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Homecoming - Split in Two.

Hello Blog, long time, been two years, did not miss you much, missed Iraq though, the Iraq of my memories, niched somewhere refusing to be forgotten. I do not miss the current Iraq, it's gone to the dogs, split in two, three and maybe even four.
Talking about splits. Remember that thing I devoted a whole post in its "honor". if you click on the link, you will get to see its "beautiful face". Anyway I received this from it dated 8 July 2016 (here is its 2 minutes of online fame)
"I hope someone sticks in sword in your rotten vagina and splits you in two.  Ive decided that its been a while since you have been degraded . I plan for you an online equivalent of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo all rolled in one ....stay tuned."
What better way to write again, without this lovely invitation ?
Not that I wish to beef up that thing, beef up the inexistent part, that need beefing up and sexing up to use Tony Blair words before the United Stat…