December 22, 2008

From Sectarian, Chauvinist, Racist, Safavid Iran.

Am I loved or am I loved by those wonderful Iranians and their sectarian Shiites faithful dogs ?!

I think am very loved actually...

The more I am hated, slandered, defamed, the more I am convinced that there is GREAT TRUTH in what I have been writing and arguing for the past 2 years on this blog.

Today I received samples of love "letters"... Let me share them with you.
They were in response to my post on Muntather Al-Zaidi, whom I called "Another IRAQI Hero."

First Ode to lovely Moi,

"We are going to create our own website and expose all of your filthy lies: it will be called: EXPOSING ZIONIST LAYLA ANWAR.BLOGSPOT.COM."

Second Ode to lovely Moi,

"Guess what you ugly cunt, the Iraqi journalist who threw the shoes at Bush is a Shia Muslim. And we all know that it was Iraq who invaded Iran. So keep spreading your fucking lame propaganda and make a fool of yourself you warmongering witch."

Third Ode to Lovely Moi,

"Hey anti-shia monster, I hope you burn in your jealousy. The foot of the great and honorable Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is more valuable than you and your ignorant words. We understand that you hate the only entity that was able to defeat the Zionists. And you dare to call yourself a Muslim? Please, who are you trying to fool? You're worst than Zionists. Go ahead and don't approve this comment, you ugly bitch."

I may also add that I received a request for "exchanging views" from Press TV, the official Iranian TV for the Ayatoilets, which needless to say, I did not respond to.

Okay, so let me take it one at a time.

- For me a simple definition of a Zionist is: someone who turns his religion/sect into a RACE and hence justifies the killing, exile and appropriation of resources from others or is apologetic for it.

In that sense one can include not only Zionist Jews but Sectarian Shiites and Iranians in that category. And if I really want to push it further, I will include most liberal, progressive movements including the clownish "anti-war" movement, a good deal of so-called "anti-Zionist" Jews, a good deal of the Shiites in Iraq who have been co-opted by Iran and its mafia parties, such as the DAWA, SCII of Hakeem, and M.Al-Sadr the driller. And I will also include ALL THE ARABS including Palestinians and Lebanese WHO deliberately kept silent on the ethnic cleansing that was undertook by none other than those sectarian Shiite parties backed by Iran and kept silent about the mass graves, the overflowing morgues, the torture and the rape of Arabs in Iraq under the guise of "anti-imperialism".


I guess that clears the first love ode.

Now for the second ode.

From the first moment Ayatoilet Khomeini landed in Tehran thanks to WESTERN INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, his political objective was to so-call " liberate" Jerusalem via Baghdad.

The fascist entity called Iran never ceased to support subversive elements within Iraqi society including the Kurds to realize its petty imperialist expansionist aims - the return of the Safavid Empire under the cloak of so called revolutionary Shiite Islam.

During that period, Israel was providing logistic and arm support to the Ayatoilets. And alongside Iran, Israel was directly supporting the Kurds as far back as 1974. I have already written on that subject, and will provide links upon request.

The Iran-Iraq war started AFTER the Iranians for a period of not less than 6 continous months were unrelentingly attacking bordering Iraqi villages, displacing their inhabitants and anting up their warmongering belligerent tone towards Iraq and its sovereign regime. So in fact it is Iran who started the war and not Iraq as the current propaganda wants us to believe. Again, links to various articles written will be provided upon request.

My reply to the third Ode

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Hez Teezee is nothing but a sectarian puppet working for Iran. There has been no defeat of the Zionist entity as you would like us to believe, surely not in Gaza. And I wonder where your Sayyed and your fascist Iran are now ? All this is pure propaganda to enhance Iranian regional hegemony. Besides your not so honorable Sayyed of Hez Teezee and his Ayatoilet mentors in Ze Lebanon utterly failed to condemn the ethnic cleansing, torture and rape done by none other than your death squads collaborating with the Mossad, the Peshermegas and the Americans.

Not only that, your Sayyed Hassan of Hez Teezee supports all the sectarian Shiites parties and groups that are currently forming the Iraqi puppet government including your Ayatoilet Sistani, a government put in place by none other than the American Zionists Imperialists that you bark about.

And by the way, just in case you forgot, it is your death squads from the SCII of Hakeem, your Quds Brigades from Iran, your Mahdi drillers that have murdered the Palestinians in Iraq and those who managed to escape alive are still stranded in the desert between Iraq and Syria. And your Sayyed Hassan Teezee did not utter one condemnation of this act. Not only that, your so called Mujaheeden were part of the Lebanese Army that razed the Palestinian refugee camp, Nahr El-Bared and displaced over 30'000 Palestinians.

And you tell me you are anti-Zionists and you defeated Zionism ?! You are nothing but LIARS, POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTS, SNAKES WHOSE ONLY AIM IS TO ADVANCE A FASCIST, RACIST, ZIONIST, STATE CALLED IRAN.

And at least with Zionist Jews, I know where I stand, it is clear as daylight, but with you depraved lot hiding behind your so-called Islam, for me you are WORSE than the Zionist Jews. Far worse, you hypocrites.

And before closing and by the way -- I am not ugly at all. I certainly am easier on the eyes than your grotesque, forever clad in black ninjas, in perpetual masochist mourning. And I am no bitch, either. I do not need to sell my ass for a few nights in Muta'a marriages to Mullahs as is done in Southern Lebanon, Qum, Nejaf and Kerbala.

But do stay tuned because I am not done with you filthy lot. I am going to expose you even more...soon. And am already laughing...

Meanwhile keep flagellating, you do it better to yourselves than anyone else.

Introductory Reading : The Build up to the Iran-Iraq war by Malcolm Lagauche. 2005