There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq.

What secret prisons ?

There are no secret prisons in Iraq. There are no secret prisons because I already wrote about them, on the 1st of May 2009 in a post called Iraq's Underworld.

How come no one made a fuss then ? How come no one bothered to investigate ? How come no one bothered to report  it ? How come it did not make loud echos ?

I did say there are 600 secret prisons and I went through the gory details of the methods of torture used.

There are 4 and I'd say 5 kinds of "secret" prisons in Iraq run by different "owners" ; Some are run by the sectarian governmental forces, some by the savage shiite militias, some by the barbaric americans and some by the racist kurdish militias. I will  also add - temporary detention facilities and by that I mean special jails where detainees are first interrogated and tortured before being taken to Iran. In other words-- transit prisons.

I wrote all the above info nearly a year ago - not one word...but it took Ned Parker from the L.A Times to make it credible.

Baghdad's dungeons are no news...they have been going on since 2004/2005. The shiite parties, iran and the americans are the masterminds here. Torture galore. You know that already, everyone knows that already, so what will it take ?

These secret prisons are specially designed for Iraqi Sunnis. This is a FACT that can no longer be denied and a FACT that no one can challenge...

Even Al-Jazeera with it's pro iran slant could no longer ignore this FACT.

Today they ran images, live images of the Sunni detainees in those secret prisons. The majority of the men were boys - the average age was about 16/17 years old, the youngest looked 12, the only older man around was about 55.

They showed their bodies to the cameraman with horrific signs of torture. In the L.A Times article, it is also stated :

"More than 100 were tortured. There were a lot of marks on their bodies," said an Iraqi official familiar with the inspections. "They beat people, they used electricity. They suffocated them with plastic bags, and different methods....One prisoner told her that he had been raped on a daily basis, another showed...his undergarments which were entirely bloodstained ...the memo reads."

Read what I said in my  post of May 1st 2009 -- even broken bottles were used for sodomy.

And the savage americans and the filthy brits knew all about these practices. Hell they practiced and still practice similar methods themselves -- Abu Ghraib, Basra, Camp Cropper, Camp Bucca and tens of other camps...Guantanamo, secret prison in Baghram and elsewhere in Afghanistan, secret prisons from East Europe to Africa....

And the iranians do the same thing. A video was circulating the other day on Twitter, and again bloodied mutilated genitals and men sitting in pools of their own blood were shown...

Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, the UN all know that secret prisons exist in Iraq, secret prisons specially tailored for Sunnis. They ALL know that already...they've known it since 2003....

So when Amnesty International asks the Iraqi puppet government to look into the matter, I can't but's the shiite sectarian government and its militias, stupid ! It's the american and the iranian occupation stupid !

Maliki and his clowns were quick to deny any connection with the torture dungeons, just like the ministry of interior under Solaghr Jaber re- baptized Al Zubaidi denied that his ministry was a dungeon for the torture of Sunnis. It took M.Al-Daini to blow the whistle and a program was made on British TV about the secret prisons ruled by the Shiite militias and the horrific torture that took place. M.Al-Daini has since disappeared....the Shiite parties and their militias were after he alive, is he dead, no one knows...

These cries of agonies from the innocent under torture because of their sect are the cries of the birth pangs of the new Iraq. And the cries from the innocent in Bagram and Guantanamo must be the cries of the birth pangs of the new world order...

This is the freedom and democracy that americans brought to Iraq. And you have the fucking audacity to talk about human rights abuses under "the dictatorship" ?!

You're all a fucking joke -- a very bad one.

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