June 11, 2008

A Glee of Satisfaction....

I just love it when am proven right. Not because am pompous or anything, but because it means that what I happen to see is correct and not some figment of my imagination.

After all, with all the bullshit I read on blogs and even on my own comment section, I do ask myself questions. But then, an article appears just in time to confirm my initial vision.

In my post Surreal Concidences dated May 28th, 08 -- I textually said there will be a breakthrough between Hezbollah and Israel on the Shabaa farms as these are tied in with Syria.

And guess what ? Olmert is hoping for talks with Lebanon and ...now the hot piece of news -- Hezbollah willing to negotiate over Shabaa farms.

And I can now tell you that Hezbollah and Israel have been secretly negotiating in Germany and the bits of news I just linked above are nothing but the result of their negotiations.

I wonder what the mullahs and pro-Iran pundits and vultures have to say now. Ha!

Knowing these political midgets, they will likely to remain silent for a little while or maybe proclaim another "divine victory" hahahaha

But am not too worried, Iran - the greedy courtisane - will dangle the sectarian card again and flare it up somewhere else...Possibly Baghdad again, Yemen (already happening), Pakistan (most definitely) and Saudi Arabia.(in all likelihood). But first, she will wait for new orders from her Zionist masters.

And you can be sure to hear the never ending barks of the mullahs and their ideological prostitutes all over again...not that they have stopped. Fascist, racist loyalties oblige !

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki