May 30, 2009


What a surreal evening...bloody hell, I still am coming to terms with it.
It started off on a smooth note and degenerated into the all too familiar - hmmm,what shall I call it ? I don't know, you name it for me...

I went out with Z. for dinner. Z. remarked that he found me "absent" at times, tonight...I was unaware of being "absent", but then sometimes am unaware of too many I asked him,

- You feel am not present enough ?

- No, it's not that you're not present enough, it's that at times you're in another place, a place where you seem unreachable...where do you go to ?

He caught me off guard...

- I go to where my heart is. Giving him an open ended reply -- for him to figure out...

I think the very powerful dream I woke up with, left me in some limbo place...and I carried that feeling with me all day.

I dreamt I was in what looked like a hospital ward and at times a huge prison. The hospital ward was full of bare beds, rows of them...all dark grey. And the prison was made of endless rows of cells...all dark grey. I saw myself running from the far end of one corridor to another, in the hospital/prison, running from one end to another, totally lost, totally distressed by what I was seeing...
The corridors were being multiplied as I ran through them, they looked like some labyrinth with no way out, and I felt caught in the walls and I saw no exit...In that hospital/prison were thousands of women...

Thousands crammed together, sitting, standing, all silent...young, old, pregnant, childless, married, single...all types...

I asked someone, I said " Who are these women? "
And this faceless voice replied. "They are Iraqi women, waiting",
" Waiting ?" And the voice said "Yes, waiting...they are abandoned women."

The word abandoned stuck in my mind all day...Abandoned, abandonment...Terrible feeling that feeling of abandon, terrible...a frightening abyss.

Have you ever felt abandoned ?

I thought about abandonment all day...I dug it out from my insides, for it was lurking there, waiting to be be delivered...

I thought about it deeply, contemplated it, kept it beside me all day, and rocked it as if one rocks a baby...

One cannot be abandoned unless one was cannot abandon unless one had in prior "possessed" that "object" one abandons...there is no abandonment if there is no attachment.

"Object" and "possess" are not used in any pejorative sense here. They are used in a symbolic and visceral sense...and am not expecting you to understand it all either. I am trying to come to grips with it myself, come to grips with that collective feeling of abandonment as symbolised in the dream...but the dream spoke of women, of Iraqi women.

Someone has abandoned the Feminine...someone has cut the umbilical cord, radically severed it from the Iraq.

What is the Feminine traditionally associated with ? Nurture, Warmth, Attachment, Wholeness, Desire, Compassion, Love, Nourishment, Creativity, Matter - The Body, Sensuality, Life Giving, Protection, Tranquility, Sakinah...

And these Iraqi women, this Feminine has been abandoned, waiting...She is caught/detained in a hospital ward, in a Sickness, in cells, in one huge collective Prison, and She is waiting for...waiting for what ?

She is waiting for Deliverance. She is waiting to be delivered from...

Delivered from the clutches, from the claws of an Occupation, that has essentially raped the Feminine in Iraq.

An occupation that has literally imprisoned the Feminine in cells and in hospital occupation where all are accomplices in the Abandonment of the the abandonment of Iraqi women.

A very Masculine occupation, again on a symbolic level and maybe not so symbolic, that draws its strength, its force, its continuity, from severing the Feminine-- by detaining Her, keeping Her paralyzed, mute, immobilized, in waiting ... in waiting...

Who will deliver the Feminine in Iraq ? Where is the Midwife of Deliverance?

Picture/Poster : Ishtar Delivering.

May 29, 2009

R.E.L.E.A.S.E -- RELEASE, my users stats in profile view.

It has been fucking frozen at 34'000 for the past 3 weeks. DO IT and stop SABOTAGING me. Because I will NOT quit. Simple.

May 28, 2009

Give unto Caesar...

Give unto Caesar...

I am assuming you know the rest...right ?

I have this urge to thank a particular someone, Ms. Paola Pisi, Editor of Uruknet.

Wait a second here, I cannot profess to personally know this lady, but in many ways, I do know her...

I know that she is humble, and is very an extent, I still can't get over...

And I also do know, that she is the first person that discovered my writings (for all what they're worth) on the Internet. And I still don't know how she managed to find this blog in this vast web of bloggers...

I know for a fact, that she does not like personal publicity, but I also know that what is due unto Caesar, must be given back...

And that is why, I have to acknowledge, give credit to, and thank, this great lady, who works day and night (literally) to keep people she cares most about alive...even though a lot of them may no longer be with us today...

And for that alone, all of my readers need to bow to her.

And knowing her, she will in most likelihood, not publish this, on her website.

And I am hoping, really hoping, to be proven wrong, again...

"Violating Terms of Service..."

When I was 30 or so, I remember meeting a woman, she was 50 years old, and very outspoken, outspoken about everything under the sun...I was taken by total admiration for this lady.
I was timid then, unsure of myself, and terribly wanting to please and be approved of...her memory never left me...I remember her telling me word for word "You know something Layla, I have turned 50 a few months ago, and If can't say it as it is now, I will never be able to do it later..."

I feel the same way today...even though I have not reached 50, yet...

I know I did mention that I wanted to stop writing about politics, occupation and death...for a while, for a break, because it really is having a toll on me...I am a woman after all, and I am the type that feel things deeply. Not to say that others don't but as the song goes -- only women bleed...except maybe for Tizbi Livni, Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton and a few other characters, I'd rather not be reminded of...

I also know, I can be outrageous at times...not enough in my opinion, but still...
After all, I am an Arab Muslim woman, and have been brought up to be polite, well behaved and forebearing...(who would have thought eh?)

But something in me won't give it a rest...won't give up...a terribly stubborn something that no amount of taming and threats will quell...

If I really have to liken it to you in images, it would be like some criminal (even though am not one) always driven to go back to the exact scene of the murder...or some street prostitute (and am not one either) and her pimp, so hooked to the whole street atmosphere, that no amount of money will make them abandon what they are most familiar with...

It's the same with the "street" politics of say you want to quit or take a break only to find yourself in that exact same spot where the murder took place, on that same curb where you just seduced your last client into the illusion of some intimacy...of some release.

Maybe both the murderer and the prostitute need to get to the bottom of things...maybe they are the agents of darkness wanting to reveal the hidden...maybe they are the Kalis of this world, who need to flip the dark side over...maybe they are the Ishtars of this world, who have to go underground, into the abyss and come out like a reborn Sphinx...

I really don't have the answers, but I do know one thing -- someone has got to do it.

And so it happened, I found myself in the wrong place, at the wrong time...or so it looks on the surface of things...

I don't have the answers...but I do know one thing, a "thing" that pushes me as if holding a dagger stuck right in the middle of my back, as if holding a gun to my if I have no if it is a matter of life and death.

I do know that someone has got to spit it out, vomit it out, write it out...

And I also know it has to come from right where the criminal and prostitute operate...right from there, right there down below...and only when you go down there, can you really "understand", can you really "articulate", can you really "share", can you really put in words the darkness...

Down there in the darkness, in the abyss of loss, of loss of fundamentals, where your edifice has crumbled, where your structure no longer exists, down there...there are no victims and no culprits...down there all are equals...

Words become easier to grasp, sentences become a tool, language becomes a weapon...because down there, all is known...

The only struggle is trying to re-surface, a bit like some deep water diver, and while taking off his mask and waving his hand to the captain of the boat, he exclaims -- here it is.

It is on some level, an underground battle...and the only stakes are how you can re-emerge from the deep waters, relatively whole.

But then I like to fool myself believing that I was already trained for it through millenniums of History...And like the woman I admired, I like to believe that am right on track...

Picture : The Head of Ishtar

May 27, 2009

Stop the World.

Impossible to sleep.

I may need to take a break...otherwise I will lose the remaining marbles I have left...

Muslims are getting killed like flies, daily...displaced in the thousands, sick, hungry..everywhere, everywhere where the Americans and other lesser creatures have set foot...

Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, West Bank, Pakistan, Somalia...all at the same time.
Another disaster is taking place in Somalia and no one is talking about it.
I really can't take anymore of that.

I remember I had a poster once and it read, " please stop the world, I want to get off ". My exact same feeling tonight.

May 26, 2009

Plain & Simple.

I met with a friend today for coffee...I have already warned that friend about 10000 times, that if she wants to bring anyone along - she should inform me in advance and not leave me with a fait accompli.

Well, she did not. So here I was face to face with a Westerner, my "friend" who if she persists in her ways, will be written off as no friend, and myself.

The subject of Iraqi refugees came up and naturally the subject branched out to the main source of all ills and evils - the Occupation. And naturally, Layla is not terribly diplomatic when it comes to the occupation and destruction of her country.

Why should I be polite and diplomatic about it ? And what is there to be polite and diplomatic about ?

I did not insult the woman or anything, but she did receive a (strong) piece of my mind and she did not like it too much...

She was expecting me to go on a self pity party, so she could extend her "empathy" to me and hence alleviate whatever was gnawing at her, presuming anything was gnawing at her. But more importantly, her expectations were derived from that typical Western monster -- that of feeling superior, important and indispensable, thus allowing her to assume her role of the "white" savior, helping those "poor, poor Iraqi people"...

All the while, sidestepping or more accurately, evading the crux of the matter, namely the root cause of all Evil that has assailed Iraq -- the Anglo-American Occupation and the not so-covert Iranian occupation.

She remarked in her typical snide way, that I was too "bitter" (for her taste, I suppose) and that "anger will not resolve anything."
And I replied to her in those exact terms -- " we are left with nothing but our Anger."

I suppose she was expecting me to be apologetic to her, or feel guilty for "flying off the handle"...

Tough luck Madame, neither you nor anyone else who holds a similar position/attitude as yours vis à vis the occupation and destruction of my country will receive anything else anger.

For God's sake, can anyone explain to me what is so radically wrong, so fundamentally warped with the Western mind ???

What is the matter with you people - don't you have any sense ???

What if I (I as in some nation), on bogus charges, brought in over 650'000 armed men, bombed the shit out of you, destroyed your homes, your infrastructures, your state, your army, your civil institutions, partitioned your country, build walls around your neighborhoods, unleashed the most deadly militias against you, used DU and Napalm, displaced thousands of you and turned them homeless, maimed thousands of you, killed thousands of you, turned thousands of your kids and women into orphans and widows, raped and tortured your women and men and sodomized your kids, destroyed your monuments, looted your history, burned your libraries, changed your school textbooks, urinated in your churches, insulted you with the most denigrating epithets, pillaged your homes and your treasury, burned your fields, arrested your families, detained thousands of you, brought in missionaries to convert you to Islam...and more....all in your own country, on your own turf --- what the fuck would you do ?

Come on, ask yourselves this question, what would you do ?

The least, the minimum, the bare minimum is that you will get angry...

But the way your minds function, your screwed up, sick minds function, is that in those putrid heads of yours, we are not even allowed our anger...

Not only are we not allowed our anger, but we need to demonstrate gratitude, a forever gratitude that you have "visited" us...the way you did.

After all in your minds, it is not called an armed invasion and call it an "unfortunate mistake", "an unnecessary war" at best, and preach to me and us that we should forgive, while you're still there, physically there "visiting" us and while you persist in the lie...
And in those sick, sick, minds of yours, you justify it all with "we are here to help."

Do you know why you do that ? I will tell you why. It is because you have this amazing propensity to LIE TO are in fact the PEOPLE OF THE LIE.

And that is the plain and simple Truth.

May 25, 2009

The Iraqi "Lions" of the Occupation

Mashallah, praise the Lord...what fitness ! what swiftness ! what endurance !

Gazelles on the run. Panthers of flexibility. Roaring lions of strength...

Please don't give the Iraqi army the evil eye with your envy - touch wood while you're watching this video. Thank you JC for sending it.

Brief News from the Region : Iranian Fingers in the Pie.

Hmm, Let me see where should I start ? Maybe in Ze Lebanon.

- Ze Lebanon.

As you may well know, (most likely not), Ze Lebanese elections are coming up soon in an atmosphere of great tension.

A burning "debate" is still going on, as to whether Hezbollah should be allowed to keep its arms or not. If you want my personal opinion, I would say NO. I mean would you allow an armed sectarian group imposing its own kind of order in your country?
Iraqis have already experienced that with the Shiites militias that came from Iran thanks to the American occupation. And we all know what happened to these militias - they became the puppet government of the dual occupation -- USA/Iran. What a lovely couple. Fit for each other. A match made in the White House heaven or more like in the back corridors of the CIA.

Anways, still on Ze Lebanon and the International tribunal regarding Hariri's assassination. 4 Lebanese generals (with alleged ties to Syria) were incriminated in the murder, but promptly released soon after.
Delmar the guy in charge of the Hariri case is still working on we are told.

But today, a piece of info, that of course Al-Jazeera did not cover, but that Al-Arabyia did. A reporter/investigator from Der Spiegel in a 24 pages article, gives "irrefutable" proof that Hezbollah is the main culprit behind Hariri's assassination.

The International tribunal was quick to dismiss that, by stating that all evidence gathered thus far, regarding the murder are to be kept top secret. Fouad Senioria agreed that this is best left to the Tribunal and Walid Jumblatt (the two faced thug) warned that this is an explosive piece of information and that it may trigger off a civil war, worse than the one experienced in the past. And Hezbollah of course denied it.

The reporter from Der Spiegel said he was not surprised by the reactions from the concerned parties.

Of course it may very well be that this is an American/Zionist ploy to mobilize Lebanese public opinion against Hezbollah. But frankly Lebanese public opinion does not give a fig about Hezbollah whom it sees as a tool of Tehran. And am afraid, I will have to very much agree here.

Or it may be that this investigative journalist has a lead to something very true...and everyone in the Lebanese government is covering up for it precisely because :

1) Hezbollah is armed to the teeth and there is the constant fear of another civil war breaking out


2) Seniora and Co have finally warmed up to Qatar, Iran and the puppet government in occupied Baghdad and they really do not want anything to rock the boat right now.


3) the new American/Israeli/Iranian strategy for the region is not the containment of nuclear Iran but that of the Arabs with particular long term focus on Saudi Arabia. After all, the bad guys of 9/11 had alleged close connections with the following countries -- Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Afghanistan.

Anyways something to ponder on...

- Occupied Palestine

Everytime there is a possibility of a unity government, Hamas needs to screw up.
A few days ago, Khaled Mash'al one of the most shady characters in the Palestinian movement, sacked a couple of his aides for being critical of Iranian interference in Palestinian affairs.
Today, Hamas has issued orders for the execution of 3 Fatah members for the alleged murder of 2 Hamas members. Fatah responded by saying that Hamas has killed 570 members of Fatah in July 2007, and let sleeping dogs lie.
Of course Hamas wants to hear none of it. They want to settle scores but what the Hamas leadership really wants is not only the removal of Abu Mazen (which I don't disagree with) but it also wants to co-opt the whole Palestinian movement. Hamas does not want a Unity government. And Hamas is playing the Iranian card by doing so.

Hmmm....where else should I take you tonight ? Ah yes, the Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan summit.

- With 2 Million Pakistanis internally displaced from the Swat valley, 48% of which are CHILDREN. Some of those kids in the only camp set up by the UN, the Jalala camp, have already lost their parents in the bombardments...with raging street battles taking place in Mingora, between the Pakistani army and the Pakistani Talibans...with the very serious possibility of an ethnic fracture taking place in Pakistan...with thousands demonstrating in Karachi against the government demanding the immediate stop to all warfare activities in the Northern Provinces...

With all of that in the background, guess who met for tea ? Ahmadinejad, Karzai and Zardari in what they liked to call a "security and economic cooperation summit".

Now this is the classic Iranian Taqiya trick --- what I call the double discourse.

On the surface, Ahmadinejad fulfilled his role quite well, and spoke out against the foreign troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan. To be expected from an "anti-imperialist" who is in close alliance with the American puppet Karzai, the American puppet Zardari and the American puppet Nouri Al-Maliki....Funny how these wonderful "anti-imperialists" always know how to team up with American puppets. Don't you think ?

On the agenda were the following topics:

- security and the rooting out of "insurgents and terrorists" in Afghanistan and Pakistan

- stability through enhanced economic cooperation.

However, the hidden discourse, or what is not said or admitted is that this summit would have never taken place without the green light from the USA.

Fact of the matter, America has called upon Iran again, to "stabilize" Afghanistan just as it has and keeps calling on Iran to "stabilize" Iraq.

All this brouhaha about Iran's nuclear dossier is bullshit, pure and utter bullshit. This is stuff for the Pentagon and the White House creeps to verbally flex muscles with...

The Americans have been talking about the Iranian nuclear dossier for ages...and every now and then some fart from the Pentagon will come and give a cowboy rehearsal about how they will put a stop to it...It's all bullshit for domestic and Arab government consumption...The truth of the matter and the Arabs know that very well, is that Iran is not only aiming to be a regional superpower but has become one -- since the fall of Baghdad -- and America cannot do without the Mullahs.

In other words...Great Satan and the Axis of Evil are in bed together and have been so, since 2003 (date of the Iraqi occupation) and I would argue they have been in bed together well before that date. But I will leave that for another chapter.

Hell, who could hope for a better match ?!

But I do not wish to close without giving one last piece of news...not terribly important but still quite important for the "anti-imperialist" supporters of Iran...

You know Facebook don't you ? That terrible Zionist tool...

Well, guess what ? The Iranian government allowed access to Facebook in the past, then banned access to it for 3 months, then allowed it again, only to ban it again.

Why ? No, it's not because it is owned by a Zionist Jew...

It is because the main adversary to Ahmadinejad - who by the way has his profile on Facebook, just in case you want to add him to your list of friends -- the main adversary Al-Musavi, a reformist backed by Ayatollah Khatemi, has also a Facebook profile.

Al-Musavi supporters have been campaigning for him and he had prior to the second boycott -- 40'000 supporters on Facebook, now dwindled to 6'000. Ahmadinejad on the other hand, who is fully backed by Ayatollah Khameini, has only 1'700 supporters...

But of course if we count the current Arab and non Arab "anti-Zionists" hahahahaha, the current "anti-imperialists" hahahahahahaha, am sure Ahmadinejad's list of buddies will grow long enough to engulf the whole Middle East, except Israel of course...

I would not be too surprised if the Israelis don't start adding him as best friend too...It will come, give it a matter of time...

The Israelis and the Iranians know all too well, that not one bullet will be fired in either direction. And they will both be celebrating their respective Divine victories...

Yalla, Mabrook, congratulations to the Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese and the rest of the Arab and Islamic "Umma".

May 23, 2009

Pink Dreams...

So what's with Pink these days ?

Is it because Spring is here and Summer is approaching -- and you can all let your hair loose, finally ?

Now look at that : U.S. defense chief lauds soldier in pink boxers

"U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday praised an Army soldier in eastern Afghanistan who drew media attention this month after rushing to defend his post from attack while wearing pink boxer shorts and flip-flops.
In fact, Gates said he wants to meet the soldier and shake his hand the next time he visits Afghanistan. Any soldier who goes into battle against the Taliban in pink boxers and flip-flops has a special kind of courage, Gates said in remarks prepared for a speech in New York. I can only wonder about the impact on the Taliban. Just imagine seeing that: a guy in pink boxers and flip-flops has you in his cross-hairs. What an incredible innovation in psychological warfare, he said."

Oh yes, what incredible innovation and pink boxers and flip flops. And the effect on the Talibans will be felt long after the 8 or is it 9 years of an ongoing "liberation" of Afghanistan. Forgive me, I've actually lost count.

But let me tell you, Spring is definitely in...

All this pink, how cute !

I personally don't like pink, hardly ever wear it, but I sure can understand if someone else is hooked to it...

I don't condemn Pink nor do I condone it...Just like I don't want anyone condemning me for being Red and Black . If you see what I mean...

Still on the subject of know during the Nazi era, gays were made to wear Pink stars...

After the "liberation" of Iraq, gays did not get that same chance. They were murdered well before they reached Pink. The moralistic Shiites militias from Iran, like the Mahdi Army and others...had/have no qualms about sodomizing Iraqi Arab Sunni boys, but gays don't go down too well with them...

Gays in Iraq, even though tolerated in the past, have become the target of a witch hunt. Tens of them have been decapitated, mutilated, burned and massacred in broad day light for their sexual preferences, in "free" post liberated Iraq.

I am not gay myself. As a matter of fact, I am very heterosexual. I am very much into men. And even though am very much aware that Baghdad is not Stockholm or San Francisco still -- the slaying alive of Iraqi gays is unacceptable.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the principle, and whatever your personal leanings, that is besides the point. It is and remains unacceptable.

What makes it even more unacceptable is while Iraqi gays are being murdered in the most brutal, sadistic fashion in the Red Zone...

The Green Zone American hookers are, in parallel, organizing a gay party in Baghdad, for the white assed gays amongst them. White as in a cultural construct not as in race... (see how politically correct I have become - I am even qualifying my own words now. Are you going to give me brownie points for that ? And do I need to suck up even more...?)

So what was I telling you ? I always go off on a tangent, albeit a necessary one, because your fucking hypocrisy always catches up with me...

Yes, I was telling you about the Pink Gay Pride Party in the Green Zone. So your faggots must be really very proud of a job well done in Eyeraq. Like, does that include the child sodomizers and rapists of Iraqi pubescent boys in Abu Ghraib or does it exclude them from your Pink party ?

Am not prying, I just want to I can invite my friends we can all celebrate with pink balloons...Can I bring along the dead, mutilated, Iraqi gays as well ? Or don't you accept the dead ? I can always shroud them in Pink if you insist...

Too macabre ? Yes, I'd rather be partying with the living.

I did receive your party invitation, courtesy of the Washington Post.

"Come celebrate the start of Summer with color . . . and in costume! the May 10 invitation says. "Dress in drag or as a gay icon. All are welcome.The invitation was attached to what was called an "All Hands Alerts" e-mail."

And your article went on to say :

"Change has certainly come to Baghdad. And it appears that includes the U.S. Embassy, where they are holding what the invitation says is the first-ever U.S. Embassy Gay Pride Theme Party next Friday at Baghdaddy's, which is the embassy employee association's pub.."

Baghdaddy's ? Baghdaddy's ? Is that how you spell it ? Is it all about finding a Daddy ?

Is that why you also mentioned in your invitation, in the flyer that accompanies it

" Alas Saddam Hussein did not make the list of gay icons "
(see here again)

Why ? You secretly want your daddy to fuck you or what ?

Is that some misplaced Oedipal complex onto some hated father figure that you are forever trying to win over ? Or do you want to actually fuck your daddies because they separated you from your mummies ? Or fuck your mummies because your daddies were not nice to you ?

So which one is it ?

And you projected all of that psyche garbage on an innocent people because you wanted to fuck or be fucked by a patriarchal figure ?

Ya Salam, Mashallah...

And you dare mention the name of the Great Saddam Hussein, the Hero and Martyr of a Sovereign Country that you invaded and occupied, and in which you murdered millions of innocent souls ?

And you dare mention his name, ya faggots, ya khawwals of Amerikkka, when you have raped and sodomized Iraqi girls and boys ?

And you dare mention the name of this great man who walked bare faced to the gallows, when you would be pissing in your pants like crying sissies, ya faggots ?

You feel sorry he is not an icon of your imperialistic buggery now -- Ya Sharameet.

And you want to organize a party ya klab, ya dogs, ya hayawanat, ya animals...

So what is it you want to celebrate ya sluts ? You want to celebrate our black and red misery, or the pink misery of Iraq's lost childhood ? Or you want to celebrate the asses you conquered in some exotic country, and of which you took pictures for your family albums...where the American and English Mrs. is still unaware of where you real sexual preferences lie...ya pieces of kharra, ya shits...

And you dare utter his name....that noble man, who forsook wealth, family, sons, daugthers for his country and you are sorry he did not make it as a fag icon in your putrid, stenchy list of white American and English faggots ?

Okay, I can't take anymore of this.

Ya awlad al sharmoota, ya sons of whores, there used to be one hair left, one thread left between you and I, one bridge, one step...and now you irretrievably wiped it out...

Tell you what, ya kharra, ya shits from America and not so Great Britain, don't you ever dare write to me again.

Whatever thread I held onto, for the sake of Humanity, is now -- for ever gone, in the bye bye of your Pink Dreams...

Because you can keep dreaming on...Iraq will NEVER, EVER succumb to you, sons and daughters of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Painting : Iraqi artist HAIDAR SADDAM

May 22, 2009

The Rape of Iraq's Children.

I received a mail the other day from someone who I assume to be some Westerner, most likely an American.
In it he said that he enjoyed reading my posts, however he requests me to stop using the word "fuck" as it was offensive and that children may be reading it.

First of all, children are not supposed to be reading political blogs on the net and should be watching cartoons instead.

Secondly, I want to remind this reader and others that if they get offended by the F. word, then they really have a huge moral problem on their hands, because...

The American, British and Iranian Occupation has literally fucked Iraqi children.

Oh, No ! Oh, Yes !

It does not take a luminary in the social sciences to realize that there is a humanitarian/social catastrophe taking place in Iraq, and for generations to come.

I do not wish to go through ALL the aspects here, but suffice to tell you that when you occupy and destroy a whole country, its first victims are CHILDREN and Women.

Millions (5.M to be precise and that is the official figure) of orphaned kids, millions...

You know what millions are don't you ? Surely if you are a nation obsessed with dollars and making millions, you must know how to count millions, no ?

And what about thousands, surely you can count those too.

Thousands of refugee children with no future...thousands of maimed children, thousands with NO MORE access to education, health care....thousands of cases of malnutrition, poverty, illness...thousands deeply traumatized for life...

Okay so what about hundreds of dollars ? You can count hundreds of green bills.

Hundreds trafficked, sold, bought, turned into sex slaves....hundreds jailed and tortured...and the list goes on, and on, and on...

But that is not all, Ladies and Gentlemen...that is not all.

That is not all, because your "civilized" West with its "civilized" democratic system and its "civilized" state of law and its "civilized" civilizing mission, and its "civilized" culture...has literally fucked Iraqi children - SODOMIZED and RAPED them, to be more accurate.

You set precedence and the sectarian Shiite militias did exactly the same when they kidnapped and tortured Iraqi children, because they were Arab Sunnis for the most part. Too bad, youtube removed the testimony of one Iraqi doctor who saw kids brought in by armed Shiite militiamen for "treatment". The youtube video no longer exists.

So when your democratic Obooma agreed not to release more pictures from Abu Ghraib, because there was more committed in Abu Ghraib, much more...most websites re-ran old pictures with the caption -- this is what the current administration does not want you to see.

BULLSHIT and more BULLSHIT from "alternative" websites.

What your current COMPLICIT government does not want you to see is the TORTURE and the RAPE of Iraqi children and women in Abu Ghraib. This is what they don't want you to see. Supposedly under the pretext that it will inflame further anti-American sentiments. So you already know that there are burning anti-American sentiments huh ? Who would have guessed, you sons of bitches. Who would have guessed ?!

A "cool" article finally came out, from the alternative media :

"The real reason behind Obama’s reversal of a decision to release the torture photos has been almost completely ignored by the corporate media - the fact that the photos show both US and Iraqi soldiers raping teenage boys in front of their mothers."

And these are the testimonies from ex-detainees.

"Some of the worst things that happened you don’t know about, okay?" said Hersh. "Videos, there are women there. Some of you may have read that they were passing letters out, communications out to their men. This is at Abu Ghraib … The women were passing messages out saying 'Please come and kill me, because of what’s happened’ and basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys, children in cases that have been recorded. The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror. It’s going to come out."


"I saw [name blacked out] fucking a kid, his age would be about 15-18 years. The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with sheets. Then when I heard the screaming I climbed the door because on top it wasn’t covered and I saw [blacked out], who was wearing the military uniform putting his dick in the little kid’s ass," Mr Hilas told military investigators. "I couldn’t see the face of the kid because his face wasn’t in front of the door. And the female soldier was taking pictures."


"They came with two boys naked and they were cuffed together face to face and Grainer [Corporal Charles Graner, one of the military policemen facing court martial] was beating them and a group of guards were watching and taking pictures from top and bottom and there was three female soldiers laughing at the prisoners," he said."


"A 2004 London Telegraph report also described photos which showed "US soldiers beating an Iraqi prisoner nearly to death and having sex with a female PoW," as well as a videotape, apparently made by US personnel, which shows "Iraqi guards raping young boys".

(source - here)

When I wrote about that, nearly 2 years ago, including the brutal, sadistic rape of women in Abu Ghraib, I received mails calling me a perverted liar.

No, you motherfuckers, you are the sick perverts and the liars, steeped in pathological deceit. A sick nation(s) made of sick fucked up people parading under the guise of "civilized" democracy and freedom.

Who will pick up the pieces now, you garbage of a people ? Who ?

Your brave boys and girls ? Your leeches of NGO's ? Your politically corrupt U.N ? Your Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch ? Your morally bankrupt E.U ? Your democrat Obooma or the anti-war shits around ? Or maybe your anti-zionist Iran and its shiite militias and its Nouri Al-Maliki and Muqtada Al-Sadr ? Or maybe your alternative media with its sham writers ?

Who the fuck will pick up whatever pieces left -- the pieces of a raped childhood in Iraq.


May 21, 2009

Back to Black...


Totally useless...

How fast I move back into always amazes me.

The only comfortable color, the only color I feel safe in, ever since you liberated me, ever since you liberated us...

Summer is at our doorstep, all colorful. I go through the yearly motions. Hide the Winter, bring out the Summer...clothes.

A task I have been postponing for ever. A ritual I have been postponing for ever...
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Mark the seasons, I tell myself...mark them.

Make that's Summer knocking on your door. I stare out of my window and I say - yes it is summer knocking...

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall...the seasons have become all the same...a question of variation of temperature. That's it. Some days are colder and some are hotter...But they're all the same.

I gathered all the good will I could muster, I opened my wardrobe and was aghast to see the amount of black clothes I had. Black sweaters, black trousers, black dresses, black jeans, black skirts,, black and black...

Is that why I dress up my blog in colors ? I thought to myself. Is that why I splash it with colors, trying to give it Life ?

Hello, we are still here. Hello there is a living voice here. Hello can you hear me ?

Can you hear me ? Can you hear me through megabytes of cyberspace ? Can you hear me in the Black ?

Do you ? Am I coming loud and clear ? Or are you like the clothes hanging in my wardrobe, dusty with the passing days, stuck in the Winter of your minds ?

It's Summer knocking on my door...Bring me the colors. Let them in, one by one...Pink, Yellow, Green, Lilac, Blue...Carry them in baskets and adorn them with hand picked flowers from fresh springing meadows...

Let me smell the earth again. Let me smell the sun. Let me smell life...again.

Wait, I will make myself beautiful for you. I am hiding my black winter clothes and bringing out my colored summer ones.

Look at the pattern. Feel the fabric. Do you see that flowered dress ? Look at this one, it's pure white silk. And what about that one - it's embroidered with the finest of blue...

Look, look, they're all out, waiting to be worn...waiting to be born again...

I promise no dust. I promise no fuss. I promise to be a good girl. No procrastination. No laziness. No stalling. No...

Oh, here you are, knocking on my door. What flowers did you bring ? What do they smell like ? Is Summer hidden in them, in between their stalks, in between their petals ?

Will you greet me with embraces and kisses, like in the old days ?

I open the door...

A dwarf stares at me...holding an old rusty tray and a list of names...encrypted on burned paper...

Over 40 dead today, he said. An explosion. It happened at 7 pm, just when the Sun was setting and when a cool breeze made it safe...

I shut the door in his face.

I shut the door.

I leave my winter clothes spread on the floor, like skeletons... waiting to find a corpse to dress...I shut the door and leave them lying there, pieces of fragmented red, pieces of fragmented black...I leave them lying between seasons with no between life and death...

I leave them the grey of my life, of our life...

I leave them there, for another Spring, another Summer, another...Winter.

And am back to Black.

May 20, 2009

Who's Next for Dinner ?

I am really a terrible woman. I am full of good intentions and really want to deliver some good news to you. But somehow, Reality catches up with me.
Mind you, what you are about to read may be considered as excellent news by some of you, possibly a good majority of you. I guess that does not make me so terrible, after all.

You know, I was thinking about "ripple effects", "avalanches" and "spreading fires."
I said to myself -- first, Afghanistan, then Iraq, followed by Pakistan. Surely there must be more...surely there must be more "containment" to use a strategist's term. I am no strategist for sure, but I do know a little.

So who's next after Pakistan ?

Let's work it together through an elimination process.

Iran ? Nah. Iran is sorely needed in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan. Who will play the sectarian card so beautifully well if not Iran ? Hell, they do it better than the Zionists, themselves.

Hmmm, who else then ?

Syria ? Nah. Syria was on the big axis of evil. Now it is on the small periphery of evil. A satellite country for Iran, that can come in really handy when needed. You know, like in Lebanon, for instance or maybe elsewhere, depending on where the long Persian -American wind blows...

Lebanon ? Already been dealt with.

Jordan ? Nope. Too inconsequential for it to have any long term effects. And it does have a peace treaty with Israel.

Egypt ? Possibly...But not yet. Egypt is handling the cards relatively well. Not a big winner, not a major loser either. And again, it does have a peace treaty with Israel.

Sudan ? Already dealt with.

Somalia ? Already dealt with.

Lybia ? Already dealt with. It's been blessed by Bush.

Tunisia ? Nope.

Morocco ? Starting...but not quite.

Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain ? Nope. Apart from a few internal domestic skirmishes, between hot headed sectarian Shiites like in Bahrain...things are put, or more aptly -- unnecessary to rock the boat, for now.

Qatar ? Definitely not. Qatar is Iran's darling and has the blessings of Israel.

Which country in the Arab world, the news hardly ever cover and in which there is a serious battle going on ? Apart from Iraq, naturally.

Yemen ? Yes, I am afraid it's going to be Yemen.

Yemen hardly ever makes the news, not even the Arabic news.

The National of 30.04.09 bears the following heading "Demands for Division convulse Yemen".

Today 20.5.09, the National reports from Yemen "The government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president, has its hands full dealing with the on-and-off insurgency in the north and the secessionist uprising in the south in addition to al Qa’eda and the severe economic hardships plaguing much of the populace...“The situation is so serious and worrying that there is an urgent need that all Yemenis come together to discuss how to get out of this impasse" (article here)

On 18.9.09, the President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh "vows to keep Yemen unified"...

Only yesterday 19.05.09, according to the Yemen Observer, 6 captured Houthi rebels, from the North "admit to using Israeli weapons." and here " Disclosure of use of Israeli weapons by Houthi rebels. Preceded by an "interesting" article dated 16.05.09, again in the local Yemeni press which states "A group of Yemeni Jews will emigrate from Yemen to Israel this week in a secret trip organized by a Jewish agency, sources close to Jews said Saturday..."

Again on 16.05.09. "Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki expressed Iran’s support of Yemen’s unity and stability last Monday. “The Islamic Republic of Iran is keen to see the progress, security, and prosperity of Yemen...”

When an Iranian official issues such a statement, you can be 100% sure he means the opposite.

Because...and here is the be found in this gem of an article dated 9.04.09 entitled "Yemen's political Impasse"

1) "The opposition"(to the government) in Yemen has the full backing of the EU and America"

2) regarding Stability in the North and the Houthi rebels -- this line is sufficient.

A Yemeni MP - "accused the Iranian takfeeri group of propagating extremist ideology and financing terrorist activities in Yemen and of links to both the al-Houthi and al-Qaida elements " and another added " "I think the Houthi rebels are being manipulated by others outside Yemen to destabilize and cause a sort of shake in Yemeni security and stability."

Patience, not finished yet...

On 13.08.2008, Dr.R.Al-Alimi, the Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister for Defence and Security Affairs is quoted in Gulf News saying "The satanic seed of Al Houthis started in 1982 during the Iraqi-Persian war, and over the period of 1983-1984 some cells were formed with Iranian support to carry out terrorist acts..."

And if you read the rest of the article, you will know which country will come after Yemen...I will give you a hint and I quote :

"The cells, Al Alimi said, carried out terror activities when the Saudi ambassador was in Sana'a, and they set fire to women in the street with acid substance, and they threw hand grenades at a cinema in the heart of Sana'a." (article here)

(This reminds me of similar "tactics" used by the Shiite Dawa party in Iraq before the Occupation)

But surely, I will not leave you without the final piece, the mother of all pieces, who will confirm to you who's next for dinner, on the "War on Terror" banquet.

" The State Department warns U.S. citizens of the high security threat level in Yemen due to terrorist activities...The security threat level remains high due to terrorist activities in Yemen...The Department remains concerned about possible attacks by extremist individuals or groups against U.S. citizens, facilities, businesses, and perceived interests...The targeting of tourist sites by al-Qa'ida may represent an escalation in terror tactics in Yemen...The Government of Yemen has been battling al Houthi rebels in and around the northern governorate of Saada intermittently since 2004..."

This kind of information is regularly updated. Last update was on 20.05.09 under the heading "Travel Warning". Signed : U.S. Department of State.

Of course, who else ?!

Painting: Iraqi artist, Amir Al-Obaidi.

Just a Suggestion...

I have a suggestion to President Obooma and his administration, a suggestion that will end the "war on terror" once and for all, and will make the whole world a safer place...

This is what I propose.

Why surge in Afghanistan when you can surge in Pakistan ? Commit a few thousands of your bravest boys and girls, in the Northern Provinces. Do not content yourselves with air power. You need to be physically there. You know, fight the fight.

The reason am suggesting that - is because first, I would like you to see for yourselves, the beautiful scenery in the Swat valley and second, since you are so used to John Wayne's cowboy style approach to things, I found an equal for your duels. The Pakistani Pashtuns. You may consider them a local variation of John Wayne.

Îf you think that the Iraqi "insurgents" are merciless, that the Afghan Talibans are lethal, you really ought to try the Pashtuns. They are rough, tough and take no shit from nobody. Just like your John Waynes.

Don't rely on the Pakistani government. Go for it yourselves, no one can scratch your own backs like your own nails. Try it, it will be fun, a cakewalk.

I can promise you that the Pashtuns there will welcome you with flowers and candies, just like they did in Afghanistan and just like we did in Iraq. But they are more hospitable than us. Wallah, they will even make you dance the Hulahoop, on one leg. Ya'ani, you know -- a break dance.

Come on be a sport. Do it, for the sake of the "war on terror." So we can finally be rid of YOUR terror once and for all.

May 18, 2009

Brief & Hot News from Liberated Iraq.

1) Najaf

A mass grave of about 3'500 bodies has been unearthed in Najaf. The report did not mention the sect.

But I can tell you which sect they belonged to. Najaf is the stronghold of the fatso Chief Driller (a Shiite) who is still studying in Iran - Muqtada Al-Sadr. A stronghold of his Jaysh Al-Mahdi who is now, we are assured, been transformed into a "cultural" organization.

The "Gandhi" of Iraq as some "objective" western reporters liked to call him , the "fiery brand anti-occupation revolutionary cleric" of P.Cockburn and Nir Rosen, and his Army of the Mahdi - used to kidnap Arab Sunnis from Baghdad and torture and murder them in Najaf.

I personally know of two cases, one which vividly comes to mind, that of a Sunni neighbor of ours, whose 14 years old son was kidnapped by Jaysh Al-Mahdi, tortured to death and dumped in Najaf. When she received a phone call to come and recuperate his body - she had to go in a coffin. Yes in a coffin. She pretended she was dead and was transported in a coffin from Baghdad to Najaf, to get to see her son and take her son's body back to Baghdad for burial. When she finally arrived there, they told her they had nothing to give her. She returned emptied handed in a coffin. I bet you this 14 years old boy could be found in that mass grave.

Maybe Nir Rosen and P.Cockburn should use their "creative writing skills" and start composing the obituaries for Arab Sunnis murdered at the hands of their fiery heroic Gandhi.

2) Baghdad's Ministry of Defense.

Now this one is a real hottie. The Minister of Defense - of course one wonders who and what this Ministry really defends - Abdel Kader Al-Obaidi (a Shiite), sacked one of the top guys in his ministry who goes by the name of Jamal Suleiman. According to the reports, Jamal Suleiman is a very competent military man with years of experience. He must have been a Shiite for being allowed in the Ministry. Now this Suleiman was forced to resign after PRESSURE FROM IRAN TO HAVE HIM REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. The Iranians did not approve of the Iraqi Jamal Suleiman in the IRAQI ministry of Defense.

It seems that Jamal Suleiman discovered -- "unconstitutional cells"-- (whatever that means, since nothing is constitutional in Iraq) within the Iraqi "army". Cells trained by Iranian intelligence for subversive acts. (Hell, I could have given him that piece of information myself).

On a side note - such "intelligence armed cells" from Iran, were caught in Hilla about two weeks ago. I am sure they were quickly released.

Anyways, to continue the story, the Iranians were not too pleased having this piece of information go public, to such an extent. Suleiman got the boot. Let's just pray that his body will not be found dead in a couple of days. Courtesy of Iran and the Iraqi Ministry of "Defense".

(A quick observation here, before I move on to the next paragraph - such pieces of information, already point that a small number of Iraq's Arab Shiites are getting fed up with Iranian occupation and direct influence in Iraqi affairs. A ray of hope? Remains to be seen. It will depend how far their ideological "Mahdi" can sway them in either direction...)

3) Baghdad's Ministry of Oil.

Much criticism has been mounting within the Ministry of Oil against Monsieur the Minister, Al-Sharastani (Shiite of Iranian origins) for corruption and embezzlement. Jaber Khalifah Jaber (another Shiite) said that Monsieur Sharastani has squandered tens of Billions of Dollars ever since he took office in the Ministry, and not ONE oil field or pipeline has been "reconstructed" yet. Jaber added that Monsieur the Minister had no clue about Oil and should really resign. Sharastani sulked and refused. Let's pray that Jaber's body will not be found dead in a couple of days. Courtesy of Iran and the Ministry of Oil.

4) A piece of news that will make the once-a-month bathing Brits drool with much happiness.

"Iraqi" PM- Nouri Al-Maliki (a Shiite with solid Iranian training from his good old days in Tehran) addressing Her Majesty's Parliament and Her Majesty's companies in not so great Britain - assured the once-a-month bathing Brits that "Iraq has its door wide open for a very pro-active English role in its "reconstruction".
(Reconstruction - that dreaded word again. Nothing has been reconstructed)
And Maliki - the Shiite with solid Iranian training added - that "his" country (possibly referring to Iran) was most grateful for the wonderful role the Brits played in Iraq and that he is adamant about keeping transparent, good relations with his masters (Maliki has three masters. Iran/US/and GB) and urges British companies to come and develop Iraq's economy and infrastructure (which his 3 masters destroyed).

5) Last but not least, just for today. 25 Iraqis killed in South Baghdad and the center in the Karrada district, when two cars bombs exploded in their faces. Oh, but that's just a detail.

End of News Bulletin. You can go back to sleep.

May 17, 2009

Sitting with It.

I am feeling very edgy. Yesterday's post left me seething with a raw rage...I searched for Sense in all this and I can't find it.

I sat for a whole hour, shut off every distraction around me, and stayed with that feeling of raw rage, hoping it was going to lead me somewhere, somewhere deeper...somewhere where things made sense, where things were coherent, congruent...

I was shocked to find the Absurd staring me in the face...the Absurd holding a mask of Derision, a mocking face, ridiculing me, ridiculing us...So I questioned it.

I asked - Thousands of men and women, crossed oceans, armed to their teeth with the most sophisticated weaponry and technology, thousands of mercenaries, snipers, special forces, intelligence groups, logistics landed you can sodomize, rape, kill our men, women and children, so you can destroy our homes, our livelihood, our lives, steal our wealth, so you can exile us....all on bogus charges. Can it be ?

Can it be that ideas and concepts of Freedom, Democracy, Rights, Law, Sovereignty, Integrity, Conscience be prostituted that way ?

Can it be that whole "developed" nations, supposedly states of law, fabricate so many lies, to attack and destroy an innocent people under the ideological banner of Freedom ?

Has it happened before in history - the way it did in Iraq ?

The Absurd masked with Derision, smiled and said - It's unprecedented...and no one really cares.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Amir Al-Obaidi.

From the Land of Darkness.

They say the Sun rises in the East, in Al-Sharq in Arabic and sets in the West, in Al-Gharb.

Ghareeb, Ghorba, Ghorab...Strange/Foreign, Exile, Crow -- all derivatives from the same word.

The Sun no longer rises here. This has become the land of Darkness. Of Strangeness, of Foreigners, of Exile, of Crows and Vultures...feeding off carcasses.

An all pervading darkness decorated with your multi-colored banners, colored in white, red and blue, but really all there is, is but a deep black. The black of turbans and chadors and self flagellation in the name of some Mahdi, some Messiah, who if he ever resurfaces, will spit on all of you.

The land of Darkness. A land blackened by Deceit. Obscured with Lies. Occulted with Omissions...

Here She is, a black statue, absorbing all your shadows, like the Kaba'a.

Except this recipient is no stone of patience, or maybe it has become one, more like a statue of salt. They say Salt purifies. Sculpt away in those statues of Salt.

The Land of Darkness and the land of dark Chambers. The land of Darkness and the land of dark Cells. The land of Darkness and the land of dark Streets. The land of Darkness and the land of dark Faces...

Obscurity has turned into a Wall. One, two, three, four and more Walls...blinding the Light.
Walls on the inside, walls on the outside...Walls.

Walls of Protection. Walls of Secrecy. Walls of Torture. Walls of Death.

Much takes place behind Walls. Walls, and more Walls become witnesses. The lending ear of History. The Annals recording. The Silent tape recorder that does not miss a beat, a murmur, a cry, a scream...

They say God is my witness. I say Walls are mine. My God has become a Wall. To It, I talk and to it, I plead. And the Wall registers it all, engraves it in its bricks, in its cracks, etches it like some calligraphy, with letters from the Koran.

Lovers, thieves and murderers hide behind Walls. So does the victim of Darkness.

The walls screamed -- Enough -- and you did not stop. The bricks begged for an End and you did not stop. The cracks filled themselves with splashed Blood and drowned in it and you did not stop.

You must reach every crack, every orifice, every opening...Old, young, men, women, child, you had to invade and possess them all, just like you invaded and possessed Her.

You owned the cracks in the walls, the orifices, the owned them, you thought.

When your organs could no longer deliver your deep hatred and wrath, you used alternatives...

I like that word alternative. Like your alternative media and your alternative politicians and your alternative liberals and progressives.

Ya Awlad Al Gahba - A pure Iraqi sentence for you. You sons of Whores, ALL of you, nothing was enough for you.

Ya Awlad Al Gahba - nothing filled it enough for you.

From the sacred vagina of a woman to the anus of a child, you took it all.

When your filthy, syphilitic organs could no longer do the job, you used alternatives. Canes, broomsticks, wires, broken bottles and even rodents and worms...

You and your alternatives, secretly masturbated to the image and voted for "Change."

Finally, your impotent men and your neurotic frigid women can have a kick, a full blown kick from having conquered that potent other.

That other -- Arab woman after whom your limp, drunken men, secretly lust like dogs, and the potent Arab man whom your whorish women pay thousands of Euros and Dollars to get fucked during their exotic getaways hoping that some dick will finally accept to marry her. And your pedophiles -- you nation of pedophiles -- come and lurk with your pink and black bellies, waiting for an adolescent, so you can release your frustrations, your frustrations from the stress of the modern civilized world.

You think I don't know what kind of putrid mass your brains are made of ?

Oh, I know too well, ya Awlad Al Gahba. I know too well exactly where you are coming from. I have been observing and studying you for a lifetime.

And from today onwards, ya Awlad Al Gahba, I will spare none of you, your truths. None whatsoever. I will go for your fucking jugular, whether you are on the right, left, whether you are white, pink or black or some Arab house nigger...I will expose you all. Right down to every single fucking brain neuron you possess.

By Allah, I will not spare you.

So tell me ya Awlad Al Sharmoota. Now you be grateful, I am teaching you Arabic, some pure basic Arabic. So tell me ya Awlad Al Sharmoota, how does it feel to have your kid sodomized by some Arab army who invades you with fabricated lies ?

Tell me how does it feel to have your mother, sister, wife...raped and torn apart by some Arab army that occupies you with more lies ?

So tell me ya Awlad Al Sharmoota, how does it feel when your husband, brother, uncle, cousin, father is dressed in female underwear, be made to masturbate and suck his cell mate's dick, covered with excrement, and have a couple of broomsticks up his ass ?

Why are you recoiling like that ? You think your orifices are more sacred or purer by any chance ? Or maybe your kids are more angelic and untouchable ? Or maybe you think this will never ever happen to you. Maybe you think it's just a fucking film in your own minds, don't you ?

Oh how civilized you are ! You can't take the horror huh ? You the civilized Western world, the world of Democracy and Human rights. You the civilized world where you fight tooth and nail for a dog, a whale and a dolphin, or some fucking save a Tree. You the civilized Western world where you stop eating meat, correct political vegetarianism, so you can join the politically enlightened shits, recoil in horror ?

How come ? You thought you are incapable of it ? You thought you are beyond those dark practices ? You thought you are beyond all of that ? You thought just because you can type two words, and have read a couple of books and quote X.Y and Z you have overcome it ? You thought just because "am anti war, I never voted for Bush, I tried not to vote for Obama, I am against my government, I wrote an email, I distributed a newsletter, I signed a petition..." that you are off the hook ?

I got news for you ya Awlad Al Sharmoota. You are ALL accomplices in the rape of my beloved. ALL of you.

In particular your liberals, your left wingers of my ass, your progressives, your Obooma bunch, your anti-war pieces of garbage, your stop the war pieces of shits, your putrid anti-Zionists and your Arab house niggers. All of you are accomplices in the rape of Iraq's children, women, men and elderly. All of you.

You know why ? I will tell you why ya Awlad Al Sharmoota and yes am cursing your mothers, the mothers who brought pieces of shits like you to this world...You know why ? Because you used the word BUT. Yes, the war is/was wrong but the dictatorship, the tyrant..the...Yes but, no to Saddam not to the USA. Yes but...

Yes but until you and your oh so fucking brave boys and girls filled our butts with broomsticks, canes, electric wires, rods and the rest from you mansion of Sadism.

Ya Awlad Al Sharmoota, if you ever wonder why I hate all of you so much, remember the crying dark walls of Abu Ghraib. Remember this Land that you turned into Darkness.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Amir Al-Obaidi.

May 13, 2009

"As good as it gets"

Do you remember that film - As good as it gets, with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt ?
The guy had some mental disorder and tried everything under the sun to have it cured, to no avail. Don't you love it how Americans twist things. The guy was a fucking nut case, but they call it in the politically correct lingo " a disorder". Anyway it's a great film, you should watch it some day, because...this is as good as it gets.

I remember my friend Samia, every time I went out on a potential date and came back "empty handed" so to speak, I'd relay to her all the intricacies of my first meeting, she'd say in her usual fashion - "Dear, this is as good as it gets" and she'd add with no malice, "if it's like this in the beginning, you can be sure it's worse in the end."

I love Samia for the deep simple wisdom she comes up with.

It kind of reminded me of this killing spree that took place in a "counseling" center in Iraq, where one of your brave boys shot 5 of his mates...during a counseling session. I'm afraid to break it to you, but this is as good as it gets.

Subsequent "intelligent" reports, blamed the killing spree by "friendly fire" on combat stress resulting from frequent deployment to battle zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Excuse me but who created the battle zones in Iraq and Afghanistan but yourselves ?

As Bob Marley would say in one of his songs - "don't jump in the water, if you can't swim" another variation of "if you can't stand the heat, get out."

Combat Stress, I like that term. I suffer from combat stress too. I for one have to deal with forced exile, no home to return to, a dispersed family, kissing ass to have my residency renewed, unemployed, relatives in prisons, and spreading myself thin to keep things together. Plus I have to tackle assholes all day long. That's combat stress alright.

Mind you my combat stress is nothing compared to those who are still imprisoned in Iraq, Baghdad to be more precise.

" We can't leave our homes, we never know when a bomb goes off".
" Am tired of looking for missing ones, hospitals, police stations, jails, morgues...I wish they'd tell me where to find him..."
" Wallah this is no life, I'd rather be dead "
" How many times do I have to change my name so they can believe am a Shiite ?"
" Nazi Germany and its concentration camps ? I wish it were so ! More merciful, believe me.
"I swear if I can rip my skin and walk out of it and be someone else, I'd do it."
" How will I feed them? Tell me how will I feed them ?"

I have a few more...Now that is combat stress. Real Combat Stress.

A combat stress that has been going on for 6 years. Nay, more than 6 years if you count the sanction years. Let's say 20 years. 20 years in a battle zone that you created and you come and complain of combat stress ?

If I am to take into consideration your PTSD and stress level, then the whole of Iraq should be turned into one huge counseling center. The things we witnessed, not even the brightest and most competent of psychologists will be able to cure and heal. It is indeed a miracle we are still functioning.

Combat stress ? My ass! Who told you to come to Iraq anyways ? You chose that "career", hoping to make extra dollars by spilling Iraqi blood. So are you surprised that guys blow themselves up in your faces ? I am not.

Combat stress huh ? Please come and see our combat stress. The paralyzed old man with drill holes in his legs. The wobbly woman unable to walk after her "visit" to Abu Ghraib. The kids who stutter at age 14 and still piss in their pants because they saw the unspeakable. Whole families living in one damp bedroom, with no mattresses and no blankets. Women prostituting themselves and slashing their thighs with razor blades after their clients have gone. Children who can't read and write because they can't afford school. Displaced families still living in tents and rummaging in garbage to find something to eat. Thousands maimed with bullets, bombs, burns because of you. Hundred of emptied homes in ruins or occupied by militias because of you. Long queues of lost faces, holding documents, begging for a place because of you. Thousands of children, with no father and mother, living in the streets, sniffing glue, trafficked, sold, bought, beaten up, because of you. Thousands crammed in jails, tortured, diseased because of you. Widowed women living on pavements in Amman, Damascus, Cairo, because of you. Young women ganged raped and blinded with acid because of you...God damn it and God damn you, the list is long...

Your "intelligent" reports go on to add " Thousands of other veterans are believed to suffer flashbacks, nightmares or fits of anger as they attempt to readjust to civilian life. One thing if we've learned from this war, we learned from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the previous wars, is not all injuries are physical..."

Oh really ? Not all injuries are physical are they ? You have over 20 Million suffering from both physical and non physical injuries, some that will NEVER heal.
One day, soon, insh'Allah, you will fuck off back to your own dumps, but how will we live with what you have done ? Whole generations to come will be paying the price of your criminality, or should I call it your "combat stress" ?

Tell you what, I hope your "friendly fires" due to "combat stress" keep on happening, because in Iraq, this is as good as it gets.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohamed Sami.

May 12, 2009

"City of Love" - A Love and War Song.

Ishtar, Inanna, the Goddess of Love and War. When combined, She gives birth to a painful beauty like in this song - Medinat Al-Hob,City of Love. Painfully beautiful and sad, in its lyrics, musical composition and rendition by the Iraqi singer Kazem Al-Saher.

You might have noticed already, I hardly post Iraqi music and songs, except on rare occasions. Two reasons for my silence on that front.

First Iraqi music and songs touch me so deeply, that it is so hard for me to listen to without breaking down in naturally I recoil from the pain.

Secondly, most of the new post-Occupation singers on the Iraqi scene, I find to be very tacky and mediocre. I keep wondering where did these specimen emerge from? We call them in Iraq - Efrazat al Ehteelal, meaning the Discharge from the Occupation.

Tonight I decided not to recoil from the raw pain, so I took the time to translate the lyrics. I found one translation online which I was not too happy with, but I did borrow some of the translated lines, changed some and added my own. I wanted the non-Arabic reader to get a glimpse into the Iraqi soul, through a song.

Oh, City of Love
I walk in your streets
and see Love carried in my palms and in shrouded coffins,
pour your pain on my body, as you will
there are no witnesses to the torture
of my jailers.

I returned home,
walking with the aches of fiery nostalgia
my steps crushed and guided by my deprivation

Is there anyone here ?
I am at the door waiting,
am not carrying a bouquet of flowers,
nothing but a necklace of my grief.

The reply came...
She's gone, gone, gone, gone.
She's gone with the wind
sober up, pampered lover
She's a cup now in someone else hands,
belonging to another lover...

She's gone.

My eyes,
my lips
my pulse
my imagination
my blood
all search for Her in my embrace...

They turned everything upside down
and clamored around Her picture,
protesting like a jailed nation
We want Her back today
She's our candle
and our Beloved.
No eating
No sleeping
nothing but constant rebellion
to get Her back.

Oh you raging nation
my flesh and emotions
Enough reproach
as the flagellating self
has bloodied me.
Enough reproach,
as the flagellating self
has bloodied me.

I slapped my face, wondering
I slapped my face, wondering
is that really me ?
Oh Time,
is it really me ?
is it me ?

The loss of my Beloved has humiliated me
muted and blinded me

After the Separation,
after the Separation
I see Patience attending my funeral
at the wake of dawn,
I stumble like a drunkard...

Night frightens me
and memories torment me
night frightens me
memories torment me
and sleeplessness overburdened
my mind and eyes.

I slapped my face, wondering
I slapped my face, wondering
Oh time is that really me
is it really me ?
is it me ?

The loss of my Beloved has humiliated me
muted and blinded me...

Singer : Kazem Al-Saher.
Music by : Fadhel Faleh
Lyrics : Kareem Al-Iraqi
Youtube: by Baghdadi 12

May 11, 2009

America - I HATE YOU.

I hate everything you represent, everything you stand for, everything about you...EVERYTHING. I fucking hate you.

You completely destroyed my country, my home, my family, my relatives, my friends, you have completely ruined our lives with your greed, your apathy, your criminality, your hypocrisy, your evilness ..........I fucking hate you.

I FUCKING HATE YOU. HATE YOU with every fiber in my body, with every beat of my heart, with every breath I take....

Iraq's riches are being your companies and those of the smelly once a month bathing Brits can enjoy their leisurely lives.

I still am not sure who is worse - the Jews of Israel or the Kurds of Iraq. Which Zionism is more lethal ?

Over 100'000 barrels of crude Iraqi oil are being given away by the Kurds to American, Norwegian and British companies. That amounts to a revenue of 5 Million dollars a day.

The Federal government of Baghdad, because this is what Al-Jazeera called it today, the Baghdad government as oppposed to the Kurdish government has agreed but the only thing it disagrees with - the names of the companies. It wanted a say in those hand picked companies, to please its Iranian masters.

Stealing our riches, stealing our lives, stealing our blood and living off it like some worm, like some parasite...I HATE YOU AMERICA.

The Kurdish Peshmergas, the ones you cried about being so oppressed, including your fucked up liberals and progressives of my ass...are waging a brutal war in Kirkuk and in Mosul, displacing hundreds of families....

The South is under total Iranian control, and deals are being made with your monsters of companies via the central Shiite government.

The Iraqi population is living in misery, fear, loss, destruction, neglect, poverty...while you are sucking on our blood, through the kurds and the shiites shits you have put into power...


Our families are torn apart, our lovers are torn apart, our neighborhoods are torn apart, we have become beggars, living off merciful handouts...

Merciful handouts that your so called "good will" people come to the rescue and try to help...assuaging the bit of conscience you have left. But you have no fucking conscience. You are just ego, you have embellished your acts with such denial, you are evil itself.

You ripped us of our dignity, us the proud Iraqis who would not bow to any human...for we carry history our shoulders, like a cross, like a burden, like a message...


Rows and rows of burned flesh, from your smart technology, your technology of death, fill hospitals...Fallujah, Mosul, Baghdad, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine...

Rows of flesh, for your cannibalistic eyes and you can dig your ugly teeth in more flesh...and orgasm at the sight...


Humanity ? What fucking Humanity ? You have no humanity, you have no soul, you have no fucking conscience...You are DEAD. A DEAD PEOPLE.

There is worse than physical death. There is a soul, moral death and you are fucking dead. You are nothing but armed skeletons on this earth...skeletons with tons of grease, flab, pulling your weight and your bellies that are never full, your barrels of bellies that look like endless holes that nothing can fill up...

You think you are so fucking sophisticated don't you ? You are fucking idiots with guns...even your so called intellectuals, I don't buy them for one cent...

Including your left, your anti-war shits, your liberals and the wanking Arabs that suck up to you like house niggers, I buy none of you for one cent...

Go ahead, kill as much as you want, burn, maim, tear down, build walls, displace as much as you want...

You are a worthless people and a worthless nation.

May 10, 2009

Quietus in Pakistan.

Quietus is an interesting noun. It means " a finishing stroke; anything that effectually ends or settles..." It etymologically originates from the verb "to quit" and is also related to the word "quiet".

A rather appropriate word to describe what is happening in and to Pakistan.

I have made reference to Pakistan in several of my previous posts - the last one being "Framing Pakistan".

Sorry to tell you but tonight, I do not portend good omens for Pakistan. It's alright with me, you may consider me the Mesopotamian version of Cassandra.

Not only has Pakistan been framed, it has also fallen into a deadly trap and it will take lots of good will, political shrewdness and strategic acumen to get out of this hole...and I do not see it happening. And I truly hope to be proven wrong this time.

After many years of living and observing the Iraqi experiment, I can tell you with about 99% accuracy how the plan for Pakistan will be unfolding in the coming months. Because, believe it or not, I see parallels taking place...

A few basics to remember about Pakistan first, and I admit I am not an expert on Pakistani affairs. But from the little I do know, this is my take.

- Pakistan is the only Muslim country to have successfully developed its nuclear program. And it definitely has the potential and the know-how to develop it even further.

- It has a sizeable, solid, educated, entrepreneurial middle class and an important intelligentsia and last but not least -- overall, a non-stagnant economy.

- It finds itself in an important geo-strategic position with coastal lines along the Arabian sea, and borders with Iran, India, Afghanistan and China.

- It is a multi-ethnic/tribal society, majority Sunni but with a roughly 15% of its population being Shiite - the second largest ethnic/sect group after the Sunnis.

- It has been experiencing in the past years, and particularly since 9/11, an increasing, political, anti-American radicalisation of large segments of its population.

- Historically, it is also a fairly recent "nation-state", (an Islamic republic to be more precise) characterized by political instability but which nonetheless managed to impose itself relatively fast and in a weighty fashion in regional and world politics, thus carving for itself an influential position in the international scene.

Just a quick look at the above 6 basic points, can already show you both -- the strength and the vulnerable position of Pakistan.

Geographically, it is surrounded by India, not exactly a love partner. By Iran, who has its own long term ideological agenda for Pakistan in view of its Shiite population - Shiite Revivalism as a political ideology aims to encompass all the Shiite minorities present in this geographical region (including the Arab world).
By occupied Afghanistan, where a deadly American military presence is there to stay and where a war of resistance is being waged...and China who is desperately trying to set foot in that region. Plus the strategic fact that Pakistan is the South Asian gateway to the Arabian Gulf.

All this to tell you that Pakistan is a very important center of "action".

And this is how the "action" starts - based on the Iraqi parallels.

Steps taken and not necessarily in a linear motion as politics are not a one dimensional science. So steps do overlap sometimes.

- Isolate. The U.S used 9/11 as a perfect alibi to start isolating Pakistan even though on the surface it appeared as if it considered Pakistan a collaborating ally in its "war against terror".

However if you recall, the growing criticisms/attacks against P.Musharraf's by Bush and even more so by Obama, until his demise from government. And even then, these have not stopped. Under the guise/pretext that Pakistan is not doing enough to stop "the breeding of terrorists" on its territory, America is hell bent on turning Pakistan into a rogue state on the axis of Evil, Obama style.

- Frame. To support its claims of "breeding terrorists", the U.S and its allies (in this instance India) have to invent them. The still obscure terrorist attack in Mumbai served to frame Pakistan, giving the US and its allies (India and Iran) a leverage card with which it can a) exert more pressure on the Pakistani government to tow the American policy line and, b) provide American propaganda tools with more "beef" for continuing their media spin against Pakistan.

- Weaken. The best way to weaken a country is to force it to engage in a some form of war. It can be a sectarian, civil, tribal, border type of war and preferably a protracted one - a war of attrition.

We are already at this stage insofar as Pakistan is concerned. Four types of wars are being pushed and waged there. A slow insidious sectarian, tribal, border, and external (U.S) ones.

Sectarian - after the still non-elucidated mysterious death of Benazir Bhutto, there has been a substantial increase in sectarian attacks. And these are not about to stop either. This sectarian card will be played in a fuller fashion at a later stage.

Tribal - even though the relation between the Northern Province and the government has always been characterized by some tribal/ethnic/political tensions, these tensions have been fanned high enough to reach a fiery state. Despite a relative truce in the Northern parts, where agreements were signed, something happened.

Most of the articles I have been perusing, state the same thing -- that "something that happened" was "a constant pressure on the Pakistani government to act..." no more details given.

A constant pressure by whom ? By America of course. To act against whom ? Against not only the Talibans as some like to believe but against the tribal leaders of these Northern provinces who are very much supporting the Talibans in their war of Resistance. Already, you have an important fracture taking place in the country's social cohesiveness.

Border - on that front two things are to be noted. First the engagement of the Pakistani army in a guerrilla type of warfare against the Talibans inside its own territories. Something the Pakistani army is not trained to do. Secondly and more importantly, drawing Pakistan into stretching that war beyond its frontiers and into the Afghan side.

This serves a dual purpose : 1) as mentioned, weaken Pakistan to the point of total destabilization and 2) help the Americans and its allies in finishing off the Resistance in Afghanistan by opening up another front for it, to weaken it as well.

External - All throughout, the U.S army has repeatedly violated Pakistani air space and bombed " terrorists targets" in the Northern provinces, killing on more than one occasion, tens of civilians.

The immediate and tangible end result of all of the above is already being felt - a massive exodus of over 500'000 and some say 1 Million of the civilian population and their entrapment. An added pressure on the Pakistani government to deal with this huge number of internally displaced persons.

The driven intention behind the steps of -- isolating, framing, weakening is to destabilize long and hard enough for a country to be paralyzed internally and FALL.

And am afraid this is the American intention (with the tacit approval of India and Iran). The intention is to have the current Pakistan FALL and be replaced with something more in line with American long term policy in the grander region (South Asia and Middle East).

Quietus in Pakistan means dealing a final blow to force it to quit and to be quiet.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ayman Al-Kareemi.

May 7, 2009

Syngué Sabour - Stone of Patience.

Syngué - Stone
Sabour - from the Arabic - Sabr - Patience
Syngué Sabour - Stone of Patience.

In Persian Mythology, it's about a magical stone that you place in front of yourself, and on which you pour all of your misfortunes, sufferings, pain and miseries...
You confide in it all what you dare not reveal to others...And the stone listens to you, and absorbs like a sponge all your words, all your secrets, until one explodes...and that day, is your day of deliverance.

This is just a translation from the cover of a book am currently reading, a book written by an Afghan writer called Atiq Rahimi who just received the Prix Goncourt, 2008.

A friend of mine who knows of my interest for foreign i.e non western writers, sent me this book. It is called - Syngué Sabour / Stone of Patience. I have been reading it.

I love Rahimi's style. Prior to reading his book, I read one of his interviews and from the word go, I could tell, this man had something unique about him...

I cannot exactly remember what it was, it just left this lasting impression on me and when my friend called a week ago and said - Do you want anything from here? my reply was - "Yes, bring me the Stone of Patience"

Rahimi, however much, far removed from his people, is still an Afghan.
And Afghans are like his Stone of Patience.

But patient, enduring, persevering people are not given the limelight. They don't make it to the front pages...

Just like in Afghanistan. They are daily massacred in the obscurity, in the shadows of the media and press...hoping that no one will notice. All the more reason, to devote a post just for them.

Yesterday, according to the Red Cross, over 100 Afghan civilians, mostly women and children were bombed into oblivion, into nothingness, by the Americans.

Extracts from survivors:

"They wept as they spoke of orphaned children and burying loved ones' fragmented remains....My son and my daughter in-law have been killed and left me with a 13-month-old baby...Their remains were buried in a mass grave with others, and I didn't even have a chance to see his face for the last time because his body was blown apart," she sobbed..." (full article here)

Am getting very angry now...I feel my fury rising like a tempest, whirling like a tornado, a volcano's lava about to explode...

Damn you America ! I will not spare any of you. Just as you have spared none of us.

On the front pages of today's "news", the story of some Hollywood crack addict, hooker, by the name of Kristie Alley is making the front pages... Oh no ! She has gained 100 pounds, binging on American shit food.

Or another story, just came in today, making the headlines - World's oldest dog Chanel, the dachshund, dines on pasta and chicken and never learned how to beg..."

Who the fuck is K.Alley anyway ? And who the fuck are you ? And who gives a shit about your oldest dog ?

You bunch of screwed up, fucked up, ignorant, backward, uncivil, idiotic, dumb, vulgar, grotesque, obnoxious, nauseous, retarded, uncultured, nasal pieces of shits...

You go on about your own way with your stupid stories, your stupid lives, your stupid worries, your stupid problems...even your existential neurosis is as empty and stupid like you...just like your fucked up culture, your fucked up food and your fucked up nation...

And you go around with all impunity murdering innocent people, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere...and you think nothing of it. Just like that.

And your fucked up government, your Obooma administration expressed "regrets" over the deaths in Afghanistan.

You regret do you ?

So what is it you exactly regret ? The rubbles of the demolished homes, the ongoing unspeakable misery you are inflicting, the mass graves of innocent families, the beggars and orphans that fill the streets, or do you regret the "fragmented pieces" of flesh that we go around looking for...

The fragmented bits that we pick up to make whole again, a semblance of a we can console ourselves with -- Yes this was him/her...

Oh, you fucking bastards with your fucking hypocrisy ! How much I hate you.

How much I hate your tortuous politically correct verbiage, with your hair splitting, twisting and turning like some limp dicks, pretending to be so pure and so puritanical and oh so correct...

How much I hate your phoniness, your fake demeanor, your pretending that you care so much about the "plight" of others...

How much I hate your arrogance, your know it all when you know shit, your airs of superiority and righteousness...

How much I hate your ignorance, your apathy, your intellectual laziness, your idiotic gullibility and your 1000 lame excuses for being the way you are...

You truly make me sick. I find it disgusting that you are considered a part of the human race, a race that I belong to. Someone must have made a mistake in the classifications here...You are something apart. Definitely apart.

I tell you what you are. You are a curse upon the world, you are blasphemy itself, you are the vilest, most criminal nation that has ever surfaced in the history of humankind. You are a fucking disaster upon the world. A Mussiba, a Waba'a in Arabic...a plague, a pandemic, an epidemic, an incurable disease...

Fragmented remains in Iraq, fragmented remains in Afghanistan, fragmented remains wherever you depraved people set foot in....

And I am now the Syngué Sabour, the Stone of Patience who has heard so many stories, poured upon me like rain, I have absorbed them all and I have exploded in fragments, just like the fragmented pieces of flesh from yesterday, from today, from tomorrow...

Just like the fragmented pieces that remain to be collected, put some semblance of humanity.

I have exploded in a million fragments, in your face.

And more stones of patience have joined me and will be joining me...yesterday, today and tomorrow...

Picture : Courtesy of the Americans in Afghanistan.

May 5, 2009

Another Love Mail...

This one comes from someone called Sahley Dern.
And this is what it says :

If i ever see you i will attempt to gauge your eye out of it's socket.

You have officially made we want to join the army just to have the chance to see a relative of yours get shot, explode or burn.

Tell me where you live so I can fly to your run down shit of a place and beat your terrorist ass into the fucking pavement.

Future assasian "

Followed by another with :

Burn in hell bitch...fuck fuck fuck...fuck fuck fuck..."

A whole A4 page full of "fuck" infinitum.

It feels so wonderful to be that psychopaths, pathological liars, sadistic murderers, plain assholes, ignoramuses, backward cave men and women who live in trailers and below average, mediocre specimens who can't spell....and the list goes on...

A reflection of Iraq. These are exactly the kind of people who are currently occupying and ruling it.

Bravo for a such a great accomplishment.