May 28, 2008

"Surreal Coincidences"

I find it quite "interesting" that the price of crude has gone down from 133$ from 3 days ago to 127$ today --when all analysts were speculating that it would reach the 200$ ceiling.

133 $ was just before the Doha agreements, 127$ right after...and more predictions on its price decline.

I suppose the new American-Iranian deal on Lebanon does pay off, specially bearing in mind that not too long ago, Ahmadijenad stated that the price of oil was not high enough for his taste.

Bush being totally lost, ran to the Saudis urging them to bring it down, they shook their heads with a polite NO. Bush was not pleased with that....But Doha arranged it all with its new American-Iranian deal on Lebanon and Syria.

If you want to find out more on how "surreal coincidences" occur, you need to read this article - "Lebanon's deals hint at new regional accord".

By the way I don't agree with the theory that affirms blindly that the deal between Syria and Israel is to isolate Iran. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, Syria will never forfeit its privileged strategic relation with Iran in exchange for the Golan Heights. This thing has been cooking since the Israeli war of aggression on Lebanon in 2006 (and some argue way before) and this latter was only the paving of the way...the beginning of a new road map...

It is also quite "interesting" that the Israeli war of aggression in 06 and the Hezb show of "divine resistance" took place at the height when the other proxy Iranian militias conducted their ethnic cleansing in Iraq, enhancing Iran's political grip in Baghdad - the center, in the South (rich in oil) and today in the North of Iraq -(Mosul and Kirkuk, again rich in oil) and this time with the direct help of the Kurdish warlords. All done under an American occupation.

I guess it was/is another "surreal coincidence." Or maybe just the old political ploy/adage - wage a war to make a peace.
Wage a war to justify a peace now that Iraq has been "neutralized." from its Arab, anti-zionist, anti-Imperialist role.

And, on a side note, until this very day, the Iraqi Sunnis cannot get themselves to form an accord with this sectarian Iranian government. Today, the Sunnis have walked out again.

All of this makes you also wonder, that with an Israel- Syria breakthrough, a return of the Lebanese prisoners back to the Hezb (which was really the starting point of the war in 06), and possibly a deal on the Shab'aa farms in Lebanon (since they are tied in with Syria), and add a possible accord between the PA and Hamas (in the making after this breakthrough)--with all of that, what will the Iranian Nasrallah new rhetoric be about?

Want to know ? Are you sure ? He/they will have IRAQ left. Iraq where the clear cut Iranian-American deal is on the table. All Iraqis know it and see it, except you. Another little show of force and a few barks here and there, and they will both rush to another Doha table.

I guess you can call that another "surreal coincidence" in the making...

And further down the line, expect more of the Iraqi "experiment" to take place where there are Shia minorities --in particular Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan. Bahrain and Kuwait have already sold it to both -- the U.S and Iran.

In any case, the latest events in Lebanon and what really took place was Iran's show of bargaining power over Lebanon through its proxy militia - the Hezb. And it was not so much directed against the U.S but very much against Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, and to make it real simple for you - expect to see more deals along the same lines - with the first preliminary secret "affair" between America and Iran in Iraq taking on more of a public, cajoling ouverture...

And as the popular saying goes "Birds of feather, flock together" or to use more political terms - One fundamentalism calls onto the other. And what better racist fundamentalists are they around in the Middle East, but US/Israel and Iran ?

"Surreal Coincidences"- indeed.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mowafak Abdel Hadi Al Rassam