May 24, 2008

Dual Occupations - The Palestinian flavor.

Khaled Mash'al from Hamas, based in Syria, was visiting Iran.

I looked at his picture and could not help but laugh at how the puppets always mimic their masters.

Mash'al looked like an Iranian official. His sober dark suit, his white shirt - no tie of course, Iranian way and his finger pointing in total demagoguery. The only thing missing were a few silver rings from Qum on his hands. He probably took them off - too obvious otherwise.

I guess Mash'al is not too bothered by the fact that Iran has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinians in Iraq - nor that they found themselves in tents on borders....nor is he too bothered that Nasrallah and his hezb contributed through their participation in the Lebanese army to clean away the Nahr Al-Bared camp in Lebanon. Nor that Amal, the shia party in Lebanon of which the hezb is a pure Iranian offshoot, was busy cleaning the Palestinians camps during the Lebanese "civil war".

I suppose these Palestinians are disposable material for Mash'al and his Hamastani cause.

The Palestinian people (or what is left of them) just like the Iraqis (or what is left of them) are also caught between dual occupations.

Let me qualify that - a dual occupation discourse. The Abbas-Olmert-Rice discourse and the Hamas-Assad-Ahmadinejad discourse.

The Palestinian cause has been HIJACKED by both sets of ZIONISTS.

Some "Palestinians" truly believe that Iran will free them from Israeli occupation.
This must the best line for a comedy - circus show in the unravelling Arab saga.

Yalla, what a pity.

May you rest in Peace ya Arafat. Both managed to kill you.