December 15, 2013

Dumping Grounds ?

The Feminine is considered a "recipient", you know, that womb, uterus that will carry, bear it and endure...labor pangs and all....sacrifice, self effacement, selflessness for the "greater good".

The Feminine, the land that is "toiled" like a field...the earth, the ground where you plant seeds that sprout...

The Feminine - The dumping ground ?

Seems it is so.

I liken Iraq to the Feminine, in its rather simplistic and vulgar definition as in above...This is where all the syphilitic vultures dump their violence.

Today, a female TV presenter was shot dead in Mosul, she was just reporting...

Yesterday, the day before yesterday and the months before yesterday and the years before yesterday, Iraqi women have been the "recipient" of Violence, male violence.

Whether this violence came in the form of a US missile, an AK47, a gun, a knife, a cane or an actual penis, it does not really matter, it is all Phallic violence.

One Iraqi woman aptly described it as "living in a jungle ruled by men",  (article here on the increase of violence against Iraqi women and the male government's refusal to do anything about it). Adding, if shelters were constructed, the government fears that a great number of women will leave their "families".

Phallic violence --- the verticality of it all, that turns you into a horizontal position...ultimately horizontally laid to a coffin, and if you manage to escape the fate of a coffin, you are still horizontally laid to rest, unable to vertically  stand on your own two feet, paralyzed by the experience.

Iraq as exemplified by its women, has become the Dumping Ground, ever since its "liberation".

Usually when one thinks of "liberation", one imagines someone in shackles, squatting in a cell, chained, unable to stand, unable to move, suddenly transformed into this free being, who gets up, breaks free and runs, runs, with her two legs...jumps up and down with joy, walks forward with enthusiasm and hope, with dreams about to be fulfilled...

Does Iraq fit the imaginary liberation picture above ? Does She fit the US promises embodied in that "grand" statue of Liberty, a woman holding a torch, erected tall, above the grounds ?

Tens years on, the shackles have become stronger, the chains thicker, the cells darker.

So I took time to reflect, divorcing the personal from the political --  as impassively as possible, as unbiasedly as possible, as impartially as possible, as dispassionately as possible, as objectively as possible, all those words that you hold dear to your heart, denoting "self control", "able to withstand rigorous scrutiny" like in some empirical laboratory experiment.

I took the time...and I turned it around in my head, over and over, from every single angle, from every single perspective...

And I could not find one single tenet, one single clause, one single item in any textbook, moral, ethical, philosophical, legal code, that could justify why the Feminine should be your dumping ground.

I concluded that this is an anomaly, a disease, that must be radically eradicated, due to its contagious nature.

A zero tolerance, that will no longer accept any rationalizations, any justifications.

Whether that violence is physical, sexual, moral, psychological, religious, political, or social does not matter either.

After all, Iraq, She is the land of Civilization, where things started to grow, where seeds sprouted, where monuments were erected, where everything stood tall under the Sun.

Just because you tried to turn Her into a flat dumping ground, does not mean She is. This is only an Illusion in your mind.

You better go and re-read history. She has given birth a thousand times and She has risen from Her ashes a thousand times, and nothing and no one will ever stop Her.

December 14, 2013

Another one bites the dust...

Being a female blogger is a very "interesting" experience to say the do come across all sorts...
Some sorts, you let go don't want to be flogging dead psychotic horses, some others, you wait and see and others deal with...hoping they are not already dead horses, waiting to be flogged.

In my "career" as a blogger, I have come across it all...I do not share every single email I have received, nor every single intimidation, nor every single threat...I collect them...I amass souvenirs then comes a day when I decide I want to share my collection with the world...both as an experience I wish you to partake in , and as a warning.....

Am kind that way...and patient that way...I warn before those who know can inform those who don't.

Let's take one example that of an Indian guy, who goes by the name of Shishir Yerramilli, living in the UAE, and emailing from different accounts under the name of and among others, he is also on google circle and google hangout, and loves posting Videos on Hindu gods and goddesses with a little Bruce Springsteen in between...

This Shishir was/ is responsible for some cyber security operations in the UAE , pity those Arabs who employ such degenerate specimens. And was also involved in providing "security" for Iraq, whatever that means . I leave you to interpret what that means.Just google him.

I don't know who this "man" is, but he kept emailing me...and his emails got progressively worse starting with

 You seem to be a deranged woman.I recommend some serious psychiatric help." 



I would need to know your address

Shishir Yerramilli 

to me
not because I want to go and  kill you as you would believe(and those nutcases who issue such threats are cowardly weirdos) but send you a years subscription of Prozac , I think you are approaching middle age and your hot flashes may be acting up ,I just want to help!


You are a barbarian.The more I read about your whining and lamentations and ,despite your age, your ultimately juvenile rage is that you are a typical representative of a society was some other damn fool like you , I think on or some nonsense site ( I couldnt find his email, if you would give I would proceed to crack his skull open ...)


Sorry honey not tonight ,my cock is all itchy since I just fucked your mommy Ishtar in the ass.She is one diseased whore and you are her worthy daughter.

Shishir Yerramilli 
to me

Cunt whore bitch slut 

Ever why u are destined to have a barren womb and be unmarried, unloved heck even unliked. You are a nasty goblincunt of witch.
It says in the Bible in vino veritas , in ur case in blogo veritas, all of ur venom and hatred which fills ur dark heart, devious mind and putrid soul which u conceal from others are for all to see.
Please drop dead or do u want me to arrange it for u?

to me

Hi Bitch
From ur increasingly deranged posts, I think u are in the final stages of syphillitic dementia.

I think u will make a lovely corpse, when will u oblige me.
Please let me know so I can urinate on the grave for old time (Abu Ghraib) sake


Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from du


Shishir Yerramilli 
Apr 4
to me

I hope someone rapes you with a knife



So naturally I got a little curious as to who this admirer I have friends in good places and they provided me with his picture and other information that will be given to the authorities in the UAE.

Next time...think well...before you click that send button. 

November 28, 2013

Objects of Male Desire.

Iraqi Artist Sattar Darwish 2005

I did say, I will take you down, by all necessary means and by all means necessary ... So hear it from me as a préambule :

Let's start it objective, the way you like it, the way you are in the habit of approaching it, in your symposiums and conferences ...entrenched in the aura of "intellectual" inquiry and reflection, as you like to call it.

This -- Draft lawfor a return to "Shariah" Law (of the Shiite Jaafari flavor) in matters regulating personal status which include marriage and divorce. I will not go through each article, take the time to read it yourself.

Not that "Shariah" law has disappeared from Iraqi society after our "liberation", quite the opposite, Iraqi society has all the necessary allure of a "shariah" compliant society. 
How so ? Very simple, just judging by the sheer amount of women who have been forced to veil since 2003, is a good indicator. Well at least in your "religious" books, that is the indicator to look for. 

The fact that Iraqi society has become one of the most corrupt, morally bankrupt societies on the face of this earth, is really beside the point. The fact that Iraqi's societal fabric is torn into smithereens is also beside the point. The fact that disease, poverty, unemployment, and killings is the bread and butter of daily life, is also beside the point.The fact that torture and executions is the ethos of the "new Iraq" is also beside the point. The important thing, though, is that women are compliant..."shariah" compliant.

It does not really matter that rates of illiteracy have doubled, when this latter had been eradicated back in the 80's. It does not matter that girls suffer double the rate of illiteracy than boys, it does not matter that in Baghdad alone, over 15% of youth is illiterate, forced into street labor, it does not matter that over 20% of youth in Southern Iraq, your shiite stronghold, can't read or write, (ironically in Najaf the "great lieu" of Shiite "learning" wants to be called the "Capital of Knowledge" kid you not) what matters is the "shariah" compliant aspects that will regulate your lives. When I say your lives --- I am really referring to the lives of men. Wait not men, a better word. The Shariah compliant women who will provide an infinite source of delight for your infinite intimate pleasures. Ironic how the Shariah regulates your lives, isn't it? You even managed to turn god, to your advantage.

Which brings me to the second point -- was it not always to your advantage? Did it not comfort you in your rigid perception of the world, into higher and lesser beings...where you could finally overcome that gnawing anxiety that ate your souls up, that vicious anxiety to preserve so called "order" when in fact all that you aimed for was to protect your power and privileges ?

I think so too.

This new draft law, will ensure a continuous flow of object of desires, from 9 year old girls to 80...and the law is so clement towards your pleasures, it clearly says -- if you marry a minor meaning a little girl or a senior, basically any female who is no longer able to fulfill your endless stream of phantasmagoric desires, you don't even have to pay "financial support (nafaqah) when a wife is either a minor or a senior and hence unable to sexually satisfy them".

So here is the Phallus back in full power. Edified into some god given law, regimenting our lives and our sexuality into submission to what exactly? To a great fallacy of a false god called the Phallus.

Mind you, I wonder if that too was not the unconscious drive behind your "liberation", the emasculated American male, trying to re-establish his phallic power on the lands...and behind all these shows of "virility" (LOL), he and you got shafted big time...and in turn you shaft all the same...

I see nothing "virile" in any of this, I just see desperate, insecure, impotent, and therefore lethal males trying very hard to re-affirm some illusion of power, under the pretexts of either "democracy and freedom" or under the pretext of " the natural God given order".

But you are not what matters in this equation, nor you, nor your phallic expeditions into foreign lands or into the female body, what matters to me is the stream of broken women who will emerge from under the rubbles of your unlimited desires...

And that, I will not allow.

November 26, 2013

"Fear Not The Path of Truth"

Take 60mn off and do watch this very intelligently done video by US vet Ross Caputi.

It is a source of multi layered information on Iraq, past and present, the American Occupation, what Resistance is and is not...and more.

Even though Ross Caputi centers his experience on Fallujah but the scope of the video does go beyond Fallujah. and touches on so many more aspects. I do urge you to watch it.

A very well done piece of work.
Hats off Ross C and Bless you from an Iraqi.

Fear Not the Path of Truth from Ross Caputi on Vimeo.

November 25, 2013

Am back, sort of...

Wow, been a long time since I published anything on Iraq. Not that it matters much. It never mattered in the beginning, I don't see why it should matter in the end.

Not that I stopped loving, I have my own beef to deal with with Iraqis, I don't forcibly see them with kind eyes. But that's another story.

Also I was wondering what were the "invisible forces" that blocked me from writing ---apart from my most disappointing love, a few death and rape threats, that took their temporary toll...the likes of " you will get raped with knives"...

I often imagined what is it like to be raped with knives, not that I particularly enjoy the imagery, but a sort of "desentization" if you may call it...I press my legs hard against my seat as the picture comes across ...not that it is a first. I had the utmost pleasure of seeing my "corpse pissed on in a morgue and fucked by dwarfs..."

At the end of the day, I can tell you this --- men's imagination is not terribly fertile, its predictability is rather boring...very much like a tiny penis trying hard to grow.

And tiny penises is what it in email threats or in politics.

Not that I wish to be crude or anything but am reminded of this Lebanese joke  --- upon seeing a tiny one, a woman was asked, where would you like it ? Her reply - stick it in a vein.

A sort of vaccine, an inoculation... what they call in medical terminology a booster - more of the same.

Which of course brings me to the famous US - Iran nuke deal. Another tiny prick. All the idiots on Twitter seemed pleasantly surprised.  I am not sure if they are constitutional idiots or pretending to be.

How is that deal any of a surprise is beyond me...aren't the Shia Iranian militias now turned into political parties, ruling Iraq since 2003 ? Wasn't Ahmadinejad greeted in the US occupied Baghdad Green Zone and protected by US military ? Did Bush not meet A.Hakeem who had landed from Iran ?

And all this horseshit about Israeli " stupefaction".  As if Israel was unaware of who has been ruling Iraq since 2003. And what about Israeli deals in "Kurdistan", and who built their airports and who provided them military training and logistics if not Israel.

As for the anti Israel Shiite rhetoric, please tell us how the Israeli commercial bureau off Sadoon Street in Baghdad is faring ?

Come on now, dear people, stop insulting our intelligence with all this propaganda. We know who is what where and when. Sort of like in this Lebanese joke...a tiny prick in a vein.

That's it ? Yes that's it.

NB : Also just in case you forgot, Richard Perle, one of the masterminds of the Iraq invasion/occupation was an advisor to Netanyahu. You use that "intelligence" of yours and connect the dots. 

March 22, 2013

Snapshots - Monsters in the Light.

Iraqi artist - Ali Najjar, 2011

I love the night, there is something of a black velvet in the night...I like the way obscurity covers up....I like not having to see....I like the darkness....I find it restful, appeasing, calm...

Daylight exposes. You see the imperfections, the cracks, the rust, the deformities, the ugliness...

Dark is Mercy, Light is Wrath...

When a something, someone is born, you say --- it has seen the Light. It emerges from the canal of darkness, of security, comfort and mercy to a world of black and white first, then to colors...but at first, it cries when it open its eyes and sees the light....

Crying is a sign that you have seen the has differentiated you, it has separated you...and has   exposed the a world of mirrors and reflections...


Today, the o' so proper BBC, ran a piece,  en passant...hoping no one would notice...Western media is good at running ran many in 2003, and made sure everyone noticed. Pieces and rags of old tattered cloths from the days of Empire...where l'Esprit civilisateur galloped along with her Majesty's horses...into grandiose delusions....delusions of political and moral superiority....delusions of an inherent nobility....delusions of a know it all savior....or so we are told....

I don't like to mention your names no more...Americans, British...your names mean nothing. I call you the West...

So Her Majesty's media ran a piece... about birth defects in Iraq being up by 60% since 2003. A generation or two of Iraqi Frankensteins....mirrors and reflections. Your ugliness and your deformity. 


Ten years on, and you are still farting the same old stench...maybe we shouldn't have after all, maybe we miscalculated, we fumbled, maybe there were a few errors, we didn't plan enough, maybe we shouldn't have dismantled the army, the state, the technocrats ....maybe, maybe....

Who are you to decide in the first place what should have been done in/to Iraq...Who are you to decide the fate of a sovereign nation in the corridors of your CIA and M16 ? Listening to you argue in your crappy articles, I want to slap you all....and hard, like they slap a newborn as it emerges from the womb....covered in blood and see the light...

Covered in blood and in Abu Ghraib, like in your Freedom dungeons of the new Iraq

Mission accomplished 


Who am I ?

A the dark, tired of words.


February 16, 2013

"Worse than the Zionists"....

Protests are raging throughout Iraq...thousands upon thousands are demanding the following :

- End of Sectarian Shia rule
- the re-writing of the Iraqi constitution (drafted by the Americans and Iranians)
- the end to arbitrary killings and detention, rape and torture of all detainees on basis of sect alone and their release
- the end of discriminatory policies in employment, education, etc based on sect
- the provision of government services to all
- the end of corruption
- no division between Shias and Sunnis, a one Islam for all Iraqi Muslims and a one Iraq for all Iraqis.

The protests in Anbar, Fallujah, Sammara, Baquba,  Tikrit, Kirkuk, Mosul...and in different parts of Baghdad stress over and over 1) the spontaneous nature of the "popular revolution against oppression and injustice" 2) its peaceful nature  i.e unarmed  3) the welcoming of ALL to join the protests regardless of sect or ethnicity as ONE Iraqi people and 4) and the March to Baghdad.

Today, Friday the provinces were sealed...meaning that no one could enter or leave and very strict security measures were implemented to prevent anyone from outside Baghdad to reach the capital.

Sammara, Anbar, Mosul, Baquba, Tikrit, Kirkuk, Fallujah are under siege This is one policy by the sectarian Shia government to ensure that the protests do NOT reach Baghdad.

And within that general siege of the provinces and the capital,  there is the siege of the Sunni neighborhoods (Aadhamiya, Ameriya, Saydiyya)  in Baghdad to prevent the March to Baghdad as mentioned above. The worst hit neighborhood by excessive security measures, checkpoints, barbed wires, cement blocks, searches, arrests is Aadhamiya which has been encircled for over a week already.

No one can enter or leave Aadhamiya, security forces both in military and civilian clothes search, interrogate, arrest and detain.

Aadhamiya has been a ghetto since the occupation with cement blocks, and checkpoints also Aadhamiya is where Imam Abu Hanifa mosque lies, the shrine of the Imam of the Hanafis - Abu Hanifa.

Today no one was allowed to come near the vicinity of the Abu Hanifa mosque, not even from within the neighborhood itself. Contrary to custom, Abu Hanifa mosque, today Friday, was nearly empty.

Women were thoroughly searched and prevented from coming near. Men were asked to stay out within a radius of the mosque, those below age of 45 were denied entry to the Friday prayer.

One woman said "we have been living like this for years, so what if I want to go to Aadhamiya and pray there, I am an Iraqi, I have the right to go to Nejaf, to Anbar, to Baghdad...this is ALSO my country" 

One man over 40, from the neighborhood who forgot his ID at home, was forcibly prevented from attending prayer. This is his testimony.

" I am from the neighborhood, you can ask anyone we all know each other here (true everyone knows everyone in Aadhamiya this is what happens in ghettos) let me through and pray. Even the Zionist jews allow Palestinians over 40 years of age pray in Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and you won't allow me to pray in my own neighborhood. To which the security forces replied "when it comes to you (your sect) we are worse than the Zionists... "

The witness added "finally they have admitted...we used to lament the American occupation, we are now under a worse occupation."

In Nejaf, on the other hand, Muqtada al Sadr and his followers staged a protest in solidarity with the opposition in BAHRAIN while thousands of Iraqis have being demonstrating in sit ins for over 50 days already and under siege in their own country.

And in a press meeting, the US military command expressed their "concern and worry about the current instability the protests in Iraq are causing... " 

February 10, 2013

Kundara Therapy - Iraqi Yasser Al Sammarai & Cowboy Bremer

Listen, am feeling ecstatic today, and wanted to share some of my elation and moments of pure joy with you...see how generous I am ?!

Also, because I know what you are about to read and see won't get much publicity...and am here to make sure it does .

His name is Yasser Al-Sammarai.. and it is likely that Yasser Al-Sammarai will not get the publicity Muntadher al Zaidi got...

Al Zaidi, you remember him don't you ? The guy who threw a couple of nice Kundaras / shoes at Bush....well Zaidi got much publicity...
I, for one wrote a post in his honor, I don't regret it ..he was my hero then, but kind of fell from grace after I learned that he and his family are loving supporters of the sectarian drilling raping party of Muqtada Al-Sadr and that despite their anti sectarian and anti Iran rhetoric.

Never mind Al Zaidi, today I am going to introduce to you my new hero, Yasser Al-Sammarai...

"Now these are men " a relative exclaimed jubilantly...while another dried tears of joy and grief, mixed together...

So now you can understand why am so excited ....

My HERO Yasser Al Sammarai gives Paul Bremer the Kundara therapy...the shoe therapy...the treatment ...the ointment...and I love him so for it.

So who is Paul Bremer ?

For those of you who are still ignorant about the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, Paul Bremer was Head of  the US Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad Green Zone and responsible along with the sectarian scum / CIA Iran spy like Ahmad Chalabi for the dissolution of the Iraqi army and the "debaathification" process

What is Paul Bremer known for ? His racism and his corruption plus of course being a typical ignorant American cowboy criminal killer

What racism ? Paul Bremer when he arrived to Baghdad had a few assistants working for him in the Green day he asks one of them -- Tell what is the Iraqi population ? The assistant said about  24Million. Bremer replied --- we shall bring it down to 4 - 5 Million that should be sufficient.

What corruption ? Under Bremer alone - I say alone because the pillaging of Iraq has not stopped since the filthy americans landed --so under Bremer alone over 20 BILLION U$ of IRAQI money (not american but Iraqi money) disappeared. One batch was 675 Million U$ in CASH stolen in boxes to be counted in New York (never returned), the other is the literal theft of the Iraqi treasury, all the money that was dutifully saved for the food rationing and salaries of ordinary Iraqis under 13 years of brutal sanctions.

This, grosso modo is Paul Bremer...the rest you can google.

So who is Yasser Al Sammarai ? Just an ordinary iraqi guy, maybe his speaking and English skills are not perfect but they are good enough for me ...when he tells Bremer as in the video above --

I have two messages for you - one you destroyed Iraq and the other is from Saddam Hussein....Fuck you and Fuck your democracy.... For me that is PERFECT English.

Why do I think that Yasser Al Sammarai will not get much publicity like Munthadher al Zaidi ?

Because in the video here in Arabic  he clearly says -- I am proud to have thrown a shoe at Bremer the guy who was instrumental in destroying Iraq and handing it to his agents and partisans,  Iran and Maliki ....and Assad of Syria turn will come next.

You may of course argue that this is a pathetic attempt at are right -- you are pathetic bastards for having let loose your war criminals without trial for crimes against humanity ...Bush, Blair and Co.

As for us true Iraqis, short of real justice done, this is as good as it gets...for now...just for now.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Oh and "fuck you and fuck your democracy "

January 26, 2013

Your Model Democracy in the New Iraq.

Omar Ali Al-Ani. martyr unarmed protester killed among 9 others today in Fallujah by the sectarian Shia government of Nouri Al-Maliki

So you crossed oceans, with thousands of men, the greatest movement of troops since the second world war to "liberate" from a "dictatorship"and what a liberation it was, is...

I said to myself, I will not write anymore. What is the point - thousands still linger in secret dungeons, tortured, raped and your new democracy, your model for the rest of the Arab world. You did not blink an saw absolutely nothing fundamentally wrong with any of goes on for you, as it did in the past, as it will in the future...who cares...not you...certainly not the other Arabs, and definitely not the vile sectarian dogs you your model democracy.

One should really command you with utmost praise for your noble endeavors...noble undertakings from a very noble people...we are really enjoying your model democracy...the airs of freedom are still giving us shivery goosebumps of ecstasy ....who would have thought we can now breathe so carefree, not in our wildest dreams.

Today we tested and tasted your model democracy- as we have done since 2003 - thousands of unarmed civilians took the streets throughout Iraq - in Kirkuk, in Mosul, in Ramadi, in Fallujah, in was baptized the "No Retreat" protests.

They have been going on for quite some time with very poor media coverage...I understand it is not in your interest to show such protests in your new model democracy...last week 4 young men were killed in front of Abu Hanifa mosque in Adhamiya -Baghdad. No one said a word about them. Killed by the "freely elected government" of the new Iraq. Come on let us see you have a good belly laugh, or at least a smile ? No ? Well how about the following then...

In this video , the "Iraqi" armed forces are shooting at protesters who are shouting "this is a peaceful protest." Still nothing ? OK let us give it another try. How about the following...

Today in Fallujah, 10 unarmed civilians have been shot dead by your new model democracy, and 70 of them is Omar Ali Al-Ani from Fallujah. This is his Facebook page 

And below is the list of names of those killed and wounded 

Not that it will make any difference to you, not that it made in the past...still I feel the need to record it, to honor them like the ones who passed before them, and as a reminder to myself and maybe to you, that  our liberation is not over yet...