May 20, 2008

Your's Forgetfully,

What the fuck is going on here ? Why do I have this impression that Iraq has been forgotten ? Why do I perceive that the discourse has taken a turn, for over 4 years now, away from Iraq, away from THE occupation of the 21st century ?

Who are these motherfuckers putting Iraq on the "back burner"?

Who are these deceptive sons of bitches obliterating the millions of deaths, the millions of those left behind, languishing in grief and ruins ?

I'll tell you who they are.

They are divided into two categories. The Zionist/American Camp and the Iranian Camp.

These are the ones who are currently pulling all the strings. They belong to the "right" and to the so-called "left". But when it comes to Iraq they are in total agreement, in total harmony.

The Right camp with its propaganda tries to make you believe that Iran is the real danger and that it has to be fought.

The Left wants you to believe that Iran is the anti-Zionist, anti-Imperialist victim and that it needs to be defended.

But - IN IRAQ, both camps are present, dancing away over our bodies, over our corpses... And you the idiots that you are, bark away on either side of the fence, over our dead bodies...

IRAQ, IRAQ, IRAQ --- Iran is nothing, Israel is nothing - both are nothing for me right now.

Fuck them both, fuck all other causes. My country is occupied by both Zionist America and Iran . What have you got to say to that ?

How does your "deep political analysis" explain that one ?

How do you explain the Great Satan fucking with the Axis of Evil ?

I shall explain it to you. The Great Satan needs the Axis of Evil. Evil is Evil.

For me, today Iran and Israel are ONE and the SAME.

No, no, I don't want to see you raising your eyebrows, and I don't want to hear any of your shitty accusations . You, the ones in bad faith are -- the Zionists, the racists, the chauvinists, the sectarians, the imperialists, the reactionaries....

Yes you are.

Israel is a racist, chauvinist state based on so-called Judaism. It tortures, imprisons, steals lands, ethnically cleanses, erases history, destroy homes, displaces, exiles...

Iran is a racist, chauvinist state based on so-called Shi'ism. It tortures, imprisons, steals lands, ethnically cleanses, erases history, destroys homes, displaces and exiles...

So explain to me what fucking difference is there between the two ?

You argue that Iran does not ? To hell with your arguments, this is my country, I know what is happening in my country. I know who are Iran's proxies in Iraq. I know how it ethnically cleanses. I know how it pays peanuts for lands and displaces thousands, how it demolishes homes, erases history...I know how it tortures, I know its methods, I know its ploys and games.

Just like Israel. No different.

So where are you "brave" voices about the occupation of my land by Iran and by Zionist America?

Where are you voices when MY history is being erased ?

I expect that from the Americans. I expect that from the Zionists, but you, you dirty bastards from the "left" including the shit "Arab left" where are you voices ?

So you think Iran is going to "liberate" you the way it liberated us ? Well I hope it does liberate you the same way.

I hope for you fuckers, to find yourselves without homes, ethnically cleansed, displaced, exiled, with your homes demolished, with your loved ones tortured, with your Omar, Bakr and Othman murdered because of their sects...

I hope for every single "Arab" piece of shit, that defends Iran and ALL OF ITS PROXIES to live through what we lived and are living through...

I hope for every single "Arab" to live in dual occupations - A Zionist American and an Iranian one.

Let me see your slogans and let me hear your barks then. Bunch of sell out, unprincipled, political prostitutes that you are.

I pray that the Great Satan fucks with the Axis of Evil in your own backyard.

I pray that America and Iran and its proxies liberate you through torture and death.

I pray that you rot in forgetfulness, just the way you have forgotten us.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarey.