June 28, 2008

"Detritus of Knowledge"

Iraq, once famous for its Libraries, Universities and Schools...Once famous for its best educational system in the Middle East, for erasing illiteracy, for producing top notch academics, scientists and doctors, for supporting overseas students in their studies free of charge, and only God knows how many Palestinians, Egyptians, Somalis, Sudanese, Mauritanians, Jordanians...graduated from Iraqi universities...

Iraq, the center of knowledge, culture and publishing...Look at it now, just look at its educational system. There is no educational system left, it is in debris, in ruins.

This American-Iranian occupation needs, demands, that Iraqis revert to a state of ignorance. And that explains why the American and Iranian secret services with their list of academics, went hunting for them one by one. And most Iraqi academics have fled and over 1000 have been murdered by the CIA, Mossad and the Quds Brigades from Iran. FACT.

This Occupation necessitates burned down libraries, empty school benches, torn books, stolen university equipment, militias on campuses, a sectarian government that will hamper any real educational development. This Occupation necessitates empty university halls, empty class rooms, empty bookshelves, empty bookstores...

It needs to erase all past knowledge so it can substitute it with its own. Its own interpretation of history, its own political agenda, its own ideology. And that is why the only books you can find in today's Iraq are books from Iran on Shiite theology. These are the only permissible books today.

But it doesn't stop there...

Ideological brainwashing requires that people stop learning. Specially if they are from the wrong sect. And that is best achieved through Terror. The Occupation and its puppets are terrorists of the first order. Real terrorists.

Terror is a tactic, a strategy to prevent you -- from sending your kids to school, from encouraging your sons and daughters to pursue higher knowledge, from embracing academics, doctors and scientists...Terror is used to keep the people you dominate in a chronic state of ignorance.

If you are looking for a model of what a tyrannical dictatorship truly is, have a look at Iraq under the American and Iranian Occupation. There is REAL dictatorship for you. Right there under your nose.

But this is not the main story tonight. The story am about to tell you, and I doubt very much you will read it in your media, happened yesterday at 11 am, in Adhamyia and was covered by one Iraqi satellite channel only. I need to remind you that Adhamyia is now an all Sunni walled neighborhood - ghetto.

It is year-end exams in Baghdad. Around 1000 students from the College of Education in Adhamyia had to walk two hours to get to their exam hall. They were only allowed to carry pencils and an ID card. The exam was to start at 9 am. They are in their final year. They arrived at the hall, many names were missing from the exam list, deliberately so. They waited till 10.30 and no one gave them the exam questions and they had to hand in their papers by 12.00 pm.

They grouped together and demonstrated peacefully in front of the exam hall. The Minister of "Education" arrived. A sectarian Shia by the name of Khdayer Khozei'i. I think he belongs to the Sadr party.

The students explained to the Minister of "Education" that many names were missing from the exam list, that by 10.30 they still did not receive their exam questions, that they walked for 2 hours in the heat and there was no drinking water available, and no functioning toilet...In sum, the students were angry.

The militia/bodyguards of the Minister of "Education", started shooting at the students with real bullets. Six were severely wounded, and 2 died in hospital.

The exams were, of course, postponed.

The Ministry of "Education" was not available for comments but it circulated a fabricated statement claiming that the Minister was "under physical threat" from the unarmed students.

They interviewed a couple of students later on that day. One said "They shot at us exactly the same way the Israelis shoot at the Palestinians..."

The real terrorists from the "Iraqi" government, from the Ministry of "Education" shot at Iraqi students during their final exam. Killing 2 and wounding 4 others.

Of course, the fact that these students were from Adhamyia, hence Sunnis, made them Halal meat, Kosher meat...Just like the Zionist Jews view the Palestinians as Halal meat to slaughter.

This is the American-Iranian, sectarian Shia Occupation. It is evil Ignorance backed by raw Terror.

And the Americans being the evil, ignorant, corrupt, terrorists themselves had to pick someone in their own image to rule the "new" Iraq.

Congratulations to you -- debris, detritus of History.

Art Work : Qais Al-Sindy."Detritus of Knowledge", 2007.

June 25, 2008

A Delicate Resilience...

Do you know what Resilience means ?

Resilience is not Resignation. It is not Abdication. It is not Submission. It is not Acceptance...

Resilience is a very powerful state, an inner state and only those who experienced it know its exact definition.

Resilience is under-rated, un-recognized, ill-defined. Social Scientists, psychologists, and your riff raff self proclaimed "analysts" know nothing of it. You probably know nothing of it yourself...

Since quite a few of you are so ignorant, it is so shameful, I will give you two definitions of Resilience.

Resilience is :

1. the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.

2. ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy

Now, I've met a few resilient people. All the Iraqis I meet in exile are resilient.

If there is anything at all that this Occupation and its hideous brutality taught us are - endurance, perseverance and RESILIENCE.

Resilience, again not to be confused with resignation, is a most interesting concept, state, way of being to observe, experiment and write about . And it is the most difficult to convey as well...

The best way to illustrate Resilience is by sharing stories with you. Real stories.

Recognizing Resilience necessitates two things: 1) humility. Without humility you will be unable to recognize Resilience when you come across it. Resilience is not pompous. It does not shout loud. It is the voice of the silent majority – those with no voice or a barely audible one...So for you to recognize it, you need lots of humility.

What is humility ? Humility is very simple. It is suspending ALL judgment, all preconceived notions, all theories, all concepts, all analysis and simply listening...

And the second prerequiste to recognize Resilience is 2) listening in between the words, lines...to what is not said. It requires the utmost carefulness, presence... It also necessitates that you rise above a situation and meet the person right where that other person is. Because a resilient person is exactly that - someone who rose above a situation even when he/she doesn't know it themselves...

Another cue to recognize resilience when you meet it -- you will be struck by its manifest simplicity. At first you may mistake it for naivety, but it is not. It is a simplicity of a resilient being "en toute connaissance de cause" – meaning, knowing fully well what happened, the consequences of what happened, the ramifications of what happened and still opting for "the original state" – the one before the event.

Resilience is not perfect, nor is it linear. It cannot be explained by a Cartesian mind. It is no cause and effect. It is cause and overcoming effect. It is beyond effect. Resilience is so powerful, it is almost a state of grace without the religious connotations. And yet it is so humble, so unassuming, that it can easily pass you by, ever so silently, tiptoeing...

You need to refine your senses, to tune them in, to recognize Resilience, because Resilience is ever so subtle...

It makes no noise. It has no propaganda outlet. It does not speak a particular language and has no color, gender, religion or sect attached to it either...

Resilience is delicate. And you need to be delicate to see it, otherwise you will miss out on the most powerful weapon of Resistance around...

I did say I will illustrate with living examples and am hoping you will be "delicate" enough to capture the essence of these living examples am about to give you.

Hossam, 40 something, half Sunni, half Shia. No malice in his eyes. No meanness in his voice. An unassuming, unostentatious man. Nothing particular to him. No specific traits. Except a web of kindness and generosity that envelops you when you meet him. If you are tuned in that is...

His father, 77 years old, was kidnapped by the sectarian Shia police. It is a miracle the father is still alive. He was tortured day and night for 7 days. He would be released for a sum of 350'000 dollars. Hossam didn't have the sum. He sold everything he owned and borrowed some more in exchange for his father's release from the so-called Iraqi police. He's the only son and wanted his father alive at any cost. He managed to collect the sum, and drove to a godforsaken place to hand over the money in exchange for his father.

The kidnappers sent a masked man to collect the money and told him his father will be released the following day. That following day, he received a phone call. One of the abductors told him.

"The sum lacks 50 dollars. As a punishment for you, you are to go and fetch us, another 50'000 dollars."

But, I counted. It is exactly what you asked for – 300'00 dollars. There are no 50 dollars missing" Hossam recounts.

" Are you trying to mess with us ? Do you want your father totally dead, he is half dead already...So will you accept your punishment of an extra 50'000 dollars or do you want your father totally finished ?"

Hossam spent other sleepless nights, gathering the extra 50'000 dollars for his 77 years old father's release. He finally managed to give the rest of his "punishment money" to the police. His father was released 48 hours later, and not the following day as promised -- an "extra punishment"-- they said.

Once the father released, the son immediately sent him outside of Iraq a few days later. He said to me

" His back was so black from torture, it was blacker than the shirt you're wearing. It is a miracle he didn't die. My mother died when I was young and the only one left was my father. I would have done anything for him to live on. I am not a courageous man, but I was given courage. I don't know how and why...My old man still screams in the middle of the night and he wakes me up with his screams and his nightmares but I say nothing to him. I don't want him to remember...I am protecting him. He doesn't know how much he's hurting. As for me, I am forgetting details of the whole story. I am sure they are very ignorant people. I don't hate them. I am simply surprised because I don't recognize all of this....We were never like that before... Anyway, I am glad it did not affect me as much as I thought it would and I was able to somehow overcome it. Now, let me tell you how to make roses blossom. You need the right gardening skills...you need to water the patch every other day...Roses are delicate and need to be treated with care..."

Hossam's Resilience are in his roses.

Ali, a 13 year old boy. He was kidnapped by the sectarian Shia militias for 3 weeks when he was 12 years old. Ali stutters when he speaks. And he has this lost gaze in his eyes when no one is watching. Someone who knows him well, told me that he was tortured, sodomized, raped for three weeks on end...And this is when his stuttering begun. He never "speaks" of the incident. Besides he has no one to speak to. His father was killed in 2006 and his mother is very ill. Ali doesn't go to school, but Ali has dreams and plans for the future. When you ask him what he wants to be when he "grows up", he says he with a smile that melts you heart -- "I want to become a policeman and a doctor."

So I asked him -- "Both ? You want to become both ?"

"Yes, both. So I can take away the bad people and heal the wounds." And he says it without a stutter, no stutter whatsoever. His face lights up and his smile captivates you....

And his Resilience lies in between the gaps, in his no stutter, that space where all is reversible and possible...

Iman, 30 something, already a widow, with two kids. Diagnosis -- Severe Post traumatic Depression.

Iman's husband was murdered by the sectarian militias on his way to work on February morning. Iman had lost both of her parents a year before. Her younger sister, Magida,lived with her. And one morning, the JAM -Jaysh al Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr, knocked on her door. Iman opened. They stormed in, gang raped Magida, dragged her to the porch and set her on fire alive, in front of her sister,Iman.
Iman took the kids and escaped outside of Baghdad.

She now lives in a insalubrious one room piece called an apartment. Her kids don't attend school and she lives off charity. Iman is severely depressed. A catatonic depression, punctuated with vivid images of a sister on fire.

Yet...Iman receives you with impeccable manners. Her one room flat is spotless despite its lack of water and electricity. She even manages to dab some lipstick on and prides herself with --"I am told I make the best coffee in town." And she even manages a smile when she serves you her cup of coffee.

And she sits silent and asks you out of the blue "Do you like the coffee?"

And your nostrils filled with the aroma, transporting you away from her murdered husband and her sister on fire, you nod with "yes, perfect".

And she smiles so more, and you see life slowly seducing itself back, in between her droopy eyelids...

Iman's resilience is in her coffee.

Well, I did warn you these are no "extraordinary stories". These are just moments, inklings of grace, stepping stones of sanity....

Remember, Iraqis don't have the luxury of your 5th avenue, 300 $ /an hour therapist, helping you find your own resilience...

We rely on what is left of our senses, the delicacies of simple, ordinary occurrences...

We find ours in the simple things in life....a rose garden, a child's non stuttering dream or a cup of coffee...

And our Resilience is our Resistance.

A simple Resistance. A daily Resistance. A drop of sanity in the sea of your psychopathic, mad, criminally insane Occupation...Our Resilience, our Resistance....

And, drop by drop...like a limpid water delicately carving, splitting, a hard rock --you shall be driven out...Out.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sina Atta.

June 22, 2008

Taking it Easy...

I will not be blogging much the coming days. I am tired and I need a break. Will respond to comments though. Well this is what I am telling myself, for now.

Besides, I've had a bad fall. Clumsiness combined with absent mindedness, compounded with a million holes in the pavements and streets. So I fell, bruised my knee, my elbow, my wrist, sprained my ankle, hip and back.

I felt nothing at first, except some warm blood oozing down my leg, thought nothing of it, except my fascination with the bright red...

Of course, my mind wandered to the tons of barrels of bright red that gushed on the streets of Baghdad and are still gushing elsewhere, covering them like rose petals...

It's only now, 24 hours later, that I felt the effects of my fall. A delayed response...and am sure that you and I will be witnessing more "delayed responses" after the "Fall".

So I am going to take it easy these days, rocking myself back to a "no bruise" state, until I recuperate my full senses...Maybe just wishful thinking on my part but I shall try...

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Sawsan Al-Saraf.

June 20, 2008

Why is Google so afraid and What is it afraid of ?

Seems that Google is at it again regarding the indexing of Uruknet website.
This time round, it's not just Google news that stopped indexing, it's the actual Google search engine that simply deletes the Uruknet articles from its list.

I have recopied the text of Uruknet complaint that explains best the manipulation that Google undertakes.

"Google must really have a thing against Uruknet. After Google News’ censorship now Uruknet disappears even on Google’s search engine.

Google stopped indexing Uruknet the middle of May. After Uruknet wrote (again!) many e-mails to Google (and again! we didn’t receive any reply) Google restarted indexing some (not all!) Uruknet’s article on June 17. However, it seems that these articles have a short life on Google since they keep disappearing immediately after they are indexed.

For instance this is a Google’s page saved today, June 19, at 3pm Rome time and this is the same search Google page, the same day at 10 pm Rome time - While the first page at 3pm shows the Uruknet’s article indexed by Google, in the second page’s results the article disappeared and Google left simply the Uruknet’s homepage. Moreover Uruknet’s articles indexed by Google before the middle of May are being disappearing as if someone is manually deleting them. As odd it may seem, it’s as if someone inside Google deleted the indexed article.

Google has already stopped indexing Uruknet from Google News, justifying it with lies and preposterous excuses. Now it seems Google is deleting even those Uruknet’s articles that had already been automatically indexed by the search engine.

Furthermore Google search engine shows Uruknet’s results at the very last position, if at all.

Google’s censorship becomes very clear if one contrasts and compares the search of the word "uruknet" on Google and Yahoo.

Searching the word "uruknet" on Google this evening the results were 194,000.

On Yahoo the same word shows 1,550,000 results.

We don’t ask anymore our readers to write to Google since we lost even our last hopes in their fairness and good faith, but we would be grateful if our readers could post and distribute this article over the Internet; this affair goes far beyond Uruknet and Internet censorship is a real threat and is happening now.

Of course we reserve the right to take legal action against Google

Original article HERE.

Please also consult the piece by Desertpeace blog -- "Google gagging again" on the same subject and that of Mary Rizzo's from Peace Palestine blog -"We need ideas to help Uruknet"

If you have any ideas as to how this can be dealt with, leave them on the comment section.

I also suggest we start boycotting Google. I personally will switch to the Yahoo search engine as of today.

Awaiting your bright gems of creative thinking and action.

With my sincere Thanks.

A message

There's a Message for you over here. Yes, right here.

Colors of an Occupation.

You know something, I still can't get over it...

However much I try, however much I twist it, turn it upside down, look at it from a thousand angles, I still can't get over it.

I simply can't come to terms with a very simple fact--this Occupation (Zionist American and racist Iranian - and I will never cease repeating it) has managed to turn a modern country, a modern state, a functioning entity, a sovereign nation into a rubble of sectarianism, corruption, theft and murder.

Think about it for a minute...In the space of 5 years, this country has been turned into a disfigured entity, a monster.

Many of you can't see that. I'll tell you why - because in the recesses of your minds, you have this automatic voice like a tape that keeps playing and which says - "Saddam was a dictator, he was a bad man, so yes, it is unfortunate but..."

We really need to get to that voice inside your heads that keeps repeating these injunctions and turns you into parrots, because it is these injunctions that prevent you from fully recognizing how Iraq has been deformed into a grotesque place, and it has become only a place, nothing else, a place of bloodied thorns...

Make no mistake about it. What do you expect from a Woman who has been repeatedly gang raped for over 5 years? Close your eyes and try to imagine any woman you personally know who has been gang raped for 5 years, daily, daily, daily...

What will she look like now ? Can you see her ? I do.

Here was a Woman, who had a mission, a function, laws, a system, a state... Here was a Woman who like the Queen of Sheba commanded an army, an economy, a polity...Here was a great ruler who cared for all her subjects, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or gender...She had a vision. She had a plan. She had a dream...

Here was a Woman, tall and proud, characterized by her perseverance, endurance and dignity, cognizant of Her own history, of Her roots, of Her past battles, Her defeats and Her victories.

Here was a Mother struggling along, "tant bien que mal". Here She was patching up, making ends meet, feeding hers, ingenuously fixing things, rationally prioritizing...Her aim was survival. Yet She still found time to beautify herself, spread her knowledge, culture, art, music and even supporting others during Her hardest times...

Here was a Woman I knew...I once knew. I had met Her, cohabited with Her, lived inside of Her...I embraced Her, loved Her, and She took me to her generous bosom...She took it all, the ugly and the pretty...Until,

They arrived at dawn, just when the Light broke and scattered the night, like golden dust...And they pulled the thick black curtain down, and exploded their fiery projectors...Balls of fire fell like yellow snow flakes, breaking through the thick curtain and showing bits of indigo sky...The earth shuddered and shook, and the Light recoiled back...far back.

And since that day, they took turns, armies of men, colored of mud, and everything else took on their colors, a feces brown mixed with a green, a darkish green the color of mold...

Her the chameleon, turned into a desert lizard, a desert dragon, spitting back...

And Noah's ark sunk...in a flood of blood, engulfing young and old...

And the brown and green turned into a crimson red, rivers, oceans of red...

And She turned into arrows, like poisonous thorns, red, bright red...

Then the bodies multiplied taking on a dark navy blue, a blue black, and blue black colored everything...

She became the endless blue black velvety night. Darkness all over. But Her's was a smooth darkness like a touch of satin...And She is satin to me.

At night, when all was silent, she would scream in the abyss, scream and scream...and during the day She would run from morgue to morgue gathering in more blue black for the following day...picking limbs from streets, heads from ditches, engraved names from pieces of flesh dispersed in markets and alleys...

She'd pick them up and remember. Here is Ali, and this is Omar, and there is Fatima and over there Aisha...and these are the left overs of Hanna and those of Marie...

She picked up them all up, and found more in anonymous mass graves, and She recognized each single one of them...

She would roam the streets, in rags, pick up some more, and beg for food and shelter.

She'd look around the corner and see them all lined up begging with her...

Do you recognize the Woman she has become ? Do you recognize the Woman you have turned her into ? Do you recognize the brown, green, red, blue black Woman.

Do you see the color of excrements, the color of mold, the color of fire and blood, the color of bruised clots, of bloated dead bodies, where life has stopped flowing...Do you ?

Can you see Her ? I can.

And I can't get over the fact that this what You've done to Her. Will never get over it and will never accept it.

I will never accept your colors. Ever.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jabel Al-Saria, 2006.

June 17, 2008

Torture in "Democratic Kurdistan"

Who would have thought that these "poor, oppressed, repressed, exploited, gassed..." Kurds, would resort to such a thing as Torture. But yes, they do.

And this is NOT the first report on Torture in " Democratic Kurdistan".

Two security organs in Suleimaniya are responsible for extracting information through sadistic methods -- the Ass'aich and the Zanaree, security and intelligence bodies. The latter is a branch of the PUK party - the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

According to this article, news are circulating in Suleimaniya and elsewhere in the Kurdish regions, and it is the talk of the town, from the street cafés, to family gatherings to the daily press in "Kurdistan", that torture is wide spread in Kurdish prisons.

Several detainees were interviewed and they all corroborated that the following methods were used - detainees are stripped naked, severe beatings with metals chairs, metal rods, and water hoses. Rape of the detainee and the female members of the detainee's family. Immersion in ice cold water and electrocution with cables while immersed. Placing huge blocs of ice on the naked detainee's chest for hours. Solitary confinement in a toilet full of excrements for days. Loud music for weeks on end, day and night. The tying of hands from behind the back, the tying of feet and suspending the detainees from the ceiling and last but not least, the use of what was described as a "retarded crazy man" by the name of "Daniel", who looks like a Rambo. Huge stature, bulky and full of muscles. "Daniel" was a detainee himself who went mad during his torture sessions and is now utilized by the Kurdish security forces. From the testimonies, this "guy" Daniel has lost all sense of humanity and has become like a robot executing orders. His only requirement is to be fed on a regular basis.

One of the detainees adds that he was so severely tortured that he started internally hemorrhaging which promptly required hospitalization. After his hospital stay and once given the adequate medical care, he was returned to prison to endure more torture, until he finally admitted to a crime he did not commit.

Needless to add, none of these detainees were charged with anything and had no trial.

The irony of the matter is that the advisor to the minister of human rights affairs, Mansur Hakeem, admitted that abuses, brutality, torture and violations of human rights do take place in Kurdish prisons but he said "unfortunately, our powers are very limited and we have asked that such practices cease, to no avail..." (full article in Arabic here)

Don't you just love "Kurdish democracy" -- American style ?!

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Najlah Al-Ramhi.

June 16, 2008

Political Schizophrenia...

At times, I feel am going insane...

There is a well proven theory in systemic psychology, that in a highly dysfunctional family, the ones that are the most lucid of the family dynamics, are the most likely to go insane...

A dysfunctional family has many characteristics some of which are - lies, excuses, justification, manipulation, cruelty, violence, rigid thinking, impulsivity, passivity, silence, punishment, repressiveness, authoritarianism, pretense, depersonalization, dissociation, secrecy, shaming, and much more...

The main defense mechanism that keeps the family operating in its dysfunction is DENIAL. The greater the dysfunction, the greater the denial.

So children coming from such families are always told - it's not happening, you are imagining, this is not true, people shouldn't know, you need to get your head examined, you are crazy....etc. This lack of validation and denial, causes a dissociative disorder in a child or an adult, and can border on psychotic episodes if not a full fledged psychosis one of which is schizophrenia.

Of course the worst part is when onlookers say " My, have you seen Mr and Mrs Jones, they are such a wonderful family!" Keeping up with the appearances and pretending everything is fine and "normal" is another mechanism that keeps the family deeper entrenched in its operative madness.

When talking, thinking or writing about Iraq, I experience the exact same thing a child or an adult experiences in a very sick family.

I am constantly put on the defensive. I am insulted. I am told that what I am seeing, witnessing, hearing is not true. I am told to shut up. I am told to keep silent. I am threatened. I am harassed. I read cruelty. I smell violence. I am shamed for saying what am saying. I am manipulated so as not to write what I see and experience. I am called all kinds of names...and the comment section is there to prove it.

The purpose of all of this is for "them" to make me shut up so they can keep in their denial, manipulation and lies so the dysfunctional family can continue doing what it is doing -- and in this instance the dysfunctional family represents the occupiers of Iraq. The Zionist America, Iran and the sectarian Shias that have been bought by both.

And like in a dysfunctional family that wants to keep the secrecy of its illness and sadism, they want to silence any member of this country -- Iraq, that will come out and speak against them and say it like it is.

They have tried driving people into psychosis, madness - from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo to the shadow prisons. They have used every single method available to coerce, repress, silence - from torture, to rape, to harassment, to bribes, to manipulation, to insults, to threats, to displacement, to prison, to murder... So the lies can continue and so the occupation can continue as well.

And just like in a highly sadistic psychopathic dysfunctional family, they want to keep up the appearances. The appearances here are two-fold.

Iran and its sect want at any cost to cover up its presence in the occupation of the Iraqi family.


American wants at any cost to prove that the Iraqi family experience has been a democratic success.

That partly explains why you hardly read anything about Iraq in the news. In other words that explains the Cover-up.

But I intend to keep my sanity and hence I will not stop denouncing your madness and expose your political schizophrenia. I am out of this dysfunctional family of yours and I shall keep on and on and on, screaming to the world -- what a sick, perverted, dishonest, deceitful, criminal bunch you are.

So let's start.

- While some are singing to the tunes of the biggest mass killer in the 21st century, the biggest ethnic cleanser of the most hideous type and whose name is Muqtada Al-Sadr, singing to his tunes, and calling him the "patriotic" member of the Iraqi family when he is nothing but an Iranian cancerous malignancy that has eaten up half of the Iraqi population and is one of the main causes of the mass exodus of Iraqi refugees.

Today Amnesty International in a damning report states that 5 million Iraqi refugees represent the WORST refugee crisis since World War II. Even worse than the Palestinian one. One of the main culprits behind this mass exodus is none other but Muqtada Al-Sadr whom some of you shamelessly praise.

These 5 million Iraqis are subjected daily -- to deportation, imprisonment, insults...They are not allowed to seek any form of employment. Their children are not allowed to go to school or universities. They are not allowed to move around. And they are not allowed to VOICE themselves.


It also says that the TOTAL forgetfulness and abandonment of the Iraqi refugees by the international community is unprecedented.

- While others are singing to the tunes of the new Iraqi family and it's "democratic" structure, over 250 journalists have been murdered in Iraq.
This new Iraq is considered to be the most dangerous place for journalists and free speech. Under the "dictator", no journalist was murdered. Today, anyone who speaks against the government, the sectarianism, the sectarian shia parties who form the government, anyone who speaks against the militias tied to these parties whether it is the Jaafari clan, the Dawa clan, the Sadr clan or the Badr clan is silenced by death.

I will never forget Atwar Bahjat, a Sunni Iraqi journalist from Sammara her hometown, when she was working for Al-Jazeera and reported the bombing of the Sammara shrine. She was later found naked and murdered in a car and everyone knew it was the Mahdi army that murdered her in cold blood. And there have been many Atwar Bahjats since...Many.

- When some are singing to the tunes of the new Iraq and its air of freedoms, report after report come out and prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that today's Iraq is the most corrupt country in the world. From corruption in higher echelons to billions of dollars missing, to bribes, to smuggling to plundering of the country's resources, to shadow projects that never take place, to payments of salaries to people who don't exist, to falsification of diplomas and C.V's and the list is long... Iraq is not only considered the most corrupt country in the world, it is also considered the worst country to live in.

- When some are singing to the tunes of the mullahs from Qum and praising their "anti-imperialism" and arguing that there is no proof that Iran is also occupying Iraq despite massive evidence of Iranian infiltration in the state and army apparatus, in the militias, in the civil services, in the prisons, even amongst the torturers themselves, in the streets, in the shops, in the neighborhoods...
When we say we deal in tooman in the center of Baghdad or Basra, we are told we are lying. When we say that Iran has bought half of the South for peanuts and controls the southern oil fields, we are told we are imagining. When we say us Iraqis, us Iraqis who are the ones who are occupied, have to fill forms in Persian in our country, we are told that this is a mirage of our imagination. When prisoners who escaped alive say that their torturers were Persians, they are told they are fabricating...and the list is long.

And what I have expounded above is nothing but the TIP of the iceberg. Because there is so much more. The drugs dealers from Latin America, the US, Iran, Afghanistan. The pedophile, prostitution and pornographic rings from the West, Kuwait, Iran...The selling of children, of organs, of selves....Again we are told this is nothing but more lies, more imagination, that we need our heads examined.

So you try to corner us, me, into a defensive stand and say prove it if you can.
But even if I provide a million evidence - proofs, links, stories, articles, facts, figures, statistics -- you are and will remain like this dysfunctional family built on denial, a deliberate, willful, calculated, criminal, denial.

And the only way not to be sucked into and by your collective psychosis, your deceitful, dishonest, psychopathic, anti-social, morbid, paranoid, cruel, sadistic, manipulative, political schizophrenia -- is to expose and denounce you.

And since you obviously have no intention of seeking any form of treatment for your acute politically diseased minds, do expect more coming from me...much more.

I can't be blamed, I need to keep sane from your malignant Occupation, its symptoms and its panoply of deadly side-effects.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Alia Al-Wahab.

June 14, 2008

Rock-a-bye Baby...

Do you remember this nursery rhyme ?

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

I woke up humming it and have not stopped since...I remember humming it to the babies I rocked to sleep. I wished, I was given the time to hum it to my own before he was gone. And now am not so sure anymore...

I am not so sure, what is worse -- losing yours or waiting for 9 months, going through the motions, the nausea, the aches, the heaviness, the labour pains, the blood, the tears -- the birth pangs of the new Iraq.

Imagine you're an expecting mother in the new Iraq or a father to be. Imagine the anticipation, the preparations, the plans you dream for your child. You dream, there is nothing wrong with dreaming, unless you want to pull these away from us too.

So you dream, knowing full well, that a lot of them won't come true. It's difficult, all is difficult. All is survival. No more prenatal care, no more decent hospitals, no doctors, no nurses, no midwives... But you dream nonetheless. Maybe your husband is still lingering, rotting away in a prison, and you dream that by the time he comes out, if he comes out alive, he will at least be greeted with fresh new blood, an untainted blood. His child.

Maybe -- you say to yourself and authorize your self to dream a little more...

You may be worried and anxious that you will not find the means to support him/her, but something in you trusts that the One who made it possible, will also somehow, somewhere provide. Hope-- this new little one gives you hope.

And then arrives the day. And you're either lying in some dirty hospital bed with no sheets, or on the floor in your home with no furniture, and you say to yourself -- patience, it's coming. You keep propping yourself with more positive thoughts, and despite your miserable conditions, you still find the tears of joy flowing on your face, washing away some of your pain. You have managed to give Life in a sea of Death.

And then...the reality of the new Iraq hits you, slashes you away, cuts deep inside of you like a sharp knife, another tear in your soul.

And you're told you've just given birth to a monster baby. A deformed thing. You can't tell his eyes from his nose. Or maybe she looks like a fish, with her deformed mouth and her skin scaling away in your arms. Or maybe his head has a thromboblastic tumor the size of a grapefruit. Or maybe, her spinal cord is missing several vertebrae so she falls over like a shrivelled vegetable, like a wilted flower...

And you sit and watch him/her, slowly agonize and die, or worse still, living life lying on his/her back unable to sit, crawl, walk or talk...

The birth pangs of the new Iraq -- all there, for you to witness.

White Phosphorus, Napalm, DU, cluster bombs...a few colors on your criminal artistic palette -- the art of murder. The colors of your rainbow.

During "Operation Desert Storm" in 1991, it is a well known fact that Depleted Uranium and Napalm bombs were used in Baghdad and Basra.

During "Operation Iraqi Freedom" - from 2003 until this very day, again depleted Uranium, white Phosphorus, Napalm and cluster bombs were and are used.

Two sure documented cases -- Falluja in 2004 and Mosul in 2007. (for the Mosul pictures - click here. Warning - graphic images that may shock you - To hell with you.)

And more studies show that the ever growing rates, of the following -- child deformities, cancer and other diseases, in particular of the neurological kind are a DIRECT RESULT of these weapons of mass destruction. You wanted to know where the WMD's are -- they are right here in Iraq being used by YOU.

As far back as 1991, I collected hundreds of pictures, from Iraqi pediatric hospitals in Baghdad and Basra. I showed them to a visiting Western consultant pediatrician. He sucked on his pipe and said "this is all very strange. I can't tell for sure. We need to wait longer to see if more of these "cases" are reported."

And we have waited from 1991 until today, and these "cases" are multiplying at a vertiginous rate. So how many more "cases" do you need ? O' so civilized members of the international "scientific" community.

I wish I had a scanner, I would have scanned all of them for you to watch. But knowing what kind of people you are, you'd probably have a fit of ecstasy at the sight.

Infants born with holes in their backs, two tumors instead of two eyes, no kidneys, no mouth and no lips. three hands, no toes...and not mentioning the cancer wards where thousands of Iraqi children have died thanks to your colorful "rainbow."

Only a few days ago, Al-Jazeera interviewed a doctor in Falluja who spoke of the deformities of Iraqi newborns and the long term effects of these forbidden weapons and agents, on the DNA make up of the Iraqi population. Another doctor from the South, by the name of Haidar Shama'a was also interviewed and he confirmed that he saw similar cases in Basra as far back as 1991.

But being the typical sectarian bastard that he is, he added -- " we can't be sure that the cases in Falluja are due to DU or Phosphorus, it may be something INHERENT to the genetic make up of the people of Falluja.".

He reminded me of the Western consulting pediatrician. But I somehow found him even more repugnant than his western counterpart, who sucked on his pipe, while examining the pictures of our little ones, our little monsters, courtesy of USA, GB and Iran. Yes, Iran -- seeing the heinous, sectarian, racist, fascist attitude as per the uttering of this piece of shit called Dr.Shama'a regarding the little ones in (Sunni)Falluja.

So where was I ? Ah, yes - the nursery rhyme.

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

And the wind blew, the bough broke, the cradle fell. And since, we have not stopped rocking our babies into a total silent hush, into an eternal sleep.

Further readings :

- IRAQ: 'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies report by A.Fadhily and D.Jamail.

- My posts: The Iraqi Holocaust part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. The video linked on DU, Radioactivity and Cancer has been REMOVED from Youtube. But try nonetheless.

- VIDEO Iraq: The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium and The Dying Children.

- A list of nursery rhymes you can sing to your children when showing them pictures of deformed or dead, Iraqi babies.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Rahman Al-Jabri.

June 13, 2008

Sifting Through Boiling Blood.

Every time I want to start a new post about Iraq, I am at loss.
I simply don't know where to start. And this has been going on since I've started blogging...

I want to write about deformed babies in Falluja. I want to write about the sectarian arrests in Ameriya. I want to write about the use of napalm in Mosul.
I want to write about the street children of Baghdad and the widows. I want to write about despicable Iran and its militias. I want to write about the never ending criminality of the Americans. I want to write about the disgrace of; the anti-war movement(hahaha), of the journalists, of the media, of the so-called experts on Iraq. I want to write about other Iraqi bloggers, about their stupidity and immorality when it comes to the occupation of their own country. I also want to write about refugees, about our confusion, our hopelessness...I want to write about my memories, my homesickness, my anger, and my grief...

And every single topic I want to write about, makes my blood boil.

So I've devised a little mental trick to help me sift through all of this. I ask myself a simple question -- Right now, right this minute, what is making your blood boil, the most ? And I pause and usually this is how a topic is chosen from the myriad of catastrophes that have assailed us, from the myriad of punishments that have been unjustly inflicted on us - us, true Iraqis.

Hence, I've decided to write about a conversation I witnessed today between Sarah and some English female, an NGO worker here.

A bit of background information is necessary.

Sarah is a 52 years old Iraqi widow. She has no children, no parents and her only family is her brother who works abroad and sends her money whenever he can.

Sarah is highly educated, speaks 3 languages fluently, and is unemployed, as all Iraqi refugees here are not allowed to seek any form of work.

Sarah is bored, so she volunteers to do some translation work for a Western NGO, her own way of helping other Iraqis. She met this English THING, another female who has been here for less than 6 months, working for the same NGO but paid, of course.

Part of Sarah's unpaid voluntary work is to visit Iraqi families and translate for this English Thing, so this Thing can assess what the families needs are.

Sarah being a direct witness to the state these Iraqi families find themselves in, offered spontaneously, over and above her voluntary work, to donate whenever she can, a modest sum of money, from the little she receives, to help alleviate some of these families urgent needs. Sarah made no promises to become a regular donor, she just said she will help whenever she can.

And true to her word, every month, she would save a little amount and give it to this English Thing, who would then distribute it herself.

And this is when my blood started to boil...

I met Sarah and this English Thing today over a cup of coffee. And we spoke about us Iraqi refugees and how we have been forgotten by everyone -- as if we didn't exist anymore. We spoke of the pressing and urgent needs of many of us, our lack of resources, living off donations or charity, so on and so forth...

Then, this English Thing said, out of the blue, in her disgusting patronizing English accent and I wish I can imitate her for you, right here, but alas this is not possible...But just try to imagine the accent please.

" Owh by the waay Saraah, you did not downate anything this month. You knoww how impowrtant it is for "us" to help thowze refugees. It is a reaal shayme when a downor pledges suppowrt and fails in her obligations."

Sarah obviously caught off guard and not expecting this in public, went all red, with embarrassment.

But I did not. I froze with a cold rage and with the speed of lightning, I dug up from my memory reservoir, the English method of "retaliation"...but very calmly just like the English way, hypocritically calm.

Of course, what I really wanted to do, was grab her from her British Home Stores acrylic - made in India - shirt and drag her out of the café onto the street and kick the shit out of her. But remembering the English "way", I decided I will achieve exactly the same result, using their methods, their English methods.

Me to the Thing - What a pity. I am sure you're ever so concerned about the plight of Iraqi refugees. Do tell me, in confidentiality of course, who are your other donors ? Apart from Sarah and other Iraqis you met.

- Owh, Owh, well no one else, reaally.

- I see. And I suppose you know that Sarah is a refugee herself and she has no income, wouldn't you think it to be "wiser" to approach others who may be better off than Sarah? After all she is an Iraqi too.

- Owh, Owh, well there is no one else to approach.

- I see. Did it ever cross your mind, perhaps, to approach your own government since it is partly responsible for the Iraqi refugee crisis.

- Well, mmmm, you seea, there is sow much bureaucratic red tape in England, one can hardly ever approach thowse in positions of authowrity.

- Oh really? What about thowse English people who are quite well owff, how about approaching them for instance. And you hardly need to gow to England for that, they are so many of them heare. Am sure you know where they gathear on weekends.

- Ea, Ea, Ea, I could not do that reaally. That would be mowst unprofessional.

- Oh reaally ? How about approaching the Americans, and God knows how many of them pollute this place. After all, they are also responsible for the Iraqi refugees and by law, isn't that so dear ?

- Well, I suppowse you have a point heare. But you sea, when a downor pledges, they reaally ought to fulfil their pledge.

- So are you trying to tell us - Iraqi refugees, that other Iraqi refugees are our responsibility ?

She finally shut up and changed the subject -- she talked in her perfect repugnant English way, about the hot weather heare.

But I would not leave at that...I had to kick the shit out of this Thing.

- So you've been here for 6 months right ?

- Yeas, quite pleasant I must saay.

- And what were you doing before coming here ?

- Ea, Ea, I worked as secretary in a lawyers office.

- And now you're Deputy Director of this NGO right ?

- Yeas, correct.

- Ah! And any exposure to the Middle East prior to this trip ?

- Owh, not reaally.

- So what made you decide to come and "help us", besides your tax free monthly salary and the good weather ?

Now, her face went red. I thought to myself, you go girl, push harder...and without waiting for her reply, I pressed on...

- And what do you know about Iraq and the Iraqis ?

...and I didn't stop there,

- And who are you to embarrass this poor woman in public, with your snotty air when you're so ignorant yourself, and when you were nothing but a secretary in a lawyer's office. Do you know that this woman has a PhD and I bet you anything you have not even completed your A levels.

Sarah kicked me from under the table, but I refused to stop.

Why should I stop ? We've lost everything already and surely this English Thing was not going to add anything to our lives. Fuck her, I thought to myself. And I continued...

- So you come here, with your pompous, patronizing English airs, trying to belittle us, over and above our misery, a misery produced by YOU and your country and your people, and your government. Have you got no bloody shame ? Iraqi refugees are your bloody responsibility not ours.

The English Thing all ruffled tries - But, but...

- NO BUTS here. You should be grateful that we've accepted to sit and have coffee with you in the first place. Am sorry Sarah but I can't take this English Thing anymore...Am leaving.

I paid my share, grabbed my handbag and walked out into the hot sunlight, taking deep breaths, trying to dampen the heat from consuming me, trying to extinguish the fire inside of me...

I saw a grocery story, I stopped by, bought an ice cold bottle of water, gulped it down in one go, hoping to cool the blood boiling in my veins...

Then I walked briskly and walked and walked some more...cursing the very fist day I learned English. Cursing the very first day I came face to face with anything English. Cursing the very first day I met any English Thing.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Sattah Hashem.

June 12, 2008

A Secret Love Affair.

This article is an absolute MUST READ. And do think with a little depth before spurting your usual nonsense on the comment section. Thank you.

Nearly two decades after luring the United States and Israel into selling arms to Iran's ayatollahs in exchange for the release of hostages held by Hezbollah in Lebanon, in a deal that became known as Irangate or the Iran-Contra affair, Michael Ledeen and Manouchehr Ghorbanifar are back in the spotlight, starring in a new political and intelligence scandal.

This time, however, they are involved not only in an attempt to go behind the backs of the U.S. State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency and to persuade the Bush Administration to establish secret contacts with the Iranian regime but are also suspected of being manipulated, unwitting, by Iranian intelligence. A new report by the U.S. Senate suggests that Iranian intelligence used Ledeen and Ghorbanifar to feed disinformation to neoconservatives in the administration of President George W. Bush in a bid to encourage a U.S. invasion of Iraq in order to defeat Saddam Hussein, Iran's arch-enemy.

rest of article HERE.

I am sure more secret stories along the same lines will be revealed in the future...

But what is secret to you is no secret to Iraqis --- Without Iran's generous help and full collaboration, U.S occupation of Iraq would have not taken place.

June 11, 2008


Two new Uncensored posts, away from politics - not really.

Web Traps

Women -- the perfect Bitches.

A Glee of Satisfaction....

I just love it when am proven right. Not because am pompous or anything, but because it means that what I happen to see is correct and not some figment of my imagination.

After all, with all the bullshit I read on blogs and even on my own comment section, I do ask myself questions. But then, an article appears just in time to confirm my initial vision.

In my post Surreal Concidences dated May 28th, 08 -- I textually said there will be a breakthrough between Hezbollah and Israel on the Shabaa farms as these are tied in with Syria.

And guess what ? Olmert is hoping for talks with Lebanon and ...now the hot piece of news -- Hezbollah willing to negotiate over Shabaa farms.

And I can now tell you that Hezbollah and Israel have been secretly negotiating in Germany and the bits of news I just linked above are nothing but the result of their negotiations.

I wonder what the mullahs and pro-Iran pundits and vultures have to say now. Ha!

Knowing these political midgets, they will likely to remain silent for a little while or maybe proclaim another "divine victory" hahahaha

But am not too worried, Iran - the greedy courtisane - will dangle the sectarian card again and flare it up somewhere else...Possibly Baghdad again, Yemen (already happening), Pakistan (most definitely) and Saudi Arabia.(in all likelihood). But first, she will wait for new orders from her Zionist masters.

And you can be sure to hear the never ending barks of the mullahs and their ideological prostitutes all over again...not that they have stopped. Fascist, racist loyalties oblige !

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki

June 10, 2008

Guilty even if proven Innocent.

I have a lot to do today, but I can't focus on anything. I have to write about this. Have to.

Some of you who have been following my blog regularly now (thank you) know of Kamel's story my relative who has been detained by the Americans on false "insurgency/terrorist" charges.

He was then transferred from a U.S prison to another Iraqi prison controlled by the racist sectarian Shias. In this last prison, the Shia prison guards asked for extortion money in exchange for his release, since there was no trial and no real charges.
The money was gathered and given as asked. They double crossed us and Kamel was not released.

Kamel is a frail over 60 years old man. In prison his health deteriorated greatly and visits were hardly allowed. He also contracted scabies and I wrote about that in my post called "Skins in Captivity". (see right at the end for links)

Yesterday, we were informed that he has been transferred to an American prison again.
And we were also told that he was found not guilty - again, and that there are absolutely no charges against him - again, that he is innocent and that he will be released "some day"- again.

As I said before, no trial was conducted in the first place.

What do they mean will be released some day ? The man is very ill.

They said he needed some paperwork done. What paperwork ? The man is innocent and they said so themselves.

"So when will he be released", we asked , "we don't know" they said "paperwork."

Omar, (another relative) on the other hand has been finally found.

I have also written about Omar. He was found in yet another prison in the South. He was shipped from a Baghdad US prison to a Basra (Shia controlled prison) about 2 years ago. Omar has been illegally detained for over 2 years and was underage at the time of his arrest. Again no charges, no trial. The only reason for his detention is because his name is Omar and he happens to be a "soooneeeeeee"

In Basra, he was placed in a prison that got bombed by the Mahdi army just before he was supposed to be released a year ago. Everyone thought he died and we could not get any news. Then his mother heard he is in some hospital for severe wounds but we did not know where and what hospital.

Yesterday, we learned that Omar has been transferred again to yet another prison in X location (will not reveal location from fear of reprisal). They informed us that he will be released - again, because found not guilty of anything - again. We know for a fact that Omar has been tortured since his arrest.

His poor mother, an elderly lady, travelled all the way to X. And once she got there to take her son, the sectarian Shias guards and I am starting to believe all of them are sectarians, asked her for 3'000 dollars - more extortion money.

This woman is in a very precarious financial situation. She begged them and told them "where can I get the 3'000$ from ? We are living off charity, the neighbors give us food when they can. I don't have such a sum."

They said to her "No money, no son"

And she returned to Baghdad empty handed...

So both Kamel and Omar are totally innocent, yet still guilty in the "new Iraq" simply because they are Arab Sunnis.

Sometimes I wonder who are more clement - racist Zionists or racist sectarian Shias !?

And Shias who are not sectarian and not infected by Iranism/ Khomeinism, do come forward and prove yourselves.

I made a similar request to the Jews in one of my posts. I said "Jews who are not Zionists do come forward", only one or two showed up.

I don't expect much difference this time around.

P.S : I just saw this article on Azzaman that very much corroborates what we've experienced ourselves. A must read.

Some of the previous posts on Kamel and Omar

- "Skins in Captivity"

- "From Sadr City with Love"

- "Fresh from the Iraqi oven"

- "A postcard from Iraq"

- "Excuse me Sir, how would you like your torture?"

- "Flash News"

Painting: Iraqi artist, Falah Al-Saeidi, 2007

All you need to know about Shoes...

In some of my previous posts, I tried to teach you a few words in Iraqi dialect.

So let's recap. We've already covered the following words:



Today you will learn a new word that might come in very handy on certain occasions.

KUNDARA wil be the subject of today's lesson.


But not any shoe. You need to understand that in most Middle Eastern cultures, the shoe can be considered as an object of disrespect and or pollution/dirt.

For instance, in traditional homes, you leave your shoe at the door before entering, just like in a mosque.

In other instances, it is very shameful to sit and have your shoe pointing in someone's face. I noticed Americans have this very ugly habit of putting their feet up with their shoes on their desks and the sole of their shoe stares at you. Most impolite really. But then American never had any manners.

So building on this natural aversion to shoes, the shoe "concept" can be used when you want to insult someone or denigrate them.

You can say for example:

- ENTA KUNDARA = You're a Shoe. Or,

- IBN Al-KUNDARA = Son of a Shoe. Or,

- SHLON KUNDARA = What a Shoe!

And if you need to push it a little further, you may say :

- WIJHAQ WIJH AL-KUNDARA = Your face is like a shoe.

and even stronger would be

- BIL KUNDARA = a threatening remark involving the potential use of a shoe.

Of course you can use all the above.

If you feel that insults and threats are not sufficient and you want to pass onto actions involving shoes - then this is what you need to do

And before I finish today's lesson, let me remind you that both young and old can partake in the shoe action / ceremony.

See you next class and don't forget to rehearse.

June 9, 2008

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

This is probably the shortest post you'll read from me. But then Truth is always short and simple.

And I tell you this bit of Truth and take it as is.

Had it not been for Iran, the Americans and their string of criminals would have been long gone, by now.

And anyone, and I mean anyone - regardless of who they are or what they stand for, who tells you otherwise is a deceitful, shameless, lying motherfucker.

Puppet Maliki & Iran.

While some websites are still crying out about a probable, possible, eventual, likely, hypothetical, US/Israeli attack on Iran, none of these websites reported that :

Maliki - the American/Iranian ,puppet, stooge, "prime minister" of Iraq is in Iran, busy signing reconstruction deals.

And none of the websites who are waving the Iranian "anti-imperialist" flag, reported that puppet Al-Maliki has assured Iran on its security and he textually said

"We will not allow Iraq to become a platform for harming the security of Iran and neighbours" (BBC report here) (Al-Jazeera report here)

So do you think that Al-Maliki will give guarantees and vows to Iran if he had not cleared it first with the Americans ? Of course not.

And do you think that Al-Maliki will pledge security and safety to Iran had he not cleared it with the Israelis via the Kurdish "president" of Iraq, Talabani ? Of course, not.

And just as it so happens, a key Israeli "defence official has accused one of Israel's deputy prime ministers of threatening to attack Iran in order to boost his own political standing." and adds that Shaul Mofaz's statement "did not reflect policy". (article here)

So basically, things are going as planned - An Iranian Shiastan in the Center and the South of the country and a Kurdish Zionistan in the North, all under American "protection".

I still can't believe what has happened and is happening to Iraq. I truly, honest to God, can't believe it. I always think this is just a bad dream I will wake up from very soon.

And it turns out to be one hell of a long nightmare...

June 8, 2008

For Spanish Readers

As usual, the indefatigable, wonderful, Sinfo Fernandez from Rebelion.org has translated some of my posts into Spanish - making them available to Spanish Readers. Links below.

And as usual, I extend to her and everyone in Rebelion.org my appreciation and sincere thanks.









News from "Kurdistan."

My relative N. finally got a post as a geologist in "Kurdistan."

He left his family, wife, kids, behind - here...as he lost his home in Baghdad to the sectarian Shias (and I would really like to meet any Shia who is not a sectarian, in vain...)

He comes to see his family once every two months or so. He visited us today and this is what he had to tell me , word for word.

- In Erbil's airport and in the streets of this city, I frequently came face to face with Israelis. Kippa, curls and all...There is a direct line from Erbil to Israel but it is all kept secret. The Israelis are everywhere in this city.

- All the Iraqi Airways planes that were stationed in Jordan were confiscated by the Kurds. They re-painted them in white and use them for their flights, pretending it is their own airline.

- The extra 8 oil fields discovered in the North, you would not believe what is taking place there. Kurdish families pull oil out with buckets and sell it on the black market for 40$ a bucket. There is no control, no accountability, everyone is stealing every one else.

- The Kurdish families of Talabani and Barazani are the biggest mafias in Kurdistan. They are the most corrupt and the most tyrannical. Everyone knows it but everyone is too scared to utter a word.

- I have never seen anything like it before Layla. Iraq is being raped daily and in total silence.

So "dear" Arab "lefties" of my butt, who bought into the massive propaganda, spun by the US, the Zionists and the Iranians and cried along with Chomsky and the anti-war gigolos about "Kurdish" rights -- Enjoy.

So "dear" Iraqis who clamored and danced for their "liberation" and exhibited their purple fingers dipped in "democratic elections" ink -- Enjoy it too.

Not that these two groups really give a fuck. One has filled its pockets with propaganda money coming from the US, Israel and Iran and I am referring to the "left" in the West and in the Arab world. And do include some repugnant "Arab" bloggers in the lot.

And the other, the so-called "Iraqis" who filled theirs as well, because daddy, hubby, bro, or uncle works in the Green Zone and/or is affiliated with it.

But from the two groups above, the ones that I hold most in contempt and utter disdain are the "Iraqi" sell outs. They are the ones who sold it for our blood.

And my wish to you, you sons of whores -- is that every penny your made out of our corpses, every single penny, will turn into venom, the deadliest of poisons and slowly gnaw at you, deep inside of you, eating you away...

Painting: Iraqi (kurdish) artist, Serwan Baran.

Politics: The only Game in Town.

Spent all afternoon watching the European Football Cup.

Mom likes watching football too. We both get very excited, and I am the one who usually shouts the loudest during a football match with an occasional (OK -- more than occasional) "bad" word thrown in when "my team" doesn't score, to the utter and total exasperation of my poor Mom.

Of course, today I supported Turkey against Portugal, and Switzerland against the Czechs. You see it's all politics. I prefer Turkey to Portugal due to geographical proximity. I suppose the fact that we have a "shared history" had also something to do with it.

And I prefer the Swiss to the Czechs. Again, I suppose I view the Swiss as more "neutral" than the Czechs whom I perceive to be quite racist when it comes to Turks, Arabs and Russians...

Besides, I have kept bad memories from my trip to Czechoslovakia when I was a budding teenager. I later, understood why Milan Kundera's writings give this imminent, foreboding sense of Suicide as the only exit in Life.
Seriously now, I found Czechoslovakia to be a most depressing place for a 13 year old, then.

After the Football match and the loss of Turkey and Switzerland, we settled for the news.

Maliki with his three day beard and 100000 rings silver rings from Qum on his fingers, landed in Tehran, kissing and hugging. He went there to comfort and alleviate Iranian insecurities about the American long term presence in Iraq.
Of course the Iranians are worried because they would like to have Iraq for themselves alone. So he's trying his best to assuage their fears and reassure them that he and the other Shias in Iraq (those coopted by Iran, of course) will do their best so Iran can remain their preferred Occupier.

Mom's reaction was instantenous - Shoofee, shoofee hadha al adabziz. Look, look at this man with no morals, she exclaimed.

We were both taken by this sudden urge to throw our shoes at the TV screen and then decided it's best not to as we can't afford a new one.

Then, H.Clinton appeared and Mom said in her typical Iraqi dialect

- Ballahee, just look at this pappaz. Ballahee means by God and pappaz in Iraqi dialect is an old Turkish word meaning - clown, jester, puppet...

Mom added - Am glad she's stepping down, she's a true pappaz.

So I asked her - What about Obama, what do you think of him ?

- Obama, the booma ? Booma means owl, but in Iraqi dialect it also means someone very stupid - you must be kidding me! The Americans will never vote for a black guy. Besides, his grandmother's name is Sarah Hussein and lives in a village in Kenya and can't speak English. Do you think these cowboys will vote for someone whose grandmother is a Muslim and lives in a village in Africa ? Of course they won't.

- Hmmm... I guess not. So McCain will be in?

- Yes, akeed.- For sure.

- But they say -- he might bomb Iran, you know,

- He won't. But if he does - Bil Janaham. To Hell.

At that point, she got up and poured us some hot, freshly brewed, refreshing, nicely flavored, Iraqi tea...

I can't really blame Mom. After all she's another refugee in forced exile, an elderly lady whose only wish in life was to spend the remaining of her days with her family, in her home, in her country.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindy. 2007.

June 7, 2008

From the 1920 Revolution Brigade.

The 1920 RB is one of the factions of the valiant IRAQI Resistance.

The following is the translation of the article I referred to in my previous post - namely an interview on Al-Jazeera with Dr. Abdallah Suleiman Al-Omaree, spokesman for the 1920 Revolution Brigades. (original article in Arabic here)

I would first like to sincerely thank AMRE AL-ABYAD for having spontaneously translated this long article without me asking him. I know that he has a very busy schedule and yet he still managed to find the time to do it. So a big THANK YOU Amre.

And here comes the translated text - which I believe will dispel many misconceptions and lies and will clarify where the True Iraqi Resistance stands on various issues.


The spokesman of the 1920 Revolution Brigades asserted that the operation launched by the Iraqi forces in Mosul is ”a major conspiracy rather than a military operation per se

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Al-Omaree explained that Resistance has watered down the intensity of its operations according to a self-agenda, as opposed to a status quo imposed by the enemy - in light of recent emerging challenges and factors that require caution and reflection. As regards Nasarallah’s speech, Al-Omaree said “ Nasarallh speaks on behalf of others”

Main Text

• First, he identified the Resistance in Iraq as mainly Islamic. Consequently, a variety of factions sprouted reflecting the various Islamic methodologies of action and discourses. Al-Omaree welcomed this multitude of resistance factions and considered it a point of strength that muddled and scared the enemy. He also noted that more than a year ago, several factions joined and made up two fronts -“Jihad and Reform” and “ Jihad and Liberation” while some other important faction remained outside thesetwo fronts.

• Al-Omaree stated that his group was the first faction that started resisting the Occupation. He added that their faction had sternly warned, from the very first days of Baghdad’s occupation, against the division of the Iraqi people along ethnic and sectarian lines. Consequently, they (the Resistance) divided Iraqis into two groups: those who have been co-opted by the occupier and those who oppose him. He also said that "It is true that we did not totally object those who undertook political means in confronting the occupier. Yet our stance remains clear, the occupier has ruined and wrecked our country; hence those who took advantage of this state of affairs – ie. The Occupation to settle old scores, or to gain some privileges are to be considered enemies. The occupation is an illegitimate act; thus whatever this occupation brings about remains illegitimate and to be opposed. But those whom we respect are those who are using non-military options in resisting. Alas, so far, the current participants in the political process are counted out of this category."

• Al-Omaree assures us that Bush and his army will leave Iraq humiliated and defeated.

• He also adds that martyrdom and the capturing of resistance elements do not affect the resilience and determination of the resistance. “Resistance has been our way by our own will, it has been our choice and through the blood of our martyrs and distress of our prisoners, the spirit of resistance flares up.” Concerning the recent operations in Mosul and Ninevah, and the official announcements of the capture of some of the resistance leaders he says they have served nothing but to ridicule and expose the excuses given by those who claim to be fighting only Al-Queda, and nothing else.

He adds that Mosul and Ninevah will remain defiant and shall never accept humiliation, while the traitors can be assured that they will regret their deeds; sooner or later, for their treason will backfire. If the current generation doesn’t achieve victory, then the next ones will do it, he adds.

• Regarding the reasons behind the Mosul operation – he says that it was the outcome of certain settlements among the participants in the political process. Their way of dividing power over different parts of Iraq before the implementation of Federalism –a thing opposed by the majority of Iraqis. The recent governorates law is actually nothing but a step towards Federalism. Secondly, the operation in Mosul served some vindictive aims as per the agenda of a neighbouring country keen on changing the national and Islamic fabric of Mosul (referring to Iran). He also said that scheme was clearly revealed when one thousand Iraqi officers who served during the Iraq-Iran war were arrested. In Mosul, a special neighbourhood made solely of ex-army officers- “ the 17th of July” was the first to be surrounded and the arrests started there first.

• Al-Omaree reiterated his view that the awakening councils- whether intentional or not- are helping out the occupation.

• Regarding the statements made by Nasrallah - where he (Nasrallah) urged the Iraqis to resist, Al-Omaree made it very clear that he (Nasrallah) was pushed to do so by the neighbouring country (IRAN) who is working on destabilising Iraq. Al-Omaree adds that these statements by Nasrallah came at the right time (for Iran) as a bargaining tool on other issues.

• Furthermore, Al-Omaree didn’t exclude the fact that Nasrallah's statement was an attempt by him to gain a free ride on the resistance struggle and achievements. A move that would polish his image in a last minute propaganda stunt.
Otherwise how can one explain that he has just remembered the Iraqi resistance now? It would have been timely, had Hezbollah come out and called the dead resistance fighters as martyrs when the Resistance had asked them (Hezbollah) to do so. But this latter did not .

• Regarding Muqtada Al-Sadr, Al-Omaree asserted that Resistance is not his way.
His movement may have a fall out with the occupier sometimes, but over some parochial interests that serve his own goals. These goals are firstly, more posts and money for the movement, even if these are done in the most unprincipled of ways. Secondly, they (the sadrists) are the malignant items on the Iranian agenda whose aim is to get even with Iraq because of the previous Iraq-Iran war. Finally he added that the Resistance’s perception and stand vis-à-vis the Sadrist movement will never change, unless they (the Sadrists) undergo dramatic changes in their orientation, options and methods.

End of article.


June 6, 2008

A Paradox.

As I've said before, my Uncensored Blog is regularly updated and I hate to advertise it...and I agree, this is an oxymoron.

And no comments are allowed on the latest post either. Another paradox - agreed.

But then, I am a paradoxical woman.

June 5, 2008

A short note on the American-Iraqi Deal.

I am swamped. I am swamped with emails, I am swamped with articles, I am swamped with ideas, and swamped with posts in draft form and swamped with comments - 75% of which are pure GARBAGE.

There is much I want you to know. A lot of it comes from Arabic articles which I simply have no time to translate.

You must agree with me, I can't write posts, reply to 1000000 mails, read 100000 articles, reply to comments and translate - all at once...I am not the Goddess Ishtar, not yet.

So I kindly ask you and yes I can be very kind at times -- I kindly ask anyone who can read Arabic and has spare time to come forward and contact me. There are articles where I can use some help.

Not only me, but also URUKNET is looking for voluntary translators. I promise you, I will not harass you with long articles and will not ask you to translate word for word. Will just ask you to alleviate some of the workload on my back.

If you don't want to help me, then help URUKNET who is even a more important news source on IRAQ and which I urge you to consult daily --- a good place to start debunking a lot of your myths regarding Iraq.

Why this introduction you may ask ? Simply, because I am about to give you a very brief note on the US-Iraq agreement by linking to two sources.

One is the infamous Cockburn from the Independent and the other is from Al-Safir newspaper (thank you A). And this the ensuing analysis.

Basically Cockburn argues that Bush is trying to have this deal signed before he leaves office. Cockburn got a few facts wrong as well. It is not 50 military bases, it is 4'000 military posts around the country. Never mind, we will not quibble over a few thousands. That is not the point am trying to make here. You can read the article for yourself for all of its contents. A grotesque colonisation of the 21st century.

Now the Al-Safir in yesterday's article, in Arabic has another twist to the story.

Their reporter, Ali Al-Haj Yussef in Tehran reveals that high ranking sources in Iran have the perception that this is what Bush is looking for and that the recent moves by the Sadrists and Sistani in Iraq who supposedly "oppose" this deal are part of Iran's pressure on Bush to tell him that if he badly needs this agreeement with Iraq, he will have to sign with Iran a COMPREHENSIVE deal. A good sharp insight, I must add.

This explains the "resistance" speech by Nasrallah when he alluded to Iraq by saying that some "resistance" can be part of the political process and others should fight the occupation. Read my post "A toast to the Charlatans."

And that explains that after 5 years of fighting the occupation, it is only a week ago that Nasrallah suddenly remembered the resistance. And not the true Iraqi resistance who has been fighting the dual occupation for 5 years now, but the so called "resistance" of Muqtada Al-Sadr - the chief ethnic cleanser of Iraq and who is nothing but another tool for Iran. Like Nasrallah himself.

And this also explains the "miraculous breakthrough" in Lebanon following its last political crisis.

In other words, Iran is telling the US and the US is listening - trust me on that one - "WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER REMEMBER HOW WE HELPED YOU IN IRAQ."

Hmmm, I just "love" this kind of Iranian "anti-imperialism, anti-zionism" Don't you ?

A good critique of Nasrallah by the TRUE Iraqi Resistance - the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade can be found here. Again it is in Arabic. Hence my introductory "cry for help" in translation.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go and finish cooking dinner.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Shaker Al-Alussi

June 3, 2008

Rabid Dogs.

"Kick ass! - he quotes the president as saying - If somebody tries to stop the march to democracy, we will seek them out and kill them! We must be tougher than hell! This Vietnam stuff, this is not even close. It is a mind-set...There is a series of moments and this is one of them. Our will is being tested, but we are resolute. We have a better way. Stay strong! Stay the course! Kill them! Be confident! Prevail! We are going to wipe them out! We are not blinking!" (article here)

These are the words of your president to Sanchez, general Sanchez, another rabid dog...

Some websites called it a "shocking pep talk." But that was no pep talk and it was not shocking coming from you lot.

We've always affirmed it, you are nothing but a bunch of rabid dogs. I am not shocked at all. I can even tell you that I am 100% sure that not only your president but you too, think, say and act along the same lines as your president, politics or no politics.

What can I say ? It's your culture, your way of thinking, your cognition and perception of the world that surrounds you, your emotional state, your level of bestiality...in sum it's You.

So why are you "good people" so shocked? Oh am shocked! How shocking! How could he! How could they!...

Oh really? Heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking. So shocked eh ?

There is an American guy that corresponds with me often, he said to me today:

"I realized that we have not stopped bombing and killing you for the past 18 years...but please don't generalize about us."

My reply to him was "two buildings fell to the ground and you have not stopped talking about it and acting upon it since it first happened..."

He replied "Very few people out there know the truth"

"Bull crap" I said, "You don't want to know the truth, you refuse to see the truth, you are anti-truth, your denial is the highest form of arrogance. You say - yes but, yes but you need to understand, yes but we are not responsible, yes but you need to empathize, yes but...you justify, minimize, rationalize, excuse, and no matter what article, piece of news, fact, picture, testimony... is handed to you lot, you will always have a yes but so conveniently handy."

Him again : " Yes but, you need...."

That's it keep asking the victims to comprehend, understand, follow the logic, empathize, with their predators. Yes but...my butt!

And what do you have to say to "kill them all, wipe them all", which yes but-- will you come up with this time?

Because killed us is what you actually did. Just like that, "kill them all. " And you did. There are no "yes buts" here. This is you - the rabid dogs of the 21st century.

Rabid dogs are not made to lead the world. Rabid dogs are not made to rule anything. Rabid dogs are not made to issue verdicts, statements or engage in politics. Rabid dogs are not part of the Human Species. Rabid dogs must be in a cage, in a Zoo, and this is where you belong - in a Zoo with a huge sign reading "No trespassing -Danger."

You should be caged like the enraged animals that you are because your presence is a menace to what is left of the world. You are a public health hazard, a deformity, something gone terribly awry in the course of evolution, an abnormal remnant from the prehistoric animal kingdom. Yes, this is exactly what you are. A calamity, a catastrophe, a curse upon the human race.

I am very tempted to say "you know what the best treatment for rabid dogs is, don't you?", but I shall leave that to "time and circumstances" - they will take care of it, of you.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Delair Shaker 2006.

June 2, 2008

Another Stolen Childhood - Afghanistan.

The child workers of Afghanistan video / Al-Jazeera 2/6/08

For those who care...

By the way, my Uncensored Blog is regularly updated, even though I don't necessarily advertise it...

June 1, 2008

Exorcising a Child's Nightmare...

I woke up today with another sinking feeling. I thought I've gotten used to them - sinking feelings, by now...but no.

I dreamt of being in some sort of refuge center that takes in abandoned children, Iraqi children. It looked more like some rehabilitation center than anything else.

The whole dream was tinged with a dirty beige color, reminding me of those missionary orphanages, or these medieval looking hospitals.

I saw myself in this place, and two Iraqis kids were brought in, one girl and one boy. Our "mission" was to bathe them, give them a clean bed to sleep, and feed them...

So I and this "coworker" whoever it was, bathed the two kids. And I could not help but notice that their private parts looked like those of an adult.

In the dream, I said to myself, how can that be ? These are kids not older than 10!

So I made the remark to my "coworker" and she said "pay no attention".

I replied "how can I pay no attention, their genitals are over-developed for their age. Something is wrong here. And this girl's private parts look like that of a woman who has given birth"

So I asked the little girl, I said to her, "what happened, you can tell, I promise I will not let anyone hurt you." And she replied in a soft, sleepy voice "Please let me sleep, I have not slept in ages..."

I woke up from this dream and I understood that the time has come for me to write about the sexually abused, raped, trafficked, sold children of Iraq and dedicate that post to them.

I've been deliberately putting it off for some reason or another. Maybe because this subject affects me deeply and I can already see the emotional, psychological, moral, sexual and spiritual damage reverberating for generations to come, contaminating and scarring all future ones... Such things are never forgotten -- on a collective, conscious or unconscious level...they will be passed on from generation to generation...

I guess my own unconscious having been patient enough with my willful procrastination on the subject, gave me that dream. Its way of telling me "now, you expose it for what it is." So I am obliging with my own limited means.

And now has come the time to share a piece of news I've been putting off for some time. I know I have, on several occasions, alluded to Iraqi children being sold and trafficked into sexual slavery. I have also mentioned about those who are sexually abused in orphanages, streets and the rest...

So this piece of news was from an email I received on the 15th of March 08, from M. And this is what it said :

" Swedish press reveal serious facts on the markets for the sale of children in Iraq. Investigative journalism, published on page 6 of the broadest and largest newspaper - Swedish Agency for World News Express - which has been translated into more than 12 languages throughout the globe in the last 24 hours, which has caused an outcry in Sweden...

The disguised Swedish press (Tiris Christenson), and her colleague (Thorbjorn Anderson) went in an old Brazilian Volkswagen car and followed closely the sale of children in a large market at the centre of Baghdad with pictures and sound .. Market for the sale of infants and adolescents .. Slave market in the land of the cradle of civilisation which made the readers and viewers cry the minute the story was published and shown on Swedish television!

It's an Iraqi girl named (Zahra) age of 4, sold in the centre of Baghdad for $ 500! Then the journalist shows the children that are sold at the copper market, and women forced to prostitution. The actual figures are not shown in the daily number of killings, the journalist continued describing the lives of the Iraqis under the daily killing, hunger, torture, kidnapping, slaughter and total anarchy, all under the cover of Democracy.

This story will make thunders around the world and hopefully will awake some conscience...

The Swedish government has announced that they will grant the abused Iraqi children and women an asylum to live in Sweden and they will be allowed to have their families with them...

The amazing thing is the reporter talks abut a place where children are sold and shows it on a map inside the Green Zone of Iraq and no one knows to whom and where the children sold being taken to."

I will tell you where they are taken to. They are taken as sexual slaves to neighboring countries like Kuwait and Iran. They are taken as merchandise and sold to "civilized Westerners", including Americans and Brits. They are prisoners of pedophile and porn rings...

And NO, the Swedish government and the rest of the "civilized Western" governments and societies will not do anything despite their so-called outcry. In fact Sweden and the rest have closed their doors in the face of Iraqi asylum seekers. So spare us your crocodile tears...

So what can be done locally when "the budget allocated to projects that help street children and orphans is decreasing day in and day out," notes an Iraqi Red Crescent employee refusing to give his name.
" Worse still, almost NO NGO is dedicating itself to this group of kids who are subject to trafficking and sexual abuses in the streets."

So the trauma of occupation, of a stolen childhood, of violence, of losing one's parents, one's home, of dreaming of artificial limbs, of poverty, of empty stomachs, of child labour, of untreated diseases because of lack, of phosphorus and depleted uranium deformities...are not enough for you. Of course there has to be more, and more, and more...

Who is going to save them from the inferno of adult sexual perversion ?

Who will stop these children from having the genitals of a grown up ?

Who will exorcise them from the devil's claws ?

Who will stop their daily nightmares ?

Who will let them sleep in peace ?


P.S: Afghanistan is following in our footsteps. All thanks to You -- "civilized world."

Painting: Iraqi artist, Falah Al-Saeidi