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No Black Ribbons.

Black ribbons are to commemorate the Dead...And what if someone never dies, what colors would one use ?

I went through my collection of Iraqi Art - the breath of life, the pulse that still beats, and tells us that we are still alive and I chose Green.

Evergreen, an everlasting Green...The color of Life, Hope, clarity of Vision, Fortitude, immense, subhuman Courage ...the color of the Heart... in the Arab - Muslim tradition...

And Green is what I offer You - tonight, today...and everyday...

As Green as the Southern fields carrying the fruits of dedicated labor,
As Green as the Northern mountains, in Spring,
As Green as the grass that prostrates at Dawn.
As Green as a Palm tree that never bends...

What better color than Green, to humbly offer You, tonight, today and everyday...

Green the color of an Eternal Spring, the color of Hope...The color of Life.

Some die by accident, some from disease, some from old age and some die of Love...

Others call it - a cause, a vision, a commitment, a calling, a …

From Baghdad to Gaza and back...

A bloody Saturday, a bloody Sunday…

The Jewish State, and don't you come up with your usual, anti-Semitism bullshit, this is what Israel calls itself. A JEWISH STATE - by Jews and for Jews only.
In other words, an illegal, racist, chauvinistic, Nazi state for Jews alone.
And the Jews, for the most part Zionists, and yes they are majority Zionists, including some of the so-called anti-Zionists, have not stopped their industry of lamentation and playing the victim...

Every time anyone points out at the criminality of this evil entity called Israel, the Jews sit and cry anti-Semitism. They will be quick to remind you of their Shoa, while they have produced 100's Shoas since...

While they sit and lament in their hypocritical ways which we are so familiar with, this malignant entity called Israel or the Jewish state has not stopped producing a holocaust everyday, in occupied Palestine, and beyond...

Iraq is the Shoa of the 21st century of which no one talks about. No one...No one has e…

Space to Breathe...

This post contains profane, coarse, foul, rude, vulgar...language. You don't like it ? Fuck off !

I will ask SOME of you to STOP sending me e.mails. I do not care about your e.mails. They are a waste of time for me. They contain for the most part nonsense, shit I don't need to read or know about, stories that don't concern me...

And I don't want to receive any of your patronizing, paternalistic, pompous, condescending, e.mails either. I don't need your advice, I don't need you to tell me what language to speak, what idioms to use, what is lady like or not lady like, I don't want your critiques nor your feedback unless I ask for them. I am not your student and you are definitely not my master, teacher, or advisor. So fuck off and let me be.

My blog is the space for me to breathe, to fucking take a breath away from you and the reality you imposed upon me. Do get that into your fucking thick skulls.

I am not here to befriend you and become buddies, nor am I expect…

Jingle Bells and all that Stuff...

Ah! Another Xmas...I don't care much for Xmas or any other holiday. For me, it's all the same...same thing, day in and day out...

I go through the motions and repeat the greetings with a fake smile, but I really don't care much. Santa can go and stuff himself as far as am concerned.
Well, he does not need to stuff himself, he is already stuffed...and so are you.

Seems you have all been under the taxidermist knife...stuffed to the brink, stuffed to your eyeballs, stuffed...stuffed with paper, cotton, rags, words...

And this Christmas you will stuff yourselves even more...with more stuff and more stuffing...Your husbands are stuffed, your wives are stuffed, your kids are stuffed, your homes are stuffed, your shops are stuffed, your brains are are stuffed.

Tomorrow you will probably stuff something and put it in an oven, a stuffed Xmas dinner, with your stiff, stuffed families, talking through your stiff upper lips about more stuff while you are stuffing your stomach…

From Sectarian, Chauvinist, Racist, Safavid Iran.

Am I loved or am I loved by those wonderful Iranians and their sectarian Shiites faithful dogs ?!

I think am very loved actually...

The more I am hated, slandered, defamed, the more I am convinced that there is GREAT TRUTH in what I have been writing and arguing for the past 2 years on this blog.

Today I received samples of love "letters"... Let me share them with you.
They were in response to my post on Muntather Al-Zaidi, whom I called "Another IRAQI Hero."

First Ode to lovely Moi,

"We are going to create our own website and expose all of your filthy lies: it will be called: EXPOSING ZIONIST LAYLA ANWAR.BLOGSPOT.COM."

Second Ode to lovely Moi,

"Guess what you ugly cunt, the Iraqi journalist who threw the shoes at Bush is a Shia Muslim. And we all know that it was Iraq who invaded Iran. So keep spreading your fucking lame propaganda and make a fool of yourself you warmongering witch."

Third Ode to Lovely Moi,

"Hey anti-shia monster, I hope you burn …

On a Blood Tainted Platter...

Do you recall what I mentioned in my post on Muntather Al-Zaidi ? It was a detail, but an important one, nonetheless.

I reiterate. I said that Bush during his "surprise" visit to Baghdad and before receiving the "surprise" pair of shoes in his face, met with the Green Zone stooges...I also said that the only stooge, puritanical Bush kissed on the cheeks with warmth and affection, was Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, head of the Supreme Iranian Butt Council and head of the Badr Brigades, one of the sectarian Iranian, Shiite militias that is governing today's Iraq.

The SIBC stands for SIIC - Supreme Islamic "Iraqi" Council previously known as the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Tailored after the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution of Iran, also known as the SIBC - Supreme Iranian Butt Council. I just love it when things come in full a snake rolled up onto itself with its head and tail making one.

Do you also remember what I t…

Lions and Shoes...

Yes I know, this is a paradoxical title. And this is also a paradoxical post...

I have received tons of emails, links, names of support groups, games, poetry, articles, art work -- all within less than 48 hours, and all involving shoes and what to do with shoes following in the footsteps of M.Al-Zaidi.

Thank you all for sending me all of the above, but please STOP.

I did promise to link though to one shoe ceremony. You can read all about it here - bidding your farewells to Bush with yet another pair of shoes. But do keep some for the Booma, because the Iraqi tragic film production is not over yet...

It is not that I want to dampen your excitement when it comes to hurling shoes, after all I did give you basic lessons in both the applied function of a shoe and the insult that goes with it...

It is not that I am denigrating the heroic act of an Iraqi in the face of not only Bush but the whole of America, because whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, and again I repeat, I don't…

Dogs and Babylonian Numerology.

I suppose you still remember the lesson of my last class where I taught you some basic Iraqi dialect.

I now see that some serious rehearsal took place since that last lesson - Everything you need to know about Shoes - and resulted in some empirical knowledge in the application of shoes.

Let us recap from Lesson 1:



ENTA KUNDARA = You're a Shoe. Or,

IBN Al-KUNDARA = Son of a Shoe. Or,

SHLON KUNDARA = What a Shoe!

WIJHAK WIJH AL-KUNDARA = Your face is like a shoe.

BIL KUNDARA = a threatening remark involving the potential use of a shoe.

But I thought to myself, should I ever retire from my "educational" role, would my conscience be satisfied ? The answer is NO.

I feel I failed to teach you more essentials from the Iraqi vocabulary and I fear that your empirical applied knowledge of shoes would not have the full desired impact.

Hence prepare yourselves for another lesson in Iraqi colloquial. This time the subject matter …

Another IRAQI HERO : Muntather Al-Zaidi.

Bush bidding his last goodbyes in occupied Baghdad. Bush the president of the United Asses reaping the fruits of his labor and that of his American people from my Beloved.

Bush congratulated his stooges, the extra-large Zionist/Kurdish buffoon Talabani and the other Kurdish pimp Barazani. The puppet Tareq Al-Hashemi who was all smiles, and guess whom Bush kissed on the cheeks ? None other than the son of a bitch from Iran, A.Al-Hakeem, head of the Supreme Iranian Butt Council and head of the Badr death squads, whose hands are inundated with the blood of innocent Arab Iraqis.

The criminal psychopath, Bush last stop, was at a press conference with his other puppet, the sectarian dictator, from Iran, PM Nuri Al-Maliki.

And whilst Bush was pontificating from his ass, Muntather Al-Zaidi, a 28 years old journalist, a leftist, from the independent anti-occupation, anti-sectarian TV, Al-Baghdadia, stood up and threw not one shoe but TWO pair of shoes at Bush, calling him at the top of his voice


This is a short post, a short post to express how pissed off I am with Iraqis.

What the fuck is the matter with you people ?
What is this paralysis that I see ?
Where are your voices ?
Where is the outrage, the outcry, the indignation, the shouts, the screams...?
What happened to you ? What happened to the Iraqi spirit ?
Where is that fire ? Where is the passion ?
What is this silence and this resignation ?

Damn you make me angry !

Either you are busy commiserating, busy with trivialities or busy kissing someone's ass in the Green Zone. What the fuck is the matter with you ?

Like the other day, I heard one of the most idiotic Iraqi females ever, say :
"Haram, all these orphans. Yalla insh'Allah I will get married soon and adopt a few..."

What are they, barbie dolls for you to purchase as a wedding present?
What is this flippant attitude in the face of the misery and tragedy of your country men and women ?

And if you peruse the blogs, articles and the rest, you would think it'…

Wanted : Dead or Alive.

Wanted Dead or Alive, preferably dead or half long as She is not fully alive...

The dead, half-alive Iraqi woman.

Several reports have confirmed her autopsy. They read along these lines...

Violence against Iraqi women is on the rise, and is not given any attention by either the "Iraqi" government, or the international community.

A TOTAL SILENCE shrouds these corpses, the corpses, dead or half-alive, of Iraqi women, under the occupied "free" rule of the barbarians from America and their pimps from Iran.

An unabated violence, that expresses itself through different methods...

Rape - a very common occurrence in "liberated" Iraq, men are now free to rape us. Because after all we are nothing but a pleasure disposable item.

Honor killings - men are now free to accuse us of adultery and murder us, of course their own philandering and muta'a and whore fucking are not accounted for.

Acid burning - Men are now free to burn us with acid if we are too pretty, …

Another Eid...

You know something, I have stopped celebrating holidays, special occasions and the rest...

What I mean is that my festivities are kept to a strict minimum.

I don't do anything for the Eid, neither for Christmas. However, my family keeps the Eid tradition alive and I comply.

Spent part of the day making "Klecha" with Mom. Each year we have the same argument...

- Do we have to do this, the stuffing is taking us ages (you stuff Klecha dough with walnuts and dates)

- Of course bintee, what is the matter with you, it's the Eid.

- Yeah, I know it's the Eid, but can't we buy something ready made, this is so time consuming.

- And since when do we buy ready made sweets for the Eid, besides they taste rancid here...

Same argument each Eid but I still comply...

While I was busy stuffing and stuffing and stuffing, the phone rang, Uncle Z.called to wish us a happy one. I overheard my mom say " Ohooo, again? Let them go to hell. Gathering on Mount Arafat was on Sunday, the las…

For a Laugh...not quite.

Well maybe not...not really.

I want to thank one of my regular readers re:Kofi, the UN/Kofi Annan basher for introducing me to some funny videos...

I was invited to a concert, but I turned down the invitation, preferring to watch comedy online.

Well re:Kofi, introduced me to Russell Peters, a Canadian of Indian origins. I watched all of his videos tonight. This one stuck out. Might not be the one that got most viewers but he was taking the piss out of the English, and am all game when it comes to not so Great Britain.

The following video partly sums up my feelings about the English, but does not stop there.
One day, I will tell you all about sharing lodgings with English women. But not tonight...
Take that as a preliminary, an hors-d'oeuvre, for more to come - as an entrée principale.

Since this is comedy night and am on a roll, I was checking out other videos, and found this one by an Iranian - Maz Joubrani.
The following video sums up it quite well, albeit in a sardonic manner, the di…

A Bad Hair Day...

Goodness gracious me, what a day! An avalanche of bad news, bad conversations, bad encounters -- today...

Bad Hair Day 1 - Prison Stories.

Finally some news from Kamel - news that don't make sense, but that really make sense. Kamel who is now in his third year in prison, with no charges, no trial, and a rapidly deteriorating health, keeps being transferred from one location to another.
They told us get a lawyer. So we did. His wife borrowed money, and so did we.
The lawyer's fees so far totals 6 million Iraqi dinars in exchange for his so-called release.
First, the guys who run the prison, even though it is an American prison and Kamel is under American custody, are the sectarian Shiites sons of bitches. They asked for money too, so they got it. Each month they say - more money and we will release him, and each month more money is paid and Kamel is still rotting away in an overcrowded cell. The man is over 67 years old for God's sake!

The lawyer said - give me more and I will gu…

The Bollywood Mermaids.

I do not know what has come over me. I just finished a post on Geishas and now am on the topic of Mermaids...Must be some Bionic woman in the air.

But these mermaids are not just ordinary mermaids, they are male mermaids, with beards and machine guns, well at least according to the Mumbai police commissioner.

Seriously now, could not let this story go by just like that.

I was about to log off when I spotted this latest piece of news from AP. You can read it HERE. It is hilarious.

Let's have a laugh, shall we ?

Paragraph 1 reads : "The gunmen who attacked Mumbai set out by boat from the Pakistani port of Karachi, then later hijacked an Indian fishing trawler that carried them toward this financial capital on their suicide mission, a top police official said Tuesday."

OK, so a dozen mermaids took a boat from Karachi...and in the middle of the sea, hijacked an Indian fishing trawler, undetected by radars, marine patrols and check points...They must have hijacked the boat and prop…

Pink Geishas.

Oh! Pink, pinkie pink, pinkie pigs, pinkie pimps...pinkie ...
Am bloody allergic to pink.

I wrote a post over a year ago, entitled "Pink and Red Clouds". I suggest you read it again, it is an easy read. Won't take much brain work. The post dealt with the current plight of Iraqi women under a dual occupation, American-Iranian.
It spoke of the rape, imprisonment, torture, serious erosion of gender rights, daily male violence perpetrated not only by the U.S soldiers, but also by the representatives of the "new democratic" sectarian government of Iraq and its armed wings, its death squads acting upon Iranian directives.

As I said, it is an "easy" read and you can click here to refresh your memory.

In that post, I also mentioned a group of Yankee "feministas", by the name of Codepink.
A year ago they were selling pink panties and pink nail varnish to help in their "anti-war" effort. hahahahahahaha.

Now Codepink is not really known for being al…

Framing Pakistan.

I have mentioned it and/or alluded to it in most of my posts dealing with Iran, namely that Iran will be used by the US and its allies to stir sectarianism wherever a Shiite minority exists. I mentioned Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

I have come to this conclusion after close study of the Iraqi "experiment".

Already a year ago, I have been saying that Pakistan is next on the list. I maintain what I said.

The Mumbai attacks add an extra confirmation to my hypothesis.

The first thing the Western Media and the Indian government did, while the fights were still raging, was to point an accusatory finger at Pakistan - including guess who ? Patrick Cockburn, the "firebrand" Mullah Sadr, lover.

For those of you who have been following the news, Pakistan for the past 4 months or so has witnessed an escalation of US air force attacks on it, in particular in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
This followed t…