There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq - Part 4

I really need to finish this as it is weighing on's very late here but I've got to do what I've got to do.
So let's continue with the victims/witnesses testimonies. For the previous testimonies bearing names of torturers, their grades and location of prisons --please read part 3.

Also before I forget, I have just been informed that there is a wave of sectarian mass arrests and killings in  many Sunni villages throughout Iraq and the worst to be seen is in the Abu Ghraib district. Also from what I have been told (from very reliable sources) is that some Shiite clerics are starting an anti-Sunni campaign through sermons in Mosques - enticing their "faithful disciples" to go out and kill more Iraqis. This is more than worrisome....Oh Dear God !

Back to the transcripts that I will translate for you.

Transcript 2. Ex-detainee/torture victim from Mosul speaks to Al-Rafidain TV/ program Minbar Al-Rafidain.

caller - Al-Salam Aleikom, my name is Abu Ibrahim from Mosul, and I was released from the prison recently.
I was subjected to physical torture and to rape/sodomy by Division 2,Unit 10, Group 3 and the one responsible for my torture/supervising it was Brigadier Abdul Baree Mahmood Nemat aided by a Kurdish officer by the name of Kirwan who was also responsible for the deaths of 4 detainees.
Al Rafidain - please continue...
caller - and I confirm that there are in Baghdad alone more than 5 secret prisons under the direct orders of Al-Maliki and the director of Baghdad's intelligence operations. And there are today in Mosul, 3 locations where torture takes place in secret prisons 1) what was previously called Al-Kindi center. 2) Mosul's main ex presidential palace. 3) and the Tel Afar fortress.
Al-Rafidain - yes continue please...
caller - and there are over 100 detainees from Tel Afar I know of - who have spent the past 4 years in prisons with no charges and no reason. And the one responsible for these detainees is a Lieutenant from Division 2 by the name of  Nasser Ghanem who was transferred from Abu Ghraib. In Abu Ghraib some of my family members suffered the worst and today this same guy (Nasser Ghanem) is sent by Maliki to Mosul (for more torture). There is also another person by the name of Abbas Arit  fom Tel Afar who is also responsible for the torture that takes place and under whom 4 prisoners died from torture. I swear to you by Allah the greatest, (3 times) that this is the solemn truth and I don't want to go into more details about the rape of the detainees...

Transcript 3 -  from a family member of some of the detainees/prisoners -Baghdad.

caller - Hello, My name is Majed Lateef Al Dourri., my two brothers and their sons  as well as my cousin have disappeared in prison and we know nothing about their whereabouts since 2006. We have searched for them everywhere, can you please help us find them ?

Transcript 4 -  from a brother of a detainee in Tikrit

caller - hello is this Al-Rafidain ?
Al-Rafidain - yes it is, please go ahead...
caller - my brother is held up
Al-Rafidain - give us more details. where ?
caller - In Tikrit inside the "Jara'em" prison center. One of our relatives(detained) was charged with the murder of a certain Ahmad Al-Fahal, in a prison called Tafseerat  and my brother got arrested even though he had nothing to do with it . He is completely innocent. I visited him and I saw how he was subjected to torture. I can still hear his cries. Even his torturers said he is innocent. And so did the judge, who also sent him to the prison doctor because of the torture wounds. All say he is innocent. He's been detained for over 3 months now and the name is Siraj Mahdi.(not clear if this the name of the detained brother or the name of the torturer)  and this information I am giving you  from the Jara'em prison. I also want to tell you that there hundreds of prisoners there, on no charges, innocent, tortured and have been there for over a year already...


I have personally watched the program in question and I confirm that all the transcripts are correct - I could not possibly have remembered all these details by memory alone.

Obviously and this is glaring - the american  "liberation, freedom and democracy"- has been one huge enterprise of mass killings, torture, rape, secret prisons and the rest...

And what transpires from these few samples/testimonies apart from the arbitrary arrests, horrendous torture and killings that take place in Iraq's secret prisons are two important points .

1) the sure fact that -- the joining of the militia members into the armed forces is done systematically and in an organized fashion where leaders of a militia unit are also high grade officers in the armed forces.

2) the meticulous partitioning of Baghdad and its provinces into Divisions, Units, Groups and sub-groups all ruled by both the militias and the armed forces, forming a sophisticated network of state security intelligence units all reporting directly to either the government or to the Shiite parties.

This leads to the obvious fact regarding the sectarian depth and grip of the various Shiite parties on good parts of Iraq and when/if applicable - sectarian operations are carried out in conjunction with the Kurdish militias belonging to the Kurdish parties.

Who is that deceitful SOB who can still talk of national reconciliation ? What reconciliation ? Just a glimpse into these testimonies from the dungeons of Iraq show that no reconciliation is ever possible as long as these sectarian subhuman entities brought in by the barbaric american and iranian occupier still rule Iraq.

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