December 8, 2008

Another Eid...

You know something, I have stopped celebrating holidays, special occasions and the rest...

What I mean is that my festivities are kept to a strict minimum.

I don't do anything for the Eid, neither for Christmas. However, my family keeps the Eid tradition alive and I comply.

Spent part of the day making "Klecha" with Mom. Each year we have the same argument...

- Do we have to do this, the stuffing is taking us ages (you stuff Klecha dough with walnuts and dates)

- Of course bintee, what is the matter with you, it's the Eid.

- Yeah, I know it's the Eid, but can't we buy something ready made, this is so time consuming.

- And since when do we buy ready made sweets for the Eid, besides they taste rancid here...

Same argument each Eid but I still comply...

While I was busy stuffing and stuffing and stuffing, the phone rang, Uncle Z.called to wish us a happy one. I overheard my mom say " Ohooo, again? Let them go to hell. Gathering on Mount Arafat was on Sunday, the last day of the Hajj, and the following day is the Eid for everyone. This is the consensus of the Hajj rites. Why do they keep this Fitna, this division ?"

I knew it. Uncle Z told us that in Baghdad the Eid is on Tuesday and not today -Monday, even though the last day of the Hajj was on Sunday and the Hajj is where Muslims from both sects participate. So Monday should be the Eid and not Tuesday as per Iran's directives. These Iraqi Shiites will never learn. Brainwashed sheep.

And while we continued the Klecha ritual, Mom was mumbling away to herself, and the TV was blasting away...

"In 1987, 400 innocent pilgrims were killed in Mecca, caught in clashes between the Saudi authorities and thousands of Iranian protesters/pilgrims and their sympathizers, who brandished pictures of Khomeini, around the Ka'aba. They also took out black armbands and knifes from under their clothing...."

What blasphemy ! The picture of this Ayatollah in the Ka'aba...And since then, there has been no respite with their active propaganda.
I did say once, the aim is the gates of Mecca...part of the grand American-Zionist design. After all the Jews also reminisce about Mecca, after Babylon/Iraq, that is.

Of course, some of you who are too stuck in some narrow ideological framework refuse to see this plan unfolding before your very eyes...I wonder what would it take, more ? How many Iraqs do you want to see before finally coming to your senses ?

And these Ahl al Fitna, the people of Division will not cease...
Look at this headline for instance, from the Times of India - "Hezbollah blames Sunni groups for Mumbai attacks."

Is that so Hezzies ? And me who thought you were anti-Israel and anti-Zionists ? Ha!

Again on the subject of the Hezzies and their Lebanese "revolution", it turns out, their main partner Ze General Michel Aoun had several visits and discussions with the Mossad while he was in Paris - from 1991 up to the year 2005, before he returned to Ze Lebanon, one year before the Israeli aggression and the Divine victory of Hezbollah.
Then all became history...Syria is engaged in peace talks with Israel, Michel Aoun is sucking up to the Syrians and Hezbollah is blaming Sunnis for "terrorist violence", be it in India, Iraq or anywhere else as the Zionist-American plan unfolds...

Anyways what was I talking about ? Ah yes, the Klecha stuffing...

So we continued stuffing until my fingers got sore...and the TV was still blasting away...I think about 5 channels played the "Risalat" - The Message by M.Akkad.

A great film. I saw it about three times and tonight I watched it again, twice.
I would like to write a post about the life of the Prophet one day. Much wisdom and grace and much to learn from his example and the way he conducted the affairs of the Ummah.

At one point, in the film, Banee Qureish, the pagan tribe that ruled Mecca, exiled all the Muslims into the desert, through persecution, torture, and killings...And Banee Qureish did not stop. Even when the first Muslims were banished from Mecca, the Qureish pagans continued their pillaging of Muslim houses, taking over their properties, raping, torturing and killing their women and children...

The parallel with what happened to the Iraqis was striking. This is what the pagan Americans and sectarian Iranian/Iraqi Shiites did to Iraq's Muslims and Christians. Interestingly, in the film and this is corroborated historically, a Jew sided with the Qureish pagans to trap the Muslims of Mecca.

A film I really urge you to watch with open minds and open eyes.

So I was saying, I don't really celebrate much these days/years, except stuffing Klechas and one other thing I kept from childhood, a rite I am not ready to forsake...Every Eid I have to wear something new. It can be anything but it has to be brand new.

I settled for a new pantie. Yes that is right. A brand new pantie, but not pink, heaven forbid. Black pantie I can harmoniously blend in with the new ideology that is permeating "liberated" Iraq.

Happy Eid.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sabah Kalash.