September 23, 2012

Part III - The Innocence of Muslims

 Am picking up where I left off…

Behind every White Man there’s an indigenous « Savage ».

White man, white woman --- this is not about skin color. And am tired of having to explain every word I use.

The indigenous  savage as a construct, by the white man. Am sure the Natives of the Americas and those of Africa  will understand me.  On the other hand am not sure who makes me more  angry – the White Man or his Uncle toms, because Uncle Toms abound. 

Back to the tacky trailer film, followed by another set of cartoons from oh la la - La République, followed by another set of posters draping the walls of New York subway stations, as if New Yorkers were not neurotically paranoid enough. Yes indeed Mohamed and the Savage Jihadist are nothing but one --- you just can’t see the connection, the fast convenient  9/11 connection, the 7- Eleven connection, the 24/7 connection…

Rub in 9/11 whichever way you turn your head --- the savages are out, rioting, protesting and getting killed by their own Uncle Toms, to the choir of Muslim Scholars from across the Atlantic. Follow the example of the Prophet -- they patronize, from behind their altars /minbars (not minibars) and the cozy safety of their computers ---all afforded by “Free Speech”. 

They may have a point – we are not Pavlov’s dogs to react to every injury -- we are just “savages” - lambs for slaughter. 

A great disconnect between two realities and a widening gap – East and West. Those on the other side don’t see, don’t feel, don’t want to know. They cry Islamophobia, worry if someone touches their niqab or veil but ignore the voices coming from the other side…the savages on the other side are truly uncivilized , not like us, us living with the White Man and striving oh so much to be accepted by him (and her, of course.)

All those “third world natives” protesting in over 50 countries ---they understood nothing, but only you understand, only you understand…

They are a minority we are told. All Salafists, Jihadists, extremists.  Ban them.

France banned the protests and closed its embassies and schools in 20 countries. It even sent 60 policemen for one lone protester. Indeed we need to protect ourselves from the Savages. 

Any speech if not for Israel, is considered anti-semitic in la République, criminalized by law.  But please do have a go at the Savages because we are a nation of Freedom . And French courts were quick to ban topless pictures of the English royal family. A symbolic gesture of solidarity with “Decency” against the “Grotesque."  Noblesse oblige. While in England, courts sentenced a young UK citizen  of Asian descent, Ahmed Azher -- for cursing British troops in Afghanistan, on his Facebook page.
Only when Savages protest, do things go violent. 

When the Chinese stormed the Japanese embassy and burned Japanese shops across China, they were just angry protests. When 4000 Dutch teenagers pelted  Dutch police with stones, hammers, and bicycles following a Facebook Birthday party invitation ---which your lousy teenagers call the X project ( X projects have caused much damages to properties in Europe and US), they are just protesting. And what of yesterday’s rally of the Aryan March in the US protected by US police ? These can’t be savages, they are Aryan.

Besides, these Jihadists, Salafists, savages what are they protesting exactly ? A film, a cartoon or a set of posters allowed by US courts in the name of Free Speech…are they protesting the burning of Korans, the prohibitions of Minarets and veils..what are they saying ? what are they articulating through their “Muslim Rage” (to borrow Newsweek title). 

We are innocent – the white man in total outrage exclaims - wagging his finger against the violence of Savages. We had nothing to do with the film.  You don’t understand, because you are savages, but we live in Freedom…why can’t you learn from us. Hell we have been trying to teach you, since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. We the Brits, we the French, we the Germans, we the Dutch, we the Italians, we …we…Did we not colonize you to civilize you ? Did we not spend time and effort to teach you the glory of our race, of our concepts, of our lifestyle, of our way of being…Hell we did…Hell we sure did.

And look at you, just look at you – devoid of “Reason and Responsibility”  (another title from the Guardian), enraged like rabid dogs, rioting, burning flags, tires, and getting killed like Savages.

Here, have a drone, here another one…

Did you not learn your lesson in Iraq? Here take a B.52, a good dose of Depleted Uranium, cluster bombs and some White phosphorus as white as us…

Still not learning are you? Here have Guantanamo, here take Abu Ghraib, there you go, Bagram is waiting for you…we get to keep your body parts as trophies, though…after we sodomize the God, your Allah out of you. Hell…we try so hard with these savages…

You don’t understand said one of the film backers --- this is to weed out all the Binladens out there.  BinLaden is dead,  what are we going to replace him with ? How about Jihadist /Salafist ? Sounds exotic in a nasty kind of way…perfect term -- foreign and nasty --even more potent than the sound of Al Qaeda – because Jihadists/Salafists are everywhere…no longer hidden in the caves of Tora Bora but everywhere even on New York Subway Stations. 

Remember it was the Islamists before, they were called insurgents, militants, terrorists…now that we have seriously warmed up to them in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Iraq (of the Shiite type) and hopefully soon in Syria (a protest about to be hijacked) now that we “contained” the Islamists and their “intellectuals” (will not name names, you know who you are), we still need to weed out ….weed out the “violent “ elements… yes those savages Jihadists/Salafist.

We need a peaceful Muslim…here, have another drone.

Anyone who stands against us is a Salafist/Jihadist/ Savage. Soon we will go to the root of the problem….the Mother of all Salafist of all Jihadists ---- that country, we know who you are. 

Islamists now cracking down on Salafists/Jihadists…yes they are literalists and myopic but so were you before you were "contained" by the White man.

 But all those who took out to the streets were not literalist myopic extremist savages, they are simply FED UP with you White Man. And anyone who is fed up with you is considered to be against you.

Violence is ugly…am well placed to know. I witnessed the violence of the White Man in Iraq. It is a savage violence… 

Yes, violence is heinous, drones who killed this little boy’s entire family, knows how heinous it...

Yes violence is ugly…hideous… Afghan women are well placed to know when a strike killed 8 of them while they were gathering wood just 48 hours after your Ambassador and his aides died… and the reaction on Twitter was indifferent, at best lukewarm. Who gives a damn - more Afghan women and girls getting killed --- surely not the global feminist movement who is now urging us to protest naked, nor our house Muslims with their veils and nasal twangs. 

Yes violence…a horrible thing…a terrible thing…a savage thing...

Yes violence…I know it…I wake up drenched in sweat, this morning was no exception…I saw myself in Baghdad, terrorized Baghdad in tatters….scared, scarred, pleading with the sacred, running like a fugitive, like a savage…crossing a street not knowing when an explosion will take me…I stumble in my savage race for life…and fall…on a colony of black dead roaches, lying on their backs.

September 19, 2012

Part II - The Innocence of Muslims.

I would like to continue where I left off, in some part II, knowing fully well that the Western/American film is not over yet...

I hope you have realized by now that it is not about a 13mn video trailer in itself, but what about this trailer represents in the grand scheme of things.

And in this post, I would like to stress on that word "representation".  How the Other is presented/represented on some ideological/cultural level (even though I have conceptual problems with the word Culture here, but I will still use it) and how this representation serves political ends.

In my previous post, I talked about the hyper sexualization of the Other - and I gave a concrete example when I mentioned "the penis driven religion" called Islam. I have more vulgar representations of the Other, besides "penis driven" - another one I come across frequently is " with their asses up in the air" (referring to Muslim prostration during prayers). In themselves these may be "anecdotal " and consequently brushed off as some cheap shot at the Other.

However when terms used by the Western other like --"animals, beasts, savages, penis driven, and asses up in the air" are inscribed in a specific historical and political context --- they take on a different meaning altogether, they become ideological weapons...used against the Other. They no longer become a "joke" afforded by  "Free Speech"

Again, I will try to keep it as simple as I can, even though it is no simple matter and is quite complex, as it has so many levels, layers -  so to speak...

Without wanting to get into a history of Orientalism and the "representation of the other" I will draw analogies from a vivid memory...

I will start with Iraq, the cradle of Civilization, that has known no respite in lack of Civility. I will start with Abu Ghraib.

Abu Ghraib - Abu Ghraib is the perfect example of the "representation of the Other." It is not the only example yet it is my starting point.

I use the Abu Ghraib example because it is full of meaning, images, even though Abu Ghraib is now silent. And this is the power of image versus words...imagery takes over, wins over any time.

And representation of the Other requires, necessitates imagery...images...and imagination.

And since it started off with a film (an image), it is only fair that this film continues in its different episodes...

Abu you remember Abu Ghraib ?

I do. Abu Ghraib is there always in the back of my is associated with Free Speech and Democracy, with Human Rights and Liberty.

A penis driven religion...a penis driven people....hooded, made to masturbate, sodomize one another, for snapshots taken by the Western man...for "laughs".

Another image  - Guantanamo, where the animal beast savage is chained...shackled in iron, in metal cages, behind metal bars...while innocent.

Images zoom through my mind...

Images stored in the collective, a history of images...images...just like that cheap film made in California...
Dehumanizing and cheap....

Dehumanizing and that what Western Freedom is all about..?!

This is only ONE of the Questions you need to ask yourselves until I come back with more...

September 15, 2012

The Innocence of Muslims.

It took me much courage to watch it - that "famous" film.

I did it in phases, because I could not stomach the Sacred being trampled upon. In phase 1, I watched 6mn of it. In phase 2. I managed the whole film, more or less, because I kept skipping scenes.

It's only a film I told myself...a bad one too, "artistically" speaking. But this is not a question about's about destructive creativity, and the film is only the needle that broke the camel's back.

The whole incident (and what ensued) was most interesting to observe...a certain detachment is necessary only to get closer to the truth of the matter...

Many levels to the story...a superimposition of levels, of meanings, of perceptions, of discourses, of realities...

So I watched it. The first thing that struck me is the hyper sexualization of the "character" Mohamed. I was not surprised to later read that a certain American by the name of Klein who backed/supported/funded this film (the story is still not quite clear), called Islam a "penis-driven" religion. While the producer of this film (still not quite sure who he is) called it a "cancer".

Mohamed is portrayed as a sex driven lecherous bastard, a pedophile, a cruel sadist, a pervert, and a homosexual.

In those 13mn or so of this cheap trailer, almost comic but not comic at all - you are left with the idea - Mohamed is basically an animal and a savage. He is depicted as this lowly thing, totally under the mercy of the most base impulses, a beast in human form.  This is the main idea of the film. And by correlation, anyone who follows Mohamed and his teachings is akin to Mohamed - a beast in  human form, a penis driven, cancerous thing that needs to be eliminated for one's survival.

If I want to employ terms borrowed from "orientalist" imagery - this would be "negative orientalism" at its purest. "Positive orientalism" on the other hand (even though still orientalism) would attribute more positive exotic attributes to the Other, yet still not devoid of "potential uncontrollable dangers that can erupt at any time".

The timing of the film is to be given some consideration as well : it suddenly surged on 9/11 (even though am told it was realized before), and as it so happens, before the US elections. But these are relatively minor details (even though important in their own right). What personally interests me is something of a different nature.

I will try to keep it as simple as I can...

When the protests broke out --and quite unfortunately 3 or 4 Americans lost their lives and 18 non Americans as well (protesters and police but no one pays attention to those), H.Clinton in her first press conference said : " these are a small group of Savages" and Obama promised "justice" will be done. Later. we learn military reinforcements as well as drones are sent to Yemen, Libya and Sudan.

Indeed it was an act of "savagery" to kill an American ambassador in a country that NATO just helped to "liberate", but wait a minute that not what the message of the film was all about ? A "savage" prophet ?

Glenn Beck in another statement to the press said -- " these Muslims are animals". But wait a minute here, was that not the message of the film depicting the prophet as a bestial thing - an animal ?

Before I go further I want you, nay I request of you - to bear in mind that during the Wisconsin killings where innocent Sikhs were targeted - no one referred to the killers as animals or savages, ditto for the Norway killer.. Bear that in mind for a second while I continue...

So H.Clinton who is known for her hyena shriek when Gaddafi was lynched with "we came, we saw, he died", re-confirmed the message passed on by the film - the savage Muslim ( a group of them we were assured).

When the protests had spread well beyond Benghazi and no longer became an issue if Americans were killed but if the sanctity of the American flag was "hurt".  American flags burned from Morocco to Bangladesh, even in lousy "liberated" Iraq...

 Reuters wrote in total outrage in CAPITAL letters on Twitter - "they burned the trees surrounding the US embassy in Sudan and broke the windows" like - how could they - it was nothing but a film ?!

But was it really just about a film ? Or was it really just about a cartoon ?

Our house Muslims quick to pacify, immediately polished the shoe of the master, almost automatically..."it's just a film" they said. Just like they said "it was just a cartoon", "look at Syria" they'd conclude.

Needless to say, our house-Muslims in the past never gave two hoots about Syria...and when they did  they called the rebels "nothing but a bunch of salafis paid by the West"  oh wait, wait, till you read about our online Hijabis, the ones that would bore us to tears with their "religiosity, piousness and their hijabs" suddenly took a distance marked by an "embarrassment" with these "savages" that stormed US embassies and oh horror of horrors burned the American flag. After all, Islam is a religion of peace, as long as you are allowed to keep your accessory hijab on.

The house Muslims along with the media assured and re-assured us it was just the "salafis" - the hardcore extremists who took offense. These "salafis" "jihadists" happen to be the "savages" by association as per the film and the US government. Except in the film it was Prophet Mohammed himself.

So was it really about a film ? or was it about some subconscious message that everyone registered, or was it about US empire and its symbols ? It was all three and more...

Surely you can't convince me that the hundreds of protesters were all salafis, jihadists, surely you can't convince me that all were angry about just a film ?!

One cleric from Khasmir summed it up well --- in simple terms --- it's about time the US leaves the region.

In order to occupy a region from Afghanistan to Iraq, you need to vilify and demonize...the film is NOT a separate incident from the general American foreign policy but a continuation of it.

Protesters storming American and Western Embassies,  burning American flags, Hardees (an American hamburger joint) and Kentucky Fried Chicken -- are nothing but a symbolic response...not just to a film that depicts the Imam, the leader, the Prophet of ALL Muslims as an animal and as a savage, but to an American foreign policy that has turned the people it has occupied and whose lives it has utterly destroyed into angry "beasts".

But I will not stop here...because as I said before there are many levels to the story...the other levels being-- the hyper sexualization of the Other, the perception of violence (when committed by the Other), the stubborn resistance of notions/concepts  of "Sacredness & Sacrality" versus "West & Modernity" and last but not least a redefinition of meanings and concepts like "Democracy, Free speech" in the age of the American Empire.

PS: To note in European countries, you  can get arrested for "anti-Semitism" but not for anti Islam. Are we the "niggers" of the New World Order ?

September 6, 2012

The Morality of Hypocrites...

What ?  Hypocrites have morals ? Well yes, they pretend to have morals -- I call it a fake morality.
One of the best examples of fake morality - i.e the morality of Hypocrites is Iraq. Masha'Allah, no one can supersede today's Iraqis with hypocrisy. They have graduated in Hypocrisy with Honors, and some even acquired a Doctorate in the art of Hypocrisy --- just like they are purchasing their "PhDs" in today's Iraq.

Since 2003, when those ignorant, dumb, killers, psychopaths, fucked up idiots, clueless barbarians, stinking backward filth called the Americans (and the Brits) landed in Iraq, ever since that day Iraq has become a beacon of "morality" - the morality of Hypocrites. A mirror image of the "morality" of America and of course how could I forget the "morality" of Iran.

Ever since this "liberation", "Human Rights & Individual Freedoms" - oh the worshiped words of Western "democracies" - have been totally eroded, trampled upon, spat upon -  to the utter silence of these "well meaning" "self sacrificing" Western "democracies"

Forget for a moment the secret dungeons where rape and torture run galore, and forget the executions, one after another with no trial, forget silencer guns and arbitrary arrests, forget these basics -- for they do not exist in today's Iraq

Forget for a moment Iraq being indexed as the most corrupt country in the world, after poor Somalia, forget the embezzlement in billions of $$$, forget the smuggling of oil, the commissions on phony deals, the acquisition of obsolete technology, the expired medicine and medical equipment on the black market,  the promotions canapés in government ministries ( promotion canapé basically means you are promoted if you lay down on a couch with your legs in the air or if you bend over - whatever suits best)  forget parochial clientélisme; patronage and partisans of a sectarian quota system where a barber and vegetable vendor suddenly become an ambassador or minister with a "PhD" (of course), just because he happens to be either a Shiite or a Kurd...

Forget the prostitution and pimping rings in the Green Zone, forget the 10$ Muta'a temporary marriages in the "Holy Cities"....

Forget all the above, because in the new Iraq all the above is unimportant. It has nothing to do with morality, absolutely nothing.

What is really important though is that you dress modestly --- modestly as in clad, modestly as in ninja, modestly as in a walking tent...

You see modesty is really centered around you, the ordinary Iraqi trying to breathe...A veil is no longer enough, you need need to look like an Iranian shadow in a chador...only then will you be considered modestly dressed. You need to follow the example of our female parliamentarians, the ones who assist sessions dressed like tents in rubber flip flops -- another set of "PhD's" has been awarded to them (of course) As for our honorable non veiled or slightly veiled female parliamentarians, they hardly ever assist any sessions, most of the time they direct their affairs from abroad and just fly into Baghdad at the end of the month to cash in their hefty paychecks.

So in the new Iraq, having a scarf on your head is not enough unless you "work" in the Green Zone. Wearing lipstick or some bright color or God forbid your ankle shows and you are immediately perceived as lacking "morals". (article here)

And as if that was not enough in the new "democratic" Iraq (vomit), the "morality police" which consists of  "army special forces" cracks down on the few night clubs and alcohol shops left open in Baghdad (article here)  vandalizing the places, beating clients and performing artists - ordinary Iraqis - who need to breathe, something other than DU and Shiite lamentations. Most likely the army "special forces aka morality police" will drink the stuff themselves, after their evening Husseiniyat or the "moral" ones in their midst will trade it in the black market or smuggle it to the "Holy Cities" for another set of "moral" clients in turbans.

September 4, 2012

Insomnia's Notes to Self: #2 Syria - a Humanitarian Crisis

One of the good thing about listening to the radio like I do, is that one can catch news that are hardly covered by the mainstream press or covered much later, or not covered at all for political reasons.

I heard in a news bulletin, that Antonio Gutterez of United Nations Commission for Refugees, spoke of a humanitarian crisis and tragedy taking place in Syria. He said that the number of killed according to him was higher than the 26'000 people as reported by the Syrian Human Rights activists.  He furthered added that that the residents of Homs and Aleppo were suffering severe shortages, and that he had never seen as many wounded being admitted in the only two functional hospitals in these respective cities.

He also spoke of a clear "civil war" where both parties were totally unequal in armed power, referring to the Syrian forces using air power plus sophisticated weapons in comparison to the opposition who had only light artillery. And I did catch the total number of Syrian government  forced killed to date to be around 1'300, while the rest are almost all civilians. He also spoke of an indescribable violence.

Needless to say none of that can be found on the net, since I searched for it. However I did stumble on his address to the UN council which can be read here. 

From the full statement, it is implied that not only the ordinary Syrians are forced to flee but that other refugees now present in Syria in particular Palestinians are also being forced to leave. You need to read the whole statement carefully to understand the language of "diplomacy".

He also mentions a number of Syrians seeking refuge, drowning in the Mediterranean sea including children earlier this week. A piece of news that was not covered by the mainstream media.

As a matter of fact the refugee crisis and tragedy is not being covered sufficiently in the media for obvious political reasons. The total number of Syrian refugees to day (since the start of crackdown and butchery by the Assad Regime) is around 229'000, and rapidly rising. A total of 3'000 per day cross into neighboring countries. To give you one example, in the past 24hrs over 200 Syrians fled to Lebanon.

Antonio Gutterez also spoke of a dramatic increase in orphans and widows in Syria.

The head of the ICRC on the other hand mentions 1.2 million Internally Displaced Persons in Syria (IDP), full article here  with very difficult living conditions and an impending fear of being killed any minute. Those who flee inside the country try to find refuge in Damascus.

UNICEF on the other hand mentions for THIS week's death toll in Syria at 1'600, adding that "it was one of the biggest humanitarian emergencies in the last decade" - on which I will have to disagree, Iraq was much worse...I just hope Syria will not reach the same levels of sectarian cleansing we witnessed in Iraq. During 2006-2007, on some days the death toll would reach 3'000 killed per day. I pray that Syria will not spiral down to this kind of level of violence.

Needless to add that there is a severe shortage of funds to host the Syrian refugees and only 50% of the pledged contributions have been received -- again one does not need to be a genius to understand why refugee aid has been trickling so slowly seeing the gravity of the problem.

A few testimonies 

"We saw people sitting on the street and sleeping. They don't have a toilet. It's very bad ... No food. Children in the street," says one person.--Turkey

"Men, women and children stood in the street in front of one school with their bags and suitcases, some unsure where to go. (after Ministry of Education decided to vacate one school) -- Lebanon

While another refugee said "Animals are treated with better living conditions"  -- Iraq

And some are stranded in the middle of the desert in very harsh conditions with next to zero sanitation, like the Zaatari camp -- Jordan.

August 28, 2012

Insomnia's Notes to Self. #1 Syria-Iran

Many thoughts racing through my mind at this very late hour of night, very early hour of morning. For me it's still night...shrouded in Darkness. My thoughts race, like laser beams, I need to make sense of events. I have to make sense of events. I have to, it's imperative.

I will consecrate this post to several Notes to Self, that I shall share out loud on this blog, I need to jot down everything. It does not matter if it does not make sense to you, it will eventually. Hence this post will be regularly updated with my own notes - hopefully all the pieces of the puzzle will fit in the end, as am sure they will.


Just read a very important piece from the Wall Street Journal. Iran officially acknowledges that it will be sending Iranian Revolutionary Guards, plus hundreds of foot soldiers, as well as "civilian" Basijis to reinforce the Assad regime  i.e to fight along his side.

Now, this is in itself is not news to me. Everyone knows that Iranian operatives are fighting in Syria, including Hezbollah men, and of course Iraqi Shiite Militias notably Muqtada Al-Sadr Jaysh Al-Mahdi men.

What is interesting in this piece though, is the other information... You can read it here in its entirety.
I, for my part, will retain certain keys sentences and will build on them as I go along..

I mentioned in one of my posts on Syria that it is in the interest of Iran to have a continuous "civil" war there, provided it has the upper hand. It is not only out of love for Bashar Al-Assad's person, Iran will drop Bashar Al-Assad like a used tissue the minute it can work out someone else that will serve its interests in Syria - in agreement with the Americans, the EU and Russia. However, meanwhile the balance of power in the region is still in favor of Iran, the stalling by the International community and by the US and EU is a good indicator of that Iranian leverage.

I have been following the Syrian crisis closely and even though I don't comment on it often, I have kept my observations strictly to myself. I have noticed a very distinct pattern in the unfolding of the conflict.

The surrounding cities of the capital Damascus are being gradually emptied (see the huge Syrian refugee exodus, 32'000 just this week alone and according to latest rough figures by the UNHCR a total of 200'000 refugees +  since the beginning of the conflict).

The areas in the closest vicinity of Damascus center (apart from Al-Midan) are still relatively intact. In other words the fighting is being kept on the outskirts. I am going to rephrase that - the cleansing is so far being kept at the outskirt of the center of the capital. So far, am presuming that the Assad regime is still counting on its supporters who happen to be mainly in the capital and in certain predominantly Alawite regions like Latakia and Tartous. His supporters are not only Alawites though they do form the bulk, but Christians and Sunnis as well. (we can't deny that fact).

From the way Iran and its militias operate, they first hit (cleanse) the areas outside the capital, or what they consider to be the "weakest links", then move on to the capital if they feel the regime has weakened enough to be overthrown or collapses. It is a classical military tactic but in the case of Syria it serves a two fold purpose. As long as Syria is in a state of civil war and the regime has not collapsed in favor of the opposition, Iran will retain the upper hand.

Hence a continuous state of sectarian war waged upon the Syrians is beneficial to Iran, as it also forces the other countries concerned (namely Turkey - a direct regional competitor to Iran) into a position of defense. Defensive means there's an Offensive by proxy. The proxy being Syria.

So getting back to the article I mentioned above and I shall be quoting from it at great length. Iran to send men, arms and cash in an effort to bolster the Assad regime. According to one commander of the IRGC

--  " Today we are involved in fighting every aspect of a war, a military one in Syria and a cultural one as well," Gen. Salar Abnoush, commander of IRGC's Saheb al-Amr unit, told Iranian volunteer trainees...

--  "As the Arab Spring unfolded in countries including Libya, Egypt and Bahrain, the Islamic Republic cast its own revolution as an inspiration for the uprisings. But Tehran didn't support the protesters in Syria—its closest ally in the region"  

-- "One of Iran's wings will be broken if Assad falls. They are now using all their contacts from Iraq to Lebanon to keep him power"

-- "Syria is managing this situation very well on its own,"... but if the government can't resolve the crisis on its own, then based on their request we will fulfill our mutual defense-security pact."

-- "Syria's crisis tops the agenda at the summit of Non-Aligned Movement nations this week in Tehran. Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Thursday that Iran would announce a surprise peace plan for Syria during the five-day conference, which started Sunday."

-- "Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the final word in all state matters, has appointed Qasim Solaimani, the commander of the elite Quds Forces, to spearhead military cooperation with Mr. Assad and his forces, according to an IRGC member in Tehran with knowledge about deployments to Syria."

-- "Solaimani has convinced Mr. Khamenei that Iran's borders extend beyond geographic frontiers, and fighting for Syria is an integral part of keeping the Shiite Crescent intact," said the IRGC member in Tehran. The so-called Crescent, which came together after Saddam Hussein's fall, includes Shiites from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. (note : Syria is majority Sunni)

-- "Iran is now sending hundreds of rank-and-file members of the IRGC and the basij—a plainclothes volunteer militia answering to the guards—to Damascus, said two people in the IRGC familiar with the movements.
Many of the Iranian troops hail from IRGC units outside Tehran, these people say, particularly from Iran's Azerbaijan and Kurdistan regions where they have experience dealing with ethnic separatist movements "

--" Iran has also started moving military aid and cash to Syria through Iranian companies in Iraq, such as a construction company owned by a former IRGC member now living in Iraq and a tour company servicing pilgrims to holy Shiite sites "

From the few statements made by the Iranian officials tied to the regime several aspects come out very clearly.
- it is a military war in the region by proxy - of course "anti imperialists" will jump and say it is an imperialist war against Iran through Syria. Not so. Wait and read the rest...

- it is a sectarian war waged upon the majority Sunnis of Syria by an Alawite sect derived from Shiism (even if a portion of Sunnis still support Assad)  - hence reference to the "Shia Crescent"

- it is a cultural war as Soleimani rightly said - cultural as in Shiite versus Sunnis but  also as in Persians versus Arabs (trace historical roots - will be tackled in another post)

- as for the "anti-imperialists" I will ask them to re-read the part of how the Iranian arms and cash are flowing through US occupied Iraq to Syria.

Will continue Insha'Allah with more Insomnia's thoughts...

August 16, 2012

A Glimpse into Shi'ite Sectarianism - Iraq & Beyond.

The message of Islam is first and foremost a message of Unicity of the Creator and by correlation Unity of the Creation. In that particular context, the unity of the believers and that of Muslims specifically.
Yet, this unity in Faith is far from being present. The Shia-Sunni Fitna or divide is more than just a thorn in the body of Islam, it is actually a poisoned dagger that pits one brother against the other, and stabs in the back when one is unguarded. Such is the state of the Muslim Umma.

Who started it, when did it start, why did it start ? It is a long story, and I can't in the limited space of this post go into all the historical details, into incidents that took place 1'400 years ago, political incidents to be more precise.

I say political because they were political in nature. Centuries later, they re-surfaced with greater brutality, with greater vindictiveness, taking on the form of political treason and betrayal, the form of organized and systematic ethnic and sectarian cleansing, the form of witch hunts,  imprisonment, torture,  mass arrests, killings, the form of exile, of discrimination  - in short the form of Oppression against non-Shias, and Sunnis in particular. And nothing is more hated in the sight of God, than Oppression.

You must have guessed by now where all of this took and is taking place  -- Iraq of course, where else ?!

The American invasion of Iraq in 2003 carried a specific sectarian agenda, for that agenda to be executed, the Americans heavily relied on, alas, the Shias of Iraq.(some not all - but a good some nonetheless) 

Why the Shias in particular ? Again, a little reading of contemporary history is necessary.

 The Iranian revolution , the Khomeinist revolution to put it more aptly, was not an Islamic revolution per se, but a Shiite revival. The centers of Shiite learning in Najaf and Kerbala in Iraq, were ideologically taken over by the Iranian clergy. This compounded with the Iran-Iraq war plus the first Gulf war, made it that the Shias of Iraq, for the most part, had/have their spiritual/religious guidance from Qum and hence their political loyalties to Tehran. 

One can't understand this facet of Shi'ism unless one understands the primordial role the Shi'ite clergy (including the Ayatollahs) play in mobilizing these allegiances. To make it simpler for the reader, an appropriate analogy would be practicing Catholics and the role of the Pope and Vatican. Except in the case of the Shias of Iraq, the political and the religious are intimately intertwined.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon a blog post written by an Iraqi fellow, who in his own way, addressed the issues I briefly mentioned here, and gave a brief but succinct summary of the historical roots of Shi'ite sectarianism adding his own observations drawn from both personal and other people's experiences mainly in the Iraqi military. By so doing, he dispels a good deal of the fabricated myths that both Americans and Iraqi Shias concocted together regarding the "ruthless oppression" of their sect. 

I shan't say more on the subject and  I greatly encourage you to take the time and read his blog post entitled "The Double Face of Shi'ite Sectarianism" 

August 9, 2012

The Caliph Omar - A recommendation.

This post is a message and an invitation to watch the historical Ramadan series, aired on Arabic TVs all over and which deal with the advent of Islam in 7th century Arabia, and recounts the story of one of the Caliphs - Omar (may God be pleased with him)

The detailed historical research that has gone into making these episodes is priceless.

It starts off BEFORE the advent of the Islamic message as revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (Peace & Blessings be upon him) and covers the Meccan and Hijra (exile /exodus) period to Medina until the prophet's death and after.

 It gives excellent background information on pre-Islamic 7th century Arabia ; on the customs, traditions, belief system, tribal and clan system of the early Arabs...and the rest...

I can't recommend it enough and am pleased to say that MBC the producer of this series have actually subtitled the early episodes into English and will do so for the remaining ones. This is a must for non Arabic speakers interested in Islam and good for the lazy ones who can't be bothered to read about the advent of Islam yet still hold opinions about it.

You can watch them HERE  with the English subtitles. Please bookmark this page and check for future subtitled episodes.

July 28, 2012

In My Mother's Arms...

My Twitter timeline was full of garbage today...not that it usually isn't but today it was extraordinarily so...a dazzling spectacle of people swooning over the "Olympics" with endless identical tweets, parroted from the same if hundreds of people were just one-- automated, robotic, spectator...repeating the same crap over and over again...for over 5 hours...praising the sophisticated city of London, Mother England; that ample breast, that generous mother of nations, gathering her children, for a get together in some higher realm...the colorful multitude of her mixed races...gently rocked in her outstretched arms...crowned with a speech by her Majesty's to the tunes of Paul McCartney or God knows who...I say God knows who because I did not watch and will not watch...The Twitter garbage was enough of a scene.

So in between those nauseating tweets, I tried focusing on the realities of the Empire, the White one...the British American one, the Western one...

And amid the orgiastic exclamations, a small tiny voice of sanity  linked a story -- horrific images of the Dawood US military hospital in Kabul, supposedly funded to provide medical care to Afghan soldiers fighting along side their NATO masters.. Horrific scenes from an Auschwitz somewhere in Afghanistan.

I felt nauseous looking at these pictures, violently so...I thought to myself if these "civilized"savages called Americans and their NATO counterparts, allow this to happen to the "locals" that help and assist them...can you image what they do to the "Enemy" ? The neglect in this Kabul hospital can be qualified as nothing but pure RACISM and a deep contempt and hatred towards the Afghans, towards Muslims. You can see the pictures here.

Violently nauseous I

So I surfed the net in the hope of getting more information on this US military hospital in Kabul, only to land on another monster birthed by the White Anglo Saxon Empire - a Baghdad orphanage. The story of one man, who is saving orphans from the streets of Baghdad and from state run orphanages where children are regularly abused and raped. The struggle of one man, begging for funds to keep his 2 bedroom rented place that lodges 32 orphaned boys, man from Sadr adult orphan (figure of speech) with no help from the putrid corrupt Iraqi government, no help from the "humanitarian" NGOs, no help from the UN, no help from the American or British embezzlers who "liberated" his country only to leave over 500'000 street kids roaming the streets of Baghdad and 4 Million orphans all over Iraq. 

I will say no more...I will leave you to watch it...take 40 mn and WATCH IT. Watch it, absorb the details, pay attention, pay attention...if you can tweet for 5 hours non stop about some Olympic torch ceremony, surely you can watch 40mn. 

But am not counting on counting on one orphaned adult man, an orphan in his own country who's got the will and determination to pick up a tiny bit of the broken pieces that you left behind... 

After this second Olympic size monster, Iraq, the first one being Afghanistan -- the Olympics of Empire, my nausea started lava from a volcano...and I trust and I know that it will erupt on a massive scale...sooner than you care to believe.

July 18, 2012

The 99 Beautiful Names in Arabic: El-HAQ

I am inspired to write about the 99 Names, or the Divine Attributes. With my own limited  knowledge of Arabic linguistics (as opposed to language)  I shall try to piece together root words and meanings...

This is not an academic exercise, this is my own personal attempt at understanding, connecting words, and get a sense of their original essential meaning.

The Koran was revealed in Arabic during the Holy Month of Ramadan...and with my humble attempt, I shall try to be open and in tune to receive a tiny fragment of its meaning. And what better way to start than with the 99 Divine Attributes of ALLAH - God.

This is not in some chronological order, I will work on it whenever am inspired to do so. So if the case may be I will add daily whatever comes to me. Again, I stress this is not an academic exercise but a personal one.

In Arabic the root is the basis of the word, like a tree. A tree can't stand without roots. Roots provide the Essential nourishment.  And just  like a tree doesn't have one single root but a group of roots, so are the words.

So to make the imagery easier, imagine One tree, with several roots and imagine how each root is connected to another, all deep within the same One earth.

It is with this in mind that I will start. It will not be, by any stretch of the imagination, exhaustive, but more like tiny insights into one root at a time.

Today one of the Divine Names/Attributes (will be in CAPITAL LETTERS) that inspires me is El-HAQ.

El-HAQ can mean both Truth, Justice, Ultimate Reality. Which presupposes that both Truth and Justice are intimately tied. When there is Justice, there is Truth and when there is no Justice, there is no Truth.

Another word that shares the same root as Al-HAQ is Al-Haqeeqa: Al Haqeeqa - Reality based on Truth. It seems to imply that one can attain the Reality of "things" through seeking Truth/Justice.

Another derivative word from the Root H.A.Q, is the verb Haqaqa - which means to verify. Verify in French vérifier which comes from Vérité (Truth). Haqaqa means to verify/ investigate to get to the Truth.

Another word is Huqooq which means Rights. (Qanoon in Arabic is legislation /laws)

As I said above, this is by no means exhaustive, there is more from AL-HAQ.

But let me stop here for a minute and reflect on that attribute.

Trampling on Huqooq (rights) is trampling on Justice, is trampling on Truth, is veiling Reality

Falsify Truth, is falsifying Justice, is falsifying Reality, is usurping Rights.

The promise God gives is that no human can continue usurping Rights or falsify Truth/Justice because these are His Names, His Attributes.

June 29, 2012

After Thoughts on "Anti-Imperialism"

I don't understand why people balk at capitalism ...when it's too obvious that when you pay you get...whoever you are.

I have attended talks where people balk at imperialism...they mention every single occupation under the sun except Iraq. Every single occupation from the day Columbus set sails, except Iraq. That would leave anyone wondering....

Iraq, as per the Pentagon spokesman, the largest armada of troop and artillery movement since World War II.

One would expect at least a teeny weeny bit of a reference to that movement since World War II no ? Especially among our "anti imperialist" friends.

But no, nothing, not even one single reference, not even passing by, not even a salute to some old dead man...Nothing.

It's not like God forbid Iran was invaded and occupied.

So why is Iraq still out of the Equation ?

How many Khomeinis do you need to please before you utter the Truth ?

May 31, 2012

An Offering...

I am not in the habit of sharing my poetry on this blog.

Somehow in my mind Arab Woman Blues, the mother blog is dedicated only for Iraq, and poetry is a personal matter, a private realm where analysis fails to capture Truth. Poetry, a garden, where one can stroll and occasionally play, and sometimes a secluded room where one can cry...

But habits can be broken, and exceptions to the rule are allowed. This is not Moses Tablet with its Ten Commandments. This is my place, my little home, which I have kept freely open for you.

So today I have decided something "revolutionary", I am posting my poem here and on my two other blogs.
When I do something as "revolutionary" as this, it is usually because I have a message. Same applies when I advertise my posts, I only do so when I have a punctual message to send to the world.

And am hoping through this humble poem, of possibly  no "literary value" (that should shut up critics) my message will come across.
I have several peoples in mind to whom I shall dedicate this to - namely - Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Of course it is not limited to these three alone, it is an offering from my depths to whoever is struggling in a cell, in a well...

I pray that it will bring a message of Fortitude, Hope and Faith.

Down There with You....2012

I asked Him
where were you when...

It was dark and damp
down there
in total obscurity
a black veil covering 
my sight, separating me, us...

No Light
no human touch
no compassionate
you ask of me mercy
you leave me down there
in the abyss
of foreign hands
of sticks, stones
of fire surging from dragons mouths
lacerating my body
my soul

No Light
just a cell
with my back 
against a cold indifferent wall
I reach out 
another cold hard wall
my breath constricted
unable to inhale, exhale
fear, the stone in my stomach
my only food
my only nourishment
day and night
day became night
and night became day
falling into a long night
the Layl of my being.

I said to you 
fine take me 
You wanted surrender
and I did
the animal
beaten into submission
tamed into silence
the silence of a slow death

For I died
a thousand times,
tears, reminded me of
of water 
of out there
rivers, where people sit by their banks
laughing, hugging
sea shores where cool breeze
caresses the  hair
streams that
bare feet playfully tease
rain, when it hits my window 
snow and icebergs
where my tears froze in waiting
water of baths that purify
water that quenches
on hot summer days
the water of life
flowing in my tear...

Stuck, a prisoner
in a dry dark well
an abandoned Joseph
an outcast
the scorn and envy of others
dumped in a well
out of sight
days, months, years passed
and you left me there
in an infinite moment
praying for rain
eating earth
and bitter, caustic venom
in a place
with no life
and no death

I cried out 
as I cried out 
So where were You when...

I waited
defiant, challenging minutes
challenging the silence
of an Eternity
I waited just like I waited 
in that cell
in that well
where dreams were forbidden
where wounds sang soothing lullabies
rocking me 
in sleepless nights

I repeated the question
demanding, requesting, a reply
So where were You when... 
as if this is was your last chance to prove
as if this was our final goodbye
before we part ways
before I turn my back
before I walk out...

So where were You 

" Down there with you "
you gently said.

The Layl of my Being - May 2012.

April 24, 2012

The New Iraq: The Iranian-American Concubine.

I happen to like my own company, so I muse with myself. I play around with words in my head...I like to get to their roots, their essential meaning...words are windows, doors and gates...

I thought of the word concubine nearly all day. I am not sure why this word popped out of nowhere.

When Islam made its first breakthroughs in ancient Arabian society, it recognized two statuses for women - that of concubine and that of a free woman, hoping eventually to ease the concubine status to that of a free woman.  A free woman was defined as a woman who was not a captive - captive in the largest sense of the word. 

I thought of that word concubine - in Arabic - Jarriah. And since my neighbors are a pain in the butt, it took me to the word Jarr - meaning neighbor in Arabic and obviously since Iraq is almost always at the back of my mind, it took me to Iraq...

And since am on Twitter, because am a lazy blogger, and prefer 140 characters to long posts, ( I also came to realize the utter uselessness of blog posts) so  while I was musing with myself  I was also checking out news headlines...

And I just love how things come in full circle all by their own accord.

Nouri Al-Maliki the prime minister of Iraq is on a visit to Iran to consolidate bilateral ties of "cooperation" He's been received by the usual Iranian crowd and had a special session with the Supreme leader, the not so great Ayatollah.

Western reporters noted that the Iraqi flag was "strangely" missing and only the Iranian flag was raised.
Furthermore the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that "these two Shiite nations" (Iran and Iraq) made one, united in interests and vision.

At the same time, the USA and Iraq signed an energy, electricity (what's that ?) and an infrastructure development  (what's that ?) accord.  (won't link for you lazy readers, scroll down my tweets - make an effort, I have been making it for years)

What does that say ?

It says and reiterates the fact that you refuse to see.

The "new" Iraq is the Jarriah - concubine - of the Jarr - the neighbor - with the blessings of Uncle Sam

And I shall not rest my case...

April 7, 2012

Iraq again, over and over...

I type in this title but inside of me a voice has died...a part of me is already dead and buried. Yet I still find myself typing...Iraq.

Am I fooling myself ? Am not the kind that fools herself easily...even though I do understand that grand illusions are nice escapism...And naturally I want to escape from Iraq, and whatever Iraq has done to me.
But something else inside of me is tenacious, persevering, even though I have lost much hope. I honestly don't know what it is, somehow a part of me refuses to put Iraq on the back burner. A part of me absolutely refuses the "done deal" idea.

The game is larger than you and I, the plot was/is nothing but sheer Evil in its purest sense. America birthed an anti-Christ in the new Iraq. It resurrected an ancient devil that we had buried way back in the age of the Jahiliya, buried along with other skeletons from the age of Ignorance.

It always takes two to "procreate". In Iraq, these two were and still are the United States of America and Iran. I don't doubt that Israel was also in the delivery room, but let's put it this way, the surgeons are still the USA and Iran.

I've been blogging for over 5 years on Iraq, and I have maintained and still vehemently maintain, that IRAN has done as much if not more damage to Iraq than the Americans.  Iraq has been occupied for 9 years already, and it took 9 bloody years for (finally) the mainstream media to acknowledge that Iraq as it stands today is a deeply sectarian country, society...and somehow every one, 9 years later, are questioning how this is so.

Bad faith at its knew it was so. You knew it will become so...You KNEW.

All of you knew but you DENIED. You basically lied...and lied some more about the intrinsic sectarian agenda of the U.S but more important you willfully denied Iran's role in upholding, developing, enhancing, maintaining this deeply sectarian agenda.

It  is only now, 9 years later, that a few articles make a bashful almost apologetic appearance, as if to say...yes Iraq has BECOME a deeply sectarian society thanks to us...but...

But...but...that famous "but" of yours...

When it comes to Iraq there is no ifs and no buts...because ALL of it was a humongous LIE from the very beginning.

A lie that has cost us thousands of dead, thousands of exiles, a lie that has cost us our past, our present and our future...oh you people of the grandiose lie !

The lie that started with this whom you -- call Curveball -- and after which the shameful Independent still quotes the screwed figure of 100'000 dead --nine years later... But wait a minute here, this is not how the lie started...Curveball  a CIA asset whose story was "sexed up". (I thought you had enough sex with your sexual liberation but it seems not - but that's another chapter), the story started way before 9/11 and alleged WMD's.

The story started when the USA decided that the Mullahs of Iran were to be the real partners in the new Middle East. Iraq was their first bastard offspring, an unregistered birth...

And Iraq is the bastard of the new world order. And what a bastard it grew to become.

A failed state, a finished state. An embezzler, a corrupt thug, a "voyou" of the new world anti social psychopathic juvenile delinquent, a thief, a pickpocket, a peddler, a wannabee pimp, and in its adult form, in its skeleton form, in its revived form from the days of the Jahiliya, from the days of ignorance, a murderer, a killer, a sadistic vampire, the beast of Babylon...

It is only now that the presstitutes are talking of a sectarian Iraq (here and here) where the nomadic Kurds have build their illusory empire, kissing ass -- a bit of Iranian, a bit of Turkish, and lots of American ass and where a good deal of  Shiites still bow to the smelly feet of some debilitated Ayatollah from Qum.

Oh you fools, you fucking fools of Mesopotamia. Will you ever learn, did you ever learn ?!

Non Shiites, and non Kurds in the bastard Iraq, are a relic...don't argue with me...they are an extinct species...

Demographic change means the changing of structures...means the changing of maps, means the changing of geography...and vice versa...a change of structures, means a changing of maps, means of changing of geography, means a changing in demography....this is the plan.

This is THE PLAN.

The plan is to have a sectarian, ethnically divided Iraq.

And for those morons among you who still doubt Iran's "influence" you are ordered to read this - Iran vying to replace Ayatollah Sistani by Ayatollah Shahroudi, who served Iran's highest judiciary for over 10 years, who was the mastermind for the crackdown on the Iranian "spring" which you flippantly wrote off  as some "middle class caprice" a whim from Gucci shameless bastards, just like you are writing off a a genuine grassroot uprising in Syria...but then again that is another chapter...

Back to Iraq, I like to get my priorities right...and back to the Ayatollahs...

Shahroudi is not only considered as a viable replacement for the ailing Ayatollah Khameni and for the equally senile Ayatollah Sistani, Shahroudi is ALSO the spiritual guide of  Nouri Al Maliki's American installed DAWA party...oh but wait it gets better...his posters have already sprung up in Sadr city - the stronghold of your "anti imperialist" driller, rapist, Gandhi like idol, Muqtada Al-Sadr.

But wait a little more because am not quite done...

And who is the new US envoy ambassador to Iraq - none other but Brett McGurk. Brett McGurk is a STRONG pro Maliki. He has total faith in the sectarian puppet. What better new nominee to have in Iraq when Syria is burning a few miles away ?!

And the cherry on the cake--- I heard today that Obama sent a clear message to Iran stating : the USA is willing to accommodate the Iran nuclear program if this latter can provide guarantees that its program is  for peaceful means.

What does that say ?

It says that the American-Iranian (and Israeli) love film is here to stay with us for a few more years...until, until, until...another bastard is born. And until you wake up from your false ideological stupor.

March 31, 2012

The Baghdad - Arab League Circus...

You know, all the media presstitutes posted hundreds of tweets on that masquerade called the Arab League in Baghdad. We were left with the impression that Iraq has been taken under the benevolent Arab folded wing again...

What Arab, what benevolence, what wing and what Iraq ?! People are delusional and the presstitutes get paid good money for your delusions.

For starters, reality is there was an under representation of high ranking Arab leaders. Most sent delegates. Even though Nouri Al-Maliki and his sectarian puppet government tried very hard, the message was clear - we are here to discuss Syria whom you - Nouri Al-Maliki and your sectarian Shiite Iranian puppet government support. Syria was not only on the agenda, Syria was the agenda. The Iraqi puppet government made it clear that they are against "any foreign intervention in Syria as it will have a destabilizing effect." Furthermore, any foreign intervention will "lead to sectarian violence".

Anyone with one iota of intelligence can only laugh at such assertions. May we need to remind the Iraqi puppets who installed them in the first place ? And secondly the Iraqi sectarian Shiite puppets are the last to admonish against sectarian violence when they themselves only consolidated power through violent sectarian cleansing.

Leaving aside the obvious, for 9 years, most parts of Baghdad looked like one huge garbage container...but right before the Arab league summit, 1 billion$ was spent to revamp certain parts of the city, hundreds of trees were planted, ordinary Iraqis suffered paralysis in cell networks all lines were cut off, check points galore with 100'000 security forces mobilized for the event, traffic jams and some people could not even go to their jobs (those who have jobs), because the Arabs have come to Baghdad...

The one who made the headlines was of course the Emir of that irrelevant province called Kuwait, Needless to remind that it is because of that backward province that Iraqis suffered tons of bombs and 13 years of sanctions. And as if that was not enough, who makes the headlines next to the Emir of the Kuwait province, Kofi Annan himself. The UN man in charge of putting together the oil for food program during the sanction years where 500'000 Iraqi children perished and a total of 1 Million Iraqis died. Kofi Annan and the Emir of Kuwait province both present at the Arab league summit in Baghdad.

And as if the irony was not enough....the Iraqi puppet government, considered the most corrupt government in the world with billion of $ embezzled and transferred to private accounts abroad, presented the Arab "dignitaries" with Dates laced in 24 Carat Gold. What the Iraqi pimping government from Iran  was really doing was thanking the Arabs for their silence and saluting the Emir of the province Kuwait and Kofi Annan for the genocide that ensued...

But this is not the whole story....

At the same time, the Iraqi Shiite puppets from Iran installed by America found it necessary to close down the tomb of President Saddam Hussein and transfer his remains. It seems they noted a rise in the number of visitors. That too is symbolic along with the offering of 24 carat gold laced dates to Arab "dignitaries".

The pressitutes were silent as to whether Iran was also represented, not that it really needs a representative, but my sources tell me they were also present at the Arab League Summit in still occupied Baghdad.

March 19, 2012

Eyes Wide Open...

Damn it, it's very late's actually morning but Insomnia beat me to it.

Actually it's not really Insomnia...this is just a's actually words that have been waiting to be birthed at Sunrise...

My eyes are wide open...I happen to sweat the not so small stuff...that kind of keeps me awake, poor body is probably paying the price...but then it would pay the price anyway...

You see, my female body is a nothing...

Texts and discourses wrote themselves on its well guarded virgin pages...everyone out there told me what my body is, or should be...size, height, weight, contours, circumference, concave, convex...hidden or covered, clothed or naked...spread out or tightly's all been an injunction, the famous word...that word, that verb, and God was the word and maybe God is in my body...and maybe that God does not want to go to sleep...maybe that God in that form, has something to tell you...maybe....

It may not sound right..surely God can't be a female insomniac...surely if God is anything it would be the naked thinking Rodin, the one still trying to figure it out...deep thoughts...very deep thoughts...deep thoughts that got us nowhere...was it a case of sheer mental masturbation ? Men are so good at that - mental masturbation.  Men are so good at everything they do...aren't they ?

A collective wanking experience...dutifully named "civilization". I sort of wondered about know some off shoot of civilization...I found tidbits of it..scattered here and there...a female necklace with no owner...

Females abdicated long ago...they did...when you buried them alive in hot sands and offered them as sacrifices to your hungry god...later on you replaced his bulimia with yours and kept adding meat trophies to your list...

And meat, plenty of it, even for the best of vegetarian tastes...meat it is...meat is shall be...cannibals of the first order...digging rotting teeth into flesh...and the survivors from the cannibal's feast perpetrated your tradition....they tasted the flesh before offering it to you...who is better suited to taste the feminine than the female itself ?!

Thus you engaged in the primates...and primates you have remained...

Thumping, jumping and scratching your heads....

Maybe after all am a zoologist, a wide awake zoologist hoping to find some missing link...

March 17, 2012

# Dirt & Accountability

I believe in clean fights.

Fighting and cleaning, both - require honesty and courage ( I hate cleaning so I know what am talking about). Honesty to admit it's dirt and courage to fight it....That's called a clean fight in my book.

Has the fight been clean ? Of course not. Is the dirt over ? Surely not.

I often wondered, so what are we fighting then and who are we fighting ?  It's not as clear cut as it may seem.

You know, the best imagery I have in mind right now, is that of an arranged marriage, where the bride really deep down, can't stand the sight of the groom and for the sake of "peace" says I accept.

That kind of sums up our reality ... a forced marriage. You know what happens in forced marriages don't you ?

On that proverbial night, the bride pretends and pretends some more...everyone expects her to be happy for being married off...and she acts along...she says to herself - it shall pass, he's my husband after all, I will grow to love him, with time all things are possible, he's better than nothing, at least I have a man...etc...

Come on, surely all of you women out there can relate to this forced marriage, even if you're not married . How many of you compromised for the sake of approval and acceptance. OK you don't need to shout it out loud, but you and I know...deep down.

Deep down  -- the consent  was never there to start with.

So you continued engaging in make smiled, dressed up, produced kids and reared them...and you trudged along...hoping one day you will accept deep down...deep down.

Well it never happened...deep down.

It never happened because you were somehow forced...forced is the use of force...coercion...You were coerced for X reasons to accept...but you never did, deep down.

And no matter what the others told you, and how much counsel you later sought, deep down was your initial refusal.

You never wanted that marriage of never really wanted that union just because he was available...and now you are paying the price...

Well I got news for you, it's exactly the same with politics...

You consent because you say to yourself, or you like to delude yourself into believing this is the best you give in...

Anything is better than this - you tell yourself...until it gnaws at your soul, and you sit and say to yourself...this is not it...this was never it...

This is what usually happens with the easy way out...the band aid solution, the immediate leaves you gnawing in your soul...because like a forced marriage, you never really consented.

So where is the clean fight then ?

There is none, because you did not put up any. And you did not put up any, because you weren't honest  from the very beginning. Deep down even though you did not approve of it, you still compromised on that first nuptial night. You let it happen.

All the rest became history since...

This is for you - Iraq.

February 26, 2012

It's all in a Scent...

I haven't written in quite some's not that am uninspired ...or maybe I am uninspired....or maybe too much is going on and an over flowing jar has the same effect as a jar with too little...besides I don't like to fill pages for the sake of filling I abstain.

Abstinence from writing is like abstinence from need to feel the hunger to want to cook, write again...and I haven't been hungry for words...except maybe in the past few actually it's been there for quite some time.

Am in the regular habit of buying myself flowers...some sort of ritual, if you like. And every time I go to buy some, I spend a generous amount of time smelling the flowers, I go from one bouquet to another and then back to the first bouquet...florists usually get irritated with me...but then they are not the only ones...

I like to take my time in buying flowers...I like to feel them first, establish a rapport with them through my senses, then decide...sometimes a particular flower calls me...I know it sounds weird, but I could swear I can hear it I walk towards her and listen...

Some tell me -- am gorgeous but too expensive for you. Some tell me -- don't be fooled by the way I look, I will wither in no time. Some tell me -- am the ordinary kind but if you look closely, you will find my beauty and some tell me --- pick me up as no one wants me, I've been in this vase for so long. And being somewhat of a flower connoisseur, I can vouch that it is the flowers that most disregard and neglect, that give off the nicest of scent...So I smell. I close my eyes and inhale deeply...allowing the petals to tickle the tip of my nose then I open my eyes and admire the shape and colors...

She's been on my mind...she's on my mind every time I go to buy flowers...every time I smell one them calling me...she is calling me tonight...she's been calling me for the past weeks...

 Khaleena ashem ---allow me to smell...ashmeha shwaya --- let me smell her a little...bas shwaya ---just a little...she'd say in her little Iraqi accent, because she is little not more than 5 years old...a little doll...a little doll that can't see, a little doll with no eyes...

She had eyes but she lost them...two bomb explosions, within 6 months apart...back in 2006, and shrapnels in her large blue pupils, made it that all she can see now is black...there was no way to save her eyesight then, those who wanted to save her from "tyranny" blinded her...

When asked --- do you remember colors? she says; I try...when asked -- what happened to you? she says; I got the evil eye because because they kept telling me am as pretty as a flower, what can I do, this is my destiny.

She loves gardens...her natural habitat...and her greatest joy in life is to be led by her little hand and have someone tell her what kind of flowers are growing...describe their colors so she won't forget ...and she'd say ; Khaleena ashemha ----allow me to smell her,  bas shwaya --- just a little...

Another disregarded Iraqi child, forgotten -- another disregarded flower that no one wants to pick up.