July 30, 2006

The Politics of Corruption

Qana , again - Qana revisited . A deliberate act to open up old wounds. They want it to flare . I am dampening the fire with my tears . I will not let if flare . I hate Saudi Arabia , the regime . Am no shia for that matter but I still hate them . They represent everything that I detest most . I heard the news about Qana . I cried to the skies . I implored God , Allah, the Virgin , the Prophets , Jesus , Mohammed . I called upon them all ....
I called upon them during Qana I and during the Ameryia where hundreds of Iraqis were burnt to death during their sleep in their refuge . A refuge from b52.s , a refuge from smart bombs .
They were burnt alive in their sleep. I wailed just as I am wailing now . I wailed when Falluja was pounded with phosphorus bombs and they picked dead children in Falluja square . I cursed and implored God and his prophets . .... I wailed at Jenin and Gaza and Ramallah. And cried fiery tears helpless and hopeless...and again I am helpless and hopeless.
Where is The Saudi Army or the Egyptian or the Jordanian ? They are going to spend 5billion dollars on a new arms deal with the USA so I hear . They are deaf , they play deaf.
And where is the great Iranian or Syrian Army - what are they doing ? Counting deads in Iraq,in Palestine and in Lebanon ?
And where was and is Iran and all the rest when The Great Satan waged two wars against Iraq, killed half a million babies with its sanctions , what did Iran do apart from give arms to the so called shia rebels who partook in the massacre of Falluja and applauded the American invasion ?
What is Saudi doing when Sunnis are being massacred in Iraq or when muslims are massacred in Lebanon and Palestine ?
What is Alawite Syria doing about the Shia being massacred in Lebanon and where is Iran ?Why is not fighting the great Satan? He is at full speed working in Qana. Just as he worked full speed in Amaryia and Falluja and in Jenin and in Gaza and and ......
Liars ! They have lied to us . All of them have lied to us . Sheep are for the Eid . Am no longer a sheep of corrupt politics when innocent blood is being spilled daily . We've had enough sacrificial lambs !
Why have they abandoned Lebanon to wage a war alone ?
Where is Faylak Bader of the Al Hakem family of Iran ? why is not siding with its brothers in Lebanon ?
Where are the retrograde Wahabis with their long beards and dishdashas ? What are they doing? How many rakas have they prayed today ? and for whom ? Who did they really implore?
Are they dissapointed that their sex tourism will be spoiled this year ?
Not enough booze and prostitutes ? No worries they will make up for it in London , Geneva and Paris . By the way , just in case you did not know , Diana Haddad - the born lebanese singer turned Khaleeji will be hosting a special evening at the Hilton Palace in Geneva on the 11th of August . She will be singing for the Khaleeji crowd . Over her, will hover the souls of the babes of Qana cursing and spitting in unison, with One tumulteous voice . Louder than the empty noise of corrupt politics and louder than the microphones of impotent rulers . Who ever said the dead cannot talk ? I see them pointing fingers dripping with blood and I can still hear their cries
from afar mingled with the smoke and thunder of bombs .
To Qana with my love - Sleep in Peace if you can .

July 24, 2006

Wars - Beginnings with no End

I am tired . The stream of news coming my way is making me tired . I am physically , psychologically and emotionally tired . I have lost count of the numbers of dead . Dead bodies , dead lands , dead souls . The destruction seems to have no end in sight . I am writing to stay sane - maybe sane is an ambitious aim . Let's just say I am writing to fight the death around me lest the written word may revive something .
I have already witnessed 6 wars or is it 7 - there too I have lost count . I am only in my 40's I would exclaim - an exclamation that would fall on deaf ears . Can you imagine 7 wars in 40 years?
Let me recall . Actually I do not need to recall , its all very vivid in my memory .
First war , 1967 - We spent many weeks in shelters . I started seeing black .
Then came 1973- I used to stand on the balcony and count the numbers of israeli jets that would fly over my little head . Wondering why the skies turned suddenly gray . I started picking black clothes .
Then the Lebanese civil War1975 . I smelled the rotten flesh on the streets .I wore black.
Then the Iraqi- Iranian War 1980 - I wore black .
Then the Isreali invasion of Lebanon- 1982. I wore black .
Then Gulf war I- 1990 . I wore black for 40 days.
Then Gulf war II -2002 or was it 2003 . I wore black.
and now Lebanon again -2006 . Am wearing black again .
Have not counted the intifadas , nor the incursions in Jenin, Rafah, Ramallah , Gaza nor the dead in the streets of Baghdad.
Today I decided I will no longer wear black.
I dont know how this came about , but it was a decision . A conscious one . I cannot grieve anymore . I actually noticed that my eyes are very dry today , I am worried I have no more tears . The grief has given way to a cold rage - not a seething one , not an exuberant one , nor a fiery one , just a cold cold rage . A beginning with no end .