December 30, 2008

No Black Ribbons.

Black ribbons are to commemorate the Dead...And what if someone never dies, what colors would one use ?

I went through my collection of Iraqi Art - the breath of life, the pulse that still beats, and tells us that we are still alive and I chose Green.

Evergreen, an everlasting Green...The color of Life, Hope, clarity of Vision, Fortitude, immense, subhuman Courage ...the color of the Heart... in the Arab - Muslim tradition...

And Green is what I offer You - tonight, today...and everyday...

As Green as the Southern fields carrying the fruits of dedicated labor,
As Green as the Northern mountains, in Spring,
As Green as the grass that prostrates at Dawn.
As Green as a Palm tree that never bends...

What better color than Green, to humbly offer You, tonight, today and everyday...

Green the color of an Eternal Spring, the color of Hope...The color of Life.

Some die by accident, some from disease, some from old age and some die of Love...

Others call it - a cause, a vision, a commitment, a calling, a sacrifice...I call it Love. And am sure You will agree...

To die of Love for Her...and to remain Alive in the the greatest of all Accomplishments.

No one matched You, nor will match You -- in the ultimate Death, in the ultimate Sacrifice, in the ultimate Love and in the ultimate everlasting Life, an alive Green as the Palm tree that never, ever, bends...

Layla Anwar
30th December 2008

Nota Bene : Comments for this post have been disabled. And I still can't understand how can anyone not love Charles Aznavour, "entre autres"...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ahmad Al-Karkhee.

December 29, 2008

From Baghdad to Gaza and back...

A bloody Saturday, a bloody Sunday…

The Jewish State, and don't you come up with your usual, anti-Semitism bullshit, this is what Israel calls itself. A JEWISH STATE - by Jews and for Jews only.
In other words, an illegal, racist, chauvinistic, Nazi state for Jews alone.
And the Jews, for the most part Zionists, and yes they are majority Zionists, including some of the so-called anti-Zionists, have not stopped their industry of lamentation and playing the victim...

Every time anyone points out at the criminality of this evil entity called Israel, the Jews sit and cry anti-Semitism. They will be quick to remind you of their Shoa, while they have produced 100's Shoas since...

While they sit and lament in their hypocritical ways which we are so familiar with, this malignant entity called Israel or the Jewish state has not stopped producing a holocaust everyday, in occupied Palestine, and beyond...

Iraq is the Shoa of the 21st century of which no one talks about. No one...No one has erected museums in its name and the mass graves are still being unearthed...yet a profound silence filled the stale air...and still does...

So I fully understand the rage of my fellow Palestinians...I have known that same silence for the past 19 years. Except in the case of Iraq it was even more deafening...

We lost over 3 million Iraqis since the "liberation" of that fief of slaves called Kuwait. And you know the rest of the story...even though I am not so sure you do...or am not so sure you want to know...or maybe you know but think not much of it...

You called it "dictatorship", "tyranny" and blamed the victim with lines such as the "Iraqis are incapable of uniting" and blamed them for the "sectarian strife"...

I suppose the recent developments in the Palestinian movement have clearly demonstrated that disunity and strife within, is a product of an Occupation.

Iraqis also experienced brutal embargoes and sanctions and survived for 13 years in silence...and they still live under an embargo albeit a different form of an embargo.

As for walls and ghettos, Baghdad has seen in the past 5 years, more walls being erected than anywhere else in the world, more aptly like nowhere else in the world. Each district is today a ghetto. How come we did not have ghettos under the "dictatorship" ? Does anyone ask himself/herself that question ?

Iraq is also undergoing a not so subtle balkanization that no one is paying attention to, or maybe you are but think not much of it.

The Kurds, that many so-called anti-Zionists and leftists have supported for years and still do (I need to remind everyone here that the Kurds are fully backed by the Jewish state and have been so since 1974 and by Iran) have their own state now. The sectarian Shiites, and most of them are, want their own all exclusive state too in the whole of the South and Baghdad as its capital. Something that is already taking place since those sectarian Shiites came on American tanks straight from IRAN. And Iran has been collaborating closely with the Americans in Baghdad to ensure that another category of racists, chauvinists and sectarians remain in power...Thus fulfilling the Zionist dream – the splitting of loyalties and the partition of the Arab world into small entities, starting with Iraq...

Israel and Iran are flips sides of the same coin insofar as the ARABS are concerned.

Never mind the political rhetoric, I look at facts on the ground not at political speeches and jargon for domestic and international consumption. I suppose, I can be quite cold headed when the destiny of a people is being shaped and see things for what they truly are, behind clichés...cliches that the masses are terribly thirsty for...

I have more to say on Iran and how it fulfills the Zionist dream, and as I mentioned it in my post "A long American–Iranian film" Obama will be asking Iran to assist his administration in the "war on terror" (the war on Sunni terror to be more precise) in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the Afghan Resistance is making strides. And this is already happening or in the process of further talks with Iran...And as I also mentioned before, Pakistan has been framed and things are not looking good at all on that front...I am expecting the worst for Pakistan.

Iran will play an important role in another chapter of Zionist-American imperialism in the Muslim world as it had played it so well in the Arab world as in the case of Iraq...and continues to play it even during the latest carnage in Gaza.

Since am on the subject of Iran, I have to mention the speech of Hassan Nasrallah and for me he is no "Sayyed." I am afraid this "Sayyed" is one of the biggest political charlatans I have ever witnessed in my whole life. A clever one for sure but a charlatan nonetheless...And all charlatans are puppets for someone.

Hassan Nassrallah is the Iranian puppet of the Arab world. I listened to his speech, I was yawning...Nasrallah bores me because his oration is predictable, as predictable as that of any Zionist from Israel...

Nassrallah mentioned "the battle of Kerbala" not less than 3 times...punctuated with a quote here and there from Imam Al- Hussein, clearly turning his speech into a purely Shiite appeal...into an Iranian appeal...or should I say into an Iranian attack, and not so much against Israel. Actually, the bulk of his speech was focused on the Arab countries whom he qualified as collaborators in the grand American-Zionist plan for this part of the world.

He concentrated in particular on Egypt, in second lieu on Jordan and without mentioning names he also alluded to Saudi Arabia – these three being the collaborators in the grand Zionist-American scheme, but not the only ones, according to him. He of course excluded Syria... He did not mention IRAQ , not even once! I suppose he no longer considers IRAQ as an ARAB country...and with good reason. It is under an American -Iranian Occupation

He basically said that after Egypt, Jordan and some other Arab countries signed peace treaties with the Jewish entity, they encouraged Israel to attack the resistance movement in Lebanon (his) and now the resistance in Gaza. He urged the Egyptians to rise against their government, ARAB Egypt came out as the biggest villain in this whole hideous Nazi Israeli massacre...

And since there are no sizable Shiites in Egypt, what better way for Iran to cause another Fitnah - dissension there, but to use the anti- arab collaborators, line ?!

At one point , I forgot that Nasrallah was supposedly "anti-Zionist" since his whole speech was against the Arab countries who are collaborators… and as I said he spared none except Syria, and his own Hezb naturally and Hamas for good reason.

Need I remind the fake "Sayyed" that his wonderful sectarian government in power in Iraq was put in place by the grand Zionist American schemers and need I remind this two cents political charlatan, that they all landed from Iran to fulfill the Zionist dream from the Nile to the Euphrates !!!

Need I remind the "Sayyed" that his sectarian Shias from Iran, have produced an all Shia sectarian state in Iraq for them alone, very much mimicking the all Jewish state with its exclusive Nazi laws.

But in his typical sectarian, racist, chauvinist, ways, the "Sayyed" just forgot about Iraq and conveniently forgot that the previous Iraqi regime and Iraq as a nation, was the most dedicated anti-Zionist, anti-Imperialist country that managed to survive despite years of war attacks from Iran, America and Israel.

Need I remind the "Sayyed" that Iran collaborated closer than any other, in the destruction of the only anti- Imperialist, anti-Zionist entity that survived in the age of post-Nasser "Infitah"- Sadat style...And we all know where Syria stands today vis a vis Israel and the peace deal that has been brewing with Israel since the 90's in the back corridors of politics...

Need I remind the "Sayyed" that it is none than his own sectarian hordes that helped the Zionist Americans to try and finish off the Iraqi Resistance under the guise of the "war on terror and insurgents", a Resistance for the most part made of ARABS and Sunnis. And these same hordes closely collaborated with the dirty gangs of the Occupation in carrying out the most hideous genocide against ARAB Iraqis and the Palestinians of Iraq. Another Shoa carried out by the sectarian Shias and the Americans and Brits...But it seems that the "Sayyed" has a short memory.

Need I remind this "Sayyed" and all other "Sayyeds" that Iraq was the final fig leaf that fell, leaving ALL naked and exposed...So who is fooling who here ?

As for Hamas, I have nothing to add to the Palestinian resistance, except that I support any Resistance movement against this malignancy called the State of Israel or the Jewish State... And the Palestinians themselves are better apt to assess who represents them best...

However, I have a few words of caution here – the political split within the Palestinian movement is a painful reminder of what happened in Iraq and I have to say to the Palestinians the following – beware of Balkanization under Occupation. And I fear that from a one state solution, you have moved to a two states solution and possibly now will be moved to a three states solution.

This is what happens when one is surrounded by "Arab" collaborators and finding oneself stuck in the middle between Israel and Iran. Ask me all about I said, Iraq was/is the fig leaf...

And my way out slogan for 2009 is simple : NO to America/Israel, NO to Iran –For an ARAB solution only !

Oh, but wait! There was someone who said that before me...But he was hanged just before the New Year, by none other than America/Israel and Iran.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Haleem Kassem, 2007.

December 26, 2008

Space to Breathe...

This post contains profane, coarse, foul, rude, vulgar...language. You don't like it ? Fuck off !

I will ask SOME of you to STOP sending me e.mails. I do not care about your e.mails. They are a waste of time for me. They contain for the most part nonsense, shit I don't need to read or know about, stories that don't concern me...

And I don't want to receive any of your patronizing, paternalistic, pompous, condescending, e.mails either. I don't need your advice, I don't need you to tell me what language to speak, what idioms to use, what is lady like or not lady like, I don't want your critiques nor your feedback unless I ask for them. I am not your student and you are definitely not my master, teacher, or advisor. So fuck off and let me be.

My blog is the space for me to breathe, to fucking take a breath away from you and the reality you imposed upon me. Do get that into your fucking thick skulls.

I am not here to befriend you and become buddies, nor am I expecting you to love me, like me or approve of me. I don't give a fuck what you think or don't think. And I am not here to manage your feelings, your political correctness, and your ideological bents. Again I don't give a fuck about them.

I am here for me and to relay and convey to you some truths. You may accept them or not...that is besides the point for me. They are my/our truths. And I am using "our" because I know that many Iraqis feel and think the same way I do, but they lost their voices...I haven't. So you will keep hearing me until I decide otherwise.

Is it not enough that I and others had to put up with your criminality, lies, double standards, destruction, hypocrisy, murder -- and you have the fucking audacity to write to me preaching ???

What are you preaching about you fucking idiots ? You have nothing to preach, you are a fucking goner. Your days are OVER. Do you get that ? Your days are OVER.

You have no leg to stand on. All your masks have been torn away one by one and they were many. You have lost credibility, respect, standing, value, and what the fuck are you preaching about ?

Some write to me asking me to use "polite language", some write to me telling me I should be a "lady", some write to me asking me to remain "calm and not too excited"...Fuck that shit.

This stuff is for the graveyards...You be polite in your tombs once you get there, or be polite while queuing at the fucking morgue, or be polite when you are running from one prison to another searching for your loved ones...and behave like a fucking lady if you can. Yeah that's right behave like a fucking lady. Get ganged raped and tortured by your "liberators", have acid thrown at you, be forced to shut up, lose your home, lose your kids, lose your parents, lose your husband, lose your brothers and sisters...But hey, be a lady now !

And do stay calm and don't get over excited when EVERYTHING has been taken away from you. Stay Zen, really calm. This is what some schizoid Northerner wrote to me lately. Stay calm. Of course in this person's country everyone is so fucking calm they blow their brains out through suicide out of fucking despair, because of the inner "calmness". But he/she does not see that...he/she only sees how the other should be, should behave, should speak, should articulate - Me.

Fancy that ?! Telling the occupied what he/she should feel. Asking the victim to measure her words, her sentences, her idioms so you don't get too ruffled. Tone down the fucking injustice so you can keep a good face to the outer world and to yourselves. Tone it down you say...fuck you again. I will not tone it down. I will scream it as loud as I can, until you get tortured by it and go fucking insane. Just the same way you tortured us with your non-stop music banging at our heads in the dark cells...until we went insane...

And the F word...ohhhh the F word. How you cringe at the F word. And the shit word, and the ass shake your heads in horror don't you ?

Yet, you motherfuckers, your programs are full of the fuck, shit and ass word. Your language is filled with it and you use it generously, with the hajjis, the ayrabs, the muzzies and the eyeraqis. Don't you ?

And not only that, you run like fucking morons to buy some racist neurotic jewish writer (and am not referring to Harold Pinter - got someone else in mind) whose novels have the word fuck in every line, but that is literature - you say to yourselves and you give away Pulitzer and Booker prizes for the "brilliance of creative writing". Because after all, the writer is white, and is from Europe or from the shit hole called America. That is different. That is class language. That is artistic expression, you say to yourselves.

But her, this Arab woman using "foul" language is so o' inappropriate. A lesser being using the master's language ? Oh my God what blasphemy ! Fuck you again.

But this is what you want. You want us/me to speak but not so much, to point out things but in a fashion that is suitable for you. To criticize within your acceptable limits. To get angry if we must but preferably not, and to do it your way, the way you have convinced yourself "others" from "those countries" should do it.

Polite, courteous, careful choice of words, so you can bask in some self congratulatory lullaby, after all your " project " has worked.

Look at how we have civilized them/her, you say to yourselves. They/she talk the language that is pleasing to the master. The rough shit we keep for ourselves. When we fuck them, rape them, torture them, bomb them, invade them, destroy them...the rough language is for us, us the powerful and we use it at our discretion, you secretly say to yourselves.

And you think we/I don't know how the above discourse is constructed and laid out ? And you think for a moment that we don't know where you are coming from ? Fuck you again.

This is my blog, this is my breathing space...I write what I need to write, in the style and the manner that befit the topic, the subject, the keep your fucking "advice" to yourselves. And go advise your governments and rulers if you can.

And in closing, some black American woman (I can't remember her name) once said.

If you don't like my Ocean
Don't swim in my Sea
Get out of my Valley
and let my Mountain be...

I strongly suggest you read the above lines several times before you preach into my head and send more of your shit my way.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Haidar Saddam.

December 24, 2008

Jingle Bells and all that Stuff...

Ah! Another Xmas...I don't care much for Xmas or any other holiday. For me, it's all the same...same thing, day in and day out...

I go through the motions and repeat the greetings with a fake smile, but I really don't care much. Santa can go and stuff himself as far as am concerned.
Well, he does not need to stuff himself, he is already stuffed...and so are you.

Seems you have all been under the taxidermist knife...stuffed to the brink, stuffed to your eyeballs, stuffed...stuffed with paper, cotton, rags, words...

And this Christmas you will stuff yourselves even more...with more stuff and more stuffing...Your husbands are stuffed, your wives are stuffed, your kids are stuffed, your homes are stuffed, your shops are stuffed, your brains are are stuffed.

Tomorrow you will probably stuff something and put it in an oven, a stuffed Xmas dinner, with your stiff, stuffed families, talking through your stiff upper lips about more stuff while you are stuffing your stomachs with food stuff. And beneath your stale breaths, you will huff and puff and say -- Stuff it, I can't wait till it's over, this is too stuffy. Fuck that stuff.

And you will tear away at your wrapped boxes, and see more stuff, stuff you don't need or don't like, but hey it's stuff and you can't waste away stuff...

So you will stuff it away, amongst the other stuff that has accumulated in your stuffed closets and cupboards till the next stuffy Xmas and you will repeat it all over again...

God's stuff is really absent, but you think you already know all that God stuff...

Meanwhile in Iraq, 5 million orphans have no stuff. They live in streets and run down orphanages. They are sold, bought, trafficked, molested, raped, turned into sex slaves and beggars...

They have no clean water to drink, no food to eat, no toys to play with, no books to read, no family to hug, no clothes and no shoes to wear, no blankets to cover them, no stuffed Santa to visit them, no electricity and no illuminated Xmas tree...

5 million Iraqi children turned into orphans because you believed stuff you were told and you acted upon that stuff...

5 million Iraqi orphans are your guarantee that you will have unlimited access to more stuff so you can stuff yourselves even more...

And here they are...5 million of them, in 5 years...

For them Xmas or no Xmas, it does not make a difference. For them, it's the same thing, day in and day out...

They are of your own doing. They are the children, the little ones, you turned into diposable stuff...

So stuff them and stuff it and have a Merry stuffed Xmas.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Sabah Al-Majeed.

December 22, 2008

From Sectarian, Chauvinist, Racist, Safavid Iran.

Am I loved or am I loved by those wonderful Iranians and their sectarian Shiites faithful dogs ?!

I think am very loved actually...

The more I am hated, slandered, defamed, the more I am convinced that there is GREAT TRUTH in what I have been writing and arguing for the past 2 years on this blog.

Today I received samples of love "letters"... Let me share them with you.
They were in response to my post on Muntather Al-Zaidi, whom I called "Another IRAQI Hero."

First Ode to lovely Moi,

"We are going to create our own website and expose all of your filthy lies: it will be called: EXPOSING ZIONIST LAYLA ANWAR.BLOGSPOT.COM."

Second Ode to lovely Moi,

"Guess what you ugly cunt, the Iraqi journalist who threw the shoes at Bush is a Shia Muslim. And we all know that it was Iraq who invaded Iran. So keep spreading your fucking lame propaganda and make a fool of yourself you warmongering witch."

Third Ode to Lovely Moi,

"Hey anti-shia monster, I hope you burn in your jealousy. The foot of the great and honorable Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is more valuable than you and your ignorant words. We understand that you hate the only entity that was able to defeat the Zionists. And you dare to call yourself a Muslim? Please, who are you trying to fool? You're worst than Zionists. Go ahead and don't approve this comment, you ugly bitch."

I may also add that I received a request for "exchanging views" from Press TV, the official Iranian TV for the Ayatoilets, which needless to say, I did not respond to.

Okay, so let me take it one at a time.

- For me a simple definition of a Zionist is: someone who turns his religion/sect into a RACE and hence justifies the killing, exile and appropriation of resources from others or is apologetic for it.

In that sense one can include not only Zionist Jews but Sectarian Shiites and Iranians in that category. And if I really want to push it further, I will include most liberal, progressive movements including the clownish "anti-war" movement, a good deal of so-called "anti-Zionist" Jews, a good deal of the Shiites in Iraq who have been co-opted by Iran and its mafia parties, such as the DAWA, SCII of Hakeem, and M.Al-Sadr the driller. And I will also include ALL THE ARABS including Palestinians and Lebanese WHO deliberately kept silent on the ethnic cleansing that was undertook by none other than those sectarian Shiite parties backed by Iran and kept silent about the mass graves, the overflowing morgues, the torture and the rape of Arabs in Iraq under the guise of "anti-imperialism".


I guess that clears the first love ode.

Now for the second ode.

From the first moment Ayatoilet Khomeini landed in Tehran thanks to WESTERN INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, his political objective was to so-call " liberate" Jerusalem via Baghdad.

The fascist entity called Iran never ceased to support subversive elements within Iraqi society including the Kurds to realize its petty imperialist expansionist aims - the return of the Safavid Empire under the cloak of so called revolutionary Shiite Islam.

During that period, Israel was providing logistic and arm support to the Ayatoilets. And alongside Iran, Israel was directly supporting the Kurds as far back as 1974. I have already written on that subject, and will provide links upon request.

The Iran-Iraq war started AFTER the Iranians for a period of not less than 6 continous months were unrelentingly attacking bordering Iraqi villages, displacing their inhabitants and anting up their warmongering belligerent tone towards Iraq and its sovereign regime. So in fact it is Iran who started the war and not Iraq as the current propaganda wants us to believe. Again, links to various articles written will be provided upon request.

My reply to the third Ode

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Hez Teezee is nothing but a sectarian puppet working for Iran. There has been no defeat of the Zionist entity as you would like us to believe, surely not in Gaza. And I wonder where your Sayyed and your fascist Iran are now ? All this is pure propaganda to enhance Iranian regional hegemony. Besides your not so honorable Sayyed of Hez Teezee and his Ayatoilet mentors in Ze Lebanon utterly failed to condemn the ethnic cleansing, torture and rape done by none other than your death squads collaborating with the Mossad, the Peshermegas and the Americans.

Not only that, your Sayyed Hassan of Hez Teezee supports all the sectarian Shiites parties and groups that are currently forming the Iraqi puppet government including your Ayatoilet Sistani, a government put in place by none other than the American Zionists Imperialists that you bark about.

And by the way, just in case you forgot, it is your death squads from the SCII of Hakeem, your Quds Brigades from Iran, your Mahdi drillers that have murdered the Palestinians in Iraq and those who managed to escape alive are still stranded in the desert between Iraq and Syria. And your Sayyed Hassan Teezee did not utter one condemnation of this act. Not only that, your so called Mujaheeden were part of the Lebanese Army that razed the Palestinian refugee camp, Nahr El-Bared and displaced over 30'000 Palestinians.

And you tell me you are anti-Zionists and you defeated Zionism ?! You are nothing but LIARS, POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTS, SNAKES WHOSE ONLY AIM IS TO ADVANCE A FASCIST, RACIST, ZIONIST, STATE CALLED IRAN.

And at least with Zionist Jews, I know where I stand, it is clear as daylight, but with you depraved lot hiding behind your so-called Islam, for me you are WORSE than the Zionist Jews. Far worse, you hypocrites.

And before closing and by the way -- I am not ugly at all. I certainly am easier on the eyes than your grotesque, forever clad in black ninjas, in perpetual masochist mourning. And I am no bitch, either. I do not need to sell my ass for a few nights in Muta'a marriages to Mullahs as is done in Southern Lebanon, Qum, Nejaf and Kerbala.

But do stay tuned because I am not done with you filthy lot. I am going to expose you even more...soon. And am already laughing...

Meanwhile keep flagellating, you do it better to yourselves than anyone else.

Introductory Reading : The Build up to the Iran-Iraq war by Malcolm Lagauche. 2005

December 19, 2008

On a Blood Tainted Platter...

Do you recall what I mentioned in my post on Muntather Al-Zaidi ? It was a detail, but an important one, nonetheless.

I reiterate. I said that Bush during his "surprise" visit to Baghdad and before receiving the "surprise" pair of shoes in his face, met with the Green Zone stooges...I also said that the only stooge, puritanical Bush kissed on the cheeks with warmth and affection, was Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, head of the Supreme Iranian Butt Council and head of the Badr Brigades, one of the sectarian Iranian, Shiite militias that is governing today's Iraq.

The SIBC stands for SIIC - Supreme Islamic "Iraqi" Council previously known as the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Tailored after the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution of Iran, also known as the SIBC - Supreme Iranian Butt Council. I just love it when things come in full a snake rolled up onto itself with its head and tail making one.

Do you also remember what I told you some time ago ? I said that during the sham elections held in Iraq, over 1 Million IRANIANS participated in them. I also added that they came in buses to vote...

I also mentioned throughout my posts, that Nejaf and Kerbala are literally 90% owned by Iranians, today.

In other words, Iranians have bought most of the land and property estates there.
I do not have the exact figures for Basra and the rest of Southern Iraq, but I believe that this part of Iraq suffered the same fate i.e ownership of land by Iranians and for peanuts. Hence, you can understand why there are calls for an "Independent" Basra.

Now the following is news that you will not read in any of your media or websites, and this information came to me from a VERY,VERY reliable source...And just as the information I shared with you in the past proved to be accurate as time went by... you will undoubtedly have the following information confirmed to you, from some other source, as times goes by...But by then, it would be too late.

The 1st piece of information that no official Iraqi source will provide you with, neither the Dawa party, nor the Sistani office, nor the Sadrists, nor the SIIC, is the following :

Any Iranian who purchases land in Iraq, is immediately entitled to the IRAQI citizenship, nationality and passport.

The 2nd piece of information, which is very important and I want you to re-read it several times.

In 2005, Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, the one who got the kisses from Bush, issued a decree with IMMEDIATE effect - namely the granting/bestowing of the IRAQI nationality/citizenship to 4 MILLION IRANIANS. That was in 2005, only God knows what the exact number is today.

And I am talking here of pure Iranians, not half Iranians. The majority of which did not even speak Arabic then.

The above took place and is still taking place under the "auspices" of the American Occupation, under the eyes and nose of the Occupier.

What does that mean to you ? Does it mean anything to you ? Can you make head or tail out of it? Or do I need to spell it out for you, again ?

Do you now understand why the sectarian "strife" erupted ? Do you now understand why the sectarian cleansing took place ? Do you understand what purpose it fulfilled ?

Not yet ?

OK let me put it in bold letters for you.


Hence, and by logical deduction and reasoning ; the IRAN-IRAQ WAR, the subsequent KUWAIT episode, GULF WAR 1, 13 years of SANCTIONS, GULF WAR 2 and its Operation "Freedom" were nothing but a preparation for this offering from the USA to IRAN.

So, ALL the propaganda, the vilification, the demonization of the martyred President Saddam Hussein and his government were also devised to serve that same purpose.

The wiping out of an ARAB nation, a once staunch anti-Zionist country, an ancient, strong, resourceful, potent country and erasing its identity and replacing it with an Iranian "Islamic" identity, all in the name of the "War on Islamic Terror."

And the price was an Iraqi blood filled Mesopotamian platter.

And the price is Iraq.

P.S : Since am on this subject, let me also tell you that : "Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah received an honorary doctorate in the field of political science from an Iranian university in the Isfahan region...The doctorate was given to Sayyed Nasrallah in recognition by the Iranian university of the achievements made by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon in redrawing a defense strategy in the region and unifying the Islamic ranks...Former Iranian Parliament Speaker Ghoulam Haddan Reda Adel said that Sayyed Nasrallah, the people of Lebanon and Hezbollah offered a lesson of steadfastness, resistance and victory against the tyrannical and stood firmly against the imperial proposals." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

"In a statement from Sayyed Nasrallah read at the ceremony, his eminence thanked Iran for its support of Hezbollah fight against the Zionist entity and expressed the hope that one day the Resistance group would change the face of the Middle East." (source)

I can already tell you that the face of the Middle East HAS ALREADY BEEN CHANGED. Thanks to ZIONIST - AMERICA AND IRAN.

Enjoy the rest of your fucking show !

Painting: Iraqi artist, Dhia Al-Azzawi, 2002.

December 17, 2008

Lions and Shoes...

Yes I know, this is a paradoxical title. And this is also a paradoxical post...

I have received tons of emails, links, names of support groups, games, poetry, articles, art work -- all within less than 48 hours, and all involving shoes and what to do with shoes following in the footsteps of M.Al-Zaidi.

Thank you all for sending me all of the above, but please STOP.

I did promise to link though to one shoe ceremony. You can read all about it here - bidding your farewells to Bush with yet another pair of shoes. But do keep some for the Booma, because the Iraqi tragic film production is not over yet...

It is not that I want to dampen your excitement when it comes to hurling shoes, after all I did give you basic lessons in both the applied function of a shoe and the insult that goes with it...

It is not that I am denigrating the heroic act of an Iraqi in the face of not only Bush but the whole of America, because whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, and again I repeat, I don't care if you voted or did not vote for him - Bush is the official representative of America. So a shoe in his face means a shoe in yours.

And it is not that I think that Al-Zaidi is not a courageous, brave man. And it is not that I do not want him to be released NOW and am mobilizing and praying for his safety...

It is none of the above...

But am getting tired of this shoe business...and I shall tell you why.

Here is one young man, an eager, angry, ambitious young man who defied all protocols and hurled a shoe in the face of the President of the USA. He paid for his act and will pay some more.

And suddenly everyone is in love with shoes and realized what a horrible government is ruling the USA. And suddenly everyone wants to become a shoe thrower. And suddenly everyone woke up and mobilized in the speed of ligthning for the release of one courageous Iraqi man. Again I think this is remarkable. It is remarkable that people have this capacity to act so fast, to produce links, games, petitions, articles and the rest in less than 48 hours.

I am left to deduce and it is confirmed to me, today more than ever, that when there is a will there is a definitely a way.


But let me ask you something here.

On the 30th of December 2006, a Man with over 30 years of serving Iraq, a Leader who transformed Iraq in such a short span of time into a modern state, where education, health, arts...flourished, a President of a sovereign country, a country that was invaded and occupied by none other than that same Bush and those same people - was hanged.

A man was hanged by the Zionists - Americans and Iranians on the 30th of December 2006, following a senseless non-stop campaign of bombing, brutal sanctions and murder which started not in 2003 as some of you may like to think but in 1991 and continued for over 15 years...and culminated in his death and the subsequent death of a whole nation...

My question is this - Where were your shoes then ?
Where was your zeal, your support, your mobilization, your eagerness, your backing, your articles, your political inventions, your poetry, your petitions....where were you ?

Saddam Hussein did more for Iraq than anyone else. And he definitely was more defiant in the face of America, Bush and his dogs, not during a one single 20 mn press conference but over a period of 35 years...

And he was not only captured, tortured, humiliated, interrogated and imprisoned, but he had his whole family decimated too. And he ended up being murdered by you and your silence. So where were you then ?

Surely you could have exhibited that same passion as you do today. But, no you did not...You waited for over 5 years before finally exclaiming your strong disapproval for this occupation and for your government...and it finally took a pair of shoes.

But the televised hanging of a legitimate President did not move you, nor did the killing of his sons and grandson, and having them all exhibited like some meat for your cannibalistic palates. Nor did the hanging of his aides, nor the imprisonment, till this very day of members of this Iraqi nation, nor the killing of 1.3 million Iraqis, nor the 3 million widows, nor the 5 million orphans, nor the 5 million maimed and injured, nor the 5 million exiled, nor the thousands rotting in jails, nor the destruction, nor the havoc, nor the D.U, or the cluster bombs or the napalm, nor the misery, nor the grief...No, none of that moved you then...

But you were moved by the Iraqi dog that was flown to Minnesota by one of your brave boys and you were moved by the picture of your brave boys throwing candies to barefooted kids running after humvees...and you were finally moved by a pair of shoes in your face.

Maybe this is what it took and this is what it will take from now on...

You understand nothing but the straight, no nonsense language of shoes. And you deserve nothing but shoes and all what a shoe entails...

This, from today onwards, is the only language you will be spoken in and with.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Sabah Majeed.

December 16, 2008

Dogs and Babylonian Numerology.

I suppose you still remember the lesson of my last class where I taught you some basic Iraqi dialect.

I now see that some serious rehearsal took place since that last lesson - Everything you need to know about Shoes - and resulted in some empirical knowledge in the application of shoes.

Let us recap from Lesson 1:



ENTA KUNDARA = You're a Shoe. Or,

IBN Al-KUNDARA = Son of a Shoe. Or,

SHLON KUNDARA = What a Shoe!

WIJHAK WIJH AL-KUNDARA = Your face is like a shoe.

BIL KUNDARA = a threatening remark involving the potential use of a shoe.

But I thought to myself, should I ever retire from my "educational" role, would my conscience be satisfied ? The answer is NO.

I feel I failed to teach you more essentials from the Iraqi vocabulary and I fear that your empirical applied knowledge of shoes would not have the full desired impact.

Hence prepare yourselves for another lesson in Iraqi colloquial. This time the subject matter is the noun DOG and the use of the DOG noun in complex sentences.

So let us start with basics, shall we ?

You may jot down the following transliterations, as they will come in very handy when operating with shoes.

Lesson 2




ENTA KALB = YOU ARE A DOG (affirmative)

Now let's go for a slightly more advanced usage of the word dog, involving first of kin.




ENTA IBN KALB = YOU ARE A SON OF A DOG. (extra affirmative)

For the feminine - use BINT instead of Ibn and ENTEE instead of Enta (will come in handy when Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Allbright will join the Obooma, again)

Now for the insertion of the word Dog in a more elaborate syntax.

Previous sentences involved first of kin, now I want you to bear with me and learn the second level, which is slightly more complex.


A variation on level 1, but more linguistically powerful would be:


The interesting thing about the above sentence is the numerological function of 16.
Why 16 and not 17, 19 or 20 ? A clear reference to the 16th next of kin, down the father's lineage. One may call that - a generational insult.

As you will notice, the numerological equation involving the usage of DOG(S) will get slightly more difficult as we proceed along...


Again, the interesting number 6 pops up but this time, the insult involves 60 generations...of dogs.

However there are limits to the usage of number 6 and the sentences usually stops at 66. Even though the following is not as widely used at the previous two, but it is still in current practice. Therefore feel free to bring it back in full vogue.


As you have rightly observed, in this context, the genealogy goes back to the 66th ancestor - all dogs.

Of course, in this short linguistic course, you may need to draw on some esoteric, numerological notions revolving around the number 6 and its derivatives, namely 16, 60 and 66.

If you fail to come up with any plausible explanation for this, you can always call on Bernard Lewis, the in-house historian for the Zionists - Israel and America.

I heard that he has recycled himself into numerology as of late, now that his historical and political expertise were sought and put into practice by the White House and resulted in the occupation of Babylon - Iraq.

In any event, please continue rehearsing, lesson no.1 on Shoes and lesson no.2 on Dogs.

And you can always offer your IRAQI flavored "farewell kisses" now that you saw them in practice. Don't forget - practice makes perfect.

Bonne Continuation...

Your Linguistics's Professor,

Layla Anwar.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Adel Dawood.

December 14, 2008

Another IRAQI HERO : Muntather Al-Zaidi.

Bush bidding his last goodbyes in occupied Baghdad. Bush the president of the United Asses reaping the fruits of his labor and that of his American people from my Beloved.

Bush congratulated his stooges, the extra-large Zionist/Kurdish buffoon Talabani and the other Kurdish pimp Barazani. The puppet Tareq Al-Hashemi who was all smiles, and guess whom Bush kissed on the cheeks ? None other than the son of a bitch from Iran, A.Al-Hakeem, head of the Supreme Iranian Butt Council and head of the Badr death squads, whose hands are inundated with the blood of innocent Arab Iraqis.

The criminal psychopath, Bush last stop, was at a press conference with his other puppet, the sectarian dictator, from Iran, PM Nuri Al-Maliki.

And whilst Bush was pontificating from his ass, Muntather Al-Zaidi, a 28 years old journalist, a leftist, from the independent anti-occupation, anti-sectarian TV, Al-Baghdadia, stood up and threw not one shoe but TWO pair of shoes at Bush, calling him at the top of his voice YA KALB - YOU DOG.

Al Jazeera's excellent news anchor the IRAQI Layla Al-Sheikhly was the only one to report the slur and insult to the President of the United Asses. His last visit indeed and a souvenir from a patriotic Iraqi. Subsequent news censored the insult - YA KALB-YOU DOG.

Let me tell you more about Muntather Al-Zaidi. Muntather was kidnapped, tortured and humiliated and when released he resumed his work as a journalist at the Baghdadia TV. He graduated from Baghdad University in Journalism and was active pre-2003 in the Iraqi Federation /Student Union and was/is known to be a vehement opposer to the dual occupation of my Beloved.

One of his colleagues confirmed that Muntather came to the press conference late, and his other colleagues from the same TV station had preceded him way before. This other colleague also confirmed that they had to stand for hours for stringent security checks before being allowed to enter the press hall.

Muntather as a dignified Iraqi, used the only weapon available to him - HIS SHOES.

He threw the first one with such dexterity, Bush ducked and within seconds he threw the second one and aimed right above that bastard's head and landed smash into the American flag. I think that Muntather was hoping to aim the other shoe at Maliki, the puppet.

Needless to say about 5 men or more, dressed in civil clothes and some of them were American dogs, threw themselves on this HERO Muntather. Amidst the stupor and shouts, I could hear his screams while he was being kicked, his hair pulled, and his face scratched...

We all watched it and Mom and I burst into tears, tears of happiness and tears of grief.

Happiness because Muntather filled us with hope, hope that there are still brave heroes left in Iraq. Mom even called him the Salah El-Deen Al Ayubi /the new Saladin.

A historical moment in the Iraqi tragedy indeed and during Bush's last visit !
A historical moment that will be recorded as the ultimate humiliation to any American president and to the "American Empire" hahahahahahaha.

We were also filled with grief and recited the Fateeha, because we knew that Muntather Al-Zaidi signed his own death warrant. This guy is finished.

Mom added that he will be tortured first, most probably with shoes before his execution.

Muntather Al-Zaidi was aware that the consequences of such an act will bring the wrath of the sectarian Shiites and zionists Kurdish puppets and that of the Americans on his head. But he risked it a TRUE IRAQI HERO giving his occupier the ultimate humiliation next to the military defeat of America - because America has been DEFEATED in Iraq.

Yes, you dirty motherfuckers, NO VICTORY for you in IRAQ. No victory as long as people like Muntather exist...

I therefore urge all people of conscience, in particular Journalists without Borders, any syndicate or union of journalists anywhere in the world, to mobilize themselves for the release of Muntather before he gets executed.

I will leave you with an Iraqi song by Bassem Al-Ali singing for the Iraqis, all of the TRUE Iraqis, saying : You, Iraqi don't bow your head down and don't kneel. All the others will be defeated.

Down with America and her "Iraqi" stooges - government, individuals and groups !

Long Live the Iraqi Resistance. Long Live Iraq

December 11, 2008


This is a short post, a short post to express how pissed off I am with Iraqis.

What the fuck is the matter with you people ?
What is this paralysis that I see ?
Where are your voices ?
Where is the outrage, the outcry, the indignation, the shouts, the screams...?
What happened to you ? What happened to the Iraqi spirit ?
Where is that fire ? Where is the passion ?
What is this silence and this resignation ?

Damn you make me angry !

Either you are busy commiserating, busy with trivialities or busy kissing someone's ass in the Green Zone. What the fuck is the matter with you ?

Like the other day, I heard one of the most idiotic Iraqi females ever, say :
"Haram, all these orphans. Yalla insh'Allah I will get married soon and adopt a few..."

What are they, barbie dolls for you to purchase as a wedding present?
What is this flippant attitude in the face of the misery and tragedy of your country men and women ?

And if you peruse the blogs, articles and the rest, you would think it's all a "fait accompli" - a done deal. Poor analysis, poor quality of a message, stupidities, superficial, shallow subjects, or outright treachery and treason...

Wake up people, your country is a goner! Seems you don't care much...

Yalla go and bask in the shadows of your satellite dishes, and rejoice in your forever to construct, unfinished shopping malls - so you can become the perfect American consumer, or go and hide behind your Green zone walls and your Iranian chadors -- while you are being stripped naked of any dignity, resources, future...and vision.

That is all that your "liberation" gave you.


Painting : Iraqi artist, Ismail Fattah Al-Turk.

December 10, 2008

Wanted : Dead or Alive.

Wanted Dead or Alive, preferably dead or half long as She is not fully alive...

The dead, half-alive Iraqi woman.

Several reports have confirmed her autopsy. They read along these lines...

Violence against Iraqi women is on the rise, and is not given any attention by either the "Iraqi" government, or the international community.

A TOTAL SILENCE shrouds these corpses, the corpses, dead or half-alive, of Iraqi women, under the occupied "free" rule of the barbarians from America and their pimps from Iran.

An unabated violence, that expresses itself through different methods...

Rape - a very common occurrence in "liberated" Iraq, men are now free to rape us. Because after all we are nothing but a pleasure disposable item.

Honor killings - men are now free to accuse us of adultery and murder us, of course their own philandering and muta'a and whore fucking are not accounted for.

Acid burning - Men are now free to burn us with acid if we are too pretty, or not covered enough for their tastes. Since they can't control their penises, they have to control us, by burning us and deforming our faces...

Forced veiling - A variation on acid burning. First force her to veil, but if you still can't resist her beauty, you can always burn her. You will hence insure that your covetous lust is under control.

Torture - another variation of rape and combined with the latter, found in prisons, detained Iraqi women, mostly Sunnis. These women are related to "insurgents." Needless to add these women have no charges against them and no trial.

And am not even covering here, the torture, rape, genital mutilation and murder of Iraqi women, mostly Sunnis at the hands of the sectarian Shiite death squads and militias, of which the Mahdi Army and the Badr Brigades are notoriously known for, not to mention the ministry of Interior.

Straight murder - If the above "methods" fail, then kill her. Simple no ? After all they are all whores or possess the vast potential to turn into ones, except your own mothers, of course.

And if what preceded is not enough for you, you can always arrange a whole panoply of harassment methods - through humiliation, insults, slurs, coercion, control..which are making it impossible for Iraqi women to resume Life with any sense of normalcy.

Not to mention, the millions exiled, pauperized, widowed, begging, prostituting themselves thanks to your "liberation". But this is only a "parenthesis", right ?

But hey, why would you care, you fucked us with your "Freedom" did you not ? That is the most important thing for you - to prove that you can fuck and murder in the name of "Freedom". Your women and men are complicit in this Genocide. So don't come and preach to me you motherfuckers. Because motherfuckers is what you are. You will fuck your own mothers for a few dollars and to satisfy your own egos and your own vile, sick beliefs...

But America and Iran and its proxies are not the only ones to be blamed. They are not the only culprits.

Iraqi and Arab men are responsible too. This occupation has brought forth all their dirt to the surface. The most ugly, hideous, grotesque, heinous aspects of the male gender has re-emerged through your occupation. It is as if you have paved the way and cleared the grounds by setting the prime example and all else followed...

From the archaic "wombs" have re-emerged the perverted desire that cannot and will never be sublimated, the love that has turned into hatred, the gender frustrations that have turned into power and might, the passion that has turned into a death instinct...

You have done a great job on the Iraqi male. Now he has free reign to act out his primal fantasies, to finally annihilate the all engulfing female that has been haunting his psyche for centuries...Bravo !

And the ones we can't have, we way or another. A fast or slow death, does not matter, as long as she is dead or appears dead enough, for you.

Ah! Finally this Iraqi woman has no more power. She is clad in black, mourning, bereaved, raped, tortured, killed...Finally you have succeeded...for now only.

Finally all those rights she acquired are not bothering you anymore. Finally she will not open her mouth anymore. Finally she is immobilized, paralyzed by fear or death and finally you can consider yourself -- a, the "Man".

Hahahahahahahaha --is the laughter I hear coming from the tombs and graves. Hahahahahahaha is the laughter assailing me from the female corpses, including those that are half-alive. Hahahahahahahaha - are echoes and shadows moving around me, with long hair flowing in a whirling joyful dance...

Hahahahahahaha....Ishtar throws her head back, in full laughter.

I don't want to increase your misogynistic paranoia, but let me share my secret - we have always and will always laugh about and at you...Ishtar taught us how to do it. The female power that you obliterated and that went underground, along with her freedom fighters...

We came to the fore once, when a man amongst you believed and was inspired by Her and us again, but now we have disappeared underground, and we still laugh. He laughed too...And we laugh with him. And at you.

This is the kind of power you will never, ever, be able to control, subdue, coerce or kill by any method...It comes from deep within, from a place you have never visited, from a place that is so secret, so well hidden...

A cave, carved deep in the majestic mountains, deep in the recesses of the belly of the Earth. A power you will have to reckon with one day, soon. It is called the Hidden face of Eve. But I like to call it the Hidden face of God.

Another man in history reckoned with it, with Her, too. He was a Prophet but him you also killed...or made sure he died slowly...just like us.

But the legacies are still alive. These you will never able to murder...

Wanted - Dead or Alive ? You bet !

Art work : Iraqi artist, Ghaib Al-Janabi.

December 8, 2008

Another Eid...

You know something, I have stopped celebrating holidays, special occasions and the rest...

What I mean is that my festivities are kept to a strict minimum.

I don't do anything for the Eid, neither for Christmas. However, my family keeps the Eid tradition alive and I comply.

Spent part of the day making "Klecha" with Mom. Each year we have the same argument...

- Do we have to do this, the stuffing is taking us ages (you stuff Klecha dough with walnuts and dates)

- Of course bintee, what is the matter with you, it's the Eid.

- Yeah, I know it's the Eid, but can't we buy something ready made, this is so time consuming.

- And since when do we buy ready made sweets for the Eid, besides they taste rancid here...

Same argument each Eid but I still comply...

While I was busy stuffing and stuffing and stuffing, the phone rang, Uncle Z.called to wish us a happy one. I overheard my mom say " Ohooo, again? Let them go to hell. Gathering on Mount Arafat was on Sunday, the last day of the Hajj, and the following day is the Eid for everyone. This is the consensus of the Hajj rites. Why do they keep this Fitna, this division ?"

I knew it. Uncle Z told us that in Baghdad the Eid is on Tuesday and not today -Monday, even though the last day of the Hajj was on Sunday and the Hajj is where Muslims from both sects participate. So Monday should be the Eid and not Tuesday as per Iran's directives. These Iraqi Shiites will never learn. Brainwashed sheep.

And while we continued the Klecha ritual, Mom was mumbling away to herself, and the TV was blasting away...

"In 1987, 400 innocent pilgrims were killed in Mecca, caught in clashes between the Saudi authorities and thousands of Iranian protesters/pilgrims and their sympathizers, who brandished pictures of Khomeini, around the Ka'aba. They also took out black armbands and knifes from under their clothing...."

What blasphemy ! The picture of this Ayatollah in the Ka'aba...And since then, there has been no respite with their active propaganda.
I did say once, the aim is the gates of Mecca...part of the grand American-Zionist design. After all the Jews also reminisce about Mecca, after Babylon/Iraq, that is.

Of course, some of you who are too stuck in some narrow ideological framework refuse to see this plan unfolding before your very eyes...I wonder what would it take, more ? How many Iraqs do you want to see before finally coming to your senses ?

And these Ahl al Fitna, the people of Division will not cease...
Look at this headline for instance, from the Times of India - "Hezbollah blames Sunni groups for Mumbai attacks."

Is that so Hezzies ? And me who thought you were anti-Israel and anti-Zionists ? Ha!

Again on the subject of the Hezzies and their Lebanese "revolution", it turns out, their main partner Ze General Michel Aoun had several visits and discussions with the Mossad while he was in Paris - from 1991 up to the year 2005, before he returned to Ze Lebanon, one year before the Israeli aggression and the Divine victory of Hezbollah.
Then all became history...Syria is engaged in peace talks with Israel, Michel Aoun is sucking up to the Syrians and Hezbollah is blaming Sunnis for "terrorist violence", be it in India, Iraq or anywhere else as the Zionist-American plan unfolds...

Anyways what was I talking about ? Ah yes, the Klecha stuffing...

So we continued stuffing until my fingers got sore...and the TV was still blasting away...I think about 5 channels played the "Risalat" - The Message by M.Akkad.

A great film. I saw it about three times and tonight I watched it again, twice.
I would like to write a post about the life of the Prophet one day. Much wisdom and grace and much to learn from his example and the way he conducted the affairs of the Ummah.

At one point, in the film, Banee Qureish, the pagan tribe that ruled Mecca, exiled all the Muslims into the desert, through persecution, torture, and killings...And Banee Qureish did not stop. Even when the first Muslims were banished from Mecca, the Qureish pagans continued their pillaging of Muslim houses, taking over their properties, raping, torturing and killing their women and children...

The parallel with what happened to the Iraqis was striking. This is what the pagan Americans and sectarian Iranian/Iraqi Shiites did to Iraq's Muslims and Christians. Interestingly, in the film and this is corroborated historically, a Jew sided with the Qureish pagans to trap the Muslims of Mecca.

A film I really urge you to watch with open minds and open eyes.

So I was saying, I don't really celebrate much these days/years, except stuffing Klechas and one other thing I kept from childhood, a rite I am not ready to forsake...Every Eid I have to wear something new. It can be anything but it has to be brand new.

I settled for a new pantie. Yes that is right. A brand new pantie, but not pink, heaven forbid. Black pantie I can harmoniously blend in with the new ideology that is permeating "liberated" Iraq.

Happy Eid.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sabah Kalash.

December 6, 2008

For a Laugh...not quite.

Well maybe not...not really.

I want to thank one of my regular readers re:Kofi, the UN/Kofi Annan basher for introducing me to some funny videos...

I was invited to a concert, but I turned down the invitation, preferring to watch comedy online.

Well re:Kofi, introduced me to Russell Peters, a Canadian of Indian origins. I watched all of his videos tonight. This one stuck out. Might not be the one that got most viewers but he was taking the piss out of the English, and am all game when it comes to not so Great Britain.

The following video partly sums up my feelings about the English, but does not stop there.
One day, I will tell you all about sharing lodgings with English women. But not tonight...
Take that as a preliminary, an hors-d'oeuvre, for more to come - as an entrée principale.

Since this is comedy night and am on a roll, I was checking out other videos, and found this one by an Iranian - Maz Joubrani.
The following video sums up it quite well, albeit in a sardonic manner, the difference between the Persians and the Arabs. You may need to read between -the political - lines.

Have fun. I sure did.

December 5, 2008

A Bad Hair Day...

Goodness gracious me, what a day! An avalanche of bad news, bad conversations, bad encounters -- today...

Bad Hair Day 1 - Prison Stories.

Finally some news from Kamel - news that don't make sense, but that really make sense. Kamel who is now in his third year in prison, with no charges, no trial, and a rapidly deteriorating health, keeps being transferred from one location to another.
They told us get a lawyer. So we did. His wife borrowed money, and so did we.
The lawyer's fees so far totals 6 million Iraqi dinars in exchange for his so-called release.
First, the guys who run the prison, even though it is an American prison and Kamel is under American custody, are the sectarian Shiites sons of bitches. They asked for money too, so they got it. Each month they say - more money and we will release him, and each month more money is paid and Kamel is still rotting away in an overcrowded cell. The man is over 67 years old for God's sake!

The lawyer said - give me more and I will guarantee his release, he got more and Kamel is still rotting, withering away... His wife has gone bezerk and has sold ALL of her furniture and personal belongings, even her bed !!!

Everytime we think that's it -Kamel will be released, they come up with another story. This time they are accusing him of participating in an insurgents attack that took place 6 months ago !
He cried out - For heaven's sake how can I be part of any insurgency when I have been behind bars for 3 years !!!

I believe that the lawyer is cheating us and I believe that they are finding all kinds of false justifications to keep Kamel in detention and that he will never be released, whether he is under American custody or a Shiite one.

We are expecting the worst. I am totally heart broken. Kamel is such a kind, God fearing man and has done good all of his life. Done good to his family, his neighbours, his community...He has helped countless people expecting nothing in return...

As for Omar, with a name like Omar - typical Sunni name, do you think anyone dares ask about his whereabouts or if he still alive ?! Last heard, he is "somewhere in the South" in some prison there, under Shiite custody. We keep getting mixed information, one minute they tell us he died and one minute they tell us he is alive. Omar has been arrested with no charges and no trial, the only alibi is his name - OMAR. He was 17 when he was arrested. His mother talks to herself all day long. I am so aggrieved for them and for us.

Bad Hair Day 2 - Lost Homes.

Since we lost the house, and that we will never recuperate it, it was decided that we sell it. Why let these sectarian whores live there for free !
Now getting a lawyer and an estate agent - honest ones, in today's Baghdad is impossible. The old familiar names we were acqainted with, no longer exist. They were either killed or are exiled somewhere. So you never know whom you will fall upon. The lawyer in all likelihood will turn out to be another sectarian whore ditto for the real estate agent. They will first rip you off and swindle you in the end, this we know already. It has happened to so many people who found themselves in a similar predicament, some did not even cash in their money -- so we are expecting the same.

Furthermore, we need to give a proxy to someone to receive the money, should the sale go through. Since gangs are roaming Baghdad and every day we hear a story of someone being stolen at gun point or kidnapped for money and YES IT IS SILL HAPPENING, we fear for the person whom we will give the proxy to. So this is another mind fuck we need to solve as soon as possible and frankly I do not know how. It is bad enough losing one's home and now this. Everything is difficult, complicated, dangerous, energy and life draining in Baghdad. And I fully blame America and its whore ally Iran for the situation we find ourselves in, today.

Bad Hair Day 3 - Over a Drink.

Seeing that I am in such a state, R suggested we go out for a drink - so " maybe you'll get a new perspective on things and your mood will change " she added.

I accepted. I needed to get away from my mom's stoic, iron silence hiding a drawn out, sad face that appears to have aged a hundred years...
Again, I feel heart broken when I see her that way, heart broken and angry, angry at my own powerlessness...and raging at anything American.

So we go to this place and we order our drinks. R. receives a call, and R's calls are no ordinary ones. They are long, protracted conversations. R. excused herself and I was left alone at the bar. Two seats down, was sitting a huge pink elephant. He looked English or American. These people are so nauseating to me that I did not even want to look in his direction. I wanted to obliterate him from my optical field... but,

But the pink elephant struck a conversation, a stupid, idiotic opening line...

- Excuse me, how do I get to X ?
- Me without even looking at him - take a cab. Yes he was American, from the East coast.
- Nice country you got here.
- Not my country.
- So where are you from ?
- Next door.
- Meaning ?
- Eyeraq
- So what do what you think of Obama, looks promising, right ?
- If you consider the handing over of Iraq to Iran as promising, then yes it is promising.
- Iran ? What has Iran got to do with it ?

So I found myself having to explain it all over again, to another dumb American.

- Geez, folks back home are unaware of all of that. You know my brother served in Iraq in the 90's. So what is the difference between Iranians and Iraqis ?
- Layla losing her patience. Iranians are Aryans and Iraqis are Semites, for the most part Arabs.
- Kinda like Irish Catholic and Protestants ?
- Not quite...
- So what is the best scenario for you ?
- That you scum leave Iraq and that you take with you all the filth that rode on your tanks...Maliki, Sadr, Badr, the whole lot...and that you be tried for war crimes, crimes against Humanity.
- The pink elephant coughed when he heard the word war crimes and swiftly changed the subject by asking -- am not familiar with any of these names, who are they ?
- They are the ones ruling Iraq today and which you have put into place. They are all affiliated to Iran.
- Folks back home don't know all of that.
- Folks back home can't be bothered to find out about anything. You guys live in la la land...
- So if the Americans leave and those guys stay in power what will happen then?
- The Resistance, what you call insurgency will finish them off.
- Resistance ? you mean the terrorists ?
- Let me ask you something. You live in X neighborhood in New England. Someone comes and knocks your house down, kills your father, arrests your brother, rapes your wife, what will you do ?
- I will seek legitimate means to defend my family and myself.
- OK, what if the whole neighborhood is invaded and occupied that way, what will you do ?
- I will join the rest and push out the invader.
- And would that be legitimate in your eyes ?
- Hell, yes!
- So there is your answer about Resistance.

The pink elephant frowned. He did not like the logic even though he found it hypothetically legitimate had all the above happened to him.

- Why are you frowning in such a perplexed manner? Are you shocked that am not grateful to you guys ? I have presented you with facts.
- Well, am not saying you're lying, but back home we hear none of that. That is not the stuff we read.
- Am an Iraqi and am telling what has happened and what is happening, are you going to deny my reality so it can "fit" what you read back home ???
- No, this is not what I meant, but...
- Listen, there are no buts here. Not only you guys need to get out and take the vermin with you, but you are to pay and reconstruct with your own money and with your own efforts all the damage you wrought. It is called reparations...You are to repair everything you destroyed. But however much you repair, you will never repair our lives and the lives of millions of innocent ones on whom you have waged your war of occupation based on LIES. You are a DISHONEST, DECEITFUL PEOPLE. Not just government but people. You are the people of the LIE. You and your stinking English buddies...

The pink elephant was not too happy hearing that, he excused himself and walked out...Finally !

R. made it back.

- I noticed that you were having a conversation with this guy - anything interesting ?
- Was trying to get a new perspective on things and change my mood as you suggested.
- And ?
- Same shit, still a bad hair day...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ihsan Al-Khatib.

December 3, 2008

The Bollywood Mermaids.

I do not know what has come over me. I just finished a post on Geishas and now am on the topic of Mermaids...Must be some Bionic woman in the air.

But these mermaids are not just ordinary mermaids, they are male mermaids, with beards and machine guns, well at least according to the Mumbai police commissioner.

Seriously now, could not let this story go by just like that.

I was about to log off when I spotted this latest piece of news from AP. You can read it HERE. It is hilarious.

Let's have a laugh, shall we ?

Paragraph 1 reads : "The gunmen who attacked Mumbai set out by boat from the Pakistani port of Karachi, then later hijacked an Indian fishing trawler that carried them toward this financial capital on their suicide mission, a top police official said Tuesday."

OK, so a dozen mermaids took a boat from Karachi...and in the middle of the sea, hijacked an Indian fishing trawler, undetected by radars, marine patrols and check points...They must have hijacked the boat and propelled it underwater all the way to Mumbai, uncaught. Even Walt Disney could not come up with this one.

Paragraph 2 reads : "As evidence of the militants' links to Pakistan mounted, Mumbai police commissioner Hasan Ghafoor said ex-Pakistani army officers trained the group —some for up to 18 months — and denied reports the men had been planning to escape the city"

OK so these mermaids not only managed to swim through the vast Indian ocean but they were also trained by Pakistani army officers and for 18 months. Like what did the ex-army officers do, train them to hold their breath in deep waters ? And check out the rest - "and denied reports the men had been planning to escape". So, not only they swam all the way from Karachi, but they were also intending to take up residence in Mumbai - like what exactly ? Plant a tent in the middle of the city ?

Wait it gets better.

Paragraph 3 reads : "It appears that it was a suicide attack," Ghafoor said, providing no other details about when the gunmen left Karachi, or when they hijacked the trawler."

Wait a minute here ! If it was a suicide attack why did it not happen ? Why did the mermaid hijackers move from one target to another, covering 5 altogether, and engage in gun battle for 48 hours, when all they wanted to do was blow themselves up ? What made them change their minds if they were trained to be suicide bombers ? Maybe they realized that they would rather take up residence in Mumbai and start an acting career in Bollywood.

And now Paragraph 4: This is when the plot becomes REALLY INTERESTING. When did the Indian police discover all of that ? When - "the revelations came as a senior U.S. official said India received a warning from the United States that militants were plotting a waterborne assault on Mumbai. The Bush administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of intelligence information, would not elaborate on the timing or details of the U.S. warning."

Oh so India received a high intelligence warning from the US itself, about a waterborne mermaid attack but did not pay any notice. India brushed it off, just like that. What's 20 mermaids or so attacking the financial capital ? Nah, nothing, no cause for concern.

Now look at paragraph 7 : "India stepped up the pressure on its neighbor after interrogating the only surviving attacker, who told police that he and the other nine gunmen had trained for months in camps in Pakistan operated by the banned Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba. On Tuesday, U.S. officials also pointed the finger at Pakistani-based groups, although they did not specifically mention Lashkar"

Let me get this right. 12 mermaids hijacked an Indian fisherman's boat on a suicide mission, but then changed their minds and engaged in gun battles for 3 days, and they were all killed except one, who admitted he was trained in Pakistan. Come on now, even Alert in Malibu staring Pam Anderson, has better plots than this one.

And the rest of the script - read that:

"India's foreign intelligence agency also had warnings as recently as September that Pakistan-based terrorists were plotting attacks on Mumbai, according to a government intelligence official familiar with the matter.
The information, intercepted from telephone conversations apparently coming out of Pakistan, indicated that hotels might be targeted but did not specify which ones, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk publicly about the details.
The information was relayed to domestic security authorities, but it was unclear whether the government acted on the intelligence."

So Indian authorities were warned by high American "Intelligence", and were aware of an impending attack since September, plus they intercepted information from telephone conversations, and this information was relayed to domestic security authorities but "It was unclear whether the government acted on the intelligence" ?
Does that not sound of a duplicate of a 9/11 set up ???

And look at the rest....this one beats them all.

"The Taj Mahal hotel, scene of much of the bloodshed, had tightened security with metal detectors and other measures in the weeks before the attacks, after being warned of a possible threat. But the precautions "could not have stopped what took place, Ratan Tata, chairman of the company that owns the hotel, told CNN. "They (the gunmen) didn't come through that entrance. They came from somewhere in the back."

Hahahahahaha. So the hotel had all the security measures as my Indian friend confirmed (see my post Framing Pakistan) but we are told, that all these security measures plus all the aforehand intelligence information could not stop the mermaids, because they swam "from somewhere in the back"... hahahahahaha.

I will let you read the rest ...Pakistan's ex-army officers is mentioned more than twice, the mermaid that was interrogated admitted to all the script, was trained to scuba dive in Pakistan and handle explosives simultaneously...bla bla bla...

But this bit is not funny at all.

"Nobody is talking about military action," Mukherjee said Tuesday, according to the Press Trust of India news agency.
However, he later appeared to backtrack, telling the NDTV news channel that "every sovereign country has the right to protect its territorial integrity and take appropriate action."

And Pakistan replied by stating : "We are examining it, we are considering it, and after consultation we will give a reply," Qureshi said of the list. "We do not want to do anything which could fan tension. We want to de-escalate matters."
He said he had told India, "We will fully cooperate with you, so that we can reach the bottom."

I'll tell you what the bottom is -- a badly directed Bollywood trash with a third class Producer in Washington D.C.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Basil Al-Obaidi.

Pink Geishas.

Oh! Pink, pinkie pink, pinkie pigs, pinkie pimps...pinkie ...
Am bloody allergic to pink.

I wrote a post over a year ago, entitled "Pink and Red Clouds". I suggest you read it again, it is an easy read. Won't take much brain work. The post dealt with the current plight of Iraqi women under a dual occupation, American-Iranian.
It spoke of the rape, imprisonment, torture, serious erosion of gender rights, daily male violence perpetrated not only by the U.S soldiers, but also by the representatives of the "new democratic" sectarian government of Iraq and its armed wings, its death squads acting upon Iranian directives.

As I said, it is an "easy" read and you can click here to refresh your memory.

In that post, I also mentioned a group of Yankee "feministas", by the name of Codepink.
A year ago they were selling pink panties and pink nail varnish to help in their "anti-war" effort. hahahahahahaha.

Now Codepink is not really known for being all that anti-war really. They are the Obama the booma crowd. Well, I said it over a year ago, but some commentator, nearly bit my head off, she/he was/is another anti-war "monger". Like how dare I criticize pinkie piggies !

Anyways, when I finished writing the above-mentioned post, I was so disgusted with pink, that a friend sent me a cute picture of a pink dolphin adding "to be reconciled with the color at least." I liked the pink dolphin, and my allergy to pink kind of eased off, however it has made a full-fledged comeback with a frightening intensity.

Guess why ? Pinkie piggies, aka Codepink the Yankee feminists, are in Tehran sucking up to Ahmadinejad in one big slurp, slurp, slurp... Another confirmation of the true nature of the "anti-war" American "left" hahahahaha and a good indicator of on whose payroll they are listed.

Not only these pink piggies Geishas are in Tehran kissing ass, but they also have the fucking audacity to compare Saddam Hussein to the current Iranian theocracy, stating :"I have been comparing the atmosphere here to that of Iraq under Saddam Hussein and here it is very different. People in Iraq were afraid to speak out against Saddam, people in Iran aren’t." - I suppose she means that people in Iran are not afraid to speak out against Saddam Hussein. American brains !

In another diary, the comparison between Saddam Hussein and Hitler is made, plus the whole fabricated lie about weapons of mass destruction used by the Iraqis, is quoted with no questioning, a lie that led to the current occupation of IRAQ not Iran. If anything it is Iran who possesses today weapons of mass destruction. American brains !

Over and above these political blunders, I need to remind the reader that this is a so-called feminist group and this group knows fully well the current condition of IRAQI women under the Shiite theocratic regime from Iran in Iraq.

These bad faithed, idiotic Yankee females, know very well that over 3'000 Iraqi women and that is the official figure have been murdered in cold blood with accusations of immorality by none other than the mullahs and their reps whom these geishas were busy visiting in their "anti-war" effort.
That the number of rapes and torture are staggering. That honor killings, something unheard of during the previous regime, is on the rise, so is burning with acid, forced veiling...and the rest.

In sum a whole backlash has been instigated by both their shitty government, country and people and by Iran and these pinkish piggies geishas have the gall to criticize the previous regime whose members and leaders were assassinated by none other than Zionist America and Iran. Not to mention the thousands of Iraqi women who have been killed, detained, raped, tortured, traumatized, suffered countless losses and grief and rendered destitute and pauperized by this DUAL OCCUPATION - USA/IRAN.

And you ask me why I think the anti-war movement sucks ?!

Have a look at their grotesque diaries online, with their tea and pistachios stories, and how they found sexy pink lingerie and pink table sets for 20$ only - enough to make you puke... Gertrude Bell comes across as a green tenderfoot, novice in comparison.

I will not even mention the fact that Pink Geishas did not even bother to dig below the tea and pistachios surface and see the gross human rights violations that are currently taking place in Iran. For that you may want to read the article by Reza Fiyouzat, an Iranian who wrote on the subject of Codepink in Iran HERE

Enough said. I, seriously ask myself, what is worse - the new misogynists that are currently ruling Iraq or these American feminists ?!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Thamer Al-Nasry.

December 1, 2008

Framing Pakistan.

I have mentioned it and/or alluded to it in most of my posts dealing with Iran, namely that Iran will be used by the US and its allies to stir sectarianism wherever a Shiite minority exists. I mentioned Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

I have come to this conclusion after close study of the Iraqi "experiment".

Already a year ago, I have been saying that Pakistan is next on the list. I maintain what I said.

The Mumbai attacks add an extra confirmation to my hypothesis.

The first thing the Western Media and the Indian government did, while the fights were still raging, was to point an accusatory finger at Pakistan - including guess who ? Patrick Cockburn, the "firebrand" Mullah Sadr, lover.

For those of you who have been following the news, Pakistan for the past 4 months or so has witnessed an escalation of US air force attacks on it, in particular in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
This followed the "bizarre" assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the stepping down of Musharraf, the ex-Pakistani president. (see addendum at end of the post)

And just by coincidence, the Mumbai attacks are said to be carried out by militant Jihadists, belonging to Al-Qaeda, in other words hard core Sunnis. And all the heads turned immediately to Pakistan.

The aim of course is to destabilize Pakistan which happens to have nuclear power. Pakistan will be destabilized by the eventual use of the sectarian card, and this is where Iran will come in very handy. Just like Iran came in very handy for the dismantlement of the Iraqi state.

I have a Hindu friend, who is not terribly politicized but still quite aware. He gave me some information that I have no way of verifying but that I gladly received as it clarified some missing links regarding the latest in Mumbai.

He said :

- First of all, in all 5 stars hotels in India, there are security guards inside and outside the hotel, ever since India has been experiencing a string of attacks every two months or so. Inside each hotel there are cameras and "special office desks" where all movements are monitored.

- Secondly, he got first hand information that two of the "jihadists" had been working in the Taj Mahal hotel kitchen for over a year. That all this talk of Al-Qaeda is nonsense to him . For him as a Hindu, America is Al-Qaeda, they invented Al-Qaeda.

- Thirdly, that he could not understand how the Indian army which is known to be one of the most powerful and well trained, could not intervene in the 5 attacks that took place and they did not take place simultaneously either. He could not understand how the attackers were able to run from one location to another and take final refuge in the hotel, as the official version alleges.

- Fourthly, he believes that some forces/parties within the Indian government have a hand in it and that these attacks have been planned for at least 2 years in advance, with the bomb blasts preceding them - as some kind of psychological preparation.

- Fifthly, he believes that the US wants to create an insurmountable rift between India and Pakistan, pitting one country against the other, destabilizing both, politically and economically. He added that India alongside China is an emerging power and that the US needs to find new dumping grounds for its arms i.e in India by creating a serious conflict not only between India and Pakistan, but also between the Hindu and Muslim communities inside the country.

- Sixthly, he concluded by saying that he would never dare mention anything like that in India because he would disappear in no time - despite all the big talk about Indian democracy. And the whole media cover up of the Mumbai drama has left him seriously doubting any credible argument from his own government. And he finished off by saying that it is not only Pakistan that is being framed but that India has fallen into the trap as well.

I am truly worried for Pakistan and the Pakistani people. And am also quite concerned about a violent eruption of sectarian/ethnic conflicts in both countries Pakistan and India. But I believe that Pakistan is the prime target and am preparing myself to hear more on that in the coming weeks/months...

After Pakistan, I know that Saudi Arabia is down the line, the final frontier. Again, Iran will be all too happy to oblige and fulfill its role in that grand American Zionist game. As a matter of fact it is impatiently waiting to do so.

Addendum :

And this is what Obama had to say about Musharraf in August 2008
The Obama camp issued the following statement following Pakistani President Musharraf’s announcement today:

“President Musharraf has made the right decision to step down as President of Pakistan. It is in the interests of his country and the Pakistani people to end the political crisis that has immobilized the coalition government for too long. I have long said that the central terrorist threat to the United States lies in northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan, and not Iraq. US policy must focus on assuring that all elements of Pakistan’s government are resolute in shutting down the safe havens for al Qaeda and the Taliban. There can be no safehaven for terrorists who threaten the American people. A year ago, I advocated that the US move from a ‘Musharraf policy’ to a ‘Pakistan policy.’ I hope all of Pakistan’s friends will now seize the opportunity created by Musharraf’s exit to focus on the urgent issues of today: confronting the threat of extremist violence, dealing with food and energy shortages, and helping the Pakistani people build a stable, secure, democratic future, ” said Senator Obama.

And whenever an American talks of a stable, secure, democratic future - Layla Anwar gets the shivers...

Obama has long been critical of President Musharraf, most notably in August of 2007, when he said he would be willing to strike al Qaeda targets inside of Pakistan - with or without country’s permission. And last March, Obama accused the Pakistani president of “playing” the U.S. “We were giving him billions of dollars in economic aid, he was using it to repress his own people while trying to cut deals with terrorists.” (source: click here)

Painting : Iraqi artist, Salman Abbass.