April 29, 2010

Yellowjumpsuits - Iraq's Prisoners in American Dungeons.

As you know in occupied Iraq there are many dungeons -- need I repeat myself ?!
There are the sectarian Shiite dungeons who just relish sodomy with sticks, pistols and cables and the use of hamburger grills on their prisoners, that is after the Black and Decker drill ...
Then there are the Kurdish dungeons in so-called Iraqi "Kurdistan"
And last but not least - there are the American dungeons.

I think the word - Dungeonistan is an appropriate one to describe the "new" Iraq of Freedom and Democracy...

Today I will focus on the American jails IN IRAQ. Now, I want you to re-read that short sentence. I repeat
the American jails IN Iraq. Just in case you missed it - I will repeat it a third time - the AMERICAN jails IN IRAQ.

In other words the barbaric hoards of americans cross oceans to come and jail people in their own country - and the same animals call it Freedom and Democracy. It's like me landing in that shit hole called the USA and I bring with me a hoard of men and jail all of you bastards in your own turf. And those I can't jail myself, I will hand over to leaders of sectarian death squads so they can grill your asses, barbecue them or drill you to the bone...but hey am bringing you freedom, I am actually liberating you from a dictatorship...why can't you sons of bitches be grateful now ?! Oh and am sorry if there are instances of a little" excessive use of force" if at all - I've got a few "bad apples" in my cart.

OK jerks - the joke is over. Here is a sample, yet another sample of Iraqi men in U.S prisons IN IRAQ. This -- I received a couple of days ago (Thanks A.H.)

I remember, in Nazi Germany, they made jews wear Yellow armbands.. In Iraq, you make us wear Yellow jumpsuits.

These are SOME of their pictures and their names in both Arabic and English. Click on the picture to enlarge name. Some are as young as 15 and some as old as 65. Prisoners in their own country by a FOREIGN power called America. And here's your Freedom and Democracy Photo Album.

Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 2
Click here for Part 3
Click here for Part 4
Click here for Part 5
Click here for Part 6
Click here for Part 7
Click here for Part 8 

I looked at each picture, and wondered how many Abu Ghraib Freedom and Democracy methods they were subjected to.

I am REQUESTING -  oh yes you read me right - am not begging, am not pleading, am not supplicating, am not gently asking, am not appealing....I am DEMANDING that all organizations concerned with "human rights" (what's that???) be it the UN, Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, REPRIEVE, Lawyers, Jurists and anyone else to MAKE A MOVE NOW!

For those who have one iota of conscience left - you can contact the lawyer and human right activist-- Dr. Mohamed Al-Shekhili - Director of the Center for Justice (London) for more ample information and a more comprehensive list of prisoners names. This is his email address. dralshekhili@btinternet.com

And NO ! I will not mind my language. You have stripped the word Morality of any meaning. My language is like rosewater in comparison to your criminal deeds. And yes ALL the american "people" ARE responsible for this Iraqi HOLOCAUST.

Good God ! this is a never ending nightmare....

April 28, 2010

Freedom Samples - Abu Ghraib Galore...

One post after another...I am writing for the record. I am writing so I will never forget. I am writing so you will always be reminded...

Torture in Shiistan, Torture in Kurdistan, torture, torture, torture -- Iraq is one huge Abu Ghraib...hundreds of little Abu Ghraibs across the country....hundreds....all operating with the same american spirit...the american spirit of the founding fathers---- of Torture, Rape, and Sodomy...in the new Iraq.

This time got detailed testimonies from shiistan's dungeons. I will not reproduce the whole Human Rights Watch report here...just  headlines...mouth watering headlines for the sexual perverts of the new world order, of america, iran and its shiistan supporters...

But fist I want all those sons of bitches who called me a liar to come and grovel in mortification at my feet....and I want all those sons of bitches who called me sectarian to come and kiss my shoe...because ....there are only one sectarian psychopathic criminal sons of bitches here and that is the shiite parties and ALL of their followers and sympathizers....ALL OF THEM. And these terrorists only came to power thanks to the GREATER terrorist called united states of america.

If you want to know who Al-Qaeda in Iraq is - you need to look at americans and their shiite lapdogs who wags their tails to the us, gb and iran.

And yes there is a genocide of the Iraqi Arab Sunnis and you know that, and I know that....but since your jewish zionist godfather chomsky and your jewish zionist godfather r.perle decreed that the shiites were oppressed in Iraq and you believed the LIES - you have kept silent about the genocide of Sunnis. You have kept silent about the real culprits, whitewashing iran, whitewashing the rapist and driller muqtada al-sadr, you even went to extent of whitewashing the triple agent ahmed chalabi and you went and offered bouquet of flowers to nouri al-maliki of the terrorist shiite DAWA party when he arrived to washington dc, welcoming him like a hero - you the anti-war leftist garbage and your neocons, liberals, progressives, democrats...you are all one rotten, depraved lot.

This is how debased you are...and the crimes continue...every single day...since 2003...and the killings continue every single day, and the torture, rape, sodomy, abductions, kidnappings.....tragedy....continues every fucking single day....vile, vile, vile................VILE !

All of the detainees were SUNNIS - so called insurgents, and with so-called links to Al-Qaeda...all were forced to sign confessions when it was clear that they were innocent. I quote from the report :

"Detainees in a secret Baghdad detention facility were hung upside-down, deprived of air, kicked, whipped, beaten, given electric shocks, and sodomized...."

" During the interrogations, security officials mocked the detainees and called them "terrorists" and "Ba'athists." To stop the torture, detainees said, they either offered fake confessions or signed or fingerprinted a prepared confession without having read it. Even after they confessed, many said, torture persisted."

I quote some more....

They described how interrogators and security officials sodomized some detainees with broomsticks and pistol barrels and raped younger detainees..."some young men said they had been forced to perform oral sex on interrogators and guards. Interrogators also forced some detainees to molest one another.....Security officials whipped detainees with heavy cables, pulled out fingernails and toenails, burned them with acid and cigarettes, and smashed their teeth. If detainees still refused to confess, interrogators would threaten to rape their wives, mothers, sisters, or daughters. The interrogation sessions usually lasted three or four hours and occurred every three or four days...

And I quote some more...

Detainee A. hung upside down, suffocated with a plastic bag, woken up with electrical shocks to his genitals, forced to confess to killings he did not do, was urinating blood...

Detainee B. a pediatrician, saw his cell mate die of internal bleeding due to torture..

Detainee D. ex army officer, in a wheel chair, sodomized with a stick and beaten till his teeth fell out.

Detainee E. 21 years old, beaten daily, threatened to rape his mother and sister unless he confessed to crimes he did not commit his testimony "It hurt when it started to penetrate me. The guards were all laughing and saying, ‘He's very tight, let's bring some soap!' When I experienced the pain, I asked them to stop and that I would confess. Although I confessed to the killings, I mentioned fake names since I never killed anyone. So the torture continued even after I confessed because they suspected my confession was false." One of the guards also forced him to have oral sex."

Detainee F... "suffered broken ribs from the beatings and urinated blood for days. The interrogators threatened to rape his wife if he did not confess. One time he was stripped naked and told to penetrate another naked inmate lying on the floor or that he would otherwise be raped by two male guards."

Detainees G and H, father (59) and son (29) respectively.."both endured sessions in which interrogators hung them upside down and beat them. During one session the father was stripped naked in front of the son, and the son was told they if he did not confess they would rape his father. The father was told that if he did not confess they would kill his son. The son was subsequently sodomized with a broomstick and the guards' fingers."

Detainee I. 24, "... still has severe leg injuries and wets his bed after he was sodomized numerous times with a broomstick and pistol. During one session, an interrogator told him that they would rape his mother and sister if he did not confess. During another beating, interrogators hit him so hard that he lost several front teeth..".

These are just a little sample of your innumerable Abu Ghraibs, samples of your democracy, samples of your liberation from "the tyrannical dictatorship", samples of the "restoration of shiite rights"....samples of Freedom...

What you sons of bitches have done to Iraq and Iraqis....cannot be mustered in words...it is beyond words...it is beyond...beyond...beyond...

Life is Hell for Iraqis....

The title on the Al-Jazeera English website is mild --- they call it "Life is Difficult for Iraqis". Bullshit and a thousand bullshits!!! Life is Hell for Iraqis and it's been on ongoing Hell since 2003...year of our so-called "liberation".

Below-- a 2mn video of a widow in Adhamiya...hope am not taking too much of your precious time with a 2mn and 7 bloody years of freedom and democracy...

A new report by Amnesty International says " hundreds of people are still killed and maimed every month and has found that those who speak out, like human rights campaigners or journalists, face constant danger. Religious and ethnic minorities, women, gay men and refugees also all live with the fear they will be battered or killed. And the report goes on to say that --- armed groups linked to "al-Qaeda" and political militias are often responsible. Some have links to Iraqi politicians, like the Mahdi army of Moqtada al-Sadr, the Shia religious leader.."

Oh good morning Amnesty International...good morning !

and the Jazeera  article concludes with ---  for many Iraqis, life is tough, and fear is constant...

Did you say tough ? hahahahaha, you mean HELL... LIFE IS HELL FOR IRAQIS.

April 27, 2010

To Her - A musical Version

28th April 2010

Some time back I posted a lovely acoustic version of "To Her". A musical composition by Eddie with lyrics based on my humble poem dedicated to Iraq.(slightly modified by Ed)

To Her
My lovely one,
what have they done to you?
My lovely one,
what have they done to you?My lovely one,
how disfigured you've become.
They've slashed your beautiful face,
with a thousand knives.
Hammered nails in your wrists,
set your body on fire.
Amputated your breasts,
smeared your blood on walls.
choking with phosphorus,sewage,garbage,
depleted uranium.
My lovely one,
what have they done to you?
My lovely one,
what have they done to you?
My lovely one,
how disfigured you've become.
dying of hunger and thirst,
total obscurity.
Stole your wealth,spat on you,
erased your story.
Covered your elegant stature in rags
shrouded you in dirt.
Gang raped you,murdered your children,
buried you in a mass grave.
My lovely one,
what have they done to you?
My lovely one,
what have they done to you?
My lovely one,
what have they done to you?
My lovely one,
What have they done?

This one is Eddie's newer studio version, a powerful one , which gives me goosebumps and tears every time I listen to it . I urge you to listen to it and leave your feedback on his youtube page here.

Eddie has also done a new version of 7 years (of occupation) which I can't wait for him to upload as well..

Thank you Eddie for all  your wonderful work and your unwavering solidarity with Iraq and her people.

God Bless you and yours..

April 26, 2010


Let's face it, the majority of people are donkeys and Iraqis are no exception.

I always thought that Iraqis were slightly above average in intelligence, I was proved wrong...

Look at some of the Iraqis today - they really believe that the fact that they're allowed to flagellate themselves --  lash themselves with chains, rods...pierce themselves with daggers...slash themselves with razors -- is a sign of liberation...They really believe that Ali, Hassan, Hussein, Fatima, Zeinab and God himself really need all this paiiiiinnnnnn....I mean the more you inflict pain on yourself and others the freer you are  -- right ?

Is this some form of hidden Christian atonement for all this guilt...for all these sins ? (sounds like George Bush. No? Hallelujah !)....Ahhh..innumerable sins ! Bad boys and girls ! Or....maybe it could  be some masochistic/sadistic mental sexual perversion --lash me, oh yes!!! more...more...more...give me more..more liberation, more freedom...ohh!!!!

Alas, we are left to conclude that "freedom" is a very, very paiiiinnnnnful thing...and the donkeys proved us right...

April 25, 2010

There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq - Part 4

I really need to finish this as it is weighing on me...it's very late here but I've got to do what I've got to do.
So let's continue with the victims/witnesses testimonies. For the previous testimonies bearing names of torturers, their grades and location of prisons --please read part 3.

Also before I forget, I have just been informed that there is a wave of sectarian mass arrests and killings in  many Sunni villages throughout Iraq and the worst to be seen is in the Abu Ghraib district. Also from what I have been told (from very reliable sources) is that some Shiite clerics are starting an anti-Sunni campaign through sermons in Mosques - enticing their "faithful disciples" to go out and kill more Iraqis. This is more than worrisome....Oh Dear God !

Back to the transcripts that I will translate for you.

Transcript 2. Ex-detainee/torture victim from Mosul speaks to Al-Rafidain TV/ program Minbar Al-Rafidain.

caller - Al-Salam Aleikom, my name is Abu Ibrahim from Mosul, and I was released from the prison recently.
I was subjected to physical torture and to rape/sodomy by Division 2,Unit 10, Group 3 and the one responsible for my torture/supervising it was Brigadier Abdul Baree Mahmood Nemat aided by a Kurdish officer by the name of Kirwan who was also responsible for the deaths of 4 detainees.
Al Rafidain - please continue...
caller - and I confirm that there are in Baghdad alone more than 5 secret prisons under the direct orders of Al-Maliki and the director of Baghdad's intelligence operations. And there are today in Mosul, 3 locations where torture takes place in secret prisons 1) what was previously called Al-Kindi center. 2) Mosul's main ex presidential palace. 3) and the Tel Afar fortress.
Al-Rafidain - yes continue please...
caller - and there are over 100 detainees from Tel Afar I know of - who have spent the past 4 years in prisons with no charges and no reason. And the one responsible for these detainees is a Lieutenant from Division 2 by the name of  Nasser Ghanem who was transferred from Abu Ghraib. In Abu Ghraib some of my family members suffered the worst and today this same guy (Nasser Ghanem) is sent by Maliki to Mosul (for more torture). There is also another person by the name of Abbas Arit  fom Tel Afar who is also responsible for the torture that takes place and under whom 4 prisoners died from torture. I swear to you by Allah the greatest, (3 times) that this is the solemn truth and I don't want to go into more details about the rape of the detainees...

Transcript 3 -  from a family member of some of the detainees/prisoners -Baghdad.

caller - Hello, My name is Majed Lateef Al Dourri., my two brothers and their sons  as well as my cousin have disappeared in prison and we know nothing about their whereabouts since 2006. We have searched for them everywhere, can you please help us find them ?

Transcript 4 -  from a brother of a detainee in Tikrit

caller - hello is this Al-Rafidain ?
Al-Rafidain - yes it is, please go ahead...
caller - my brother is held up
Al-Rafidain - give us more details. where ?
caller - In Tikrit inside the "Jara'em" prison center. One of our relatives(detained) was charged with the murder of a certain Ahmad Al-Fahal, in a prison called Tafseerat  and my brother got arrested even though he had nothing to do with it . He is completely innocent. I visited him and I saw how he was subjected to torture. I can still hear his cries. Even his torturers said he is innocent. And so did the judge, who also sent him to the prison doctor because of the torture wounds. All say he is innocent. He's been detained for over 3 months now and the name is Siraj Mahdi.(not clear if this the name of the detained brother or the name of the torturer)  and this information I am giving you  from the Jara'em prison. I also want to tell you that there hundreds of prisoners there, on no charges, innocent, tortured and have been there for over a year already...


I have personally watched the program in question and I confirm that all the transcripts are correct - I could not possibly have remembered all these details by memory alone.

Obviously and this is glaring - the american  "liberation, freedom and democracy"- has been one huge enterprise of mass killings, torture, rape, secret prisons and the rest...

And what transpires from these few samples/testimonies apart from the arbitrary arrests, horrendous torture and killings that take place in Iraq's secret prisons are two important points .

1) the sure fact that -- the joining of the militia members into the armed forces is done systematically and in an organized fashion where leaders of a militia unit are also high grade officers in the armed forces.

2) the meticulous partitioning of Baghdad and its provinces into Divisions, Units, Groups and sub-groups all ruled by both the militias and the armed forces, forming a sophisticated network of state security intelligence units all reporting directly to either the government or to the Shiite parties.

This leads to the obvious fact regarding the sectarian depth and grip of the various Shiite parties on good parts of Iraq and when/if applicable - sectarian operations are carried out in conjunction with the Kurdish militias belonging to the Kurdish parties.

Who is that deceitful SOB who can still talk of national reconciliation ? What reconciliation ? Just a glimpse into these testimonies from the dungeons of Iraq show that no reconciliation is ever possible as long as these sectarian subhuman entities brought in by the barbaric american and iranian occupier still rule Iraq.

There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq - Part 3

This post was not possible without the wonderful help from a) Al-Rafidain Iraqi sat TV who provided all the transcripts from phone calls - calls by Iraqi ex-prisoners (from the secret prisons) and /or their families and b) A.H. aka Um Al-Ward. Her inside knowledge and great support is indispensable.

So thank you Al-Rafidain and A.H. for the fantastic work you do for our beloved Iraq.

In part 2, I said I will provide detailed information about Iraq's secret prisons including names of officers responsible for the torture that takes place.

But before I do so,  I need to denounce once more, once again the utter deceit and  hypocrisy of the Shiite parties of Iraq.

Muwafak Al -Rubaie, ex spokesman for Al-Maliki, decried the abuse of Human Rights in Iraq. Now that is so laughable...this joker is now another Gandhi.

The despicable Sadrist party on the other hand, through one of his mouthpieces - Sister Maha aka Maha Al-Douri, Sadrist MP, stated on al-Sharqiya TV 2 days ago that " the sadrists were aware of these secret prisons and they did everything in their power to stop the abuses...." Now you can REALLY laugh because -- in an article published today on Uruknet, an Iraqi Shiite journalist, appalled by the killings of the Sunnis at the hands of the Sadrists, denounced them . Sadrist members had him arrested, tortured, and had his family members killed.

Now for the transcripts that I will translate to the best of my ability. (so help me God).

Bear in mind that these are a SAMPLE, a few samples of witnesses account.

Transcript 1 from witnesses /victims. Transcript 1 mentions names and locations.

- Brigadier Sadik,director of the Al- Muthana secret prison, member of the DAWA party, is a criminal who uses the most abject forms of torture - that of a hamburger grill - among other methods of torture, forcing the detainee to sit naked on the hot grill, burning his buttocks until the skin sticks to the hot grill. This brigadier was aided by another criminal by the name of Ala'a - a member of the military  security apparatus, hired by Maliki's office.

- Lieutenant Hatem Al-Maksumee, one of the directors of  the counter terrorist bureau , affiliated directly to Al--Maliki's office, also responsible for the joining of the militia members with the armed forces is also a director of the military security apparatus in the Green Zone. His area of expertise is the torture of ex-army officers, where he tortured and finished off over 50 ex army officers and has numerous torturers under his supervision, all directly hired by Al-Maliki's office.  He is also responsible for supervising the detainees held in the following secret prisons :

* the Harithia secret prison in Baghdad
* The Shareef secret prison behind the Ministry of Human Rights inside  the Green Zone - Baghdad
* the Il'wiya secret prison -  section 54, Baghdad, led by  Brigadier Ali Fadel Al-Obaidi
* and another secret prison in section 24 led by the terrorist Officer Raheem Rissan Al-Baydani.

- Brigadier Ghassan, head of the 11th unit aided by Farook Al-Araji - one of the directors in Maliki's office - their task is to supervise officers from the joint militia/armed forces units, related to the DAWA party. Their job is to execute the orders regarding the physical liquidation of some of the detainees in the secret prisons. Thereafter the detainees bodies are thrown on the outskirts of Baghdad city  The bodies are then transported in the middle of the night by vehicles belonging to Unit 56 - unit in charge of Baghdad's operations whose headquarter is in the Green Zone.

- Lieutenant Haidar, responsible for intelligence operations in Unit 54, Division 1, Group 6. This criminal is responsible for the arbitrary arrests in the Mansour and Harthi'a districts and that without any arrest warrants.Those arrested are then transferred to the Muthana secret prison and heavily tortured. Thereafter that same criminal contacts the families of the detainees demanding huge sums of money. If the families in question cannot afford to pay this extortion sums, the detainee is killed and the body is then dumped in the street. This criminal is also a member of the DAWA party and part of Colonel Fadel Al-Obaidi's team.

Secret Prisons ? What secret prisons ? --- to be continued with the rest of the transcripts.

April 22, 2010

There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq - Part 2. + UPDATES

This is a rushed continuation of my previous post.

This post is regularly UPDATED. The updates are incorporated into the main text. 

Just been watching several programs on the "secret" prisons in Iraq which are no longer secret...

Al -Jazeera Arabic today gave more watered down pictures of the torture...still horrific but nothing compared to yesterday's nor to the real graphic images I saw on another satellite TV - Al Rafidain.

Again Al-Jazeera English Website uploaded that same short film from the Arabic Al-Jazeera with a LOUSY and INCOMPLETE translation into English, OMITTING to mention the RAPE and other forms of GROTESQUE  TORTURE of the detainees and only showing detainees with "alleged" cigarette burns. SHAME ON YOU Al-Jazeera for your watered down version of the events. How low will you stoop to please Iran and its sectarian savages ?!

Al-Jazeera interviewed one of Maliki's aide and he said this story of the secret prison in al Muthana/ Baghdad is all fabrication - hahahahaha. They also interviewed the Governor of Mosul , Al-Nujaifi who stated that he has been pressing Maliki's government for information regarding 430 persons missing (all in secret detention) for over 6 months....with no reply from Maliki.  He also confirmed that there is ANOTHER secret prison in Mosul...

One survivor testified hiding his face on al Jazeera he said : " they would torture one man in front of his brother, to extract information, or one father in front of his son and vice versa. We saw the most horrendous forms of torture..." The guy was too scared to give all the details.

But this is nothing - wait till you hear the LIVE testimonies on Al-Rafidain by some of the released detainees and families of the missing.

This is a rushed transcript so I will give you bullet points

- out of the 430 reported missing i.e secretly detained, only 47 were released.

- all said they were forced under duress -- to sign documents claiming responsibility for acts they never committed.

-130 or so are still in Al- Muthana secret prison and the rest have been transferred to another prison near Baghdad's stadium Al-Ma'lab prison.

- all of those detained in the Nineveh province were picked from their homes during night raids, no charges have been pressed against them. You would undoubtedly agree that a "terrorist" or an "insurgent" would not be sitting or sleeping in his home with family.

- there were driven in the back of trucks "like animals" for a 13 hour ride. The minute they arrived to Baghdad's secret prison - one of Baghdad's secret prison, the torture they endured was so horrific that one said he wished for death any minute. One identifying himself by the name of Abu Ahmed, said that they were subjected to not only disgraceful appalling prison conditions but the amount of torture he underwent and witnessed was unprecedented. He spoke of daily rapes, and named the man who died under torture in January 2010  - His name was Riyadh.

- another caller confirmed that there is another secret prison in Tikrit where members of his family have disappeared. He tried getting information through the government authorities to no avail.

- another called and gave the FULL names of his torturers and their military grades as well their regiment division. The name of one torturer I recall is AbdelNuman - he is a member of Maliki's forces and also a member of the DAWA party , his aide is a Kurdish guy by the name of Kirwan. Again, more gory details of how this man was tortured by these two guys

- another gives more information - there are 3 secret prisons in Mosul in the following locations - two of which I remember. a) Al- Kindi  b) and another one in the ex-palace of Saddam's Hussein and there is another one in Tel Afar.

- there are an additional 5 secret prisons in Baghdad. I will try to get the exact locations and publish them on my blog as well as other information like names...

- another caller gave also more names of his torturers and their grades. And one preferred method for this particular torturer in charge of this division, and who is also a member of Maliki's special forces was the use of a "hamburger grill" which he would heat up to the maximum and force the detainees to sit on.

- another detainee said he witnessed 4 men dying under torture over and above the one guy reported dead in January 2010

- pictures of the most grotesque signs of torture  were shown. Impossible to describe without actually getting hold of the film.

- 20 detainees  are reported to have been paralyzed from the torture

- latest figure quoted is 700 detainees in Muthana prison and not 430 as previously quoted by media  - to be confirmed.

- Al Babeliya TV also ran some live pictures - one detainee had all the skin on his body burned. 

- Al-Sharqiya TV also ran some live pictures - one detainee looked like a survivor from the Nazi gas chambers, he was totally paralyzed.

Yalla, Welcome to Freedom and Democracy of the new Iraq --american, iranian style.

Meanwhile for those who live in the UK, be informed that a vigil will take place in London.

I am copying the full text for you

Join the Vigil Outside the Iraqi Embassy
Wednesday 28 April 2010, 11.30-12.30 p.m.
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, 3 Elvaston Place, London SW7 5QH
Please Join Us

We are appalled and sickened by Nouri Al Maliki’s approval of a number of secret prisons throughout Iraq including the recently exposed Old Muthanna airport prison run by troops under his office's direct command.
One prisoner at Old Muthanna prison reported that he had been “raped on a daily basis, another said that his undergarments, which were entirely bloodstained,"
Some described guards extorting as much as $1,000 from prisoners who wanted to phone their families, the memo said.

According to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the current Iraqi judiciary is dysfunctional and incapable of delivering fair trials.

We call for the immediate release of all prisoners held without charge or trial whether by the occupiers or by the Iraqi government. We call for an unfettered access for Iraqi human rights lawyers and international human rights organisations to all Iraqi jails and an immediate setup of an independent public inquiry into human rights abuses in detention and into disappearances after arrests.

We call on all international and human rights bodies to speak out and to end the torture of Iraqi detainees and the detention of innocent human beings.

Malak Hamdan
On behalf of:
All Iraqi Prisoners and Detainees and Their Families Who Have Suffered.
Women Solidarity for an Independent and Unified Iraq
Iraqi Rabita
The National Iraqi Group

April 21, 2010

There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq.

What secret prisons ?

There are no secret prisons in Iraq. There are no secret prisons because I already wrote about them, on the 1st of May 2009 in a post called Iraq's Underworld.

How come no one made a fuss then ? How come no one bothered to investigate ? How come no one bothered to report  it ? How come it did not make loud echos ?

I did say there are 600 secret prisons and I went through the gory details of the methods of torture used.

There are 4 and I'd say 5 kinds of "secret" prisons in Iraq run by different "owners" ; Some are run by the sectarian governmental forces, some by the savage shiite militias, some by the barbaric americans and some by the racist kurdish militias. I will  also add - temporary detention facilities and by that I mean special jails where detainees are first interrogated and tortured before being taken to Iran. In other words-- transit prisons.

I wrote all the above info nearly a year ago - not one word...but it took Ned Parker from the L.A Times to make it credible.

Baghdad's dungeons are no news...they have been going on since 2004/2005. The shiite parties, iran and the americans are the masterminds here. Torture galore. You know that already, everyone knows that already, so what will it take ?

These secret prisons are specially designed for Iraqi Sunnis. This is a FACT that can no longer be denied and a FACT that no one can challenge...

Even Al-Jazeera with it's pro iran slant could no longer ignore this FACT.

Today they ran images, live images of the Sunni detainees in those secret prisons. The majority of the men were boys - the average age was about 16/17 years old, the youngest looked 12, the only older man around was about 55.

They showed their bodies to the cameraman with horrific signs of torture. In the L.A Times article, it is also stated :

"More than 100 were tortured. There were a lot of marks on their bodies," said an Iraqi official familiar with the inspections. "They beat people, they used electricity. They suffocated them with plastic bags, and different methods....One prisoner told her that he had been raped on a daily basis, another showed...his undergarments which were entirely bloodstained ...the memo reads."

Read what I said in my  post of May 1st 2009 -- even broken bottles were used for sodomy.

And the savage americans and the filthy brits knew all about these practices. Hell they practiced and still practice similar methods themselves -- Abu Ghraib, Basra, Camp Cropper, Camp Bucca and tens of other camps...Guantanamo, secret prison in Baghram and elsewhere in Afghanistan, secret prisons from East Europe to Africa....

And the iranians do the same thing. A video was circulating the other day on Twitter, and again bloodied mutilated genitals and men sitting in pools of their own blood were shown...

Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, the UN all know that secret prisons exist in Iraq, secret prisons specially tailored for Sunnis. They ALL know that already...they've known it since 2003....

So when Amnesty International asks the Iraqi puppet government to look into the matter, I can't but laugh....it's the shiite sectarian government and its militias, stupid ! It's the american and the iranian occupation stupid !

Maliki and his clowns were quick to deny any connection with the torture dungeons, just like the ministry of interior under Solaghr Jaber re- baptized Al Zubaidi denied that his ministry was a dungeon for the torture of Sunnis. It took M.Al-Daini to blow the whistle and a program was made on British TV about the secret prisons ruled by the Shiite militias and the horrific torture that took place. M.Al-Daini has since disappeared....the Shiite parties and their militias were after him....is he alive, is he dead, no one knows...

These cries of agonies from the innocent under torture because of their sect are the cries of the birth pangs of the new Iraq. And the cries from the innocent in Bagram and Guantanamo must be the cries of the birth pangs of the new world order...

This is the freedom and democracy that americans brought to Iraq. And you have the fucking audacity to talk about human rights abuses under "the dictatorship" ?!

You're all a fucking joke -- a very bad one.

April 20, 2010

The Criminal Dajjal - Muqtada Al-Sadr. 2

I finally got around finishing this cursed post. My blog is full of viruses, been typing for hours. This is the continuation of part 1 which I urge you to read first, if you haven't done so yet...

I am wondering if it is really necessary to go through the motions again, of writing about this criminal M.Al-Sadr, when it was and is all too obvious the nature of political Shiite sectarianism and its application in the new Iraq of the americans.

Today, it finally dawned on the american press to divulge a long held secret - well it is no secret to me and to other Iraqi Sunnis - namely the arbitrary arrest, detention on no charges, grotesque torture including rape and sodomy, and in some cases death in the Shiite dungeons of the new Iraq.

Muqtada Al-Sadr is part and parcel of this Shiite ideology that is exclusive, sectarian, racist, deceitful, brutal, very much like Zionism where the ends are justified by any means necessary. Political Shiism is the Zionism of the new Iraq. There is no doubt about that. 

I feel I have been talking to a wall for all those years -- because no matter how many articles, how much proof, how many pieces of evidence are presented....the old broken record of the Shias having been repressed under Saddam Hussein is bound to come up again and again, obliterating, the REAL repression and torture of non Shiites in Iraq. In fact I can say out loud, that political Shiism is a form of Nazism, Zionism, Fascism, cloaked under the label of so called Islam. These people have nothing Islamic about them for sure.

Having said that, I will have to go through the excruciatingly painful task of continuing my post on that piece of shit called Muqtada Al-Sadr - for whom the despicable Patrick Cockburn and Nir Rosen devoted article after article, book after book --another bunch of Nazis who delight in the torture of Iraqis under iranian/american occupation.

Furthermore, anyone who listens to Sadr and the Sadrists, is immediately struck by the political immaturity and political inexperience. It is too obvious that this thug has a "brain" operating behind him and his movement and directing him and that "brain" is Iran. Because there is no other way to explain the assurance with which Sadr and his party behave. Even Nir Rosen who is totally besotted with Sadr admitted in a 2004 article for Salon.com that the political immaturity and inexperience of this "fiery cleric" as Cockburn loves to call him - are striking and even Rosen wondered back in 2004 if there was not someone pulling Sadr's strings from behind...
It has not changed much since 2004.

So the interview with Ben Jeddu of Al-Jazeera had the following introduction and I will try to summarize as much as possible. My comments will be in RED.

M.Al-Sadr came out as the clear third winner in the Iraqi elections, in a position of kingmaker, hoping to aim for the seat of Prime Minister.

Sadr gave his usual incoherent jumbled verbiage and said that the clear winner are the Iraqis who braved it all to go and vote making a leap away from backwardness into sovereignty . A fine one to talk about backwardness and sovereignty when this criminal is being interviewed in Iran concerning his victory in Iraq.

Ben Jeddu - this is the first time that you announce publicly that you are part of the political process. Does this mean that you will be giving up all armed resistance - there is no armed resistance insofar as the Sadrists are concerned. They have always been part of the political process stupid Ben Jeddu and Sadr will himself admit it later on in the interview.

M.Sadr - this is the first time I ask people to vote that does not mean that the political process is my only strategy, nor does it mean that I will give up armed struggle against the occupier - but I don't want to be limited to armed struggle alone. There is also what I call a popular resistance and being part of the political process is a form of resistance . 

As usual you are lying. you have been engaged in the political process since 2004 and were voted in during the 2005 and provincial elections. You never had armed struggle against the occupier what you did do on the other hand is ethnically cleanse Baghdad from Sunnis, rape them, DRILL them, and burn them alive, and what you did do is collaborate with the americans in building the walls that segregate Iraqis, and what you did do upon the orders of Iran when Iran asked you to, is bug the americans with a few explosive devices but only as a political tactic in the grand scheme of the american/iranian political tugs. What you did do is murder a great number of true Iraqi resistance fighters as well as a good number of academics and scientists and ex army officers. What you did do, is burn down mosques with the people praying inside just because they were Sunnis. What you did do is crucify Christians and Sabaens in Basra, what you did do is rape and kill women who were not considered moral by your standards. As if you have any moral standards. Everyone knows that you used to harass women when you were dressed in jeans and strolling the streets of Baghdad like a pimp thug. What you did do is the dirty work for Iran and for the rest of the shiite parties including the Badr brigades....and this is to name just a few of your so called popular resistance.

Of course the" new "strategy of Muqtada Al-Sadr is a typical replica of Hezbollah Lebanon. Keep the arms and engage in the political process...and as mentioned in post 1, this thug and his JAM are trained by Hezbollah.

Ben Jeddu asks again - does that mean that you are part of the political process now and have given up armed struggle ?

Sadr - the two options are open and I am with the popular choice, with whatever people choose. With the politicians, I am a politician and with the others likewise...I rely on God and the Shariah and as long as there is an occupation all options are open... 

Then Sadr makes allusion to the Iraqi Resistance and says - sometimes armed struggle is detrimental to the political process, like that one person who represents so called armed struggle went to a neighboring country, 4 years ago and was told - look at Sadr he has it all , he has political participation, he has popular support and he has armed struggle, what have you achieved in not joining the political process ? Nothing.

Now listen to this bullshit from this moron as he continues in his garbage...

Sadr - two years ago I refused the political process because it has a sectarian quota and because Iraq was under american occupation  fucking idiot, Iraq is still under american occupation. 
So MY minister of Agriculture (I thought you were not in the political process, how come you had ministers?) approached me and said the americans are offering us 600 Million dollars for agricultural projects...

Ben Jeddu - 600 million dollars or Iraqi dinars ?

Sadr - I don't know, maybe dollars maybe dinars (!) and I told MY minister, no don't accept this money, we don't work with the occupier (hahahahaha). So you see this is why I gave MY 6 (SIX) ministries to Maliki and what did Maliki do, after we (sadrists) supported, backed him and gave him my 6 ministries - he stabbed me in the back....today I will deal with an eye for an eye - you deal with me ethically (because you know what ethics are you dirty filthy killer) I will deal with you ethically, otherwise I reserve the same treatment...

So Iraq is your market stall where you give ministries to each other like street vendors, but you are all street vendors, with cracked feet from Shroogistan - you and your Maliki. One shiite giving the ministries of Iraq to another shiite and that criminal thug says he was against the sectarian quota and was not part of the political process because Iraq was occupied !

Ben Jeddu - the rise of Sadrists inside INA surprised everyone when everyone was saying that your movement had less popularity than in the past, how do you explain this sudden rise to power ?

Al-Sadr - we could have hard more seats if we wanted, but there was fraud and american pressure on us. We don't only have a wide popular base, we also have a special base that outreaches the popular base...what the fuck does that mean... a special base ? It means to me that your thugs are armed to the teeth and have infiltrated all sectors of the armed forces and are ready to strike and ignite another round of ethnic cleansing...

Ben Jeddu - you seem to be hard on Maliki, after you gave him a gift, he turned his back on you.

Al-Sadr pouting like a big fat toothless baby - yes the government was hard on us but they have to embrace us. In the past I told Jaafari, embrace us and we will be with you all the way, and he did. It is under Jaafari that the sectarian cleansing started ! 

Sadr continues ... Maliki thought he can be victorious over us the sadrists - that he can turn his back on us that he can function without us…I froze JAM, and this was not the victory of Maliki but it was my choice, he did not vanquish us, he pretends victory, he has no victory, look at the explosions of a few days ago…where is his victory ? (it now common knowledge that the explosions in Baghdad and elsewhere are the work of the Shiite parties themselves )
 Ben Jeddu  - so in terms of strategy who is the real winner and the real loser here ?
Sadr - am not sure who is the real winner and who is the real loser. The real winner is the Iraqi people and the political process...

Ben Jeddu - Don't you think that the Sunni participation is a victory for the political process or maybe a rectification of the rights that were usurped from them in the past years ?
Sadr -- They did not have their rights usurped, they usurped themselves. 4 years ago, I had good relationships with them and I am still good to them even though they are not good to us.  I contacted one of their leaders in the past and said to him --  do you want to participate with us in the elections ? that was 4 years ago, I asked Harith Al Darri of AMSI, and he said no I don’t want to participate with you . 
4 years ago, in 2006, Sheikh Harith Al-Darri asked you to condemn the sectarian killings where in 2006 alone, 300'000 Sunnis were murdered  and you Sadr refused to condemn the sectarian killings. 
Ben Jeddu - But Sheikh Harith Al-Darri did not participate in the elections. It was Tareq Al-Hashemi.
Sadr - I did not contact him myself but someone else did and Al-Darri said I will not participate in the political process under Occupation. So I said to them let us participate together so they won't say there is a Shia/ Sunni divide, but they did not accept so I went ahead by myself (in the political process) . So no one took their rights away.
Ben Jeddu - As for the Sunni participation, AMSI said...(gets interrupted)

Sadr -- AMSI does not represent anything in Iraq, it has no popular base. Parties work without them, most Sunnis are seculars and not religious
Ben Jeddu - Why do think Sunnis prefer the seculars in your opinion ?
Sadr - Well they think that a secular is not a sectarian. Islam should not differentiate but they don't understand that... 

Ben Jeddu  - now that the sectarian tension  has diminished, how will you bridge the gap as this is a historical and political  responsibility.
Sadr - What happened in Sammara before and after, I want to speak about it. Before, delegations would come to me and tell me about the Sunni hatred against the Shias and ask me if we should we fight them.I kept insisting not to fight those who oppress the Shia and I have always wanted to extinguish the sectarian fire. (hahahaha)
Right after the fall of Baghdad -- I sent a delegation to AMSI to do some joint activity in religious matters, like the call to prayer and they did not cooperate with me at all , they refused me. They gave nothing of themselves.
If there are other Sunnis who are not extremists like AMSI  then am willing to work with them and have joint programs be it religious or political this is my desire. (But you just said that Sunnis are all in favor of seculars,so now you say that Sunnis are extremists)
Ben Jeddu - But this clonfict was mutual, and killing on the identity was reciprocal
Sadr  - Yes only after Sammara
Ben Jeddu - No, some say it was way before Sammara  and who is responsible is another question, and there are extremists and intelligence operatives both within the Sunni and Shiite communties as well as outside intelligence operatives, they also play a role in this...
Sadr - I am telling you it is only after Sammara, that it became reciprocal. Even a group from within my movement split from me because they wanted to kill Sunnis and I did not accept (to engage in sectarian cleansing) but this group is not my responsibility. I am only responsible for those who are with me.
Ben Jeddu - So this group that split from you in order to kill Sunnis, can you tell us who it is ?
Sadr - No it is difficult for me to name them by name I cannot uncover the name. It is not in our interest.
Ben Jeddu - is it because they are still under your cover ?
Sadr  - no  they split from me because I insisted that they split from me...
Of course if you have read post no.1 you would know who this split group is. They are Asaeb Al Haq - the League of the Righteous (of my butt)
Ben Jeddu  - How many Sadrist detainees are there and what there charges ?
Sadr  - maybe 1000 or 2000 I don't know...some are innocent, some are criminals and some are charged with sectarianism and inciting civil war and some are resisters....but none of these charges are true, they are only resisters...
Ben Jeddu -  Did you ask from Maliki to release them ?
Sadr -  yes Maliki wanted to negotiate with us on this, but we refused. 
Ben Jeddu  - If Maliki proposes the release of the detainees, would you accept ?
Sadr  - the sadrist did not accept  this playing card…RUBBISH. 2000 Sadrist criminals have been released by Maliki a couple of weeks ago.
Ben Jeddu - Who is your nominee for PM and you had a referendum, will you back the chosen name?
Sadr - if they pick a sadrist  in the referendum I would refuse because I don’t want the sadrists to put their hands in the hand of the occupier  -- but if I am forced to have a sadrist, I would choose  a sadrist but I prefer not. But it is an option...
Ben Jeddu  - do you have any idea who it might be ?
Sadr - I think Dr Jaafari or Jaafar al-Sadr  (see one of  my previous posts where I mentioned that Jaafar Al-Sadr was one option for PM as desired by Iran)
Ben Jeddu  - in the election results Allawi came first  and you in 3rd place and Allawi insists that he is PM according to results
Sadr  - We want an Iraqi PM with a non sectarian identity who can serve Iraq
Ben Jeddu - All say this
Sadr -  I would have preferred an Iraqi PM who did not live in a foreign country before..(and where did Maliki, Hakeem, Chalabi, Jaafari and yourself live ? Iran, US, UK - but this is not considered foreign countries huh ?! )
Ben Jeddu - Will  you veto anyone ?
Sadr - I will try not to veto anyone,  the people will decide....
Ben Jeddu  - Who will they veto ?
Sadr - Maliki, but the door remains open to all
Ben Jeddu - So does that mean you have no veto against Allawi ?
Sadr - We don’t 'have a veto against Allawi what we do have are reservations on the ideas of a PM close to the Baathists, this we will refuse...Maliki has also  negative sides, for taking all the power to himself... but he must participate...
Ben Jeddu - Allawi proposed to you for a COALITION, is that true ?
Sadr - Most important thing is that Allawi gets rid of the Baathists.  Am sure Allawi will propose to us
Ben Jeddu -  Did he or did he not propose to form a coalition with you ?
Sadr  - YES HE DID.
Ben Jeddu - What are your conditions for a government coalition ?
Sadr - an Iraqi participation not based on sect, no baathist,  no one close to the occupier, a full sovereign leadership, with a vision close to the people and the needs of the people....
Ben Jeddui  -- Is this realistic, there is a sectarian and ethnic quota, shia ,kurds, sunnis. And all the current  ruling parties came after the occupation and dealt with the occupier after all...
Sadr  -  we want a united government, we have to have the same word, the same discourse. Whoever reaches the seats be -- it kurd, shia, turkmoman (no mention of Sunnis at all)… should serve Iraq. We have to serve all Iraqi communities...

Ben Jeddu  - Iraq today is a terrain for all kind of intelligence agents and a seat of regional interference, that  reflects on the government's formation...
Sadr -  the external influence should be in terms of advice, not interference. Some go to Syria, some go to iran, some go Turkey, some go to Saudi...Let me tell you who turned us into this -- Saddam turned us into this, that is why the americans came to occupy us, we were the most difficult country to fall yet we fell...(Iraq was the most difficult country to fall PRECISELY because Saddam Hussein thwarted the Iranian and American threat and conspiracies to destroy Iraq for YEARS...)
Ben Jeddu - but Saddam Hussein refused to bow to the americans...
Sadr - no he did not refuse, he was  the first reason for the american invasion, with his devious politics he wanted them to invade Iraq...
Ben Jeddu - but he did refuse to bow and submit to the americans...
Sadr  - he did everything so that the americans invade, he used to kill his people so that the americans can come and occupy us...he did it on purpose...
Ben Jeddu - but the americans did kill him in the end
Sadr - this is the fate of every terrorist and dictator. If the americans did not kill him I would have killed him myself -- this does not need politics....
Well you did kill him yourself, you criminal terrorist thug...wearing a mask, like a big fat coward, standing at the gallows, when your supporters were shouting Muqtada, Muqtada, Muqtada and when Saddam Hussein, the great hero and martyr, with a sarcastic smile, standing about to be hanged said to you - Is this manhood ya Muqtada?! and you and your followers shouted - To hell...and with that same smile he said - The Hell that is Iraq...
May you rot and burn in it, you and all your shiite parties.

April 16, 2010

The Genocide of Arab Sunnis in Iraq.

In all fairness, you can't say I lied...throughout those years of blogging, I have given you the most accurate information available to me, and to the best of my knowledge.

I have not ceased repeating and I will repeat it again today - there was/is a genocide within a grander genocide in Iraq. The smaller genocide if one can appropriately call it that way - is the genocide against ARAB SUNNIS. This smaller genocide is conducted fully by Iran's proxies in Iraq - the Shiite parties and their militias. ALL of the Shiite parties and ALL of their militias. TODAY -this latter upon the orders of Bremer form the BULK of the so-called Iraqi armed forces.

I have not ceased repeating that the majority of Refugees in both Syria and Jordan are Arab Sunnis and Christians.

And the reason I have been delaying writing part 2 on the criminal Muqtada Al-Sadr was because I was waiting to receive SURE information regarding the ethnic cleansing of Arab Sunnis in Baghdad and its provinces. The SURE, RELIABLE, INFORMED figure I received -- 300'000 ARAB Sunnis were murdered by the Shiite militias for the year 2006 ALONE.

Again, I ask you to refer to some of my previous post where I mentioned that ANOTHER 64 and some say 84 MASS GRAVES were discovered (actually they were not discovered recently - the Shiite sectarian government knew about them all along) in Baghdad in the vicinity of SADR city and in Diyala. In 2009, another 17 mass graves were discovered in Anbar. Search my blog.

Let me get back to the Iraqi refugees and their "affiliation" by sect.

This is the FIRST time, that an article written by a Westerner actually gives the break down by sect. I have been reading about Iraqi refugees for over 4 years now, and this is the FIRST of its kind.

But this information, I already gave you, time and time again - namely that ARAB SUNNIS form the bulk of the Refugees in neighboring countries.

In Syria those registered - and many are NOT registered are 62% Sunnis (a must read article). I say the ratio is higher than that. As for Jordan well over 75% of those registered are SUNNIS even though they are no official figures given for that country.

There are a few Shias refugees and I will tell you all about them now.

The Shias refugees in BOTH Jordan and Syria, the MAJORITY of them came BEFORE 2003.
And some came after 2003,but it is a small percentage in comparison.

The Shia Iraqi refugees in Syria and this is a SURE FACT, most of whom live in the Sayyeda Zeinab neighborhood, (which they consider another Shiite shrine when it is a Muslim one ) the GREAT majority of them have official businesses - they run small shops, hotels and some even run Mosques and their Husseiniyat. This category travels back and forth to Iraq on a regular basis.

And it is common knowledge that NO IRAQI refugee can open up a business or work officially at least...hence...make your own deductions.

The Shia refugees in Jordan, the majority of which and who represent a SMALL percentage of the bulk of Iraqi refugees, came before 2003, and they came not because of "repression" but came for economic reasons due to the Embargo imposed on Iraq for 13 years by the americans.

That is not to say that there are no Iraqi Shias driven out of their homes after 2003, due to sectarianism...it is only to say that they do not form a tangible majority.

And the reason I am mentioning this is because the official percentage (first of its kind) for Iraqi Arab SUNNIS refugees in Syria alone --that of 62% -- clearly points that there was DELIBERATE, PLANNED, WELL THOUGHT, ORGANIZED policy to DRIVE ARAB SUNNIS out of Iraq short of KILLING THEM.

Hence, the notion, the well accepted notion that the sectarian civil war was equal in intensity - tit for tat - from both sides -- Sunnis and Shias is another LIE and another MYTH which these figures clearly debunk.

Moreover, the notion, the well accepted notion that both -- IRAN and its parties, and the US included and used in their occupation agenda - namely that IRAQ is majority Shiite like 60% Shiite and 20% Sunnis is another MYTH and another LIE.

Prior to 2003, the Arab Sunnis (am excluding Kurds who are majority Sunnis) formed approximately 45% to 50% of Iraqi society.

Today IN IRAQ, they do not form more than 15% of Iraq society. Today Sunnis have become a minority.
The figure for the Shias in Iraq has been grossly over inflated. And bear in mind that about 4 MILLION Iranians today carry the Iraqi nationality and live in Iraq.

I believe that the 300'000 Sunnis killed in 2006 ALONE, the mass graves that keep being unearthed and the over 70% of refugees who are Sunnis explains beyond the shadow of any doubt how this segment of the population dwindled down from 50% to less than 20%.

Some of you may argue - OK what about the bombs that target " majority Shiite" neighborhoods ? My reply to that is:

- there are in Baghdad alone over 1'400 checkpoints and over 1 million Iraqis great majority Shiite in the armed forces - police, special units, so-called army. How can these sectarian checkpoints and armed forces not be able to stop these explosions ?!!

- it is a known fact that Iran's special intelligence operatives have been caught time and time again planting bombs and explosives in Shiite places.

- another important point - all explosive experts agree that it takes at least 55 minutes to determine the nature of an explosion i.e meaning what kind of detonator and method used. After each explosion in Baghdad and elsewhere, within minutes both the americans and the Iraqi government blame a suicide bomber - within minutes when it usually takes at least 55 mn to determine the exact cause.

So, when any of you speak of Sunnis and Shias not managing to live together, and when any of you speak of so-called Islamic militants/insurgents targeting the Shias, and when any of you speak of the "sectarianism of the Sunni led Dictatorship", do me a small favor -- re-examine the figures I just gave you.