December 15, 2013

Dumping Grounds ?

The Feminine is considered a "recipient", you know, that womb, uterus that will carry, bear it and endure...labor pangs and all....sacrifice, self effacement, selflessness for the "greater good".

The Feminine, the land that is "toiled" like a field...the earth, the ground where you plant seeds that sprout...

The Feminine - The dumping ground ?

Seems it is so.

I liken Iraq to the Feminine, in its rather simplistic and vulgar definition as in above...This is where all the syphilitic vultures dump their violence.

Today, a female TV presenter was shot dead in Mosul, she was just reporting...

Yesterday, the day before yesterday and the months before yesterday and the years before yesterday, Iraqi women have been the "recipient" of Violence, male violence.

Whether this violence came in the form of a US missile, an AK47, a gun, a knife, a cane or an actual penis, it does not really matter, it is all Phallic violence.

One Iraqi woman aptly described it as "living in a jungle ruled by men",  (article here on the increase of violence against Iraqi women and the male government's refusal to do anything about it). Adding, if shelters were constructed, the government fears that a great number of women will leave their "families".

Phallic violence --- the verticality of it all, that turns you into a horizontal position...ultimately horizontally laid to a coffin, and if you manage to escape the fate of a coffin, you are still horizontally laid to rest, unable to vertically  stand on your own two feet, paralyzed by the experience.

Iraq as exemplified by its women, has become the Dumping Ground, ever since its "liberation".

Usually when one thinks of "liberation", one imagines someone in shackles, squatting in a cell, chained, unable to stand, unable to move, suddenly transformed into this free being, who gets up, breaks free and runs, runs, with her two legs...jumps up and down with joy, walks forward with enthusiasm and hope, with dreams about to be fulfilled...

Does Iraq fit the imaginary liberation picture above ? Does She fit the US promises embodied in that "grand" statue of Liberty, a woman holding a torch, erected tall, above the grounds ?

Tens years on, the shackles have become stronger, the chains thicker, the cells darker.

So I took time to reflect, divorcing the personal from the political --  as impassively as possible, as unbiasedly as possible, as impartially as possible, as dispassionately as possible, as objectively as possible, all those words that you hold dear to your heart, denoting "self control", "able to withstand rigorous scrutiny" like in some empirical laboratory experiment.

I took the time...and I turned it around in my head, over and over, from every single angle, from every single perspective...

And I could not find one single tenet, one single clause, one single item in any textbook, moral, ethical, philosophical, legal code, that could justify why the Feminine should be your dumping ground.

I concluded that this is an anomaly, a disease, that must be radically eradicated, due to its contagious nature.

A zero tolerance, that will no longer accept any rationalizations, any justifications.

Whether that violence is physical, sexual, moral, psychological, religious, political, or social does not matter either.

After all, Iraq, She is the land of Civilization, where things started to grow, where seeds sprouted, where monuments were erected, where everything stood tall under the Sun.

Just because you tried to turn Her into a flat dumping ground, does not mean She is. This is only an Illusion in your mind.

You better go and re-read history. She has given birth a thousand times and She has risen from Her ashes a thousand times, and nothing and no one will ever stop Her.

December 14, 2013

Another one bites the dust...

Being a female blogger is a very "interesting" experience to say the do come across all sorts...
Some sorts, you let go don't want to be flogging dead psychotic horses, some others, you wait and see and others deal with...hoping they are not already dead horses, waiting to be flogged.

In my "career" as a blogger, I have come across it all...I do not share every single email I have received, nor every single intimidation, nor every single threat...I collect them...I amass souvenirs then comes a day when I decide I want to share my collection with the world...both as an experience I wish you to partake in , and as a warning.....

Am kind that way...and patient that way...I warn before those who know can inform those who don't.

Let's take one example that of an Indian guy, who goes by the name of Shishir Yerramilli, living in the UAE, and emailing from different accounts under the name of and among others, he is also on google circle and google hangout, and loves posting Videos on Hindu gods and goddesses with a little Bruce Springsteen in between...

This Shishir was/ is responsible for some cyber security operations in the UAE , pity those Arabs who employ such degenerate specimens. And was also involved in providing "security" for Iraq, whatever that means . I leave you to interpret what that means.Just google him.

I don't know who this "man" is, but he kept emailing me...and his emails got progressively worse starting with

 You seem to be a deranged woman.I recommend some serious psychiatric help." 



I would need to know your address

Shishir Yerramilli 

to me
not because I want to go and  kill you as you would believe(and those nutcases who issue such threats are cowardly weirdos) but send you a years subscription of Prozac , I think you are approaching middle age and your hot flashes may be acting up ,I just want to help!


You are a barbarian.The more I read about your whining and lamentations and ,despite your age, your ultimately juvenile rage is that you are a typical representative of a society was some other damn fool like you , I think on or some nonsense site ( I couldnt find his email, if you would give I would proceed to crack his skull open ...)


Sorry honey not tonight ,my cock is all itchy since I just fucked your mommy Ishtar in the ass.She is one diseased whore and you are her worthy daughter.

Shishir Yerramilli 
to me

Cunt whore bitch slut 

Ever why u are destined to have a barren womb and be unmarried, unloved heck even unliked. You are a nasty goblincunt of witch.
It says in the Bible in vino veritas , in ur case in blogo veritas, all of ur venom and hatred which fills ur dark heart, devious mind and putrid soul which u conceal from others are for all to see.
Please drop dead or do u want me to arrange it for u?

to me

Hi Bitch
From ur increasingly deranged posts, I think u are in the final stages of syphillitic dementia.

I think u will make a lovely corpse, when will u oblige me.
Please let me know so I can urinate on the grave for old time (Abu Ghraib) sake


Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from du


Shishir Yerramilli 
Apr 4
to me

I hope someone rapes you with a knife



So naturally I got a little curious as to who this admirer I have friends in good places and they provided me with his picture and other information that will be given to the authorities in the UAE.

Next time...think well...before you click that send button.