.

I understood that my liberation, my freedom, is not to be found in an Arab company - where all is very hierarchical, and where am censored and fearful all the time...

That my liberation, my freedom is not to be found in American/Western "cultural studies" on me, when their intentions are neither clean nor pure.

That my liberation, my freedom, was not to be found in some Western book on the subject, nor in some fix-it, pop, spirituality, made easy.

That my liberation, my freedom was not be found in some English insecure Feminist, teaching me freedom.

My liberation and freedom lay in that EVEning/Night (al-layl), sitting and contemplating, in that special, white golden, shining, evening - right inside of me, right inside of my self.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.