October 31, 2009

Saddam Hussein: His Last Hours. Part 5 (final)

The article continues with a question.

Was Saddam hanged or murdered ?

Dulaimi says : The President professed the (Muslim) testimony of Faith, once...and while he was professing it the second time, his pure body dropped through that cursed hole/opening...the rope was deliberately extended, lengthened so the President falls/drops to the ground ALIVE, in order to be murdered (while making it look like death by hanging) and this is what they did. While the President was on the floor/ground, he raised his head and smiled, this is when they started first kicking him (his head)and hitting him brutally...

(my note : I am assuming this is also when they jabbed his throat with the knife as shown in the video...maybe not severing the head totally but enough...I must also mention here that Saddam Hussein's brother's head - Barzan's was totally severed from his body according to forensic reports.
And I also need to add here two things that this article does not mention :

1) I saw the uncensored video both on youtube and it was passed once only on al Jazeera. It was seen by other members of my family and friends as well. We all saw and heard the following.

While the President was proclaiming the second testimony of faith, voices erupted shouting Muqtada, Muqtada. I heard so did others...and we were not together when this happened...so it could have not been a collective hallucination. The President said with a faint smile " Heya hadhee al Marjala ya Muqtada" - is this what manhood is all about ? At this point a voice said - silence please the man is about to die.

2) the second point I wanted to make and this was not covered in the article, is that a Kuwaiti businessman offered millions of dollars to buy that rope.)

I continue...

When asked about the location/place/building where the execution/murder took place, Dulaimi says : The location chosen for the killing of the President and his aides in the "State Security/Intelligence" building had a strong symbolic meaning. Adding that this (the choice of the building) was an Iranian request made in coordination with their followers (referring to the sectarian militia's leaders and current puppet government). The killing acts took place in the 'building of the 5th unit', belonging to the FORMER Military Intelligence directorate. Dulaimi adds that this is another proof of the 'Safavid' (referring to the Iranian's regime) spirit of spiteful vengeance towards Iraq and its leadership. This '5th unit' was formerly in charge of providing the Iraqi armed forces, information about the Iranian enemy during the Iraq-Iran war. Dulaimi says that this is where the spirit of Iranian revenge was most felt - in the choice of the location, because Iraq was able to thwart, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, the Khomeinist wave that sought to conquer Iraq and thereafter the rest of the Arab Gulf...

The author (Dulaimi) adds that the fears (of the occupiers) grew substantially after the martyrdom of President Saddam Hussein, as the people, in most parts of Iraq rose against the occupiers...even though this was blacked out in the media...and the people rose against the occupier despite the curfews and stringent security measures imposed upon them...

Al-Dulaimi concludes : At that point, the American occupier issued orders that the body of the President not be taken outside of Iraq, (as per the initial desire of the sectarian leaders). It was thus that, very late that following day, at 3.30 am in the morning, the body of President Saddam Hussein was retrieved to be buried in the place where he was born - Al Awja. (Tikrit - IRAQ).

I will stop here for the translations.

The rest of the article which consists partly of interview and extracts from the book deals with military matters, the invasion, the resistance and whether President Saddam Hussein really had a double, i.e a look alike impersonator. The answer is NO, just in case you're wondering.

I had read the following day of the President's murder, several American websites and bloggers claiming that it was not even President Saddam Hussein at the gallows but very likely his double...Americans are shameless for sure. Well, there never was a double/look alike to Saddam Hussein. Nor will there be one...

I must admit this has been one of the most difficult translations I have ever undertaken. It has totally exhausted me, emotionally. It was shocking, gruesome and painful...in short traumatic, as if I was relieving the whole episode in slow motion, all over again...I think it will take me days to recover...

Having said that, I need to draw the reader's attention to some discrepancies in the 2009 Dulaimi's version of facts that bother me enough to mention in the following lines.

It was brought to my attention that Dulaimi's testimonies or relaying of facts have changed over the years. This particularly relates to the events surrounding the arrest of President Saddam Hussein.

In a 2004 interview, Dulaimi says on behalf of President Saddam Hussein, regarding his arrest, quoting the President.

" When it is a question of making lies, they are very strong. I was sure that they were going to do everything to humiliate me in front of my people. What they showed is not other than a film of cow servant boy and bad invoice in addition. Reality it is that I was with a friend in the locality of Saleheddine. It was at the end of the day and I was reading Coran. When I rose to make the prayer, I suddenly was surprised by Americans who besieged me. I was without weapon, and could not defend myself. I was then imprisoned and I was wildly tortured during the first and the second day. But, for all to say to you, I do not know if it is my friend who betrayed me, or, if it were the subject of pressures."

In his later 2009 version, Dulaimi quotes President Saddam as saying...I am commander/leader and those (U.S) soldiers were below me. Had I fought them, they would have killed me in return and I would have forsaken leadership and people...and then he mentions about running to the shelter - the famous 'hole' of the American propaganda - only to be discovered soon after by the US occupying forces.

You will agree that this is markedly different from the 2004 version where President Saddam is quoted as saying to the effect -- had I had any weapons on me...and there was no mention at all of a shelter/bunker.

Furthermore, and as rightly pointed out to me, if Saddam Hussein's sons and grandson battled the US forces for hours, alone...and were martyred in the process, surely Saddam Hussein, their father, would have done the same if not more...

As for the betrayal. It could very well be that it was Qais Al-Namaq who betrayed him, but we will never know for sure...

The Question remains though insofar as Dulaimi is concerned, is why did he change the story from 2004 or more aptly why did he buy into the American propaganda version with the shelter/bunker/hole twist ?

But before I give my final verdict on the lawyer's performance, I have to read the book and not just the newspaper excerpts because these too can be misleading...and see for myself...

If anyone who reads this and knows Al-Dulaimi personally, please ask him -- Why ?

October 30, 2009

Saddam Hussein: His Last Hours. Part 4

Here I am continuing where I left off yesterday, translating the rest of the article as published in the newspaper, with extracts from Al-Dulaimi's (Saddam Hussein's lawyer) interview and new book (see previous parts). And again, this is a direct, spontaneous translation, so be forbearing.

...Al-Dulaimi replies to the inquiry : How come the (hanging) rope had 39 knots ?

This is what he had to say: The President refused to have the black bag put over his head before the hanging. And he allowed his lynchers to wrap it around his neck instead, underneath the noose.

According to Dulaimi the rope was acquired by the Americans from a Zionist soldier and was designed and fabricated contrary to the law (regulations), in terms of its length and quality (of the rope)and they placed it (the rope) around the President's neck the way they wanted to... (my note: assuming there is some "correct" way.)

Before doing so, an American soldier of Jewish origins entered the room (where the execution was about to take place) and started measuring the length of the rope until he reached the 39th knot.

Dulaimi then says that the number 39 is very symbolic as it represented the 39 scuds missiles that fell on Tel-Aviv in 1991. One of the reasons for the Zionists wrath against President Saddam and one of the reasons for wanting him executed. That soldier asked that they keep the rope long enough without shortening it/ cutting it.

Dulaimi then adds that a very sharp butcher's knife was handed by one of those present...this is the Knife that slashed/cut the President's throat to severe his head from his body...

Dulaimi adds that this was done so that they can gleefully celebrate, parading the President's head, in a grand sectarian parade, in Al Thawra city - i.e Sadr City.

(my note : that explains why a subsequent video was circulated showing a deep gaping I wound in the neck of the President while the rest of the neck was covered with that same black bag, and a bunch of those criminal Shiite sectarian thugs dancing. It reminds me very clearly on how lambs are slaughtered. First the jugular is pierced with a sharp knife then the head is cut off...That is why the Shiite thugs from Iran were adamant to do it on the day of the Sunni Eid (they celebrate one day later as per Iran's orders), because on the day of Eid, traditionally, an offering of a slaughtered lamb is made.
I need a break now, I seriously feel sick...will resume in a while...)

to be continued...

Saddam Hussein: His Last Hours. Part-3

At the High/Maximum Security Building, they removed his vest and his goggles, and he was taken to the first department of this building, the unit of "counter terrorism". It is this unit that is in charge of all the executions i.e the act of murder of the valiant heroic Leader of Iraq...

The time was precisely 5.30am, dawn's hour, when the President entered that division. He saw a metal cage, and in it were a group of Iraqi Resistance fighters, on whom the verdict of "state treason" was pronounced.

Dulaimi then describes the President looking at them and smiling to them with a smile full of Pride/Honor, as he recognized their valiant bravery from the fact that they were there...in that division. He then continued walking, being led to another room...

In this room he found himself surrounded by a group of armed men belonging to one of the sectarian militias...they proceeded to profusely insult him evoking the Iraq-Iran war of the 80's...of the last century.

Dulaimi then affirms that at that moment, the militia belonging to the death squad of the JAYSH AL-MAHDI of Muqtada Al-Sadr, were surrounding the building where President Saddam was, with the intention of raiding the place and kidnapping the President and handing him over to IRAN in exchange for a phenomenal sum of money.

There was delay in the execution of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi's plan that of kidnapping the President because Muqtada Al-Sadr was late to arrive at the premises. Dulaimi then confirms that Muqtada Al-Sadr was present even though some deny his presence for known political reasons, so as not to embarrass the occupation's government or half of the occupation's government

Dulaimi then says : YES MUQTADA AL-SADR WAS PRESENT along with his armed guards. When he saw the President sitting reading the Holy Koran, Muqtada said to the President " Ha shlon al Taghiyya - How is the tyrant doing ?"

The President looked at him with contempt. Muqtada then ordered his guards to hit the President, with their rifles butts, on his head.

Dulaimi recounts that at that point the President started proclaiming loudly " Long live the People of Iraq, Long Live the Jihad, Long live the Ummah, Long Live Iraq, Long Live Palestine, Arab and Free, Down with the Traitors..." The President continued... "We are in Paradise, and our enemies are in Hell..."

And Dulaimi also recounts the President shouting in the face of some judge and a public prosecutor present then : "Down with the Furs (Persians), down with the Americans, down with all the traitors..."

The President was then taken to the accursed room,(where the gallows were) to face ALL the leaders of the militias/ the death squads. And they were :

- Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem
- Muwafak Al-Rubaie
- Ali Al-Dabbagh
- Sami Al-Askari
- Baha Al-Aaraji
- Mariam Al-Rayess
- Muntaqadh Al-Pharaon.

(My note : I also heard that the Iranian Ambassador was present, but I don't know his name and obviously Muqtada Al-Sadr was present too.)

Dulaimi adds that there was not one Sunni Sheikh present as they pretended.

Dulaimi then says that President Saddam Hussein walked with pride, honor and dignity, accepting his fate/destiny with deep Faith.

Those present, as named above, greeted him with grotesque insults, slurs and with enemy slogans (referring to slogans used by the Persians). Some members of the death squads present hurled themselves and ganged up on the President and started hitting him, while his hands were tied/handcuffed. Yet he remained steadfast with his head held high and dignified and said to them : " You are traitors, agents, enemies of the people (of Iraq), down with America and its agents " pointing his head towards them (meaning you are the agents for America).

Muwafak Al-Rubai was insulting the President with vengeance. The President replied to him :" You are terrorists, terrorists...Long Live the Resistance, Long Live the People (of Iraq), Long Live Iraq, Long Live Palestine, Long Live the Arab Ummah "... then he added that he served Iraq and build it...

Dulaimi then adds that during those moments, the photographer for Al-Maliki, Ali Al-Mas'udi, started taking video pictures with sound. They, the murderous militias untied the President's hands from the front and tied them at the back and changed the chain around his ankles to another type of chain specially designed for execution purposes.

The President asked the public prosecutor Muntaqadh Al-Pharaon, to give the Holy Koran that Saddam Hussein carried with him throughout to one person, a lawyer, called Badr Al-Bandar, so this latter can hand it to the President's family.

Dulaimi says that the President stood in front of that hanging rope, with pride, honor, dignity, patience and faith, as the whole world witnessed. And this last image of the President was totally the opposite of what Muwaffak Al-Rubaie claimed. i.e that President Saddam was frightened. He walked up the stairs of the gallows repeating : " Ya Allah, ya Allah..." and stood facing that rope with unwavering courage, and a will that did not falter...

to be continued...

October 29, 2009

Saddam Hussein : His Last Hours. Part-2

In Chapter 25 of Dulaimi's book, he covers details surrounding the killing of President Saddam Hussein, revealing from American sources that the Americans blamed the act of murder of the Sovereign President of Iraq on the Iraqi government under Occupation, whose loyalty is to Iran.

According to Dulaimi, a number of U.S army officers tried exerting pressure on the U.S embassy in Baghdad to contact Washington, for a postponement of Saddam Hussein's execution. According to the same sources, some U.S officers also stated that they would refuse the handing over of President Saddam to the Maliki government. And the U.S Ambassador then, in the Green Zone, Zalman Khalil Zad, failed in convincing Maliki in postponing Saddam Hussein's murder.

(My note : I learned that according to International Law, a person who has reached the age of 70 cannot be executed. This is why, the puppet Government was eager to have Saddam Hussein murdered before his 70th Birthday, ie, in his 69th year.)

Again, according to Dulaimi, in the early hours of Friday evening, before the day of the execution, some US officers lined up including the commander of the prison camp, to bid their farewell to the President, who asked to see his brothers Barzan and Sab'awee one last time for his final goodbye.

Dulaimi adds, that the hours passed that night, and the President spent that evening the way he usually does, sitting on his bed, after the evening prayer, reading the Holy Koran...this is when he was informed by the detention camp officer in charge, that the time of his execution was to be at dawn. The U.S guards kept an eye on the President, believing that he might very well hang himself, before i.e commit suicide.

At 4 am, the commander of the camp came to the President's cell and told Saddam Hussein that they will hand him over to the "Iraqis." So they asked him if he had any last requests. The President just did his ablutions and read whatever he could from the Holy Book in the little time he had left...then he asked that his personal belongings be given to his daughter Raghad via his lawyer and he asked that they tell his daughter that he is on his way to Paradise to meet his Maker/Lord with a clean conscience and clean hands...And that he shall leave as a soldier, sacrificing his self and his family for the sake of Iraq and her people.

Dulaimi then says, President Saddam wore his gray suit, his white shirt and his black scarf and placed a "siddara" (siddara is a hat traditionally worn in Baghdad) on his head and he wore the vest he used to wear when appearing in court or when meeting with others (not specified whom)in Camp Cropper, south of Baghdad's International Airport.

Dulaimi continues...

According to U.S sources, Saddam Hussein was then was driven in an armored vehicle, with a group of U.S guards, a vehicle specially used by the U.S army carrying the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS emblem, and taken to board a U.S black hawk plane/helicopter.

Saddam Hussein asked the guards not to blindfold him/cover his eyes during this ride, as he wanted to contemplate Baghdad one last time, or it could be that Baghdad wanted to give her son, one last look of love...he crossed Baghdad's sky as if he was giving Baghdad his last goodbyes...this city which he built, honored and devoted his life to...slipping through his hands slowly, slowly, with only a few moments left...the plane landed in an American base inside the former state military intelligence/security premises "the Istikhbarrat", southwest of the Kadhimiya area.

This area - Khadimiya, was divided during the occupation into three sub areas, one of them was a U.S military base/ camp. The second was tied to what is called the Law and Order Forces and the third sub area was the High Security Building belonging to the Ministry of Justice of the Iraqi government under Occupation.

Dulaimi continues...

The President descended from the plane in at US military base (area no.1), the U.S guards covered the President's eyes with thick goggles, the same type they use when transferring a detainee from one location to another. He was surrounded by a number of US military police and was moved to area.no.3 i.e.the High Security Building.

At that point, the role of the U.S military was finished and concluded...at that first gate of the High Security Building.

to be continued...

Saddam Hussein : His Last Hours. Part -1

This is going to be very hard for me to translate, too many pages from Arabic to English...but not only...the subject matter is very dear to my heart and knowing me, I will probably have to take several breaks in between the pages...

The following are extracts from a series of articles that are appearing regularly in a Jordanian daily paper called Al-Ghad, and extracts of which were taken up by the Palestinian news agency Maan News.

They are based on the latest publication of a book by Saddam Hussein's lawyer, Khalil Al-Dulaimi, and the book was put in circulation a few days ago, and was published in Khartoum, Sudan. The book's title is : "Saddam Hussein: The American Cell. This is what happened. "

This is a VERY long article, and deals with several issues : the invasion, the battle against the occupier, military tactics, and what happened to Saddam Hussein before and after his "capture".

In this post I will concentrate on the events around his arrest and what happened from thereafter until his physical death. The other points such as the invasion, the resistance in Umm Qasr, the military planning and the rest, I will leave for another post.

This is a DIRECT SPONTANEOUS translation, meaning that I am reading the text and translating onto the page. Hence I ask you to be indulgent if sentences don't come out in "proper English"...

The article starts with a series of important questions that the lawyer Al-Dulaimi answers in an interview with Al-Ghad newspaper.

Before I start with the questions, bear in mind that every time I mention the name of Saddam Hussein, I will refrain from using the word "late president" or "former president." as in the text. I will also not use the word Hero and Martyr because this is a given.

The questions : Was Saddam Hussein hanged or murdered ? Why was the rope deliberately extended beyond the agreed upon measures for death by hanging ? Why was the death sentence carried out on the premises of the Istikhbarat building i.e State Intelligence/Security building ? And why was there an after plan of kidnapping the corpse of the deceased to Iran ?

Al-Dulaimi says that he has lots of detailed information, both verbal and written given to him by President Saddam Hussein, including his poems and his personal notes. And all of the above will he reveal at a later stage, and these are not even included in his book.

Al-Dulaimi says that President Saddam Hussein insisted that everything he relates be noted down with meticulous precision, as he was expecting the Americans to liquidate him at any moment.

And this is how it starts as per the words of Saddam Hussein.

" I use to visit regularly a home belonging to a friend of mine, a friend since 1959, in the Dour area, in Salah El-Deen province...this friend was a very old friend of mine in whom I had full trust . His name is QAIS AL-NAMAQ. I didn't want to impose on him, however I was told that this would be the safest place for me to be in, since its whereabouts were unknown to the U.S occupying forces. Furthermore we devised ways to move about during the day without being caught...and to make sure, we constructed an underground shelter, akin to those we build during the Iraq-Iran war, for emergency use, thus taking all our precautions.

This house, is where I spent the most time, at other times I would travel to far away places, checking here and there on the various factions of the Resistance, and visiting some Iraqi homes. On that particular day, I returned to that house, exhausted after one of my tours, it was afternoon time, so I took the Holy Koran and read a few chapters till evening prayer. My friend's wife was preparing us dinner. When the time for evening prayer came, I closed the holy Book and got ready for the evening prayer, when I saw my friend running inside the house towards me, all flustered saying "they've arrived, they've arrived..." So I asked him " who arrived"? and he said "the Americans."

So I immediately went down to the shelter. After a few minutes only, the Americans discovered the shelter and arrested me with no resistance on my part. The reason why I did not put up a resistance is because I am a QAID, ie a LEADER and those below me where ordinary soldiers. It was inconceivable for me to battle with ordinary soldiers. Had I killed one or more of them, they would have killed me in return. Which means I would have abandoned both leadership and my people. However had Bush been with them, I would have battled them until victory or death.

A week before they found and arrested me, I noticed strange things about my friend, owner of the house. He looked absent minded, his facial expressions changed, his behavior was no longer habitual/normal. But since I trusted him so much, the thought that he might betray me did not even cross my mind. At times he looked to me frightened and anxious...unfortunately, he followed the devil's footstep, he must have been lured by the bounty (for my capture) promised by the Americans. As for me, I didn't have a big sum of money on me so to avoid his betrayal. All I had was one million and two hundred and eighty DINARS, used for some of the Resistance operations. You are to tell the Iraqis, that it is QAIS AL NAMAQ and his brothers who informed the Americans about my whereabouts and who betrayed me. "

To be continued...

October 28, 2009

Stuck in the Middle...UPDATED.

You're probably wondering - how come Layla didn't mention the black, bloody, Sunday's blasts that left over 700 Iraqis dead and injured ?

It's already been covered...And it does take massive explosions to remind you of the "forgotten war".

And am still here...ain't I ? No worries, I will never let you off the hook...as long as God gives me life.

I will not cover the gory details...besides they hardly affect you. They did not affect you in 2003, nor in 2005, nor in 2007, so why should they affect you in 2009 ?

As the demonstrating, very angry, Iraqis shouted in Baghdad yesterday : " We have no water, but our blood is pouring in gallons..."

But hey, you are beyond what people under occupations shout, you are beyond their tears and grief....beyond their tragedies and pain...you are beyond and above it all...

So Fuck You. A grandiose Fuck You.

I don't personally give a fuck about what you feel or think or what happens to your mediocre lives...unemployment, swine flu, tsunamis, dwindling interest rates, illiteracy, school drop outs, urban crime, teen pregnancies, obesity, plant closures, deficit, no health care, poor US boys biting their nails or blowing their brains or yours out, with PTSD...

I don't give a fuck...I truly don't.

Anyways this post is not about you. You, self centered, self serving, narcissistic, mediocre, pieces of garbage...

This post is about Maliki...and how stuck he is... A bit like you and your fucked up army...you're both so stuck in...Iraq.

Let me get back to this not so funny puppet Maliki, with his 3 day unshaven beard, and his stinking silver rings from Qum.

That poor son of a bitch, who pretends to have finished university when everyone knows he was a 3rd rate teacher in Syria later on taking up some Cambio/money exchange kiosk in Damascus...and employed as a full time terrorist by Iran, in Ze pathetic Lebanon, fighting alongside the sectarian shits called Amal of whom the Hezbollah thugs are an offshoot, massacring Palestinians and blowing up Iraqis...all funded by the little darling of the fascist left - Iran.

Anyways, this post is not about his personal resume nor about the politically debauched whorish left, in particular the Arab left and its two cents worth "activists", who are increasingly looking "better" than any of your extremist, Zionist son of a bitch...when it comes to Iraq.

Maliki, the "poor" asshole is stuck in between...like all assholes are. Like you are as well...in Iraq.

Maliki and the rest of the Shiite stooges from Iran, first blamed the attacks on Baathists, Al-Qaeda and Syria...

So boring. One would have hoped they could have come up with something a little more creative. But Iranian sheep are not creative. That's why we call them sheep. Right ?

Why Syria ? Good question.

Rumors have it that the Americans being so stuck in the middle of the Iraqi quagmire, are hoping to have some strong central government in place, like in the good old days of the Hero Saddam Hussein, ensuring themselves a semblance of a face saving military withdrawal...This in itself is becoming even more pertinent as the Afghan resistance is really teaching you and your little empire a very good lesson in humility.

From what I have gathered thus far, the Americans have established some form of contact through intermediaries with Baathist elements and from one article I received, it seems that they also contacted the daughter of Saddam Hussein, Raghad, expressing the following : " We are not against Baathists, we were just against your Father's regime".

Now, is that stupid or is that stupid ?

So what is Raghad Hussein suppose to answer ? It's okay I forgive you ?

There must be some truth to the above maneuvering by the desperate U.S because back in 2000, Charles Duefler, senior CIA agent who was also WMD inspector, was partisan of Saddam change but not regime change.

In other words, he and a group within the U.S administration favored the elimination of Saddam Hussein and his team but advocated for keeping the state apparatus and its technocrats and cadres as is. Something that both Chalabi and later on Bremer advised against. Hence the total destruction of the Iraqi state apparatus and the moving on from a "controlled chaos " to an uncontrollable chaos...for the Americans.

Based on the fact that the puppet Iraqi government keeps blaming Syria, I conclude that this "dual" approach by the US may still be operational on some level...i.e. favor some form of Baathist return yet at the same time find a consensus with Iran in particular around its nuclear dossier This dual and contradictory approach reflects tensions within the U.S administration, CIA and Pentagon.

Or it may very well be that, in view, of Syria's rapprochement with both the U.S and Saudi Arabia, (and Syria's return to the ARAB fold) this has caused massive alarm bells in Tehran. But I personally don't opt for this one...because both Syria and Iraq will eventually sit at the negotiations table with Israel with the blessings of Iran. After all that was the whole purpose of the American occupation of Iraq, but not only...

The above both hypotheses are not satisfactory for me. Simply because I see a pattern.

Whenever there are elections in Iraq, any forms of elections, things go bloody.

It happened before the provincial elections and is happening again.

But there are cues...the cues lie in the blame. Who is blaming what on whom.

Let's have a look now.

- the people in Baghdad - ALL BLAME the sectarian parties infighting for power.

- the sectarian parties are blaming Al-Maliki

a) Jalal Al-Sagheer (the shiite psychopath) in an interview with some French press blamed Maliki. To find out who J.Sagheer is, you need to go back to my post - Vultures and Pistachios. Jalal Al-Sagheer is 100% Iranian, and 100% a murderous sectarian.

b) The Sadrists, party of Muqtada Al-Sadr, the Chief Driller of Sunnis in Baghdad and in the South, blame Maliki for the bombings, accusing him of being a BAATHIST.

c) INA, the new Shiite alliance which is comprised of the criminal Hakeem, the driller Sadr, the Pakistani/Iranian Shiite murderer Jaafari, and the double CIA, MOSSAD, wanted for embezzlement, crook Al-Chalabi, are now asking Maliki to leave his "State of Law Coalition" and join them in their Shiite Alliance. That would be considered some sort of a redemptive act that will absolve Maliki from his seemingly official non sectarian stands

Now it does not take a genius to figure out that if the Shiites themselves are accusing the sectarian Maliki, it is in fact an inside job, that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with either the Baath or Al-Qaeda.

My hunch and my hunch never proves wrong...this last deadly carnage is the work of Iran and the work of the parties currently closest to Iran, until all Shiite parties return to the mother's wing...

And this was a second message to Maliki, from Iran, to retun to the real Mother and leave the American surrogate one, with its sham make believe "non sectarian" parables

Furthermore, many circulating news confirm that the explosives used on that deadly black Sunday were not only made in Iran, but were allowed inside the heavily fortified area, despite hundreds of checkpoints and literally thousands of armed forces that stop every car, every person and check IDs with endless interrogations...

So, Maliki, you and your jokers and clowns..."On ne vient pas de sortir de l'auberge". In English, this means we are no spring chicken.

Iraqis KNOW who is behind their carnage.

And you, Maliki, are now very stuck in the middle...with them.

P.S : I have not even broached the role of the Kurdish militias in the annexation of Kirkuk and that card being played in the upcoming elections. That in itself deserves a chapter apart.

A little UPDATE : Two pieces of fresh info that sorts of illustrate what was said above.

1- UK is patiently waiting for Syria's to accept joining the Europe Mediteranean council of the E.U. Ralph Miliband considers the wait well worth it. Another small illustration of the Syrian rapprochement I mentioned above, which coincidentally is taking place alongside an official warming between Iran and the West.

2- Iraq has suddenly remembered its nuclear reactors bombed twice. First in 1981 by the Israelis and the second time (what was left of them) by the US/GB forces in 91. Iraqi puppet government is now asking permission from the IAEA to rebuild its well damaged nuclear reactors . For me, this request from puppet sectarian pro-Iran government can't be seen outside and independent of, a U.S/European/Iranian deal on both Iran's nuclear dossier and on IRAQ.

October 27, 2009

A Children's Market in Baghdad.

There are auctions taking place selling stolen Iraqi artifacts and there are auctions taking place selling Iraqi children in the center of Baghdad's markets...

The stealing and selling of our past and our future... Tell me what is left ?

What follows is my translation of an article I received today. If anyone from Sweden reads this, I need more information please and a copy of the article in the original language as it appeared in the Swedish press.

According to this article, a documentary film on Swedish TV and then transcribed into an article that was published in some magazine/newspaper called " Express" ?, and translated into 12 languages in the past 24 h.

This documentary was done by two Swedish reporters (Tracey Christensen and Thor Bjorn Andersen) who secretly filmed a market in Baghdad, from inside a car...and they witnessed transactions in which Iraqi children were sold. They mention the case of a 4 year old girl being sold for 500 US dollars !

500 US dollars is what the buffoon President Talabani and his puppet Maliki spend on flowers to decorate each of their press conferences...

T.B Andersen also added that over and above the auction of Iraqi children, the parties in power steal all they can get hold of, and present to the Iraqi people, bullets of death under the cover of Democracy. Hunger, disease, malnutrition, environmental pollution and political anarchy and they murder their people for a fee that is cheaper than a public transport ticket.

The Swedish reporter concluded that this very grave issue (the selling of Iraqi children) will have great consequences on many levels, in the near future, provided that the Swedish government officially announces that it is willing to open its asylum doors to Iraqi children who are mistreated/abused in this manner. And the reporter demands that these children be given immediate residency and be taken care of by the Swedish government.

I don't know what to say anymore...the tragedies are so monumental...I have no more words. I am in a place beyond Hate...I still have to find a name for it.

I congratulate you all, for a well accomplished mission.


I don't have much time for a post, but am updating on Twitter.
You will find my Tweets on right hand side under Disclaimer - under rubric called Talking to Myself.
You don't need to join Twitter, you can just click on follow me and you will get all my tweets with the updates on Iraq and elsewhere including my observations and "whims"...

Thanks for taking note. Catch you later...

October 26, 2009

Burn in Hell

This is not the first time that Americans burn the Koran, our Holy Book and which we consider a direct message from God. For us the Koran is the embodiment of the Divine Word. And it is the most sacred book, and the only Sacred Book worth defending.

Desecrating the Koran happened numerous times...it happened in Iraq when mosques and homes were raided, it happened in Guantanamo and it is happening in Afghanistan.

And coincidentally, two days ago, I received a whole series of pictures, of some American cow, taking pleasure in tearing the Koran apart, burning it, throwing its pages in the W.C, stepping on it, leaving it as a doormat in front of her house...etc...I still have the pictures and I don't want to publish them here, on this blog or maybe I should, so the world can see what kind of animals you are.

Today, Afghan protesters gathered in a demonstration, when they learned that our Holy Book was burned again...they burned an effigy of Obama instead, and some chanted "We don't want democracy, we want Islam."

Had they been vile, racist, hateful and backward like you, they could have easily burned the Bible or pictures of Jesus...but they did not...because we Muslims respect Jesus, as another message from the Divine.

We refrain from such abominations not because we like you but because we are faithful to the Word in the Book, the Book that mentions Jesus, Mary, Moses, Solomon, Isaak, Jacob, Joseph, Jonas, Job, David, Abraham...

When asked, the spokesperson for the U.S and its coalition of cowards, Captain Elizabeth Matthias, said :

"The Taliban was trying to undermine foreign troops by spreading the rumor. We did not burn a Quran ... It is unfortunate that the protesters believe a Taliban rumor..."

You see, this is one of the reasons I call you the People of the Lie...because not only your men and women have burned the Koran and desecrated in more ways than one...but you also burn the people that believe in the Koran...

The Taliban does not need to undermine your troops, you keep undermining yourselves by your criminal acts...the protesters did not gather because of a rumor, the protesters gathered because they have experienced your inhumanity and your hatefulness and racism...They were not waiting for a rumor "to undermine" you.

Next time you ask yourselves why you are so hated and why this hatred is growing, remember your acts and what drives you and them...

October 24, 2009

Iraq, Iran and all that deadly Jazz...

To be frank with you, and I have a few vices but dishonesty is not one of them, I'd rather be doing something else than report your crimes back to you. But am also a firm believer in the simple motto that if you love something, give it your 110%. Unfortunately for you men (apart from l'oiseau rare - the rare pearl) my motto is non applicable...

I've titled this post -- Iraq, Iran as both seem to be have become one country...
Of course this is something I have not stopped repeating since I've started blogging...

I have been walking around with a series of printouts, in Arabic, which I took time to distill and condense adding to them a bit of fresh news gathered here and there, from different sources...

I feel like a private detective, who knows who the culprits are but keeps gathering more information, cues, to prove her case...in some invisible court of law.

I'd much rather be dancing to some love tune, writing poetry or engaging in fiction...I am no journalist and never aspired to be. Reporting is bland, flat, boring as hell...but, and that is probably my only consolation, detective work is not...

I like detective work, because it involves the trusting of intuition, a good deal of creativity, a strong sense of instinctive smell, and an eye for the detail, coupled with the seemingly innocuous information that comes your way...

Bloody hell, what an introduction for a simple post to give you the latest news from Iraq and Iran...But how else can I capture your attention ?

Let's start with Iran since this one seems to be the main, major, player these days...in Iraq, in the region and on the international scene. Once am done with Iran, I shall move to Iraq, the pistachio republic, for now at least.


In one of my previous posts, which really revolved around a premonitory dream, and which I called the long American-Iranian film, I affirmed that Obama will hand Iraq (or at least parts of it) to Iran, pending on the nuclear dossier. I also mentioned a French role in this and named Sarkozy in person. Do refer to that post. I am too tired to fish out for you, so do your own search.

Well, according to the heavy pack of printouts I have been carrying all day, in Arabic and trying to translate...one in particular stuck out. Namely, that according to Time magazine's issue of 19th October 2009, Obama has been engaging in SECRET talks with the Iranians for the past 4 months regarding the nuclear dossier. A middle ground solution was found, and this was run by the Russians and the French, namely that Iran's uranium will be processed in Russia and shipped back to Iran into a higher grade type.
Now am no nuclear scientist so don't rely on me to give you the exact formula of how this is done...

And coincidentally,to confirm the above, I just learned that :

- Iran revealed another nuclear underground plant in Qum. Adding that it did not reveal its location before, i.e during Bush's time, from fear of an Israeli/American attack. Now it has come out clean to Obama with the exact location.
Today 4 inspectors will be flying from Vienna on their way to Qum to inspect. Just right now, the US is asking Russia and France to be more lenient on the Iran nuclear dossier, since Iran has shown "good faith" by revealing locations. Russia has agreed to take Iranian uranium at 3% (whatever that means) and return it to Iran at 20%, thus ensuring that the level of Uranium is indeed used for peaceful purposes.

So where does Sarkozy and France fit in ?

I am a naive woman, Ala Bab Allah, like they say in Arabic, but my hunch tells me that Sarkozy and French companies will fit in some Basra oil deal. Stay tuned for that one...soon.

Now let's get back to Iraq. And please don't take those distinctive paragraphs as all delineating. They are very much intertwined. But Iraq, as in any satellite country only feels the ripple effects...

Now, I know that some of you don't mind it too much that Iraq has become a satellite of Iran, and that Kurdistan is on its way to become a totally independent region...
I am sure that the "left", in particular, don't mind...neither do the Arab "leftists" nor their Palestinian counterparts, nor the fundies i.e fundamentalists from the Muslim Brotherhood, and definitely not the majority of the Shiites.

But I do mind. I mind and thousands like myself mind...but right now we have more important occupiers to deal with, than you - garbage.


According to a body of Iraqi analysts, the QUDS brigades of Iran have infiltrated the judicial, political parties, parliament, police and armed forces at the highest levels. In other words, they are affirming what J. said to me upon his return from Baghdad - Iran is deep into Iraq.

More bloodshed is expected for the status quo to remain as is -- i.e to keep that balance of power tilting very much in favor of Iran before the elections. And much will be done to ensure that this is so before the upcoming elections.

It is also in the interests of the Americans to keep it that way, in view of what has been said above regarding Iran's nuclear dossier. Kindly use your gray cells, if at all.

It is important for the Americans to keep some semblance of something...I will not use the word victory here, because it is SO OBVIOUS that America has failed with a big F in Iraq, be it on the military, political or economic level...America after 6 years of occupation and promises of being welcomed with candies and flowers is still unable to secure a basic minimum of security in any part of Iraq.

For me and for any perceptive person, it is absolutely clear that the Iraqi Resistance has foiled the American plan on all levels. And please don't be so dumb and naive as to assume that the American media will come out and say - Sorry folks, we failed. Things don't work that way in politics.

What America is desperately trying to do on the other hand, is to consolidate its primary agenda for Iraq, i.e the partition along sectarian and ethnic lines and in order for this beast to do so, it needs Iran and its further collaboration. Only then, can the show of troop withdrawal be credible...

I surely hope that you understand that basic, very basic ABC of face saving portrayed as political gain...but as usual am not holding my breath.

In that sense, and related to it, the "green revolution" in Iran was very important for Iraq. It denoted that the Iranian people, were against the Wilayat Al Faqih project for the region even though the protests came under the heading of "Reform".

And from the reactions from the Iraqi people's side, it was also all too clear that the Iraqis alongside the Iranian people had become all to aware of the FASCIST nature of the Iranian rule both in Iraq and in Iran.

And I have not meet one Iraqi, who condemned the protests in Iran...apart from the Shiite stooges affiliated to the sectarian parties. On the contrary they seemed to welcome it. The only ones who condemned it apart from the Shiite puppets of the American occupation, were the leftists, Arabs and Palestinians included, arguing that this was some CIA/Mossad affair.

I am not sure where this "velvet, green revolution" stands today. I never trusted or had any faith in Mussawi or Ayatollah Pistachio Rafsandjani, (refer to Vultures and Pistachios post for added confirmation), and I am seriously wondering...and as I predicted, I believe that this "velvet revolution" has fizzled out...

Which brings me back to square one...

So as in any satellite country, the news are brief and don't evoke much fervor or passion...

Let's start with the Dead...

- Al Anbar province : 4 civilians killed by an IED MADE IN IRAN. Reminder: Al-Anbar is an all "sooneeee" province, or has become so.

- Tikrit : another all "sooneee" area. 2 Killed after a suicide bomber detonated...

- Baghdad : Several explosive devices hidden behind billboards/posters were found, in central Baghdad. Nice creative work from Iran, I must admit.

- Green Zone Baghdad : A 5 million dollar American base is being developed, overseen by a certain Tom Robinson, employing some 200 workers. Will serve as a base for the U.S marines in coalition with the puppet Iraqi forces. (What troop withdrawal ?!!)

- "Kurdistan" - the darling of the "left" and the "Arab revolutionaries".
Special visit by Susan Rice (is she related to the witch Condi by any chance?) is visiting Erbil and has met with warlord - oil, drug and arm smuggler, Barazani (whose salary is 1 Million dollars per year). They both agreed that KIRKUK should be left out of the elections as it holds a special status for the Kurds. How novel and who would have guessed !

- Iraqi heritage : a) an auction sale is being held in Germany comprising of Iraqi antiquities. The Iraqi ministry of "Culture" asked them to please refrain.

b) other boxes of Iraqi antiquities have been found being smuggled to Iran.

c) according to the latest report from Babel and Nasseriya, Iraq's ancient monuments and statues have been hacked into pieces and sold on e.bay.

They called it the Revenge on Iraq's History...

But that's another chapter...dear, very dear to my heart...and I promise to give it back to you 110%.

Americans : Looters & Thieves.

So much has been stolen and looted from Iraq, from my Beloved's lap, treasures, boxes, and shelves...

If I tell you that it is in the billion of Dollars, be it in cash or or in things/goods...I am not exaggerating one bit.

I, for one was a witness, and I saw it with my own two eyes,
675 million dollars in cash, taken by the US soldiers in trunks in 2003, to be "counted in New York". This money is still in New York.

I have hundreds of stories of US soldiers looting homes they raided, stealing the money, the jewelery, even the food...

I have hundreds of stories and some I have covered in the past, of U.S soldiers and journalists/reporters looting the personal belongings including clothes of Saddam Hussein's family, even Saddam Hussein's shoes and selling them in South Africa, Australia, and the U.S or keeping them as "souvenirs".

And here, I don't even wish to broach the subject of the looting of Iraq's antiquities, by your own soldiers and even by your U.N team of inspectors, inspectors fo WMDs which were never found and that was back in the 90's. They were caught time and time again at the borders smuggling Iraq's ancient artifacts. I want to keep this for later...because however much I write, I will never be done with you. You, barbaric, immoral, deceitful, hypocritical, greedy, envious, jealous, backward, depraved, decadent lot.

Now another official story of looting adds itself to your long list of thefts and burglaries.

This story was relayed in
Akhbar Al-Khaleej News and kindly translated by Aziz, whom I deeply thank.

A senior official at the presidential palace at the time of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, said American soldiers looted the precious treasures which made up the Gift Gallery of President Saddam Hussein. The source said three U.S. tanks surrounded the museum on April 6, 2003. The soldiers removed all the contents of the museum, which included rare and valuable gifts and other priceless items of the late President, given to him by various political figures, presidents and kings. The loot included gold jewelry and the total estimate of the number of items in the museum were 600'000 pieces. The source pointed out that the looting took more than 20 hours during which the museum was emptied of its contents and transferred then to an unknown location. It subsequently transpired that the loot was transferred to the United States, where former U.S. President George W. Bush said he received gold-plated pistols belonging to President Saddam Hussein and these pistols were one of the items among the 600'000 looted from Saddam's museum. The source added that the museum also included archives of the Iraqi state dating back to the the early 20's of last century as well as other important official documents pertaining to Iraq's political history, during the Monarchy - called the Royal wills plus all the the covenants right up to Saddam Hussein's era. The source estimated the value of the loot to 300 million Dollars, stressing that he and several of his colleagues were watching the loot from a house near by, a loot programmed by the Americans. American soldiers had identified the site for the museum and knew its contents before they entered Baghdad and the items stolen had gone to U.S personalities, a large chunk of which, to U.S. former President George W. Bush, his Vice President and his Minister of Defense. The museum is located near Saddam Hussein's Baghdad clock and close to the presidential palace and is located in the region currently renamed the Green Zone. Saddam Hussein used to visit this museum occasionally and the very valuable gifts offered to him by Arab and foreign countries cannot be estimated in money alone.

Yes, that is you America and Americans. Plunderers, thieves, looters, rapists, torturers, criminal murderers...


Painting : Iraqi female artist, Hana MalAllah - Looting.

October 23, 2009


Managed to get hold of some alternative Iraqi sat TVs namely Al-Rafidain, Ar-Rai, Al Babeliya which I have mentioned before. I made it a point to watch some of the news on these channels as they cover events that are totally blacked out in the mainstream media, including the Arabic speaking ones.

1) The Iraqi Resistance under its different factions

Several resistance activities against the Occupier namely in Kirkuk, where one US patrol came under attack . Same in Mosul. Two days ago, another US patrol under attack in El Anbar province, and in North of Baghdad. Today another US patrol came under fire in Falluja, and several mortar bombs fell on the US airbase in Nasseriya. I must add that all the above were successful operations. US commander Odierno in Baghdad admitted that there has been a upsurge of Resistance activities in the past week.

2) Elections

A deliberate stalemate provoked by the puppet government and its Shiite parties.
Several issues : a) the debate around the open/closed list. This latter is favored by the sectarian government as it will ensure another round of victory in the upcoming elections. b) the refusal of the Shiite parties to allow Iraqi refugees to vote, again to ensure its victory in the upcoming elections. c) Kirkuk. Much haggling is around Kirkuk which the Kurds insist to turn into another province under the so called Kurdistan regional government. Hence the possibility of the elections being postponed and consequently the deferral of US troop withdrawal is very likely.

According to several Iraqi analysts, Iran is playing a very important role in the current election deadlock through the Shiite parties and the U.S is concerned that the initial agenda it invaded Iraq with remains as is -- i.e the partition along ethnic and sectarian lines. Hence the likelihood of having the same sectarian faces re-appear in post election Iraq (if they take place at all) are a very likely happening.

3) Oil and other resources

A member of congress by the name of Paul Perkins ? (am now told the exact name is Boone Pickens) has presented a bill demanding that a share of Iraqi oil revenues be automatically allocated to the US for its "liberation effort", to cover the costs of the war, also arguing that the death of U.S soldiers in Iraq (5'000), and the trillion of dollars spent in invading and occupying Iraq had to be reimbursed one way or another.

Kuwait is still claiming 40 billion dollars in reparations and now the US is claiming its lion share of Iraqi oil revenues for "reparations" as well, since American oil companies did not get the full desired quota in Iraq. In other words there are claims being made for an Iraqi financing of the American war industry, to cover the American bill of occupations both in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, apart from oil, the Anbar province, according to some analysts comprises important minerals, still unexplored, one of which is phosphate which can produce uranium and also red mercury amongst others...

Prior to the occupation, Iraq was more or less self sufficient in its industry and agriculture, today Iraq relies solely on imports of goods namely from Iran. Another example that can be taken as a measurement yardstick just to show the extent of Iraq's economic dependency since 2003 - Iraq used to have 30 million date palms, today it imports dates from Iran and the Gulf countries !

The deliberate destruction of Iraq's economic and industrial infrastructure is meant to keep Iraq as a satellite province, another banana or pistachio republic, another Dubai, an open arena for vulture foreign investments, in particular American and Iranian.

4) The Israeli connection

A bill of law has been passed in the Iraqi parliament authorizing companies that were previously banned due to their (direct/indirect) connection to the Zionist state to become operational again in Iraq. This is most evident in the so-called Kurdistan were several Israeli companies are operating as tourism, industrial and real estate. Israelis have already "visited" other parts of Iraq, namely in the South and some reports confirm that they have also purchased land there and in Baghdad.

Furthermore, while there is much media brouhaha around the so called US troop withdrawal, there is a total failure in mentioning the American "logistic" bases which will remain in Iraq and the largest US embassy in the world, in Baghdad.

On that subject, an article appeared in the Zionist newspaper, Yehodot Aranot,(can't spell those bloody names correctly), stating that the U.S embassy in Baghdad is to employ 185 Israeli advisers, for its running/management of Iraq.

The Israeli model for the West Bank is much sought by the Americans i.e a military occupation with a handing out of the Civil administration functions/matters to the puppet government (as in the model of the West Bank and the PA). Coincidentally I watched Amira Hass (the Haaretz journalist) on the Riz Khan show, and she did affirm that Israeli "advisers" are much sought worldwide for "security matters"

I have the full article in Arabic, if anyone cares to translate the whole thing into English please contact me via Twitter.

5) A message to Iraqis with a conscience left.

If you have a relatively good command of the English language and no, it does not need to be perfect, I urge you to do something for your country, instead of sitting on your backsides engaging in nonsensical drivel on the Internet. There is much that needs to be done in English. I can't do it alone anymore. Please contact me via Twitter. And thanks in advance.

October 22, 2009

RAPE - A Weapon of MASCULINE Wars.

Same happened in Iraq by armed Shiite militias from Iran and by US occupying forces. Not much coverage in our case...They kept it hush hush. Love's collaboration between the US and Iran obliges... FILTH.

Rape in Iraq has now become endemic. Hail "Liberation"

You can read the rest and watch the Video HERE. Rape as a Weapon in the Congo. A very important and heart wrenching video.

How can any man watch this and not feel shame and disgust with his own gender ????

October 21, 2009


I received this from a very reliable and trustworthy source. Many thanks to Abu R. for the top notch translation.



Sources have confirmed new details regarding the participation of units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the latest raids in Mosul and the province of Salah Al-Deen which lead to the capture of officers of the former Iraqi army, Ba'athists, and other national leaders. The participating units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were commanded by a high ranking commander of the Iranian revolutionary guard named Akbar Wahidi who was operating out of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. The raids were coordinated with Nouri Al-Maliki and unfolded as follows

1) The commander of the unit which lead the arrests was commanded by the traitor Ali Omran who was trained in Iran and is a known member of the treasonous Dawa Party.

2) The Iraqi forces participating were formed of 100 members of the current Iraqi Army, and 100 members of the national guard all commanded by Ali Omran. There faces were hidden and they were carrying pictures and names of former officers of the disbanded Iraqi army and Baathists which were provided by the Iranians.

3) Sources also confirmed Iranian instructions to the collaborating Maliki was to cast a wide net and make widespread arrests of innocent civilians to be later released under the guise of insufficient evidence they were involved in "terror" activities. This scheme was designed to provide cover for the arrests of the wanted officers of the disbanded Iraqi army.

4) We urge all national and satelite media to provide extensive coverage of these developments and protect the lives of those captured before they are taken to Iran and killed or killed in Iraq itself. We hold the occupying power fully responsible for all the actions of the occupation government and any harm that may come to the captured Iraqi nationals.

October 20, 2009

Reading Blues...

I said to myself - girl, you need a break from this bloody computer...so I switched on the TV, I wish I hadn't.

There was a very short documentary on Al-Babeliya Iraqi Sat TV on the state of the schools in Baghdad, its suburbs and in some of the villages...

Good God, I could not believe my eyes !

What happened to our schools ? What happened to the Iraq that UNESCO gave a prize to for offering one of the best educational systems in the Middle East ? What happened to us ?

I had not seen it so bad. Not even during the sanction years when even pencils were forbidden...

There is no more education in Iraq. That is the blatant truth.

The short documentary filmed a couple of schools, I was aghast. There are no more playgrounds, the schools are littered with garbage, there is absolutely no water, there is no electricity, the windows are all broken, there are no toilets, the schools are totally dilapidated. Some schools did not even have a blackboard !

On average in one classroom alone, there are between 70 to 80 students. I saw them sitting 5 on one bench !!!! 5 kids aged between 8-10 sitting on one single class bench fit for 2 !

They interviewed one student, he couldn't have been more than 10 years old. He amazed me with his awareness and lucidity. He said to the cameraman :

" Look at us, just look at us. Look at our school, its walls, look at the garbage. We don't even have water to drink. We don't even have books ! We don't even have stationery. Go tell the Minister of Education sitting on his big fat chair, that we have nothing. "

Then some teachers were interviewed and they said that there are in fact no books. One book is shared by 15 students. And they added that even pencils are bought on the black market. They added those students were too poor to buy books.

In the past during the reign of Saddam Hussein, all schooling was subsidized and free of charge, including books and stationery even during the embargo imposed upon us by the barbarian world.

Now 15 students have to share one book and they don't even have pencils or blackboards or notepads. I can't believe it !!!!

There is more...

The Ministry of "Education" who is run by the Shiite parties, is known to forge diplomas for teachers.

Since the occupation of Iraq hundreds of teachers have been either killed or have fled the country.

This ministry of Ignorance forges diplomas and hands them out to its Shiite members who for the most part have not even finished secondary schooling.

One such teacher, a woman, backed by both the ministry of Education and one of the influential Shiite parties in the South, was posted in several schools...she ended up in Basra, teaching a subject she knew nothing about. Over and above her ignorance and forged diploma, this teacher supposedly suffered from serious psychological problems. She was very abusive to her students.

As a result, during last semester's exam and it was during Ramadan, this teacher sadistically promised to fail her teenage female students, their age was 14-15.
And she did.

Suicide is not in our customs or traditions, however tragic our lives can become. But and this is a first, 28 female students aged 14-15 committed a collective suicide by swallowing poison, due to the severe mental and psychological abuse of this teacher.

The ministry of education refused to comment and the school administration is powerless to have this teacher removed because she belongs to one of those Shiite shit parties.

On another note but still related, only last week, the Shiite puppet Nouri Al-Maliki ordered the shutting down of Al Munstanseerya University, one of the leading universities in Baghdad, because the students had certain basic demands concerning the running of their university and organized themselves into a student's union. The university was shut down !

It is all too clear to me, that America and Great Britain, completely destroyed Iraq and put in place those sectarian Shiite ignorant criminal thugs affiliated to Iran, to continue the process of destruction on a generational span. Meaning, to make sure that Iraq never raises its head again. And one of the ways to achieve their evil goal is through the educational system and in our case - its total destruction.

I can never hate you enough.

October 19, 2009


I tell you something, Americans are so full of shit. Really, truly...

They are up to their heads in shit. Shit ideas, shit concepts, shit rationalizations, shit excuses, shit everything...

It smells and it smells BAD.

I have watched and read hundreds of articles on torture, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo - your favorite sea side resort.

And each time, I keep reading, hearing the same shit phrases that crop up again and again...

Here are, for the most part...NO, for all parts, innocent people arrested, imprisoned with no trial by those dickheads called Americans. And each and every single time, the same phraseology comes up - "sleep deprivation, enhanced interrogation techniques, stress positions "...

The guy has been literally fucked, had his penis chopped off, been drowned in shit and water, pissed upon in his mouth, hung from his wrists, electrocuted in his genitals, bitten by dogs, made to stand up for weeks, stripped naked in extreme temperatures, been subjected to 1000000 watts of shit American music, punched, beaten, insulted, humiliated, spat upon, had his family threatened and in some instances arrested, fed morsels of stale food like some stray dog, prevented from going to the toilet, prohibited from washing for months on end, and more and more...and all those pedantic American shits come up with and talk about are "enhanced interrogation techniques"

What fucking "enhanced interrogation techniques" and what fucking "waterboarding" ?
You're well beyond that assholes.

Honestly and truly, I have never come across a people so full of shit like the Americans...all of them and without exception.

October 17, 2009

Vultures & Pistachios...

Ammar El-Hakeem with Ahmadinejad during his latest visit to Tehran

Ammar El-Hakeem with Ayatollah Rafsandjani during same visit to Tehran

Sectarian Shiite thugs greeted by Ayatollah Pistachios

The Shiite psychopath J.Al-Sagheer in white turban with Ammar El-Hakeem and President of Pistachios Republic

When I say birds of Shiite feathers flock together, I know what am talking about and you don't.

I know because I receive daily news about the micmacs and machinations of this herd, with a handful of exceptions. And even then, am not too sure about the exception. Of course, here I am talking about political leaders or men of power...and not about the people. But even then, am not too sure...because as I said before, the influence of the Marjaeeya and Hawza, the Shiite theological councils and schools of learning in Iraq, are so much under the iron grip and ideological influence of Iran, that only rare and secular Iraqi Shias fit the bill of the "exceptional case".

It is more and more apparent that the Iraqi occupation is no longer an American affair but an Iranian one. And the deeper the U.S gets itself in the Afghan/Pakistan quagmire, the greater the Iranian final hold on good chunks of Iraq will be...

If you fail to understand that very simple equation, then sorry to tell you, but you qualify to be called a bunch of dumb asses. And dumb asses should not meddle in politics nor write articles. Got it ?

Now, for tonight's topic, I will give you brief news from Iranian Shiastan Iraq.

- First some BREAKING NEWS : Al-Maliki's son in law - who is an IRANIAN with a long Iranian name I could not memorize by heart, was caught in Dubai airport SMUGGLING IRAQI ANTIQUITIES. A "high level" delegation was promptly sent to the UAE to settle this affair discreetly. Well it is no longer discreet, now.

- Ammar Al-Hakeem, of the SCII, head of the Shiite death squad the Badr militia and one of the biggest oil smugglers to Iran was in Tehran meeting with Ayatollah Pistachios (Rafsandjani) and Ahmadinejad, president of the Pistachio republic.

Those two vultures assured Al-Hakeem who was accompanied by a herd of Shiite thugs, one of whom is another cleric by the name of J.Al-Sagheer (will get back to this psychopath later on) they assured him that

* the "security" of Iraq is the "security" of Iran, since these two countries are "intimately intertwined and share a common fate and common interests "

* that they are counting on him and on his new Shiite alliance (the Hakeem, Jaafari, Sadr alliance) to "eradicate all forms of ideologies of mass genocide" referring to the Baath and to promote the only true Islam - Shi'ism.

* that Iraq and Iran share the same sect ideology (aqeeda) and this ideological tie will be strengthened even further...

- As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, the greatest majority of the Iraqi puppets, members of parliament - like 99% of them, carry DUAL nationalities. The majority of those dual nationality carriers are Iraqi/Iranians. Some have three nationalities, Iraqi, Iranian and American/British. Maliki himself has three nationalities - Iranian/Syrian/Iraqi.
The head of the Mukhabarrat - secret intelligence, carries a British/Iraqi nationality. Al-Jaafari also called Ibraheem Fasanjoon, carries an Iranian/Iraqi/British nationality. Muqtada Al-Sadr the Chief driller, carries an Iranian/Iraqi nationality. Muwafak Al-Rubaie whose real Iranian name is Karim Shapour carries an Iranian/Iraqi/British nationality. Eyad Allawi, Bremer's puppet carries a British/Iraqi nationality. H.Zebari carries a British/Iraqi nationality. The Sistani family of the not so grand Ayatollah and his in laws, carry an Iranian/British/Iraqi nationality. Ditto for Al-Khoei family. And the Hakeems, a dual Iranian/Iraqi nationality so does the Shiite psychopath J.Al-Sagheer with an Iranian/Iraqi nationality and so on and so forth...I can't enumerate all of them for you and I can't keep on repeating myself either.

So in the latest IRANIAN elections, all those Iraqi MP's with an Iranian passport voted in Iran's election. Just as these "Iraqi" Shiite puppets gave well over 2 million Iraqi passports and ID cards to Iranians so they could come and vote in the so-called Iraqi elections.

So with the upcoming Iraqi "elections", some MP's were interviewed. And those with a dual Iranian/Iraqi nationality, expressed in no uncertain terms, and in particular the psychopath cleric J.Al-Sagheer, that they are against and am quoting word for word - " the 4.5 million Iraqis in exile since 2003, to participate in the upcoming election." The baloney reason given was " to preserve the fairness and transparency of the elections and avoid fraud." The real reason is that the greatest majority of those in exile are SUNNIS and CHRISTIANS. And those Shiite thugs want to make sure that no electoral voice tilts the final outcome in the opposite direction i.e AWAY from Shiite sectarian power.

Now you're probably wondering why am calling J.Al-Sagheer a psychopath. Well his Friday sermons are numerous on youtube along with his Fatwas to kill every Sunni with impunity and no remorse, since as per his words they (the Sunnis) are "najiss" - dirty and polluting. And in one of those Friday sermons he said and am quoting word for word "I am telling you, you don't need a Fatwa from me or from anyone else. Go ahead and kill the impure ones, it is no sin for you to do so. And on the day of judgment, wipe your deeds on my neck..." an Arabic expression meaning - I will absolve you.

- a rather interesting interview on Al-Babeliya Iraqi sat T.V was conducted with an Arab Iraqi Shia head of a Southern Tribe. He clearly denounced the Iranian presence in Iraq, however he urged Shiite Iraqis to abide by the not-so great Ayatollah Sistani's (the Iranian) whose one son in law is none but the Shahrestani, (ministry of oil), to abide by the "open list" in the upcoming elections. This Tribal Sheikh from the South said he would favor and encourage his tribal folks to vote for a secular alliance hoping that S. Al-Mutlaq of the National Dialogue Front (what dialogue?) and Eyad Allawi form a common bloc. Otherwise, he and his rather large tribe will join the electoral process as an independent party.

- since am on the subject of Sistani and his family. You may wish to read a bit more on his saintliness, his eminence, the "ayat" (sign) from Allah, the Ayatollah.

A new mini Mullastan has been formed in London, out of all places. Not surprisingly.
This mini Shiastan/Mullastan address is Brondesbury Park, London, NW6.

After pillaging and plundering Ali Baba's cave, those Iraqi Mullahs and their families and off springs, the pious ones from Qum, purchased and keep on purchasing mansions in their new London's mulllastan.

A few names : Al-Khoei family, Al-Najafi, Al-Dabbagh (one of Maliki's men). This latter paid 29 million dollars for the purchase of some commercial estates on Edgware Road. London.

Now Brondesbury Park is experiencing a boom with the following new Iraqi acquisitions by Muntazar Al-Kashmeeri and Mohamed Jawad Al-Sharestani - both, not so grand Ayatollah Sistani's,sons in law.

Al Kashmeeri lately acquired a villa in the same neighborhood, for a "small" sum of 6 million dollars. Al Sharestani, the other son in law, bought another villa on the same street, no.75 to be precise for the sum of 4 Million dollars. But it does not stop here...

The daughter of Ayatollah Sistani has also become a real estate entrepreneur in London's mullastan. She too bought a luxurious apartment not too far from her current one, Abbey Road, St.Johns Wood for the sum of 1.7 million dollars.

The rest of the info on the thieves of Baghdad in Arabic can be found here.

I think I will stop here for tonight with Sistani's family, alone. The pious one from Qum, the Iranian Ayatollah of Nejaf and Kerbala, the head of the Iraqi Shiite Hawza and Shiite Marjaeeya, the well wisher for the invader, the charlatan, the British/Iranian agent, Ayatollah Sistani, may God preserve his shadow and his pistachios.

So what do you make of all the above ? What do you make of those vultures and their filthy networks and mafias ? What does that tell you about Iran in Iraq ? What does that tell you about Iran and the U.S ?

What does it tell you about the empty "anti-imperialist, anti-zionist" slogans from the "Islamic" Republic, the slogans akin to Fustok fadhee - empty pistachios.

Some of you are nodding your heads and the great majority of you are still swallowing whole, the Fustok fadhee -- the empty pistachios...

October 15, 2009

Nouri Al-Maliki's Curriculum Vitae.

This may not be novelty for some of you, but I thought I'd refresh your memories...

Listen am not inventing the stuff, am just translating what appeared on a serious Iraqi website.

Someone already wrote an expose of N. Al-Maliki, Iraqi PM's past, in 2007 and you can read it here.

Jawad Al-Ali aka Nouri Al-Maliki personal resume in bold, the rest is mine including whenever you see a "Ze" and in (...)

Diplomas : Personally involved in blowing up the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut and in assassinating senior Palestinian leaders in Ze Lebanon.

This is Al-Maliki :

1- Was in the armed command of the Dawa party, and was personally involved in the criminal murdering of several people.

2- was personally involved in the blowing up of the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut.

3 - Was a member of the "lovers of Hussein" in the 80's in Ze Lebanon. "Lovers of Hussein" was a death squad affiliated to Ze Lebanese Shiite party called Amal.
"Lovers of Hussein" death squad was under the command of Dawud Dawud (a double David)
and followed the immediate orders from the ultimate sectarian Nabih Berri (still head of Amal in Ze Lebanon) and was responsible for the settling of accounts, liquidating and murdering the Palestinian leaders of the PLO in 1982 (during harb al mukhayamat - the war of the camps), the Palestinian leaders and cadres who were resisting the Zionist occupation of Ze Lebanon.

4 - this criminal terrorist's mission (Al-Maliki's) was concluded in his personal involvement in the siege and genocide of the Palestinian camps in Ze Lebanon in the mid 80's.

On that day, the late President Saddam Hussein after consulting with the late Yasser Arafat contacted Michel Aoun and gave him phenomenal sums of money (today's Hezbollah ally) so he may agree to smuggle the content of a whole ship (financed by Iraq) to the port of Jounieh (a then enclave of Ze Lebanese Christians), containing full shipments of arms, food and medical stuff, to the Palestinians. This changed the equation on the battle ground and thus saved thousands of Palestinians from perishing at the hands of the sectarians and prevented their mass genocide.

5 - the terrorist Al-Maliki was head of the "Haidar" group, a cell within the " Lovers of Hussein" subgroup, affiliated to Amal Shiite Party from Ze Lebanon.
This particular cell was known to be the bloodiest and most murderous of all in regards to the Palestinians in Ze Lebanese camps. This cell consisted of over 150 members, most of whom were IRANIANS and all were members of the DAWA party.

6 - this terrorist cell murdered over 50 Palestinian Resistance fighters, officers in the PLO. The Palestinian Fedayeen/Muqawama was able to fight a majority of them off and force them into running away to....(Syria and Iran like the cowards that they are) and one of them was Al-Maliki.

At that time, the PLO was in possession of several recorded tapes filled with whole testimonies from those captured murderers belonging to the Al-Maliki cell. Copies of those tapes were then handed to the previous government in Iraq.

The Americans made the right choice in choosing Al-Maliki, the killer of the Iraqis and Palestinians.

Now we know why the Iraqi flag was not raised when Al-Maliki visited Tehran.

My comments :

A bit of historical information is necessary here.

Amal is a Lebanese Shiite party still led by Nabih Berri.

Hezbollah is an offshoot from Amal. The Iranians at that time felt that Amal was not radical and armed enough.

The "Iraqi" Dawa party is an offshoot from Amal and by correlation from Hezbollah. Was formed and funded in Iran and nurtured in Syria.

To make it simple for you - Birds of Shiite feathers, flock together....Sectarianism and anti- Arabism and anti-Palestinian(ism) is their hallmark despite and in spite of the rhetoric.

So, dear "anti-Zionists", dear " angry Arab" jerks, dear "Palestinians", may you find Maliki's CV useful should you wish to hire him in the future...after the Iraqi elections that is.

Since you are so besotted with Mother Iran and since you've become so amnesic, I thought I'd facilitate your recruitment task...

Yalla, mash'Allah, don't want to give you the evil eye on your wonderful political stands.

Never mind, political opportunity and opportunism oblige and go hand in hand...

October 12, 2009

Flowers, Candies & Tumors...

That was the deal. You greet us with flowers and candies and we will greet you with D.U, napalm and neutron bombs...

This may be news to you, but all kinds of weapons were tested in Iraq by the demoniacal terrorists called the Americans. Depleted Uranium is the most "famous" one.

D.U was used during "Desert Storm", may wrathful storms engulf you. And it was used during "Operation Freedom".

Napalm was used in Falluja and Mosul.

According to fellow MDs, they are convinced that neutron bombs were also used (for those of you who don't know, neutron bombs are a limited range nuclear mini explosions that carbonize people and leave buildings intact). According to them, those were used in 2003, in the battle for Baghdad, namely around Baghdad's airport. Fellow MDs said that the corpses they saw in ER on one particular day, were no longer corpses, they were not even burnt, like in napalm, they were simply disintegrated like and I quote "a handful of sand".

While, the sectarian Shiite puppet government is busy plundering and pimping for Iran,

While the numbed out, dumb assholes called American "people ?" are busy checking out the latest released single from Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton new hairdo,

While the filthy English are busy getting plastered on beers and cheers,

While the U.N and its "specialized" agencies are busy snoring in the corridors of silence

While environmental NGOs are busy saving another penguin in Antarctica...

While ...

Tumors are multiplying in Iraq, at a vertiginous rate...sparing none.

The video, below, by Al-Jazeera English, even though quite disappointing for pleasing Iran and its puppet proxies, with its endless twists and so-called objective reporting and final conclusion,(you will need to watch it carefully in particular the interview with the second doctor, to see what I mean) is still a must watch.

There have been hundred of reports on D.U and its effects. What will it take -- you complacent, complicit, evil bastards ? What will it take ?

I tell you what it will take.

It will take what your gangster, mafia, criminal, piece of shit Bremer said when he asked : " What is the population of Iraq " and someone replied "around 24 million." To which Bremer said " Bring it down to 5 million that should be sufficient."

It will take what your filthy democrat Madeleine Allbright said "half a million Iraqi children dead ? - the price was well worth it"

It will take what your CIA agent Charles Duelfer said " 1.5 million Iraqi dead ? The Iraqis will get over it."

What those filthy, depraved Americans were saying, is that it will take a continuous genocide...And D.U is just a continuation of your genocide.

Tomorrow, if the whole of America and not so great Britain croak from a million tumors, I will have zero empathy.

You can all go to hell. The same hell we have been living.


Doctors in Iraq are recording a shocking rise in the number of cancer victims south of Baghdad. Sufferers in the province of Babil have risen by almost tenfold in just three years.

Locals blame depleted uranium from US military equipment used in the 2003 invasion. But the link has been difficult to prove, prompting them to demand an investigation.

In this part of Iraq 500 cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2004. That figure rose to almost 1,000 two years later.

In 2008, the number of cases increased sevenfold to 7,000 diagnoses. This year, there have so far been more than 9,000 new cases ... and the number is rising.


J. has just arrived from Baghdad. We spent many hours talking. Too many stories...

But the most IMPORTANT one is this :

According to official figures for 2009 alone (and God only knows what the unofficial figures are) 270 Iraqi kids reported missing.

Missing because they have been KIDNAPPED FOR RANSOMS and parents can't afford to pay.

Missing because SOLD

Missing because TRAFFICKED to unknown destinations.

Missing because found DEAD, after their ORGANS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THEIR BODIES.




October 11, 2009

Change of Tactics in Afghanistan.

Good God what a weird dream I had...

Here I was minding my own business, and a commanding voice out of nowhere ordered :

Follow the chain of command

What chain of command ?

The US chain of command.

Me ???

And before I could voice my utter refusal, I saw a pyramid, not your ordinary pyramid, but a strange looking pyramid, that had no clear forms, made of orders, codes, names kept secret, and dark skin looking people...

At the top of this formless pyramid was an American soldier, and at the bottom of this formless pyramid was a suicide bomber...

And it was explained to me in this very weird dream.

There is going to be a major change of strategy/tactics in Afghanistan.

I am not Madame Soleil, the famous clairvoyant, so I was given headlines only...but no dates.

- The pitting of locals against locals.
- the use of outsiders who know locals quite well
- the extensive use of local suicide bombers against the Talibans and people sympathetic to them.

And then in this weird dream I was shown something else, totally unrelated...I saw American soldiers dressed in civilians, like some NGO, engaging in nation building, providing leisure centers for locals, etc....

And the dream sensing that I understood nothing explained it to me. It said, they will appear as building the nation, so who can point the finger at them when they (the locals) start killing one another ?

I woke up startled, then I remembered Iraq. Is that not what happened there ?

Then suddenly all those sentences I have been reading made sense to me.

- McChrystal : We need to consider unconventional methods of warfare

- Code Pink/Anti war : if the troops withdraw, they will be civil war.

- Iran : we congratulate Obama and we hope that he will end injustice in the world...

Hey, don't read much into it, it was just a dream. But forewarned is forearmed.