June 1, 2008

The Sword of Damocles...

Cicero in his 5th Disputation when referring to the Sword of Damocles allegory asks

"Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?"

An everlasting fear is what looms over Iraqi heads, for this is no ordinary occupation...

On the one hand we have the Americans and on the other the Iranians, both gluttonously vying for this ancient piece of land, like two vultures ready to pounce on the last carcass.

Sometimes I ask myself which is more tolerable in the long run - The American or the Iranian ? My whole being rejects both...but,

I know the American scum will be driven out sooner or later, but what to do with these fucking Iranians who live next door ?

What is worse - being occupied by a total stranger or by a neighbor who pretends he's a Muslim like yourself ? What is worse - being raped, tortured and murdered by a stranger or by a neighbor with whom you've cohabited for centuries ?

This is a question I ask myself often, as if I had the choice to start with!

America is clearly the enemy. No doubt about that. It's presence is all too clear. You can spot the motherfuckers, their death merchants and their spies.

But the neighbor, how do you spot him, when he has infiltrated everything ? When he has infiltrated every single room in your home ?

And this is exactly what Iran has done to the Iraqis and in particular the Arab Iraqis.

It managed to co-opt a section of the Shia population with an archaic political ideology which I call political Shi'ism, another synonym for Khomeinism...but really behind this ideological banner is nothing but Persian imperialist aspirations.

I buy NOTHING from the past and current Iranian "revolutionary" discourse.
None of it. I can actually use their "anti-imperialist", "anti-Zionist" propaganda paper to wipe my toilet but even then, I feel my toilet deserves better.

I know exactly how the Iranians operate...

You need to understand that Iran pulls all the strings available to it. ALL of them.
From the Maliki string, to the Al-Qaeda string, to the Nasrallah string, to the Muqtada Al-Sadr string, to the Jaafari string, to the Sistani and his rotten Hawza string...and last but not least, it also pulls the Kurdish string, the Talabani-Barazani duo farts.

Iran will do whatever is necessary to achieve its full aims in Iraq. It has already made some real tangible strides but nothing is enough for Persian greed.

Some argue that Iran is only concerned with its nuclear dossier - rubbish. This is only one aspect. Others argue that Iran is only concerned with its strategic security
- another rubbish. This is only another aspect.

The beast is multi faceted. And at the core is one main tenant, one main pillar, one main banner - Wilayat Al-Faqih.

Wilayat Al-Faqih - the state of things where all conditions are re-united for the coming Mahdi.

Combine this ideological nucleus with historical Persian imperial ambitions and you will understand what am talking about.

You will understand that the neighbor's sword is as lethal as that of the stranger...if not more.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi, 2007