June 8, 2008

News from "Kurdistan."

My relative N. finally got a post as a geologist in "Kurdistan."

He left his family, wife, kids, behind - here...as he lost his home in Baghdad to the sectarian Shias (and I would really like to meet any Shia who is not a sectarian, in vain...)

He comes to see his family once every two months or so. He visited us today and this is what he had to tell me , word for word.

- In Erbil's airport and in the streets of this city, I frequently came face to face with Israelis. Kippa, curls and all...There is a direct line from Erbil to Israel but it is all kept secret. The Israelis are everywhere in this city.

- All the Iraqi Airways planes that were stationed in Jordan were confiscated by the Kurds. They re-painted them in white and use them for their flights, pretending it is their own airline.

- The extra 8 oil fields discovered in the North, you would not believe what is taking place there. Kurdish families pull oil out with buckets and sell it on the black market for 40$ a bucket. There is no control, no accountability, everyone is stealing every one else.

- The Kurdish families of Talabani and Barazani are the biggest mafias in Kurdistan. They are the most corrupt and the most tyrannical. Everyone knows it but everyone is too scared to utter a word.

- I have never seen anything like it before Layla. Iraq is being raped daily and in total silence.

So "dear" Arab "lefties" of my butt, who bought into the massive propaganda, spun by the US, the Zionists and the Iranians and cried along with Chomsky and the anti-war gigolos about "Kurdish" rights -- Enjoy.

So "dear" Iraqis who clamored and danced for their "liberation" and exhibited their purple fingers dipped in "democratic elections" ink -- Enjoy it too.

Not that these two groups really give a fuck. One has filled its pockets with propaganda money coming from the US, Israel and Iran and I am referring to the "left" in the West and in the Arab world. And do include some repugnant "Arab" bloggers in the lot.

And the other, the so-called "Iraqis" who filled theirs as well, because daddy, hubby, bro, or uncle works in the Green Zone and/or is affiliated with it.

But from the two groups above, the ones that I hold most in contempt and utter disdain are the "Iraqi" sell outs. They are the ones who sold it for our blood.

And my wish to you, you sons of whores -- is that every penny your made out of our corpses, every single penny, will turn into venom, the deadliest of poisons and slowly gnaw at you, deep inside of you, eating you away...

Painting: Iraqi (kurdish) artist, Serwan Baran.