The Criminal Dajjal - Muqtada Al-Sadr. 2

I finally got around finishing this cursed post. My blog is full of viruses, been typing for hours. This is the continuation of part 1 which I urge you to read first, if you haven't done so yet...

I am wondering if it is really necessary to go through the motions again, of writing about this criminal M.Al-Sadr, when it was and is all too obvious the nature of political Shiite sectarianism and its application in the new Iraq of the americans.

Today, it finally dawned on the american press to divulge a long held secret - well it is no secret to me and to other Iraqi Sunnis - namely the arbitrary arrest, detention on no charges, grotesque torture including rape and sodomy, and in some cases death in the Shiite dungeons of the new Iraq.

Muqtada Al-Sadr is part and parcel of this Shiite ideology that is exclusive, sectarian, racist, deceitful, brutal, very much like Zionism where the ends are justified by any means necessary. Political Shiism is the Zionism of the new Iraq. There is no doubt about that. 

I feel I have been talking to a wall for all those years -- because no matter how many articles, how much proof, how many pieces of evidence are presented....the old broken record of the Shias having been repressed under Saddam Hussein is bound to come up again and again, obliterating, the REAL repression and torture of non Shiites in Iraq. In fact I can say out loud, that political Shiism is a form of Nazism, Zionism, Fascism, cloaked under the label of so called Islam. These people have nothing Islamic about them for sure.

Having said that, I will have to go through the excruciatingly painful task of continuing my post on that piece of shit called Muqtada Al-Sadr - for whom the despicable Patrick Cockburn and Nir Rosen devoted article after article, book after book --another bunch of Nazis who delight in the torture of Iraqis under iranian/american occupation.

Furthermore, anyone who listens to Sadr and the Sadrists, is immediately struck by the political immaturity and political inexperience. It is too obvious that this thug has a "brain" operating behind him and his movement and directing him and that "brain" is Iran. Because there is no other way to explain the assurance with which Sadr and his party behave. Even Nir Rosen who is totally besotted with Sadr admitted in a 2004 article for that the political immaturity and inexperience of this "fiery cleric" as Cockburn loves to call him - are striking and even Rosen wondered back in 2004 if there was not someone pulling Sadr's strings from behind...
It has not changed much since 2004.

So the interview with Ben Jeddu of Al-Jazeera had the following introduction and I will try to summarize as much as possible. My comments will be in RED.

M.Al-Sadr came out as the clear third winner in the Iraqi elections, in a position of kingmaker, hoping to aim for the seat of Prime Minister.

Sadr gave his usual incoherent jumbled verbiage and said that the clear winner are the Iraqis who braved it all to go and vote making a leap away from backwardness into sovereignty . A fine one to talk about backwardness and sovereignty when this criminal is being interviewed in Iran concerning his victory in Iraq.

Ben Jeddu - this is the first time that you announce publicly that you are part of the political process. Does this mean that you will be giving up all armed resistance - there is no armed resistance insofar as the Sadrists are concerned. They have always been part of the political process stupid Ben Jeddu and Sadr will himself admit it later on in the interview.

M.Sadr - this is the first time I ask people to vote that does not mean that the political process is my only strategy, nor does it mean that I will give up armed struggle against the occupier - but I don't want to be limited to armed struggle alone. There is also what I call a popular resistance and being part of the political process is a form of resistance . 

As usual you are lying. you have been engaged in the political process since 2004 and were voted in during the 2005 and provincial elections. You never had armed struggle against the occupier what you did do on the other hand is ethnically cleanse Baghdad from Sunnis, rape them, DRILL them, and burn them alive, and what you did do is collaborate with the americans in building the walls that segregate Iraqis, and what you did do upon the orders of Iran when Iran asked you to, is bug the americans with a few explosive devices but only as a political tactic in the grand scheme of the american/iranian political tugs. What you did do is murder a great number of true Iraqi resistance fighters as well as a good number of academics and scientists and ex army officers. What you did do, is burn down mosques with the people praying inside just because they were Sunnis. What you did do is crucify Christians and Sabaens in Basra, what you did do is rape and kill women who were not considered moral by your standards. As if you have any moral standards. Everyone knows that you used to harass women when you were dressed in jeans and strolling the streets of Baghdad like a pimp thug. What you did do is the dirty work for Iran and for the rest of the shiite parties including the Badr brigades....and this is to name just a few of your so called popular resistance.

Of course the" new "strategy of Muqtada Al-Sadr is a typical replica of Hezbollah Lebanon. Keep the arms and engage in the political process...and as mentioned in post 1, this thug and his JAM are trained by Hezbollah.

Ben Jeddu asks again - does that mean that you are part of the political process now and have given up armed struggle ?

Sadr - the two options are open and I am with the popular choice, with whatever people choose. With the politicians, I am a politician and with the others likewise...I rely on God and the Shariah and as long as there is an occupation all options are open... 

Then Sadr makes allusion to the Iraqi Resistance and says - sometimes armed struggle is detrimental to the political process, like that one person who represents so called armed struggle went to a neighboring country, 4 years ago and was told - look at Sadr he has it all , he has political participation, he has popular support and he has armed struggle, what have you achieved in not joining the political process ? Nothing.

Now listen to this bullshit from this moron as he continues in his garbage...

Sadr - two years ago I refused the political process because it has a sectarian quota and because Iraq was under american occupation  fucking idiot, Iraq is still under american occupation. 
So MY minister of Agriculture (I thought you were not in the political process, how come you had ministers?) approached me and said the americans are offering us 600 Million dollars for agricultural projects...

Ben Jeddu - 600 million dollars or Iraqi dinars ?

Sadr - I don't know, maybe dollars maybe dinars (!) and I told MY minister, no don't accept this money, we don't work with the occupier (hahahahaha). So you see this is why I gave MY 6 (SIX) ministries to Maliki and what did Maliki do, after we (sadrists) supported, backed him and gave him my 6 ministries - he stabbed me in the I will deal with an eye for an eye - you deal with me ethically (because you know what ethics are you dirty filthy killer) I will deal with you ethically, otherwise I reserve the same treatment...

So Iraq is your market stall where you give ministries to each other like street vendors, but you are all street vendors, with cracked feet from Shroogistan - you and your Maliki. One shiite giving the ministries of Iraq to another shiite and that criminal thug says he was against the sectarian quota and was not part of the political process because Iraq was occupied !

Ben Jeddu - the rise of Sadrists inside INA surprised everyone when everyone was saying that your movement had less popularity than in the past, how do you explain this sudden rise to power ?

Al-Sadr - we could have hard more seats if we wanted, but there was fraud and american pressure on us. We don't only have a wide popular base, we also have a special base that outreaches the popular base...what the fuck does that mean... a special base ? It means to me that your thugs are armed to the teeth and have infiltrated all sectors of the armed forces and are ready to strike and ignite another round of ethnic cleansing...

Ben Jeddu - you seem to be hard on Maliki, after you gave him a gift, he turned his back on you.

Al-Sadr pouting like a big fat toothless baby - yes the government was hard on us but they have to embrace us. In the past I told Jaafari, embrace us and we will be with you all the way, and he did. It is under Jaafari that the sectarian cleansing started ! 

Sadr continues ... Maliki thought he can be victorious over us the sadrists - that he can turn his back on us that he can function without us…I froze JAM, and this was not the victory of Maliki but it was my choice, he did not vanquish us, he pretends victory, he has no victory, look at the explosions of a few days ago…where is his victory ? (it now common knowledge that the explosions in Baghdad and elsewhere are the work of the Shiite parties themselves )
 Ben Jeddu  - so in terms of strategy who is the real winner and the real loser here ?
Sadr - am not sure who is the real winner and who is the real loser. The real winner is the Iraqi people and the political process...

Ben Jeddu - Don't you think that the Sunni participation is a victory for the political process or maybe a rectification of the rights that were usurped from them in the past years ?
Sadr -- They did not have their rights usurped, they usurped themselves. 4 years ago, I had good relationships with them and I am still good to them even though they are not good to us.  I contacted one of their leaders in the past and said to him --  do you want to participate with us in the elections ? that was 4 years ago, I asked Harith Al Darri of AMSI, and he said no I don’t want to participate with you . 
4 years ago, in 2006, Sheikh Harith Al-Darri asked you to condemn the sectarian killings where in 2006 alone, 300'000 Sunnis were murdered  and you Sadr refused to condemn the sectarian killings. 
Ben Jeddu - But Sheikh Harith Al-Darri did not participate in the elections. It was Tareq Al-Hashemi.
Sadr - I did not contact him myself but someone else did and Al-Darri said I will not participate in the political process under Occupation. So I said to them let us participate together so they won't say there is a Shia/ Sunni divide, but they did not accept so I went ahead by myself (in the political process) . So no one took their rights away.
Ben Jeddu - As for the Sunni participation, AMSI said...(gets interrupted)

Sadr -- AMSI does not represent anything in Iraq, it has no popular base. Parties work without them, most Sunnis are seculars and not religious
Ben Jeddu - Why do think Sunnis prefer the seculars in your opinion ?
Sadr - Well they think that a secular is not a sectarian. Islam should not differentiate but they don't understand that... 

Ben Jeddu  - now that the sectarian tension  has diminished, how will you bridge the gap as this is a historical and political  responsibility.
Sadr - What happened in Sammara before and after, I want to speak about it. Before, delegations would come to me and tell me about the Sunni hatred against the Shias and ask me if we should we fight them.I kept insisting not to fight those who oppress the Shia and I have always wanted to extinguish the sectarian fire. (hahahaha)
Right after the fall of Baghdad -- I sent a delegation to AMSI to do some joint activity in religious matters, like the call to prayer and they did not cooperate with me at all , they refused me. They gave nothing of themselves.
If there are other Sunnis who are not extremists like AMSI  then am willing to work with them and have joint programs be it religious or political this is my desire. (But you just said that Sunnis are all in favor of seculars,so now you say that Sunnis are extremists)
Ben Jeddu - But this clonfict was mutual, and killing on the identity was reciprocal
Sadr  - Yes only after Sammara
Ben Jeddu - No, some say it was way before Sammara  and who is responsible is another question, and there are extremists and intelligence operatives both within the Sunni and Shiite communties as well as outside intelligence operatives, they also play a role in this...
Sadr - I am telling you it is only after Sammara, that it became reciprocal. Even a group from within my movement split from me because they wanted to kill Sunnis and I did not accept (to engage in sectarian cleansing) but this group is not my responsibility. I am only responsible for those who are with me.
Ben Jeddu - So this group that split from you in order to kill Sunnis, can you tell us who it is ?
Sadr - No it is difficult for me to name them by name I cannot uncover the name. It is not in our interest.
Ben Jeddu - is it because they are still under your cover ?
Sadr  - no  they split from me because I insisted that they split from me...
Of course if you have read post no.1 you would know who this split group is. They are Asaeb Al Haq - the League of the Righteous (of my butt)
Ben Jeddu  - How many Sadrist detainees are there and what there charges ?
Sadr  - maybe 1000 or 2000 I don't know...some are innocent, some are criminals and some are charged with sectarianism and inciting civil war and some are resisters....but none of these charges are true, they are only resisters...
Ben Jeddu -  Did you ask from Maliki to release them ?
Sadr -  yes Maliki wanted to negotiate with us on this, but we refused. 
Ben Jeddu  - If Maliki proposes the release of the detainees, would you accept ?
Sadr  - the sadrist did not accept  this playing card…RUBBISH. 2000 Sadrist criminals have been released by Maliki a couple of weeks ago.
Ben Jeddu - Who is your nominee for PM and you had a referendum, will you back the chosen name?
Sadr - if they pick a sadrist  in the referendum I would refuse because I don’t want the sadrists to put their hands in the hand of the occupier  -- but if I am forced to have a sadrist, I would choose  a sadrist but I prefer not. But it is an option...
Ben Jeddu  - do you have any idea who it might be ?
Sadr - I think Dr Jaafari or Jaafar al-Sadr  (see one of  my previous posts where I mentioned that Jaafar Al-Sadr was one option for PM as desired by Iran)
Ben Jeddu  - in the election results Allawi came first  and you in 3rd place and Allawi insists that he is PM according to results
Sadr  - We want an Iraqi PM with a non sectarian identity who can serve Iraq
Ben Jeddu - All say this
Sadr -  I would have preferred an Iraqi PM who did not live in a foreign country before..(and where did Maliki, Hakeem, Chalabi, Jaafari and yourself live ? Iran, US, UK - but this is not considered foreign countries huh ?! )
Ben Jeddu - Will  you veto anyone ?
Sadr - I will try not to veto anyone,  the people will decide....
Ben Jeddu  - Who will they veto ?
Sadr - Maliki, but the door remains open to all
Ben Jeddu - So does that mean you have no veto against Allawi ?
Sadr - We don’t 'have a veto against Allawi what we do have are reservations on the ideas of a PM close to the Baathists, this we will refuse...Maliki has also  negative sides, for taking all the power to himself... but he must participate...
Ben Jeddu - Allawi proposed to you for a COALITION, is that true ?
Sadr - Most important thing is that Allawi gets rid of the Baathists.  Am sure Allawi will propose to us
Ben Jeddu -  Did he or did he not propose to form a coalition with you ?
Sadr  - YES HE DID.
Ben Jeddu - What are your conditions for a government coalition ?
Sadr - an Iraqi participation not based on sect, no baathist,  no one close to the occupier, a full sovereign leadership, with a vision close to the people and the needs of the people....
Ben Jeddui  -- Is this realistic, there is a sectarian and ethnic quota, shia ,kurds, sunnis. And all the current  ruling parties came after the occupation and dealt with the occupier after all...
Sadr  -  we want a united government, we have to have the same word, the same discourse. Whoever reaches the seats be -- it kurd, shia, turkmoman (no mention of Sunnis at all)… should serve Iraq. We have to serve all Iraqi communities...

Ben Jeddu  - Iraq today is a terrain for all kind of intelligence agents and a seat of regional interference, that  reflects on the government's formation...
Sadr -  the external influence should be in terms of advice, not interference. Some go to Syria, some go to iran, some go Turkey, some go to Saudi...Let me tell you who turned us into this -- Saddam turned us into this, that is why the americans came to occupy us, we were the most difficult country to fall yet we fell...(Iraq was the most difficult country to fall PRECISELY because Saddam Hussein thwarted the Iranian and American threat and conspiracies to destroy Iraq for YEARS...)
Ben Jeddu - but Saddam Hussein refused to bow to the americans...
Sadr - no he did not refuse, he was  the first reason for the american invasion, with his devious politics he wanted them to invade Iraq...
Ben Jeddu - but he did refuse to bow and submit to the americans...
Sadr  - he did everything so that the americans invade, he used to kill his people so that the americans can come and occupy us...he did it on purpose...
Ben Jeddu - but the americans did kill him in the end
Sadr - this is the fate of every terrorist and dictator. If the americans did not kill him I would have killed him myself -- this does not need politics....
Well you did kill him yourself, you criminal terrorist thug...wearing a mask, like a big fat coward, standing at the gallows, when your supporters were shouting Muqtada, Muqtada, Muqtada and when Saddam Hussein, the great hero and martyr, with a sarcastic smile, standing about to be hanged said to you - Is this manhood ya Muqtada?! and you and your followers shouted - To hell...and with that same smile he said - The Hell that is Iraq...
May you rot and burn in it, you and all your shiite parties.

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